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File: cKmqh8G4McU-HD.jpg (175 KB, 1280x720)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
This is quite literally where vtubing peaked
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agreed it was peak korone and peak vtubing
Was hoping Korone would've played Quake by now...
File: mgspeko.png (165 KB, 658x210)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
this was the peak of hololive
Agreed. 2020 was the best. Nowadays the chuuba illusion is kinda broken and everyone is fucking jaded.

Also this. The birth of ogey rrat. I want to go back.
>peak vtubing
>not coco's graduation stream (most live ccv ever)

File: utako_succubus vivi.jpg (224 KB, 700x1124)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
>What is Nijisanji?/Is this person in Nijisanji?/Who's in Nijisanji?
https://files.catbox.moe/p5w8wj.jpg (JP only)
https://www.nijisanji.jp/members (official members list)

Official EN clip channel:

Watch multiple streams at once/see who's streaming:
https://niji-mado.web.app/home (viewer)
https://nijisanji-live.com/ (nijitools)
https://refined-itsukara-link.neet.love/ (schedule)

>How do I get into Nijisanji?
Give examples of content you like/want to see and whether you can understand the language used by the branch you want to get into

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EOP here
Is there an english translation/walkthrough for Shindan by chance?
Hajiki wtf
There seems to be a fan translation in the works, no idea about how far along it is though. There's also a twitter account that translated the results and gave you yours if you gave them your answers or something like that, dunno if they're still doing it.
No but there's an English walkthrough.
The results are translated as well.
https://b23.tv/pdQSQN it's funny how Chinese Niji channel posts full translations of official programs such as nijibara or nijimoon. This shit is a lot of work

File: 93624117_p1.png (2.54 MB, 2481x3508)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB PNG
Towa Thread
Previous >>11831616

Newest music, please listen!

Upcoming event:
(10/30) Cinderella Switch -new act- with Kanata

Maruyama Game Shop S1

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Being in love with Towa might be bad for my brain, but it also feels really really good when good things happen!
I want her to speak with her proper voice permanently.
I just want Towa to be happy.
I wish Towa could talk with us 24/7...
24 hour Twap cam...

File: 1634782874911.png (3.98 MB, 1404x2669)
3.98 MB
3.98 MB PNG
The thread to discuss NIJISANJI ID
ZEA pits.... edition
Previous thread >>11568317
Official link

Member list

Watch multiple streams at once/see who's streaming:
https://niji-mado.web.app/home (viewer)
https://nijisanji-live.com/ (nijitools)
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I hope they made without ribbon version because it's pure kino
>Her body acting up
So it's period related?
She wants a new body after dying.
Listening to Mika's space makes me realize how well changed NijiID has become with more initiatives coming from them. I always feel like that their shyness holds them from their full potential but now we have Mika and Siska doing unexpected collabs and to see Hana simps more than usual, it's a nice character development imo
File: FCSfdX3VgAcCjpX.jpg (377 KB, 2048x1536)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
File: FCUTUpfVUAISVvv.jpg (548 KB, 1320x1740)
548 KB
548 KB JPG

Has any chuuba let anything out before she could make it to the toilet during a long stream? Asking for a friend.
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How messed up does your diet/gut have to be to shit like that?
Does Korone even brush her teeth before the stream starts?
havent watched her outside of clips posted here, but im genuinely convinced she has some sort of bowel issue
There's something kinda hot about a woman THIS open about her bodily functions.
Could be IBS. People with it usually aren’t shy because everyone in their lives already know that they have to shit constantly

File: FCDyNgXVcAAYLFd.jpg (412 KB, 1536x2048)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
Previous pochi-related and family threads:

>Various translation video/clip playlist about and created by pochi-sensei for new pochifags/big babies/(you)s

Useful links of Pochi-sensei:
>Pixiv: (NSFW)

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Oh are they? Didn't bother to look it up when I scrolled past the post on twitter mostly due to said scrolling happening on the phone while on the crapper at the wagecage
They're a group of APEX players.
Why am I not suprised by this
File: 158870245481591561.png (63 KB, 258x284)
63 KB
File: conan.jpg (225 KB, 768x432)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
Sensei's an Arnie connoisseur, which makes her turbo based

File: E4p6WMjVEAY4OMS.jpg (889 KB, 2480x3508)
889 KB
889 KB JPG
Shishilamy Thread


The mind of a lazy house cat in the body of a fearsome white lion. She’s conscientious and will finish what she has started, but good luck getting her to start. Her favorite phrase is, “Go big or go home!”

YT Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCUKD-uaobj9jiqB-VXt71mA
Twitter: https://twitter.com/shishirobotan


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I'm prepared for lots of Lamy's screaming and Korosan's scream-laughing.
Was this movie popular in Japan? Even Kevin Smith fans didn't like it.
File: mr tasuku.jpg (49 KB, 317x450)
49 KB
Popular enough to get a jp blu ray release but that doesn't really mean much.

Can/will she possibly come back at some point?
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to me it seemed like the other members of the fifth gen did love her and get along with her. Japan isn't like America where they use and shit on each other.

Nene Polka and Botan Lamy probably still message her and ask her to hang out.

