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File: 1543762638493.jpg (514 KB, 1280x715)
514 KB
514 KB JPG
>Laplace Box being a big pile of nothing
The content of the box was irrelevant; the box itself was of value. The anon(s) in >>17045718 made a very good elaboration how the only ones to care about the box were people deep in the past and that everyone else couldn't care less about some special box or whatever there might be within it.

>elaboration on Newtypes
The rhetoric behind Newtypes is reminiscent of beliefs present in various religions such as Abrahamic and Oriental ones, which viewed the physical as a prison and the spiritual as the true or superior form of man. Thus Newtypes can be interpreted as an extension of these religious beliefs, with "going beyond the time" essentially being going beyond the three dimensional. Newtypes are thus people with an evolved high degree of spiritualism to them, with Psycommu, Psychoframe and related technology being futuristic technology capable of channeling spiritualism. The word "occult" is used by the Japanese fandom for a reason; it is criminally underused in the western fandom.

>Unicorn powercreeps F90, F91, Crossbone and Victory-era MS
Again, there can be found parallels with real life, too. Take ancient empires like the Persian or various Chinese dynasties that were highly sophisticated for their time and produced works which to this day are cutting-edge or the blueprints for which can't be found or recreated. And if ancient empires are to be viewed with an eye of skepticism, consider the most recent example which happens to be the brightest one: the technological and scientific achievements of the late 19th to early 20th century, the rapid progress which would be halted by the eruption of WW1 (which itself would set the stage for WW2) and wouldn't accelerate again until the Cold War many decades later. All signs so far point to either a catastrophic event that will slow down the rapid progress of UC, or perhaps a planned deacceleration out of fear for how deep the people of UC have gotten themselves into.
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Fukui was the man
Who makes insipid posts like this?
File: download.jpg (20 KB, 182x268)
20 KB
I guess ripping off older stuff like Roman Holiday does qualify it as modern classic.
Unicorn is better than GL.
Okay, well done on getting the Audrey Hepburn reference for the runaway princess, but calling it a rip-off of Roman Holiday makes you look like a tool trying to look bigbrained

So what happened to Emperor of Darkness?
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We never learn what happens to him in the Toei continuity. It's implied he's dead by Infinity, but nothing more.
File: 54.jpg (340 KB, 814x1200)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
Gosaku Ota's Grendizer shows its true identity...
File: 57.jpg (346 KB, 820x1200)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
...as well as its unceremonious death. that big flaming thing? just some kind of remotely-controlled manifestation
that's two emperors that fell to their deaths

File: IMG_20181205_211707.jpg (385 KB, 927x832)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
12 hours left until some particular enemy join the Gridman alliance.
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It is nerve gas, but they also have the ability to manipulate "reality".
Wouldn't that be reality or data gas then since the internet doesn't have nerve?
We still don't know for sure what that world actually is.
Fuck off, Carlos.
File: IMG_20181210_170024.png (882 KB, 1280x670)
882 KB
882 KB PNG
Does this shot mean that Akane can't see Gridman?

Who’s your favourite Gundam girl /m/?
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File: 1463583806330.png (587 KB, 1280x768)
587 KB
587 KB PNG

File: Heero-196.jpg (20 KB, 300x235)
20 KB
Why is Heero such a dreamboat?

File: Katejina_Loos_5750.jpg (27 KB, 211x350)
27 KB
Was she a schizo?
>starts out fairly warm towards Uso, even if she barely has a personality at first
>goes off to be a spy
>next time we see her she's betrayed Uso because she thinks he's becoming too powerful/getting too good at killing for a child
>also clearly falling for Cronicle
All well and good
>last two episodes
>suddenly a murderous psychopath
>starts blowing up the Angel Halo rings with Zanscare citizens inside them
>feels immense joy at Uso and Cronicle fighting "over her" and says she'll love which ever one wins
>goes back on this anyways when Cronicle splats
Also I cracked up at her thinking Uso still had his crush on her after he even tried to kill her, Uso was a man of culture and stayed with his brown psychic waifu and motherfu.
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Why is Victory's ending song Wieners Forever? It's just about as weird as Quattro Bajeena.
Where's the butter pasta?
She's just a cyber-newtype in a show with no natural ones.
I'd make her Kavejina Loos if you know what I mean.
She's a woman.
Next thread.

Why so SEEDfags always shit on 0080 visuals? It looks better than any Hiraiface cancer
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I have never seen a SEEDfag shit on 0080s visuals. As a card carrying SEEDfag, I love them both. However, I've seen plenty of UCfags shit on SEED, and many other AU shows look.

