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File: cirno_rei.jpg (175 KB, 450x440)
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175 KB JPG
How do local cons compare to their giant 2000+ attendee counterparts? I've only been to the really big ones before. Do local/small cons offer a portal to the fabled world of the early 2000 con scene?
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I think it depends on the con, the area and the year. They are more variable and also vulnerable to bad years, and can really be damaged by something like a guest cancellation. Honestly, I'm thinking it depends on what you are looking for. I'd take a chance on a smaller con in a larger city before going to my local cons again but then I live in the Midwest so my local cons are low budget and mostly attended by local kids who can't travel to something better yet.
Small cons are mostly for hanging with friends. If you're alone it might get boring. But on the other hand if you're social you can make local friends there.

I have to say the best panel I have ever been was at local 500~ attendee con. They had bunch of anime/manga items for auction for funding next years con and the winner could keep them or destroy them (for example with axe). I have never seen anyone hate Naruto so much. I don't think this kind of thing would work on bigger cons.
I do enjoy Huey Louis and the News quite a bit. But I never had Fore! on vinyl, only cassette.
The one my school has hosted was really really tiny. It was mostly just panels.
They will not have everything you would find at a larger con, but should have essentials like artists, merch, and a game room. You'll see maybe a couple expert level cosplays over the course of the event, but mostly run of the mill home made or cheap Amazon outfits. There's a small con in my home town and it's worth showing up for, but I would not spend vacation days or incur lodging costs for it.

This. My only friend that went to my local con has an exploding spine, so I barely saw him and spent a lot of time bored. A local dude had a home brew dice game that he was letting people play free with prizes, and he invited some people to his room for drinking games (was too tired unfortunately). This wasn't anything official it was just some guy that wanted to chat and do some light LARP. I won a free badge for next year playing a physical challenges game, which was also free, so I will be going again.

Old thread: >>10180240

Check your emails, feedback forms are now live! What was your favorite part of the con? Least favorite part? What can be improved for next year?
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She's facing him in the picture, if you think it was "secret" you're a fucking retard
fyi apparently Kopf raped another girl at his New York convention Liberty City Anime Con in 2017. Another person chimed in on a differnt post saying that he raped 3 other former staff at LCAC too. Any anons been to that con before?

There is something seriously fucked up about not just him, but all the upper staff of AnimeCon that keeps covering this shit up. Disgusting.
File: 20190707_151325_HDR.jpg (1.58 MB, 5312x2988)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
This makes me sad. At least her concert attracted several hundred people since there was nothing else Sunday afternoon. Her performance was beautiful! Then again, I might not come back either of kopf is still here.
I really hope she knows that the reason why no one showed up was because the con fucked up big time. It makes me sad to think that she might think no one likes her here, which is not the case at all

File: 100812_sweetlolita1.jpg (62 KB, 688x362)
62 KB
We've had these before. I'm planning my trip for November, and I'm sure other anons are traveling soon, too!

Some topics of interest:
>Shops to visit (lolita, j-fash, vintage shops)
>Best themed cafes
>Areas to stay in; Airbnb vs hotels
>Tips to make traveling easier (JR pass? Suica? What about getting from aiport to lodging?)
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This is helpful. Thank you :)
Anyone have good shop recommendations for dolly kei and natural kei clothes?
i know La Carmina is persona non grata for most lolitas, but she actually just had a post about a place in Hiroshima called Sunmall that was selling a bunch of lolita/alt fashion stuff. From the photos, leaned pretty gothic with lots of MMM and Sheglit.
Any good recommendations for cute stores, cafes, etc in Kobe? I'm mainly going for food purposes but I'd love to see any local cute things too.

