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File: latest.jpg (150 KB, 1600x1600)
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Hey yall.

I'm trying to make a cosplay of a character that wears a helmet. I have the helmet (comprised of a face mask and a back piece that both come on separately and attach with velcro), but now I need a hat. Now, I can find the types of hats I need online, but the problem is, they are all sized for human sized heads. Not for HUGE FUCKING HELMETS.

Is there anything I can do to make a hat bigger in size without completely fucking it up shape/aesthetics wise? Or do I just need to start from scratch and make it somehow? I don't really have... ANY experience with this. I kinda thought if I just got the largest sized hat it would be able to fit over the top (the helmet isn't actually HUGE, and fits snugly around the head without much wiggle room, but still, relative to a human head, it's far bigger. It's a goddamn shell after all),

I have cash, but I don't really know where to start with this. Can anyone offer some help?
Use the help thread

File: end_my_suffering.png (408 KB, 664x480)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
Previous thread >>10072709
>Imagicon and TomoFair happened
>Tomo no longer allows people to bring food or drinks from outside, not even water
>Duh castle shoot happened; it wasn't elitist enough for one Anon who didn't enjoy the shoot
>Math equations
>Anon wants to try this convention thing everyone keeps talking about
>Nishicon expectations
>Yaoi quiz and what they are like
>RCC has been resurrected: May 25th & 26th
>Also the ACC/RCC site is still down after 6 weeks
>Innovation and how anon claims only one convention does it
>Reminder: No fun allowed in the gameroom!
>Anon wants to die due to the current lack of cons
>DynamicCon lives and will be hosting anime nights
>Former Rekindle volunteers have gone public about being mistreated

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wait?! no deshima at abunai?!
Viencon's moving up in the world, it seems.
I hope this just some kind of sick joke that they aren't at Abunai. If it's true, tgen why aren't they there.. It's my highlight of Abunai and was
looking forward to it..
RIP Abunai
So that means we get that shitty AbunaiBeats again, with DJ Spotify and MC meatbag? They can't start a party, especially not as a main event on a Saturday.

Really, I'm glad that Deshima is at Animecon. It's the better con anyway. This proves once again compared to AbunaiBeats.

File: 1556126940777.png (276 KB, 1786x1002)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
Marvel Endgame Edition

Previous thread >>10136796


Old thread archives

Buyf/a/g Guide

Discord Link

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I just imagine grapevining acrylics, and having them scrape and rub against one another, causing the print to chip off. Bluhh.
I know plastic protectors exist but they really ruin the aesthetic imo. I find them bulky and ugly.
File: Clj0jl5UYAEtSEF.jpg (351 KB, 1200x999)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
File: img_149574_10.jpg (212 KB, 800x800)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
I agree. I used to have a full acrylic bag but the constant clacking made me too paranoid which is why I hang them on my pinboard instead. I do have a fanned out row of acrylics on the top half of my utapri bag, but I wouldn't call it a true grapevine as they're still a little spaced out.
God I love this but my series just doesn't have rubber straps...

Previous Thread

>Try Ali's image search when looking for specific items
>Read customer reviews. Sort by "orders" to get the most reviewed items
>Makeup, sex toys, food, and other things that go in/on you aren't guaranteed to comply with safety standards
>Don't be afraid to ask the seller questions or for more photos
>You won't be able to claim compensation on Aliexpress if products harm you, use your discretion
>Electronics? Visit >>>/g/ and search for /csg/ and ask your questions there
>Large Order? Check out the Taobao thread

SPRING IS COMING...EVENTUALLY. What are you gonna wear when the sun comes out again?
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All are from the same store called Mohamm Store.

B&W Stickers:

Bottom Image:
File: Capture.jpg (17 KB, 577x263)
17 KB
This is my first time ordering from aliexpress. Should I be worried? This status hasn't changed since May 8.
Depends what kind shipping you picked
The cheap shipping options usually only track while they're still in China
Has anyone here ordered from Anogol store or charisma fashion wig store? I'm thinking of ordering a wig from one of them but I'm worried about the cap size being too small

File: 1544108749779.jpg (81 KB, 640x480)
81 KB
Old thread >>10013935

It's the dawn of the new school year and Sakura. Discussion of nanchatte fashion goes here.
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I think the ears will look weird on the beret.
File: 1437182411639.jpg (62 KB, 359x640)
62 KB
File: 1467372724205.jpg (171 KB, 420x560)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
I like this

File: 1542495838657.jpg (244 KB, 1080x1205)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
Now with soft kits and hardcore players

Previous thread:
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>Such a good hat with such ugly fabrics. The bane of my existence.
I actually like that fabrics. It looks good on those cloths
Gropey started one, ask him.
>Dude makes the hood into a Chaperone

You honestly didn't know that chaperones are hoods?

