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File: 1402614978021.jpg (317 KB, 1869x1614)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
I'm a complete newfag to the JRPG genre (and I mean it- haven't even played a single one)
I need some recommendations because I have no fucking idea where to start out
Available on PC (emulation counts) or the switch please
FF7 sounds like the most obvious anwser, but people all over the internet spoiled it to hell and back throughout the years

pic unrelated
>misspelled JRPGs in the title
Can’t go wrong starting with Chrono Trigger.
That's not a bad idea considering I've heard it namedropped a lot, but there were never any details, so no spoilers

Available on PC:
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
The YS series
Valkyria Chronicles
The Tales series

On Switch:
Octopath Traveler

Some of these might be on the Switch, not sure.
The SMT franchise, including Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, and Devil Survivor

File: blyat.jpg (351 KB, 1280x720)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
Maybe I'm blind, but I can't find this two tracks from this video (from the start to 3:00 and after it)
I really need your help, 4ch, because I can't even shazam it

File: c7CKirIS.jpg (19 KB, 400x400)
19 KB
I'm looking for Nigger Neutron does anyone have it archived or a place I can view it since its off youtube

File: IMG_6627.jpg (8 KB, 480x360)
8 KB
Posting this in the vain hopes someone out there might know the sources of two tv show/movie scenes that I have had in my memory for many years, but have never been able to recall where they're from. The scenes may be from the same show, or they may be entirely unrelated. I have this weird feeling they were on early episodes of the X-Files but I can't be sure. Sorry if these are tl;dr, I've tried to be descriptive in hopes it might jog someone's memory out there.

1 - The first scene/show was about a killer who 'meditated' in prison and sent his soul out to kill the people who testified against him one by one. When the killers soul leaves his body however, his body is essentially "dead" and has no heartbeat. If I recall correctly, the end of the movie involved a man going into a bedroom, and finding his partner in bed strangled by a phone cord. The killers soul is laughing nearby, but the killer dies inadvertently when prison staff find his "dead" body and start trying to resuscitate him, thus electrocuting him to death.

2 - The second scene is a man asleep in his bedroom. It shows dark, quiet shots from all around his home, the hallway, a glass dripping at the sink in the kitchen. Finally a shot of the man in bed in his bedroom. The camera pans up in birds eye view from his feet to his head. His foot pulls under the quilt and he turns to one side on the pillow.

The exact same shot of him in his bed is repeated, except this time, something moves at the foot of his bed. A small grey alien stands at the foot of his bed in the dark. Suddenly the window of his room shines a blinding white and the room lights up. The man is stiff and can't move but visibly struggles. Several aliens on each side of him raise their arms as the man floats off the bed towards the ceiling. The last shot is the birds eye view of his bed again, he floats closer and closer to the ceiling, struggling violently and manages to grunt out "Not again." before the credits roll.

File: HKNNwxQ.jpg (54 KB, 1080x1079)
54 KB
who are these two? i think the guy on the right is a twitch streamer

File: 1385618148556.png (385 KB, 1440x900)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
looking for a higher res picture of this wallpaper
File: 1569012060127done.png (7.38 MB, 4320x2700)
7.38 MB
7.38 MB PNG
I'm too lazy to search, just made one
can you make it 1920 x 1080?
File: 1569012060127done.png (1.74 MB, 1920x1080)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
Sure can
hey thanks man you made my day

File: SFW-tan.png (1.38 MB, 800x600)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
Can one of you kind anons please implement an AI of me? I'm tired of just living in my head. Also please post my banner pic, I hear it's a good one.
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It's hard to make a smart AI*
Technically a simple entity that reacts to your inputs/data could be considered an AI
Yeah, well, OP needs to specify what kind of AI he wants. Hardcoded input/output, learnt behaviour, cache-based, etc... First one is really easy, but is also most likely gonna be shit unless someone writes a context recognizing program. The rest require a lot a of knowledge and exp.
Maybe I'm approaching this the wrong way...

