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File: iplo4uiv4t321.png (71 KB, 195x195)
71 KB
Can you guys help me find a horror film I watched as a kid I cant remember the name of it. What happens in the film basically is that a family moves into a house and in the backyard there's a doll house and a tree and some other spooky shit. Basically the all the kids die satan gets summoned and the parents kill satan however their kids are dead and they're ok with that. At one point a dude gets sucked into the ground after grabbing a doll in the doll house. I think I watched this around 2005 and it had witch or tree maybe even witches tree in the title no clue really

File: unLockment Endroitae.png (1.17 MB, 1366x768)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
Can one ignore bad odour ?
When sufficiently focussed on anything i can eliminate
Annoying sounds externally intruding
Visuals or distracting thoughts
But my neighbours smoking just blatantly throws me off
And there is no way for me to not be interrupted from studying and driving me fucking in-sane!! it completely pulls me out of the moment without failure..
i haven't found a way for smell the way i have for basically Anything else
is there a way to ignore it all the same?
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Get an air ionizer. It will eliminate the smell. Just be aware that ionized air can also be hard on your lungs.
kill him
Sure you can. Smoke alarms are because you can't smell downstairs when you're asleep upstairs.
Maybe contact your landlord if its that big of an issue? I assume you live in some apartment.

I actually dont mind the smell of cigarettes on a small level. However I have no clue how bad your situation is like if you have neighbors that smoke indoors and all the fumes are going to your apartment through air vents.
yea thanx, wasn't asking for creative input but scientific resolutions

File: images.jpg (24 KB, 330x446)
24 KB
looking for this kinda edit of Mia Wallace from pulp fiction where her head was edited to a virgin Mary painting, it's kinda like pic related but it's more aesthetic and well edited
File: pulp saint.png (5.42 MB, 1920x1080)
5.42 MB
5.42 MB PNG
this one?
it has that pink background iirc tho

File: B6E_u3GCAAIY4Bc (2).jpg (10 KB, 188x196)
10 KB
can someone back the background transparent?
File: l73r2r50.png (51 KB, 188x196)
51 KB
File: sq997-n293.jpg (37 KB, 400x400)
37 KB
thank you very good!
File: ddddjj.png (59 KB, 188x196)
59 KB

File: 230px-Hyper_Police.jpg (30 KB, 230x325)
30 KB
I'm looking for an old anime from the early 2000s that had high energy, a blue haired chick and I think a car chase. Can someone tell me the name?

Image unrelated

File: 1547827302987.jpg (1.65 MB, 2160x3840)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG
I'll be really thankful if someone found me a source of this image!
File: 0.jpg (32 KB, 205x246)
32 KB
Ciara Horan
Please get help orbiter
Sierra Whore-ann, newfaggot.
Crack whore and had 2 abortions.

File: 3010_TOWER_FRONT_3.jpg (213 KB, 2000x1600)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
I'm building low budget PC. I bought this Dell optiplex 3010 with i3 3220 and 4gb ram (i want to upgrade both). The best cheap GPU is msi RX 480 gaming 4gb. Will it fit in my case? And if not, I can change case, so will it boot?
Btw i changed psu for 700w one.
Sure, that should all work fine. Older Dells had their own weird PSUs, but that one seems new enough to have a standard one.

That doesn't seem like a sensible use of your "ultra low budget".
I called it low budget because i had less than 6000 CZK (about 250€). The GPU is used for about 100€

File: reeee.png (81 KB, 225x174)
81 KB
OK so this is gonna sound immensely autistic but I swear i'm not bullshitting, this is an actual problem I need help with. Gonna be a 2 parter bare with me.

I have the most autistic tick in the world and it's been driving me mad for the past week. It's always been there as long as I can remember but lately it's been just constant. It's also really difficult to explain but I'm gonna do my best because maybe if I can rationalize it and understand it I can work on stopping doing it, cause I can't stand it being so prevalent.

