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File: roflbotd.jpg (79 KB, 400x600)
79 KB
I'll begin

>Loud teenage girls who have no social skills thinking they are so funny.
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Yeah I probably should have said anime cons.

This. I see kpop weebs hang out at this con just to party and they always have the standard koreaboo getup of black outfit with their bias and facemask
You understand that guys dressed up as girls are not girls right? Traps are men, then only girls who get paid would show up so I'll be about 6 people and see his men are the one who pay for all this, you idiots, you make no money so it wouldn't work.
Have a con for the people who have no money. No wonder you're a star at home neet who pretends to be a girl on the internet.

Ltd faggot.
Have a con for the people who have no money. No wonder you're a star at home neet who pretends to be a girl on the internet.

Kys faggot.

File: file.png (277 KB, 277x476)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
Rate pls
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>gulls honestly taking this bait
Threads like these are weirdly endearing to me. Keep working on it OP, you're getting there.
File: 1472043232236.png (61 KB, 308x244)
61 KB
yare yare get dress pants

File: questions.png (17 KB, 500x333)
17 KB
Why are neckbeards so threatened by "safe spaces" and "SJWs"? Are they just easily triggered snowflakes, or do they actually think women and LGBTQ+ are gonna harm them for being smelly nerds?
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File: smol puppy.jpg (113 KB, 960x958)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
>uhhh... small puppy!
yeah, bark
The only post that matters
Blacks with no fathers in areas above poverty
Post is trash. The neckbeards are part of the weak SJW and faggot community. They are part of the white knights and over reactors. Kys.
File: 12863.382634867648.jpg (99 KB, 752x752)
99 KB
So would the father figure in this case ''''effectively punish'''' someone who openly disrespected women by making a sexist post that implies women aren't capable of teaching or disciplining their own children?

Since it’s about that time of year again for the drama around AnimeCon.org to kick up again, I wanted to open a discussion: are the accusations true or not? I’m decently close to many of the people at the center of running these cons but I legitimately can’t tell who’s telling the truth and who’s lying anymore. Are accusers just stirring drama for clout or are they genuine? Are AnimeCon.org people being truthful, are they being misled, or are they genuinely bad people?
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not to mention, they also started a Halloween dance too to do further money grabbing
No one cares, fuck off
If this many people are willing to speak out now, he's definitely raped at least several people throughout the years. The victims didn't have strong connections to other big anime con runners or staff (since any decent con staff avoids Kopf cons like the plague) so he was able to sweep it under the rug for so long.

Liberty City Anime Con in NYC is the latest Kopf con that had at least 4 rape accusations. It's gross that Greg Ayres probably knew about it since he DJs at like every one of Kopf cons and seemsbuddy buddy with Kopf. Looks like the upper staff all slut-shamed everyone that tried to speak out over the years too. Kassy Caldwell & Erica Wise are the main people on upper level staff who continue to do this.

Look up the lolcow thread on Ryan Kopf for more details


The guy even posted a proof video of one of the claims

odds are there are a lot of women out there mad enough to claim rape in a lot of jobs. think about every crazy woman youve ever worked with
>If this many people are willing to speak out now, he's definitely raped at least several people throughout the years.

i don't really buy this logic as firm ground to argue from. I'm fine with saying its cause to be cautious, or to avoid them, but let the accusers make their case on their own.

>It's gross that Greg Ayres probably knew about it since he DJs at like every one of Kopf cons and seemsbuddy buddy with Kopf.

its hard to hold it against Greg, since for one, talent-type guests mostly are good at talking-the-talk, meaning giving everyone the 5 minute impression of how genuine they are. Think how good Vic had been at it, and its rare for talent-guests to not have developed that skill at least a little. So being salty toward him specifically, when its a trait common among them is kinda ehhh

but this:

>upper staff all slut-shamed everyone that tried to speak out over the years too.

thats some bullshit. if a claim is weak, then it stays weak. slut shaming just makes them look like they're overcompensating.

What did they mean by this?
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Congrats! So many people arrive in on Wednesday that it feels like the con is already started. Personally I prefer that more than staying over Sunday night.
I got a hut room too!
I did, I also got myself a hut room from Wednesday - Sunday but I don't have enough money for the deposit... ah well. My group is pretty pissed though, it's crazy how they would release the code just becauase it got leaked.
Our group got an african queen suite, it's not a combo suite, but it'll hold our group just fine
I got on there pretty quick after the email and didn't see any combo suites so I got an African queen too. I wonder if there were no combos or villages in the options? Maybe it was possible to go back through a second time and individually book a lodge and a hut? I didn't want to risk it.

