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File: DC.png (24 KB, 459x130)
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Any anons want to meet up at dragoncon this year? It'll go terribly.

File: taobaolezzies.jpg (153 KB, 750x1040)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
We are way overdue, my dudes.
I could have waited until the new year for a 2020 census, but I thought I'd get a 2019 in before year end.


You can skip questions if you feel inclined. It's all anon. 1 response per person.
Let's find out about our fellow gulls! Answer as honestly as possible. Interested to see what has changed since 2016.
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Used to be a 9, but then I got over my eating disorder and gained some weight. I’m still comfortably hotter than 80% of the adults I encounter. Sorry you’re ugly?

Also oof that 25% of the board has had an ED stat. Guess I’m not alone...

Anyone else use jfashion as a positive coping mechanism?
No, just you.
Bitch, I budget. I can be cute and own a house
Eh, that’s sad. Sorry to all the other sad ED chans... I’m having a ball
JK says something stupid every week. She’s not exactly the shining beacon of logic

what do the cosplayer groups who go back to the hotel as planned do?

-current theme is "cosplayers drinking back at the hotel"
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Some stds can be transmitted orally. Most people find it excessive and not worth it, but if you want to be extra safe...
HSV1 can be obtained from non sexual contact, aka sharing a drink, using a fountain after someone slobbered on it, using unstinting not washed right, grandma kissing you.

It's a cold sore, that's HSV1. For HSV2, condom and never fuck people with open sores.
Condom doesn't fully protect against HSV because the virus can shed from areas outside the genitals too, like the balls or anus. Condoms don't protect against HPV either. The honest answer is just don't sleep around with random people, that is the best protection.
This is pretty much unavoidable unless you use dental dams during oral. Because even if the person doesn't have a sore on their mouth their day, viral shedding is still happening and can be transmitted.
No I know, I was more or less pointing out you don't have to exchange semen or whatever fluids just to catch it. HSV1 specifically is so damn common it's obtainable without sex and just random encounters

File: bandera-suecia-1-6715.jpg (15 KB, 530x343)
15 KB
So.. Is anyone planning on going to Närcon Vinter?
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Due to some odd turns in life, I’ve ended up moving to Stockholm from the far north while also coming into possession of a pretty nice looking Roman legionary outfit. I have a helmet, tunic, shield, segmentata, belts and swords, the works. More or less a complete reenactment outfit.
Since I have little else to do around here on account of the lack of snow, I was thinking about visiting närcon or a similar event since I’m already in the neighborhood, relatively speaking.
Should I go dressed up as a legionary or would I stick out like a sore thumb amongst all weebs dressed up like animes and stuff?
tfw stockholmer who recently moved up north

sticking out is good at a con, no? tired of seeing the same characters. you could say you're doing a monty python cosplay
Best of luck up there, remember to drink lots of Vargtass to stave of the winter depression.

Never been to a con before in my life so I figured it’s best to ask the veterans before I walk among the weebs. I could probably pass it off as Asterix & Obelix cosplay as long as I make a green tunic to go along with it.
No, the owners are awful and fucking creeps. They have no problem having child porn and porn in general in front of children all ages. Nasty as fuck
That actually sounds like a good thing though. Sounds like you're just an hysterical normie who hates the true cosplay culture.

File: 1576057873839.png (338 KB, 500x458)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
What do you think will be the big cosplays of 2020?
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>looking up similar style techwear shit
>none of it is cheap
>most likely want every item to be well about the $100 range to ensure it's sturdy

God damn I hate how cool so much of it looks! I know it's mostly just hiking gear with some SWAT stuff here and there, but they're all made from expensive synthetic materials.
F for all the witcher cosplayers getting pelted with Quarters this con season
at the A-Kon where their internet died and it took 8 hours to get through the line they had a Hetalia panel on day 0 that no one could go to because no one had their passes yet lol
Harleys tend to be just thots doing thot shit, Deadpools go farther and do annoying shit because "But it's Deadpool, He's So Wacky!"
I'm honestly expecting an army of Lube Men

File: DZ1dTJ7U8AARbXY.jpg (342 KB, 1420x945)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
i have hoarded many photos of jfashionistas that i think have artistic value beyond the usual coord shot or selfie. i would like to share some. they will include all kinds of Japanese alternative fashion, and subjects may be any age or gender; and they will NOT be images from publications such as KERA, Fruits, etc.; so i hope there will be good inspiration for a variety of seagulls.

