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File: 809847.jpg (31 KB, 640x435)
31 KB
Kuso Game of The Year 2018 has been chosen to be New Gundam Breaker
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Can't tell you're trolling. If you're being serious then I assume you've never touched gundam breaker 2 or 3
I have not...
It really should be, despite fake or not.
well, in all true honesty, the real kusoge of the year on our end would be Fallout 76, but since is more prevalent in /v/ then it would be here...

the difference here is that NGB is actually playable compared to Bethesda's mess.

and I can't actually order a copy of GB3 yet because of a big ol'e Canada Post strike that's going and, would lead to deliveries taking months to arrive, that and the 25th is comming up so ordering stuff that isn't a Stuffed Cod is kindof out of the question.

the Stuffed Cod is to troll the hell out of my grandpa, also involves a bottle of Screech.
>the difference here is that NGB is actually playable compared to Bethesda's mess.

It is now. At beta/launch it had a ton of technically/server issues as well. Though admittedly not as bad as Bethesda did and still does.

File: 1543560627816.jpg (628 KB, 640x956)
628 KB
628 KB JPG
Pastebin of MEGA from hardworking anons. If anyone can catalog what's in the MEGAs that'd be greatly appreciated

Prev >>16997084
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Are Dyna and Cosmos pretty much the go-to crossover Ultras?
Them and Zero apparently.

So, not directed at the guy i replied to, a bunch of people told me Ultraseven was worth it but how do you guys watch it? Do you watch the dubbed hd version or deal with the lower quality jap version?
I just watched the DVD
One of the MEGA in OP's pastebin has it

I bought the DVD set from Shout Factory and it’s worth the price.

File: Samus.png (171 KB, 500x282)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
Part of me feels like media would improve as a whole if we got rid of human characters and just replaced them with robots. Think about it.

>gundam without retarded human emotions and "feelings"
>Armored Core V and VD wouldn't have been such disappointments (they focused too much on the story)
>Battletech wouldn't be swirling the drain right now

I swear, giving everything a more robotic vibe should be the way to go. When I enjoy a mecha related product, I want to watch mechs fighting eachother, not some gay human emotional drama.
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ACfag comes to /m/?
Unironic autism, not the meme kind that people like to throw around here willy nilly.
Gundam without humans would just have robot autists instead.
Will sunrise ever just say fuck it and have it be cool robots fighting for 50 episodes with no story?
He might have a point considering how most anons on /m/ prefer poorly-written characters that act like uncanny valley robots instead of subtle humanistic writing.

File: Guyver2F.jpg (125 KB, 270x748)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Would people be really that upset if hollywood made a new live action guyver and cast a female as the lead and mostly changed the most of the cast and setting but kept all the important lore stuff intact and gave it an r rating for gory fung fu on the levels of the 1991 Riki Oh?

lets not kid ourselves lads who here honestly cares about sho Fukamaji and his friends and the manga has been going on way to fucking long with the only end in sight is the death of the creator

guyver is a blatant devilman clone with a body horror kamen rider aesthetic at best

even the live action movies knew better that the alien robot fighting was the only good thing the manga had going for it

besides a female guyver sounds kind of hot to me
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I'd watch it
Why are there no scanlations anymore
File: 114.jpg (138 KB, 521x768)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
The only group doing it in English got tired of people reposting their scanlations to manga hosting sites without their permission and supporting the original manga, so they force you to actually buy the print volumes, and submit proof. Then they send you specially watermarked scanlations, and if you leak it somewhere else, they'll know who it was and blacklist you. And no one apparently wants to risk a ban, or transfer their translation to the public raws, or go to the trouble to scanlate it themselves (beyond a couple of chapters).

This >>17059195 AND the fact there has been any new chapters of manga in over 2 and a half years.

File: 158321425_dc8d5523e1_o.jpg (430 KB, 1931x1761)
430 KB
430 KB JPG

Post MA
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File: Inle-flight.jpg (84 KB, 2048x721)
84 KB
>What's the next stage of MS development?
>Do it again but bigger.
I fucking love AoZ, it's the dumbest shit.

>lazily-designed garbage that are literally just flying cock and balls
>good design
'mirin that Dra-C tho
File: 84T6f54623.jpg (295 KB, 738x615)
295 KB
295 KB JPG

File: fbfbfbbb.jpg (105 KB, 1280x768)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Which one /m/?
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Blue hair always
He was 16 and Hayase 21
but then what would Minmei be doing?
The jet
Misa 100%

Gonna go with the woman who isn't apt to sit on her cousin's dick.

File: Zaku III upscale.png (434 KB, 736x800)
434 KB
434 KB PNG
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File: gundam ersatzes.jpg (1.1 MB, 1000x1000)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
File: Bigro 1.jpg (91 KB, 1191x1200)
91 KB
Don't. You'll just make us look worse than we already are you crazy radioactive loon.
File: BigGoog.png (146 KB, 1000x960)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
Do it again, Anavel Gato!

The weapon that Char and Lalah could have taken Jaburo with.

Would onion armor work IRL if a country had the capability to produce it?
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>it's real
That's amazing

The Cold War had some very fun times to look forward to if it went hot.
File: Technodrome.jpg (31 KB, 640x480)
31 KB
This a better orion armor!
Its pretty amazing how well some stuff holds up against a nuke, really highlights how a human crew is the weakest part of the tank/ship.
The famous Bikini Atoll nuclear tests for instance had Nagato and other ships being nuked, and she withstood the blast with only minor damage. It took the second nuke before she finally succumbed to it and went down.

