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It’s popping off now, Trigger. The Ace Combat Thread has officially begun.
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File: D5ATvulUUAAJhV-.jpg (98 KB, 1199x800)
98 KB
Its set around the same time/a little bit later of the latter half of the Lighthouse War, the main character is still Trigger, the antagonist is a warship captain who is "the most evil person in the series history", and there's a brother/sister special forces assassin team (the two edgy types from the teaser trailer).
There will be three missions of indeterminate length that supposedly ramp up the difficulty a ton over the average campaign mission.
That's pretty much all I know.
When's this month's DLC dropping, again?
This Wednesday isn't it?
Probably Wednesday yeah, 250MB update just dropped for AC7.

I don’t have hope this’ll sell well.

People flocked to it due to one staff member from Re:zero.

Kinda sad, huh?
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Sigh ... Battle Royale story AGAIN ? I tought the pilot of the black mech was some kind of traitor that convinces the pink hair protagonist to join her side, so together they would overthrow an great crisis on the magic world ... but lets go with cute girls battling each other to death ... thats what sells ...
I was hoping for an Iczer rip off personally. I liked the battle scene and sound design for the first episode preview though, so I will check this out sometime after I have gotten through more important stuff.
I dunno part of that started to sound like My-Hime.

Which to be fair also shares a similar battle royale template.
Were are you guys getting battle royale from?
Nothing from any trailers tells me it'll be that
>Were are you guys getting battle royale from?
Because they are EOP speedwatcher, especially because they don't even bother to watch the 10 minutes of ep.1 preview here >>17549032

File: visual_07.jpg (289 KB, 1700x2406)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
New season ever?
I learned about this show way too late and it hurts. I would say that it had a rather conclusive ending all things considered, but it's still very obvious that the story continues.
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Here's a quick translation of the novel synopses
>En route to the Saggitarius-1 star system 250 light years away, the space ship Kurobe receives a transmission from Saggitarius-26 that shakes the crew to their core.
>As the Kurobe cautiously approaches Saggitarius-26, a mysterious object is detected in orbit around the second planet from the star.
>The Kurobe makes contact with an intelligent life form from the star system, Fraubt, who informs them of an impending attack by Efidolg.
>Yukina sorties in Glongur Matana. Terror. Hatred. The tides of battle. Captain Kamiizumi decides to bet everything on one last gamble.
>The Kurobe enters into an alliance with Fraubt after sustaining serious damage. As the soldiers enjoy a momentary respite, Yukina is shocked by Kennosuke's words.
>Efidolg assassins infiltrate the Kurobe while most of the crew is on leave. Sophie and Yukina find themselves in a race against time to return to the ship.
>Besieged by a merciless adversary in possession of overwhelming might, a truth is revealed in the midst of the Kurobe's desperate escape.
What if Captain America was a Samurai!
But also a mech pilot!

Somehow it's a concept that works much better than I thought.
I wish they focused more of the fish out of water stuff

Heroine girl trying to read a map upside-down and samurai guy making an "ugh is this fucking bitch for real" face and using the GPS on his phone was a fantastic scene and I wish the show had more of that sort of stuff

File: 74010900_p0.jpg (129 KB, 400x700)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Can we get a Gundam humor thread?
Being able to finally share comics, jokes, and other inside jokes is part of why I loved getting into Gundam.
The stuff only -we- would get and recognize in funny art.
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This is fucking gold!!!!!!
They're all on Tubi
whats the 3rd image from?
Cross Ange - Fukuda's stupidest and most entertaining series.
holy shit this looks good
shame its not actualy about toilet seat pilots

File: ROMHardcore03.jpg (60 KB, 400x375)
60 KB
Is Rom the Spaceknight /m/?
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I'd love to get my hands on the run. Maybe one day when I'm not poor as fuck
How do you feel about a pacifist friendly religious Dire Wraith?
The only good Dire Wraith is a banished Dire Wraith.

I’d rather eat a milf’s ass than read this crap.
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that's exactly what's on the pic.
Armada was literally rushed out the door with its pants around its ankles to line up with what was on toy shelves.
i know they cleaned some of the worst offenders for the japanese release but not all of it right?
The only compelling things in this were Optimus, Megs, and the interactions between Starscream and Windblade. Everything else can fuck off

File: Chirico Smiling.png (429 KB, 640x480)
429 KB
429 KB PNG
Protect Chirico smile at all cost edition!
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is this a kit or a figure?
i've got one of the d style scopedogs
File: Scopedog Open 001.jpg (819 KB, 1728x2304)
819 KB
819 KB JPG
File: ScopedogTurbo 001.jpg (740 KB, 1728x2304)
740 KB
740 KB JPG
there's a fair few of them now.
basic scopedog
brutish dog
scopedog turbo (from last red shoulder)
scopedog turbo with a red shoulder
scopedog with the space jatpack and bazooka
lilac scopedog (melkian army?)

the last 3 ain't out yet, been delayed for ages.
i found it all watchtable (including the votoms tv), and whilst i'm fairly certain its all in standard definition at times it looks borderline HD.

I only noticed the ghosting once or twice through the ovas, but i might just not be sensitive to it.
File: 1392472543972.jpg (337 KB, 480x768)
337 KB
337 KB JPG

File: 250031.jpg (19 KB, 225x350)
19 KB
I've finally got around to watching Ideon. Currently on the white flag episode. Man this anime is filled with Tomino women. There's a bunch of Reccoas running around. Also what the fuck is Karala's problem? This whole thing started because of her retardation. This is going to be one frustrating show to watch. Cosmo is cool but the other characters haven't exactly endeared themselves to me
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>I want you to humiliate Karala
>laugh at her
okay that was funny
damn episode 14...
Ok so did these guys became the last humans in the universe or what? It was about the only ship onscreen to enter null space completely escaping the explosion.
I don't think you can run or hide in Ideon.
They must learn to survive with their old enemy since they are now the last humans in the known universe, and everything wants them dead, even the Ide and possibly the dune worms.

