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File: 5WbMAe03_400x400.jpg (29 KB, 391x391)
29 KB
ALA is fast approaching. Just a little less than 4 months away. Who's going?

> Are you going to cosplay? What are your plans?
> What are you most excited for?
> Any ribbons you'll be on the lookout for?
> How are your cosplay making going?
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Got kissed by two fujoshi grills.
Not sure if I should be proud or disgusted.
Met up with a cute grill. She was actually excited to say hi and meet up.

...but only gave me her cosplay alias name. So I am not sure what to think of that. As long as she doesn't link me her patreon, I suppose I'm good.
I was trapped in Fujoshi hell room and was able to batter some poor soul with a yaoi paddle. We all had a good time.
File: 1566305555196.png (43 KB, 256x242)
43 KB

Aftermath thread. Move when ready.
Peak cringe. As one Anon said, it was like an irl Sam Hyde skit. Dude starts off attacking white straight men and then misgendered like 4 people. Kept relying on strawman and slippery slope fallacies and all sorts of double standards. Some anons from here were getting heated and calling out his bullshit. It was legendary.

File: D20KjlxUYAAA6QU.jpg (144 KB, 750x750)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Old thread hit image limit >>10223289

This thread is for ouji and aristocrat (aka "boystyle") discussion. "Boystyle" is shorthand for "boystyle lolita" and refers to the masculine counterparts of lolita and, often, aristocrat fashions. There is a lot of overlap between these styles, and different people use different terms to describe them. So, consider this a thread for those whose style is on the right half of Buttcape's Lolita Family Triangle: http://www.kawacura.com/moripress/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/0dmmLH6-350x350.jpg

>Shopping spreadsheet

>Buttcape-sensei's shopping guide (mentions which brands/shops have men's or custom sizes):

>Blogs for current boystyle releases, news, and info

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: kamijo_feather.jpg (42 KB, 300x400)
42 KB
you can still get away with some sort of eye makeup, do spot-colour correcting, darken up eyebrows to make them look a little sharper..

hair is difficult, but shows a commitment, i think.. if someone has alt hair they are almost certainly not a larping normie. if you can't change your hair, you can do your best to style it or try a wig, though. hair is especially difficult because men tend to have it short or have receding hairline problems that make styling hard to pull off.. idk how the vkei guys do it desu, surgery and shoop i guess

pic related kamijo isnt the most dashing here, but he's clearly set drastically set himself apart from the average japanese man with hair colour, style, eyebrow shape, and some very basic makeup. you could identify him in or out of jfashion
out of makeup he looks pretty plain, but the length and colour of hair still identifies him someone i to alt fashion, he would look good in casual or oldschool ouji here, if not full on vkei
photoshoots like this arent good to compare yourelf to; fashion isnt about perfection.. but an advertising photoshoot or perfectly planned out instagram snap may be. more and more, i guess, lolita has become about photo shoots and perfectly set up shots, but the charming candids and street snaps have always been about expression, even at the expense of beauty
image limit reached, new thread: >>10318530
Nope. Very rare in vkei, an absolute exception to the norm.
Yeah, but this is mostly just an artistic thing for photoshoots, and it's almost always just color filtering.

The real secret is they all work with professional makeup artists. Some dudes can do their own though, Hizaki for example.

File: 1572403629981.png (266 KB, 665x574)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
ok, so the shaft is printed in segments and has a slot down the middle for a pex pipe to work as a spine. i'm gonna fasten the segments to the pipe with expanding white gorilla glue, and to each other with plain old super glue. then i'm gonna prime the shaft and spraypaint it glossy red https://i.imgur.com/0dt3NI2.png

the fittings of the cane (orb, collar, and tip) are all printed separately, and i'm gonna prime them all and spraypaint the orb dark gold and the collar and tip light gold https://i.imgur.com/W9Ne9mt.jpg

then i take contact paper and wrap around the shaft, and take a craft knife with a fresh blade to carefully cut the filigree on the shaft out, then re-prime(?) and spraypaint the filigree light gold, then carefully remove all the contact paper and pray it worked https://i.imgur.com/2Oo7W88.png

am i forgetting anything? am i retarded?
use the help thread, retard.
th-thanks anon
Learn2sage retarded newfag

File deleted.
What do you think about kids at cons? Are 18+ cons better?