So basically I take a word, or a sentence, or any thing that can be broken down into a sequence. Let's take the word "Animal" for example. Any word or sentence or whatever that I choose **HAS** to be able to break down into an even number, anything 4 and above. Can't be 2. So since "animal" doesn't have enough letters to break down into an even number of 4 or more I need to add letters to it, so I'll say in my head "It's The Animal." That way I can have 4 sets of 3 letters "It's" "The" "Ani" "mal". Then I'll take those sets of numbers and say them in my head, and as I do so I'll move my shoulders up/down accordingly. So with "it's" I'll move my left shoulder up, then with "The" i'll move my right shoulder up. Then with "Ani" and "mal" I'll move my shoulders down.
It doesn't have to be letters either it could be broken into syllables too. So "it's the animal" would change into "It is the animal", then I'd move my shoulders up and down 6 times because there are 6 syllables. BUT if I started with my shoulders in the down position they would end up in the "up" position. Which is wrong. So I'll start them in the up position. and to top it off this is coupled with me moving saliva or my tongue around in my mouth. So If I move my left shoulder up I'll move my tongue or saliva to the right side of my mouth.

But almost every word I think of or read my mind just does this with, and I can't seem to help it so i'm constantly moving my shoulders up and down and it's driving me mad. Just watched a subtitled show and I HAD to do it to each sentence I read I couldn't NOT do it because it felt so so wrong to not do it. Rarely does it happen with heard words, so music and YouTube are my only escapes from this because it occupies my mind and keeps me from going nuts doing it to every word I read.

Does anyone here have any sort of tick that might be a little similar, and any tricks to help me stop? Because it's becoming a genuine problem I can't focus on anything. I'm legitimately going to bring this up to a doctor when I see one next because Idk what to do.
Gonna talk to my parents about seeing a therapist or something for it, maybe it's OCD. anyone here have experience talking to a therapist of getting professional help for something similar?
Are you, by any chance, ~13-25? It's not unusual for this kind of shit to develop during puberty and then be grown out of.
Personal advice goes into >>>/adv/

Semi-weird request, but does anybody know of a manga with a similar art style to the one in this video? I just love how it looks and I'd love to read a full manga like it, thanks in advance.

(pic not related)

File: 1512416476178.jpg (47 KB, 425x422)
47 KB
Hey guys, I'm also posting this on /g/ cause I need help. Pic is unrelated

A couple of years ago I got locked out of my iPod Touch 5, running whatever was the most recent OS in June 2015, and I do not have the passcode. Is there any way I can bypass the passcode, or else try as many as I want without being locked out, such that I can still access the files and photos on it? Thank you.
I'll tell you what they'll tell you
Give it back Ty'Queefa
Not possible: the Touch 5 has hardware encryption which needs your password to unlock its decryption key. Unless it's been switched on this whole time, the key does not exist at all and cannot be recreated without your password.

Even if you bypass the lock screen, all you'll see is a bunch of confused apps that can't read your files.

Where do I hire web developers for things so easy an Indian could do it? Cheaply. I want a textfile of my history, maybe a few ways to sort it first, etc. Glue together some nonshit addons from what's out there already on Firefox, just take feature from this one I wish this other one would be perfect for me if it had it but hasn't been updated in a year, etc. Simple scripts for batch file sorting and such.

I did EE and Physics, so one class of Java is my extent.
freelancer.com lets you post a job/project and then a bunch of Indians bid on it.
I've never used it. Here is a sample of some listings:
Protip: almost nothing you described is "web development".

>pic related me
Much obliged if any of y’all could photoshop Rei Ayanami by my side with some JoJo effects.
File: ccwjpl2m.png (776 KB, 640x792)
776 KB
776 KB PNG
>you're a strange sad little man

Next time, put it through Saucenao first and then check if it's already translated on Gelbooru/Danbooru/Sankaku. In this case, it was translated on all three.

File: images (43).jpg (6 KB, 220x160)
6 KB
can you make pepe and wojak smiling holding snow cone, burgers and fries pls make it Family Friendly

i wanna start a snow cone, burger small business

thank you!!!!!


File: saddam.jpg (110 KB, 1400x1058)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Hey anons, Saddam has been really lonely lately.

I need someone to work some photoshop magic and make it look like he's looking at his waifu
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
The way she shies away from his gentle caress~~~

Anyways, will bump with more waifu pictures. Please. This needs to be done.
File: golden time koko.jpg (105 KB, 1280x720)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
File: saddam2.jpg (19 KB, 220x321)
19 KB
File: medieval cat.jpg (169 KB, 660x880)
169 KB
169 KB JPG

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