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File: dudachok.jpg (59 KB, 823x751)
59 KB
Gulya won Russian Cup Final
Rika leading Challenge Cup. FP later today. Uncel won men's.

2020 ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships, Tallinn
March 2-8, 2020
Valli, Usachi, Hromik, Gattaca, Haein, Kurakowa, Kagiyama, Sato, Grassl, Samsonov

2020 ISU World Figure Skating Championships, Montreal
March 16-22, 2020
The usual suspects

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It was Eteri's birthday today.
who cares
Damn Russian hackers at it again.

What did Cristiano mean by this?
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Why, it's me.
i actually think his creepy hoarde of lab-grown kids will be the thing that stops him going full jackson. don't get me wrong, he's going to butcher his face and body into oblivion once he sees age starting to make him sag, his nose will be in tatters, face a mess of injections and fillers, body riddled with implants to replace the muscle he used to rely on to validate his existence. he'll put a fairground in his garden. bleach his skin. probably get a pet monkey. but i don't think he'll nonce his kids.
Really makes you think
He wishes his dad was Messi
Funny moments with my babies probably

>Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger has said "racism won" after no evidence was found to support his claim of abuse from fans at Tottenham on 22 December.

>Play was stopped during the Blues' 2-0 win after Germany centre-back Rudiger, 26, said he heard monkey noises.

>On 6 January, Spurs said they and police had "exhausted" all lines of enquiry but could not "corroborate or contradict" the allegation.

>Rudiger said: "They never get punished. In the end, I'm the scapegoat."

>Six arrests were made following December's match as part of the Metropolitan Police operation at the fixture, but none were linked to the incident involving Rudiger.

>Spurs said they were able to "track every fan" using cameras at their new 62,062-capacity Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and that any supporter found guilty of racism would "receive a lifetime ban".

>The club said they had worked with professional lip-readers, and that all reports had also been reviewed by police.

>"We are fiercely proud of our anti-racism work and our zero tolerance of any form of discrimination," added the Tottenham statement.
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do you think it is racism or banter to get under the nigger's skin? imagine the IQ if the most basic banter makes you a crybaby
look at alves
File: 9236292-3x2-xlarge.jpg (61 KB, 862x575)
61 KB
>tfw you find out African fans are actually the most based
Jesus Christ, that’s thin skinned as fuck. What a baby.
This. I’m not saying acting like a dick is ok, but he’s a professional fucking sports player. Shit talking and aggression are a packaged deal. Him crying and bitching is exactly what a shit talker wants to see.

File: 1202669630.jpg (1.22 MB, 3200x2134)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
>england, argentina and portugal trying to get this guy to play for them
>play with jlingz, messi or ronaldo

how can burgers even compete?
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how can 1 man be tied to 3 different countries? who is this?
Says the country where you can pick from like 7 national teams to play for because of muh heritage
his generation of americans might be as talented as those three
Very good point. He's also got a big future ahead of him compared to the other two.
Grealish is ahead of Messi and Ronaldo

File: index.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
Anyone else tired of their le eternal underdog memery?

Those fuckers spend 100m every season, have won La Liga recently and played in a cl final in the last 5 years. I am not saying they should play with 4 strikers against Liverpool but man so sick of this busparking at home in a round of 16. Even worse is their unsportsmanlike behavior, literally begging for a Mane sentoff

On a side note: fuck niggers

File: Haaland-1195418.jpg (36 KB, 590x350)
36 KB
LITERALLY who can stop us next season
klopp plays with a technical number 10 striker
A (((tragic))) plane crash.
He will go to Leeds when they go up this season
Anon I...
this would be kino

ITT: African players that lied about their age and are actually in their 40s
OP is a faggot
That dortmund "teenager" with the gills on his neck
Statistically you are African
ok Congolian

File: kobe.jpg (384 KB, 1680x1120)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
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Wasn't rape when he did it. Only became rape long after the fact.
I don't even care about Kobe and I know that.
File: 1038584829.jpg (37 KB, 975x600)
37 KB
>you now remember the last time you died in a helicopter crash
why not
dude just wanted to get his noodle wet aint nuttin wrong with that

When will Africa rise up and start producing quality national teams?
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Senegal has a solid team
>woman gives birth in space
You'd still be a Paki m8, but entitled to Japanese citizenship.
they don't have good training facilities. MMA is being taken over by africans who haven't even trained their whole lives. More than black americans.
Senegal has your own wrestling

For me it's Municipal Limeño
File: Hue.jpg (28 KB, 250x250)
28 KB
For me, it's FC Hue
File: mKcznCZ.png (53 KB, 235x236)
53 KB
For me, it's Gombak United.
For me, it's the Arlen Longhorns

File: image.jpg (362 KB, 1400x1400)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
>That’s muh qawtaback
Based TO supporting his teammates

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who the fuck on the planet earth is watching ski beside the 10 scandinavians/austrians?
Couldn't care less about Finland. Sweden is a love/hate relationship. Denmark are mostly bros. Iceland and Faroe Islands are cool.
too many muslim niggers in "sweden"
Great bantz
File: alex.jpg (130 KB, 865x787)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
>no kristoff
old man still got it

>4 goals against 16th placed Eibar
>1 goal against 20th placed SPAL
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even He commanded it

Real talk, Messy needs that WC. until then, it's Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro GOIH ComM for me
lol...just why? He doesn't have a WC either.
Ronaldo has more CL goals, more success in the CL and has proven he can succeed in England and other leagues besides Spain. Look at his numbers for Madrid, if he spent his whole career going against lel liga farmers like messoy,he'd have far more goals.

> muh baloon dorb

LMAO Modric won one of those, and messi got it after shitting his pants at Anfield and at Copa America. Ronaldo's hatrick vs Atletico last season more impressive than anything messoy has done in his entire career
during messoys peak he had the two best midfielders of the generation supporting him, and he always vanished internationally. Then his faggot reddit fans invent excuses like "higuains fault"

File: real madrid.jpg (76 KB, 940x400)
76 KB
Main candidates:

Barcelona 08/09 09/10 10/11 14/15
Real Madrid 01/02 11/12 13/14 16/17
Bayern Munich 12/13
Manchester United 07/08 08/09
Milan 02/03 04/05 06/07
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He scored twice+assist if i remember correctly. And most real missed their penalties, this was the source of the ramos and penalties meme. Neuer was just unbelievable and bayern was mentally above real.
he was the first to miss his penalties, terrible dynamic for the rest of the group, I guess that's why now he shoots last
File: 1251617171.jpg (204 KB, 827x827)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
barca 08 is literally the strongest team of all time
By that logic then Barcelona barely got to the final

File: ERcAsiLUUAEginj.jpg (214 KB, 1200x831)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
about Fury's win
she cute

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