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File: nap time.jpg (774 KB, 1000x1000)
774 KB
774 KB JPG
Previous >>92137603

>Saturday April 20 - Sky Sports UK DAZN US
David Allen vs Lucas Browne
Dereck Chisora vs Senad Gashi

>Saturday April 20 - ESPN PPV BT Sport Box Office UK
Terence Crawford vs Amir Khan
Teofimo Lopez vs Edis Tatli

>Saturday April 20 - FOX US ITV 4 UK
Danny Garcia vs Adrian Granados
Brandon Figueroa vs Yonfrez Parejo

>Friday April 26 - DAZN US Sky Sports UK

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Based and Klit licking pilled
True or false: Joshua has the best resume at HW, and one of the best in the sport right now.
File: 1547173947610.jpg (40 KB, 600x532)
40 KB
its 3am, young joshua is awoken by the push
Khan is literally winning and there is nothing you can do about it
If Khan had a decent chin would he be the GOAT?

File: 1552779789872.jpg (52 KB, 400x400)
52 KB

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psg customer here. ERA, he willingly makes his body surface bigger with his arm sitcking out.
Poop is the biggest fraud of sport history
look at the replay
clearly hit his body
but even if it had hit his arm, it was pressed against the body, no handball, city werent refballed, and thankfully theyre out
what happens if he doesn't?
>me know how to read

File: 1555500593772.webm (2.23 MB, 640x360)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB WEBM
previous: >>92107547

>Tuesday 16th of April
Juventus 1 [2] - [3] 2 Ajax (28' Ronaldo; 34' Van de Beek; 67' De Ligt)

>Wednesday 17th of April
Lazio 2 - 0 Udinese (21' Caicedo; 24' OG Sandro)

>Thursday 18th of April
21:00 Napoli [0] - [2] Arsenal


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>Sopranos must be the worst show in history then
Tony, Silvio, Paulie, Pussy, Artie and Chris are pretty great tho.
can he fix Calccio?
I have a fantasy that Dybala and I are on a plane together and it crashes. We both end up on a deserted island, just us two. Paulo, being a petite, younger, Argentine knows close to nothing of how to survive, while my years of being a boyscout has taught me how to make fires and live somewhat off the land. We'd spend years together on this island. He would come to rely on me for human company and I would do the same for him. For the sake of our sanity, of course. Eventually, we'd fall for each other and we'd make passionate love for hours on end. After a few years of fucking each other, some debris would wash ashore allowing us to finish the construction of a raft, a la Castaway.

During the voyage home, Paulo and I would get separated, but we'd both make it home. Him, picked up by a luxury cruise, me by a commercial grade fishing boat. We'd both think that the other had died. I would make it home a month or so later, while he was taken home immediately, being a famous footballer washed up on a cruise.

Upon returning home, I turn on the television and see him on Tiki Taka doing an interview about his time on the island. I watch the whole thing from beginning to end, and he speaks nothing of our survival together and our relationship. He's telling everyone that he survived by himrself for half a decade. Broken and with anger in my heart, I take my savings and go on a trip across Europe to Turin. I find my way past Paulo’s security and break into his room while he's alone.

Standing behind him, I cough loudly to get his attention. I say "Did you miss me?" He begins deeply sobbing. Barely able to talk through the enormous gasps for air, he chokes out an excited "yes!" At this point, we fuck. The greatest fuck we've ever had. The most passionate, beautiful fuck that ever fucked. Then, after I come a few times, I ask to hotdog his ass while spooning. Then, while I'm doing that one last time, I bash his brains in with a replica Champions League trophy.
i'd rather have conte
>no matches today

File: lineup(1).png (90 KB, 480x600)
90 KB
Manager: Guardiola

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take out messi and they won't win anything
surprised no one has mentioned that coutinho is shit

File: proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg (100 KB, 1200x1526)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
what about him ?

Fuck Penaldo, time for the true clash of the greats. The unstoppable force vs the immovable object
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and Pique is a better defender also. VVD is right behind him though
>conceded 26 goals in the league
>13 clean sheets
>5 yellow cards

Van Dijk
>conceded 20 goals in the league
>17 clean sheets
>1 yellow card


Pique trys to be a winger or a attacking midfielder in every game, VVD doesn't.
File: 1555342856235.png (451 KB, 1600x1200)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
Come down twain
to save face

File: serveimage.jpg (1.2 MB, 4200x2800)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
why the fuck cant a canadian team win the stanley cup? it's been like 30 years. we're literally the only country on earth that actually cares about this gay sport and yet our teams are shit every year
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Canadian nerds can't compete with the big strong Americhads
All the windsor hockey fans are already wings fans and probably wouldn’t be interested all that much.
>t. Tom Poti
6 of the top 10 scorers are Canadian.
Teams playing in Canadian cities being shit =/= the end of Canadian hockey dominance.
Maybe stop smoking weed?

