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Stay lovely, ladies.
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Aye I'll start it now
Oh sweet lol go for it, I was just going to link back rather than repost them all
New thread >>10222045
>as long as the coord fits the fashion silhouette
Old school literally doesn't. It looks like they saw lolita online and tried to replicate it with normie clothes. It made sense back then since the style was emerging and they didn't have the resources we do now which is why it looks retarded when people replicate it today.
this warms my salty heart.

I have to go to a party in a month and will be wearing captain America cosplay clothing.

this helmet has no views I want to know what you guys think of it and why it does not have any reviews.


This one has reviews


which would you pick out of the two.
The first one is the only one that seller has, so there wouldn't be reviews. They probably got one and are now trying to get rid of it, that's why they only have the small size.
Oh man I just saw this
Both helmets (if you can call them helmets really, they are latex masks) are pretty shit
But since you are going to a party I guess it is alright
You can check more review pics in AliExpress, maybe you could find it cheaper but I do not know if it will get to you in time for your party

File: discord-logo.png (5 KB, 200x200)
5 KB
guess the last thread died.
new lolita discord though, doesn't appear to be any vetting
any updates on that voice chat server?
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newbie server is already shitting the bed due to poor moderation and tolerance of creeps. dont start a server that you can't mod.
Jesus christ Janny, get to sweeping would you please?
Vetted Lolita Server
Lolita Fashion Mentoring server

Unfortunately nobody really talks in the voice chat one and there are less than 10 members there. The beginner one is going through a lot of reworks and I'm not sure what they're doing, really. Happy place isn't really a lolita server at all.
I'm in the mentoring server but I feel like it's still pretty slow. Is there a more active lolita only server out there??

It’s the season for proms, galas and weddings, so let’s have a special occasion lolita thread!
Have you worn lolita to an occasion like prom or a ball?
Did you wear lolita to your wedding, or do you want to?
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NAYRT, but I went without a petti for my university graduation. I was visible for the entire ceremony, though, so it would have been difficult. The dress I wore had a decent built-in underskirt, too.
I've always fantasized about the classical puppets elizabeth bride OP as a potential future wedding dress. It's about $6500 tho, whew
How horrifying.
It's probably similar to what some people pay for their wedding dresses...

File: imsosorryitsshit.png (1.06 MB, 2024x1448)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
Ok so im literally going to be the only thread doing this but ok. I'm not into anime, I like star wars, hopefully, someone can help me out considering im making a cosplay. I want my cosplay to feel in universe to the max. So as you can see here, i got this going on. I need a backpack i think, possibly not but still advice is nice. i already have the weapon and holster, i think small assecories is what it needs like necklaces, jewelry, etc.
oh thanks yo

Let’s stop taking over another thread...

Questions to get started:

>Do you wear jfashion or jfashion items at work?
>If so, what’s your style?
>What industry are you in?
>Any advice for people in your field?
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Suit yourself. I've found really nicely toned down ETC blouses and cardigans for cheap too. I just recently got a cream blouse with nice pintucks and lace detailing for only 1800 yen.
>Do you wear jfashion or jfashion items at work?
Yep, they don't really care what you wear. We even have GS-11-15 supervisors and managers that come in looking like they came straight from a con with cargo shorts and a nerdy t-shirt.
>What industry are you in?
Design Patent Examining.
>Any advice for people in your field?
If you have a STEM or art degree and want a flexible work from home job than become a Patent Examiner. Design examining is hard to get into because nobody here really leaves. OTOH the STEM examiners in some Art Units have a high turnover rate because the new tech coming out is a bitch to deal with.
So it’s just a costume for most who are not camgirls and since camgirls mostly neet...it ain’t practical for anyone I guess. Lolita, cute but only a dream.
Wtf is this comment
>tfw waitress but they don't let you wear qt skirts and aprons you have to wear ugly polo and black pants

ree I need a more kawaii job

File: images.jpg (19 KB, 272x186)
19 KB
Design a panel with me. It's for cosplayers... and they're going to have turn based battles... And that's all I got.
I'm so in over my head. Why did I agree to do this?

Give me ideas. Any ideas at all. Steal directly from another panel. I don't care.
I'm just so entirely fucked.
>I'm just so entirely fucked.
Make sure you film this, eh?

Upload to Youtube, plz.
Your idea is common con event actually literally look up cosplay death match many cons do them

File: belle bath.jpg (194 KB, 692x883)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
How do you make money to pay for Cosplay/Lolita?
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This girl is making more money than a lot of top tier "professionals" in tech, law and medicine. She'll be fine.
>but her whole shtick is the elf maiden cat goirl uwu desoo pandering

basically why she creeps me out. no one cares if you're an insta model for money, but if you're gonna ham up the "underage anime girl fantasy" as your gimmick, no shit people online are gonna make fun of you
>More Asuka figs than Rei ones
That explains everything
jealous people complained on twitter about her and now she's off it. way to go jellybabies.
That means she's weak, if she can handle doxxing then I'm sure she can handle a few nasty comments. Her army protects her anyway, she'll be fine. She made it this far.

