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File: cq5dam.web.900.450[1].jpg (89 KB, 900x450)
89 KB

>Amtrak is expected to return to the Gulf Coast within 24 months, linking a new passenger rail between New Orleans and Mobile.

>U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., announced Friday the awarding of a $33 million grant from the Federal Railroad Administration to fund infrastructure and capacity improvements that will enable Amtrak’s Gulf Coast return.

>The service has been suspended for 14 years since Hurricane Katrina wrecked much of the rail line in 2005.

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I'm fuming because the approach to the planned replacement tunnels is curvier and slower than the existing tunnels.
Imagine a government-run freight railroad though

Oh well. Not like a train's going to be hauling ass through there anyway
>Imagine a government-run freight railroad though
Imagine the kvetching from the trucking industry.(Nevermind the massive subsidy the NHS is to them)

>Oh well. Not like a train's going to be hauling ass through there anyway
I suppose it's to be expected since the Gateway project is pretty much dusted off plans from ARC, and that was designed for slower NJT commuter trains.
>Imagine a government-run freight railroad though

Loses money constantly. Overpriced service. Terrible employees. Everything takes forever.
>(Nevermind the massive subsidy the NHS is to them)

Oh I don't care about that, the idea of a government owned & operated freight railroad is so bad I laugh thinking about it

File: fatty.jpg (482 KB, 1632x1224)
482 KB
482 KB JPG
Fat bike thread, post fat bikes, rate fat bikes, stay fat bikes.
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>product weight 45.10 lbs
lol. holy shit.
replace the tires, chain, crank, seatpost, pedals, wheels, handlebar, brakes, fork, and probably the frame too
just buy a decent fatbike and tell them it's the same one, you just had it repainted. if they think that's a viable bike they won't know enough to know the difference.
whats wrong with it now lol
i ordered this last week, here this friday and im very happy autist

File: s-l1600.jpg (222 KB, 1302x1302)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
Why the fuck dropper post are so damn expensive???

The base mechanism is so common that even an executive office chair has one in it, (plus the foamy, leathery, wheel base, armrests, etc)

Pic related, cheapest dropper post on ebay: $67.50
steel, external cables...
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File: peugeot106.jpg (1.57 MB, 2898x1975)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
you wouldn't want a dropper made for any less anon, or made to the standards of a chinkshit office chair.
it would be really heavy and not reliable.
the chinks aren't ripping you off
you just have totally unrealistic expectations about price

it's better to have a good quality version of something simple than a very cheap version of something complicated, so stick to a regular seatpost
also anon you should buy bottom price chinkshit off aliexpress
File: DisassembledKSSeatpost.jpg (355 KB, 900x368)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
Niche item in a specialty market. The one pictured is shit, it's not hydraulic or infinitely adjustable; it's got little holes in the post that a spring loaded peg fits into. Have fun trying to get the position just right to slot the pin in while you're riding.

I bought one of those chinkshit satori droppers off aliexpress. On the outside it looks like the real deal and feels solid, but holy fuck did I get a surprise when I took it apart. Name brand posts have replaceable metallic guide bushings that ride in grooves cut into the tube to stop the seat from spinning around; well the chinkshit one instead had a millimetre thin single piece plastic part injection molded over the aluminum inner seatpost shaft to replace the guide bushings. I got chinked, I got chinked good by those gooks and all the stupid foreigners leaving 5 star reviews. I have no doubt that all it would take is a small crash to shear off the plastic and turn the post into scrap metal while also sending you to the hospital.