File: 1242144481242442.].png (25 KB, 698x280)
25 KB
trannies are single-handedly making women's sports watchable, do we owe them an apology?
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Think it's this, but shit angle. not sure if there's a better one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRMh0YZkUdg

This. Fallon Fox. Technically a manlet who identified as a woman and kneed bitches in the face
no, this is the world the liberals wanted drink it in
are trannies, dare i say, /our guys/?
Don't know what I hate more, women or trannies desu

File: newstadium.png (932 KB, 509x836)
932 KB
932 KB PNG
>You now remember Arselel fans trying to get this ad banned

kek, never change, cucks
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>it's our year la'
This year is their year
It's also the only place in London that holds not one but two real national league trophies. Think about that for a second.

Dirk single handedly wrecking the Lakers, the Thunder, and the Heatles in the 2011 playoffs is still the greatest post season performance in the history of the NBA. Don’t fucking @ me.
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Too recent to feel nostalgic for. Give it a few more years
how the fuck can lebron still be so fucking athletic
and good at his age, i swear his playoff performance improves every year
Don't agree on greatest post season perfomance but Dirk was brilliant in the finals.
What made it better was footage of LeCuck and Wade making fun of Dirk for having the flu before a game and during a press conference. Fucking shit cunts.
He basically sat out 2 full seasons.
And had almost zero practice before he returned. To think anyone doing this wouldn't be rusty is stupid.
Blood doping

File: boreball.png (9 KB, 500x500)
9 KB
Why is the season so goddamn long? The games are already like 3 and a half hours long, and there's 162 of them. I'm a hockey and basketball guy, and I think 82 games in the season is even too much. When you have an astronomical number of regular season games like 162, it makes every individual game not really matter that much if you win or lose. It's not decisive, it's not exciting. Games don't matter.
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Because it’s baseball, fuck off you adhd riddled zoomer
gamer girl pee
chads get out reeee
now you see
Americans are weird like that. Their most beloved sport ends after a few months...the players barely get match fitness and puff, over. I bet every NFL fan would love more games and more teams.
Baseball is waaaay too long on the other hand...

I can't grasp it...
unironically r/mlbstreams is the best. every game at your disposal
>why is everyone not a methed out spaz like me... REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

File: s.png (5 KB, 323x47)
5 KB
T-th-they g-gonna w-win both o-of them
R-right /sp/ ?
Liverpool will slip to Cardiff
For /sp/' sake yes

File: maxresdefault.jpg (64 KB, 1280x720)
64 KB
Here's a crazy idea: Bruno de Carvalho for Benfica. Now how's that?
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File: 11 Tondela.png (256 KB, 661x653)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
Incha, Valentim
I feel like I should help making new pepes too.
They have their own Bruno Carvalho. Unless Viera already bought him as well..Vieira has bought everybody that show signs of wanting to be the club president.
This is a boabosta hate thread now

>muh penalty, we were refballed!!!
>conveniently forget 2 varballed goals for Tondela

Undeniably the shame of Invicta.

File: 1555651780933.png (1.28 MB, 1366x768)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
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File: file.png (284 KB, 427x679)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
Wow, he's literally /one of us/.
File: sete a um.jpg (190 KB, 634x620)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
still better and cuter than felipao
go away impostor
Felipao is amazing man manager. He's just completely inept with tactics.

We are getting two new stadiums, which will be build by Chinese. Thank you Weihan, you’re a good friend.
>playing sport not study hard 18 hour a day
I am vomit
File: 1531372195279.jpg (393 KB, 3225x1602)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
no problem my hrvatski friendo
you keep doing you and reaching world cup finals so you can teach us to do that someday

End Racism.
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
All people are equal except for Americans who shpuld be genocided
File: wayne.png (265 KB, 642x541)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
File: 1551698996357.gif (754 KB, 607x609)
754 KB
754 KB GIF
Make me.

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