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File: whytho.jpg (152 KB, 1080x871)
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152 KB JPG
What are some character designs that are too ugly to be successfully cosplayed?

I may be in the minority but I think bnha cosplays are fucking ugly as hell with the exception of some of the main characters' hero costumes. The school uniform is among the ugliest as far as school uniforms go, and some of the side characters have designs that are so bad that they inspire crimes against nature as seen in pic related.

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I don't have a photo on this computer, but there was an awesome Kiibo at Anime Boston last year. Full armor-type suit decked out with LEDs and everything.
what are the good cape costumes?
Geez, I thought he was just a fun outgoing dude...
Eh, you have to change them but skinny people look GODLY as lelouch
Like I got a half black half some sort of asian guy who was fit cosplaying him, and it worked but even then I had to shoop his skin tone and remove the excess oranges since archer is a bit more like "light black" than "orange brown" if you get my meaning

As fall is approaching, it's time for the yearly thread all about the nature inspired styles.

>Where to buy
Pretty much everywhere but thrift and vintage stores are recommended. Search term for Taobao would be 森女.

>Colours work with it
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Renfaire shops custom make boots that will definitely suit the mori look, though they're usually handmade from leather so you can expect to pay a minimum of $300. Well worth it though, with the right care they'll last a lifetime.
Is the style beginner friendly i want to try this out but my thrift stores are all very modern leaning and there really isnt such that fits it. im also quite broke
In English probably "harem pants" or "slouch pants".
I would say so, it's friendly for re-using pieces, there aren't many strict rules and very thriftable. Can you use ebay? I find a lot of stuff on there.

Unrelated someone must have this pic saved, I lost it when my laptop died - Girl in a field of maybe cow parsley, red hair with tiny bangs and earmuffs. It was one of my fav inspo pics.
What's your current favourite piece in your wardrobe?

File: image.jpg (54 KB, 495x330)
54 KB
Anybody going to Lucca comics this year? It has just started
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It was a lovely event, I really had fun. It's very sad that although this is one of the biggest conventions in the world, maybe even the second biggest after Tokyo's Comiket, not many people know it outside of Italy. Also, shame on you, anon who only posted bad cosplay and stolen pics. Ti diverti male, pisano di merda.
File: DSCF3973.jpg (1.01 MB, 1414x2000)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
I will be going as Nelly Virsaladze from Saki.
keep your mouth shut when taking a picture

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Ewww this is a biohazard. Can we share and shame tf out of this?
"52 year old Lolita"
Stupid is stupid at any age.
Deleted. Anyone saved it?
I know I'm responding to a late post, but I actually do that to a small degree. I'm more partial to prints with swans on it (thank you, Meta) because it's one of Aphrodite's sacred animals. But it's natural because my religion is supposed to permeate every aspect of our lives. Even when I don't wear stuff with swans on it, I still dedicate my coordinates to Aphrodite.

File: 1.png (736 KB, 1200x1697)
736 KB
736 KB PNG
I know a lot of you guys wanted the Kera Manga translated. Unfortunately Ch 1 and 2 seem to be missing, so the group that formed to translate it is mostly holding off until the physical release of the manga drops.

In the meantime, we translated the 4 prototype chapters for you gulls
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I hope you'll continue translating soon thank you for your work anon chan
You're welcome! Yeah, currently we're just a small group of 3 and kinda just doing it for fun on our free time.

Yeah, glad to see there's enough interest in this that someone else is looking to translate as well.

Definitely. Especially parents. I thought it was nice how they made it a point to bring up the mom's negative reaction to wearing frills right at the start of Ch.2

Credit for it goes to our typesetter lol
Thank you for your hard work and sharing these scans. I hope more people will start to fall in love with this manga.
i hope this comic will someday be available in english print
i like to collect lolita media for my shelf
ok but i would legit wear this

Why is Jodelle Ferland the only known celebrity cosplayer?
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is Jodelle even still relevant in 2018?
File: linkzelda.jpg (34 KB, 640x600)
34 KB
File: colesmovingcastle.jpg (191 KB, 1280x1920)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
I got bad news for you.......
File: pt2018_12_04_12_45_20.jpg (782 KB, 1600x1200)
782 KB
782 KB JPG
Evgenia Medvedeva is one of us

File: ddd.jpg (140 KB, 853x585)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
So I've been trying to buy these shoes on bodylinetokyo.co.jp/ for awhile but i cant figure this site out at all.

How do i choose my shoe size? When i click the color i want it shows 1 size. I get this weird feeling that that only keep extremely low inventory on their merch and offer what they have? If so, thats a terrible way to run a website business

The site says free shipping right now, but when I made a mock order, im still being charged 25 dollars for shipping

There seems to be absolutely no way to contact them for help, so I'm here hoping someone whos dealt with this before can help me =(. I really want these shoes by xmas! Thanks in advance!
Welcome to /cgl/ newfriend.
First I'd suggest posting in the Bodyline thread: >>10020914
But yeah, that means the size you want is out of stock. Good luck.
Might be a better idea to find shoes on Taobao >>10047208 but the chances you'll get them before Christmas are basically zero.
everytime a newfag posts, a good thread goes to heaven
yeah for some reason bodyline is absolutely inept at stocking their online store (their physical store is better stocked than their online store...) i'd recommend specifically antaina on taobao and i'm not sure but i think they ship overseas without a shopping service, i'd like another gull to confirm this though.
lol pleb
Just make a new one if a thread you liked died, it happens

Tread cause J-con is dead
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>getting this worked up defending patreon thots
Oy vey
Gamer con?
Any good cons happening within the next year?
DCC Spring Edition and regular DCC. You either hate or love the other cons. Theres Shurikon but thats pretty small. Theres some con in Northern Ireland thats not half bad I hear. But besides that I can't really help you anon. As I said, you either hate or love them.
>Theres some con in Northern Ireland thats not half bad I hear.


