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I miss that trend, and the casual, comfy yet intricate feel it had.

Let's have a thread to share lolita coords with a creepy cute look. Bubble goth outfits are also welcome, especially if they're on the frilly side.
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File: 1478353186019.jpg (52 KB, 236x591)
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File: 1549260091688.jpg (199 KB, 540x767)
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File: glb270067.jpg (840 KB, 1200x1776)
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Now that you point that out I've realised they only show stock photos with the crown version - so maybe the skull and crossbones was done as a direct replica of that cover art and is actually a commission/screen printed?
You can see the skulls on the little anime girl, I think there's just another version.

File: FB_IMG_1557933373624.jpg (22 KB, 640x310)
22 KB
So how many have you used a commissioned cosplay or prop in a masquerade and placed? Or know someone who has
I'm going to be commissioning the stitching on my pants and top. I'm a 26 year old male, I don't know how to fucking sew.
Normally if you say that this part I'd commissioned but I made this part it doesnt matter
File: 1415758326783.gif (1.29 MB, 413x192)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB GIF
Learn how to sew you fucking pathetic casual, being male is no excuse.

File: 1537805538905.jpg (577 KB, 1167x1600)
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577 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>9998749
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Does anyone have translations for glb 3 patterns? Specifically the apron and bunny? I sorta get what to do from the diagrams and pattern pieces, but I'd like to read the full instructions if anyone has them.
Has anyone dyed lace successfully to match fabrics? How did it go?
I have!
If it is a cotton or a natural fabric check the RIT dye recipe page. It has recipes on how to make different shades. It is on their website.

If it is synthetic you will have to use the synthetic dye and last I checked they don't have ratios for that. You would have to free hand that which is more risky unless you can match it to one of the bottles.
If you have specific questions let me know.
Thank you! I'm probably going down the natural fibres route, synthetics look like they're just that much more difficult to get right. Do you find that Rit dye rubs off at all? I'm intending to do Moitie blue lace on white velvet, so it's going to be pretty obvious if there's any transfer.
As long as you use a fixative I'm sure you'll be fine

What are your unpopular cosplay opinions? From wigs to makeup to sewing and everything in between.
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It's not, just laugh and ignore the sjw's. If the intent isn't to make fun of niggers then it's not a problem. People are just fairies nowadays
Correct, women use cosplay to act slutty and get attention and as a guy I like sexy looking girls. If you took the costhots out of the equation it would be fine, but women need people gawking over them to survive.
>so men use cosplay to act slutty and get attention

Yeah lmao, that’s the point of wearing barely any clothing and going to a huge con. That’s exactly what we do for attention. Wow, you really figured us out. Why are you upset again?

I don't really agree, most of the female cosplays I saw at ACEN this weekend that stick out in my mind weren't lewd. Master Chef (Master Chief in a cooking apron) was a pretty good one. Sure lewds have their appeal, but at a point the chicks in pantyhose become white noise. Also saw a really awesome Booette cosplay that was beautiful and not at all lewd.

What do you wear lazing around the house?
How do you incorporate your style into your sleepwear?
What's your favourite petticoat?
Do you match the colour of your bloomers and petticoat to your main-piece or legwear?
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I've got a hook behind the door that's reasonably high up, I hang it off that.
File: Download success.jpg (1.27 MB, 1080x1350)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
File: pairredo.png (215 KB, 400x300)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
File: 10_000000002040.jpg (175 KB, 750x750)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Wendy nightdress from ETC
File: 1495135989076.jpg (49 KB, 610x432)
49 KB
I love this

post coords that make your heart swell
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bitch who actually gives a fuck don't sit next to someone with that makeup problem solved. sorry the world revolves around you and your comfort levels princess
thank you so much!
why do i like this? i'm so confused. my guess is 2009 scene kid nostalgia, that shade of pink with black was very common in that era (along with those. damn. socks). i hated this at first glance, but the more i look at it, the more i really like it.

File: 1426141581952.jpg (120 KB, 709x669)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Old one hit bump limit >>10028899

Post all the /cgl/ related stuff you've got coming in the mail
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It arrived and is amazing. It's a good deal longer than fille du jardin, but overal the same construction. Has a zipper but I didn't have to use it since it's fully shirred.