What I don't understand is that they did 95% of the work needed to make a legit dropper post and then skipped the one thing that would take like 50 cents worth of material and operations to do to make it safe and usable.
Oh and I went back a few months later after leaving my review exposing the chink POS for what it was with pictures and it was gone. Seller had simply relisted the item or aliexpress themselves had wiped all the old reviews. Ordering simple items off there is fairly safe, but anything else is pretty much russian roulette with 5 loaded chambers.
File: obliterated.webm (1.16 MB, 1280x720)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB WEBM
lol chinked once again

File: 1557228938834.png (2.06 MB, 1920x1080)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
>don't like to ride on the street because I usually can't hit the speed limit and don't want to be in the way
>bike paths are all clogged with mexican women pushing triple-wide strollers or single people who think it's illegal to go for a walk without bringing along a dog on a 6 foot leash
>one on-street bike lane in the entire city and it doesn't go anywhere interesting, plus there's a traffic light every block

fuck everything
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File: brainlet-15851.png (40 KB, 645x729)
40 KB
>don't like to ride on the street because I usually can't hit the speed limit and don't want to be in the way
Every extra car that goes on the road is in the way. I wouldn't worry about cars having to go a bit slower until they can overtake you.
Besides, going at the speed limit is no guarantee against cager faggotry. Some will see a bike and go HURR DURR MUST OVERTAKE and will do whatever is necessary to overtake the bike, regardless of your speed
Maybe he only rides for pleasure, in which case HE is in the way, since he has no important business.
I ride a bmx. You think it's safe to ride a bmx in the street? These assholes want me to get hurt. Well fuck you. Make me, bitch!
You could argue some driving to go get a snack or such else is also driving for pleasure.
File: 1555649098589.jpg (32 KB, 680x472)
32 KB
>tfw i regularly go out driving for no reason and speed around

File: transportation.png (38 KB, 250x250)
38 KB
This is a collective thread for those of us who work in the transportation, logistics, and/or development industries. Sit back, crack a beer or pour some whiskey, and tell us how much you hate your job/career or hell, bully another anon's career choice. From drivers to pilots, mechanics to developers, and even planners, consultants, and analysts of the field are welcome.
File: doodooclown.png (177 KB, 500x297)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
File: GRUNTYPAJEET.jpg (47 KB, 527x582)
47 KB
I'm a transit planner and just got ride of my only car. I have no plans to buy a new one anytime in the near future.
I did an analysis of Melbourne suburbs and found the cheapest housing in general was the exurbs or distant suburbs.
The most valuable neighborhoods were those with rowhouses (they say terrace). Just having terraced housing seems to increase the neighborhood’s value.

Was Shimano considered high tier back in the mid 80s?
Or would cyclist rather ride campy/suntour?
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not quite yet but there are Shimano clones
with my "favorite" being POWER .esp their lower end twist shifts
>honorable mention to C-STAR for the quality of their brake levers
and a short list of the best
Your decades are wrong.
they did make some bold attempts in the 1970s and 1980s
while those established the future direction of things they did not really gain traction in their own time

File: 20190427_080516.jpg (1.14 MB, 2560x1440)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
Got a worksman m2620, 20 inch rear wheel 26 inch front. Fixing it up atm. Anyone got experience with these beauties

Pic related, my new ride with my old one, my tent, and everything I own
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Cali morning

near beachfront, in ocean park i'm pretty sure i'd get beachside wifi

dude i could get that shit for free and i don't. get some real coffee. i prefer energy drinks myself. and hash.
i'm running shell commands, you're running your boss's commands. I'm on a proposal i made, you think you're made with 40k.
File: 20190616_140223.jpg (734 KB, 2560x1440)
734 KB
734 KB JPG
Found yuppie in starbucks. About what I expected
Packing a bike around on his bike, so he can bike while he bikes.
>not bringing a spare bike with you when biking in case one gets old


File: Evolution_Space_FLASH.jpg (21 KB, 420x240)
21 KB
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Based schizoposter
File: IMG_2069.jpg (430 KB, 2378x1618)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
File: f31.jpg (41 KB, 370x499)
41 KB
>drive home looking forward tothe Moon getting raped
james joyce level ranting, very impressive.
>newfags dont know about baconrider
File: whytherage.jpg (56 KB, 564x489)
56 KB
>newfags dont know about baconrider

i know about him, i always praise his horse pics, the place he usually rides and i always enjoy his writing.
why should i refrain from laud his magnificent literature?

now go, go! go to your local bike shop and get your training wheels out from your fixie recumbent.

