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Previous thread >>9988541

Old thread is on autosage. How was everyone’s con? Let’s hear about the good, the bad, and the ugly.
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I planned on hosting panels next year so I planned on going. Made some good friends despite being super anti social, too
The only thing I wish for next year is working escalators or at least a solid stairway to the upper levels and for the schedule to be printed in a way that doesn't require a magnifying glass.
>working escalators
Won't happen. They aren't made to have the load of a convention of this size. They were probably working the Thursday of the con but then broke. Conspiracy theory reason: the building staff blocked it off on purpose

>schedule to be printed in a way that doesn't require a magnifying glass
The staff drag their feet so fucking hard that the schedule is a shitshow. Bigger cons can have schedules out online literally months in advance, in comparison.

Want to change any of this? Too bad. Con staff is walled off to close friends and not actual trained professionals.
How does a con get this size and not act like a business...
I did? I've been pretty active since the con ended and was during the entirety of the con as well, running my job and the jobs of two other staffers who couldn't make it. Any particular reason for this very specific call-out?

File: 1477578405092.jpg (261 KB, 900x1350)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
No jojo thread even with part 5 anime adaptation ?
Insta have a lot of new wonderfull jojo cosplays right now !
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File: 1470817715933.jpg (373 KB, 800x1204)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
I you want to see more causal pictures of abbachio and bruno you can look up elevn_zip on insta, her girlfriend also cosplay abbachio .

sorry I don't know this jotaro
That may very well be the most convincing Bucciarati I have ever seen.

This is just sublime
damn, that Leone made such a good job on the wig.
Old pic of my Kars cosplay, I have edited since then but have no new pics yet.

you know what to do
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i don't know if i'm right but can someone confirm for me if the butt cheeks are just 1 of the butt cheeks copied and moved over? this butt just looks so off to me
Don’t know if it was copied but they definitely smoothed away too much of the left cheek crease, makes it look super stiff.
Fucking terrifying. Stumbled across on Instagram while looking for old-school lolita inspo
she has some great coords imo, but her shoops ruin it
Yeah, the coords are nice inspo but I can't get over the scary photoshoppped doll-bird-hybrid face staring back at me.

File: 07131029_5966cd07559d5.jpg (139 KB, 530x797)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
What patterns and colors would be best for the changing season.
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>I chose polyester because it reflected the light
maybe you're drawn to it, but overly shiny fabric is going to make a garment look cheap, 100% of the time.

Butterick B6267 frankly, looks terrible as a pattern, and was poorly researched. It might be fine as a fantasy costume but you should not think of it as folkwear or historically accurate in any way.

>I don't know why you assume I pick my fabric at Joann (didn't know what it was until I googled it, I get my fabric at my canadian version, Fabricville)
Anon just assumed you were from the US. Think of Joann as a cross between Michaels and Fabricland/ville, they sell craft supplies and fabrics. They're pretty much the same thing.

If you ever decide to graduate to a proper yukata, here is a site with the best instructions I've found thus far: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~weyrbrat/Japan/yukata/ Pick a nice cotton fabric for it.

Anyway, good effort, and keep sewing and learning.
Depends on the size of the stains and the patterns on the kimono. One with a more even and smaller sized pattern like a komon kimono could be made into a cute bag.

You know that a website knows what theyr are talking about when you see the handmade CSS like that! Thanks a lot, anon!

And for your sake, no way I was planning to make this kimono with the idea it was historically accurate or a proper traditional one. Fantasy costume it the right term. You know, I bought a kind of dressing gown that was labelled as «kimono». The appelation is out of control...
I showed my Japanese bf and not even he could say for sure, but he thinks it might be a stylistic rendering of 教 (teach, faith). It looks really pretty though!
>You know, I bought a kind of dressing gown that was labelled as «kimono»
Ah, yeah that's a thing. They also call those summer shawl/cardigan things kimono or a kimono jacket sometimes, although obviously, it does not qualify as kimono, the Japanese folkwear, but a new and different thing entirely.

And you're very welcome~

The last one was ruined by furries.
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Who said anything about mental health here? And if you’re talking about the “unfortunate faces” Comments, that’s all it is, unfortunate. If someone wants to defend themselves about their faces, go for it; but we’re all just trying to laugh and move on. If you don’t get that I can’t help you.
nyart the it’s a shame we have to do concrit anonymously because of people like you frankly.
>we have to do concrit anonymously because of people like you frankly.

Are you a troll or did you fail grade three reading comprehension?
The person you replied to is saying that they're sick of people ragging on unchangeable or irrelevant traits. Why would someone complain about or critique someone for something they can't change? Why are you concerned about how someone is irl when this thread is for judging outfits? There are cringey dweebs who dress well, their personality might be ita, but they don't get posted here. So there's no good reason to talk about personalities in the ita thread.

Just talk about outfits, please. Or take your weird claims to amino.
We can talk about whatever want, thanks though. Sorry this board isn’t the guy box you need it to be.
Hug box**

Let's try to keep one going...
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I'll take it into consideration anon.

