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File: IMG_20180604_213036.jpg (88 KB, 1000x563)
88 KB
Would you want 00 based suits for the new divers series?
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File: Hhib09-3.png (3.78 MB, 2743x1930)
3.78 MB
3.78 MB PNG
I'd like a series that mainly features side story suits. 08th MS Team,0083,0080,00F,Frozen Teardrop,Astray,Advance of Zeta,Sentinel...That sort of stuff. Hell throw in stuff like the Zanspine and the manga only shuffle alliance upgrade mechs

Just give the MC a damn Turn A so I can finally get a concrete explanation on why the Turns aren't as broken as they should be
I'm honestly sick and tired of all tthe 00 builders design's i want to see more from older series zeta/wing/08th/victory maybe get a Taurus revamp or a aries kit finaly maybe get a kit for the second victory unit, anything but more stupid 00 crap.
File: 1544231400742.png (217 KB, 697x568)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
>A protag using Titans/Zeon/other
MC using a Zaku 2 kai
using the g-self when?
>more 00 stuff no dumb zeta/wing/08th/victory trash
got it

File: alexander.jpg (88 KB, 1280x720)
88 KB
The face and curves on these things should be illegal
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who thought it was a good idea to give a cyborg greasy skin with giant pores
File: 1544184429283.jpg (92 KB, 1200x1200)
92 KB
That's a stand jammed into her butt.
File: 1544148355687.jpg (195 KB, 1024x768)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
File: 1543079976825.jpg (1.06 MB, 1275x1650)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG

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Same. He's so feminine yet I don't hate him for that. I guess, since he can be cool sometimes.
>gauche says he's not human
>doesn't say he's a gangler

Guess he's not a gangler after all. Wonder what he exactly is then. A collection piece?
He's french
This show's problems stem from doing a fuckton of absolutely nothing for a long stretch. Noel being kind of a victim of it because they decided to save this particular bombshell for the end of the show for whatever reason.
Noel is a treasure confirmed.

File: fivan 2.jpg (999 KB, 1114x1753)
999 KB
999 KB JPG
So, in the end what happened to Vifam as a franchise? I mean, the series seems to have been popular enough to get four OVAs, two of them in a time when OVAs where not yet a popular practice, and a remake in late 90's. But nothing more after the start of the new millennium. We hardly even hear about it.

What could have possibly caused the abandon of such apparently popular serie? Was the series just a cult hit? Or was the death of director Takeyuki Kanda that caused Sunrise to refrain for touching the series again?
I’ve heard that the remake was bad. They never did seem to move past the story of the kids though, and really that is what Vifam is about, that group of characters growing up through that particular journey, I doubt a sequel or side story involving new characters or a story showing the kids grown up or something would really be able to have the same impact.
Not everything needs to be a fucking franchise.
Who gives a shit the characters sucked and the villain just inexplicably “I got over my problems lel” in the OVA
>It starts off with direct 2000 ripoff
>"heard good things a lot so can deal with this"
>watching through kids at military base arc and having a blast. Its like best things in 80s all combined in one
>"YEP lets go to spaceship and start another star trek-gundam ripoff!"
>start fighting with boredom all of sudden

Things like this doesnt do well for the autistic zoomer like me. great show anyway. If it was made in 2018, its gonna be filled with lots of sexual tension.
>amount of sharon lewds

File: img_show.jpg (47 KB, 530x385)
47 KB
The root of generic beta MC for self-inserter
File: Amuro_Ray.jpg (13 KB, 242x242)
13 KB
Um, sweetie...
your the only one who's been raging about this movie, why do you hate it?
Must be a pretty bad self-insert, because he got the short end of the stick.
>bails out of the final battle halfway in (in the TV series)
>last 7 episodes are just a weird love triangle
meh i prefer not getting cucked
Self insert is a shitty western meme

File: but why.png (641 KB, 993x768)
641 KB
641 KB PNG
Do you want to fug the bug?
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>>17057312 was the original and >>17057315
is the “new and improved” version
It’s shit
Whatever he learned in that art school he learned wrong. They probably were talking about gesture drawings, and he interpreted that as all you need to do.