Look back to when you were underage at cons you were probably an annoying brat.
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A lot of men have this weird fantasy about being a 12 year old boy that's seduced by adult women or being in sexual situations.
At fanime they started a separate sales room for adult content with I thought was great. I don't think porn or kink items have a place in vendor and artist alleys desu especially if folks bring their kids.
I'm fine with bringing kids to cons but after dark they need to have their asses in bed. Magfest was full of shitty parents who were keeping their kids up with them past 12AM.
> past 12AM.
Electric chair. All of them. And wet rags on the asses of the parents.
>be backstage at a cosplay contest at a tiny con
>someone brought a gaggle of children ages 7-12 approx all in naruto cosplays
>more of a mild annoyance than anything, just kind of in the way
>they're in the contest for some god forsaken reason
>bantering with everyone backstage
>say something jokingly to one of the boys with a sword, along the lines of "oh you wanna go? haha"
>he stabs my prop with his sword, chips the paint
>parents are nowhere to be found so no repercussions and I'm not about to start shit here

I hate kids so fucking much.

File: hitormissclass.gif (2.75 MB, 360x360)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB GIF
Resolve to dump his ass in 2020!
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Have you tried talking to them and finding an excuse to be alone with them?
I haven't really met any cute enough for my stupidly high standards in the right age range desu. But if I do ever meet one I'll be sure to talk to them <3
Also I think it'd be a pretty long process because I'm ace and I don't wanna mislead them so I need them to also be a non-horny cute cosplay boy.
Ahhhh, nothing quite like scrolling through every single page out of the Europe sales on LM out of boredom and finding something you literally want on the last page. Cheers!
File: no way fag original.png (940 KB, 1240x918)
940 KB
940 KB PNG
Just tell her you're "working on it", but then never actually work on it.
hush you. anon isn't interested in actual logic.

Never been to this con before. It starts in a little more than 3 weeks and it isn't too far away from me so I'm thinking about going. It doesn't look big but small con's are nice as well. Just wondering if anyone has been to this con and if it is worth going to.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Idk I think it's worth it if you're local. ANT is small but it's a pretty comfy community and it's fun to go even if just to hang out with people.

I'm just glad they're finally in a bigger venue. That airport hotel was so fucking small it was ridiculous.

Panelists also haven't heard back either, I just want to confirm my badge so I don't have to pay 70 fucking dollars at the door.
Well, they extended panel submissions until the 10th so you will probably be waiting longer
Still deciding if this is worth $50.
Not, just ghost or lobbycon it.
So I'll be in texas during this time for work, is it worth going for? Guestimations on attendance?

Judging from facebook looks like 2000-3000 tops?

File: codomoA.png (2.06 MB, 1016x1396)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
Is /cgl/ still cool with VK?
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You just know if it had been a female host who was almost murdered by a male customer they would have completely ignored the subject or have made a song condemning the act, good to know the Japanese fans aren't ok with it.
yeah, he looked so much hotter. and it looked like he played more genuine. i know it sounds weird but it looks like he doesnt give it his all anymore.
if you like roman kyuko, by all means check out sex-android, the previous band of toru.
File: IMG_20191103_190410.jpg (51 KB, 479x640)
51 KB
I'm a big fan of them too, and as much as I love Roman Kyuko, I hope Sekuan isn't done forever. Technically they're just on hiatus, anyway. Oh, and I like The Thinners too, but I haven't listen to them nearly enough yet.
File: 1t89fo.jpg (33 KB, 551x734)
33 KB
>tfw you remember ACME's playing tomorrow
>but then tfw you remember Kerbera's opening for them

File: jumpsuit.jpg (37 KB, 225x500)
37 KB
I am looking for vibrant colored jumpsuits. I see the same olive drab, navy blue, orange, etc colors on every site, but I am looking for like a lime green or around that shade. Someone once told me of a site that had LOTS of vibrant colors available, but that was a year ago and its no longer in my browsers history. Any one have any ideas?
pic related
Big bud press, or Lucy and Jack. Maybe live too true has some? They mostly have dungarees
I'm assuming you're doing a Souda cosplay? Your best bet to get the exact color you want is to dye it yourself.

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aw, thank you. I don't have any of those, just anxiety and depression. You really guessed me right. I'd love to be friends too.
You're right. I'll see how i'm doing in a month cold turkey, and if i can't get over it, i'll seek help.
Start with working on the depression shit then think about your wardrobe. Nothing wrong with having nice things if you can afford them, even if you aren't going to wear them for a while.
File: ENmUxzmVAAEN9kO.jpg (86 KB, 958x1278)
86 KB
- stop getting into fads
- also stop getting into popular releases because they are popular
- don't buy more stuff when you have more things to sell than you have to wear

I have way too many pieces that I only got because of jp style icons wearing them rather than loving the pieces on their own.
I think she just makes videos...
My aim this year is to get some more accessories so I can actually wear what I already own in different ways. I also want to make a start on getting some chocolate pieces too!

