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File: 1528584352413.jpg (211 KB, 1088x1600)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
Post collages of jfashion capsule wardrobe (min 5 unique outfits)
Requests are welcome! Not limited to lolita either.
Feel free to post capsule wardrobes you found online like pic related who's an oldie but still works.
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Something in between please!
I have bunnies too! How many do you have anon?
Requesting some brown and blue inspo (pref classic/otome/gothic, no sweet).
I've seen some lovely navy/brown normie outfits but I'm hitting a roadblock trying to balance it in a lolita wardrobe.
can you provide an example of a navyxbrown coord you like, anon?
Requesting a wardrobe that is anons' interpretations of the "essence" of old school lolita. This can include famous old school pieces (i.e. Baby's Elizabeth OP, Meta's Velveteen Triple Frill OP) or other pieces that you feel are definitive of the style, like OPs or blouses with detachable sleeves, solid JSKs with torchon lace, etc.

Would really like to see different anons' interpretations of this.

File: 1541507014238.jpg (82 KB, 480x640)
82 KB
Previous thread >>10035078
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holy shit another Wilmington lolita.
are you from Mobile, anon?
I am not but I have plenty of family out there and just across in Louisiana... I always loved seeing the Trail Maids. They're what I dreamt of, during all those cotillion and charm school classes growing up.

Get the girl from Napoleon Dynamite to make some for you.
New >>10048122
New >>10048122
New >>10048122
New >>10048122

File: Genei_shizu.jpg (175 KB, 754x489)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Let's have an ez cosplay thread. For people with little to no sewing skills and wig styling at absolute minimum. I'll start with some can be bought from a thrift tier characters. (sans the prop in some cases)
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A ton of Danganronpa cosplays can be done by just putting together shit from thrift stores. Aoi, Makoto, Leon, Kyoko, Byakuya, Chihiro, Hinata, Akane, Mahiru, Fuyuhiko, Rantaro, Himiko, Angie (off the top of my head, there could be more). Even Junko could be pretty easily thrown together if you find the right stuff.

I did saihara with very little knowledge by buying an oversized striped suit and folding one side over the other.

It worked somewhat alright
Some of these could definitely work like Aoi or Hinata (with some minor modifications, though I'm assuming that's fine) but some are definitely too complicated or specific to thrift, like Chihiro.

Maybe this is a bit off-topic but I used to follow this cosplayer named king-of-spandex but he seems to have just vanished from the earth? Did something happen with him? I really enjoyed another fellow fit cosplayer
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I looked him up, some photographer on twitter last posted a picture of him on October 15 and linked the instagram post in the tweet. The instagram post has been deleted
yeah he looks better in other pics to be honest, mirio was one point though
yeah searched everywhere cant find anything, someone mentioned sexul harassment(which is ironic because from what I remember he was a vocal”believe women” and so on type and it would be hilariously ironic if he got caught doing the exact sams thing) still would love to know what happened
He got caught for sexually harassing and sending nudes to a minor and deleted everything.
Oh god, found a fb post too. I’m generally skeptical of rumors and such because how men are naturally an easier target, but from what ive seen and texts etc it sounds creepy af, god why do people want to hookup at cons? I don’t get it, I just wanna dress up and have fun:/

File: Kabuto.jpg (107 KB, 1280x720)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Also known as "There better be girls that like Kamen Rider or I'll cry edition."
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File: Yeah xd.gif (837 KB, 500x282)
837 KB
837 KB GIF
Bumping these thread for all those rider fans out there
Woah. I never expected to see a rider thread here —
You missed it in it's prime it was cosy
thread's in autosage m8, bumping won't do anything

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if you're going to go to the trouble of making a handmade dress, why wouldn't you make one that fits? i think the cut is really cute, but the fact that it's so oversized and the fabric makes it look like a nightie.
Looks like a good otome/toned down lolita coord to me. Colour balanced too.
i wouldn't call it ita but it's pretty bad anon, it looks very "budget" because of the normie cutsew and dowdy shoes, and her hair and makeup are drab/washed out

she looks kind of dumpy naturally so she's gonna have to make up for it through effort moreso than someone slimmer and cuter would
>Trying to mimic a very pristine, hygienic, polished and groomed fashion from the victorian era

Ermahgerd, gersberms.