Like, hell, all actual artists I know do those loose doodles only as quick explorations of composition, poses, angles, basic things. Then you use that as a basis for an actual drawing. On its own it's fucking nothing.
New thread theme
>implying it's not
We all do.
It's just been suppressed up until this moment.

File: 3.jpg (142 KB, 709x921)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
This shit is absolutely based and amazing. It's needed for the future of Gundam and plastic models. Prove me wrong! Protip : You can't.
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would the hypothetical gunpla be design accurate or remade to give the best possible looks for both modes?
It looks like that shitty Gundam that turned into a dog from the first half of Destiny.
File: 4543112318732.jpg (191 KB, 600x600)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
Gaia is cool though.
gaiga is cool but that model has horrible proportions , its sad that apparently the only decent representation was the MSIA figure with the oversized beam rifle
It needs an update/revamp.

File: ohrai_hor_1.jpg (237 KB, 1620x1080)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
ITT: the people at TOHO have chosen you to write and direct their next kaiju movie with Godzilla or other monsters
they have chosen a westerner for project to make it appeal better to international sensibilities in order to compete with the legendary films
film can use classic suit-mation and practical effects like the heisei and millennium eras

Post your story idea in the form of a green text
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>He then takes to the air and begins bombarding him with his weaponry
>meanwhile the engineer has completed his virus but say's he must get close enough to upload it to MG
>the battle between the two Goji heats up as Godzilla uses his breath to take to the air and manages to knock MG back down
>a surprised MG wonders if he really is dumb or if it was dumb luck
>Godzilla then shoots him with his atomic breath but it dose no damage
>MG laughs and shoots his own laser breath at Goji doing some damage
>Goji even more angered lunges at MG and the two begin to grapple
>meanwhile high above in a helicopter the engineer tries to take advantage of the situation and begins to hack MG system
>MG realizes this and opens up his chest and shoots Goji with a more powerful energy blast knocking him back then he turns his attention to the helicopter and attacks his causing it to crash on building
>the engineer emerges from the wreckage injured but alive with his computer
MG laughs and says it was a good try and prepares to kill him
>suddenly Goji gets up and begins charging his breath attack only this time his spines wrapped in electricity and his eyes start glowing blue
>before MG can react Goji fires familiar blue beam but this time it damages MG
>MG is baffled at first but then discovers its not nuclear energy but an electric beam
>goji fires a more intense blast causing and electric surge frying many of MG circuits

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>All of MG weapons systems shut down as well as his advanced AI
>sensing his foe is weakened further state goji lunges at him and begins tearing him apart
>he rips off his protective chest armor and then fires his tradmark atomic breath into is causing critical damage
>MG manages to regain some control and says he was wrong there was no way humanity could create something worse than godzilla
>goji then fires one final atomic blast at last destroying his mechanical doppelganger
>a tired goji lets out a victorious roar then looks over the engineer on the near by roof top and the man prepares for his final fate
>Goji instead turns toward back the ocean and submerges back into it as the such rises on the battle scared city
>the engineer finally lets go of his hate towards the beast saying it spawned a potentially worse monster than him. He then vows to spend the rest of his days making up for all the death and sorrow his creation caused
A dark comedy/kaiju eiga about two brothers set in the 1960s showa timeline.

Uehara is a down on his luck, impulse yakuza member who has fallen out of favor with his boss and owes his own gang a lot of money.

When Godzilla and Rodan are spotted in the city limits to inevitably battle each other, Uehara convinces his younger brother Taku; a suicidal methamphetamine addict, to rob the IBJ, the largest bank in Tokyo, taking advantage of the fact that law enforcement will be too preoccupied with evacuating citizens.

However Uehara's boss dispatches some of his hitmen to take him out, and to make matters worse, the space monster King Ghidorah appears and ravages the city. Larvae Mothra also appears.

The two brothers' already ridiculous plan turns into a life and death battle to escape with the money and deal with the yakuza thugs, al while trying to suvive the titanic battle between King Ghidorah and the other monsters.