File: 10yearchallenge.png (760 KB, 806x637)
760 KB
760 KB PNG
The decade is coming to an end. Lets look back on the last 10 years, reminisce and ponder on the decade ahead of us.

>Were you into lolita/jfashion 10 years ago?
>What sites did you use then vs now?
>How has your wardrobe and style changed?
>How do you think the community has changed?
>Best/worst thing thats happened to the community over the last decade?
>Favorite/least favorite trend?
>What are your goals for the next 10 years? Will you still be wearing the fashion?
>What will happen to the lolita community over the next 10 years?
106 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
So many people have mentioned that we lack some text-based platform. Isn't FB a substitute then?
Fb's algorithms make things kinda janky, and I wouldn't say it was entirely text-based...
Facebook is terrible for actual deep discussions and chain comments.
I started out with taobao 11 years ago. Taobao was already widely acessible back then but it was a hassle to deal with agents so most people opted for large group orders. Taobao definitely wasn't the place to go for regular purchases, you participated in GO's 2-3 times until you had enough of it and finally moved on to Japanese brands and the 2nd hand market.

A lot of things I bought back then also only lasted a few seasons before they were worn down. I've owned a few decent taobao blouses and outer wear items which lasted me much longer, but I've sold everything when my style changed. I think it's very unlikey to retain the same wardrobe for 10+ years for anyone, regardless if taobao or not.
Facebook is a serious downgrade from livejournal.

File: Fry_brando.jpg (25 KB, 550x324)
25 KB
Let's talk about our best investment items you've gotten the most use out of.

"Cost Per Wear" is a loosey-goosey math formula where you retroactively take an item you have, consider it's original cost to you and then divide it over how many days you've actually worn it / used it.

Sometimes people find that the items they've gotten the most use out of are not the most "exciting" items they own, sometimes the highest cost per value item is something spent a little too much on but it ended up justifying itself in the end with how useful it was.

For me (a classic lolita), the weirdest thing is I've gotten the most use out of my secondhand/offbrand main pieces and my on-brand accessories. I've "wasted" the most money on printed brand main pieces but I'm breaking even-ish with solid color brand.

Talking to cosplayer friends, some of the most value they've gotten is with not really notable underpinnings that they can use across more then one costume as well as make-up.
10 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Seconding older IW. They're on par with cutsew AP for the amount of wear I get out of them. Cutsew dresses for casual wear, more formal IW for when you can't really swan around in a fluffy pink AP dress, even if it's a cutsew dress.

I gotta say I didn't get into lolita for something as normie as cost-per-wear though, I got into it for the beautiful clothes. So all my $300 print dresses with their tiaras and sashes and mini hats are still much beloved. I think there's something to be said about spending money for beautiful things that spark joy, rather than cutting down to the most utilitarian closet ever.

JetJ print dresses are apparently good for functions like weddings and such.
MmM Chemical Lace jsk, I don't have it anymore but I owned it for 3 years and wore it once or twice per week for those years, so let's say a minimal of 150 wears for I think 15 000 yen, I sold it to a friend for I think 120€ once it became too small for me. Then there's a dress that I made where the materials were less than 20€, wore it also around 150 times, and it's now owned by my SO who wears it every other month or so.
Secondhand blouses from WW. The $50-100 ones are my most worn. I rarely wear the cheapest ones since they don't look as nice. I don't have any dresses with good cost to wear ratio, some of my new brand is my most worn but I don't wear it more than once or twice a month
Check vintage stores and antique stores. I got mine at a vintage store that thought they were for a costume but then I pointed out how the eyelet was all hand-done, the cotton was an old weave modern machines don't make and then legs use to be split but then later were sewn together (a fashion shift that happened something after 1890). THrift store could end up with this stuff, but it's more likely at the other two places. I see them online anywhere between $20 - $60. Don't pay over $70 though, unless the lace is AMAZING or it's new dead stock.

For Lolita I agree that cost per wear shouldn't be part of the game, but I did start thinking about it once I got a sizable wardrobe; like a way to predict which future purchases would get the most mileage.

That's some sick value there.

Blouses seem to be a really good place to invest in; I can say as much as i've cycled through main pieces, my blouse collection might grown slowly over time but I tend not to stop using any of them (unlike certain main pieces that I grow tired of).
Petticoats 100%. The ones I have I bought from melikestea back in 2015, when I was managing to wear lolita weekly. I still wear lolita at least fortnightly. They haven't died yet!