File: 30waystocelebrate.jpg (84 KB, 590x375)
84 KB
Saturday is International Lolita Day. What are your plans? You doing a lone lolita event? Private lolita event? or You doing an event with your Lolita Comm?
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I'm so excited,going to my first ever meet !
What comm is this with a Hannukah meetup? Lemme join you guys

>tfw I'm the only jew at the Christmas meetup
Oh shit same, hello fellow jewlita
Me and my best friend are dressing up to go to a cafe and then see the new Hosoda movie Mirai! I'm so excited to be cute and girly and watch animu.
Are you and I in the same comm? If you are, I rolled my eyes hard af when I heard who was hosting. I pity whoever has to tolerate her at meets

File: SEND-HELP-button.jpg (699 KB, 1792x1504)
699 KB
699 KB JPG
Looks like its time for another cosplay HELP thread. Old one here: >>9996169

Post problems you are having. And, for the love of god, someone post solutions or advice too.
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It's going to have some heft to it because of the sheer volume of hair, but after awhile you won't really notice it. Use a foam core to bump up the ponytail, and tease the top to really give it that oomph. I strongly recommend using something to anchor the ponytail to the wig since it'll be so heavy. Like snaps or a wire, or something. I also recommend adding sew-in combs to the inside of the wig at various spots around your head in addition to bobby pins to keep it secure. I tried to only use bobby pins with a waist length wig and that shit was slipping like butter in a hot pan. Also, braid your hair underneath your wig cap. Ponytails aren't gonna cut it.
Hi guys, new here. A couple of weeks ago, I shaved myself bald but I kept my hair because I wanted to make a wig from it. I have all of my basic wig-making supplies and now all I have to do is make it. Problem is though, I have no idea how to attach the hair. A lace wig base is needed for my hair and most of the tutorials I found say to hot glue the hair to the base but that doesn't sound sturdy. I want a good wig. I'm aware I need to sow it together but no good videos exist of it. Advice and help?
responding to my own post, dont mind me.
I found the tutorials page on here, sorry for wasting a thread space.
Does anyone know where I can find gloves similar to pic related?
New thread >>10047491

File: images (2).jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
What do you guys think of Gamexpo?
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Is the person someone that even strangers should feel threatened about or ?
I don't think there's currently anyone in the community who's known for harrassing random people. Whenever there's a problem with someone being abusive or just an ass they tend to target those they know beforehand. Of course if you're a qt girl (or a guy why not) then do take care because there have been rare cases of perverts secretly taking upskirt shots etc, and sometimes people get really touchy feely at cons with strangers for some inane reason. If you do however get unlucky enough to get harrassed by someone (whether they're genuinely trying to hurt you mentally or physically, or just make you uncomfortable by being needlessly touchy/flirty and don't take the hint that you don't want them there) then please go report them to the security guards, that's what they're there for and they will help you out.
Maybe not threatened, just be cautious. This could be connected to the person mentioned but generally if someone random comes to talk to you and is almost overly nice and kind, you should expect that they're manipulating you into giving them something, a place to stay for the con night for example.

Yeah, there are many people like this at cons. I think it's just the way it is - socially awkward nerds don't know when to stop talking or when they're overstepping boundaries. Sometimes you gotta be direct to them, even though it might feel a bit bad.

That being said, if someone feels threatening, definitely contact the security or häirintäyhdyshenkilö if you feel so. Thank God Finnish con scene has a very small number of harassers.
Has anyone heard anything about heroes comic con Helsinki? Saw somewhere this year that the one in Helsinki was going to be new. The other comic cons in europe looked pretty good.

File: 20181123_231919.jpg (3.49 MB, 1637x4032)
3.49 MB
3.49 MB JPG
I am going to rhrow myself to the lions... I made this coord for a holiday meetup. The style i was going for is otome, it' over knee length and i got inspiration from a otome sewing book. I want to wear it with velvet red slippers and white knee socks with matching bow headpiece. I am open for comment, critisism, ridicule... whatever. I'm ok with it. FYI... My first coord.
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
OH FUCK what is happening.
I think as per usual, cgl is being retardedly harsh. I know you said you wanted this, but I seriously doubt all the conflicting bullshit is actually going to give you a clear picture of what to actually do with the dress.
get rid of the green fabric period. The red bows also need to go. The $3 lace from walmart needs to be chucked away too.
You can get decent looking lace for cheap off aliexpress by just typing in lace ribbon. If you really want to keep the red, you need a darker shade of red by just a bit, but blue matching the dress would look better. If you ditch the red, brown shoes would look cute, do tights and maybe a cute white sweater

Your construction is good, just need to up grade your fabric choices and lace.
This thread is a lot nicer than I was expecting after seeing OP. Seagulls' critique can often be brutal past the point of being constructive.
I hate to say this, but the best thing I an recommend is starting over with a simpler design to build basic sewing skills. I also recommend studying your favorite brands to see how they employ contrasting fabric to get a better idea of what's appropriate and what isn't. Lastly, I recommend using the existing 'handmade' thread instead of starting a whole new one.
Good luck, OP.
I have a feeling op is long gone and perhaps they didn't even make this dress and they pulled the pic from elsewhere

How do you guys go about this? Especially people who are already shy, what do you do to?
28 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Look at your phone and find some interesting article or thing on fb, then say something about it out loud and ask the people in line in front or behind you if they heard about this and what they think.

