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File: f52d6018fec591.jpg (185 KB, 564x423)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
People talk a lot about how they wish lolita had better separate events from anime conventions.

What is your ideal? Would you want events like Rufflecon, actual conventions, or would you prefer tea parties like they do in China and Japan?

We have the problem in the US where travel is a lot harder due to its size so that makes it harder for the one day events.

If you could create a perfect large scale lolita event, what would it be?
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Ooh if you're lucky, you could possibly rent out a Victorian house on Airbnb. I know some historical home societies often host mystery dinner events, but a whole house for lolita guests only would be dope
as long as they keep "living" doll out of the title, I think its ok.

But DAMN, lolita art-chan got a nice rack. Would be a shame if, ya know, she put on a BLOUSE.
Yeah Witches' Follies is their next event. It seems like they are trying to make something different this year with the get a way concept. The witch theme in October and the castle sounds fun but I'm really just waiting for more information so I can decide if it's worth it.
best event I went, so hyped to see more
Some of top staff went on crazy power trips and were assholes to staff and guests.

Tell your horror story
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She will never fit into it loool
its a cosplay story but someone traded my high quality 2B cosplay for this DVA cosplay. it looked great in pictures but she took those when she got it.
she sent me this sweaty, never washed, period stained, probably shit stained too, makeup covered, torn ass gloves body suit.
she purposely didn't tell me any of this until i sent my cosplay out and until she sent hers out. she literally said, "oh btw the body suit actually looks like shit lmao"
she also used some filter to make her wig look brown because she sent a red wig.in which she said, "oh btw its actually red not brown and its tangled to hell lol im sure u can fix it"

that was my last cosplay trade
but the seller stated it in the sales post
Not even OP but I still don't get why seller can be defended?

"Friday, Saturday latest!"
>Sent on the 19th, a Thursday
>OP asks the 24th, the TUESDAY after if there was a ship
>"Oh not yet, Friday/Saturday!"
>OP politely says she was confused by the wording, because seller's wording implied the same week

OP, please post more of the chat so we can see the "fit" you threw according to totally-not-seller-defending-herself chan. Cause the chat log doesn't look like there's any issues between you two at all. I feel like there's another part of the story being omitted.
Her sales post was on the 13th and stated she had a vacation the next weekend, so I thought she'd be gone for the 20th-22nd and be back by Monday or Tuesday the 24th. When I contacted her on the 24th and she said she'd ship Friday/Saturday I guessed the drive was longer than I assumed and she was still on the road home. Even if she was home and didn't have time to ship out yet that would've been fine too, I'm not unreasonable and understand delays. That's the last of the messages, I tried to message her again on the 2nd and she had me blocked. I immediately filed a claim and messaged the LM and sales group mods because why would she ship out after blocking me? If she didn't block me and was just ignoring me, I wouldn't have gone to paypal.

I don't know why she did that. My best guess was that she wanted extra money for her trip but payday was later, so she decided to scam somebody instead. Her sales post also said she MAY not be able to ship out before she gets back not that she wouldn't be able to at all. Regardless that doesn't even matter and I don't know why she's focusing on it, the point is that I messaged her once asking about shipping, then checked in a couple days after her projected ship date and she had me blocked

File: IMG_20190205_014448.jpg (323 KB, 1206x2048)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
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I think they managed to skirt the rules here because furlita is a thing and it's cgl-related. Most of it's garbage, but if you look upthread, some of it's actually surprisingly well-done and cute.
Sure, except that....


None of this shit is lolita. Unless we're just posting any fucking ita in a maid costume and calling it lolita now. I'd rather see more of the doll mask in lolita than see furry porn because some furfag shows up like >>10117710
"hurr durr idk what 'lolito' is but I liek dresses"
complain on /qa/ and maybe something will happen
Shit I thought I had some OC but I deleted the images and all I can find lolita wise on Google is itas.
omg you're so cute

File: 1514538176571.jpg (3.43 MB, 2582x1937)
3.43 MB
3.43 MB JPG
Post pics of cosplayers in odd situations/places or just doing regular shit.

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I didn't realize Onicon was still around
File: 2.jpg (79 KB, 615x668)
79 KB
The location is the only reason anyone goes there.
File: 43159.jpg (62 KB, 604x453)
62 KB

Not even at cons just dressing up and going about your natural day.

