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File: hqdefault.jpg (10 KB, 480x360)
10 KB
Looking for a music track, it's mix of FFX "Otherworld" and DMX's "What they really want". Presumably artist is DJ Jinnai aka LKJ

What series is this character from?
Frederica Sawyer from Black Lagoon.
Thank you mighty and wise Anon.

I need a digital version of the piano accompaniment part to It Ain't Necessarily So by Gershwin, but the Heifetz arrangement, if anyone can help me find one!
bumparino, if anyone can help please, it's urgent

Anyone know where to find a english version of "Kobane Calling - Greetings from Northern Syria" (comics) by Zerocalcare?
Thank you (sorry for delay)
I had no idea that ZeroCalcare was known outside of Italy. May I ask how you found out about his works?

File: 1548478579693.png (392 KB, 730x697)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
So I remember back in 2009 my dad had this case of beer with this really surreal art on it and I want to say it depicted dogs and I cannot find it at all, it's been gnawing away at me for years and I just need to see it again
Was it that really common painting of dogs playing poker?
It was not, it was crazy they looked like monsters
Try "ralph steadman flying dog beer"

File: sauce (1).webm (265 KB, 320x172)
265 KB
what animu is this from?
File: Punch Line.png (1.88 MB, 1280x720)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
Punch Line.
Next time, run it through Saucenao and Trace.moe. Google and Yandex can be helpful, too.
thanks anon

File: 1553713584162.jpg (612 KB, 1440x1000)
612 KB
612 KB JPG
The man was wearing a coat, I think fur collar, and the woman was wearing a veil. They were not smiling, and I think it was snowing. Thanks in advance

hey someone know the name of a anime about a dude who fall from space in a mecha in earth, but earth is full of water and people live in plataforms above the ocean
Suisei no Gargantia or Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet.


they are ships interconnected with each other.

File: FB_IMG_1554404731344.jpg (76 KB, 674x960)
76 KB
Anyone know what manga this is??
Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai.
Next time, run it through Saucenao. It can usually get the source of uncropped manga pages and other stuff like Japanese fanart and anime screenshots. Google and Yandex are good at that, too.
Thank you very much!

File: images.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
i need a mk deception iso (ps2) that doesn't have a damn virus. emuparadise shut down and all the other rom/iso sites have viruses. i tried coolroms, freeroms, and romsmania but all of files have win32_malware_gen. plz help

File: 1551700456393.png (1.73 MB, 1920x1080)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
Looking for a download for the full album "Night sketches" by papooz.

File: or6gjrml3sq01.gif (182 KB, 801x573)
182 KB
182 KB GIF
>pic not related.

Make an attempt next time.
calm there schizo

Some good chemistry jokes for actual chemists/chemistry students?
Puns like pic related not related

File: 1554232046957.png (101 KB, 264x326)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
I'm looking for a manga. The main character was a cat, who was stranded(?) on a small yacht or boat with his owner. I think there was a dead woman on the boat with them, whom the cat's owner may have accidentally killed somehow, and was panicking about it. I'm not 100% sure if she was dead or just injured but I'm leaning toward dead. I think the boat's engine wasn't working or something like that, but I could be wrong about that too. The cat was really nervous.

Haven't been able to figure this out in a long time, so hopefully this finally settles it.
I'm fairly certain that it was full color. Maybe it was a graphic novel rather than a manga.
File: Cat with muffler.png (90 KB, 758x917)
90 KB
The main reason I can't find it is because I can only remember the very start. I had put off reading the rest and lost track of it, and every time I tried to find it again, I couldn't.

File: Eucliwood.gif (1.26 MB, 323x396)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB GIF
Need anime recommendations,your favorite anime
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Not until you say how much you've watched so far. You've had hundreds of recs already. I'm this close to reporting your shit to mods on irc, and I have the archive to prove it. You, on the other hand, have provided nothing but spam for months.
Im just trying to get recommendations.
You've had recommendations, hundreds of them. That doesn't answer the question. How much anime did you watch in total?
Nice job starting another thread btw, more evidence for the pile.
Amaama to Inazuma
please do
op is a faggot

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