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File: 07131029_5966cd07559d5.jpg (139 KB, 530x797)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
What patterns and colors would be best for the changing season.
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Is there any hope for a 5'9"/175 cm woman to wear a kimono?
It's been discussed briefly here before, but you still have some options.

The most important thing is for a kimono to fit all the way around, so it can close properly. Recently it's been fashionable to wear kimono with funky heels/socks or boots, so you would wear the bottom hem a little higher to show off your footwear. If the kimono is too short you can do this. You can also go hunting for longer kimono as they do exist, even if they are more rare.

Lastly if it's just yukata you can get one commissioned or do it yourself, drafted to your height. Aside from attaching the collar it is pretty simple as it's just a bunch of rectangles.

this should suit fine; it's the most warm tone out of the three so it should be most flattering.
Thank you very much. I know boots have historical precedent & am happy to learn it's in style again.
Oooh, Tokugawa?

Beautiful! Love the lacquering and knotwork on it.

File: DabtF2DVMAAax_v.jpg (174 KB, 960x540)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Is Anime Matsuri worth going to? I've never been there before. How big is the con compared to other ones?
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The blatant advertising is sooooo sad lolololol If you guys are doing so well why are you literally linking the tickets here lmao!
Dont go. Terrible con. Owned by pesos.
>Owned by pesos
Just a really really big fan! Spread the love!
Ok Kutterfuck

Anybody going to this snoozefest?
Is it the successor to Eirtakon?

Haven't been to any cons in years though, so I might go anyway.

Please respond in the Irish thread on /int/ if this thread dies.

File: ig logo.png (69 KB, 500x500)
69 KB
previous thread: >>10025310

>post accounts you follow
>ask for/share advice
>keep it civil

>act like a retard
>insult other people

*don't self-post if you're going to shit up the thread trying to defending and/or insulting yourself
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That was me, the one who gave her advice originally, not the girl with the page. I just think you're being a huge dick for no reason.
She's not defending herself. When she got criticism she took it well and thanked the person. Stop being an asshole.
what benefit do you get out of this?
ah you must be underaged then
I like your casual look. Hope you don’t mind me leaving comments regularly!

File: waiting line.jpg (135 KB, 1000x667)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
If you could give tips to your past self who went to a con for the first time ever, what would it be?

I'm going to the first con ever in my life in my country's capital but I'm really anxious. I'm always awful at big crowded events, and the last one (not a con/non anime related) left me severely disappointed, bruised, broke, and crying like a bitch.
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Don't let her move in with you.
I would say to my past self to start cosplaying before it becomes too mainstream.
>Bring a cosplay
>Bring headache medicine, there is nowhere to get any unless you want to give up your parking spot
>The smaller the group the better. Larger is chaotic
>Always have a sewing kit and or first aid kit in your backpack, your costume and body aren't weebproof.
>Don't drink. You're a child.
>Turn your backpack to your front when you're in a crowd, don't keep shit in your pockets.
>Yes, you do need to wear makeup.
>Bring a refillable bottle for water and cash.
>Go to the Artist's Alley instead.
>Bring a phone charger.

>Don't buy the Yaoi paddle. You'll look like a fucking idiot.
If you are planning to get your photos taken in a mini shoot during the con:
Please, PLEASE, bring some makeup powder with you.

Cons, even during winter, can get very hot, especially if you're wearing a long wig. Little dab of powder on face before a photo session does miracles! I have so many photos from cons, where my face is just a shiny pancake with a wig..

File: cringlord.jpg (68 KB, 1000x1000)
68 KB
Tell me about your local cringlords, /cgl/
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What’s the drama with that fanboy convention? I’ve heard a ton of ppl in the con scene say they have negative feelings towards it but idk why?
Theres this one creepy dude who goes to every con in Las Vegas and records every panel he goes to. He even went to this teen anime festival at my local library.
Same here. It needs to happen.
Maybe not Lolcow, but Kiwi Farms can certainly be arranged.
These two points are probably related.

If she runs idol/karaoke programming for a con, they might be comping her table as payment for the programming.

File: 1426141581952.jpg (120 KB, 709x669)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Old one hit bump limit >>10028899

Post all the /cgl/ related stuff you've got coming in the mail
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Sure thing! I’ve got two hats and two headdresses from her and the quality is fantastic. I’m sure the cape will be no different, I’m always impressed with her work.
Hell yeah, dream item acquired, a Moitie gilet I’ve been trying to hunt down for years. It’s not on lolibrary, but I do have a pic of Mana in it.
Congrats anon! That's beautiful!
Damn, are you the one that grabbed that blouse off VB?
Yep, that was me. I love Abilletage so much, this is the 3rd blouse I’ve got from them and they’re really nice.

