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File: 294001.jpg (24 KB, 300x480)
24 KB
Hey guys i wanted to Ask for your opinion on the show "fafner in the Azure" and its sequels do you think that its worth my time?
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best mecha series of this decade, bar none.
File: 1497494225185.webm (1.31 MB, 720x406)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB WEBM
Its good. Just a slow start thats all.
Because that's just how much better the later additions are.
I think I saw first season and two movies. Doesn't explain much of what anything is, characters are unpleasant to look at and the plot was pretty forgettable. However its pretty inoffensive/unintentionally funny at times, mechs are cool and >>17566497 is almost enough to make me want to continue. I'd say if it crosses your path and you've got nothing immediately more interesting to watch, go for it.
>However its pretty inoffensive/unintentionally funny at times

File: Far.jpg (1.06 MB, 848x1000)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
Does anyone here have the files for Muv-Luv: Faraway Dawn? There is a link on nyaa.si for Altered Fable, but I am not sure if Faraway Dawn is included in it.
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So we are getting Faraway Dawn English version next right? Right?
Not anymore.
File: germanboy.png (573 KB, 1920x1080)
573 KB
573 KB PNG
Stop posting that, anon
Is this chick in the side-material only? Real good design, one of the reasons I've been putting off muv-luv is the girl designs in the VNs.
SnK doesn't have ML references, but the creator acknowledged he was inspired to write it after playing ML.

With all the gundam books getting animated nowadays, like Hathaway's Flash, what other books would you like to see get the animated OVA treatment?
Admit it 00F would be pretty cool, but only F.

You have been hired to remake this series, and the execs don't really care how you handle it as long as you retain the name and the basic concept of "Irish-themed original toku". What do you do?
>"Irish-themed original toku"
The bad guys are the SAS and the last episode ends like Blakes 7
Queen Maeb style orgy
A new legend formed of four youths with the spirits of warriors receiving the blessing of the Tuatha De Danann and along with their treasures and armor forged to accompany them.

The impetus behind this is Queen Medb, her soul unable to find rest after such an inglorious death, gained the power of the underworld and its inhabitants and now seeks her claim to rule in an age where the grasp of the old gods is weak and fraying. She comes alongside a transmogrified Fergus, various ne'er do wells and boogens of Irish and Welsh folklore and a nigh inexhaustible legion of lesser Fomor.
File: Ogham.jpg (80 KB, 437x721)
80 KB
Make each member wield one of the Four Treasures (Sword of Light, Spear of Lugh, Stone of Destiny, Cauldron of Dagda).

Give them finishing moves where they carve Ogham into enemies that explodes when they add the vertical slash.
I'd sell out and combine it with whatever made Game of Thrones popular in an effort to get lots and lots of money. Also I'd have Garrett show up more.

File: D6zVLfpUIAAg0Ai.png (307 KB, 796x450)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
Gee, Seiryu. Why does your mom let you have three Shinkalions?

Subbed Episode and Music DDLs

New episodes air on Saturdays at 7:00 AM JST. Episode replays are uploaded to YouTube the following Friday at 3 PM JST.


Evangelion crossover is episode 31 (The train appears briefly in episode 17) and Miku has appeared periodically since episode 15.

>Upcoming Toy Releases
DXS 102 Shinkalion 923 Doctor Yellow - June 8th
DXS 103 Black Shinkalion Ogre - August

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File: IMG_4100.jpg (96 KB, 600x600)
96 KB
>get a walking gundam and metal heroes subs
>sacrifice the little boy train show

So basically a less impressive Liner Dagwon? lol

maybe a movie?

I do hope we see a new Shinkalion in the movie as opposed to Drive Head just getting a chrome Cyclone Interceptor.

File: CUTE _.jpg (47 KB, 358x499)
47 KB
JUST read this last night and am wondering how it goes from here. Is Shin/New Cutie Honey the true sequel?
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Yeah they're just that except for Re:Cutie Honey which is a sequel to the Anno directed toku film
>Is Shin/New Cutie Honey the true sequel?
Sorry that you, so far, haven't received one actual answer to your question. Sadly, as you yourself have noticed, trolls on /m/ have lately singled out Cutie Honey to attack. Anyway ...

