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File: DT_p10_1-1280x720.jpg (301 KB, 1280x720)
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alright this might be a complete mistake but gonna try this anyway.

Discuss anything related to infrastructure (roads, bridges, railways, waterways, trails, etc)
Try to stay on on topic, decent rule of thumb is discussion about specific vehicles of transportation are better suited to other generals (or boards) but talking about any building/structure that is relevant in transportation is fair game
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>if we make it illegal people wont do it

why are e*ros like this?
i came
Hi john stossel. Nice that you joined us.
In fairness, nobody in Europe had died of a heroin overdose or been shot due to legality of guns and heroin. I think...

Shit got both wrong.

What's the procedure when this happens? Does the pilot inform ATC? Is there a ground crew waiting near the runway in case there is an accident?
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I was in a 737 NG (either a -700 or -800, I don’t remember) which only had slats deployed on landing. Pilots were on final, and the plane was slowing down, but it felt wrong. As soon as I thought that, the pilots selected go around thrust. We circled for about ten minutes with no change in flaps. I am sure they tried the alternate flaps on the overhead panel. We lined back up, and landed at Vref + 45 or 50. The thing about no flaps deployed is that the spoilers don’t work as lift dumps reducing braking effectiveness significantly. We touched down firmly, with spoiler deployment and maximum reverse (interesting considering another 737 pilot told me they never use it) and autobrakes set to max. It still took over 8,000 feet of runway to stop. The brakes were cooked to the point where the rotors were warped. This was after a six and a half hour flight so it wasn’t like we were heavy with fuel, but there was a full passenger load.
I was on a 777 where the flaps weren't working properly after takeoff, so we flew around for the better part of an hour dumping fuel before going back to the airport (was a flight to Hong Kong). Annoyingly they wouldn't turn on the entertainment system. Felt like a much faster landing speed.
On the Airbus, there are 3 hydraulic systems, Green, Yellow and Blue. If a hydraulic system fails, the PTU, Power Transfer Unit (the thing which makes a "bark" noise) will keep all 3 hydraulic systems pressurised. All 3 hydraulic systems can extend the flaps and slats.

If, however, 2 hydraulic systems have lost hydraulic fluid and cannot be pressurised, then things get messy. As mentioned, various flaps and slats use one of the 3 hydraulic systems. If Green fails and the hydraulic fluid leaks out, only some flaps and slats stop working. But if both Green and Yellow fail, or Green and Blue or Yellow and Blue fail, then flap failure can occur.

In such a case, the aircraft is limited to Cat 1 landings. The pilots must then reference the QRH for what their approach speed in failure should be and they will also see what their landing distance will be.

Ultimately, the aircraft will need to use more reverse thrust, and depending on the hydraulic failure, will either have to brake more or use spoilers more. Since the Airbus has brake fans, overheating of the brakes is less of an issue.

Also, if there is a dual hydraulic failure, on flare, the aircraft will enter Direct Law. At all other points the aircraft should be able to stay in Normal Law.
File: TWISTED.jpg (13 KB, 236x354)
13 KB
She was just thirteen?
Land slightly faster, slightly shallower angle. Jeez, its called a SECONDARY control for a reason. In some wind conditions, you're SUPPOSED to leave flaps up. Its a normal part of training. Some light planes don't even have flaps.

I bought a Supersix Evo frame. Can I use it for gravel/cx if I get a new fork to run a wider tire up front (35mm+) and a thin (28mm) in the rear?
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Because I’ll have more traction at the back on flats and climbs anyway with my centre of gravity over the rear, and when I’m descending, I want the front tire to be grippy and have lots of traction since I’m fucked if the front skids out, but I can recover a slipping rear.
>weight over skinny rear on climbs = more traction at rear
>weight over front on descents: more grip needed

What is it like to ride off-road on 28s?
File: gravelkang.jpg (213 KB, 1600x800)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
>What is it like to ride off-road on 28s?
Depends on terrain. Doable for the most part but focus on line and balance is critical. Nowhere near as fast as an XC hardtail, obviously, but in some aspects it's more fun to off road 28s. If it was impossible to do, there wouldn't be companies that offered light offroad/gravel 28s.
this is mtb logic but it doesn't apply to road bikes where most of your weight is over the rear and the rear has a much higher chance of flatting or damaging the wheel

and traction on climbs is not a non-issue just because you think you can always star seated, it's still a huge deal, drive traction in general

you can even buy several matched sets of road bike tyres which have a larger rear like conti attack + force
Most of the winners in gravel races have 28c tires
Changing the fork to fit a 35c tire seems like a really retarded idea.
You can take an unpaved road from time to time even with a regular road bike on 28c. Or try the gravel kings another anon recommended.
But whether it will suck depends a lot on your weight. If you're big, you have to run rather high pressures to avoid getting pinch flats. And riding unpaved roads on 110 psi really sucks.
So just get a gravel bike and sell your Super Six, I guess.

