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File: nx00gykwvqh41.jpg (77 KB, 640x640)
77 KB
I'm still learning when it comes to torrents and I was hoping /wsr/ could answer these questions for me:
- When I download a torrent I often untick boxes that have stuff I don't want to download. Will that fuck up the way my torrent seeds? I don't want to be an ass and not seed properly.
- Sometimes if I rename the download folder for a torrent or move it to a new directory, it stops seeding (and on Animebytes it thinks you've deleted the torrent), how can I get around this? I want to organise my collection but still seed.
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Torrenting uses a ton of data, nobody can afford to offer that kind of service for free.
So you’re saying VPN’s are something I can’t even torrent or download?
lol, no. A VPN is a service. You're renting access to their servers to route your data through.
Do you think I could torrent Macro Express without a VPN, or is that too big of a company?
Only one way to find out...

File: This is Patrick.gif (1.84 MB, 500x758)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB GIF
Looking for the picture of the nerd girl who showed up for some brony meetup and is sitting in the corner, visibly terrified of the neckbeards around her. I think one of the people in question is wearing a diaper.

Will also gladly take the one of her drawn imaging the meetup as something much better
File: g1sndpcoq9u21.jpg (109 KB, 933x700)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
This it?
Me on the right.

File: Wounds (2) failed OLED.jpg (262 KB, 1242x2688)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
So I tried doing this, but the circle is not perfect and you kind of get what I'm going for so can someone take this idea, and make it a more perfect circle, and maybe improve upon the image as a whole?

File: mirror.png (482 KB, 750x750)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
I am looking for an app that would let me mirror (invert, reverse) a tablet display, so that it reads correctly when seen in a mirror. Note, I am NOT looking for image rotation apps, and that is all I can find in google, which frustrates the fuck out of me. The reason is, I have noticed that my car windshield reflects objects placed below it nicely, and I want to test using that for GPS - sort of using my car window as a teleprompter, but of course if I do that now, I see the screen flipped right-to-left.
Use a second mirror.

File: source please.jpg (320 KB, 1920x1200)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
Can someone help me to find the source of this?
I know it's Fate, I want to find the artist and somewhere I can download it in high quality.
I think this is it:
There's a pixiv and a twitter at the bottom.
Saucenao shows the pixiv account, but says the pic's been deleted.
Thanks a lot, anon! That's what I'm looking for.

File: adpts.jpg (169 KB, 1920x1080)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
Any Photoshop niggas can help a nigga out? I wanna set this picture as the wallpaper but it won't fit. I don't want it to slide around, I want the symbol in the exact middle and that sort of background in the back. Can you just turn the symbol 90 degrees so it will fit on a vertical screen? No need to turn the background patter around so the red is on the bottom if that is more troublesome, I will take having it fade from one side to the other fine.

Phone resolution is 1080 x 2248
File: Untitled-1.png (1.47 MB, 1080x2248)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG


I'm looking for the song at 1:34 in this video https://youtu.be/EN0SJ-gwXSU

I know it's Necrofantasia, Ran Yakumo's theme from the Touhou series but I want that whistle-like ver.

Any help would be appreciated.
Found this with acrcloud:
>Title: 幼女幻奏
>Artist: Sing, R. Sing! (Sing R Sing;KENBAN-Harmonica)
You're an absolute hero. Thanks a lot! ^-^

File: translate.png (15 KB, 252x115)
15 KB
Could somebody translate this? I believe it is Korean, but I might be wrong
The Korean text is, "어... 정말 이걸 입으라고 ...?". I think it translates to something like "Uh...I really have to wear this?" But I'm not korean...

