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Why are our Female Athletes so much better than our Male ones?

File: CBJ@MIN.jpg (83 KB, 1200x800)
83 KB
Hockey Day Minnesota Edition
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so close Rask
File: 1524536429029.jpg (719 KB, 1067x1600)
719 KB
719 KB JPG
why does wild merch suck :(
what do you mean
compared to other teams, we have fuck all. i just want a grey hoodie with something on the front and back. not a big ask.

we won the game at least. :/ need to tank though.
I guess
new home jersey is top-tier though. getting one with my tax return I think

- Pre-Lib next week
- copinha is wrapping up
- Copa Argentina this week
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Yes, another one of those players is me
Peru/Paraguay/Ecuador will always have a really really bad run from time to time.
Peru is historically the third worst team in the qualifiers afaik. I dont think Ecuador has ever drop below the 7th place.
A-are the chilebros ok?
yeah, that's nothing

Please, Chiefs. Save us from another Patriots Super Bowl.
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Have you seen our fuckin running game? WE just need a steady receiver outside of edelman and it's good. Basically 2 receivers since edelman is on the way out at his age and damage taken.
If the iggles can beat the has been pats in the owl then the Chiefs should have no problem whooping on em at arrowhead
As a Broncos fan, I don't really mind the Pats winning this week or even the SB. Brady and Belichick are already immortalized. Another SB doesn't change much but I know the game will be entertaining as fuck

I really don't want the Chiefs or Mahomes to ever sniff a Super Bowl
unlike the broncos who sold the farm and their soul for a manning super bowl... Mahomes and the chiefs will be terrorizing the AFC west for many years to come
I want pol to leave

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Medeiros put both hands down every time Gillespie was in a knee position, the new rule did nothing but fuck everything up for a short time
>schooling all the cazzies

>having to explain yourself after you win via wrestlefuck
are you booing me?
How fucking long is this card going to last

My cat wants me to come to bed

File: bros.png (706 KB, 900x645)
706 KB
706 KB PNG
TEX:Twins agree to contract with Martin Perez
SF:Giants gauge trade interest in Evan Longoria
ARZ:Dodgers interested in outfielder A.J. Pollock
NYY:Momentum building for Gray trade to Reds
BOS:Sale says shoulder is back to normal again
CHC:Kris Bryant's shoulder is back to full health
CHC:Russell getting a 'conditional second chance'
LA:Mystery team could be leading bid for Machado
TB:Rays make Avisail Garcia signing official
NYY:Reds 'making progress' in deal for Sonny Gray
LA:CWS, Machado have talked 'swellopt' contract
CLE:Report: Angels, Allen talking one-year deal
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is he gangsta pitching?
watch the mystery team be the cubs and they use Machado as leverage against both Russel and Bryant. He hedges against Russell for obvious reasons but it mainly shows him the Cusb aren’t fucking around about it being last shot and he’s gonna ride the bench and trade off with Baez. He hedges against Bryant because Bryant is up for free agency while Baez isn’t. If Bryant leaves, no biggie because you can fill his slot with manny or addy. If he wants to stay, that gives you an easy out trade piece with Russel because now you’ve got too much infield. The downside to all this is that i don’t like manny at all and even if the cusb somehow got a ws out of it, I’d still be salty with manny. I’d like to see heyward traded and Harper instead. Heyward sucks tho so you’re gonna have to throw in a couple of good prospects or something like baez. That’s not good deal but I’d take heyward and maybe schwarb/Russell for Harper provided they manage to keep Bryant. Paying too much for Harper at the exclusion of Bryant next year, Baez/Rizzo after that. All this considering goddamn Yus salary. Idk anons, I know they aren’t getting either but only manny makes any amount of sense.
idk I definitely gained respect for the yanks and lost respect for the cubs
>The Cubs are believed to be the first team to have had such an event, in 2001

>Open Palm or Closed Fist?
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Brb rewatching naruto
it's not so much that impact, both are fine for that.
it's that the the open palm minimizes injury to the striker, whereas closed fist has a higher risk of the striker being injured.
then what are the advantages of a closed fist?
Pounding it is easier if you don't have any chemistry with the person

High fiving has a higher ceiling to be cool though. Notice how basketball players and whatnot high five and don't pound it when REALLY celebrating
closed palm or open fist?

