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how can i send data to a server with an android app (android studio / java)

i have literally not idea and the versions on google are hella intricate

can you help me?
i am using an asp.net api

File: 1547609255365.jpg (75 KB, 1080x1080)
75 KB
Is this a good laptop if I wanna play modded Bethesda games and the new ace combat?
i5-7300HQ 3.5 GHz
8GB DDR memory
GTX 1060 6GB?
Pic unrelate
Yeah, you can run pretty much everything modern on medium @ 1080p

File: 1541061330643.jpg (29 KB, 446x456)
29 KB
What kind of information can I get about someone based on nothing more than an email they have sent me from their anonymous gmail account?
Legally not much, you can look at the header to see if there is some info but i doubt it since it goes trough Gmail servers first
>Legally not much

Other options?
Write a batch that will pass trough gmail filters and if he runs it you can send yourself info
A lot of people do this to fuck with scammers
>Other options?

Hypothetically of course.

File: 38926392._UY1434_SS1434_.jpg (269 KB, 1000x1434)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
Hey, I'm looking for the Viz scans of Tokyo Ghoul:Re Volume 1-8 (vol. 8 got released 3 weeks ago).
I would greatly appreciate it, if an anon could provide me with a link to a DDL.
This one has volumes 01-06.
File: 1514480456565.jpg (21 KB, 400x400)
21 KB
Appreciated, thank you anon!

File: 1547917750345.png (172 KB, 500x512)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
Looking to identify fonts used in this image.
Also I would like to know when one should be satisfied with the answer when they are trying to find a font. There are many different ways to render a font that make the potential answer look slightly different than the target image.
Like the bottom font is probably DLE Comic Lowercase, but the Y in the image is completely different (did the original author just use a different Y????)

I didn't find a separate thread, so I started a new one. Please help me find an anime. It is similar to "Bubblegum Crisis," but contains gore and violence. The main character is female wearing armor gear. Most of action happens during night time. Synthpop OST. There is a lot of car driving, etc. CAN'T FIND!!!
Is it angel cop?

Turns out it was Bubblegum Crisis after all.

File: alice smoking.png (27 KB, 650x700)
27 KB
This picture of Alice Margatroid from Touhou is at least a decade old. Does anyone know the artist? TinEye, Google, Yandex and SauceNao have failed me.
Thanks for bumping my thread, anon.

I'm looking for an old image that used to be used in rage comics all the time and it's killing me.

The whole image was red, kind of like everything was on fire or there was a nuke going off. And there's a really big face of some humanoid alien lookin dude with like an upside-down mouth looking so pissed off that he's about to explode.

I feel like he was usually saying "FFFUUUUUUUU" but I could be mixing up memes

Anybody know what I'm talking about? I used to see this all the time

Pic unrelated, found it in r/funny/new
File: rageface.jpg (17 KB, 302x302)
17 KB
here you go friend

No, this thing had a really big head and a lot of teeth that were pretty freaky

File: 1545094107546.jpg (73 KB, 1080x1351)
73 KB
Does anyone have his jewtreon sets to share? It's sneaky LoL cosplayer.
File: 1545096076131.jpg (1.16 MB, 3024x4032)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
Fuck off gay man.
I'll be happy to go as soon as I complete my collection!

File: Screenshot_13.png (260 KB, 465x368)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
Can someone link me to a site where i can buy this blouse that pewdiepie is wearing ?
what video is the screenshot from
His latest one
File: 20180216_KappaAFOUR_5.jpg (57 KB, 354x530)
57 KB
55°41 '10.5''N 12°33 '28.84''E.
A collaboration between Posh Isolation , Kappa and A.Four Labs
for sale here http://www.phenixstore.com/fs/phenix/KL818KT52?utm_source=KappaAFOUR
or search for KL818KT52 for other places selling it
He explains where are a lot of his clothes are from in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTzmUKEPerA

Give me a site to watch shrek forever after or i will be mad

File: fallout vulpus.gif (93 KB, 500x447)
93 KB
Hi wsr.
I am searching for a term I've read long time ago, which is apparently fairly common in Law and Economics but I cannot remember.
In 19th Century England there is this kind of corporation and legal entity that forbid shareholders to pass into the next generation their shares, and once they died those shares where destroyed virtually increasing the value of all the other shareholders propiety.
Once the last member died, the business was legally transfered to his spawn.

If I remember correctly this is now illegal in like 90% of countries because shareholders use to ruthlessly murder each other because of it.

So, I just need a name.
A tontine.

Does anyone have this with the 5th panel?

It has a Jewish nazi anime girl, blood, the main character is shuddering, and its kind of weird
File: 1541680531490.jpg (59 KB, 380x960)
59 KB
>Jewish nazi anime girl,
That is Negev-chan
File: 1542556634590.png (2.91 MB, 1200x3026)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB PNG
thanks lads

heres hq

File: 1547071551982.jpg (132 KB, 448x545)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
This should be SFW as long as nobody posts explicit content
FAKKU started removing their content from all hosting websites, and i lost access to many doujins that i always thought i could easily find trough tags.
I managed to save most of my favorites, but a couple is still excaping, i'd love if somebody had the titles

a)A lad is at uni with his girfriend, she's very cold with him. He slaps her in the face because of a fly, she suddendly goes silent and goes under the desk, later they walk around the school while she has spunk in her mouth. Shagging happens

b)A bitchy sister that does work around the house, a lad goes out of the shower and sees her sleeping, starts rubbing her legs (pantyhose, not the balck ones), she wakes up, "Oni chan, i thought you hated me", shagging happens

Thanks in advance
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Too bad that the wording of the rule is "All threads and images should pertain to "work-safe" material."
Yeah but most of the material on /r/ was porn shopping, and the rules referred only to explicit porn requests
...and you're explicitly requesting porn.

The word "pertain" was chosen deliberately.
You're right mate, going to repost it or /r/

File: 1427078273396.jpg (19 KB, 604x450)
19 KB
CCleaner still running even after I uninstalled it and I dont used avast
and what proxy to post on 4chan
Reinstall and use geek uninstaller to remove it fully
open processes ctrl+alt+del find the process left mouse click choose open folder -> you fould where it is. Check startup tab, remove it it's there. then kill it and delete the file

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