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File: eQWVKmmw.jpg (231 KB, 1000x1000)
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just some pol tard asian guy with a small dick(he took a pic getting his dick suck by some hooker).

File: test.png (112 KB, 265x265)
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112 KB PNG
could someone make the background of this image much darker? please make it look clean without a bunch of messy pixels, which is what it looks like when i try to do it

File: 156369489945.png (103 KB, 265x265)
103 KB
103 KB PNG

File: qvg4jlhwtkq2ikbfpr8w.png (590 KB, 800x427)
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590 KB PNG
There's a video out there of Donkey Kong in Smash. In it he's constantly taunting doing his shrug taunt, but there's a clone of him in the background getting bigger every time he taunts. Anyone have a gif/webm/video?

What are the best sites to download good quality dubbed anime, like MHA, Bleach, Code Geass, Highschool DxD, Sekirei, etc?
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As a recommendation, watch subs over dub. Dubs are mostly out of place imo (mainstream anime has good dubs though).
The vast majority of anime are never dubbed. It used to be the majority were never even subtitled officially and you had to get fansubs or watch them raw. These days I feel like more anime gets dubbed than in the past, so maybe it's less than 90% undubbed now, but not that much less. In general licensing companies only bother to dub series they think are highly marketable to general audiences in the west, and most anime series are niche entertainment.
I see.
That's sad.
>dubbed anime

Sasatto nihongo narai nasai!

File: help a brother out.gif (1.92 MB, 302x206)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB GIF
A spherical block of ice is melting in such a way that it maintains a spherical shape.
The rate at which its volume decreases is proportional to its surface area. Thus
dt = -kr2

where V (t) is the volume of the sphere, r(t) is its radius, and k is a positive constant.
(a) The volume of a sphere in terms of its radius is given by the formula V =4/3.pi.r^3

Differentiate this formula to show that
dr/dt =-k/4.pi

(b) Solve the equation above to find an expression for r(t). If the block’s radius at
time t = 0 is r0 > 0, how long will it take for the block to melt completely?

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Then rearrange for t

= - (8*pi*r)

Then maybe calculate the limit of t as r appraoches zero?
for (a) you need to differentiate V= 4/3 * pi * r^3 to get
dV/dt = 4*pi*r^2*dr/dt
then you substitute dV/dt from the first part to get
then simplifying to get
for (b) you integrate this
-k*t/(4*pi) + c = r
plug in t = 0 and r = r0 to get
c = r0
then plug in r = 0 to get
-k*t/(4*pi) = -r0
t = 4*r0*pi/k

So integrate with respect to t will bring that t out.

t^0 =1 so we couldnt see it

so t^1=t so it appeared

k we kind of ignore and it stays as is

and r= -kt +c

so r0=0 +c , therfore r0=c

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Thanks a lot

File: 1561704816307.jpg (73 KB, 732x1024)
73 KB
whats the new way to blank post?
invisible characters









so, akkarin?
Spoiler inside a spoiler?
File: 1478116214742.png (24 KB, 332x356)
24 KB
You take that back

File: smile dehazed.png (1.53 MB, 960x960)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
Can you re-draw this? https://i.imgur.com/et7BGjM.png
It's the Beach Boys' Smile album cover.
Dunno if anyone has the patience or time to do it, but I would love it if any attempts are made.

File: 7I7DNDp.jpg (43 KB, 807x537)
43 KB

I only heard of Deli.sh well after it went down, where can I pirate cookbooks in pdf form? More specifically, I'm looking for George Lang's Cuisine of Hungary.

photoshop request please, i need these cards shopped into my friends hand for a laugh. i will be eternally grateful. i tried but i suck and it looked like trash.
my friend that needs the cards in his hand lol

File: IMG_20190720_210957.jpg (45 KB, 663x523)
45 KB
Dirty pair

I wish to use adobe flash/animate and photoshop on my pc, but i can not afford the fee. If there is anyone out there with the full version(s) for free, it would be most appreciated. (pic unrelated)
Ebay an older boxed set for cheap.
there's lots of people all over the internet
you just need the magic words
If you search for adobe in the wsr archives from earlier this year you will find some options.
Also photopea.com is a good free ps like program.

File: 1555665078515.jpg (365 KB, 1000x860)
365 KB
365 KB JPG
Hello /wsr/. I've been going braindead watching Sailor Moon SuperS and wanna go back to manga, what should I read if I wanna have a nice plot filled experience (Moe blobs need not apply)
Read Hidamari no Ki.
God Child is pretty cool.
Supposing you haven't already (which I doubt) there's Berserk. Maybe by the time you finish it, Miura might have a new chapter out (which I also doubt).
Shingeki No Kyojin is a good one if you didn't hop on the initial bandwagon and have to catch up.
The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic is a funny fantasy manga that makes you rethink what magics can be used for.
Vinland (pronounced "Farmland") Saga is a good story, though it gets really slow in the middle.
The Promised Neverland is a good thriller for a while. Then it just turns into a mary sue survival manga before jumping into the valley of uncanniness with the plot.
Gantz starts out good but slowly works its way down into the valley of uncanniness' stepbrother, the valley of stupidity.
Radiant is a good shonen with an eclectic cast and the French author is finishing up his 3-month volume break soon. Currently, there are 84 chapters released.
Freesia is a weird little fucker, and the plot is about as straightforward as an F1 racetrack, but there are some good psychological bits in it and the stark contrast in art levels is odd, to say the least.

File: 20190717_184323.jpg (2.15 MB, 4032x1960)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB JPG
Can someone add question marks over this cats head? She's lost in thought.

Wonderful! :D

Can someone please translate my great grandmothers ring
File: Canteen.png (713 KB, 900x598)
713 KB
713 KB PNG

Ive been looking for a long time of a dub of Postman Pat. Inb it he sings "postman pat p-a-t shake that ass fucking yeahheheeeeeee" And says the old lady in the store is having an epiliptic fit. PLEASE HELP ME FIND IT

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