Still have no idea what year or release, but there's so much material in the skirt it can almost stand up on its own, highly recommended for summer. There's one just like it now on yahoo auctions.
How's the etude house tint? Which color did you get? Does it stay on long?
Just scored the Dangerous Nude Medusa skirt. Have been wanting it since I saw it in someone's wardrobe post.
Not the OP but I have the Etude House Dear Darling Tint in RD302 and it's great. It stays on for ages, and takes some serious scrubbing to get off. I usually have some left on my lips the next morning if I remove it the night before.
Baby sitting for my 10 month old nephew while my sister is out of state and my rhs arrived yesterday when I wasnt home and as soon as I get home I have to head right out to see a play with my grandad.

File: anime-central-logo.png (37 KB, 1000x458)
37 KB
Any of you guys going to ACen this year?
Me and a friend are going and are looking for a hotel room if anyone is down to split the cost.
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File: m1vtxeh2ivr11.png (806 KB, 1001x823)
806 KB
806 KB PNG
Th-thanks guys
Should've come and got shitfaced with your fellow anonymous imageboard posters. No point sulking over relationships, nothing lasts forever.
You're right, Anon. Raincheck for next year?
Never let an old flame extinguish your passions, bruh.
File: IMG_7363.jpg (910 KB, 1534x1023)
910 KB
910 KB JPG

File: large.jpg (221 KB, 500x574)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Can we have a thread to specifically discuss sewing and needlecraft in the context of j-fash and cosplay? Pattern making, machine discussion, garment construction, embroidery, etc. Other needlecrafts such as crochet, knitting, felting, etc are welcome too.
Question to get us started: Have any of you all bought older, heavier duty machines or invested in an industrial machine? It's been something I've been considering for a while because I like to sew some heavier materials and my machine struggles to keep up sometimes
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I hope this is okay to ask, does anyone have good head bow tutorials. There are some on Youtube that are varying in quality but I would like to make different types so I was thinking there might be some old GLB ones or something.
(If anyone knows where I could just look through old GLB patterns that would also be awesome.)
Just kidding! I found this if anyone else is interested in old GLB scans:

I would still love any recommended tutorials if you have them!
Have a look for the otome no sewing scans, they often have hair accessories. I like to interface bows so they're more sturdy and hold their shape better, which a lot of tutorials don't show.
lol there have been threads and threads made for sharing these types of pattens. fuck off back to tumblr with that virtue signaling
For knit and crochet, this site has translated versions of Japanese patterns, which are superior imo since they come with charts and you don't have to figure out arcane text and trust God it will end up looking somewhat like the picture. http://gosyo.co.jp/english/index.html#top

File: miaokicrop.jpg (194 KB, 620x620)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Previous thread >>10155469

For cosplay questions, check the catalog for a cosplay help thread or post in >>10148843 (currently autosaging)
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It depends what you want to wear. If you like to mostly wear dresses, it doesn't matter that much - 26-27" is fine for most stuff. If you like old-school, skirts, and BPN/Peace Now 62-63cm is better. Personally I think if you go too small then things get really bulky at the back with the corset lacing etc.
Due to some health issues I probably will need to wear a wig on a daily basis soon. Is styling and re-styling a wig without damaging it possible? or should I get one for J-fashion looks and one for a casual/work look?
If your budget can allow it, having two wigs is probably better off since a wig can only take so much restyling before it starts to shed and/or look bad. Hope all goes well for you <3
New thread: >>10172928#
Thanks anon <3

Trying to figure out if the diy for cosplaying as a zebra. I’ve seen pictures of the hooves being created with resin, my fear is not doing the resin correctly, let alone the mold I need to create. Should I go for the basic block hooves or make then cloven since it’s a cosplay? Would the design impact my feet if I make them realistic?
use the fucking help thread thx
Zebras don't have cloven hooves, just like horses

Tekko is two months away and I haven’t seen a thread yet. What are you most excited for? Anyone else a little weirded out by all the wrestling guests they keep announcing?
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saw her at line for regi. she was a+ sea salt.
File: 20190412_212217.jpg (2.3 MB, 4032x1960)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG
I had a press pass and attended every major event over the con--who the hell is this?
Beast boy and Raven, I think?
File: uFJmHgrj.jpg (245 KB, 728x715)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Well if you had a great time at Tekko but didn't get a chance to meet many ppl,
I want to invite all you PGH based Tekko goers to an unofficial gaming meet-up this Saturday the 11th.