Here's a picture of me doing DIO cosplay in highschool to get the ball rolling. And yes I can play Sono chi no sadame on tuba
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Wow!! That’s a good Nick Cannon cosplay
File: 1551911867042.jpg (63 KB, 500x665)
63 KB
That's cute anon

>don't cosplay in high school
Leave the baby weebs alone, don't try and act like most of you didn't try to cosplay at school lmao
this is wholesome

First cosplay thread?
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Aw, thank you. Someday, I’ll redo her and make her look better
u took him 2 da bar ?
ive always wanted to cosplay as Lucy but i always see really cringey cosplays of her. mostly fat girls.
i really love elfen lied though. the anime was alright but the manga was really good.
except fucking diaper girl. we dont speak of diaper girl
omfg jimmy!!! thats a great cosplay
ngl it looks cute
i like the little ahoge

File: 1537805538905.jpg (577 KB, 1167x1600)
577 KB
577 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>9998749
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File: 2312340500330.jpg (59 KB, 300x300)
59 KB
I've ordered from Odakaya's online shop before - you need a re-mail or shopping service, since they don't ship internationally, but their velvet flowers seem to be the same as the ones VM and other brands use: https://shopping.okadaya.co.jp/shop/c/c1072/
I have a chiffon dress lined with cotton and while it is comfy, the cotton wrinkles more than the chiffon and shows through the dress.

holy shit this helps so much. I struggled with the same issue but never realized what I was doing wrong.
I haven't seen either one of those around, but I'll have to take a look, thank you!
I might try this first though, since those are exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you so much!
No, they would give away the latest print in the glb but no patterns ever.

File: Maura Monti1968.jpg (61 KB, 640x768)
61 KB
What is your best cosplay photo you have had taken of you or you've taken? Pro or not, just share your favorite photo and say why you like it!

You can also share your favorite cosplay photo, just say why, who they are, and who took it!
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I was just shocked she seems very fat to be in a bikini that small
Nah his face is thinner and his jaw is much more defined. His eyes look a little more clear and open too. Possibly do to a more healthy diet. I see the difference for sure.
No that's no where near fat.
OP is a completely healthy body weight. Supermodels are photoshopped to look fuller bodied in the right places and so you can't see their bones sticking out of their joints. Most of them look like skeletons when they're wearing bikinis. Don't use them as a standard.
You're fucked in the head

File: 02.jpg (135 KB, 750x463)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
'Sup, /cgl/. I'm going to be doing foreign study in Japan from March 18th until about August 1st. I'm interested in going to as many cosplay conventions as I can within that time period, since I've always wanted to interact with the Japanese cosplay community a lot more from the few encounters I've had at American cons. I think I know most of the basic idiosyncrasies, like
>No wearing the cosplay to the convention
>Changing rooms required
>There may be a cosplaying fee
et cetera, but I guess I'm wondering if there's other less-known things I should be aware of and try to plan for/accommodate.
Also, suggestions for conventions would be great as well. I know AnimeJapan is happening for 4 days in late March, so if anyone's been there I'd really like some firsthand advice on how to get the most out of it. Other than that, most of the events I seem to be finding are right at the end of July and beginning of August (Summer WonFes, Jul. 27th; World Cosplay Summit, Jul. 28th-Aug. 5th, all the way down in Nagoya; Summer Comiket, Aug. 10-12). Does anyone know of any other conventions in between AnimeJapan and that big cluster at the end of the summer, or in lieu of that any other good places to go cosplay for fun and meet people?
And sorry for writing a book about this. Feel free to just talk about Japanese conventions in general too.
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actually, there was an area outside the Cosplay Changing Room and then directly outside was the parking lot where they had their pictures taken. in both areas, people were meeting up and talking with each other.
I was there too, and in cosplay. I only ended up talking to two new people on the days I was there - Everyone else, when I'd compliment their cosplay or try to start any sort of conversation about it/the series they were from/etc, just seemed to kind of nod or answer briefly and go about their own business. My Japanese isn't bad, so maybe I was doing something else wrong.
There were maybe two people who I saw pull it off well and match their skin color, but for everyone else who tried it it was very visible and not good-looking.
Sometimes the tape is to pull the skin tighter on the face, sometimes it is used to disguise stray hairs. When you do a shoot, it gets photoshopped out.
I'm talking about the groups of people standing or sitting together on the floor, talking with each other
these people were using blue painters tape. it looked really bad.
they were just doing casual pics inside, they weren't doing them outside where the shoots were. there were 3 shoot areas but they weren't standing there, they were just cosplaying.

File: download.png (2 KB, 335x151)
2 KB
There isn't one up atm, here's a fresh one.
72 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Looking for something that I could pull off. Also yes, forgot about that.

Uvo from HxH

Please do Obi Wan Kenobi, also I think Linguini from Ratatouille could suit you

I think Narancia Ghirga would be really easy for you
File: suggestions.jpg (2.85 MB, 4146x1870)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB JPG
I lost my old sheet so I'm back bb.
I was told recently I'd pull off Nico but I'm not sure if my leg was getting pulled or not, I'd love your guys' thoughts or any other suggestions!