File: Scarlet Godzilla Earth.png (1.07 MB, 1280x720)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
name a better moment in the series
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File: cs5fd632xd321.jpg (1.42 MB, 2764x4096)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
>Wait until Hellboy and Richie hear about this.
File: 1437021721920.png (287 KB, 981x478)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
Now watch as they keep pushing the trailer later and later.
File: IMG_20181116_123228.jpg (49 KB, 963x830)
49 KB
>still no trailer
Stop fucking with me Warner Brothers.
File: AAAAAA.gif (1.52 MB, 500x281)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB GIF

File: escaflowne_mecha.jpg (271 KB, 1280x1761)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
*Spoilers* During the 90s I started watching the fansubs and something happened that didn't allow me to finish the series. I rectified that this week.

God I remember this series being so much better than this. The love story was what it was, but they really half-assed how the mechs were used. Escaflowne got broken as hell at the midpoint with Van pretty much becoming an unstoppable God of War in it. The rest of the guymelefs seemed pretty useless compared to Escaflowne, the Zaibach suits, and Schezarade. They were basically just set pieces. You mean to tell me there weren't more Ispano Guymelefs out there?

Overall this is really just a half-assed series. Poor worldbuilding and character development run rampant. The concept of medieval mecha was a good one but the execution was poor.

Now the movie...that's a different story. I liked how it was darker in tone and made Escaflowne and the Alceides the only two pieces of "armor." They simplified the hell out of the story to fit it into two hours but the film works better imo. Getting rid of Issac Newton and all the Atlantis shit was a great move.

I'm going to start watching Code Geass next, hoping for a better experience.
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If you've seen the intro, you've seen the best part of escaflowne. It was a thoroughly mediocre show

It's a still from the film. It actually looks pretty cool. Especially in the opening scene where he pulls a one-man Mission Impossible raid on a Black Dragon Clan airship to steal Escaflowne. It's a thing of beauty.

I was actually surprised Hitomi got along with Mr. Mole so well after it looked like he was trying to rape her in the forest upon their first meeting in episode 3.
>You mean to tell me there weren't more Ispano Guymelefs out there?

There are, but the protagonists never get any and the Zaibach suits are largely superior so Zaibach has no need for them. Stuff can exist in the world and not be front and center.

Remember, Van would have been instantly BTFO in the Escaflowne multiple times if it wasn't for Hitomi magihaxxing and saving him from stuff like invisible robots.

Yeah but once Van and Escaflowne bond, Van becomes an unstoppable wrecking ball. He can take down several Zaibach guymelefs with ease, not to mention the ghetto guymelefs from the "alliance." I'd love to see what other Ispano melefs are out there. Just as I'd like to see the other two master swordsmen of Gaea.

File: dougram.jpg (222 KB, 1600x1200)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
>Not even justice I want to ge truth
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File: accel trial.jpg (51 KB, 480x600)
51 KB
>Despair waits for you at the finish line.
File: th-4.jpg (16 KB, 474x277)
16 KB
File: Spoiler Image (17 KB, 512x316)
17 KB
Not a specific quote but I love "themed" lines like >>17058817 that are in line with the hero's gimmick. Stuff like Might Gaine or the ToQgers "arriving on time" because trains, etc.
Who will do it if not Casshern

Discotek announced that that they have the license for Tetsujin 28-gou (1980) and will be releasing it on BD on January 29th 2019.
I'm actually surprised they're releasing it next month, it's coming out before several of the other series in their last bulk announcement as well as projects they've been working on for awhile like the US release of the 2000s Cyborg 009 series.
209 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
are you from mexico?
If puppet shows count, There's Spaceship Silica, Galaxy Boy Troop, and Aerial City 008. A single episode of from each series is about all that is left of them.
Good thread. Bump.
It honestly doesn't get any better than this

File: m01.png (338 KB, 800x800)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
It would have looked better with yellow chest vents
11 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
is this just a naked gundam
File: lewd.png (152 KB, 932x310)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
These are both better than the actual design. When the V-fin is the only yellow part, it doesn't mesh well with the rest of the design.
Needs a bit more armor on the upper arm.
This is gorgeous. WOW.

I'm assuming the base model is also just a shop?

So was Char's Zaku the only unit he used in the series that had the "three times faster" upgrade? Was his Gelgoog/Z'Gok similarly upgraded?

Pic unrelated.
His Z'gok moved pretty fast during Jaburo invasion, being able to run circles around Amuro before Char decided to bail. The Gelgoog Char used was actually one of the early production type units meant for testing and working the bugs out, so it probably wasn't fine-tuned to his specs yet.

File: 1527153725886.png (408 KB, 538x307)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
Will it ever be topped? So far the best /m/echa ever made. Wish it had been 50 episodes instead.
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File: 1524534722965.jpg (348 KB, 743x865)
348 KB
348 KB JPG
File: dinogirl with a bat.png (1.78 MB, 1920x1080)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
>all of these fags taking the bait seriously
It was topped 13 years ago
I only watched this shit for zero two and the memes.

I've never laughed so hard in this place when episode 10 (cuckolding) was released.
The shitstorm was so massive that it flooded /fit/ a little with some triggered betas.

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