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File: sweden.gif (17 KB, 550x345)
17 KB
They used to have elite players, what happened?
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I disagree, the gypsy betrayal of 1939 shall not be forgiven
were you even allied?
The allsvenska league has been left behind by the bigger European competitions in terms of available money. It's hard to attract top level talent, and harder to keep hold of top level home grown talent. The problem is the players know this and want to be scouted early and they invariably take the first decent offer out if the league. It means they invariably end up as squad filler in another country and never really develop to top tier talent.
Our league sucks. You make money playing in Danish, Scottish, Belgian, Eredivisie and everyone takes their first offer from abroad. Then they are shocked about how cutthroat pro football actually is, and how much you have to invest personally and prove to become a starter even in a team like PSV/Club Brugge/Udinese.

Here in Sweden they go out and get hammered with the lads on weekends and go to Mcdonalds at 2 am and play FUT and shit.

I mean our league stars go to like...AEK Athens...Brentford.. Willem II.. and then come back.

The best Swedish players in Europe right now are Lindelöf and Ekdal.

We used to have elite players 60 years ago. Our last elite player (Ibrahimovic) acts like a retard and he isn't even swedish he's bosniak

File: 1533548926923.webm (1.17 MB, 640x800)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB WEBM
The general fka /ulle/, /sednub/, /bondes/, /böndes/, /bendes/ etc.
First Strache, now fast Nikki. Australia is tumbling, tumbling, tumbling, tumbling down edition

Buyern interested in Sahne and Kruse
>Dortmund legend Manni Burgsmüller dies age 69
Barca wingback Morey might join Dortmund this summer
>Willems wants to leave Frankfurt if he doesn't get more minutes and starts playing as LB
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cutomer, huh?
cutomer = cute oma
denmark = cutomer?
How many times do we have to explain this? Dortmund was about to become a better club than Bayern in 2012-2013. They were building something great. The foundation of Reus, Götze and Lewandowski would have challenged Bayern for 5 years. Bayern bought their 2 best players (after Reus) and that was it. Dortmund hasnt been nearly as good since.

Now Dortmund finally managed to not sell good players for the first time ever (Pulisic was never going to get better). Furthermore, Gladbach and Leverkusen arent a threat to Dortmund, so the comparison of weaking the "opposition" is moot. The only competitor Dortmund has is Leipzig.

So take your childish whining and go back to tm.de
File: miss India world.gif (1.44 MB, 440x248)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB GIF

Love da yanks
Love da g-men
Love mayuh julie-annie
Love da jeffrey mayuh too
Love da chinese food
Love da thin crust
Love da pastrami
Love da marry-ann-o
Love jetuh
Love da statue a-liberty
Love da sports pope
Love da porta ricans
Love da fdny

'ate da sox

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Why does MLB cater to boomers so much?
Can someone redpill me on what makes a New Yorker a Mets fan versus a Yankees fan and how I can tell the difference between the two
Shitposts welcome but ideally looking for good responses
its a little hard to tell, you can only generally guess but usually wops are yankees fans, jews are mets fans (lotta other way around tho), long island/suburbs are mostly mets, NJ/westchester is mostly yankees
NYC is full of liberal queers though. They hate all that stuff

You all know Boston is sweeping this shit team, right?
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You get zero say in this.
Bruins gonna take it 4-2 cap this
Maybe. But your shitty team didn't make it so fuck you.
If the blues were able to tear the sharks that many new assholes, I wouldn't say these finals are a foregone conclusion.
>finished 4th in group A behind Easyland and Germany

File: 1552557325030.jpg (41 KB, 660x492)
41 KB
Final "hail to the bot" edition
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COAT? The only one? its hard to tell, too subjective

but consider this ones

Garcia and Sabatini on top
Arantxa Sanchez is very cute too
Goerges too
whom i can also recall...

Mauresmo(yeah, she is cute, get over it)
weaker Pliskova

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
different weight classes!
File: nothingtoseehere.jpg (93 KB, 1269x399)
93 KB
Nothing suspicious about this result at all, officer.
I genuinely hope Petkovic dies in a fire
>yeah her bum looks nice in it. what about it?
So I wonder, in your opinion, can someone support her as a tennis player, or does she literally have 0 real fans ?