But anyway sex is pretty much an easy sell that's why there's so much controversy over it. What belle does isn't new, if stupid fucks want to pay then they are in their right to pay just like we're in our right to criticize. I know people who sell their toe nail clippings for 30$ a pop. That's capitalism for ya. Be happy with your career job bc at the end of the day actors and singers make waaaaaay more money than a porn star and a reg 9-5er

File: template 2.0.png (112 KB, 4146x1870)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
Last thread died a while back, figured we should start up a new one just because.

As always, make suggestions to recieve them, unless you're the first poster of course.
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You would look magnificent in any of the ballgowns you posted, but I like Quiet for you. Plus, it's not often that someone chooses her non-bikini outfits and I think it'd be cool to see.
Other suggestions:
>Any character from Hannah Alexander's artwork, maybe Megara specifically
>Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon in her various battle armor or [SPOILER] dress
>Christine from Phantom of the Opera
>Anastasia's blue dress
>I third third the Elizabeth from Bioshock suggestion

Asuka or Taiga for sure. You would also look great as...:
>Asuna from SAO
>Holo from Spice & Wolf
>Raphtalia from Rising of the Shield Hero
>Haruko from FLCL
It's funny you should say that because I'm making a Christine dress right now! Hannah Alexander stuff is also in the cards, Anastasia's blue dress and Astrid's armor are maybes. And since everyone agrees I guess I should play Bioshock and see what I think!
Oh that's amazing! I'm sure it'll look grand.
With the time I'm spending on the embroidery it better be!
If you feel up to posting it here when you're done or in the wip thread, I'd love to see it!

No human can look like this.
File: sy drhg.png (142 KB, 686x882)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
That looks too sweet, like those little sugar flowers they put on top of cakes
I'd fuck her.

Post trends that you miss, favorite pieces from the past, popular motifs you'd like to be on point again. No later than 2015.
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this. although btssb does have sweetie gingham
File: APsweetjam.jpg (73 KB, 250x333)
73 KB
AP's Sweet Jam gives me mad nostalgia every time I see it. It's never been high priority on my wishlist, but there's just something about it that reminds me of when I was just starting to learn about and fall in love with ~2010 sweet.
Nice thought but this is a completely staged photo shoot, not a casual walk in the park shot.

I miss having any functional lolita database, period. Library is still missing so much its not very useful anymore at all.
Flocked isn’t that bad to deal with desu, but I also own a ton of velvet so I’m used to it.

I do agree that the blue is very bright, it’s hard to photograph well, it feels neon.
Jesus christ the girl on the left is so ugly

Old thread hit image limit >>10102923

This thread is for ouji and aristocrat (aka "boystyle") discussion. "Boystyle" is shorthand for "boystyle lolita" and refers to the masculine counterparts of lolita and, often, aristocrat fashions. There is a lot of overlap between these styles, and different people use different terms to describe them. So, consider this a thread for those whose style is on the right half of Buttcape's Lolita Family Triangle: http://www.kawacura.com/moripress/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/0dmmLH6-350x350.jpg

>Shopping spreadsheet

>Buttcape-sensei's shopping guide (mentions which brands/shops have men's or custom sizes):

>Blogs for current boystyle releases, news, and info

Google your questions before asking them here.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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it looks like they also have a white colorway, since anon's link shows dress versions in white
Looks almost like a sailor hat.
check out >>10216394 for some ouji and EGA corset coords among the girlstyle
File: D_VnxvTUcAAc8iK.jpg (421 KB, 1367x2048)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
Akira's coord in Shanghai for Baby/AatP looks pretty cool.
File: Dk9oQFXU8AAEo9l.jpg (620 KB, 1536x2048)
620 KB
620 KB JPG
go to the new thread >>10223289