this is a continuation of 3 prior threads, which reached the image cap:


the last thread featured a rainbow of portraits with prominent colors, and some couples portraits that used different strategies to convey the relationship between the subjects.

now i would like to share some portraits that are taken with the subject posed against or near graffiti. the text and images of street art help connect alternative fashion with its roots as "street style". sometimes the positioning is clever or striking. photographers can use graffiti to frame the subject, guide the viewer's eye, or complement the subject's coord.
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Could you possibly share your following list anon?

is anyone going? no thread on it

File: zabuzas.jpg (381 KB, 2399x700)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
Which is best Zabuza?
Fishing for compliments? Which one is supposed to be you?
A is the only one who appears to have put actual effort into the costume so I guess it's that one.
A. not only does he have the sword he made the pants. (i cant see D's pants but his sword looks like shit)

Did you like my Kaido (One Piece) Cosplay?
I want to lick your weird little nipples
File: Kaidoh.png (153 KB, 340x418)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
Your legs aren't a freakish enough proportion

Anyone gonna be in 'bama? Think it'll be any better than last year?
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It doesn't seem like they're doing a maid cafe this year, but if they ever bring it back, it really really really really needs to be in its own little room. For the sake of atmosphere and noise control.

I'm thinking the con story game is gonna be announced probably when the tentative schedule drops (which is usually two weeks out). The lack of visible rules on the AMV contest is weird as fuck. Did somebody drop the ball on putting that info on the website or what?

I like Ray, but yeah, this tbqh. Get off of Facebook for five minutes.
Ray here. Food options have always been difficult for us. We have uptown food options and Casey’s, but due to Birmingham laws, we end up limited with what we can do.

We were promised more food options last year by the food services, and so we promised that to you our congoers as well. However, the guy we were working with to get that extra food apparently left the company shortly right before our convention, and didn’t fill in the company of his plans. He legit quit like a week before our convention. It was quite unfortunate.

The food venue is planning to host more food options, but we aren’t going to make a major announcement like we did last year. We are a bit wary this time around. Still they stated there will be a Mexican food stall, a ramen stand, and a place for anime themed alcohol. Fingers crossed.

I can suggest Casey’s, Your Pie, Mugshots, and the Subway as close by delicious food options (via the Sheraton/Uptown). The city of Birmingham also has other options and food halls close by if you are willing to travel a few minutes off site.

The maid cafe was a trial run for last year. A guest we brought from another con's vendor room. Due to their success, we have given them their own room space. So that should be rectified this time around.

The AMV contest is a bit sloppy in setup this year. I apologize for that, as I have been forced to handle the whole contest myself this time around. We abruptly lost a top Kami-Con director in middle of this year’s work, and he was responsible for the AMV contest among many other things such as website, design, social media, etc. for the past 12 years, this individual built many systems, and we lost them suddenly before having a plan in place for picking up their responsibilities.

Chelsea and I have been picking up a lot of extra work for this year, so we are spread a bit thin. We will be more prepared for that next year, as it won’t be a sudden work load dropped on us.
Ray again,
Sorry ran out of space.

If you sent panel questions, and didn’t get a response, please send it again, as I don’t believe to have received it.

As for the facebook thing. It’s something we are trying this year. Creating a group and posting a lot of interactions apparently helps get you seen online. It’s an advertising suggestion. Not sure how well it will work in the long run.

As for it being time consuming, as someone who runs an anime convention, my feed is completely filled with mostly anime memes. Thousands of Anime fans are constantly sharing them to me. So it is fast and easy for me to share a couple quick memes every time I look down at my phone to generate a bit of attention to the con.

This is the first time I’ve heard criticism of it, but I am happy to hear it. If it is a major annoyance, it might be worth considering. However if the concern is that I spend to much time on facebook spreading memes, then its really isn’t an issue, as it takes up such a small amount of time in my days.

Though since I’m sharing, my real addictions are manga and light novels. Kami-Con always has me so far behind on releases, cause I’m pulling all nighters building the show.