If they do hate her they're saying shit irl in person where it can't be documented.
Nah over time the various members of gen five have mentioned in passing they haven’t been in communication with her. They might be trying to keep kayfabe but remember a lot of Holos haven’t even talked to everyone in their branch yet.
Lol no she didn't even say goodbye
File: 1628433754105.jpg (1.41 MB, 2250x1550)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
His recent daki for twap was pretty godly. If he ever does another character for Hololive (and I hope he does), management better not give it to another menhera. He deserves better.
>Vtuber fan
>everyone in Hololive reaches out to him and openly thank him for fan art he draws
>his wife is a vtuber
>has a cute daughter with his Vtuber wife
>many people know him for his work on the Aloe design which many consider to be one of the best designed
Goopi's problem is he wished on a literal monkey paw and the lose of Aloe was the price he had to pay.

They love and miss her and she loves them back. The issue is they are busy and she didn't return their calls on the other hand she has feels they are better off without her and feels a ton of shame for not reaching out and grabbing their hands when they were offering to help her.

It is a very complicated issue. But to say that she doesn't love them or they don't care about her is the most tone deaf and retarded statement any shitposter can make. Botan talks about her all the time, Lamy brings her up regularly and even choose Blessing for her, Nene is constantly putting references to her in official art. On the flip side Delta was overjoyed when she found out all the merch Lamy had received and called her Mama. Even her Graduation was done partly because she didn't want to drag the other 4 down with her bullshit.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1631076506759.jpg (3.05 MB, 1898x3150)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB JPG
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File: 91857157_p0.jpg (1.3 MB, 2480x3508)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
File: not like this.jpg (266 KB, 634x900)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
How do I become a disciple of the demon king
File: Untitled.jpg (329 KB, 1921x1079)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
Satisfy her needs.

File: 1634687380968.png (982 KB, 1893x2194)
982 KB
982 KB PNG
Peafat Edition
Previous Thread: >>11436949
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>Kiara telling Aqua not to lose weight
Okay she's an architect, there's no denying it anymore.
File: 1629853375420.png (88 KB, 298x226)
88 KB
well she's 44.2KG, she's a god damn lightweight.
File: Spoiler Image (320 KB, 1017x1013)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
>Vine where spaghetti falls out of your pocket
>Instead of a pocket it's a seam on her fat gut
File: EuCWH3FUYAQ318t.jpg (153 KB, 1600x877)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
nah, she probably has a spare body or two and just uses one to pig out without regret
44.5. I'm sure Kiara and KFP can get a 1 in front of that.

File: 11625162651562.png (1.36 MB, 1296x1119)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
Thread dedicated to our idol and wife Momosuzu Nene
73 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Remember that time Nene said she knew what it was like to have balls, because of that feeling you get in your stomach when you drive over a bridge? That was weird.
Yeah well Nene is weird. And we like it that way.
I want to find the anti and slap him. Forcing Nene to do member/unarchived karaoke should be illegal
I want Nenechi to sing Gunjou.
File: 1072162127.jpg (1.23 MB, 1200x1600)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG

I miss haachama covers, I want more but thankfully she does karaoke streams often

i miss this cover
For me it's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYttCSs73jY
Fuck Cover for making her private them all

>Is the only Holo member to break the echo chamber of games
You're welcome
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She's much better at games than me and I hate it!
Luna's game choice has more variety though. I haven't seen Mr. Koro plays SF or rhythm game yet.
She's too busy playing with my super meat boy
she's not.
File: 1628861438245.png (243 KB, 348x440)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
>is able to turn some random indie jap game and mc into pure kino streams

This is the writing thread, for all of your fanfiction needs and desires. Check the archives below for everything the thread has put out so far, ranging from SFW to NSFW, fluff to tragedy, small literary works and shitposts alike!

Collective works so far are available in the archive:

>Isn't this just you fuckers writing fanfiction, eh?
Previous thread:>>11709522
143 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oh hey look a new Fubuki fic, I wonder how it's gonna–
>The one getting cucked is a chuuba
Oh good, at least its not gonna crush my–
>It's Subaru
>She's your childhood friend

But in all seriousness, it's actually pretty good and I really enjoyed it. The dialogue felt a little stilted in the beginning and you went a little overboard in terms of physical description near the end but that's about it.
Also, I'm guessing you're Holorealm anon just based on some of the word use, looking forward to the next installment of that one.
I'm at crossroads over your story, Anon.

On one hand, I despise NTR and cuckold. Just literal primal, visceral hatred.

On the other hand, Fubuki is my oshi and I'm just glad that we're not cheating on her or that she's not cheating on us. Yet despite that, I'm an absolute sucker for the "Childhood Friend Wins At The End" trope so it really fuckikg saddens me that it's not the case here. But then again, it IS Fubuki that wins here, so...

Good job Anon, you successfully confused me. Hope you're happy.

As for feedback - I enjoyed the story overall. Besides minor gripes I have with the dialogue in the beginning, it's pretty good. Good job!
If you ever write chapter 2 of this, I'll make sure to read it. Despite the whole NTR thing...
PG. 9 again. Board is going insanely fast.
>Fubuki is a furry who likes shota
>I am a furry who likes shota

...are we?
If you're who I think you are, stop cheating on Botan.

File: 1634748110543.png (204 KB, 336x330)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
>tfw their oshi are straight women pretending to be Iesbian
imagine having a heterosexual female as your oshi
can't be me
70 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
why are peacucks so delusional
On the flipside her family is rich as hell and they don't need to adhere to them
Jesus christ I never caught that thread, now I've got the biggest boner. I wonder if she gets off to lewd fanart too
She said she saw an oyakodon picture of her and pochi and that she liked it in said stream.
She described the background and people know which one it was. It's her getting fucked while french kissing pochi.
nousagi... it's over... we failed...

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