File: This guy.png (781 KB, 1212x628)
781 KB
781 KB PNG
Does anybody have a copy of this video? This guy who is singing about having almost died and seeing god. He's slapping his pants to make a beat and features lines like, "What an awesome feeling" "I'm glad I almost died" shit like that.
Use yandex reverse image search

File: wtfdoido.png (42 KB, 1450x474)
42 KB
My brother thinks I'm retarded because I put the fan like A, even though it's what everybody does. He says B makes more sense and I'm starting to doubt because it kinda makes sense and that's how my cooler was when I opened it.
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i have an exhaust in the back and two intakes in the front, but they're a bit away. it still wouldn't make any difference? still willing to try, just wondering if B was a stupid idea
you're just dealing with thermodynamics, you don't even need the fan for warm air to permeate the room
guess it doesn't matter if i switch to B then...
oh, fuck it. i'll give it a shot, it'd look cooler [spoiler](heh)[/spoiler] anyway

Sucking is more efficient for a directed air stream than blowing because by lower pressure the air is pushed trough the device in a stream by the outer normal pressure whereas when blowing you have to push against the normal pressure which quickly leads to the stream spreading and creation of air vortexes. For e.g. a ventilator in a room the overall result of moved air per time wouls be the same, however for an air conditioner in a window this will lead to some of the air not being pushed through the radiator and instead being blocked by turbulences in the device which decreases efficiency. Again, the overall amount of moved air is the same, but a bigger amount of it stays outside. that's why method A is normally used. So if it is an air conditioner you are talking about A is better.
solid answer, thanks anon
i guess i'll stick to A since the cooler technically works as an air conditioner

Does anyone know which psychologist/holocaust survivor was asked "how can you listen to my complaints after everything you've been through" and answered similar to "just because I went through something so terrible does not make your struggles any less real to you"?

File: faaiczche7j11.png (392 KB, 856x551)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
Looking to build up a folder of sad content so please share any sad images.
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This can be arranged.
this was by far the worst post in the thread. Congratulations
What is this? Feels like it is from something much larger.
I have much worse and it's not fiction. I'd just have to go through dozens of screencaps because I keep postponing sorting of the files.
I meant bad as in cringe

I own a YouTube channel that got 12k subs in a month. I've stopped uploading but it's continuing to grow. I can't make any money from it due to the nature of the content.

In order to make money I need a song that I can put into the YouTube monetization system. Can anyone make a 30 second outro, doesn't have to be great.

The only thing is that it can't be using any DAW samples or sample loops.

I have tried for about a month to buy one on fiverr but everyone keeps using samples. Will pay $15 if it gets accepted to YouTube content ID
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Upload it to anonfiles or something.


https slash slash anonfiles dot com slash hay6ybd8o8 slash forum-goons-theme-04_mp3

if you use it, spend the $15 on pepsi max and CHUG IT.
>file is 4.7 MB.

that file had a video attached, because you can't post mp3 files here.
please describe the quarterly terms of youtube's monetization for this content. ive got loads.
I've got songs lying around I could throw at you, not sure you'd like any. Also why do you need music in order to get monetized?

Does somebody know how to open a iPod 4 without the password
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.

tiny screwdriver
Tyrone, c’mon
You can usually get then open with a few spudgers and a bit of leverage. It might damage the screen if you're not careful though.
You need to heat the bottom bezel to loosen the glue. Make sure you have a replacement glue strip handy, because it's not reusable.

File: chromelogo.0.0.jpg (34 KB, 1200x800)
34 KB
Redirected here from /g/. I've had this problem for a long time and can't figure out why it is happening. Aside from rare exceptions, whenever I close Chrome (manually or from shutting off my computer), it clears all cookies. Every website such as my bank, Steam, Twitch, etc... sends me verification as though it is the first time ever signing in with this computer. All my settings get reset such as Youtube no longer being in Dark Mode and now set back to autoplay, as well as it losing my preferences. Within Chrome's settings, I have it set so that it does not clear cookies upon closing. I'm really not sure why it does this.

Any ideas?
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Delete the cookies file from explorer. Google "chrome cookies path" if you can't find it.
Sometimes the cookie database get corrupted and this happens.
I have same issue
I hate how hard it is to try to find an answer on Google. Anytime I search Chrome and cookies if gives the same results no matter what else I type
you might have "delete local data on exit" enabled
File: UMMBNc3.png (4 KB, 669x48)
4 KB
I've always had it disabled. My browser is tied to an email and it says it has sync enabled. I use it also on my phone. Is it possible that this is the issue?

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