File: Messi Argentina.jpg (36 KB, 768x432)
36 KB
Is this his year to win Copa America?
No , sadly
They will lose to Qatar
Chile will win on penalties

What did he mean by this?
Post the legs webm. You know which one.

File: s-l300.jpg (16 KB, 300x300)
16 KB
Name a better looking boot. I dare you.
File: images-4.jpg (31 KB, 679x452)
31 KB
This is the prettiest boot of all time. Its the best looking boot by far. Classy and flashy at the same time but is surprisingly a very simple and neatly designed boot.

It goes for a couple of grand these days so don't bother trying to get a pair.

File: 15584704876670.png (18 KB, 756x364)
18 KB
Play-off edition
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I'm not feeling it bros...I'm not feeling it. I don't know if we'll be able to pull this one off ,against the Finns. Nope. Not feeling it this year....bros
Our defense is weak bros. A nervous and weak defense.
I've got a bad feeling about this one bros, I have to be honest.
My gut feeling is telling me no here bros. I think it might be over for us for this year. Maybe next year am I right? You win some you lose some, that's just life I guess. Huh. Yup.
Hey fuck you buddy eh

File: 1558522473399.jpg (33 KB, 720x541)
33 KB
Pep Guardiola | Welcome to Juventus
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Aston Villa or Derby, whoever wins the promotion playoff.
File: 1497017901564.png (39 KB, 386x400)
39 KB
When is it going to be our turn bros...
We all know it's gonna be Mou
kek a contract with nothing on it but a juventus symbol
omg its actually real

What's the point of following Rangers nowadays?

They lost their chance at winning the EC back in the 60s, 70s and 80s when it was easier for small teams to win it and will never achieve what Celtic achieved in 67.

There's literally no way they can stop Celtic in the next 10 years so they will also overtake them in league titles.

They don't have enough money to be relevant in the EL either.

Celtic already has more cup titles as well.

What's the fucking point?
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and what's the deal with airline food?
>celtic have some big off the pitch legal troubles coming

How much longer can Rangers avoid responsibilities over their own paedophile ringleader Harry Dunn?

It's all the hun has left.
Literally Hitler in his bunker stuff.
Ah yes its all hun lies

Literal pedos siding with Celtic

File: 1429151329184.png (95 KB, 352x351)
95 KB
Nothing's going on
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Quero mais é que o Vitória se foda tbfam
My team lost 3-0 against a peruANO team and I froze my balls

Say something nice
Your country is very long
source(s) please, I forgot many of the deaths, only remember the flamenguitos in the fire
The league wants to have 20 teams in it, so that's why they give a chance to pay 120 million pesos to stay in primera division.

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Much better than the American alternative with their black population.
File: Jack-Butland_3.jpg (892 KB, 3000x2197)
892 KB
892 KB JPG
Jack Butland should be no. 1 easily.

Do you even watch football? Dele is not a CM. Swap Winks and Dele and put Rice at DM.
this is one ugly team
>Called Walker
>Is actually found to be running really fast most of the time

File: 1533182363377.jpg (16 KB, 330x244)
16 KB
File: brandt-1558534003.jpg (447 KB, 800x600)
447 KB
447 KB JPG
these fucking guys and than they go and complain about Bayern
they've got refballed tho
How exactly is Leverkusen a threat to Dortmund?

File: jags guy.jpg (235 KB, 644x567)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
Week 14

>Fri 17 May
Hurricanes 20-28 Jaguares
9:45 PM Rebels v Bulls Melbourne
>Sat 18 May
7:35 PM Blues v Chiefs, Eden Park, Auckland
9:45 PM Reds v Waratahs, Brisbane
>Sun 19 May
1:05 AM Lions v Highlanders, Johannesburg
3:15am Stormers v Crusaders, Cape Town

**all times in official RWCT**

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Holy shit what year is it? Is this still a thing? We used to fill the boot up in the family car before the chunnel was built.
It's 2019 mate.
Absolutely disgusted by the Poosaders team for being filthy pigs.
Yeah absolutely. Trick is keeping just under the import limit. Still leaves about 20 cases of wine
been thinking of buying a real doll but need to find out if they can make silicon masks out of photos

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