The film is set during the same time as the film "Ghidorah, the three-headed monster"
immediately greenlit
potential interesting use of politics yet kaiju taking any nations side unless is retarded unless they are controlled cyborgs or mecha. no greenlight
Terrible. I don't like drugs but anti-drug preaching has no place in a kaiju film. and the "secret" naval group makes no sense. No greenlight
Very creative and bold story choices. Greenlit.
Terrible. Sounds like a saturday cartoon.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.


Will TOHO ever introduce a Female Godzilla?
(Godzilla 98 was a hermaphrodite iguana so it doesn't count)
32 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
On closer inspection it appears to say lolixshota.
Once saw a Monster X wearing a black trenchcoat, white mask covering top half of face with a long scarf covering the lower half and the two ends hanging out the back like twin tails.
File: 1409503340891.jpg (562 KB, 1548x1200)
562 KB
562 KB JPG

File: AGE 3 Laguna.png (469 KB, 750x896)
469 KB
469 KB PNG
AGE had a few nice Gundam designs wish they at least P-Bandai'd some of them
51 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
>stopped allies from getting killshots on Vagans but doing nothing to save those same allies with his magical pacifism funnels

Starting from the FX's debut, Kio has exactly one scene of blocking an allied shot, and it was aimed at a Vagan pilot he'd already disabled. He doesn't even interfere with Seric later on during the action when they were side-by-side; Kio disables his target, Seric shoots his, it's Seric that ponders how long Kio will continue fighting like this; Kio says nothing about Seric's kill. To add, Kio's disables are actual disables, instead of just shooting an arm, a head, or a rifle off.

With regards to Kio, they then move on to La Gramis, and it mostly repeats itself like the moonbase battle; Kio fights alongside Federation forces, disables some mooks, gets temporarily successful with Deen in a 1-on-1 with no one else involved while it went on, and then gets tangled by enemy ace and special units and doesn't engage anymore mooks in battle. That the Vagans vape most of the faceless Feds with a fuckoff cannon had nothing to do with Kio, seeing as nobody on the Federation side knew of it or were close enough to stop it prior.

Age knows what kind of action and drama scenes they want, but the series' writing is fucking terrible -emphasis on "fucking terrible"- at the required effort to set them up. Asemu's "super pilot", Shaunala's betrayal, Girad's "tragic defection", and the infamous Lu arc are the biggest examples that lose a lot of their impact because they either had the wrong buildup or zero buildup.
>he was left to die by the Feds (who declared him MIA while salvaging the AGE System)
They can't recover a person who wasn't even at the scene when they arrived.

I don't agree that he committed outright treason either, but all he did in over a decade's worth of time was to raid ships. As far as anyone knows, he never even attempted reaching out to Flit, the one person least likely to be pro-Vagan, nor any other form of outreach in the expanded materials. Nobody benefits because while the Vagans didn't get traitor supplies and personnel, there was also zero chance of loyalist Feds using the information to set up their own sting ops or at least work with the pirates to stop wasting supplies and possibly the lives of unsuspecting loyalists mixed in the crew during the pirate purges. Had Asemu's return to the story been a "to fool your enemies, first fool your friends" affair where he had some kind of cooperative link with the Federation, even just as an info broker on the ships he hit, his actions would have made sense as some kind of dagger-under-the-table; but as it is in the series, at best, he's a non-allied third party whose actions bring coincidental benefits.

Meanwhile, Kio's short stint sees him participate in 3 major Federation operations and other battles, doesn't defect despite his ideals, and his "pacifist disables", of which he only applies to himself and never disparage or hinder his allies for not following, are meticulous enough to reduce his enemies to complete non-factors within the scope and context of the ongoing local operation/conflict, unlike a certain other "shoot-to-disable" pilot for which the color orange causes him to forget that MS have mounted weapons.

