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File: 1574048343446.png (137 KB, 500x457)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
>Dak Prescott wins MVP en route to a Super Bowl victory
>Cuckson Wince is benched by the end of the season by his own teammates
Where were (You) when the NFL got BASED?
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Cowboys would have won a Super Bowl years ago if Jerry signed a good coach but he won't.
Press B to Back Dak.

>Deshaun Watson
>Russell Wilson
>Lamar Jackson
all having great seasons but behind Dak for MVP
>Watson's game yesterday
>Dak would never

Cup finals at Homestead.
Supercars final at Newcastle.
Other stuff and silly season news too.
Roger Penske to by 4channel

Rags welcome.
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File: confused snek.jpg (42 KB, 326x236)
42 KB
>giant Hyundai on the skirts
>chevy bowtie on the grill
It'sa Hyundai subsidiary, heavy industry stuff.
nando at mclaren woking with some wec guys???
I hate this faggot so much. His articles are seriously 4th grade level.
Look at this list. Not one idea that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars and bring in a dime of money to pay for anything.


Pathetic. Reddit gobbles this retards shit up like it’s gospel too.
my top 10
>sportsbook for raceday betting
>bring back formula 1
>bring back motogp
>new bathrooms
>get rid of golf course
>move penske museum to IMS as permanent exhibit
>more tenderloins
>post-race outbound traffic management
>more tenderloins

File: downloadfile-18.jpg (326 KB, 694x1047)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
Wow everybody knows them now, what an amazing club. JOHAN CRUYFF!!!!
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I hate Ajax, fake commercial club.
File: Large.jpg (259 KB, 1360x765)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
lol even my team has had a times square ad- and we're shit
u ain't special sunshine
New York City

Seems right
Ajax was never a jewish club, they only called themselves jews after opposing fans chanted it because ajax used to be situaded in a former jewish neighbourhood. But after they got the nickname they actually startes acting like jews. They act like underdogs with no money in Europe while they have more money than all Eredivisie clubs combined. They can advertise on Time Square while most dutch teams are almost bankrupt and play on artificial pitches because they have no money. They will take the train to Lille for the CL match because they are a so called progressive climate friendly club, meanwhile they also accepted 700k to test AC cooled stadiums in Qatar. Fuck Ajewax

File: 1573839789933.png (959 KB, 720x978)
959 KB
959 KB PNG

Why can he only score free kicks in a Barca shirt?
but remember that time he scored a free kick against nigeria in the world cup group stage!
NT is a joke
fuck off he scored two against 18th place relegation side pulpo cooks
>paying for a pass
>to live vicariously
>through penaldo
triple cringe

File: 20191118_145647.jpg (419 KB, 1440x1665)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
I know about the jokes and all that, but I really don't see a way that it will slip this year.

The sooner we accept that Liverpool will win the League, the best we will cope
An injury to Mane and Livershit are finished

How was your weekend league edition
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ive made peace actually. now i dont get mad when my players are making the wrong moves or when opponents get lucky bounces. it's not their fault
Have they fixed career mode yet (i.e. outdated squads, ai team selections, teams like city getting relegated etc)? Might pick it up for $30 on Black Friday if they did
You guys seen the new FK glitch that's been found out? I'm not playing anymore games until they patch that shit.

File: wembley-stadium[1].jpg (120 KB, 968x681)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
How was the English Football Association capable of building Wembley stadium? It was about 800 million pounds back then which translated to over a billion today.
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wembley generates around 100 million pounds in revenue per year. last year they had a profit of 12 million
this but unironically
How does anything get built ?
Wembley isn't really one of those areas, nobody in human history has gone to Wembley for any reason except to see something at the stadium.

What happens if, in the middle of a play, the ball pops?

(Whether it be football, basketball, etc.)
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I had a based time on shrooms
Acid nearly drove me to murder suicide though
based crackhead
Thank you anons for the info
done shrooms like 5 times. each one was different, and the people who rave about their importance are just looking for a god anywhere they can find it, but shrooms definitely are useful for creating perspective.
Tbhonest I enjoyed acid more than shrooms but I can generally handle my drugs really well. If you want your stereotypical “trip” with hardcore visual enhancement and such then try acid with marijuana (preferably hash. I saw all sorts of colors and shades I couldn’t even think of. Also makes listening to your favorite album account for less of your trip since you’re looking at 14 hours of being high on acid versus 4 hours of shrooms + a mellow 3 hour comedown

you now remember ronaldo used to be a creative player
Problem is he does stuff like this all the time at Juve and for Portugal but his garbage teammates don't put away the easy chances he creates.
>all the time
You mean at about 1/20th of Messi's rate.
Still waiting for Messi to make an assist better than this one.
File: 1340657054770.gif (1.23 MB, 300x169)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB GIF
the real ronaldo was better

you may not like it but these are the ten most expensive players in the world
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I apologize for the other belgian ITT
>Hudson-Odoi beign paid £200k
What's he done again?
for that money you should her floppy and she'd have to say she loved it
Mane lacks the defensive and hold-up capability of Salah
File: 1572650830112.jpg (134 KB, 720x960)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>No Rashford

this stadium is an embarrassment. it's like something you'd see in some third world shithole like brazil or italy. is that why the raiders are leaving?
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Multi-use stadiums were a remnant from a time where sports team owners couldn’t rape the public tax dollars as much.
Yes 49er fans tho
they also need to cut down the absurd foul territory, and the dugouts are nowhere near the actual diamond

Think SF with same amount of libtards except with no money
a much better time

File: weback.jpg (60 KB, 640x761)
60 KB
Are we, dare I say it, back?
Need large black men

and Olmo
lads it's Romania
even >Morata is playing well
well what about the maltese powerhouse

Well shit. How did that happen?
i don't know who that is but i'd put money on an opioid overdose
did he died?
first thought : opiods
was this guy a top tier prospect?

File: download.jpg (136 KB, 800x450)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
>The competition, which will be held in Qatar, will begin on November 21, 2022 and conclude by December 18, making it the shortest World Cup since 1978, when the competition had only 16 teams, half of what it has now.
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>NT loses in a heartbreaking manner
>Ruins your Christmas time
Christmas stuff starts in late november
>last 32 team World Cup
Enjoy it before most of the matches have the quality of Jamaica vs Burkina Faso and all European teams field at least 8 Ngubus
I wish, they started with the Christmas themed shit the day after Halloween...
File: 1483571602333.jpg (296 KB, 2048x1600)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
tfw all the mulatto half breeds with eastern euro mums will come of age at that time and their teams will be full of double-barrelled pacey mutts from Londistan

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