File: alaska.png (28 KB, 591x246)
28 KB
An Alaska Q400 has reportedly been stolen from Seatac airport. There are additional, sketchier reports that it may have been shot down and/or crashed, but no confirmation on that as of now.
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Bad ass
remove this fucking thread it's been years.
>it's been years
Not yet
Fuck I saw post and immediately thought we were having skyking 2.0
i fucking wish.

File: 123.png (1.27 MB, 1400x700)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
This is what peak bike fit looks like
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Bars at that abhorrent angle
>That much heel drop
>Midfoot pedal
>Way too small reach
Where are the mudguards?
This is what someone who searched “vintage bike” on Craigslist and paid 4x what the bike is actually worth looks like.
File: pajeet tails.png (292 KB, 444x336)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
> bars so far back he's almost homeless
> hands closer to Mars than the shifters
> can't even make contact with the brake levers
> locking out legs and pedalling on his heels
This has to be a joke
>brake levers pointing to the sky
just fuck my wrists up

Post top-tier sidewalks, bike lanes, and streets.

Pic related is from Portugal
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File: elm st.jpg (867 KB, 2924x1304)
867 KB
867 KB JPG
Not really a place for bikes, but it's iconic.
Needs a Holocaust memorial
File: 1503437396774.jpg (23 KB, 646x720)
23 KB
You can get it started.
Looks like shit.

What are your cycling related injuries, can be accidents to stress related stuff.

I have never imagined it could happen, because I just started to get into cycling.
Have done about 1000 km in 3 months, not much, started in March with 20 km distances and lately 100 km the longest.
On Thursday I did 55 km, pushed really hard on a steep slope and since then my left knee has been hurting.

Put ice bags on it, rubbed it with various gels, however I still cannot walk down the stairs without pain. Will I have to wait weeks and lose all my training progress?
65 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
That sucks. Have you worked with anyone to get your fit dialed in?
Have you tried turmeric?
stop fucking with your knee. inflammation isn't even a bad thing; it's necessary for healing. you probably irritated a tendon which takes a few weeks to heal. you can still ride through it, it's just mildly uncomfortable.
I heard tumeric is good for knees, apply straight to the surface
What the heck is up with this turmeric autism here?

File: 8f8.jpg (61 KB, 425x282)
61 KB
>riding a bike by a company that also makes hybrids and MTBs
31 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1365349671938.jpg (6 KB, 252x252)
6 KB
>9" wide donger
considering i wanted a mountain bike it would have been pretty silly of me to buy a bike from a company that doesn't make them.
Why would it even matter what brand of mountain bike you have? You're just going to ride it down the ski lift once and then leave it in the garage for 8 years and then try to sell it on craigslist for 90% of what you paid for it

File: dutch.jpg (127 KB, 1024x683)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Are dutch bicycles a meme?
26 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
You can't ferry your girlfriend around while she wraps her arms around your middle on a mountain bike.
>Coaster brake, single speed freehub on a 40lb bike
That looks like fucking shit. Don't give me that "muh low speed maneuverability" bullshit.
You wouldnt understand filthy roadist scum
Dutch > mountain for being left outside in the rain all year. Mountain bike has lots of small steel parts totally exposed, it needs to be stored indoors or it rusts. Dutch bike is all sealed up, can hang with the cars and trucks because it is a real vehicle not a toy.
>totally exposed

File: sabine_.0.jpg (216 KB, 1200x800)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
New uses for the land under urban freeways.

