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File: frog1.jpg (28 KB, 679x457)
28 KB
Hi /wsr/,

I'm trying to remember a SNES RPG and wanted to check here before going to /v/.

The only thing that I kinda remember about it is that when you hurt your enemies in battle, the sprites changed to more damaged versions of the enemies. One of the images in my head is that an enemy was kind of a giant frog and when you were killing it the sprite displayed the frog kinda mutilated, like with half a head only.

I'm honestly not sure if I'm imagining that game at this point, but the memory arrived to me the other day and can't seem to shake it off

Does anyone know?
File: FFMQ.png (137 KB, 468x420)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest? It's the only SNES RPG I can think of that does this off the top of my head.
OMG, I saw some videos and I think that's the one! Have to find some place to get it for confirmation.

Thank you so much friend anon. I love you so much right now

File: basted.jpg (86 KB, 800x623)
86 KB
please recommend me a movie
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
a clockwork orange
File: 1548735536634.png (209 KB, 400x400)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
star wars?
If trully a girl. Go watch 90's and early 2000's victorian era dramas.
Else if a trap, alexander directors cut
File: kumiko.jpg (37 KB, 634x418)
37 KB
Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter
It's pretty fucking depressing though, maybe you want something to cheer you up.
In that case just watch uhhhh... "Her" maybe? It's a funny movie. Or maybe something outdoorsy, like Totoro. Totoro is always comfy.
John Wick
John Wick 2
John Wick: Continental
John Wick: Before
John Wick: Absolve
John Wick 3
Minority Report
Ipman 2
Ipman 3

Can someone please remove the fiver watermark and the trademark r please!

File: Dk08SbdV4AA-1WL.jpg (33 KB, 537x305)
33 KB
I need as many pictures of anime girls pointing guns at the viewer as possible, preferably photoshopped like the image and not something that was originally in the image. Images of just the hand holding the gun and images that I can easily photoshop those hands holding the guns into are acceptable as well.

File: giphy.gif (901 KB, 180x236)
901 KB
901 KB GIF
Why do old magazines on ebay always have really high shipping costs? Am I missing something that would make it cost so much? Sometimes its single issues of something with $8 shipping when the mag costs like $4 itself.

File: profile pic 1.jpg (46 KB, 637x358)
46 KB
My hard drive got wiped yesterday. Could you guys send me some 4chan quality stuff (memes gifs pepe etc).

File: vertox.jpg (104 KB, 1108x1108)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
is there a term that describes the "/pol/ in a wind tunnel of autism meme" to specify like a group of people who either agree or egg each other on keeping to themselves that is usable in a paper.
Trolling circlejerk?
Trolling echo chamber
Epic memers (epic being sarcastic usage. probably around 2012 era this was used. different from epic meme guy which isn't sarcastic)
Cesspool used to be a common term for that thing like 9-10 years ago.
/b/ 2.0

Shitposting is usually a catch all but probably to broad for your paper, and people or demographics generally have different ideas what that means as well. also has the word shit so professors/teachers might not like it. You could always use the term "funposting" which is the normalfag equivalent.
Feeding frenzy
Echo chamber
Positive feedback loop

I've recently watched Altair: A Record of Battles and it's got me itching for more political / historical anime stuff , something in the same vein as house of cards

Anyone got some good recommendations ?

File: 1551305580584.jpg (133 KB, 494x500)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
I have an old PC and I want to install Debian on it. The problem is that I don't have a working CD/DVD drive. This PC can't boot the newest Debian from USB but I know I could boot older Ubuntu versions from USB, the last one I could boot I think was 16.04. Therefore it's possible to make this PC boot from PC.

Any ideas how I can make the PC boot this Debian from USB? Should I just try older Debian version, but I'm wondering is it possible to update to the newest one then?
What makes you think a new version won't work but an older version will? Any errors?
I tried and it just won't boot.
Hmm. You could install an old version and upgrade, then. I believe it's better to upgrade right after the fresh install, it reduces the chances for it to tail.
Ok then.

File: mr2crashed.jpg (13 KB, 305x165)
13 KB
hey /wsr/ i need a way to extract the models of initial d arcade stage or kaido battle to then port them to gmod since pretty much all touges there are fucked. Any place to get touge models?

File: 1553021696097.png (118 KB, 1110x507)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
Source? The character looks familiar but I can't but my finger on it.
She's from the 5th story in Gujira's H-doujin (or tankoubon?) "Kogals, Sluts, and Whatever", "Hichijime-kun's Juunijigaoka-san Route".
It's porn.
You can download it here: https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/2534688
Oh yeah I've fapped to this before. thanks

File: outlaw star logo.jpg (39 KB, 431x316)
39 KB
Anyone got working DL Links for the Outlaw star anime? been on a bit of a retro-binge lately and I'd appreciate if some of you fair anons might have this old gem to share.
Thanks man. appreciate it.
good taste

I took this pic of my college professor when he was about to put down his sunglasses and I saw that it’s a really good meme template to use.
So I just wanna laugh a little bit and share some of your memes with my classmates.

File: Screenshot (44).png (19 KB, 195x53)
19 KB
Can someone transcribe this? Looks like Mjto but I think that's wrong af.
File: Untitled.png (23 KB, 672x119)
23 KB
It's definitely some type of Blackletter script. What are we looking at? Is it printed or drawn by an artist?

Closest among Unicode characters might be Fraktur (picture related).

Maybe it says "MICO"?
>What are we looking at? Is it printed or drawn by an artist?
It was a watermark on a video I saw and I was wondering what the fuck it says. If that's really MICO that's so weird lol.

In file explorer (windows 7) Sometimes I get images that show up like this. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? The images load fine when opening them.

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