If you're looking to do some armor, maybe Cordelia from FE? You could do Caeldori if you want a little less armor to do lol

Agreeing with anon's Madotsuki suggestion, check it out. It's a pretty simple cosplay but very recognizable, and the game's a treat. I also think you'd make a great Emma from The Promised Neverland.

I dig the Theon suggestion, get a couple people to do a small group with you and I think it'd be real cool.

Hi I love Iskandar he is the very best boy so that's my vote but ye, you also have a great face for Okabe!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I keep getting people saying Narancia and more and more I'm leaning towards him as much as I love Jotaro too... But yeah I don't know what I'll do about the top especially considering me being a brokeass bitch with no skills... I have considered commissioning but I imagine that will be a price through the roof.

Nnnngh, just gotta think about it more...

P. S. Your face is the best for Katsushika Hokusai and Kurisu Makise. I love it. You have the right aura.
Way to chad to do Okabe. Go for All Mightymight
Especially looking at your top left picture, you'd be an amazing Ururaka from BNHA! You could also do Bridgette from Overwatch if you want to get into armor.

Lelouch from Code Geass would be a great pick for you, and if you're interested you could do a great Kyoya Ootori from Ouran High School Host Club.

2 days to go boys and girls.

Who goin?
Who cosplayin?
Who gettin' Treeckos for fuckin days during community day Saturday?
Who gonna be whale huntin?
Who [spoiler]gonna get fucked over in the cosplay contest by shill judges?[/spoiler]
38 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Angel + 2 anime delinquents + 1 non cosplay group of 4 here, had fun. Only going on Saturday.
File: Snapchat-1683780551.jpg (765 KB, 1440x1920)
765 KB
765 KB JPG
My hero acedemia pj party
That was fun, anyone going to flower city next time? I'm hoping to work on an ODST cosplay over the summer and be ready for that september con. Genuine question, does anyone care about Halo cosplays anymore?
I mean, this looks like a standard panel
Don't know why people expect more lmao
Not personally a fan, but I know plenty of Halo fanboy con-goers, so at the very least I think you'll get recognized.

File: Latin-America.jpg (24 KB, 306x368)
24 KB
Summer and Winter edition
So are there any upcoming plans to go to cons in your country? Accessible or drama-filled?
And what are you working on?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yep. Are you the same anon from Friend Finder? If so you have reason
I went to world pop festival last year as a Yamato contestant. It seems they still haven't paid the winners...
Yes that's me. Sorry i don't browse cgl that much.

You ccan add me on discord if you'd like.
File: banner_facebook54-min.png (135 KB, 1200x630)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
getting my cosplay ready for la conve, last one was a way better experience than the cons before it since there was a change in management, hope the quality of the con stays decent
Another huelander here.
The first con in Salvador is only in August. Too much of a poorfag to travel anywhere else so gotta wait.

File: Untitled-2.png (334 KB, 583x344)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
Inspired by the Honey Cake debate that happened in the CoF thread, I thought I would bring back the "who wore it better?" threads. I think they're a great way to compare coordinates across prints or cuts and get inspiration on how to wear certain prints.

Be nice, don't be aggro, don't vendetta post, lets just have fun with this.

Starting off by reposting ones from previous threads
>Who wore it better: Sugary Carnival in Navy
158 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
seconding lovely hearts please!
>Someone that looks better...will look better
no shit, sherlock
dramatic rose
sweetie chandelier
drained cherry
I am annoyed at some of their petticoat choices. The one on the right chose the best petticoat but she is wearing sandals.
5 and 10 are the same person lmao

File: d2798232c24df8ce.jpg (70 KB, 640x526)
70 KB
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i shit myslef reading this
I really hope he gets a chance to redo this costume with more finesse because it could be something great!
I wish my picture wasn't so blurry so we could all appreciate the details, but yeah! I remember looking at them in passing and wondering what anime had sailors in it until I saw the fire sword and recognized the color schemes. They were really well made, not just slapped together gag costumes. It's been years, but I think they took some pictures with other senshi too. All around good memory.
Oh oops lmao. Imagine if Jake actually was some kind of twunk next to all the scrawny lil Alpha kids? Their thirst would make so much more sense

File: midnight dye.jpg (11 KB, 291x400)
11 KB
does anyone here know how to dye fabrics? how would I achieve this color?
Take it to cosplay help next time (and if you have any follow-up questions) >>10127595
You'll need to know if it's a natural or synthetic fabric (different dyes for different fabrics). At a general look, I'd say get a fabric that's a medium/dusty blue in color, crumple it up (don't do the recommended presoaking), and drop it in a brownish dyebath without stirring. You'll get the uneven color splotches that way.

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