Last thread >>10116637
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File: lsc.jpg (587 KB, 1500x578)
587 KB
587 KB JPG
The purple dress at the end is the one with the caption about circle skirts. You can see from the front photo that the skirt is lopsided, probably because she didn't let it hang before hemming it.
.... are we allowed to say OP is really aesthetically unpleasant and we have that in common?
It upsets me that she's obviously a very talented seamstress but she has no idea on style or design at all.
she's got an unattracitve/chubby body though, sadly.
Same. Her construction looks good (lopsidedness aside - which is one reason why we generally recommend against circle skirts) but those material choices are Dolldelight-tier. It's a shame.

That's the great thing about handmade imo, that you can learn to flatter your own body instead of squeezing into one-size-flatters-few burando.

File: logo2019h_blue_240.png (21 KB, 730x240)
21 KB
Board ▼ Settings Home
/jp/ - Otaku Culture
the otakon convention needs an(...)
02/16/19(Sat)11:30:18 No.20843377
21 KB
one of my friends is staff for otakon and he likes to tell me shit because this place is always a cluster fuck. like there is virtually no organization and after the disaster that was the vegas con they are basically broke

now my friend sent me this link he snagged.l from their stfc chat site. apparently this bitch is being removed from her leadership job and she posted a response stating the board knows there are sex offenders on staff. when my friend went to check back on discussion it was taken down lmao

i am honestly so glad i stopped going. who knows if this is true but this is just such a train wreck. ive been betting when the last otakon would be. maybe it will be 2019 lmao

105 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
To bad your interpretation of the by-laws is wrong. And it's not likely the appeal will help her either. With a 41-3 vote. Everyone knows she lied, used corperation resources to harrass, and damaged the cons reputation. She is a shitty cunt and got everything coming to her. Now that she's gone otakon is a much better place. I bet her EX is kicking himself in the as for bringing her on staff and even dating her.
To add to what was said before the letter got there on time. Chrissie didn't go get the letter when she got the notice. I'm sure the board knows Chrissie will try to do anything at this point to push off and undermine the process for as long as she could. She knows she was in the wrong.

If you are wrong admit it and don't fight it. Give the person that is right the satisfaction of being right.

I'm sure she gets that reference.
You mean this one?
Amendment XIII. Creation of an Article Detailing Procedures for
Expulsion from Voting Membership
Ratified on May 14th, 2011.
This amendment creates a new Article as Article V. and reorders subsequent articles as
necessary. The purpose is to establish the procedure and conditions for removing a
memberfrom Voting Membership. The Amended Text is as follows:
Section 1. Notice of Hearing
(a) No Voting Member may be expelled from Membership in the Corporation except
upon written notice for cause and an opportunity for a hearing.
(b) The Board of Directors shall provide the Voting Member written notice setting
forth a statement of the alleged cause, the possibility that the Voting Member may be
As amended 3-11-2017
expelled, the date, time and place at which the Board of Directors shall meet for a

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Taking up for someone that didn't even take up for themselves. Yeah sounds about right. When she's ready to appeal we will be here waiting.

What is it with crossplayers? Why do they always cause so much drama?
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Manly and fit men crossplaying for fun = great.

Sissyfags and twinks crossplaying cause they get 0 attention as a guy otherwise = gross!
File: 1558406760358.png (310 KB, 499x550)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
This, unironically.
sailor mercury cosplays are forever cursed
because they are attention whores, obviously
Ok, her sidebitch then

File: colossal.png (62 KB, 566x91)
62 KB
Previous thread >>10144643 is in autosage, new thread time!

Schedule: http://colossalcon.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/colossal19_websched_v2.pdf

Photoshoot schedule: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uGpIOjSzYoMU4y0vzyixRbVrv6hbxsCd9cU6E0NzmgE/edit#gid=0

Seagull meetup info in the discord!: https://discordapp.com/invite/ZSdpvjC

>Post your cosplay plans!
>How's your progress? Already packed, on the final stretch, still putting your Amazon cart together?
>Any panels look good or do you even bother with panels at Colossal?
>Weekend survival tips you swear by?
>What are your general plans for the con, gulls? Making new friends, having regrettable weeb sex, spending all your money on weak drinks?
32 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
I hope I see some gfl swim cosplays!
The Kalahari already has their own bedbugs though. So there's still worry to be had.