I've only ever seen one Seedfag shit on anything from UC, and that's the queef who always shits up Turn-A threads.
We've had subbed BD rips for over a year now.
Rent free
Why do /m/fags make up things to complain about?

File: zeta.jpg (68 KB, 480x370)
68 KB
Legitimately one of the worst shows I've seen.
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your opinion is of no value to anyone
File: Original Oh You![5].jpg (42 KB, 484x380)
42 KB
File: 4.jpg (48 KB, 298x435)
48 KB
File: GundamKamilleComet.jpg (98 KB, 960x720)
98 KB
Legitimately one of the best shows I've seen.
My favorite character is Emma, followed by FA.

Also I like seeing Jerid come VERY close to realizing how to be a good person and failing worse each time.

File: 08th mst.jpg (46 KB, 342x433)
46 KB
>08th MS Team has better animation than 0083 and is just better overall
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08th MS Team has the worst art style and is the most uninspired UC Gundam that I've seen so far. 0083 wasn't the best but I liked it better than 08th MS Team.
Naw, 0083 had much better animation all in all. Can't beat those bubble economy bucks.
0083 suffers really badly from the director changing midway. It's why the second half feels disconnected and all the characters make choices out of left field.

Wonderful animation tho.

8th ms team is more even but I find the story and characters sort of typical and bland compared to other gundam series.

I think, as far as ova/ spinoffs go 0080 and thunderbolt are both far better.

And i like 0079 and zeta much more than 8th ms too.
a man of art
File: Operation carl.jpg (166 KB, 600x450)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
how can something with freeform jazz be bad?

File: HaroNSFW.png (1.65 MB, 1600x1200)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
haro my baby, haro my darling, haro my ragtime gaaaaaaal

>Judau Ashta
>Age: 14
>Roux Louka
48 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Hey Roux, let's bathe!
>In that salt lake? We'll get all sticky! Do you want me all sticky, Judau?
To garner cheap sympathy from the audience because she's an unengaging character who people only care about because they like her design.
File: Mouar.Pharaoh.full.426090.jpg (185 KB, 1577x1107)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Literally better than most of these posts
Didn't fall for Scirocco's jovian bullshit and supported Zeta's best boy Jerid
And amuro
>not Yazan

File: 1543020345140.png (77 KB, 1380x928)
77 KB
Did all Titans die? Were they refolded back into the EFF/Londo Bell? Any side stories dealing with Titan/Regular EFF culture shock?
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File: Barzam Nemo.jpg (382 KB, 1274x954)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
File: Aqua_barzam_aoz.jpg (1.53 MB, 2460x3502)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
The other one with development lines.
Hell yea
Jegan probably outclasses Refined Barzam.
>pretty busty blondes
Well your friend has good taste.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
97 KB
It was unironically better than the much praised tripe that was 2.22. Did plebs just not understand?
13 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Misato blames Shinji for Third Impact in 3
>told him to do the thing that started it in 2
typical drunkard, misplacing blame as always
That's not an accident. Asuka needles her about it during the scene in the medical bay.
Asuka > Rei
as characters the way they are in nge? yes, asuka is a more interesting character than rei, who is used as a living plot device more than a person-character. but as waifus, as candidates for best girl? asuka is a harsh, destructive bitch. rei is competent, caring, patient, reasonably close to friendly, intellectually curious, calm and pretty. all asuka has going for her is that she knows how to shake her ass. if rei was cut in half, ignoring that she can be physically replaced, you'd have a legless rei. if asuka was cut in half, you'd just have a bitchy cripple.
Nothing fucking happens in it, either plot or characterwise, the timeskip had no narrative function, it revealed nothing, and even the action was kind of dull. Shit, even the soundtrack was subpar for Evangelion.

The first two Rebuild movies built up this enormous momentum, and then the third had it slamming headfirst into a fucking brick wall.

Also, there's a fucking big-ass airship in it, for no adequately explained reason, like it was Final Fantasy.

3.33 and its defenders can eat shit. It ruined the movie series.

File: 1544230214293.jpg (139 KB, 690x511)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Would you give up your body to become a part of a certain mecha? Let's say a screw?
I’d want to be the tummy zipper on Strelizia
File: iron giant screw.jpg (65 KB, 1024x654)
65 KB
Why would you want to be anything else?
Something near the cockpit

File: 1543499344932.jpg (386 KB, 1920x1080)
386 KB
386 KB JPG
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I felt pitty for him
I wish real politicians wore stupid costumes like that
If he killed her then he wouldn't be a cuck, in medieval times the only way to redeem yourself from being a cuck was to kill the opposing parties
It was more like being cucked ->feels inadequate ->upgrade himself into psychotic cyber-newtype ubersmench
come to the UK for lord buckethead

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