Shin is the sequel to the anime.
The manga itself got two sequels: The one in 1992 (I think) that oftentimes comes as Volumes 3 and 4 with the original.
And then Tennyo Densetsu from 2001. That one hasn't been fully translated though.

As for where to go next? Well, depends on whether you prefer manga or anime, and whether you understand Japanese well enough to watch/read some things.

You might want to watch the original anime if you haven't already (before you watch Shin!).
It is very much its own thing though, like all Cutie Honey adaptations.
Of the other three (Flash, Re and Universe), Universe comes closest to the manga in most aspects, but not without adding its own spin to it. So if you liked Nagai's manga, you'll most likely like Universe.
If you're into 90s anime in general and Sailor Moon in particular, go for Flash. It's currently getting English subtitled on nyaa (search for "Cutey Honey" with Y), but it's not yet finished at this point.
And Re:CH, well, it's very different, but enjoyable enough, especially if you like Anno's style of storytelling and cinematography.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Re:Cutie Honey which is a sequel to the Anno directed toku film
No, it isn't. It's a retelling of the 2004 film. Or rather, as they were produced at the same time, another adaptation of the same general idea.
If it was a sequel, characters that died in one wouldn't reappear in the other just to die again in a similar fashion, and the respective finales wouldn't be as similar as they are.

>they're just that
No, they aren't. As I have stated in my other post, Shin is clearly set in the future and alludes to the events of the original anime having happened before. So it is a sequel.
Just like the two manga sequels are ... well ... sequels.
None of them are directly connected
>None of them are directly connected
Depends on what you mean by "directly". Both Shin and the 1990s manga have short flashbacks to their predecessors. I'd say that's enough to call them sequels.

File: 700037._SX1280_QL80_TTD_.jpg (660 KB, 1280x1942)
660 KB
660 KB JPG
What the fuck is this holy shit https://youtu.be/xvbR92b8NXA
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To be fair, I wish I could forget Pacific Rim after Uprising

This is really cool but I don't think sound can travel through Vacuum. Speaker pod is a thing but can someone explain me a brainlet how Minmay attack and space concert work?
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150+ actually tested IQ. Don't reply to me ever again, subhuman monkeys.
>>I don't think the priestess thing has anything to do with it,

According to Macross Chronicle Terrans had natural Space-Time Resonance Ability aka Fold Receptors Factor but was needed by the Protoculture leaving behind a few bloodlines that have it like the Mayan Priestess Bloodline. If we go by another interpretation of Mayan folklore a Protoculture pilot came from the head of the Bird Human and married to a local tribesman. This was some 10,000 years before. Hence the matching Alpha-Bombay blood of the Nomes with the Bird Human. The Star Singer is similarly a Protoculture woman that married a Windermerean that they became the progenitor of the Windermere royalty.

In Macross 30 a Protoculture girl woke from a Sleeping Pod without her memory.

Now there were other attempts before Sheryl hence Fairy 9 but they failed to produce the desired results. Grace banked on Sheryl being similar to her grandmother for the experiment to be a success. A natural Fold Receptor to be tuned on the Vajra frequency.
Huh, this actually appeared in JUNJOU
Doesn't that mean that Sheryl's
>Nome bloodline
>fold quartz earrings
>Vajra virus
are only sort of related but can and in fact do exist independently from one another? That's retarded.
Damn autocorrect I meant the Protoculture nerfed the Terrans
The Fold Quartz earrings were passed down the Nomes bloodline but the source was not Vajra but the Bird Human. Likely passed down from the original Protoculture pilot. According to Macross Chronicle the Protoculture did figure out how to make Fold Quartz. Which is why Protoculture ruins are a source for the the NUN. Though heavily regulated as to prevent proliferation of MDE weapons.

Sheryl is a natural Fold Receptor tuned to the Vajra frequency by infection and gets a boost from a Fold Quartz like a Windermerean with a Rune.

File: 256497.jpg (39 KB, 225x350)
39 KB
Why settle for fried chicken when you can have quality steak?
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is this code for having her tie you up on the floor, squatting over your mouth, and taking a wet creamy dump on your face?
no wtf man that's fucking disgusting!!!!1
File: look ma no strings.png (515 KB, 993x768)
515 KB
515 KB PNG
>Angel Interceptor but it's also a Valkyrie
Based tbqh
Don't knock it until you've tried it.