The bodice of the navy jsk is only 28cm long. Probably too short for you, sadly. It would probably fit really tight over 90cm bust as well.
The bodice of the black cameo jsk is 35cm, in case you wanted to know.
Thank you! I’ll leave my email here, feel free to shoot me a message if you’re ok with selling just the OP and want to discuss the price further.
Anon, if you’re still here - I just got paid and want to throw my money at you. I’ll buy the set! Sorry to be so nosy, I’m desperate to be a velveteen princess this christmas.
Op please sell it in a set or start the bid on 120. I'd like to offer more and would really be interested in the OP+ Headbow + Bag.
Oh my goodness, I never realised so many people would be interested in the OP!

I planned to put it everything up for auction in January, but definitely willing to put the OP up sooner if that's more convienient for all of you?
The soonest I can put it up for auction is either this tuesday or wednesday.
It would be a 7 day auction (the shortest they offer) on LM and I decided to sell the OP as a set with the headbow & handbag, just like >>10052552 suggested.
PostNL usually ships quickly but sadly can't guarantee it will arrive in time for Christmas. This time of year usually has shipping delays.

Need help finding coord pictures of a certain item? Post and help others here.

Personally looking for any colorway of Meta's 2007 Crown Cross Jsk.
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It’s ok! I was trying to show it off to a few friends first before commiting to it, and you grabbed it before I did haha. Either way congrats it’s beautiful! That sleeve detail is the best!
File: bichoncircus.png (811 KB, 480x640)
811 KB
811 KB PNG
Does anybody have any photo's of Bichon Cirque? Any color way will do.
great taste anon poodles are great
I could only find official baby coords but I hope they still help

File: cgl4.png (850 KB, 2000x2796)
850 KB
850 KB PNG
Past Thread >>10002561

Matches have been sent out, if you have not received anything contact us immediately!

Continue your questions and discussion here!
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Whoops sorry meant to reply to this >>10053266 anon
>tfw the absolute cheapest rate you can find to mail one of your international matches their gift is $75

Still am happy I picked to ship internationally, but next year I’ll definitely be only picking stuff that’s light like clothing...

I already had a big 'ah shit' moment when I was presented with the info that the cheapest rate for me was 32€...

And that's why I only went with one gift :')
6248 here, excited to get mine! hope it arrives before I go on holidays.

I've emailed santa to try and get in touch, but whoever is putting together the present for me (6248), I'd like to arrange for shipping my present later to ensure that the parcel doesn't bounce at my post office while I'm away for the holidays. it's fine if you've already sent it (I'll sort something out), but if you haven't, I'd really appreciate if you held off for a little longer!

New thread here!

gulls, as if being an uggo wasn't enough, I feel cucked by my glasses/severe myopia.

I am literally blind without them (cannot walk around without them) and I cannot wear contact lenses or any eyes lenses at all (so no different eye colours sparkly lenses either).

This means my glasses always get in the way of cosplays and outfits in general. to me it simply feels like it's ruining it.
I mean, take any picture of a character/coord, then photoshop frames onto it.
It's just not the same thing, you know?

anyone share that feel?
any tips?

>inb4 just buy different pairs of glasses that match
if i had heaps of cash to spend for each pair that i might never use ever again, sure

>only cosplay characters with glasses

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Where the fuck is evolutionary theory
Drawin's theory just means that these disabilities never stopped your ancestors from reproducing before they died (eaten by tigers). Ergo, these traits were never selected out. Take that as a beacon of hope for you.
lol yeah it ‘dirties’ them but you can literally just wipe them off on your shirt. op your problem here is not glasses but crippling self-consciousness and anxiety. your only choice here is to forcibly stop giving a fuck*

*the art of forcibly not giving a fuck is forcing yourself to do things you and potentially others cringe at despite how painful it is. it’s the only way to deal with crippling self-consciousness in a timely fashion
ya'll can say no one cares but i wore my prescription glasses walking around in cosplay (not in photos) and got called hipster [character name] for years
File: my glasses.jpg (68 KB, 580x432)
68 KB
Fellow glassesanon here, I feel you deeply. My prescription's not as bad as yours (-5.75) but my eyes are still pretty damn awful. I remember being sad on Halloweens as a kid because I wanted to go as characters that didn't wear glasses or couldn't think of bespectacled characters I wanted to portray, and even to this day it still kind of follows me.
But - it's been my experience that nobody really cares. Even when I had more obvious black frames with Transitions lenses that were constantly tilted nobody said anything. Heck, I even got COMPLIMENTED once - I was cosplaying an older character and they thought the glasses added to their worldliness.

There are a few things I do to mitigate it. I wear glasses with clear frames that are less noticeable. I also have prescription sunglasses that open up a few more opportunities. When I'm getting photographed I sometimes tuck them into my back pants pocket or inner jacket pocket. But I mostly just don't sweat it.

