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File: makeup.jpg (103 KB, 498x750)
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tutorials, inspo and discussions :)
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Ah, yes. What reason is it? They all say it’s because of hygiene and that they were told it’s unhygienic in makeup school, but I would love to know what you learned
I'm Asian and I think the eyebag trend looks ugly and doesn't work for most Asians out there. If it's not working out for you, don't worry about it and move on.
File: images (17).jpg (37 KB, 452x678)
37 KB
Look up berry tsukasa/ichigo flavor, that tutorial is hers and most of the other tutorials are somewhat similar aesthetically to that one
NTA but we're not told that in ""makeup school"". It's due to sanitation laws, local laws at that, some places don't even consider them single use but drying them takes a long time. It's because it can't be disinfected with alcohol specifically, and they degrade over time, not because they're impossible to clean. Literally everyone knows any kind of sponge in general doesn't stay clean forever and you should replace them, but they are not single use by any means. A similar law is that pumice stones use in nail care are professionally considered single use in some states even though they aren't single use at home. Makeup cushions definitely don't collect bacteria anymore than anything else does. You guys sound OCD as fuck acting like bacteria simply grows from touching things like that. Entire countries of people use their hands for makeup application and it's perfectly fine.
Any gulls mind dropping their routines? I’m curious to see what everyone else’s is like.

AMKE is under a month away, anyone going?
I'm going for the first time. Is this a pretty comfy con? Are the panels and cosplay masquerade fun? Any tips?
I've been going since '11, I like it. It's a mid size con, panels and masquerade are fun if you like those things.

Hey ceeg,let's have this thread to look for old/forgotten/impossible to find media we want to find back! Let it be from Livejournal,Youtube,Japanese websites,...

I'll begin with a very simple request: I can't find Peep TV show anymore,although it was a pretentious mediocre poorly made student film i just felt like watching it today w. Can you please be of any help?
Also I am having trouble finding that
Musashino-sen no Shimai (sisters of the musashino line) movie subtitles that an anon made years ago to go along to a chinese sub video of the movie on Youku.
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The styles are B-kei/B-boy style/ Hip Hop Kei on top, Gyaru-kei with the pink hair, and Ebichan-kei (I'm guessing modeled after Yuri Ebihara/Ebichan) on the right.
Never heard of her, but I assume she must have been the new hot thing at the time.

Googling her, she doesn't seem to have any particular stand-out style though, so is there any more information on what exactly this was? Was there seriously a whole subset style based on copying one particular model's outfits?
>Was there seriously a whole subset style based on copying one particular model's outfits?

peco-kei, amo style, ayumi seto with aymmy, kyary, risa. tomoe shinohara.
it-girls have always defined what's up-and-coming/popular in alt-fashion scenes
I'm trying to find a live video of an idol who wore lolita. The girls from the audience were in the stage with her dancing and there was crazy light stick action.
Yeah, but the girls you listed have defined and unique(enough) styles that you can look at and understand right away if you google them.

Not a single photo I found of that model in particular looks like anything beyond completely bland, normie fashion.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (171 KB, 1280x720)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Anybody from the New England area attending any conventions this year, big or small? I was curious if anybody on /cgl/ attended any of the small ones like Queen City Kamikaze or ConnetiCon. Anybody planning on Anime Boston this year?
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I cosplay every year for PAX East. Last year just started attending comic con. This year I'll be going to PAX East again (Death Stranding and a wrestling cosplay) and Ace Comic Con, so far. Queen City is a 20 minute drive from me so I'll give it a shot.
Not surprising since the people "in charge" of many of the social meetups are immature mouthbreathers who won't take input and go after anyone else who tries to coordinate a meetup.
I'm going to go to Anime Boston. Didn't go last year because I was too busy but looking forward to it this time around.
Is that because Boston night life in general is bad or does the con not really have any after parties? I've been to it twice but went home by the time evening rolls around (I live close but not so close that it's practical to party until late at night).
Both. AB used to have a dance but a bunch of irresponsible druggies got the cops pulled on it one year, and ever since then there's been little going on after 10pm. There's some unofficial party fliers that always get passed around but they're either far away or charge to get in.

Boston night life in general isn't great because of Puritan liquor laws and a literal 2am city curfew. If you're under 21 you technically aren't even allowed on the street past 11am.

