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File: table.png (76 KB, 606x607)
76 KB
Tell me that you are cheering for the good guys to win the Primeira Liga and not Benfica, right /sp/?
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File: 15 Moreirense.png (184 KB, 495x491)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
Meme magic too strong

They deserve to go to Europa League and face Arsenal in their stadium
No teu lugar proibia o Morinho de ir ver os jogos
>Gudelj speaking fluent portuguese
what the fuck, how could he learn so fast?
For me, it's Braga
Guys from East Europe speak Portuguese better than Brazillians and learn fast

Sapunaru, for example, you could barely see he was not a native

>Sat 20 Apr
15:00 IST - Saracens vs Munster, Ricoh Arena, Coventry
>Sun 21 Apr
15:15 IST - Leinster vs Toulouse, Lansdowne Road, Dublin

>Sat 20 Apr
17:30 IST La Rochelle vs Sale, Stade Marcel Deflandre, La Rochelle
20:00 IST Clermont vs Harlequins, Stade Marcel-Michelin, Clermont

Week 10

>Fri 19 Apr

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Knew picking the reds would pay off one day.
Challenge Cup Semi Finals
>La Rochelle vs Sale
Stade Marcel Deflandre, La Rochelle 17:30 IST
Neither team looks amazing but the rub is definitely home advantage. Sale haven't impressed away all season while La Rochelle have only lost at home this season to Clermont and Bristol(the latter during a hurricane). Sale's only hope is that La Rochelle are still in contention for the Top14 playoffs and they'll play conservatively to protect. La Rochelle by 7.

>Clermont vs Harlequins
Stade Marcel-Michelin, 20:00 IST
Is this even a competition? Clermont are going to win the challenge cup. Quins probably won't get fucked up as bad as Northampton but they'd have to play better than they have all season to be in with a chance. Clermont by 20.

Champions Cup Semi Finals
>Saracens vs Munster
Ricoh Arena, Coventry 15:00 IST
With the teams out I'm finding seeing a really close game with Munster looking worse for injuries. Bleyendaal is doing fine in the place of Carbery but no Earls is a serious blow. Sweetnam is fine but he's just not comparable. At least they have their strongest centre pairing and their forwards are all up to scratch. This will be a really physical game with Munster's back 3 having a lot of work to do against Maitland and Williams when the ball gets wide. Heart says Munster by 1. Brain says Saracens by 4.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Could have started Fardy, moved Ruddock to 7 and had O' Brien on the bench.
Yeah that wouldn't be too bad actually. Have to ope that O'Brien doesn't shit the bed, i suppose.
I live in hope of an all Ireland CC final.

File: FEIFE.png (443 KB, 450x590)
443 KB
443 KB PNG
*VERY drunk edition*
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just found my great-granddad's NSCAP membership ID
North Shore Community Action Programs? nice
just in time for HIS birthday tomorrow
how is bundes going to celebrate? me? will light a bonfire together with my relatives
File: 1553273326768.gif (184 KB, 494x665)
184 KB
184 KB GIF
>watch random american netflix series
>all protagonists are either female, black or gay
>all antagonists are male, white and straight
glod bess
>netflix series
that was your mistake

Binland:D Edition

we wait for something

>Links for people who want to get into figure skating

>Event streaming info

>Stats & scores

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1541947668060-0.jpg (116 KB, 720x1080)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Spoonfeed pls
File: wtf.webm (2.08 MB, 308x293)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB WEBM
Here a classic Medve-cringe-move.
Wtf I love cringe now
File: kk.png (27 KB, 671x718)
27 KB
anon was right

File: Leeds_United_Logo.png (88 KB, 218x270)
88 KB
I come from the future and I want you to know that Leeds United will not be participating in the Premier League (EPL) during the 2019/2020 season.

Now I need to go back to my time machine and enjoy another slip!

I have a fantasy that Daisy Ridley and I are on a plane together and it crashes. We both end up on a deserted island, just us two. Daisy, being a petite, younger, brit knows close to nothing of how to survive, while my years of being a boyscout has taught me how to make fires and live somewhat off the land. We'd spend years together on this island. She would come to rely on me for human company and I would do the same for her. For the sake of our sanity, of course. Eventually, we'd fall for each other and we'd make passionate love for hours on end. After a few years of fucking each other, some debris would wash ashore allowing us to finish the construction of a raft, a la Castaway.

