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File: 1568807717665.png (313 KB, 540x638)
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Yeah, I think


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Odriozola Militao Varane Mendy
Cruise Bernando Silva
Rodrygo Rashford Hazard
Thoughts on Kubo? I don’t watch B team games
If you meant Castilla by saying "B team", then he's not there, he was loaned out to Mallorca, where he plays semi-regularly and scored a goal in the last match.
>Bernando Silva
>no Spain - Romania thread anywhere to be seen
It's so uninteresting and boring that there is no even a thread. Even Malta game has a thread. Jesus.

File: Henry Handball.jpg (16 KB, 480x360)
16 KB
It's been a decade
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Imagine ruining your reputation like that after like 15 years in the game. It was his headbutt moment.
File: irish_leprechaun3.jpg (26 KB, 534x342)
26 KB
Reviving their folklore.
what is mbappe going to do?

File: kyrie.jpg (169 KB, 1280x720)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
1. best dribble handler in history, top 5 player talent wise

2. a player who is basically #1 except worse at everything

except of course the team is unfathomably better having #2 than #1, because Kemba is actually mentally balanced and isn't a fucking nutcase diva asshole. FUCK Kyrie and anybody who likes him.
Kyrie doesn't give af because he's alpha. You have low test, deal with it.
Based team chemistry building Kemba
File: 1573436698834.jpg (33 KB, 499x344)
33 KB
>Nets have both Kyrie and Durant on the same team

How's that going to work out in the future when Durant actually starts playing? Both of them are unstable weirdos.
Both of them are bitch niggas, it's Dinwiddie's team

File: 1574039163415.jpg (637 KB, 3442x2295)
637 KB
637 KB JPG
Fuck news just go look it up yourselves
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Nope, we'll have a good record, lose in the playoffs, and BoB will keep his job
File: 1493489456696.png (52 KB, 326x367)
52 KB
h-hey we're overperforming
Raiders-Chiefs game will most likely decide the division. It's a much more important game than 9ers Ravens
File: 0f092whqddz31.jpg (47 KB, 960x540)
47 KB
holy fuck the burrs are frauds and im ashamed of being a fan
it is
but this season is being treated like a regular team would treat a 10-0 team

File: bbcsport.png (222 KB, 962x905)
222 KB
222 KB PNG

calling all Austrians
redpill me on this bald gentleman
typical Red Bull coach (muh intensity, muh pressing). Took over a good WAC team high on confidence and built himself a good coaching staff that compliments his weaknesses. Memed it up in the Europa League and had some good results domestically.
Likes his 4-4-2 with midfield diamond.
doesn't like 5 at the back then?
Because supposedly he's in talks to take over my team and we've been shit all season but marginally better with wingbacks and 3 in the middle
Is he a good fit for a young team?
I don't think a single Salzburg youth team plays with a 5 man defence, and he never tried it with Wolfsberg. He started in youth football, and the Salzburg youth teams are full of players from all over the world, so he should have that covered. His WAC side was fairly old, but that was mainly due to the fact that there were no young players with any talent at the club.
>but that was mainly due to the fact that there were no young players with any talent at the club.
same over here then

What do you expect from Croatia at Euros?
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>irrelevant football nation talking
nigger behaviour violence between any other yugoslav nations
nothing. and shut up.
>Continental football cuplet can't stand the fact about choking everytime.
>That's extremely based.

>draymond green is the best defender in the league

File: 1565562765875.jpg (126 KB, 1280x720)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
This lad goes to all sorts of football stadiums, mostly lower down the English system and even into the depths of non-league. Fun to watch tbqh, he's not a plastic zoomer or a drama queen like that Togden bloke you retards keep posting.

Smiv is based, even though he's from Essex
>londoner babbling on and then comparing and contrasting different clubs, ranking them on his own personal subjective view of how his experience was at each club
No word of a lie, this has to be one of the most fucking pointless channels on youtube. What a waste of time and energy.

Aye mate, he should just be a miserable spaz like you. Way to miss the point.

File: matao.jpg (24 KB, 375x394)
24 KB
Ferrari hate thread
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what I hope for is Vettel to Alfa Romeo Boomer racing with gimi
And nazi to Scuderia Ferrari Zoomnow
and watch them all suffer
“Both Ferrari drivers made a terrible mistake, it wasn’t necessary because the best they could have done is P3. I think they wanted to show to each other who was the best.

“Now Ferrari must do something and make a decision. They were free to fight but you shouldn’t abuse this freedom. I think both driver made a mistake. Leclerc was too aggressive and when Vettel passed him he shouldn’t have to close the door like that.”

>Jacques Villeneuve on Sky Sports Italy
File: f-love.jpg (65 KB, 1024x578)
65 KB
100% Seb
anyone who say it was Leclerc's fault need to see an optometrist tbhqwyf

File: a_021.jpg (28 KB, 474x474)
28 KB
been doing BJJ for a year now. Looking to buy a new gi. Have been using a very cheap one I bought through instructor. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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oh and I forgot: if you can - consider dojo rules here - take a blue or a black one because you don't want to use chlorine every weak to deal with the blood stains. hf.
Why do you dress like an Asian to give blowjobs? What fetish is that?
>full kit wankers
Dont be a poofter and switch to no-gi jj instead
File: 1499633614040.jpg (29 KB, 528x543)
29 KB

NYM: Mets not taking offers on Noah Syndergaard
MLW: Yelich caught up in sign stealing scandal
CHC: Cubs discussing extension with Javier Baez
LAA: Mike Trout captures third American League MVP
LA: Cody Bellinger named National League MVP
ATL: Mark Melancon to remain closer for Braves
WAS: Rendon, Strasburg reject qualifying offers
CWS: Abreu accepts $17.8 million qualifying offer
MIN: Odorizzi accepts qualifying offer from Twins
ATL: Braves sign Will Smith to three-year contract
MIN: Odorizzi could take qualifying offer
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>The winning run gets walked in
>Astros win the game

Even in your fantasy the Astros win, lmao
Not if he's directly responsible for it
The signs seem to be visual and not audible after 2017. But yeah, that would have been a nice fuck you if a pitcher had caught on and switch it on the fly without consulting the catcher.
Take the amount of salt currently mined and multiply it by a factor of 10.

You really didn't think this all the way through, huh.

File: images (5).jpg (28 KB, 651x400)
28 KB
I just saw that the star of our U-17 team is a literal chicANO who can't even speak proper Spanish

Is this really the future we have? Looks very bleak
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El mesmari is an arabic name
Efra is CUTE

>old-school #10
Mexico got a lot of Lebanese and Syrian immigration at one point. Al Pastor is an evolution of a Shawarma brought to Mexico
And because reason even they looks like indio in Mexico, even German descendants, even their jews.
El-mesmari isnt a white surname Ahmed.

How would you rate the performance of this sportsman? He's an avid golfer I've read.

File: 1573775803464.jpg (191 KB, 880x976)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
A Canadian team will never win another cup again

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