File: sandman.png (42 KB, 360x360)
42 KB
>on it
What did he mean by this
Tripfags, amirite?
reddit weapon

File: 1547946270393.webm (2.62 MB, 1280x720)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB WEBM
for me it's rakitic

File: 1547911946961.png (1.28 MB, 1306x734)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
the cricket
Pakistan beat South Africa last night
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I don't think you understand that "training" and coaching means almost nothing with cricket, there's no replacement for match experience. Just look at the Marshes
>private coaching
What the fuck would that do for Smith? His technique is sound, it needs a proper bowling attack thrown at it for any chance of improvement. Any intervention is likely to butcher his technique
And again, Bancroft had almost no real "training" with WA, would've just been some stunt in the nets for an hour for the cameras to pick up on if anything, it was more about simply keeping in contact with the players and administrators. Actually googling it it looks like he played WA premier cricket like Smith and Warner for the "Willeton Dragons", again the best and only chance to get any semblance of competitive exposure
>in New York where he spent most of the year.
He's played grade cricket, that Canadian t20 league, the Caribbean Premier League and the Bangladesh premier league, also wasn't in Sydney too long ago. I don't think he's spent that much time in New York
obviously, but getting in the nets is better than the fuck all Smith has been doing for most of the year
But Smith has been getting in the nets? Probably as much as Bancroft
>the fuck all Smith has been doing for most of the year
three international t20 tournaments and grade cricket is a fair amount and better than some meme nets session
also just remembered some local t20 comp he did
>Smith helped Sutherland to the final of the Sydney Premier Cricket Twenty20 competition after making a clever and unbeaten 42 off 44 balls, with just two boundaries, in his side's semi-final chase of 113 against St George.
just admit to yourself you don't know what you're talking about, of course these competitions aren't great replacements for test level experience but even getting into the nets and having a few shield bowlers chuck some balls at you in their down time is an even worse "training"
At least in t20s you have fields reacting to your shots, bowlers with an incentive to get you out, real pitches, foreign conditions. Nets sessions mean fuck all except for warm ups maybe
Smith has actually been doing a lot to get ready for his return
literally everyone has been playing grade cricket, that's a shit argument
and no as I said I don't think Smith has been getting in the nets as much as Bancroft or Warner. the Canadian league barely counts either since it was too short and Smith got injured early into the BPL.

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File: 1523481164126.png (26 KB, 645x773)
26 KB
>This is what Brexit has done to Bongland
Oh fuck, this nog at atletico is nightmare fuel, barça and real would crumble.
>Thinking Toure and Pirlo were DMs
kek and no smokingpilled

File: 1524911101884.jpg (546 KB, 1922x1306)
546 KB
546 KB JPG
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There are enough cam murrays in 2RF that you can get by without having to spend that much in that position.
>His starting 2RF isn't Trbojevic, Fitzgibbon Kikau
>he's a retarded newcunt that should kill himself
>paying top dollar for meme players like fitz and kik
Want to know how I know that you are NOT a supercoach?
With the scoring change, meme edge rowers are where its at for 2019
>still living in the 2018 SC meta
How does the contribution stat help edge runners? They're not going to hand out points for good decoy runs. If anything organising halves like cronk are going to benefit.

File: monaco.png (36 KB, 639x777)
36 KB
monaco a team with players such as falcao, fabregas, naldo, golovin and many other top platers are in second last place in ligue un

is it time to apologize to ligue un?
maybe they arent a farmers league
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Because you have this Americhad dabbing on the likes of Royce and Greaseman
Overall it's stronger. Yeah Ajax and PSV are strong (I think Brugge and Genk can go toe to toe with them) but the bottom half of the Eredivisie is a meme. If they were to combine leagues, the only Dutch teams would be Ajax, PSV and maybe Feyenoord while the rest would be Belgian
>(I think Brugge and Genk can go toe to toe with them)
lmao ameriturd
Va Va Voom
Absolute dogshit opinion lmao

1 0 0 % S C O R E

File: ligue 1.png (247 KB, 2272x1704)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
how do we fix this shit?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
fucking dumbass American go spread you retarded ideas of 'fairness' to your own semen slurping sports like apeball or nigger collision
t. Mohamed al-أوكلاند
Have another oil country take over Lyon, OM or Monaco.
Actually enforce FFP rather than being bribed to suck on mega money tits
>supporting (((FFP)))

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