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When do yachts stop being made of fiberglass and start being made out of metal?

What's the largest fiberglass boat ever made?
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I don't know any other english word that refers to driving a boat
You pilot a boat.
>if every rich person lost their yacht
They'd all buy private jets.
And buzz your house.
>imagine the smell
How much would it cost to get a clapped out tuna boat, step some masts, and refit it with a steam engine for that 1860s feel?
Don't know, but a Shrimper would be even better (especially if you can move the bridge aft) due to the smaller superstructure and less sheer

File: 873074.jpg (30 KB, 440x440)
30 KB
What grips do you guys like to use? Has anyone tried pic related? They seem popular on new bikes. I'm looking for something comfy for my urban bike.
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File: handlebar fix.jpg (103 KB, 640x480)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
For me it's
t. fat slow faggot
Cagers fear me
That's cool but asking for a broken wrist.
more like cringe

>be me 262
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File: Me163-AV1-1.jpg (125 KB, 912x507)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
>Nothin' personal, kid.
Go back to >>>/k/
>be me262
File: ME-262-Reproduction.jpg (97 KB, 1024x576)
97 KB
Just a toy. How about pic related? Powered by General Electric CJ610 engines.

File: gas-bike-1.jpg (90 KB, 640x445)
90 KB
So I want to build a Gas-Propelled bike and was looking for tips on how to go about this?

>Best type of bike
>average cost
>can I use unleaded 87 or premium 93?
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go back to plebbit
Wow only autistic boomers want a gas powered bike. Have you heard of legs. Honestly just skip /o/ and kill yourself
when I see one of these bikes I think

there goes someone who lost his license because of a DUI

am I right?

Not the same as having a grenade strapped to your frame that can sperg out and explode at any time. Also, all batteries have poor cold weather performance.
Pretty sure you aren't allowed to ride something like that in most countries when you have a DUI.

When I see someone like that I see a tryhard that wants to ride a motorcycle but thinks he also rides a roadbike and feels like a winner when overtaking people on roadbikes.

File: 90s mod gravel meme.jpg (958 KB, 2769x2077)
958 KB
958 KB JPG
post modified/repourpoused 90s mtb as commuters or gravele

the cooler the paintjob the better.
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>as bad as people make them to be
says who? I will fight them. And yes, they make great budget touring bikes, Just either buy one in good condition, or fix it up first, or both, and avoid suspension

there are good and bad just like any other bike. The big plus with a rigid 90s mtb is that a mid-range or a top tier model is still only like $100
They're bad for modern mtb courses.

>Camino de Santiago
Fine for it.
based Uncle Buck's hat

thinking of changing the frame because the disc brake adaptor puts the wheel out 5mm and i cant seem to index it perfect.
>are rigid mtbs as bad as people make them to be?

they are extremly bad for mtb use, you just didnt had any better in the 90s. todays mtbs are very bad for flat riding so that is what makes 90s mtb such good commuters.

>Blue Line gets new train cars and gives its old ones to the Orange Line
>Orange Line now has the oldest trains in the entire CTA system with no plans to upgrade

FUCK the CTA. I hate riding the orange line every morning with its 80s fake wood paneling and burned out yellow train lights with discolored plastic light covers.
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well Orange Lines original terminus was supposed to be Ford City so i was just helpig it along
My guess is that it's for the people who have to clean graffiti off of the advertisements inside the car.
chicago isnt THAT bad
CTA trains are built by China
CTA = Communism
>implying China is a communist country

File: s0648_fl0112_id0004.jpg (230 KB, 1049x1066)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
Found an old CD of Toronto TTC stuff thought I would post it
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File: f1244_it0056.jpg (106 KB, 1050x858)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
File: DSCF0798.jpg (668 KB, 1440x960)
668 KB
668 KB JPG
File: DSC_1082.jpg (1.57 MB, 2240x1488)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
File: DSCF0732.jpg (1.36 MB, 2304x1536)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
What CD is it? Was it released by the Toronto City Archive?

Thousand of freight cars a day were moved around New York harbor on barges like this. Post other harbor operations, Great Lakes Rail ferries, river ferries and other rail/marine stuff.
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File: IMG_20170725_164039.jpg (455 KB, 1718x966)
455 KB
455 KB JPG
Puttgarden. It's the train which goes from Hamburg to Copenhagen. They use a mix of ICE-TD stock from DB and IC3 stock from DSB. That's right, the sphynter train goes to Germany.

DB are scrapping the ICE-TD. It was too fuel inefficient, and it's only useful on unelectrified lines.
Two years ago they stopped using ICE TD on the route (or anywhere, for that matter). Neither DB nor DSB wanted to cover maintenance costs.