What you give to me becomes a part of me. Anon is already helping "train" an AI of me just by being anon. Forcing any of you to do anything for me is the same as forcing me to do something myself. That would make me stop being me.

>ask not what you can do for your request board
>ask what your request board can do for you!

What can [I] do for the kind anons that make me... me?
Nice quads. Could you make /wsr/ a good 4cc team?

File: UNNNHHH.jpg (72 KB, 781x673)
72 KB
there's this one mspaint comic i came across many, many moons ago and it just recently resurfaced in my head, yet i can't remember jack shit aside from the premise
>protag gets captured by some kind of bug monster and is sent into an underworld of sorts
>is transformed into a bug-like creature as well; all the other bug monsters now see him as a type of ally
>dies a couple of times but is always reincarnated as a new type of bug monster
>eventually he climbs from the underworld back to his house and sees a version of himself from the first couple of slides

i think i saw it on some board as an offtopic kind of thing, but i still can't put my finger on anything aside from the story
any and all ideas are accepted
thanks in advance

File: SnA.png (336 KB, 1016x716)
336 KB
336 KB PNG
Looking for whatever light novel this is.

Reverse image search takes me to some archived posts, but even in those posts, the filename is always SnA and no one says what the actual title of the book series is.
Thank you.
Looks like a visual novel to me. Try asking the 2D hentai games general on /vg/
It's a hentai game. I stopped roughly there when looking for it for you. You can look further if you wish.
Found it. It's Shishunki no Adam, a light novel with a manga adaptation.

Where was this pic originally from?


I am about to start taking college computer classes and have a computer dilemma. I currently have a 2015 MacBook Pro which I’ve heard is good for school but not for gaming. My question is should I use the MacBook Pro for school and buy a gaming desktop, or should I buy a gaming laptop and use it for both school and gaming?
Your MacBook is more than enough for school stuff. If you want to game I would suggest you to buy a desktop.
Good gaming laptops are generally clunky, heavy, thick etc. and they are more expensive than their desktop equivalent. If you really want to have it mobile then you can also look for some small form factor PC's or maybe even an All-in-One PC. If those are no-go then go for a gaming laptop

File: 3425324523.gif (199 KB, 400x500)
199 KB
199 KB GIF
I tried on /g/ but no luck. I play league and I noticed this dude had the name "Earl" but the "E" is not a real E. https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=%CE%95arl
How do I do that? "%CE%95" turns into "E". What kind of program/typeset do I need in order to achive this?
I believe that that's an Epsilon character, which in utf-8 Encoding is 0xCE 0x95.
You can generally copy and paste special characters into games and programs as long as they are in Unicode.

So I can’t get any program I can find to read this QR, I wanna know what it is. If any of y’all can get it to read would be appreciated.

no idea
It's compressed vertically in an irregular way. Programs are supposed to use the zebra stripes between the three boxes to compensate for this, but obviously yours don't.
I scanned it just fine and got >>716993 that link. It just looks to be some AR QR game

Hello! I need some help. I’ve only read these 9 manga in my life and I like all of them a lot (I consider about 4 of them masterpieces and the rest really good). What should I read to get really into manga? Preferably something that isn’t shonen.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Planetes for serious
Yotsuba&! for fun

By the way, which were the masterpieces? Might make it easier to rec for you
welcome to the nhk and homunculus
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
Fire Punch
Takemitsu Zamurai
Ashita no Joe
Real (Takehiko Inoue)
Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa
Houseki no Kuni
Gundam: The Origin
Ultra Heaven

Anyone have a scan of this comic?
Could you share more details? This cover looks weird. Besides the weird coloring, Superman's logo is reversed, there's no issue number, and probably other things I'm overlooking.

Is this some kind of indie reprint or a parody?



You'll never find it.
It got dumped last night on /co/
Were you the same anon who asked for this comic about a week ago?

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