Jesus Christ. Do NOT do this.
This is a really sweet idea anon! I'm not OP but I have a hard time breaking the ice too and giving small gifts sounds like a great idea! May I ask what you've given away and made it fit into your cosplay?
dont do this

do this
Don't hand out unpackaged food though, people will usually be suspicious of you.
If you can't do it outside of a con, what makes you think you'll do any better here? If anything, you'll do even worse because girls (lets be honest here, that is your goal here) are going to be getting every line from every thirsty guy at the con. You're on /cgl/ so it's not like you talk to anyone anyways.
Just following cosplayers who attend the cons you are going to attend and liking their posts on Instagram helps, I love taking pics with cosplayers and it happend twice that somebody recognised me from instagram. Last weekend I went to a convention and cosplayed a nostalgic charachter and people actually came to me to ask me for a picture (which was a first). If they have a cool cosplay i ask Them for a picture myself. This is a good way to swap Social media, but i havent swapped socials with anyone sadly enough. I Just look on Instagram con hashtags to see if I can find Some people i took a photo with so I can tag em in my posts.

Post tattoo ideas that look good for lolitas. I’m basically looking for something monochromatic for my upper arm.
79 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
No, it was in Gunma prefecture in a town called Shima Onsen.
it ages really poorly, the thin black lines start to fade within 2 years and need to be touched up
I plan to get tattoos but I wouldn't want them to be visible for the most part. The one I'm getting right now is of Lady Oscar and that's a thigh piece, the next one I want to be a sternum/underboob floral piece. If I was more adventurous I would consider getting something subtle that goes up the back of my calves in a pretty design so it could compliment my coords but alas I'm not that brave lol.
>mucha and leyendecker
good taste gull
Same, for one thing ANY hot spring with private couple’s room rentals is available to you (there’s one right outside Tokyo called Yamato-no-Yu that does this and it’s worth absolutely every penny), and there are plenty of standard onsen/ryokan who have loosened their policies in recent decades to accommodate tourism. I went to an absolutely astonishing one in the countryside south of Nara called Tsuburoko-onsen that had no problems whatsoever with my huge back piece and anklet. Highly recommend if you can get down there but FYI transit is kind of sketchy once in the little town, so make sure you speak good moon language.

We haven't had one for a little while.

Dump incoming.
312 replies and 77 images omitted. Click here to view.
other anon is right. the pink flowers add such a small amount of color that light legwear would completely throw the coord off-balance. a pink flower hair brooch is the right amount and placement of color to balance, but the way she has coorded it with all black is perfectly fine.
I laffed
>like a plum
Yeah I remember you and your retarded compliments. Never do that shit again, nobody needs a stupid nickname stuck to them. I'd feel bad for plum Chan but nobody really likes her anyway.

If you weren't so retarded, you could have read the thread instead of making a braindead statement.
>If you weren't so retarded
Wow yeah, you're just a little goldmine of knowledge with remarks like these!

In case you're too stupid to see that this is sarcasm, I'll just fill you in: its sarcasm.

Still a long day while left, but considering the negative attention it attracted I think it already deserves its own thread.
Opinions on the odd pre-booking system or what we know about the venue?
Are you going?
Which guests/stores do you hope to see there?
312 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nayrt but I've never been able to go to the afterparty
Someone that's good at summarizing that feels up to the task of creating a new thread?
Guests are simply disappointing. Behaviour of SFE is even more than that. Really thought of going to the event (cos I was able for pre-sale) but I felt it isn't worth it. Maybe they are doing a best of but I had love to see New guests. Moreover, I would have chose more interesting "Best of" guests. .
Both of you bitches are crazy and SM you’re definitely bat shit no wonder no one in LA will hang out with you except for one or two people...you’re such a drama monger, where ever you go, so while I didn’t agree that you got banned at first now see why find something to do besides bitch on here you nut
Next thread >>10045626

My cat doesn't like my costume Edition
357 replies and 64 images omitted. Click here to view.
Let those cucks line up.
and also captured
and gay...
>why is masochism so common with male anons on this website?
cause they are so desperate, they take anything what they get
>gay cosplay boudoir calendar
so, man x man, or some woman x woman action?
get some cabbages, people love those

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