To put dadAsemu on a higher pedestal than Kio solely because of the latter's pacifist moralfagging is silly, especially when the Asemu generation arc is already low-tier at trying to develop Asemu and the rushed-as-fuck Kio generation arc does almost nothing to help.
terrible waist
Why did Vagan mobile suits have extra thumbs and a reptilian appearance if they aren't derived from alien technology?
File: MG age 3 and FX.jpg (574 KB, 1024x765)
574 KB
574 KB JPG

File: 1542677368872.jpg (40 KB, 353x357)
40 KB
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File: 1543511189912.jpg (229 KB, 648x768)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
>I can never take those things seriously.
Zanscare is the faction that took the phrase "if it's stupid and it works, it's not stupid" to it's logical conclusion.
Why did she think that would work?
He revived the bikes of the middle ages and the tradition of driving, it's obvious he was basically unstoppable at that point.
Even if driving had returned, its historic fatality rate hadn't to the public conciousness.
File: mobile_suit_gundam.jpg (59 KB, 350x488)
59 KB
Gonna drop this like a thief in the dead of night and then jet. I just started Gundam from the very beginning. I came up with Toonami and saw Wing. Always wanted to watch more. Now that I've got more disposable money, I'm buying the entire series, minus that CG one. Igloo I think it's called? Just wanted to say I'm on ep 38 of 0079 and I fucking love it. I've caught the bug, man, and I can't wait to start Zeta.

I need more cursed images from /m/ scrapped backlog to canonical.
show me the worst of /m/.
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File: para vo bostero.jpg (57 KB, 388x638)
57 KB
Let's not forget the so relevant right now pair
Swing the bat Shinji-kun!
I would eat that
there is no way this is not done on purpose
>Fucking Windows 98!

Is Mecha-Musume accepted here?
Discuss all things mecha-musume.
If yes pls recommend me some nice animus/vidya if any exist pls.
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File: too soon.jpg (232 KB, 399x600)
232 KB
232 KB JPG

304 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
There's a reason 0079 shows you the colony drop before introducing the main character
Does it really do that? I don't remember it.
File: 0079 Prologue.webm (2.96 MB, 772x580)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB WEBM

Not him, but yes. The opening prologue for the first dozen or so episodes shows the colony drop; though lacking any real detail, beyond that at least one happened. Which is shown before cutting to Amuro in the first episode.
Pretty much this. Nukes were the one thing the Feds had going for them until they got Mobile Suits mass-produced.
everyone ITT is retarded, except me.

In IBO, mobile suits can use the Booster Units equipped behind them while grounded to glide over the ground, similar to how a skater would over ice. To achieve this, the Booster propels the suit at a horizontal angle slightly downard, pushing the feet of the suit along. However, to achieve this the feet of a mobile suit would need to be smooth, or dynamic enough to be able to smoothly brush over the rough terrain of battlefields. Many of the suits in IBO use feet with raised heels and sharp toes, pointed at a downward forward angle. This would be highly ineffective for movement like this unless the material used in mobile suit frames was strong enough to withstand the friction and pressure from a live mobile suit dashing and strafing with little to no struggle.
Let's take the UGY-R41 Landman Rodi for example. We can clearly see during the nameless war arc that a regular Landman Rodi equipped with the Alaya-Vijnana System can produce maneuvers that almost rival the Barbatos. The toe and heel of a Landman Rodi are tall and raised but have angled edges, so sliding along obstacles like rocks and rubble wouldn't be impossible. Next, let's find out how much punishment these heels and toes would be taking.
According to the Gundam Wiki, a Man Rodi, the original suit our example is based on, weighs about 40.2 tonnes. We'll use this weight since the only changes made to the Landman Rodi are slight modifications to the leg armor, and the color palette.
11 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Solid weapons instead of particle beams, you mean. Lasers would actually be very effective against nanolaminate, given that it's stated to break down under high heat and lasers deal damage entirely by heating the surface of the target.
Fighter jets are as long as MS are tall, but they're much thinner. The volume is nowhere close.
Fighter jets are also made of aluminium and plastic and can't withstand .50BMG hits.
400 tons seems about right for a 18 meters tall combat vehicle.
can you stop posting this shit fanart in every thread
speaking of which The way nano laminate reacts against the beam weapon is odd.. It does not ever touch the armor, almost as if there is some magnetic field emanating from it making it refract.
Ahab Wave/Particle effect and maybe some of the NL Armor evaporating/abating off the surface and forming a cloud of interfering particles, maybe.

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