We haven’t had one of these in a while so I wanted to bring them back. Looking for more gulls to follow on social media, so feel free to self post! No vendetta pls.
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I got her bodysuit pattern and I learnt, too late, that it's not...made for me. I'll have to alter a lot of it next time because it's not made for people with tiny torsos and long legs.
File: 008 - copia (2).jpg (74 KB, 959x959)
74 KB
Who else would love to see her in the xxx industry?
you know that cgl is mostly women, right?
File: Kawaii_jesus_anime.jpg (33 KB, 360x450)
33 KB
I'd love to see her attend Church next Sunday and praise the lord amen

File: hosh bat.jpg (142 KB, 1080x1350)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>10212237

Ear tier list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EaZ1AkOx_0324dkPzUPVvqiuIrOQhCbeEcquRl8m4rc/edit?usp=sharing

MowkysDen how to make ears ebook (only good for learning the very basics, will result in shit tier ears otherwise): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K-xe8Uekkn4uvY3pKftf8AHJYFV0sztx/view?usp=sharing
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There will always be people whose standard is low enough to want a pair of those or any other low quality shop like AiyuDesigns or LittleLuxies.
They're costhots
>bumping the thread with this unsaged bullshit
They are unironically. The thread was two posts away from autosage, anyways. Don't be a tard
New thread

File: DSC02801.jpg (547 KB, 1313x1940)
547 KB
547 KB JPG
last thread: >>10290636

>Please read the FAQ before posting in the thread (always updating)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (always WIP)
>IP taketowns (based on artists contribution, may or may not have been a one time thing, use as a guideline)
>AA Inspo (thanks anon!)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I say go for it! I've considered them as well for display but I dont have anything that extremely calls for it yet

If you want the light to catch it Id also try out a small display light for it + the spinner
I'm wondering how I'll do the lights. I have a basic idea for display so far: I'll have a big lightweight cylinder on it (styrofoam or something?) paint it black, add some hooks, and basically have an outer shell of product. Dunno where I should set the lights though. Ideally I'd want the source to come from where the customer is standing, but that's not feasible.
If you put the light on the table just in front of the display and angle it up it should reflect to about the eye level of customers
its probably good to ask for samples, I did some transparency charms with zap a while ago and used colors that were too dark so they wound up too opaque.
I use vograce, and my translucent layer on the file is set at a lower opacity. The end product was okay, in my opinion? I’m saying this with the caveat that I actually don’t know how the manufacturing is done, so my way might not be the most optimal.

File: 1578349131020.png (460 KB, 547x477)
460 KB
460 KB PNG
How do you feel about the topic of fitness relating to cosplay?
Have you ever lost/gained weight for cosplay?
Do cosplayers have an obligation to be relatively fit?
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I recommend not doing it in the mentally of "right before the con" because you'll easily give up. Give yourself a much stronger reason. And then do pretty much >>10324223
Also, the first 5-10lb are just water weight. Don't lose them and then think you're fine. You'll gain the weight right back.
They have no obligation to do anything. It's a hobby, on their dime, not yours.
That said, I think making the effort to match one's body to the character is certainly commendable and a definite plus to the overall result, similar to actors who have made significant body changes in order to better portray the roles they are cast in.
I want to lose weight so badly. I was at 107 lbs a few years ago and I was so happy to be able to do cosplays that showed off my stomach and actually feel confident doing it. Buuuut then I quit my job and went back to college. I got really stressed out about classes and money, so over the past 2 years I put weight back on. Now I’m around my high school weight again and it feels bad

I just want cosplay cute gals with exposed midriff again T_T
If I can get over my stupid fucking anxiety, I’d like to start using the gym on campus. I think it could work out really well with my schedule next semester too. I just need to suck it up and force myself to go.

Also I’m interested in getting toned so if any of you anons have lifting advice please let me know
Get and stick to a decent diet. That’s 80% of it. As for gym, just start going. Any start is better than no start, so don’t put pressure on yourself to do more than just show up to the gym several times a week and once there, do any kind of reasonable circuit training workout and then any cardio.
I want to roid for a Violence Jack cosplay.

File: 14669682045_3b2fb71dea_k.jpg (529 KB, 2048x1360)
529 KB
529 KB JPG
Is it me or are pantyhose/dance tights becoming a lot less common in the cosplay scene?
45 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I think clothing being more modest or not has to do with where you live, what type of people you see day to day, and what type of clothing is available in your area.

I live in the northern hemisphere in a densely populated suburban area and the only time I see modest clothing outside of work, where it’s required by dress code, is during winter. I see both adult and adolescent women wearing super revealing clothing in summer here, from completely bare butts on the beach or at the pool to tight pants that leave nothing to the imagination, crop tops and baby tees with belly out, shorts so short they show some cheek, and literal lingerie being worn as shirts. Not to mention to use of kink and bondage gear as accessories.
trip says "Soup" but text says "Cracker"
Go donate more money to titty streamers cuck. Gang gang skrrt skrrt

Well, you do you. I'm not an individual that can "support" such confidence. I'm a boring cosplayer, that's about it.