>bring your weeb friends-
>bring a game-
>bring your crippling fear of social interaction!

We'll be there this Saturday the 11th at Legions Hobbies & Games.
Me and some of my Tekko pals will be playing a variety of games from 5 til close.
Some of my low-sodium lolita friends will be coming out to game as well, so if you're looking for another excuse to cosplay, meet some ppl or whatever, come add to the fun

Also, if you've never been to Legions, it's at:
1130 Perry Highway, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
(there is no cost, just please buy a drink or something to support their store)
Did anyone make it out to this?

File: CanonWaterMarked.jpg (291 KB, 1437x955)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
how do I make easy money with a DSLR at comic con? i live in san diego and could use some quick cash, any quick cosplay photohgraphy gigs?

pic not releated, random one i downloaded
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>Post work
>Anon did you post me on 4chan???
People post their own work here all the time dipshit.
On /p/ sure, I don't see many photography/rpt threads on this board though.
It seems like it'd be easier for a cosplayer to find out they've been posted on 4chan over a random normalfag /p/ortrait client, and even if it were only for the purpose of photog criticism I'm sure none of them would react nicely to finding out.

>just ask for permission
Sure but I doubt many would be okay with being posted here.
When did photogs start being such bitches?
Someone agrees to get taken pics of by your camera, that's your property and you can do whatever you want with those pics.
I never ask permission to post anything and no one gets mad cause people just know that's what i do.
Fuck you dumb faggots
Unless they're naked it's not a big deal and they need to fuck off.

I've been posted here several times, both vendetta'd and in general show off threads. You know what feels good? Seeing my picture shown off with pride by somebody else.

Somebody throws a hissy-fit about it, they need to grow up. People who still get upset about "beInG PoSTed oN 4ChaN" don't actually use the site, and don't realize that it can actually be a very good thing thing. If they're so worried about showing up online, they shouldn't be getting photos taken of themselves in this community at all. Especially professional.

How do you guys find other lgbt people at cons?
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Find? I like to avoid at any cost.
File: 1514506285823.jpg (36 KB, 241x403)
36 KB

It's literally just a very hit or miss tactic for shooing away creepy guys/getting attention from them. If they're not an ugly dyke, they're straight, full stop
Lol, they don't exist dude. It's a gay thing. We dress like this to show other chicks how much we love pussy. I suggest you develop a new type.
What are you talking about OP? Literally every cosplayer nowadays is supposedly gay or a rectangle in a triangle hole or whatever these mental illnesses are called.

Some lesbos can be convinced to try cock.
I was talking to this one married lesbo on snapchat, we eventually started talking about sexual stuff and i brought up cocks, maybe my own maybe not. She said she always wanted to try one and got super wet at the thought of fucking me. I got her to tell me all her straight cock fantasies and desires before her wife found out and blocked me on their accounts. I had her number and still fucked her later. But yeah, just find regular lezos or bi girls and sweet talk the straight dreams into their head for a while.
>some lesbos can be convinced to try cock
they aren’t a lesbian then. also, r/thathappened

File: logo_C5443.png (46 KB, 250x156)
46 KB
Non-autosage addition.

Lemme know about the tasty food you want to eat. Lemme know about those wonderful cosplays you're wearing. Lemme know about those fucking bags that don't need to be sold~

Anime Boston general PART 2
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in the same boat, i miss while in high school i'd have two groups to move in and out of here. Now it feels like im in a bubble with some close friends, and the same as any weekend out with them.
Maaan, I was in Oklahoma this year. One of these days I'll make it to AnimeBoston...
This year was pretty baller. City Hunter was what made it for me~

>the monitor is a fucking ViewSonic

Perfection. Goddamn perfection

I saw you dude! Managed to say hi to ya in the main hall but unfortunately didnt get to snap a pic cause of time constraints :(

Still was an incredible cosplay to see in person! Awesome job dude! Hope to see you next year if we cross paths again
Anyone get feet pics of her?
Noticing that there was a disproportionate amount of trannies doesn't make me afraid of them lol. The fact that you can hide being a weeb but you can't hide your adams apple and man face.

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