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File: mythical_team.jpg (133 KB, 1024x768)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
>the mythical mexican A NT
>always get btfo in round 16
>He doesn't know that Mexico already reach the QF in 1986

File: 1567573522013.jpg (71 KB, 1200x630)
71 KB
Por un lado, Lionel Scaloni confirmó a los 11 titulares con: Esteban Andrada; Renzo Saravia, Germán Pezzella, Nicolás Otamendi, Nicolás Tagliafico; Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes, Marcos Acuña; Lionel Messi; Paulo Dybala y Sergio Agüero.

Por su parte, Oscar Washington Tabárez sorprendió con la inclusión de Martín Campaña, arquero de Independiente, como titular. De esta manera, la alineación inicial charrúa es con: Campaña; Martín Cáceres, Sebastián Coaetes, Diego Godín, Matías Viña; Lucas Torreira, Matías Vecino, Federico Valverde, Brian Lozano; Edinson Cavani y Luis Suárez.
nobody cares
lose weight
thanks you really blew me the fuck out haha i dont know how to respond lol lmao.

File: david.jpg (78 KB, 768x960)
78 KB
Opinions about the 14-year old wonderkid David Easmon? Could be become a superstar?
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this is true
and thats why we must separate black and white kids at school, especially white girls and black boys
their puberty comes at different age and blacks can have a bad influence on young white teens

race IS NOT a social construct
race science is real science
no, ngubu's are always labeled as wonderkids because they mature earlier but once they reach their 20's they are always uncovered as frauds
He plays as a defender so having such an impressive stature probably helps him to physically bully his opponents.
File: tab-banana.jpg (193 KB, 614x878)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
They age quickly so they're strong enough to climb trees and eat bananas.
Russian, are there niggers in Russia? If yes, what happens to niggers in Russia?

File: waterboy-mama.jpg (31 KB, 894x480)
31 KB

File: 1468313415204.jpg (367 KB, 980x654)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
why does he hate argentina so much?
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they didn't want to pay for his hormones
>could have played for spain
>decides to stick with argentina just to punish them
I just don't understand what could spawn this eternal hate
He will forever live in a maradona shadow in Argentina. Fans there will not truly accept him until he can bring the cup back but sadly he never will.
IT IS OBVIOUS, based on his performance in club games as well as NT friendlies, that his poor performance in the world cup is done on purpose. I just don't understand how one man can be so spiteful.

He could have had a WC under his belt, and numerous Copas, but he would rather punish argentina for whatever his unimaginable reason may be
go back to /v/ you /v/irgin

File: ñ_.jpg (148 KB, 634x487)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
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File: 1574014708424.png (90 KB, 200x200)
90 KB
>that file name
baby baaaaby <3
File: 1560354850810.webm (1.32 MB, 640x360)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB WEBM
omfg XD
stop with this faggotry, mr. Hong Wai Jiang from Chengdu

File: 1573912902538.jpg (78 KB, 270x578)
78 KB
Why are South Africa SO bad at football? Even if it's not their most popular sport, surely such a large talent pool should mean they have an 'okay' team, on par with the likes of Iran and Egypt.
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delet this
The PSL is the richest league in Africa and awash in millions of rands in sponsorship money.Most professional players are paid a very good salary and are able afford a big house and sports car without having to move to European clubs to be able to acquire those things like their counterparts in other African countries.South African players are therefore more than content to stay and play in an average league at home while earning big wages,rather that travel thousands of miles to a foreign country in Europe away from family and friends.

are they well fed (the poor blacks I mean)?
Is the PSL an actually okay league? By okay I mean MLS/A-League standard.
I think it’s around MLS level but only just.The problem is that sponsors continue to throw large sums of money at clubs and the league despite the quality on the pitch not being that great with both clubs and players finding themselves in a sort of comfort zone.

>its coming home
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That feel when Red Bull brought this small but traditional team, that used to our league runner-ups in 90s, they will be good in Serie A, and Braga is almost killed.
File: 1860-97-home_1_1_1_2_4.jpg (101 KB, 800x650)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Palermo the only team to pull off pink?

File: artestfanbrawl.jpg (29 KB, 298x307)
29 KB
Who was in the wrong here?
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Why do white Americans still watch basketball?
>Be fan
>Get punched for doing absolutely nothing
>/espeepee/ blames it on you for agitating Artest
Metta World Peace deserve a HOF spot no matter what

>Imagine this shit happening today holy fuck
It would been bigger and Adam Silver would resign over that.
That's the biggest tragedy of all

I don't think it will ever happen again

File: 1537729015460.jpg (26 KB, 271x240)
26 KB
bills will be lucky to finish 10-6

File: dakisbest.png (29 KB, 807x345)
29 KB
hmm hmm hmm very interesting
that might be the least interesting thing i've ever seen
can't comprehend the data it displays?
I'll spell it out for you: Goff sucks, Wentz sucks, Dak fucking rules

File: dallas_cowboys.png (34 KB, 328x328)
34 KB
How do you get 16 games that feel like home games? The Cowboys seem to have mastered this art.
File: eciw7fg6vye31.png (129 KB, 640x677)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
16 home games is 16 home games
So they lose more home games than any other team in the league? That's pretty pathetic anon
Don't make me post the SF-DAL game
Yes, please do


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Shut the fuck up, pinche mono. I'm here on business.
File: CHI.png (258 KB, 862x855)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
finish mowing my lawn and stop phoneposting juan you lazy little brown shit

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