Previous thread: >>10101208
Spreadsheet link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lf3Jzfj45Amz9aDuRP9-wipN3EhHHo37uKuJVqi2jiI/edit?usp=sharing

Discussions last thread:
>”cosplayer” vs. “cosmaker” vs. “costume maker”
>how should people who make their own cosplays differentiate themselves from people who buy their cosplays?
>how to start streaming your cosplay progress
>finding costuming internships/apprenticeships
>countering costhotery
>gatekeeping among cosmakers
>McCall’s cosplay patterns
>Speculation as to why McCall’s is choosing to continue releasing Angela Clayton’s patterns but not J. Hart’s.
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oh wait I got the art mixed up. My b, anon.
If it's the same as #cosplaywip then it's already infested with thots posting their finished selfies with no actual progress pics to be found anywhere. I swear that hashtag doesn't even has any pics of what it's supposed to represent.
lol this looks like she was trying to make a cosplay but then gave up on half the details
Honestly the best way to avoid costhots is just to block them so that they don’t show up when you look for them. They’re always looking for new wats to promote their tits.
>always looking for new ways to promote their tits.

I don't know why but I genuinely laughed at this. It's true. It's just the way you said it that makes it funny.

New tits for sale! Get your fresh tits today!

File: 1537944149339.jpg (451 KB, 2048x1284)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
Last time: >>9686979
Post, rate, critique, ask for advice on a costume you want to do, etc. Or bet on whether this edition autosages sooner than the last.

Related games also welcome (i.e. SMITE, HoN (RIP), HotS).
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Planning to cosplay some of my LoL girls once I’ve lost a bit more weight. Is there any easy/cheap methods to craft Morgana’s wings or is it going to be one I need to save up for?
File: tbDI2lq6K50.jpg (472 KB, 2560x1707)
472 KB
472 KB JPG
new or old ones? anyway I found this girl and I really like the way she did her wings and it looks like PVC pipe and some long ass feathers? however there're not too many feathers compared with generic "angel" wings so it can be a bit cheaper
Start saving.
So anyone has any patterns for KDA Akali's kama? I thought about buying from stellachuu but the conversion rate is just absurd.
old ones: there is a ton of fake feathers tutorials with foam or fabric
new ones: start saving and possible starve yourself to have the money to build THAT thing

File: IMG_20190315_230710.jpg (178 KB, 1132x1132)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>10123190
314 replies and 38 images omitted. Click here to view.
Words, board culture, memes, and basic events that went down here so we don’t have to fucking handhold and answer dumb ass questions every single time a newfag doesnt know they can answer their own question by lurking moar
I wish you people would forget most of your memes and board culture so you wouldn't keep repeating the same things over and over
They can't. They lack personality, so they depend on memes/buzzwords to hold it together. They also don't hold backing for any opinion they have, saying newfags easier than refuting a point and actually putting effort into it.
That's part of the reason people always claim other people here aren't lolitas (though that's become a stale meme too). Because these people hold no real knowledge of the fashion and just act like catty bitches because they think it makes them more believable.
File: 1531214009076.gif (1.63 MB, 360x270)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB GIF
imagine being so put out that people do things differently in other countries than they do in your own.
File: 1540871675450.png (213 KB, 445x450)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
>mass bully
you sound incredibly immature even suggesting this. are you old enough to be here?

File: 39581302545_a600951f51_o.jpg (1.47 MB, 5184x2912)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
Military Gear Cosplay General /mgc/
>Gamescom banned us again edition

Last Thread >>9749421
This thread is to talk about cosplays involving Gear, to help each other with identification and to improve on ourselves. Please keep strictly military topics to /k/ or strictly airsoft topics to /asp/.

Metal Gear, STALKER, Resident Evil Fan? Or something completely different? Feel free to check out this thread.


Feel free to submit new shops, to improve the experience. I will then update the pastebin.

>Do you work on any gear related cosplays at the moment?
>Have you enjoyed the last thread? Anything I can do to improve it?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
214 replies and 90 images omitted. Click here to view.
Joke's on you, I'm into that.
Why did the "blueberry" camo uniforms only blend in with the water if someone falls overboard?
Anon no don't say that you don't know the amount of fujoshi shit this board sometimes is into.

Anyways where did you get the mask, and why the old lantern?
File: 1450374722144.jpg (26 KB, 800x600)
26 KB
>Go to con in my usual milsurp clothes
>Everyone thinks its a cosplay

This is yalls fault.
They thought it was a clever idea since it’s water and we’re the navy. But in addition to being harder to see in water, the dye was also super flammable, and people would burst into flames who worked in engineering and related rates
File: ClarksonThumbsUp.gif (169 KB, 272x200)
169 KB
169 KB GIF
I don't even remember the seller's name, but I got it off Ebay for $75, I think? It had a sealed canister, the CBRN hood, extra shatterproof outserts, the fully-bound manual, and the laminated deliciously early-90's "quick reference guide".
The old lantern is there because the characters use some kind of lantern, but you never see what it is, exactly, so I just went with something period-correct.
>catch fire on the deck because of your uniform
>don't have time to think
>jump overboard to put yourself out
>no one can see you because of your uniform

File: garnsex.jpg (46 KB, 491x378)
46 KB
"My Shimakaze cosplay gives me a wedgie" edition
312 replies and 66 images omitted. Click here to view.
Existentialism punches me in the gut. Who am I? Or rather, who do I want to be?

