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I forgot to write, this video is not me.
that's amazing, great videos

seriously though, please keep the pointless arguments to yourself
last thread >>10160878
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That is great.
>none of us give a fuck
I enjoyed that post so you're wrong
I only agree with the polka dot comment but probably the best I've seen this Lady Sloth dress done

This is a nice photo
Am I retarded for not seeing the issue here? Sure, maybe it's TMI, but the coord is nice and I'd take this caption anyday over the women who never shuts up about breastfeeding and babies.
I don't care what anyone says, breastfeeding is disgusting. I know it's natural, but that doesn't mean I want to see it or hear it.

Why you personally do cosplay?
Is it to fill a void? Because you love too much a character? As a brief escape from reality? Im Very interested in your answers anons
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The reason cosplay is degenerate is because it is not based in truth. This is a big point that many new cosplayers should consider when they join cosplay sites, because if they do not agree with the premise of cosplay and if they think that cosplay are degenerate, it would be easier to leave. There are plenty of ways to become cosplay, but it is not the easiest for new cosplayers. Cosplay can be challenging when you have to find a new way. Cosplay is not just about dressing up, its also about being creative! If you do not make a conscious effort to be creative, you will become less creative in the end. Cosplay, also like music, dance and theater can be used in interesting ways. Some of the most effective and important ways to use cosplay in these areas are to use them when creating new costumes – and when doing other things as well. Some of those areas that Cosplayer community is striving are
I cosplay to do it right. I match my body type vs characters I play. Cows as sticks = disgusting. Chubby guys as muscle heads = cringe laughs. Stay in your lane.
File: hime.png (1.24 MB, 1012x758)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
>Why you personally do cosplay?
fun things are fun.
I do it to run away from the fact that i've finished living. I am stuck and will never escape this position, in the academic, financial, and social class.
It's a hobby that helps me escape my reclusive nature. I get completely trashed at cons and walk around seeing all the people enjoying themselves.
I could probable put more time into other things but i'm just so drained due to the way i've lived.
I'm a bit of a chuuni and I'm a huge fan of RPGs and stuff like that, and I have a bit of a theatrical flair. Cosplay is kind of like LARPing, except more in a medium that I enjoy and of characters that I like. On top of that, I always had a lot of hands-on hobbies (electronics projects, building computers, tinkering with tools), so sewing was similar enough in the planning required to do so.

honestly sewing is a much bigger part of why I like it. knowing how you made your cosplay and being able to visualize it after finishing it feels nice.

File: 090609_cchild2.jpg (90 KB, 688x475)
90 KB
Old thread >>10125984

Anyone have any stories about scalpers selling your dream dress?
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I wasn't trying to brag, just letting her know that if I decide to sell it, it'll be here for her. I might not end up liking this color on me, which is why I posted. We will see.
I don't need to check the archives if I was in every thread when it was up.
>blouse anon,
As I said, that was very obviously an elaborate troll
>a tartan dress, and diner doll.
Discussing prices and lowballing is not the same as calling someone as scalper or scammer. You've read something remotely controversal and are overreacting as a result.
I'm actually REALLY relieved it did NOT go to a scalper, cardi-anon! I'm really happy you were able to get one of your dreams! Thanks for keeping me in mind but I do want you to enjoy it. Please take good care of it!! Keep our dreams safe from the scalpers!!!!
Elegant Velveteen Birdcage OP. Long shot, but...
New thread >>10170538

My local con happens this weekend and I've been getting emails from them about getting my mom involved, and it makes me wonder:

Do any of you cosplay/go to cons with your mothers? (As participants, not chaperones)
What's your experience with that like?
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I've been lucky enough to have been born to 2 very nerdy parents, so they were actually my first exposure to a lot of stuff that I'm into. I've cosplayed once with my mom, but they've cosplayed stuff like Star Wars and Star Trek a lot together. Bring your mom to the con, you might be surprised by how much fun she has.
I want to go to a con on mothers day one year. Bang a random con chick and not pull out. End it saying "Happy Mothers Day" right after I nut.
Good luck with your child support payments
I'm more into anime and my mom is more into western stuff like Star Trek or Doctor Who but she still occasionally comes to anime cons with me. She wants to volunteer for the big con we go to every year as one of the medical people because she's a nurse and she really wants to cosplay as Nurse Joy which I think would be adorable. I'm also a mom although my kid is still a toddler but I hope when she's old enough to actually appreciate it that she wants to cosplay with me!
yes!!! there's nothing I love more than bringing my mom to cons
Walking around with her in artist alley is the best. She gets so excited over everything even if she doesn't know what it is.
We watch a lot of anime together though, and there's a lot she recognizes based on what she sees on mine and my friends' social media
Recently I was helping a friend table in AA and I asked her to scope out the other booths for some mp100 merch. She found a super cute charm that I bought and now have on my phone!!