Combining mecha is a pretty common trope, but less common are kaijus that are the fusion of multiple kaiju

I really liked the combining Kaiju from Pacific Rim 2, questionable as the movie was, the design was pretty cool

What are some other examples of combining/fused kaijus?
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File: 1268207827207[1].jpg (23 KB, 620x467)
23 KB
File: DzRHUmCV4AE8Wiz[1].jpg (147 KB, 1080x735)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
File: 1268207956755[1].jpg (23 KB, 621x473)
23 KB
What exactly is the Kong head contributing to this arrangement?

Holy shit, 00 is fucking great so far
What other Mecha do you guys recommend in the same vein? Great group dynamics, political intrigue, fleshed-out setting etc...
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I mean I'm not saying it was GOOD by any means but Seed was kind of okay up till that point, then it just went full retard.

Destiny was also kind of okay until it shit the bed with what was basically the exact same thing actually (rivals fight, Kira died! lol no he didn't)
So what's going on with the new 00 anime project that was announced alongside the stageshow last year? Is it just dead? The fact that the main mechs are likely all getting new MG kits gives me hope that hope isn't lost. MG Dynames is a 10/10 kit.

Char barely acknowledges Zeta in Char's Counterattack either. Not unless you include headcanon "muh Kamille" at least.
I liked Mwu Natarle and Murrue. It spent a lot of time on the teen's melodrama that never really went anywhere because Kira died when it was falling apart.

Previous thread:

Old links


Various Mirrors:


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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seven bump
Anyone seeding Legend of the Blue Wolves? I'm trying to grab the 2013 uncensored version but it seems stuck at 86%
das gay yo
dont reply to him, you gona catch the gay too
Yeah, that's why I'm asking if anyone's seeding it so I can finish the torrent. All the ones I found had no listed seeders, a complete copy would be appreciated if nobody can seed.

File: wall_Thankyou_4_3.jpg (1.66 MB, 1600x1200)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB JPG
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Not that anon, but with a girlish voice, it doesn't mean Blade's a girl. Blade may very well be a male with how Japan does stuff.

If a girl, then wanting Blade to be a giga-tsun to Copen.
Yeah, I know that it might be a male, but Gunvolt didn't have a girl's voice, so I don't think Blade can be a recast Gunvolt.
May very well be a wholly different character altogether. Like GV, Blade has this celestial dragon thing going around him, but he/she may be a wholly different character. A person that was chosen for the Azure Striker project instead of Gunvolt (if the whole alternate reality stuff is to be believed and it's all caused by a butterfly effect)? Maybe even a successor to him/her but devoid of anything that made the original Azure Striker we love had (the fact Blade kills any Minos person he/she finds on Sumeragi's orders without any question is the biggest difference).

Either way, we need to see how it will be when the game finally launches...that along if Inti finally decides to make a ASG2 for Steam. Or simply release it as a massive DLC for the first Guvolt that upgrades it to the Striker Pack that includes the first two games + all the goodies it got.
File: sentry blaster.png (4 KB, 87x72)
4 KB
Too bad they're all pure robots.
Then how about this. Robots. But with Adept brains. Considering who runs the research elements in Sumeragi, this is going to be bound to happen.

File: images (13).jpg (28 KB, 306x481)
28 KB
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You'll never be a bigger gundam fan than nether gundam.
Well, Nether Gundam certainly doesn't just mill about.
G Gundam is great. I would want a tequila Gundam kit
File: 77742235.jpg (114 KB, 1280x720)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Not really a meme, but not entirely forgotten
I saw a guy a while back make a pretty cool 3D printed MG conversion for it, damned shame he never sold the files or anything
iirc the nether was part of some theme park's activity (scavenger hunt) back in the day.
that and it had a recurring role in the go for it domon 4 komas.

File: Spoiler Image (37 KB, 360x450)
37 KB
Gundam Wannabe eh?
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So how is it not a Gundam again?
more like the zeta-plus
Is Gundam in its name?
File: Spoiler Image (1.52 MB, 1080x2160)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB JPG
"Gundam Wannabe" sounds like something the Feddie Hooligans guy would make

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