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File: weinstein vs ronaldo.jpg (2.45 MB, 3564x2000)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB JPG
Seriously, how did Ronaldo ever manage to get away with this?

Are professional athletes more powerful than Hollywood producers?
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lol, Harvey Weinstein literally is a Hollywood Jew.

He is the very epitome, the very definition, the very king of the Hollywood Jews.
Ronaldo is the most famous human alive he can fuck, kill and do whatever he wants.
But he didn't rape anybody every woman would spread her legs for him anyway.
because CHADs can't rape women
>implying women don't want to sleep with famous, handsome, rich athletes
These women just wanted money, it's not rape if your /hm/
>Footballers are also less likely to be sociopaths than people in Holywood
This is litterally a matter of statistics you have no access to
How many people play proffesional footbal in the world vs how many people are professionally employed in Hollywood on average.

File: chad.jpg (242 KB, 1440x936)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
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you knob goes up and down in cycles during sleep, most people have shit sleep schedules which are usually interrupted. If you get a good amount of sleep, very consistently, you might not catch your dick in the "on" cycle. But if you sleep sporadically, and dont sometimes catch it, could be a problem.
I can only cum while flaccid.
I hope this guy's dick is healthy because that's basically my wake up cycle as well
I fap at least 7 times a week and I'm even on Fina for my hair which is supposed to completely kill your sex drive kek
>ywn the Greatest Living Fighter with an Aryan Beauty of a wife who adores you and gives you 5 healthy children.


File: images (34).jpg (18 KB, 550x315)
18 KB
>population of 130M
>Football is the most popular sport
>absolutely shit at football
Why can someone explain this to me?
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Mexico's theme
yeah my parents moved here from india and one of the cultural traditions my dad likes to keep alive is he would wrestle me and my little brother in our bedroom before we would go to sleep.
Most mexican players in their NT play in LigaMx or MLS.
In that case Brazil should be absolutely garbage.

File: 1581996944610.png (300 KB, 497x499)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
>Minnesota Vikings
>Most of the players are black and not vikings
>Probably not even from Minnesota
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ok clowner
>united states of america
>controlled by jews
Dude im in the south and have somali muslims living down the street from me, theyre everywhere
>Houston Texans
>most of the players arent from texas
>New York Giants
>nobody on the team is diagnosed with gigantism
>some are even of average height

>Did you just say something about Dak Prescott?
Of you take test too?
>fuck the NFL
>fuck the cowboys
>fuck jerry jones
>fuck Dak
And last but not least
>fuck janny
What does he think of the XFL?
watch it on his free time

not allowed to talk as his network need that NFL contract money
His network is one of the networks that broadcasts XFL games my leaf friend

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Now I'm hearing about a deadly virus in Northern Italy that's affecting Serie A matches.
In a short time it probably won't even matter anymore because there will be easily as many infections in Europe as in Japan.
he vibin
B-but Trump told me that it would disappear in April from the heat and Xi had it under control!

Did we just reach a biblical battle?

Wilder literally looks like a demon

Fury looks like a Christian medieval King of the Lord

Did a higher power affect the fight?
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King vs kang
God always wins.
In the end he does true
They coordinated this shit for hypebux.
light will always win. no matter how much darkness sinners will cloak themselves with, nothing can stop the rays of light that shine down from the heavens. this was truly a sign from our lord and savior. seethe more non believers, you only strengthen my faith

What teams do the posh people in your country support?
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In the GAA everyone follows their own county. In Dublin itself rugby is the posh sport and the GAA and soccer (to an extent) are the sports of the common folk, by and large however there are many exceptions. Bohs are not a homosexual club, and soccer is essentially not even posh. The only people on the island that follow an English club in the soccer are literal boomers with sky tv.
The genuine posh sport to be involved in here is horse racing but again it is not exclusively posh. Maybe tennis and golf also.
In summary: rugby, horse racing, golf, and tennis are the sports which a posh Irish person is most likely to support.
I don't know what kind of pubs you were working in, nor do I know what you would consider a posh person, so I suppose you're also correct from the perspective of your own subjectivity.
Yankees or Dodgers depending which coast they live in
no such thing as midwest posh they're flyovers including texas
Posh people dont watch sports, OP.
Yale rowing team
Surrey CC

how do nigs comb their hair?
They brush it

File: 5473474.jpg (27 KB, 650x433)
27 KB
There is no way this guy doesn't have autism.
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his runs are 300 IQ
Wasn’t he born in Leeds?
Messi is the biggest footy autist I can think of and he's the best of all time lmao.
File: 1568830668567.webm (870 KB, 606x1280)
870 KB
We have one street sign in English: "STOP". The Swedish for "stop" is "stopp."

Will Are Tyse finally settle the debate?
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He's Nigerian
He's literally got a tattoo of Africa on his arm you sperg
Le Tiss isn't souf, he's oilund

File: sdkfj.jpg (95 KB, 573x483)
95 KB
Wtf bros 2020 in sports is becoming pretty based if you ask me

File: bcity.png (612 KB, 774x677)
612 KB
612 KB PNG
what the fuck is his problem?
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he didn't even fuck her and he got 3 years? wth
File: ahem.jpg (160 KB, 559x690)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Lmao all he had to do was wait 6 months and he got 3 fucking years
>15 years old

get in here bros and lets remember this great man.


10:24 AM
Many of the greatest names in NBA history are attending Kobe Bryant’s memorial
10:22 AM
Memorial set to start at 10:30 a.m. after slight delay
10:18 AM
Sabrina Ionescu remembers her mentor, Kobe Bryant, in an open letter
10:12 AM
Attendees at memorial to receive special program honoring Kobe and Gianna Bryant
10:05 AM
Long lines at Staples Center as attendees wait to enter memorial
9:54 AM

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Why does the Denver nuggets mascot make over 600k a year? 10x more than other pro mascots.
Why isn't the mascot in the shape of a nugget?
Furry psy-op.

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