File: 1554873844477.gif (386 KB, 500x500)
386 KB
386 KB GIF
What kind of material would one use for the black parts of pic related's suit of armor?

I figure I could use foam for the orange bits or resin or something but I don't know whether to go with a Wet Suit or full body Latex.

I've never done cosplay building before but I am in love with Risk of Rain and have wanted to do a Commando or Engineer Cosplay.

Posting pics of Commando (orange) and Engineer (purple) while requesting suggestions on how to put something like this together.

I'll draw up blueprints once I have an idea where to start.
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File: 1555714332446.png (1.03 MB, 709x1562)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Dont make a new thread for this shit.
Use the help thread
That being said, a morphsuit would probably do what you want.
Who the fuck cares. It's literally personal preference.
host when
make overlaping pieces from carboard, drench them in water proof wood glue so the last, cover them with cheap black fabric, conect it with stretch straps and clips on the inside.

looks dope.

Came across this on the explore feed. Who do these people and similar shoppers think they’re fooling? Bad shoop thread please
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Nothing about that is visual kei. They look just like the popular Chinese and Korean cosplayers on Instagram, though!

Wait, are these the same people?
Or buy tights without runs in them
eewww they look disgusting

times that the cosplay was better than the real deal
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They could have at least used body paint. I mean Zoe Saldana was painted green for Gamora. I honestly think the whole idea to have her not be orange stems from 2 things; DC live action shows are cheap as hell and J-Law refusing to get the most basic of body paint done for Mystique so others see that as a "goal".
>J-Law refusing to get the most basic of body paint done for Mystique
I thought she was allergic
If it was just that, they could have easily found a different type of paint that she wouldn't be allergic to
I clicked on the thread from the catalog just to see or post this. First response on point.

File: 1537944149339.jpg (451 KB, 2048x1284)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
Last time: >>9686979
Post, rate, critique, ask for advice on a costume you want to do, etc. Or bet on whether this edition autosages sooner than the last.

Related games also welcome (i.e. SMITE, HoN (RIP), HotS).
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Speak of the devil, a YouTube tutorial on these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-8L2n5pveU
File: ffc2bb59c1e966ca.jpg (269 KB, 1215x717)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
So Battle Academia is a thing now. Who's already plotting groups?
File: D4MjT1aX4AEQT3u.jpg (267 KB, 1361x2048)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Casual KDA Eve based on sonwooang's design
a couple friends of mine are aiming for AWA! I love the designs so much

Anyone have inspo/tips on Kai'sa's KDA wings? Trying to puzzle them out for a friend

File: nycc-logo.jpg (153 KB, 696x467)
153 KB
153 KB JPG

> Professional pass and Press Pass applications out right now! Apply Pro before May 1 to get a response by May 5
> Presale begins May 5 for Fan Verified customers (had to verify last year)
> 4 Day Pass: $190
> 1 Day Pass: $55
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lets see how many cosplay photographers get press pass this year by cheating the system
oh? how?

no idea, just know I seen many photographers charging for shoots and they have press passes
Did anyone get out of today with the passes they wanted? By the time I got in Saturday was gone
theres not enough money on the east coast to get me to go back to nycc

one time was enough

File: tachikawaguide-1.jpg (80 KB, 838x521)
80 KB
I'm thinking about dressing up as Berg Katze from Gatchaman Crowds and coming to different events in Tachikawa just to see people's reactions.
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Thats so cringe anon. Are you that much of an attention seeker? Like another anon said, not everyone in Japan watches anime, nor do most of them probably know who you're even cosplaying. You'll come off to most people as a weird dressed otaku. If you're going to a cosplay event? Golden. But like you said of interviewing random people. About what?

Also why the hell did you kill a board for this?
I wouldn't really say interviewing. I'd say it's more like "stopping random people on the street and asking them a question" like "What do you think of Tachikawa?" and such.
I am almost fluent in Japanese as well.
It's really frowned upon to just wander around in cosplay in public in Japan. Don't.