During the voyage home, Daisy and I would get separated, but we'd both make it home. Her, picked up by a luxury cruise, me by a commercial grade fishing boat. We'd both think that the other had died. I would make it home a month or so later, while she was taken home immediately, being Daisy Ridley washed up on a cruise.

Upon returning home, I turn on the television and see her on Letterman doing an interview about her time on the island. I watch the whole thing from beginning to end, and she speaks nothing of our survival together and our relationship. She's telling everyone that she survived by herself for half a decade. Broken and with anger in my heart, I take my savings and go on a trip across the sea to London. I find my way past Daisy's security and break into her room while she's alone.

Standing behind her, I cough loudly to get her attention. I say "Did you miss me?" She begins deeply sobbing. Barely able to talk through the enormous gasps for air, she chokes out an excited "yes!" At this point, we fuck. The greatest fuck we've ever had. The most passionate, beautiful fuck that ever fucked. Then, after I come a few times, I ask to hotdog her ass. Then, while I'm doing that one last time, I bash her brains in with a lamp.
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File: too-long-didnt-read.jpg (95 KB, 400x400)
95 KB
Have sex with me
Any movies or sports matches with similar stories?
>that one dude who posted loli and scat in the porn thread
That dude's a real jerk

File: _41706982_4_4_2_416.gif (18 KB, 416x300)
18 KB
What is the most low IQ position in football?
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>can do nothing well and isn't even lefty
right back
They spend the entire game calculating the chances of their front lines fucking up.
Not Piatek
>He's a slow mong, and unfortunately he lacks killer instincts.
t.former CB

File: top10.png (29 KB, 300x283)
29 KB
You may only post in this thread if your country has a chess player in the world top ten.
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File: 1512675512763.png (204 KB, 375x293)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
Va chier!
File: 1540362410311.jpg (3.83 MB, 2894x4093)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB JPG
Yikes desulads
Cool, neat.
Anand Carlsen next world championship match please.
I'm not Magnus Carlsen, but he's unlikely to stream anything soon, his upcoming tournament schedule is pretty crowded.

File: IMG_3673.jpg (31 KB, 363x543)
31 KB
>slipping to Spurs
kek, never cuckchester city
File: IMG_3906.png (411 KB, 500x500)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
you finally realized we aren't going to slip?
File: 1552172598965.png (19 KB, 657x527)
19 KB
>never cuckchester city
why do you reply to yourself btw?

>this guy will cost PSG 750+ millions dollars for 20 games a year in the farmer league
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'm not sure it's his brand of jeezus

He cant donate for the reconstruction of his hairline
>750+ millions
How ? It's been 300 millions for now
it's spelled nike

File: PAY-Dickie-Borthwick.jpg (73 KB, 615x752)
73 KB
Which retired players aged 40+ do you think could still play well at a decent level? (Let's say League One/MLS or above)
30 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Keepers, CBs who weren't slow to begin with, and set piece specialists
This photo makes this guy look spry.
Luca Toni could still score goals in the mlels
Probably brought out of retirement to be a player-coach, but it didn’t work out.

File: sterling.jpg (37 KB, 634x416)
37 KB
Can we call him world class yet?
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Can we call him nigger yet?
Tap in jeezuz
his pelvic tilt is that of a woman. so can't be world class for that reason alone. he is pretty good though
you mean world ass?
Too soon to tell. I would wait next week for the UCL semis to truly judge how he performs under pressure.

File: pepe67.png (77 KB, 1000x1000)
77 KB
>Liverpool wins

>Liverpool loses
It's almost as if shitposters shitpost regardless of outcome.
File: 305DXY4.jpg (109 KB, 500x626)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Scintillating insight.
we can't lose, feelsgoodman
Delete this thread mate

File: IMG_20190419_071145.jpg (114 KB, 1445x784)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
>riqui puig only a year away for being in the first team
>deJong deal done
>deLigt in the bag
>Rashford coming SOON

Barcelona is gonna rule for the next 10 years.. AGAIN.
23 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

Playing for Dortmund, I presume?
They won’t buy gashford. Dembele is better
Dembele didnt give a fuck at Dortmund and was assisting like Messi from anywhere on the pitch whereas Sancho is quite clearly a system pace babby who only knows how to do short passes in the final third i.e passing it to Royce to pad Sancho's assists. Sancho's been heavily exposed in the CL.

File: brn3eelmskt01.png (96 KB, 984x1000)
96 KB
Tottenham are based

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