File: 527198949_W0vskAZYRO.jpg (136 KB, 1280x1280)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
I couldn't find a seamtress thread on here, but I was wondering are there any seamtress, who'd be willing to make top as pic below?
How much are you willing to pay? Also it's technically 2 pieces: a bustier and a bolero.
Hi I'm just interested in the bolero and my price range is between $30-$100. I can do without the chinese knot fasteners.
Try posting in various cosplay commission groups on Facebook too.
I'm just a random passerby who saw this thread and was curious, but how did you know that it was called a bustier and a bolero? Where can I find more about what garments look like what?

File: Capture.png (869 KB, 799x723)
869 KB
869 KB PNG
Has anyone heard about the attack on the anime studio who produced Lucky Star, K-On!, and Haruhi Suzumiya?

>The suspect was injured and taken to a hospital, officials said. Police are investigating the man on suspicion of arson. Survivors who saw the attacker said he was not their colleague and that he was screaming "(You) die!" when he dumped the liquid and started the fire, according to Japanese media reports. They said some of the survivors got splashed with the liquid.

>A Japanese fire official says at least 23 people are now confirmed or presumed dead in a suspected arson at a popular animation production studio in Kyoto.

>Kyoto fire department official Satoshi Fujiwara says 36 others have been injured, some of them critically.
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from /news/

The culprit is suspected to be a famous train photographer that's posted on 2channel's train board and camera board for the past several years.
This person would frequently post long copypastas containing the catchphrase "baribari junkou saktto barisaku", so people called him Barisaku-kun.
It's thought that the catchphrase is supposed to mean "be sure to take train pictures with the light source coming from behind the camera".
This catchphrase didn't catch on at all, but Barisaku-kun seemed to be proud of it and go on with barisaku barisaku everyday.

In that time, the word "barisaku" became famous for a totally different meaning.
In the Kyoto Animation anime about a brass band "Hibike! Euphonium" there was a scene involving a solo done with a baritone sax that became popular under the name "barisaku solo".
Shortening baritone sax as barisaku has actually been done since a long time ago, but Barisaku-kun didn't know anything about music and assumed that Kyoto Animation had ripped off his "barisaku" catchphrase.
Hibike! Euphonium had a collaboration with Keihan Trains to run a wrapping train (train with anime characters painted on it), and and the anime otaku it attracted frequently clashed with the train photographers, something that had Barisaku-kun furious.
He went into the anime board and has been trolling the Hibike! Euphonium threads daily about how "Because of Hibike! Euphonium's barisaku solo my life is in chaos. I will never forgive this!"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Absolutely insane.
Another case of "this sort of thing only happens in America." Lmfao.
Well ya it does only happen in 'merica
All debunked now except the
>they copied me
part. Barisaku was not there. Though the offender was mad about some alleged plagiarism of his novel (we are not even sure it exists). That's why he was screaming about being copied.

File: 1535715587091.jpg (103 KB, 960x960)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Old thread >>10203776

Post coordinates that are mostly solids and have no recognisable named prints!

Some questions for discussion:
>what is the most creative solid/non-print coord you have ever seen?
>do you think solid main pieces lend themselves to more options when creating a coord?
>Do you have a favourite colour for solid dresses? Why is it your favourite?

Bonus points for posting coords with skirts!
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How big is this girl's wardrobe
[another rant about why don’t MMM rerelease the stuff I like]
Oh! Thank you, I didn't recognise her
Does anyone know which brand the cardigan is from? So cute.

File: map-australia.png (9 KB, 264x235)
9 KB
Anyone attending supanova? Last round of cosplay odyssey is this weekend.
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ty boys
So Smash was pretty good. Also Zimiel seems to be a loner at the con.
It was the official AVCon auction.
The maid cafe could do with a photog that isn't a maid girl with a polaroid camera, lmao.
It wasn't just bass, the volume was insanely loud overall. My ears have been ringing on and off from it for the past couple weeks.
Did you go for the afterdark party Saturday?
I would never have dared go in.
What the fuck was with charging $5 to single day passes to get in that anyway?

File: sonjjang.png (32 KB, 548x160)
32 KB
Have any little-known alternatives to Aliexpress/Taobao/etc you're looking into?

I myself am contemplating buying shoes from pic related, but I don't know how reliable they are. Any gulls with helpful personal experiences?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I went to look at the new site, and they don't have the shoes I was eyeing on the old one. Here's the link: http://www.sonjjang-hanbok.com/korean-traditional-accessories/hanbok-shoes/a57-white-shoes-3-5-7cm.html

It looks to me like they're still accepting orders on this site, tho.
Personally, I think they're a little overpriced. I usually don't pay more than $20~$35 for kkotshin. But to be fair, I speak Korean so I can order directly from Korea most of the time instead of paying the English convenience tax.

But quality-wise, Sonjjang should be trustworthy since they're a big traditonal hanbok company. Are you going to be wearing these with traditional hanbok or casual hanbok or something else?
The price goes down by $20 when you choose the pre-made heel sizes, which is what I was gonna do.