Is there a less obnoxious alternative to a Go Pro?
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based bus driver
Yes they do. They ride the bikes we dream of on the weekends in their shitty Lycra.
>See an old 70s dentist on a $10k aero bike on a big organized ride
>Am middle class, ride a $350 mishmash of Chinese parts road bike

They do, they just ride nicer bikes
What do you mean by obnoxious?
it could be a hobby to them. they are people too just like anyone else and like to do things.

File: file.png (205 KB, 785x731)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
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That sounds like some Ley Land level bullshit.
Couldn't you make a "street car suburb" that is filled with McMansions?
High density areas are unsustainable in the long term, since high population density + birth control/women's education results in well below replacement fertility levels. High density areas need a constant stream of people from low density areas to exist; if those people can't be found within the country the city is in, the urban leadership will push to bring in large amounts foreigners, which of course will cause all sorts of cultural & political changes in time; many of those changes being detrimental to the native population.

That said, there various economic benefits from higher density levels, due to the greater specialization. Therefore, I think urban planning should aim for density levels that result in just at replacement level birthrates. With our current culture that ends up looking like sprawl. Honestly not the most pleasant thing to look at, but what would be the point of building grand cities, only to pass them on to other people's children?
Maybe, but in this case the science is pretty solid. Couldn't find a pic explaining the street curve radius thing, but the basic gestalt was that all streets used the exact same curve radius.
This documentary explains it in detail, only it's in german https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZzEzhIGnwM
I'm guessing they used the smallest curve radius you can get around with an ox cart.

File: somewhere around here.png (1.65 MB, 1601x539)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
The only accident/crash I had was a minor one, haven't been cycling for very long or very seriously
>be me
>cycling down a big street sidewalk with my friend
>using my shitty old rusted walmart "mountain" bike
>POS could not go up a hill even if god willed it
>pizza box in one hand in with a couple slices
>were coasting down this gradual decline, going faster and faster
>eventually going pretty fast
>suddenly lights turn red in front of us
>wasn't paying attention so I had to stop really quickly somehow
>had a little bit of braking on the left handle bar, but I couldnt press it because my hand had pizza in it
>slam on the pavement with my right foot as hard as possible desperately
>still have pizza in my left hand, determined to save it

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I am on meds
is that what the kids call smoking the reefer nowadays?
I don't smoke weed, although it just became legal here. Maybe I should start though. The edibles are supposed to help with anxiety
>body needs to heal
>drink alcohol
Most people do this and then they complain about being sick for month's while the doc said it would only be a week.

File: FB_IMG_1555446781388.jpg (233 KB, 1089x1529)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
I was bored so I drew up a pretty crude streetcar map for Chicago. Post your non-existent maps or transit plans.
I had a thread for this already
File: download.png (1.12 MB, 4000x4000)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
There's already a thread for this at >>1315052 but posting it again
>connecting West Loop to River North and Streeterville
>connecting River North to Gold Coast
Fuck, it would make the area more yuppie than it already is and I didn't think that would be possible.
Ties popular areas into existing transit and connects them to another
I'm not denying that but the area is already well connected and established. I think the far northwest side needs better connectivity. Like an outer loop

File: Poolside LL.jpg (1.89 MB, 3264x2448)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB JPG
Seems there are some small wheel guys hiding in here, so lets get some BMX porn going.

Build lists are welcomed, shitty attitudes are not.
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pepto pink is kinda lit tho
have you guys made sure to remove all lubrication from the pawls of your drivers? The louder the better.
>Implying I have pawls
oh shit
remove your clown bike from my skatepark, plz

File: Brockton+McDonald.jpg (111 KB, 1000x664)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Is anyone here actually an urban planner or civil engineer? What are prospects like these days? Is the work shitter or is it actually worth pursuing?
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This is exactly what I'm worried about. I understand that you have to learn to tolerate this but to deal with this on a daily basis? It'd be an awful way to live. He could have been exaggerating though, yeah you're right.
My grad school preached about how the era of the urban planner being the expert and respected adviser of the community is over. Now the planner is a facilitator of public opinion. The planner gives advice and provides a recommendation for a project/proposal/idea but then the public has the final say either directly or through elected officials.