File: Lacus-ListentoMySong.jpg (46 KB, 350x450)
46 KB
Post em
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What the hell is this?
You got a problem with Obari or Mecha Musume nigga?
is this /m/ enough or more of a curse /co/ image?
File: 2408960.jpg (180 KB, 789x531)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
File: 1471161292822.jpg (32 KB, 638x480)
32 KB
Fuckin fpbp

File: Spoiler Image (37 KB, 360x450)
37 KB
Gundam Wannabe eh?
Is that a ZII?
File: WmSlCj6n_200x200.jpg (9 KB, 200x200)
9 KB
It's more like if a zeta have a rough sex with the zz
So how is it not a Gundam again?
more like the zeta-plus
Is Gundam in its name?

File: Zoidsccintro.jpg (47 KB, 640x480)
47 KB
I'm just glad the entirety of /m/ agree 100% that Chaotic Century was the best Zoids anime, and no one unironically thinks it's Genesis
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Its not in the same timeline as any previous ones
It was the best, but it was also dull in terms of zoid variety. There's only so much I could take of the same four or five units on either side. It's kind of why I wish they could have used the revival to do a proper battle story adaptation instead of Wild.
Genesis was based though
Gojulas Giga with CAS: great idea, or terrible idea?
it's one of those things we have to see in action. on paper it looks good but just how fast will the CAS conversion take place can be the deal breaker.

File: DmhyNG1UcAIFtw9.jpg (153 KB, 646x1000)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
If you can believe it, but it's Revenge of the fallen 10th anniversary.

Since we all know the film is garbage, let's give some credit in what it did right if there is any
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Like the rest of the bayformer movies, it is based and redpilled, AND it also makes geewunners seeth even to this day.
>Optimus wearing Jetfire's corpse looks pretty fucking cool.
This, but unironically.
The toyline is still one of the best.
File: OP.gif (126 KB, 506x300)
126 KB
126 KB GIF

still more successful than any japanese production to date.

Holy shit, 00 is fucking great so far
What other Mecha do you guys recommend in the same vein? Great group dynamics, political intrigue, fleshed-out setting etc...
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08th MS Team, then Gundam X.

08th MS Team has some of the best fights in the show, and Gundam X is one of the funnest Gundam shows period. Both also have a neat cast.
We meme about Nicol being one note character, but Tolle was so boring and unnotable that he couldn't even match that.
Seconded desu
I mean I'm not saying it was GOOD by any means but Seed was kind of okay up till that point, then it just went full retard.

Destiny was also kind of okay until it shit the bed with what was basically the exact same thing actually (rivals fight, Kira died! lol no he didn't)

File: oz-06ms-dobergun.jpg (52 KB, 571x400)
52 KB
What is this gun supposed to be? One minute it fires beams, the next it fires kinetic rounds, and then in episode 13 Zechs uses it like a machine gun.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: Dobergun 4.webm (2.06 MB, 704x480)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB WEBM
Here's a source:

>Tallgeese: "Thanks to its long barrel and beam firing speed, it can shoot accurately even at long distances. The Leo wields long-range weapons of the same type, but with subtle differences in form."
>Leo: "The same type of long-range weapon equipped by the Tallgeese. It's the only weapon in the Leo's arsenal capable of damaging a Gundanium-armored MS."


It doesn't exactly excuse the dobergun suddenly firing beams when Heero picks one up in a Leo, but it's the best you'll get.
File: 1tIbnfs.gif (1.94 MB, 320x240)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF
Well, that's one way to account for animation errors innit? Still doesn't explain Zechs machine guns missiles with it though.

Although speaking of episode 13, it's nice to have context for this gif now.
*machine gunning missiles
Just don't think about it, and try to enjoy the ride.

Even though you heard machine gun sound effects, the visual effect were twin wide beams anyway. If you haven't noticed already, you'll soon know that damn near all weapons fire is rendered as vague yellow streaks on screen, except if they're firing missiles or something else that can't be yellow like lasers.
0079 had this issue to an extent as well, but Wing just goes nuts with it. Hell, going nuts seems to be this series main style anyways, so it fits in a way.

File: latest[1].png (1.23 MB, 1280x720)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
How did Jesus survive this again?
50 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Pretty sure in reality stopping all nuclear reactions would cause reality to end instantly. Imagine unstable elements would suddenly become stable. It is like batman's microwave the water mains would actually just end up killing everyone by microwaving everyone.
Anti-ship swords only deal damage when used against a ship.
>if it was the Tannhauser blast why do Positron Cannons suddenly have nuclear level yields when they have never shown and will never again that level of power when on a battleship

The Tannhauser causing a mushroom cloud and enough recoil to force Minerva back is actually a consistant thing and 34 isn't the first or last time we see it. It also happened in 16 and 45 and maybe other's I can't remember.
File: positron reflectors.webm (2.94 MB, 960x540)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB WEBM
The tannhauser did create a explosion in episode 18 but it was far smaller and dissipated rather quickly. That might have just been the result of the tannhauser shot being partly neutralized by the Zamza Zah, though.


The shot in episode 45 was definitely massive, though. They actually did reuse part of the stock animation from episode 34 when we see the Minerva in the same frame as the expanding explosion. We don't get to see if there was a mushroom cloud afterward, though.
Considering /m/ was basically a containment board because /a/ was sick of Destiny talk, not much.

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