I went for a day. I think it was good, but a bit expensive. I was sick as hell so I might be misremembering. Pain in the arse to get money changed for a day trip, though.

i don’t make my cosplays because i don’t know how, that said where is a good place to buy himiko’s outfit? ( with a affordable price ) i need her out fit for next years convention for a bnha panel. so any one who has bought her cosplay from somewhere could you recommend me a link please?
It's just a plain blue seifuku with a cardigan above, might as well get that from Bodyline.
Uwowo Cosplay, or just buy a seifuku and cardigan. Himiko has a very basic cosplay.
Use the generals
I keep misreading this as "Use your genitals"

Comments from people worried about wearing jfashion out are pretty common on the board. For some wearing jfashion outdoors is rather easy but others have to deal with serious anxiety or a very hostile environment (not all countries ar as liberal as America, sadly). Let's have a discussion about it here.

Examples of what would be nice to read:
- Useful strategies to deal with people taking pictures or harassment.
- Emotional support for troubled souls.
- Progress stories and maybe pics.
- How to deal with anxiety.
- Good jfashion friendly places.
...and stuff like that.
41 replies omitted. Click here to view.
If you're that scared of wearing it out, why the fuck are you on /cgl/?
So they can change that, if they're in this thread; or so they can pretend to be experts on the fashion despite the fact they don't wear it at all.
Maybe they're interested in it. I know that I lurked cgl for years before I started wearing lolita.
Actually, why are YOU in this thread? Is your reading comprehension that broken that you can't understand what this is all about?
Thank you very much! I'm sure I will (:

Maybe they wear lolita at conventions, meets and tea parties like I did, but not in everyday life...

Previous thread: >>10042173
330 replies and 94 images omitted. Click here to view.
She has been in the fashion for years and has well dressed friends. I’ve seen her older coords and they seem alright but she seems to be in some weird corset experimental phase and it looks so bad.
But it’s not like she’ll listen to advice, and I don’t think her friends want to help her so she has fallen down into the hole of being boss level ita
No worries, we appreciate you dump anon!
It being a meme is what makes it very unlikely. I don't post CoF so >>10048805 is wrong
godspeed, anon.
New thread

File: IMG_20170531_195158.jpg (116 KB, 1200x801)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Previous thread:

Let's have another great thread, anons!
45 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
Anon just ask, if you have the $$$ they'll probably be willing to travel.
Doubling down on what anon above said, it doesn't hurt to ask.
>"Hey, I like your work and was wondering if you do location shoots, and if so, what your pricing for that would be?"

Be thorough and transparent in details:
>Offer to pay for their transportation/gas on top of their regular booking fee
>Ask if it'd be okay to have a friend along for assistance/carrying things around/etc (not only will it help you feel more comfortable, the photog will feel more comfortable with a third pair of eyes in the situation)
>Be upfront about your planned location so the photog can plan around any expensive equipment they might not want to bring. If you don't have a location in mind, share the cosplay, mood, and tone/theme that you want to convey and you can brainstorm a location together.
Thanks! That's a great response. I'm definitely going to look into that when I feel more confident (and have a bit more money to spare).

There are a lot of great locations in the southeastern US that I've wanted to shoot at. Wish we had more castles like they do in Europe, though.
You should look for photographers who already do these types of shots, rather than expecting a photographer with a portfolio full of glamour shots and boudoir to shoot this way.
I'm in love with Valentin Offner's work, hopefully I can arrange a shoot with him soon, maybe when I do my Anastasia ball gown? His instagram is @valentinpictures

Lets start a thread for big armor builds. the bigger the better. Heres my t-60 power armor from fallout 4 standing at 7' 8". ill post another photo with a 6' tall friend for a better sense of scale.
22 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.

Pete Mander is an alcoholic and a thief. When I was paying attention to him, he sure wasn't giving out any info.

But seriously, fuck him. He can't tell you anything that 15 minutes on google, youtube and the RPF can't.
>Waah how dare there be a thread about cosplay on cgl

Back to the containment feels thread fatty

Post more info OP, curious to see your thought process and progress pics
Don't apologise, these are still sick as hell.
OP are you single? Or like, into that
Holy fucking shit OP, how long did this take?

Are there any vlog series on the youtube where a person goes to conventions n shit n vlogs about it but it's specifically aimed at steampunk stuff? and cosplay shit like that?
Dude convention vlogs are everywhere, try searching for yourself instead of being lazy.
I did tho
Couldn't find one specifically about cosplay and going to conventions aside from this one video that was like 6 minutes long
Maybe I'm doing it wrong, tho
just found out how to tag ppl haha
I'm new to 4chan
Sorry for my autism

Hey /cgl/, I’m currently making a Daredevil suit, and I’m wondering where I can get gloves like this, pic related

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