Fetlife meetup? The fuck?
There's a BDSM meetup being held by a gluttonous looking hobknocker and her dried cummy-eyed boyfriend that looks like the 3rd generation of incest. It's going to be wild.
how easy will it be for me to boot up grindr and get a fellow troon for my buddy to fuck
preferably one in astolfo cosplay
File: FB_IMG_1558513249499.jpg (64 KB, 541x960)
64 KB
So did anyone book with them? Did you manage to find something better?

File: con-otakon.png (214 KB, 560x497)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
Otakon 2019 is coing up fast. Let's all start posting our favorite personal memories from any previous Otakon!!!
61 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1558221193526.jpg (458 KB, 1080x1309)
458 KB
458 KB JPG
Saw this on /pol/ and it reminded me of a story from my early staffing days

>Con ops
>older woman comes in, wants to speak to someone in charge
>okay, whats the problem?
>theres a guy, he's dressed as a Nazi
>Is he screaming?
>Well, no but...
>Is it giving the Sieg Heil salute?
>Uhm, no but...
>Is he bothering anybody?
>No, he's just sitting there watching videos, but he's DRESSED AS A NAZI
>You know ma'am, we have something in this country called the First Amendment...
File: DSCN1148.jpg (3.51 MB, 4689x2585)
3.51 MB
3.51 MB JPG

Narnia had some decent food for the price.

But in general, whoever holds the catering contract for the convention center is going to assrape the attendees. Unfortunately thats how it works.

That said, what are your recommendations?
It really bums me out that I love this series but can't cosplay it without attracting the most shit.
Should I never cosplay villain characters?
>Otakon Vegas was great. Shame it was never substainable without the original Otakon as it's financial life support.

Otakon Vegas really messed up the entire convention budget, though.

Vegas would have been axed several years ago, except there were long-term contracts would have made it even more expensive to quit early.
why are cons so hard to hook up at/get laid at/do someone pretty?

Why are all the pretty ones jailbait or taken and fucking some musclebound guy like living goku or whatever his name is?

why are weebs/otaku and such *the only subculture/subgroup* with a LOWER than average # of women proportionately?

Hey /cgl/, what are the largest cons to go to in US? A few comes to my mind:
- Anime Expo
- San Diego Comic Con
- Fanime
- Dragon Con
- New York Comic Con

Anything else I'm missing?
57 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Where the hell are you getting that 70K number?
Otakon has been in the 25K - 30K range for the past several years, and they peaked at around 35K. Idk if that 70K was a typo or something, but they have zero chance of ever coming near that.
I didn't see it mentioned yet, but Anime NYC is quickly getting up there in terms of attendance. 36,000 in its second year.
It has a good chance of being the second largest anime con in the country this year (behind Anime Expo).
Sounds like you need to get /fit/ anon.
A few others have said it but I'll say it again, Anime Centeral (ACEN). I don't know exactly how many were there this weekend but it was pretty packed.
Attend this con run by a pedophile if you've always wanted to be assaulted, I guess.

When you aren't sure if you should buy something or not and you don't have friends to ask
>tfw you thought about pic related too long and then it sold out in your preferred colourway
93 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
What does this dress usually go for? I think I could convert it to JSK or skirt if the stains dont come out

They're pit stains
Just... wear it? It's a solid white OP.
If you hadn't have said it was a Halloween dress, I never would've guessed.
>not recognising rosalia princess gauze
that stain is horrific
It's just sweat

File: 1555759488250.jpg (153 KB, 772x1200)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Who did Asuka best?
94 replies and 34 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: foam.jpg (945 KB, 1886x776)
945 KB
945 KB JPG
I LOVE the foam armor concept these two did but I can't find any pictures other than this one from the anime expo website
Kind of unironically like this. She looks like an actual astronaut from back in the day.
bad chin shop and her arm looks like its dislocated
She needs to wash her feet god damn they're yellow as fuck
File: DNFSsP9VwAAFro8.jpg (234 KB, 1200x1200)
234 KB
234 KB JPG

Post some progress pictures of your current projects!

Things going smooth sailing or are you hitting bumps in the road? Feeling the crunch time for an upcoming con?
52 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
pepakura + EVA foam...
Working on getting more of the lighting sorted out.
>6mm full tang steel core with 2mm carbon fiber rods supporting the blades
As the director of "consafety" at a smaller convention if that came up at all I'd pull you to the side and make sure it wasnt sharp or in danger of falling apart, I'd also make sure you knew the prop policies and from what I've seen here I'd let it go
As long as you werent a dick about it or honestly if you didn't just straight up tell anyone we'd never think twice about it
File: IMG_20190519_212421.jpg (1.29 MB, 4160x3120)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
Going to be thermoforming the visor parts in the next few days using quite an old machine... the initial tests have gone okay but I'm still worried that I won't get it done for next weekend. Here's hoping though.
Sweet, another GS!
I know, right?

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