My city is proposing building a skatepark or some kind of park to improve the space. What are the best projects built under freeways?
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The 2nd worst of all homeless. Communists, hippies, degenerates - the only real defining trait of them, besides living in a fucking shelter- is that they have given up to the base hedonism of life as a homeless - the small comforts it gives them is enough for them, as they meander from place to place, ultimately passive people in their views and lifestyles. The kind of people that legitimately enjoys employee orientation, the kind that has surrendered to their lifestyle of socializing, scavanging, and drug use. Sooner or later the drug use cascades into a bigger problem, and deteriorates their social life until they become junkies, but until then the Shelter-nigger is oft professing his love for communism, his demands that man be better treating of his fellow man (Himself)< and that society would be better off with his merticulous hand at the wheel - just like every other communist before they get kicked out of their mothers basement and either becomes a shelter-nigger or grows the fuck up. In many ways the worst simply because they're slower boiling then junkies, who will at least alert you quickly to their sense of self.

Beware of shelter-niggers, for they are the least american of all - they just want to survive, rather then thrive. When shown a land of 20 meters, they proclaim they would be happy with 10, rather then work to increase their plot of land

The kind of people who get kicked out of shelters. Have you ever spent time with a drug user? A heroin addict is like a normal human, just with shifted priorities - their priority is heroin, first and foremost. Might be meth, might be h, might be anything - but it's different. Period. Once you see the tell tale signs you can pick them out instinctively.

Hobos of any kind seek out their tribe, but this one rather seeks out new tribes - to rip them off and stealing money for their drugs

They sleep where they pass out, they degenerate with their drug use, they beg for money for food only to turn around and spend it on drugs - they hang with the shelterniggers, so they know when there is free services and food - and have realized there is no real need to bother acting anymore. They get to be drug addicts and only need to hide it for minutes at a time - often not even bothering to do so as they can elict more sympathy - and thus money

To get kicked out of a homeless shelter is actually pretty hard - esp for homeless - so this junkie, who is so fucked up they can't even stay in a shelter, don't expect them to have a tent. These are the guys who will sleep in YOUR tent and apologize half heartedly and talk about drugs or something. Shelterniggers will hide their hard drug use - junkies will straight up ask if you have h/meth - note that not "do you do X", ie social interaction, but "do you HAVE x" ie, absolute drug seeking. This is the kind that does crimes for 3 hots and a cot - the solution to be being "Homeless" is to go to jail for a bit, get paid for your time in a relatively luxury resort (compared to shelters), get released, get pay from prison, get drugs, chill on drugs, get arrested - longer stay in prison? more drug money. No drug money? Go to prison.
Long story short, man has 3 needs

Sleep, Sustinance, Socialization

Sleep costs money for security but you can basically do it anywhere

Sustinance requires money for access to higher end foodstuffs but much of it is free

Socialization is "free", but it's not really - you buy women drinks, buy your appearance, you buy your status through objects

Resigning yourself to getting these things for free makes you homeless. Forgoing one or two is fine, but when you let go of all of them you cease to be human and instead become an animal. To be man is to be king of the food chain who asks "how to better myself" - to live in a cave and dream of a hut, to live in a hut and to dream of a mansion, and beyond that, to venture out and construct that hut, to pull taunt the skin of the buffalo over the frame of wood, to lay leaves and hides you know to be waterproof accross the roof of your house for drier rain days, to hollow out walls with holes to catch the wind for cooler hot days, to master your environment - I'd say a guy who works, socializes normally, then lives on a hammock off his motorcycle is infinitely less homeless then someone who works, socializes normally and lives in a shelter to "save money". its the difference between relying on your own solution and relying upon others - one is perfectly natural and the other is antiamerican communist garbage which in a more civilized nation would mean lynchings
an example of each since i'm still bored and trying to figure out google api

>Top tier homeless

vagabo/n/d-dono after he gets a tech job with paycheck, but decides to move to cheaper place where he can save more money at a higher standard of living.

>upper middle
Vagabo/n/d decides to settle for a bike delivery job

Vagabo/n/d decides to just live in a car and do odd jobs to stay fed/alive

Vagabo/n/d decides that carrying his tent around is too much trouble and just carries a blanket and a pillowcase filled with clothing

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Beautiful sunlit park once the freeway is torn down.

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