Well, uhh, I'm wearing them with a hanbok I made myself.

Is there anything I should know in regard to maintaining them? Do they require special care?
Oh, I didn't see that part! Yeah at that price, it's much more reasonable.

In regards to care, it's... kind of hard to wash them in general? So most people just replace them after a certain amount of use. Another thing to keep in mind is that these are traditionally made without any sort of cushioning, so your feet might hurt if you wear them around for a long time. There's a reason why buseon/hanbok socks are super thick. I know certain companies make modern versions of hanbok shoes with leather and cushioned insoles but the ones you'll find from traditional hanbok makers like Sonjjang are going to be the hard ones. If you plan on wearing them with just regular socks or no socks, I'd go up one size and buy gel insoles to be kind to your feet.
>kind of hard to wash them in general
Good to know! I'll be extra careful in any outdoors situations, then.

>buy gel insoles
Yeah, even if I bought the softer shoes, I'd still do this. I love gel insoles lol.

Old one in autosage >>10167312
Korean skin care and k-beauty is becoming a lot more accessible here in the west these days huh? I remember back in 2015 it was damn near impossible to get stuff like sheet masks and air cushions in brick and mortar stores in America but it's everywhere now.
Anyways, I'm starting isotretinoin (accutane) soon. My natural skin type is oily and I know it's gonna dry out. Has anyone tried the Hado Labo Gokujyun lotion and liked it? I've heard it's the most moisturizing lotion on the Japanese, if not all, markets. I remember a full a few years ago disappointed that it felt sticky and glue-like though
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File: 20190717_191924.jpg (3.87 MB, 2789x2268)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB JPG
going to make a Dr appointment, but does anybody recognize this type of irritation? I've had it for months now, it comes and goes, and some days like today its bad...
Put them on at an angle. I usually position them how I want them to look before I put on glue on them to get a good idea of what angle they look best at. It’s a little tricky at first cause most people set them on top of their natural eyelashes

Looks like rosacea? Kinda hard to tell with the lighting though
Is it itchy? It may be contact dermatitis. I've gotten it from certain fragrances and Georgia mountain farmers' market bath bombs.
Yeah, if anyone was wondering, don't make that second mistake.
Too straight and perfect (I like the whispy look) but sorta, because the split is what I really want lol. Sad, because I don’t know how to part it like that, I only woke up with that once.
Hmm that actually gives me an idea more how to part it.

Btw if anyone can read japanese and translate what pictogram 3 says in >>10222289 that’d be great
It really comes down to how your hair lays. You can’t do much about the grain of your hair but you can blowdry them in the direction you want them to lay to help achieve the look

And 3 just says bangs/parts commonly used by AKB members

File: TnT.jpg (360 KB, 2000x500)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
Its going on right now, anyone even there?

File: 1436348294097.jpg (34 KB, 313x328)
34 KB
You got hijacked by the other TiT thread.
Poor anon :(
That's because nobody who was there can find their way back to civilization.

Lost in the Hobby Lobby of Doom

File: th (14).jpg (44 KB, 474x474)
44 KB
Anyone know of good Cons in this area ? i know of PAX East but im looking for others too but im a broke college student i cant really afford to travel beyond here.
Anime Boston, Anime NYC
There are so many cons in this area. Did you even try and research for yourself?
It's many who come on here who can't Google or bother to read the archives. They expect the shit to be served to them. This is why they are a generation of lazy fucks.

File: FB_IMG_1560728244386.jpg (63 KB, 960x960)
63 KB
Posts on the official group agree it was worse than last year. IA cancelled, the amount of people there Friday made Matsuri look like Anime CTX, and Hfest is worse than ever now. John is finally getting his just desserts.
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she was wearing black lingerie (bra and panties) and a see through 'mesh' cape.
she did wear the vader mask (full helmet).
Oh we’re talking about the Nerlesque?
So Shop In Wonderland is essentially opening up as a basic, overpriced anime shop with Liz Lisa clothes shoved in a back corner. I'm honestly shocked they didn't change the name, but at least this store will hopefully die off in a year or two, if not faster.
They should rebrand or something. Glad they’re not in the fashion scene anymore though
neg. i wish she was in the show.

File: D_CF_7LUYAAl9-l.jpg (183 KB, 768x1199)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
any type of maid outfit is fine!
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File: kUHK2la.jpg (102 KB, 796x1200)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
What are the best maid cafes to visit? And how cringy are they irl?
File: meidodesu.jpg (112 KB, 776x1040)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
I don't think I ever posted a review for Lala Maid on taobao but I finally got one of theirs inspired by the @home maids and I love it.

Some of their designs are pretty awful but they've got some good gems in there.
File: CvdSLH5UAAAjuHQ.jpg (310 KB, 1152x2048)
310 KB
310 KB JPG

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