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File: 51Hfr3AmIDL._SX425_.jpg (16 KB, 425x425)
16 KB
I'm a poorfag so I'd love a reliable skyrim crack, preferably without having to use uTorrent

File: 1230085088983.png (7 KB, 564x420)
7 KB
Looking for an image with an Imperial guard/ Generic unit's face over a monk sitting with the caption "look at this fine soldier. He is already dead. Do not grow attached as soon he will charge a turret nest or walk through a minefield"

I'm looking for a mecha anime that would fit just like Evangelion but without all that crazy shit that we had in the end. Pre-2000s, preferably.
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Define "like." If you're strictly talking about a kid in a giant robot fighting alien invaders, the 70s and 80s are shock-full of these depending on how loosely you interpret "alien invader," and most of them have varying degrees of melodrama.
It isn't mecha or anime but Ultraman was a big influence as well, complete with NERV stand-ins and a frequently bizarre monster of the week.
this, followed by Diebuster
Evangelion Rebuilds
Both gundam and especially ideon do get crazy at the end
>Define "like." If you're strictly talking about a kid in a giant robot fighting alien invaders
Yeah, basically

File: 1534963408590.png (122 KB, 427x412)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
who is this?
File: jun_gotou.webm (1.18 MB, 1280x720)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB WEBM
that would be this precious cinnamon roll

Are there any good download links, especially Mega ones, for the Friendship is Magic tv show, comics, movie, etc?
yayponies has most if not all you need.
Enjoy anon, though this thread may be deleted due to Global Rule 15

Does anyone know about one?

File: portishead.jpg (668 KB, 2048x1393)
668 KB
668 KB JPG
please recommend me music that is similar to Portishead. (similar to the style, atmosphere and themes, it doesn't necessarily need to be triphop)
massive attack
bowery electric
london grammar
Groove Armada


File: Screenshot_15.png (75 KB, 355x434)
75 KB
What's the name of the generator for these, again?

File: 1551265784028.jpg (631 KB, 2000x1134)
631 KB
631 KB JPG
More wallpapers like pic rel, the same perspective, please.
Artists names are also welcome.

Thanks in advance!

File: BoM_Ciel.png (736 KB, 1000x562)
736 KB
736 KB PNG
Hey /r/, do any of you have access to a midi file of this song from The Blacklist?

Video related, pic not.


OP bumping, still can't find this theme song.

best shortener you know, please

File: 1534515258930.png (1.64 MB, 1125x1500)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
What's the name of this effect that makes someone look like pic related?
It's been awhile since the first time I saw pics with this effect, but I never bothered about it before.
content aware scaling?
That's right, thanks bud

File: 1563525647530.png (177 KB, 376x376)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
animes with cute girls? preferably in highschool
Amagami SS
Literally any, fuck off with vague requests

File: keychain.jpg (191 KB, 600x600)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
Where can I buy this keychain? I already looked for it but I couldn't find it. The character is from Ane Naru Mono.

File: sad anime nun.jpg (33 KB, 507x500)
33 KB
I need more of this.
Can you help me expand my gallery? anon

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