I've got no plans for the weekend. A girl, who's honestly pretty slow, implies she'd love to go out and sing karaoke at the local club. The question hasn't been properly asked, so I haven't said yes or no yet. Why don't I want to go? Do I prefer to be alone because it's comfortable? Or do I look down on her because she's dumber than me? Or even more paradoxically, do I despise her out of jealousy because she's way more established in the social setting around here?

Maybe it will be more fun if I diffuse the whole thing by inviting more people and turn it into a party... Not sure if I want that either. Uncertainty is a horrible feel. What if I'm just a horrible person?
File: 1552942140730.jpg (41 KB, 427x474)
41 KB
Nobody expects you to be some fucking Chad most of all not one who has to pretend to be some Adonis. Look man if you really are this mangle of nerves you wont feel right until you actually do something. Mention to friend exactly what the fuck you put here. That you aren't exactly sure how to ask people out and that while you act confident you are actually a phony and that you feel a very strong connection and all that jazz. Worst thing you get is she isnt interested in that way but u ain't getting shit by doing nothing
If you can't relate to her because you aren't on the same intellectual level, then that's a valid reason as long as you aren't sitting there thinking she's terrible for being slow. You can have all variety of friends but the ones you'll connect the most with are going to be the ones you can relate to on some level. It can be mentally exhausting trying to bridge that gap if something (in this case intelligence) is straining that.
just get out of bed and accept responsibility for your life lol
>Pic related

348 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
Tagged as sweet lolita, //sigh
is she a meme now?

speaking of memes...

>mfw i called someone out for that exact same miss-spelling 6 months ago and got schooled....
it's been in use for at least 6 months, anon.
I can't take you seriously.

So is there a board akin to cgl where felters shit on people who use cat/dog fur?
...I kind of want that dress.

File: otomeboom.jpg (834 KB, 2073x1464)
834 KB
834 KB JPG
What is otome kei?
>Japanese for 'maiden'
>Subculture of traditional girly hobbies
>Focuses on a feminine and quirky look
>Vintage/Showa influenced
>Combines patterns, prints and bold colours
>Doesn't have specific brands but these are common: Jane Marple Dans le Salon, Bortsprungt, Wonder Rocket, Lois Crayon, Merlot Camp, Emily Temple Cute, MILK, Atsuki Onishi, fi.n.t, Pink House, DO!FAMILY, Franche Lippee, Ingeborg, Wonderful World, karl helmut, and BASSO.
163 replies and 69 images omitted. Click here to view.
>>Vintage/Showa influenced
>>Combines patterns, prints and bold colours
Imo these are key elements that a lot of Western girls forget/ignore. That's why they get criticised for looking too much like (casual) lolita.
And it's not like lolita can't look colourful, so the other elements are even more important to make something more otome than casual lolita.

Oh man, I scrubbed those from my memory. Between the arguing if otome exists and arguing what is soft lolita vs girly style vs otome vs casual lolita there were some really annoying threads that really didn't go anywhere.

>mfw my textbook classic coordinate got posted to the soft lolita thread along with a bunch of other basic classic coordinates

Dumb seagulls ruffle my feathers. Don't remind me of those days.
2 of my casual and sweet lolita coords were posted to the otome kei thread too lol

File: 63647883474374404.jpg (12 KB, 245x205)
12 KB
What are some cute places to visit in Paris? J-Fashion Shops, Asian makeup brands, cute cafes, anime/manga stores, you name it.

Feel free to extend this list to other places in Europe.
35 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
I’m planning to visit Edinburgh and Brussels this summer, any recommendations for lolita-related stuff to do and see there?
Has Junkudo closed too? That place was amazing
Take pics all over Edinburgh especially in the castle, it's fucking gorgeous
I was actually about to recommend Brussels to >>10124918! For a traditional fairy-tale atmosphere, all the Gothic architecture, Grand Place being a prime example. For a more fantastical fairy-tale atmosphere, they have lots of Art Nouveau architecture - Maison Saint-Cyr, for example. The Museum of Military History has lots of uniforms and weapons, very inspirational for classic, and also a selection of antique hot air balloons and flying machines. Musee du Tram has antique trams and such as the perfect setting for your Victorian-inspired looks. Basilique Nationale du Sacré-Coeur for Gothic yet colourful looks, Laeken cemetary and church for a more traditional Gothic experience. Park Porte de Hal has an adorable fairytale tower/castle thing.

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