But yes please send me your criticisms. I was fortunate to have someone tell me about this thread. We always want to make the show better and better for you all.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Due to their success, we have given them their own room space

>We abruptly lost a top Kami-Con director in middle of this year’s work
If this is who I think it is, man, that fucking blows. Homeboy could have stuck around and seen Season 12 through, and THEN left. But whatever, I don't know his life. I hope y'all are able to eventually replace him so the workload doesn't get too crazy.

Thanks to you and Chelsea for your hard work. I'm looking forward to it.
>Due to their success, we have given them their own room space.

Great to hear! I'm sure they appreciate it and it'll be way better this time around.

I've appreciated the facebook group. I'm sure it'll help people feel more connected this time around since a lot of them have been active with one another throughout the year.

Joker cosplay thread
194 replies and 76 images omitted. Click here to view.
That's just how I've had it for about 5 years now, haha! But I'd say it goes from "Catholic school kosher" to "Joker suitable" in about 6 months.
I understand why people do this but this cosplay du jour shit like Joker is so boring and normie tier.
11 nominations
meanwhile Soigame got 1

We did it DChads
God I hate people. This thread shoows just how much the average person is a drone. I'm going back to /fit/.

File: lolitameme.png (451 KB, 1000x1000)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
I didn't see the previous thread in the catalog, so here we are. Post your reaction meme lolita redraw memes and anything in between.
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Found on an amazon review of a Japanese photobook about international lolitas.
File: EJ5Z1dcUUAMj7cN.jpg (128 KB, 648x864)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
and that's all I have
i made this and I get so happy when I see it but it hurts me so bad I spelt ingredients so wrong
based meme typo
I made this years ago for an anon requesting it and I'm always happy to see it returning on these threads

/cgl/, I am VERY disappointed that you never told me about Tokyo Pop's attempt at a reality show.
Funny. I'm probably the reason for it...

>How do you feel about lolitas heavily using Facebook?

>Do you think this will last?

>What other platforms would you prefer?
122 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Admittedly... no. I assumed it was because of the rise of FB/Tumblr/IG, but now that people have gotten a taste of that and are sick of it, it seems reasonable to go back to where it started.
If something happened with LJ as a site itself or something then I don't know about it and I'm sorry for my ignorance.
LJ was bought out by Russia and started doing all kinds of shady shit, that's why people left. Pretty much only Russians use it anymore. Dreamwidth would be the better option is we were going for a journal format.
Okay but what kind of shady shit? They have more ads now?
If it's data mining then Facebook has already done all that, so..
This comes across as general COMMIE BASTARDS mentality. Not everything that's Russian is terrible anon, just as not everything that's American is great.

I think the move happened to Tumblr because it appealed to the new wave of lolitas. Then as everyone had Facebook and as it's had the longevity that other platforms haven't, we've all stuck with it.

It's why the huge roleplaying community also left to DW. I wasn't in lolita ay that time, but I was in rp and I saw all this happen firsthand. It was awful. It had nothing to do with appeal.
File: 1574404677040.jpg (106 KB, 746x1118)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
I'd pay for this but I imagine a forum degenerating into a nightmare hell if it got used at all.

Con Horror Stories

>at a con making new friends
>meet homestuckers
>I’m sure they’re not as bad as the stories
>let’s give this a try
>one of them was a clinger and became oddly possessive of me
>she tried to break into my hotel room when I wasn’t there and yelled at my friends inside the room
313 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Maybe you should go for women who are in the same league
why do you think he's at anime con
>be me
>go to a con rave
>dancing with a guy, everything is chill
>turn around, not grinding, just dancing with my back to this dude for a second
>dude grabs my hips but isnt grinding so w/e
>dude suddenly jerks my hips back into his crotch and starts sticking his hand up my shirt and down my shorts
>will not let me go
>elbow him and then fucking book it

i wasnt even dressed sexy, i was in what amounted to my workout clothes (shorts that came to like mid-thigh and a baggy tee)

I fucking cant go into a con rave without at least two friends anymore because i get so fucking anxious. i hate it.

Dude, could you give me some advice here?


Your feelings are my feelings. Don't give up! Giving up won't get you what you want.

Was this at Anime Crossroads?

If this is who I think it is, our room was pissed at you because you made him go sleep in his fucking car and we had to deal with you two coming and going from the room when you were getting your stuff. We weren't happy with him either, but this is a very one sided telling.
The what?

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