If you're attending an actual con, take your costume and get changed at the event. Otherwise don't be a weirdo and don't embarrass yourself.
A friend of mine walked around Osaka dressed as Ciel from Black Butler and she said that she had no problems at all. In fact, for being dressed as such a well known character, some cafes even offered her free food and she was allowed to buy free stuff from stores.
I'm actually thinking about making an appointment at a nice hair salon in Tachikawa and then showing up for my appointment as Berg Katze. I'm going to glue the wig to my head very tightly so it wouldn't fall during hair washing/cutting/perming (;
File: DtU8B-XWwAAEIo0.jpg (109 KB, 800x1200)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
I actually cosplayed as Berg Katze myself way back in the Summer of 2016 at New York Comic Con (pic related) but I will never go so far as to wearing my Katze costume at the grocery store or in the bus. That would just be embarassing and cringy.
I only cosplay in places where I'm meant to cosplay (such as anime conventions and events).
Not to mention, Japan is a very conservative country and its not socially acceptable to wonder around the streets in cosplay. Unlike popular beliefs, NOT ALL Japanese like anime. Just like how not all Americans like Football.
I actually arrived at the Comic Con in my normal casual attire and I packed my outfit in a little bag. Once I got to the convention, I changed myself in the bathroom

What's the metal part of merle's arm?Do they sell prosthetic's like that?Due to the context of the show i find it hard to believe that it was custom made.
use the help thread

File: Di0K6F8XgAEndCn.jpg (177 KB, 800x1200)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Looking for lavish, high production cosplay videos.

I am a filmmaker and I need some references to plan out my production. Budget is quite generous for this project.

Can you guys help me out with links to the best cosplay videos?
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The 86thfloor music video of Ladybug is quite good, well edited and synced to the music.
Thanks, will check it out!
I am crying it's so accurate. I used to take shitty videos just based on whichever fandom I was into, or of every cosplayer I came across. I used to be jealous of these famous fancy videos, but I think what I really wished I could do was what OP is trying to accomplish. Mine was neither, but the generic cosplay music video is getting old to me by this point.

What I like to see is good timing, editing, and some kind of story being told that fits the music. But then my favorite kind of music video is the AMV kind, so that colors my tastes.
Cosplay Music Videos have the camera move more than the models
If you want high quality cosplay vids stop looking at the con scene and switch to filmmakers


Many inline stunt teams have made nerd based fight scenes and shirt films that are.very high quality

File: 1541607043136.jpg (30 KB, 397x598)
30 KB
I really want to make cosplay costumes and props out of EVA FOAM. Been researching about it a lot, but can't find answer to question-
How do I work with EVA without causing damage to house pets, other humans.
For example, I bought a rotation tool and afraid to use it even in a balcony, cuz afraid it will go to neighbours and affect them. Cant really do it indoors cuz pets. Same goes for the heat gun. Last time I tried melting a pvc pipe the smell was... ugh... WAS A not a good smell :D.
Should I befriend a worshop owner or build an Dexter type of tent for killing those cosplay props?

I really want to hear how people manage? Or are my fears stupid?

Sorry for my english, not first language.
lol if your neighbors are close enough to be affected by that, they're with you on the balcony. What I ended up doing was using any spray or chemicals on my balcony when I was in my apartment and now I upgraded to a house with a cosplay room the cats aren't allowed in and spray stuff gets done in the garage.

If the neighbors complain about it, you should be able to complain about marijuana, cigarette smoke, or grilling going on as well. That's just petty stuff that no one normally deals with unless they got issues.
Thank you! You have calmed my anxiety ridden heart :D
PVC has nasty fumes but EVA foam is fine as long as you have decent ventilation and you don't set it on actual fire.

So my helmet is ready for my temerian mercenary and monster hunter. He´s based on the Witcher background, the Artist is a german tattoo Artist named Paul Mikotet. The picture shows the front side. Does anyone do here Witcher Larp?
7 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
stealing he crown healmet idea
Fucking hell OP, I nearly missed this thread. Please post awesome stuff like this in the larp thread please!
File: IMG_20190427_230444.jpg (2.44 MB, 4000x2250)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB JPG
I would love to do a Warhammer fantasy or a dark souls cosplay with my actual kit, but where to ? In ren-fair, they will only register that as larping, and a full metal armor isn't really welcome in a convention. great sallet thought.
Oooooohh shit

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