Have you looked into buying glasses online? Glasses shops around me charge anywhere from $125 to upwards of $200 for a single pair, but online I can get 'em for around $40. Sure they're lower-quality, but I don't wear them daily so I don't care. Picking up more subtle frames is a good stopgap if you can't/won't do contacts.
File: IMG_20181208_165201.jpg (88 KB, 1080x1324)
88 KB
I feel you so much anon. walking around without glasses is really a huge danger for me, I often don't see steps causing lots of falls. I literally cannot do it.
and just to add to the uggo factor, i also have horrendous teeth. been waiting forever to get braces but even then that'll just be another factor to make me feel self conscious.

>Some cosplayers just want to wear a costume and get shit-faced in it.
not going to lie, sometimes that is my goal
I wanna cosplay le meme seifuku trap Astolfo because it's the most practical for me for moving around and it's fairly cheap

>wipe them on your shirt
you just triggered me to hell and back anon

this too

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: choco.jpg (114 KB, 1084x926)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Handmade bloomers edition
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I don't hate them, they just make me incredibly uncomfortable because I know whenever I'm around them I'm now skating on the thin ice of committing a 'hate crime'.
Not necessarily. I respect your right to do what you like with your body and that doesn't bother me at all, but I refuse to participate in your delusions, which can cause conflict.
Nope. All trans people I've personally met were pretty chill.
I've never encountered a trans person who wasn't 110% cool about their situation. Honestly I'm way more afraid of/resentful towards regular old straight women as they've caused me the most grief of any demographic.
Funnily enough, the only person to ever be offended by me accidentally misgendering/deadnaming somebody was my own sister who has made a habit of surrounding herself almost exclusively with LGBT folks, despite being none of those herself.
You’re completely right anon. Thank you. I am recently finding it much more easy to be confident in toned down styles than full fledged OTT sweet lolita fashion. I feel cuter and more at home in my own toned down style though I appreciate the way lolita fashion looks on other people. I feel much happier and less anxious to go out of my house now. I feel like the whole “wear whatever the hell you want Bc fuck society XD!!!” Thing doesn’t really apply to everyone. And that’s okay! I think people should just wear whatever they feel comfortable wearing.

File: DSC01017.jpg (789 KB, 1920x1080)
789 KB
789 KB JPG
What do you guys think?
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah, I made it for a final at school. I'm probably going to pair it with a kirtle when I present the project tomorrow.
>What do you guys think?
*Specific crest from a separate, later helm.
*Helm doesn't fit and probably isn't padded right, certainly isn't worn over a helmet.
*Butted, round, oversized maille.
*Cheap, thin cotton robe
*No base layers
*Meme order
*Posted outside of LARPthread, which is also for historic reenacting and HEMA.

Aren't the templars an even bigger meme order?

Non meme orders would propably be hospitallers, the different Spanish and Portugiese orders from the time of the Reconquista and the Livonian brothers of the sword right?
I'll give you answers to those questions and more, in the LARPthread!
I'm not OP but this guy >>10050781
But I will ask you again for non meme orders in the LARPthread

Previous thread: >>10045618
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I like this coord but the editing...
This is super cute. I really like her wig with this coord.
Agreed, her natural face looks totally fine but then she does all the smoothing and it looks really bad.
Anon do you not see how her calves are struggling to not burst out of those boots?
New thread >>10052783

>inb4 you can never be too old

No seriously, how old do you have to be before it just starts to look creepy and sad?
88 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: shame.jpg (23 KB, 400x299)
23 KB
Is 28 too old to start cosplay?
Never too old to have fun, and if you're aiming for professional, there are a lot of characters your age
Thanks, I guess you are right. I really want to cosplay but I never had a courage to do anything. You know, people around me at this age are having their own family and I'm thinking about dressing up as some anime/game/movie characters.
There's something reassuring about being like everyone else but sometimes you gotta do the things that make you happy

File: 20181205_091114-1.jpg (593 KB, 757x1210)
593 KB
593 KB JPG
I saw this dude at my college cosplay Goblin Slayer I'm wondering if anyone else has seen some shut like this?
Saw a Haikyuu (?) cosplayer with a bright orange wig and a typical kpop fan walking near my local mall. I was in the bus so I didn't have the chance to take a pic, but the kpop fan was holding a sign saying something like "taking pics without asking is rude" anyway, lmao.
I've seen Attack on Titan cosplay at malls worn by teenagers a few years back but other than that I've only seen furries in ethier full fursuit or those fox ears and tail things walking around.
going to the mall in cosplay was a middle school cosplay staple. I've gone with a lot of my friends and I've seen other people go too, a lot of people in anime cosplays around halloween. I saw some free! cosplayers at the park when pokemon go! was big and a group of japanese exchange students came up and asked them for a pic lol. You also see a lot of people cosplaying at walmart/resteraunts etc when a con is happening nearby.

File: ichilogo2019.png (166 KB, 1000x288)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
Little over a month away, what are we all expecting for the 10 year mark?
Another frustrating shitshow where you have to fight a crowd that is far too big for the venue because they refuse to fucking move already.
I get that! Attended the first few years and they are stressing the seams a bit now.

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