Some members of the public have a much higher level of power to use in the political system because they know the system and have the time to pressure people. Wealthy, old, frequently white, homeowners have an undue influence on most communities. There are many attempts to engage other members of the public but some communities are very difficult to engage like renters. Renters are also frequently vilified by homeowners.

Some communities will be much more difficult to work in and as much as you might want to push for bike lanes or less parking the community you represent can say no. The planner can be an advocate for what they believe is right but a homeowner who has lived there for 30 years will likely have more say in the matter.

One hope is to move to a progressive YIMBY area where people think regionally but those are few and far between. Even when Minneapolis banned single family zoning there was great pressure against it and they lessened it from fourplexes to triplexes.

I was definitely bummed to hear the era of the planner being the expert is over because that's what attracted me to planning. I've found transportation planning to be less influenced by parochial interests
>I was definitely bummed to hear the era of the planner being the expert is over because that's what attracted me to planning
Typical, glad no one blindly buys the shit you authoritarians are selling nowadays.
Anon, there are more planners than ever now. They don’t design cities Le Corbusier style anymore but planning and urbanism is more popular than ever.
>Some communities will be much more difficult to work in and as much as you might want to push for bike lanes or less parking the community you represent can say no. The planner can be an advocate for what they believe is right but a homeowner who has lived there for 30 years will likely have more say in the matter.

As they very well fucking should.

Urban planners are one of the most irritating classes of college liberals who never grew up. They are extremely authoritarian and dogmatic about what is essentially university pseudoscience and when they actually get the reigns of a project it ALWAYS winds up being overengineered garbage that winds up serving their egos more than the communities needs.

Post your favorite paint schemes
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File: C0210.jpg (969 KB, 1050x700)
969 KB
969 KB JPG
File: 800px-Kiha181_yakumo.jpg (202 KB, 800x583)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
watermark nigger coming through
I like the look of non-dynamic brake geeps more than those equipped with dynamic brakes. Must have sucked for the crews, though.

File: 1555286073573.jpg (49 KB, 860x960)
49 KB
I want to go into urban planning but also want to avoid this, what do I do?
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How does one "get into real estate development" if they don't have a sizable fortune?
Just get a job with a real estate developer. No you won't be THE developer but you'll be involved in making decisions and you can push for urbanism. Planners are almost powerless man. My dad's a planner and it sucks.
>non-profit consultant
Fucking this. Why is every colored hair feminist i meet always one of these? What do these people even do?
the smell of leddit on you is pungent

Should bikes replace cars from an environmental perspective?
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Multi tier infrastructure
That's sexy and gross at the same time, kinda like having buttsecks with a really hot chick but she leaves poop smears on your dong.
you really have to try to put sex in everything. there has been a big increase in your kind now and even the worst bait threads get so many replies that they hit the bump limits.
But even in holland congestion isn't really a thing with bikes
Bikes replacing cars in America would essentially require redesigning every community west of the Mississippi.

File: bikehelmet.png (628 KB, 1488x814)
628 KB
628 KB PNG
If you had to choose between two things for bike safety, a set of head and tail lights OR a helmet which would you have
you CANNOT have both and helmets with lights dont count
personally Id like lights because I only bike at 2am to get the mail
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Ok whatever man, just keep to the sidewalk and go slow then, I guess.
we try our best !
File: 1546156350269.png (70 KB, 852x944)
70 KB
thats what i do. riding the bike is just a comfy way to spend time and riding on the same road with massive industrial trucks is not comfy at all so i only go there if its the only option. some 30kmh is enough for me when im not in the crowded city areas because its still slow enough so i can look around too. i prefer long distances instead of extreme racing speeds.
>posting racism outside of /b/

File: Poor_3c275f_2569358.jpg (43 KB, 400x626)
43 KB
What's a good way to convince a fatty to take up cycling?
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at gunpoint
We don't need more of you.
Obesity takes a toll on society as a whole, so it's my own issue as well.
Tell them its easier than walking
bikes arent really meant for fat people. the max weight is usually under 100kg at least on paper and the back tire will be flat under that load so you are basically riding on the rims.

File: song757.jpg (2.71 MB, 3373x2249)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB JPG
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>Blended exhaust
For what purpose?
File: 63191_1528560111.jpg (1.18 MB, 1920x1299)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
I fly these planes all the time. There really amazing pieces of engineering. You can really feel the power during takeoff. It's going to be sad to see them go.
Aer Lingus pilot?
Could re-engined B757s cross the Pacific?
They do all the time, just not in airline configuration.

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