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File: 1568684617215.jpg (110 KB, 839x610)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
What is the source material to pic related?
Ushiro no Hikaruko-chan

Anyone have any ideas or source material i can read up on fir getting into admin locked computers i have a dell latitude e6440 that my buddy "found" its locked by the user and it also has windows 7 professional i believe.
give it back tyrone
Fancy seeing you here jamal.
You're not a nice person Lashqueesha
admin locked as in os or bios?
os you can use that program on a stick which creates a new admin account or just install linux
bios you can remove the cmos battery, you'll have to open it, though

File: I did a thing.jpg (55 KB, 900x900)
55 KB
Can someone please identify the music from
https://youtu.be/IB4j4V-F9vQ?t=37 [Embed] until about 53 seconds
also at 10:57

There was a text generator thing which had a thread or two on /tg/ a few months back, producting a paragraph or so’s worth of story, but I'm having trouble finding them and/or the link, can someone help me, please?
Thanks. Anything similar out there?
There's a predictive keyboard where you can upload texts in .txt format as a corpus and write stories using the material in the text(s).

Thanks. Just that format?

Where can you download both seasons of the new Ducktales show?
... piratebay


I can't find the second, the third is missing most of the episodes, and I don't like using video torrents. Any ideas?
4chan is 18+

File: Dy_WcyGUwAARBit.jpg (22 KB, 640x723)
22 KB
Long story short, PC won't boot, it doesn't even try to. It's not the power supply, I've tested it.

If I connect the PSU *only* to the mobo it boots up, but as soon as I also plug the CPU it goes back to not giving any response.

Do you know what could be happening?
have you tried hitting it really hard

Does anyone have any good turnaround images of the Team RWBY members from Volumes 4 onward? What about Nora, and/or the other characters, particularly the female ones?

Does anyone have a pdf (or any other format, really) of Solid Shape by Koenderink & cia?
I can't find it on libgen...
My request back on the first page!
Solid bump
Bump shape

File: 2723284_0.jpg (60 KB, 630x630)
60 KB
Make this Pepe a Muslim, so he can say:
>"Islam is right about women."

It is the will of Kek.
And if you show your faith in meme magic, give your service to the meme war, putting your very life in Kek's hands, you will be rewarded with Elon Musk 2024.
File: islm.jpg (172 KB, 640x708)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Here you go OP, now go! Return to /pol/ and do some mighty shitposting

File: gl.jpg (94 KB, 735x1087)
94 KB
anyone know where i can find pictures of the gurren lagann mech, from the mange?

Anyone has this Windows 95 picture with really good resolution and quality? Need it for print t-shirt.
Have a vector.

thank you

File: 1568953519935.png (1.67 MB, 1543x6892)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
Anyone have an updated image or guide of pic related?
Doom is shit
This is a request, you're not supposed to post those on general boards

Has anyone heard of a non-famous person finding out that someone has made deepfake porn them? Or of someone using deepfake porn as a sort of blackmail etc?

File: 20190920_154918.jpg (34 KB, 267x246)
34 KB
Anyone know what type of connector this is?
Kinda looks like a M8 4 pin connector. Take it to a hardware store or something and have them look at it.

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