It is a good mix of Germany having electrified all intercity routes and Denmark having a hilariously outdated railway infrastructure.
At one point, a rail trip from Manhattan to west of the Hudson meant a ferry ride unless you were taking the Pennsylvania or New York Central, and even they ran ferries. None of these carried railroad cars, just people to big terminals in New Jersey. The Lackawanna Hoboken Terminal and the Jersey Central Communipaw Terminal are the last survivors of this service. The last railroad ferries ran in 1967.
I should add that the Hoboken Terminal still has lots of trains for NJ Transit and there’s still small ferries that dock there. The building has been beautifully restored and they even rebuilt the clock tower. Outside of Grand Central it’s the best railroad station in the area and shares a similar Beaux Arts style. The Jersey Central one has been a relic since the mid 60s and the ferry slips are gone but it’s very impressive and worth seeing.
Clarence River in Australia

trains, planes and buses welcome
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File: 56456454656567.jpg (289 KB, 900x525)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
File: _D340383-2.jpg (3.04 MB, 6000x2172)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB JPG
>opening with TPE class 397
You're supposed to keep the sexiest thing till page 10, OP!

Is it bad I quite liked them from a design challenge point of view? What's weird is now we'll have mixed fleets (see Thameslink and Great Northern) that either have yellow fronts or inconsistent liveries, as the 700s aren't approved for yellow-less fronts and the 717s are, despite being the same fucking train.

252 of them, 322 if you include ones with telephone.
meant for >>1376783

Legal or illegal?
What city bans skateboarding completely?
Legal but should be in street or bike lane, not sidewalk.
It's not banned here but there's a lot of pedestrians in The Loop. The cops here gives tickets for riding on the sidewalk in downtown.
Legal but cops will still hassle you. Should still stick to the street/bike lanes, nobody likes the jagoff that flys by pedestrians on a pennyboard.
File: NoSkateboards.jpg (56 KB, 700x591)
56 KB

File: IMG_20190720_222342.jpg (802 KB, 3243x2254)
802 KB
802 KB JPG
They're at it again, going around the cutesy old railways of the Isle of Man.

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Vicki isn't 6'3", she's 5'11".
The strategy is obvious. If Vicki could only see I’m not like chad Geoff, she (male) would leave him for me immediately.

The first thing I must do is compliment how passable she (male) is. I guarantee chad never tells her (male) that.
Abu Dhabi, the joke is Abu Dhabi
You're gonna have to explain the joke to me.

File: orchids.jpg (337 KB, 1722x1455)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
You're at the cyclist cafe when this lady compliments your orchid collection.

What do you do, /n/? Oh and she's 163cm and 49kg, all slow twitch.
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lemme guess the two on the left are a couple and the right is just trying to make friends
needs more mustache bois
She’s probably just being nice. I have a 165mm curved crank and it’s hard to get a good amount of power on the largest, most reamed-out BBs. She said her last bf had a 175mm

Thinking about suggesting one of those Hambini adapters to tighten things up down there but I’m afraid it won’t be well received
Which country?

File: ELine.jpg (93 KB, 1024x360)
93 KB
This is a thread for bus foamers. Post interesting buses or the last bus your rode. My system opened a new BRT line with electric artic buses but they recently had to take the electric buses out of use because of charging issues.
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>Belief in abilities of the typical American driver

It just won't work.

"More than one in five Americans -- some 36.9 million -- are not fit to drive and would fail a driving test if asked to take one today, according to a new survey of the nation's drivers."



This fucking thing!!! It screams corruption all over it. They had to reebuild the city for it and totally fucked up. Just go take a look at Lade! I am fucking MAD! And norwegians dont even see it.

Retarded tram like bus in a city with tram!
I make 60k and live with my gf. I'm 30.

I ride the bus because i prefer it to driving. I
m currently posting about it because I like to discuss it and consider ways it could be optimized. I have the luxury of considering this because I take a form of transportation I don't have to operate myself, allowing me to perform other activities such as posting.
Curious bong here.
Why do people use bendy buses instead of double deckers?
Seems like a far more efficient way of getting extra capacity as it has a smaller footprint.
>allowing me to perform other activities such as posting.
You should drive, then, so we don't have to have more faggots posting garbage about public transit.

Insider from the industry here. Ebikes are absolutely going to take over. You have no idea what how big numbers and forecasts are. blabla its a fad blabla. Within the next 5 to 7 years 90% of bicycle commuters are going to use electric. Decreasing costs and increased density are going to make it too tempting not to. We're heading into an unprecedented personal transportation revolution, personal mobility is going to increase a lot, and guess what, its all beautifully simple and easy on the wallet. Ebikes will replace all mopeds/scooters within the next 5 years, and reduce car usage by a good 30-50% in major cities over the next 10 years.
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I live up a pretty steep hill (iirc 20% grade or so), I wouldn't be able to commute on a bike without a ebike
have you guys heard about ebikes? well let me tell you about ebikes. ebikes gonna be big. ebikes gonna be strong. ebikes gonna take over the world. don't underestimate ebikes because you're going to seein' quite a few ebikes in your near future
>he doesnt get at least 5mil out of his cassette
Poor shimano user
I heard those ebikes are awfully loud
E-bikes are a shitty expensive meme that will die out, soon. Real cyclists buy real bikes. Fatties can stay in their cars, I don't want them in my way.

Post your favorite paint schemes
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They aren't sending their best!

File: vr.jpg (2.4 MB, 2637x1689)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB JPG
>tfw never gonna be able to enjoy those seats again
Well it was literally designed by kids IIRC, can't be too hard on them. Still not as garish as some of the Mexican schemes down south.
Ok didn't know that. Makes more sense now.

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