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File: $_20.png (267 KB, 720x540)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
I need a tech legend to help me figure out wtf is wrong with my tv. To start its a 42" ONIX TV "4K UHD LED". It needs a software update but theres absolutley no sight of this company online. Also, when plugging my xbox one x into the tv, allowing 4k causes the screen to constantly switch back and fourth from 1080p to 1440 x 2960. The "4K" mode on my other shit brand tv's dont seem to have this problem. I'm not techie or anything but will a software update fix this issue? im still a newbie idiot lol not sure if i post this here but yeah. ive tried searching the model number online but am given nothing
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HDMI (ARC) it is plugged into atm. but ill switch ports. Update so i just tried the other 2. hdmi 2 just wouldnt allow 4k at all, hdmi 3 allowed it but when enabled the screen went blank and said no input detected ahah
The fact that those options are grayed out means there's something wrong settings-wise. Is there a factory reset option for the TV?
yeah there is, want me to do a factory reset?
You have nothing to lose.
done, nothing changed tho. thanks for your help tho, im really sorry for wasting your time but i might just have to get it replaced haha

I'm looking for a video, I think it's roughly 10 seconds long, taken from the POV of a man with his dick out (it's dark and very blurry so semi-worksafe) chasing a woman to the Avengers theme outdoors. Saw it the other week but now can't find it anywhere

Found this on instagram.
use https://tineye.com/ or google reverse image search

Anyone know the source? And if there's a bigger size for this image, could you please link it? Thanks.
I knew that already. I needed a bigger picture. But thank you anyways!

File: gocru8zimo501.gif (391 KB, 500x426)
391 KB
391 KB GIF
1. Seeking Asano Inio works in cbr/cbz, all of his works kindly (except Punpun, Solanin, Nijigahara, Shore. Already got these). TIA

2. Can anybody tell me where to get mangas in cbr/cbz/pdf/ebook (don't suggest apps like tachiyomi). I once used bakabt regularly. But it went closed and I can't find manga anymore.
>I once used bakabt regularly. But it went closed and I can't find manga anymore.
Did you have an account? You should be able to make a fresh start if you still have access to the forum account. Also here are some oneshots:
You can do an interview on their irc channel to get a new account
Not actually. On 2015 bakabt was totally open public site, so didn't open an account.

Thanks for letting me know, sounds hassleing though.

File: stalag_mein_kampf_sfw.png (838 KB, 802x766)
838 KB
838 KB PNG
Looking for a clean/semi-clean version of the bloomer wojak meme. Reward is naughty version of pic
File: 45699297927.jpg (125 KB, 680x683)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
I've some
File: 45699297827.jpg (56 KB, 720x720)
56 KB
File: 45699297937.jpg (180 KB, 1024x1024)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Bonus Swedish version
Deliver op
not op but i have the source

File: Iku popping off.png (1.08 MB, 975x731)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Anyone know the song in the video?
If you do, post a link or name and artist

File: 51sTkzXk0nL.jpg (49 KB, 391x500)
49 KB
Just wondering if there are any websites that have english subtitles for european releases. I know there are english 1080p subtitles around, but they don't state which retail disc it's from. Sometimes they don't sync right. Are there any sides that state which physical copy they sync to? I have the dvd, but the subs might not sync right. Thanks in advance.

File: nagatoroheadshot.png (76 KB, 350x372)
76 KB
It seem my thread died yesterday, so I'm making it again in hope it'll work out this time.

Please make an image by putting together images of the following characters. You can take the panels you like from their respective manga. If you do not know a character, simply putting their name into the mangadex search field will bring you to their manga.

Anjo-san, Hitomi-chan, Jahy-sama, Komi-san, Nagatoro-san, Takagi-san, Tomo-chan and Uzaki-chan.

I tried to cut it down to 8 this time, hope it's more reasonable.
There are online collage makers that do this. You'll probably like the result better if you select the pictures you like.

File: brain fluid leaker.png (237 KB, 1976x1360)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
So this thing looks harmless, but it can leak your brain fluid and ruin your balance and your life.

By ripping the teal ligament here: https://i.imgur.com/JIR4IDN.gif

Can someone photoshop a few urBeats 3 (link below) to have stems, à la wireless AirPods?

I'm writing a going-public post on Medium. Keep your eyes peeled for it.

Your handiwork will be featured


(google image search "urbeats 3" for images of the earphones)
bump it up!
Bump. Share your profile on medium so i can read it nigga

i want to make an AMV and need to know the scenes where Light [spoiler]kills a lot of guys in a short time in one scene (like in the first episode, after Ryuk visits him and Light tells Ryuk that he already used the Death Note a couple of times, that flashback scene where he kills lots of baddies).[/spoiler] could someone help and name some episodes with these scenes? posted this in /a/ already but that board seems only full of weebs who dont watch death note since nobody replied.

File: 20190119_131942.jpg (2 KB, 244x231)
2 KB
If α and β are the roots of the quadratic equation x2+x+1=0, how on Earth do you get (1+α)200+(1+β)200=-1? It has something to do with Vieta’s formulas, but what?
>4chan doesn’t like superscript characters
Anyway, here’s a photo
α = a + ib
β = a - ib
r = √((1 + a) ^ 2 + b ^ 2) = 1
θ = atan(b / (1 + a)) = π/3
1 + α = r * e^iθ
1 + β = r * e^(-iθ)
r^200 * e^i200*θ + r^200 * e^(-i200*θ) = r^200 * ( cos(200*θ) + isin(200*θ) + cos(200*θ) - isin(200*θ) ) = (1^200) * 2 * cos(200*θ) = -1

File: iplo4uiv4t321.png (71 KB, 195x195)
71 KB
Can you guys help me find a horror film I watched as a kid I cant remember the name of it. What happens in the film basically is that a family moves into a house and in the backyard there's a doll house and a tree and some other spooky shit. Basically the all the kids die satan gets summoned and the parents kill satan however their kids are dead and they're ok with that. At one point a dude gets sucked into the ground after grabbing a doll in the doll house. I think I watched this around 2005 and it had witch or tree maybe even witches tree in the title no clue really

File: unLockment Endroitae.png (1.17 MB, 1366x768)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
Can one ignore bad odour ?
When sufficiently focussed on anything i can eliminate
Annoying sounds externally intruding
Visuals or distracting thoughts
But my neighbours smoking just blatantly throws me off
And there is no way for me to not be interrupted from studying and driving me fucking in-sane!! it completely pulls me out of the moment without failure..
i haven't found a way for smell the way i have for basically Anything else
is there a way to ignore it all the same?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Get an air ionizer. It will eliminate the smell. Just be aware that ionized air can also be hard on your lungs.
kill him
Sure you can. Smoke alarms are because you can't smell downstairs when you're asleep upstairs.
Maybe contact your landlord if its that big of an issue? I assume you live in some apartment.

I actually dont mind the smell of cigarettes on a small level. However I have no clue how bad your situation is like if you have neighbors that smoke indoors and all the fumes are going to your apartment through air vents.
yea thanx, wasn't asking for creative input but scientific resolutions

File: images.jpg (24 KB, 330x446)
24 KB
looking for this kinda edit of Mia Wallace from pulp fiction where her head was edited to a virgin Mary painting, it's kinda like pic related but it's more aesthetic and well edited
File: pulp saint.png (5.42 MB, 1920x1080)
5.42 MB
5.42 MB PNG
this one?
it has that pink background iirc tho

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