Haven’t seen this for a while. Is dream dress hunting still a thing?
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File: choccy.png (1.5 MB, 1081x764)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
looking for chocolate themed JSKs, especially sweet cream house in beige, and kuma kumya-chan in brown. feel free to email offers for ones not pictured as well!
i just want happy garden before easter
i know there's a skirt on LM and but i'm looking for the OP or normal waist JSK in pink only
File: _20200119_164810.jpg (111 KB, 530x984)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
I'm searching for pic related from Emily temple cute
Me too anon! The temptation was too strong so I got a lavender ribbon one to add to my kuma collection.
Im begging someone. Any of the colorways but preferrably pink or lavendar. Please. I like the other version of this jsk too!!

Now that con season has begun, what’s on your anime con (roadtrip) playlist?
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Pretty much just Deftones and Norma Jean
File: 1377398883458.jpg (23 KB, 329x400)
23 KB
>yuyu hakusho
It came out in the 90s
Kinda surprised FUNi didn’t use her to sing all the songs for their dubs
30 years ago grandpa

File: 008 - copia.jpg (74 KB, 959x959)
74 KB
Who else would love to see that sexy cosplayer in XXX industry?

File: 1349298854898.jpg (101 KB, 290x437)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Sometimes I feel sorry for how accessible lolita fashion has become. Back then you needed to deal with so many obstacles. Every brand purchase has become something extraordinary and precious. It doesn't feel that special anymore and I miss that.

Another feel is based on my observation about other people's outfits and their quality. So many people say that insta perfectionism has killed the spirit of lolita. Well, today I noticed that imperfect, maybe somewhat messy outfits bother me, so idk what do I stick to.
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Hey, just a hypothetical but... If I sell something for cheap on LM, would it be rude to ask the buyer AFTER they send me my money how much they would have been willing to pay for it? I really just want to know how much of a steal-deal I offered....
I would thing that was a weird question and probably just put you off with an answer like, ‘oh, idk anon, the price was just right for me right now and I like the dress so that’s why I bought it’.
It’s up to you to do the research to figure this shit out, don’t you think? Or at least ask on the bst thread?
Thank you, but no, this is a feels post. You're right about the research part though. I'm new to selling things, and did my research afterwards. Now that I know that I'm selling something people covet and want to pay more than what I'm selling for... It's a complicated feel, but I want to feel that I'm doing someone a favour by sticking with my original price, because that's how much I want in exchange for this item. So now I'm just sitting here dreaming and having major feels by imagining if that would happen to me. Don't we all want to find a high-demand item for cheap?
something to be asked here on cgl, I'd personally think it really weird to be asked this, esp if I hadn't received the item yet I'd be wondering if you were trying to change the sale or sth
I guess if it is such a high demand item you’d know it because it sold right away. If not to someone who would love it, to someone who sees an easy money resale. Not everyone buys cheap just to flip but I wouldn’t say no to buying something cheap, wearing it once or twice and then selling it for market value. That’s an easy way to get some extra dosh to buy more for my wardrobe.

File: STTXMON-2.jpg (105 KB, 600x400)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Alright it's con season we got Ikkicon and Anime Dallas coming in hot. Texas Cosplay Discord: https://discord.gg/mUCEsGr
What are you going as?
Anything you're excited/not excited for?
Any other cons you'll be attending?
what happened last year that you gotta share?

We got more in the 2020 year such as:
Pax South
Anime North Texas
Fandom Legacy
Furry fiesta etc.
211 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Which building?
They're both at the Kay Bailey this year.
No. You just contact them to get a refund and get the dual badge. There was a Facebook comment by staff about that.

I was at Nomikai and didn't even realize there was a swap. What the hell? I swear that wasn't on the schedule.
And the dual badge is $140... Just look at their website. They would fuck themselves over if they let people into both events for $60.
I'm sorry, I didn't realize the confusion was over the price. I thought the confusion was over whether or not you could get a refund. $140 seems reasonable to me, and you could always make a buddy on the other side and swap passes for a little bit.

I last went to it in 2017 but very casually, went to Matsuri awhile after and can say I definitely prefer the smaller chill con experience and meeting more people. Also don’t have many con-goer friends to afford and enjoy bigger cons. Although I heard that Oni-con has kinda stagnated the past few years, is it still worth for someone who is more into socializing like me?

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