This Honey Cake was altered to have the pockets taken out which is major damage, I love pockets in my dresses, this should be no more than $280-$320. But the seller did overpay on multiple Honey Cake dresses around $600. Do you think this price is fair? Is there anything else on LM we should debate about ? Discuss
192 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
I thought it was Elizabeth Bride of Death. That is a print and yes probably could be altered enough to fit a fatty via the waist ties. I don’t follow this kind of drama because I don’t get butthurt is someone is pricing their dress ‘too high’, I simply move on and don’t buy it.
But same basic argument still stands, if it was a hugely unfair and so scalped price for something, why did it sell instead of just sit there for ages ? Because someone wanted it enough to justify the price. No one is stopping you crybabies from chasing the same deals you accuse these horrible scalpers of getting. They don’t have secret sources that aren’t also available to the general community. This just always sounds like such sour grapes because most people are too slow and stupid to snap up the best deals.
Grimoire and similar resale shops in Japan send buyers on trips west to scoop huge hauls of vintage deals and they mark them up to charge some staggering prices in their shops . Because ‘buy low and sell higher’ has been the way of business since forever. Everyone who buys and sells anything does this. Cry more.
>Elizabeth bride of death OP
>that print doesn't even have an OP
Sorry you can't afford brand newfag, so I guess this discussion doesn't affect you.
Buying vintage isn't the same as scalping burando but go off.
Also Tl;dr, holy shit get a life. I hope someone scalps all your dream dresses bitch. Oh wait they're probably shitty taobao pieces that nobody wants anyways.
The point is they shouldn’t. It’s stupid and incredibly financially irresponsible to spend $600 on a coord when they don’t have savings and retirement plans. They should admit that some hobbies and activities are for the well off.
Part of the problem is that 50% or more of the western people into lolita are poorfag pretend princess types and aren't just buying it with disposable income, many of them have crippling college loan debt, are working shit jobs that aren't even in their fields but still they build their wardrobes and blow money on travel, cons and expensive con hotels, meets, fandom junk, eating out, all with a treat yo’self mentality, which just keeps them in debt longterm. It's all just a front.

(And cry for Bernie to relieve their debt via taxing others. But that another kettle of off-topic fish.)
lol i feel like this post hits a certain group of lolitas pretty hard (aka the group of frumpyass white women who blow all their money to "model" for brands from con to con and pretend they're bougie when they're worth literally nothing)

most lolitas are fat, embarrassing larpers with shitty wardrobes and zero taste and i hate it

What are your lolita goals for the rest of the year?
Do you have just @-2, a new set of 6 (one per month) or maybe a top 10 list to accomplish?
1. Organize my closet, photograph each item to
2. Actually do a wardrobe post, then
3. Sell what I don't wear.
4. Make one jsk
5. Plan my Winter ILD coord really well and actually post a photo of me wearing it.
6. Take and post one lifestyle and one coord photo per month, then do a 6 month collage near Winter ILD.
7. Start a lolita blog (since I now have more than 10 main pieces, finally ready).
8. make a special holiday coord this year and go see holiday lights wearing it.
9. Buy a lolita apron.
10. Buy a pair of American Duchess boots.
File: drawingfairies.jpg (229 KB, 1000x1333)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
1 My closet is already organised, a la konmari with a few changes.
2 I'm still looking for my DDs
3 I need at least one new pair of shoes.
4 I have to sell some stuff i know i'll never wear.
5 And ultimately, buy a new wardrobe. Mine is broken.
File: IMG20170701160545.jpg (192 KB, 645x484)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
1. Acquire the last GLBs to complete my collection
2. Make a well lit wardrobe post so that one actually can see the items this time
3. Every single one of my fabrics, laces etc for which I have a planned project for needs to be sown up
4. Get everything I have for sale sold
5. Acquire a bunch of lolita related books that I earlier have prioritised behind other stuff
6. I too want to start blogging
7. Continue to frill out my life interior-wise
8. Help my girlfriend with complementing accessories for most of her wardrobe's colour schemes
9. Realistic: make 2 shirts, 3 cravats, 1 jacket with matching hat, 2 breeches, 2 waistcoats
10. Unrealistic: make 10 shirts, 10 cravats, 3 jackets, 2 hats, 5 breeches, 5 waistcoats
File: 1561167427546.jpg (34 KB, 540x521)
34 KB
01. Finally list the huge amount of items I've been meaning to sell to Lacemarket
02. Get back into crafting and start to use up the large amount of supplies I've been hoarding
03. Resume my sewing practice - make at least 2 headdresses
04. Minor sewing repairs on some pieces I've been meaning to do for ages
05. Clean and repaint the scuffs on my shoes
06. Post all the reviews I've been meaning to do
07. Take pictures of all my wardrobe pieces
08. Start figuring out what items I should hunt down to refine and improve my coords
09. Post more lolita content and coords
10. Get back into my research of lolita history / events and begin to make a cohesive timeline and resource

With all the re-releases going on, what are the status dresses? Cat's Tea Party has been knocked out of the Holy Trinity, Honey Cake and Silent Moon re-releases on the way, what can we still be selfish assholes with?

>what are the current biggest status pieces

>do you expect status dress prices to drop or rise over time

>what do you think the next status piece will be

Feel free to share any rare/status piece coords in this thread.
116 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sorry I took so long, I was really tired last night
Black x pink version would suit this larme trend tho. Too bad they don’t make cutesy themed things despite the demand. Look at the latter release, everything is in stock but Milky Bear backpacks.
Thank you so much for these photos, anon. The roses are done differently than the stitch I was taught and I was right in my guess on the stem stitch and also about the technique used on the middle of the leaf stitch so it's really great to see all these details up close!

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