File: blerd_2019.png (21 KB, 300x137)
21 KB
Anyone going to this? Planning to pass by with a few friends this weekend.
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The after parties are great so far

And the arcade room is pretty large too and open 24 hours
File: DSC_6947.jpg (1009 KB, 2220x1828)
1009 KB
1009 KB JPG
Some thoughts from someone who bought a VIP pass to Blerdcon:

The event was pretty great overall, packed with a ton of different panels, events, a 24 Hour Arcade area larger than that of AnimeNYC, and a lot more cosplayers than expected. While the turnout isn't as large as a larger con, passing by the same people and meeting them in panels throughout the weekend makes it seem like a more friendly and personal experience overall imo.

Definitely panders to the PoC crowd which may be a turnoff for some, but I would definitely recommend it to any PoC con-goers who want a more relatable experience.

The afterparty events were insane, with pre- and post- afterparties going on everywhere (including some orgies from what I hear). The VIP pass was unfortunately not worth the price of entry as most of the VIP events were either lame or could be joined with a basic pass and an entry fee.

Didn't take too many photos myself but I will try to post a few more. Mostly anime characters being cosplayed however there were some interesting twists and takes on cosplays that would probably only happen in a convention like this.
their arcade was just borrowed from magfest, literally
And that's a bad thing because....?
that's actually a good thing? That just means they used the same vendor that supplies a lot of magfest games and the con targets a different crowd. Having a good video game / arcade room can really elevate a con from meh/average to worthwhile

Didn’t find worn thread in catalog so here we go.
Looking for worn pics of these or alike 3 strap shoes.
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Found a better one!
Wanna see this worn
oh god anon why did you have to remind me that PEA was before my time and i'll never get to commission pieces from its adorable designer

tonight is a sad night
Looking for coords with fairy ribbon jsk by BTSSB, any colorway!
I love this dress but I feel like I'm running out of ways to style it. Are there any worn photos of this?

What services do people use to make custom printed thigh-highs like this? I can only find websites that print long tube socks with stripes and letters.

Also, what are some services that allow you to make custom shirts and other products? Not as in printing a drawing on a premade t-shirt, but being able to customize the cut, pockets and sleeves as well.

I hope my question makes sense and that we can compile some resources!
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I hate this bag.
see >>10218680
Ok but where can I buy these socks they’re cute
The salt is overflowing today.
They ae a pretty old design by Cherrypop.shop

File: FB_IMG_1563151118515.jpg (134 KB, 668x960)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Posting here because I'm vain, but had a great time at my local Pride yesterday, got lots of good reception for my cosplay
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nice anon !
notyourpersonalarmy.png.jpg.bait: The Movie: The Game
begone, capeshit normie

Last thread: >>10217796

Might as well throw nitpicks in here since they tend to make up a good portion of the threads any way.
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What is this from????
Bodyline needs to shut down
You got a source of her saying that?
Go back to /r9k/
At first I was like casual cute without the wings on her head.
The I saw the shoes and was like fuck that nope. Also it looks like she has one of those ankle things the police put on you lmaooo.
DDLG harness is what that looks like to me. Color tones are definitely off in this coord.

File: 1562843013307.jpg (994 KB, 1920x1080)
994 KB
994 KB JPG

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And that was it, the rest is Western.
File: Okita.jpg (58 KB, 321x596)
58 KB
Not Western: Capt. Juzo Okita of Space Battleship Yamato.

File: 1549281265704.png (33 KB, 200x200)
33 KB
What trouble have cosplaying as a certain character ever brought you anons?
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What the hell did they report you for?

Id creep on you too if I saw your cosplay irl desu

Pretty boy princess Allen is such a cinnamon roll :3
someone was dressed as the Fox from zootopia in a local con but he made it so that they eyes make it look like they are always staring at you and it was creepy when he's pretty far away looking another way but his eyes looked at you
I cosplayed Mami from Madoka when the series first came out at a local meet and a guy came up to me with a pair of garden sheers and put it around my neck. I actually feared for my life I could feel the sharp blades against my skin.

I get it hur hur she got decapitated but jfc

Whos going?