File: img_1734.jpg (111 KB, 480x640)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
We're finally in 2020! This thread is to talk about the last decade(s). Feel free to share old photos and old blogs or cry about the closing of your favourite brand. All jfash welcomed.

Some questions to ponder over:
>What are your thoughts on the shifting trends in alternative (j)fash through the decade?
>Which aspects/styles have boomed and waned? Do you think it changed because of changes in mainstream fashion?
>Is there a trend/style you're particularly upset about?
85 replies and 53 images omitted. Click here to view.
reminds me of jet set radio...
I can’t tell if you are a troll, but if so bless you for this dead and decayed meme
I coach middle schoolers and they are still weeby as ever. it ain’t going anywhere
goth as a trend didn’t kill goth as a style and clearly none of you follow mainstream fashion because kawaii hasn’t been relevant in western fashion since 2013
If I could resume the last decade (based on what I saw and my friends ofc), it would be all about Juria Nagawa, that girl that used to be always with her, Amo Style (it was all the rage among young jp fashion lovers in my country), Aomoji Kei and pastel goth with a mix of jp fashion influences.

And almost all of those people are now into kpop and korean styles


File: mail.jpg (69 KB, 1069x463)
69 KB
>The new dresses edition!

Looks like Bodyline is releasing new prints and some new shoes as well.
311 replies and 67 images omitted. Click here to view.
Update: My order is so big they had to send my shipping confirmation email with 6 different tracking numbers.
We're in autosage. Do we need a new one?


File: D1YNXW3VYAEONFm.jpg (480 KB, 1516x1516)
480 KB
480 KB JPG
i have hoarded many photos of jfashionistas that i think have artistic value beyond the usual coord shot or selfie. i would like to share some. they will include all kinds of Japanese alternative fashion, and subjects may be any age or gender; and they will NOT be images from publications such as KERA, Fruits, etc.; so i hope there will be good inspiration for a variety of seagulls.

this is a continuation of 2 prior threads, which reached the image cap:


in the last thread, i shared trends such as close-ups (>>10293442), faceless portraits that can preserve anonymity without having to censor the photo (>>10293464), portraits using reflective surfaces (>>10293550), how subjects may be isolated within crowded spaces (>>10293582), how angled portraits can not only isolate the subject but shape the relationship between them and the viewer (>>10293962), the trend of "dining with the subject" (>>10295589), the very popular choice of park settings for portraits (>>10295861), moody portraits in narrow color schemes (>>10297702), and portraits that consciously over-expose or use brightness (>>10300641).

there are some more trends to explore. many photos use color to showcase the alternative fashion style, and i want to go through a rainbow of portraits to see what patterns might emerge.
155 replies and 147 images omitted. Click here to view.
on the opposite end of the light spectrum (haha), this bright portrait suggests a mosaic type of rainbow in the interplay between the stained glass window and the subject's colorful coord.
File: EKbGb5FUUAESNEj.jpg (355 KB, 1080x1440)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
this portrait is complex and busy. the LV logo presents itself in overlapping layers of color and light, so that we can see it reflected on the floor beneath the subject in pinkish-purple, and then (moving up from the floor to the glass) we can see small slices of orange, yellow, green, and cyan. the blue layer overtakes the glass above that, but you can still find other colors peeking out through the gaps.

of course, the subject's coord is also a celebration of rainbows, from her striped platfirms to the cloudy sky of her dress. even the bag is shaped into a rainbow
File: DHRSaqTVwAEBx_z.jpg (169 KB, 1920x1280)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
finally, this portrait also uses layers of transparent color. the shifting neon rainbow combines with reflections of the subject, so you can see the shape of her hand in different places as it is reflected across the item she wants to have.
Interesting thread. Op are you doing any formal analysis of these photos? How did you learn to examine them so well?
not christmas lights, it is from the sun shining through stained glass windows in a church. very beautiful

File: IMG_20191231_143113.jpg (137 KB, 720x562)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
369 replies and 76 images omitted. Click here to view.
Stop posting new pics in the saging thread you neanderthals
Kek, not sorry you got posted cunt.
I had to turn my brightness all the way up and squint to see them....vendetta?
white people look bald as fuck after combing out dreads, so if we're speaking technically...okay?
I love Darcei's videos and I was happy to see her try on the fashion! This coord is pretty damn cute for a first try, and I would love to have her in the community.

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