ConVivial is always a good time. Anyone planning on meeting up?
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Almost $100 for next year...fuck this con , you are not Otakon, you are not Anime Boston, not even Boston Comic Con , yall aint worth even $80

fuck this con it needs to burn to the fucking grown
I was in the AA, had a pretty decent end-spot by the entrance.

Kinda sucked this year. Friday was busier than expected but saturday and especially sunday were incredibly slow.

Ive got another con next week so hopefully i can milk a few extra $$ from that.
So glad I went this year free pass for me and my goddess gf. Free hotel and I made 200 by doing nothing. Thanks Connecticon 2019!
I always liked this con but next year is going to be almost $95

that is insane, why...why that much of a price jump? what are they offering that could raise it that much?
to milk it before ending it

In 2013-14 when I started lurking here, there were AoT threads. Can we have an old fashioned “dedicated to one series” thread like that again? I re-read the manga and want to cosplay a scout again. Unfortunately I don’t have all my old inspo pics anymore so I hope someone else has some still.
>are you planning anything? Maybe a not-yet-animated character?
>How did you keep the thigh straps up when you’ve got a strong hip-to-knee ratio?
>pleather or canvas jackets?
>did you fall for the boot cover meme?
>do you like cosplaying from something like AoT where you get to feel like a “unit” with the massive amount of other uniformed characters running around the con? Team Skull is another example of this.

I’ll start with a small dump but it’s pretty shitty since I don’t have my old folder anymore.
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Yeah, sewing loops on, clear or not, would definitely work, too. If I remember correctly, that’s what my intentions were, but I just happened upon that particular pants style because I didn’t already own white pants and let myself do less work.

I knew a couple people who just used leggings that had the straps printed on them although I don’t know where they got them or if those still exist.

Nice find on the boots! I always just dealt with my boots being slightly inaccurate because I’m a guy and not a lot of inexpensive women’s boots like that come in sizes big enough or with big enough calves. My feet aren’t even that big, they’re just big enough that ordering the largest women’s size and hoping they fit is futile more often than it actually works out. I have knee-height police style motorcycle boots I wear for anything that needs tall boots, so I just used those.

Good luck with everything! I cosplayed it initially toward the beginning of its popularity (the otakon in 2013 was my first time? I think that was the year, anyway). I remember having a lot of fun, so hopefully you have the same experience!
My niggas Pixis and Nile w-weren’t actually s-shown [spoiler]ing, t-they’re gonna be o-o-okay!

Shit show, shit manga, shit fanbase.

Is there any way to make a wig glow in the dark? I want to cosplay Hatsune Miku for a party and it's going to be dark. Is there anything I can do to make a smooth glow throughout the whole wig?
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The thing with fiber optics is that only the end would glow. You can scratch up the fibers a bit to get dots of light but it won't just glow along the whole fiber. So EL wire (or LED strips) wrapped in wig fibers is what I think would work, maybe with plastazote around the wire/LEDs to diffuse the light. It won't flow like regular hair but it shouldn't be completely rigid either.
I’ve seen glow in the dark wigs but they glow a light green color. They might make glow in the dark hair spray in the right color.
Just wanted to add, if you go the hair spray route you can’t spray the entire wig because it’ll make it all crusty. Hair chalk might also work.
Regular hair dye wouldn’t work on wigs
They make UV reactive kanekalon. You could try buying a few bundles and adding wefts towards the top layer of a similar colored wig.
uv reactive won't glow in regular dark party lighting, only if you have a blacklight

Stay lovely, ladies.
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Aye I'll start it now
Oh sweet lol go for it, I was just going to link back rather than repost them all
New thread >>10222045
>as long as the coord fits the fashion silhouette
Old school literally doesn't. It looks like they saw lolita online and tried to replicate it with normie clothes. It made sense back then since the style was emerging and they didn't have the resources we do now which is why it looks retarded when people replicate it today.
this warms my salty heart.

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