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File: hawley_pic.png (125 KB, 410x213)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
Hawley Introduces Bill to Make Big Tech Embrace Free Speech

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Friend did you just link an opinion? On a fucking Cambodian Bone Whistling forum?

>>415212 #
>>415212 #

I linked an opinion too. One belonging to the Supreme Court. All I see is a plea for regulation, but no justification why, and no resolution to the inevitable legal shitshows to unfold. And

>more than 30 million users
Arbitrary af. What counts as a user? Who keeps track? When there’s 29,999,999 people online, is the company free from such laws? How about 30 mil and one?

Questions like these will help you unravel this proposal. I suggest you ask more of them
>But if the legal basis for this is that corporations are people
It isn't, in this case. The argument is that these private entities take up so much of the communication sphere that they are effectively maintaining public space. The bill doesn't actually propose tying the to the first amendment to them directly (as much as I'd love it to), but to penalize them by removing their immune to liable status (s230) if they are found to be censoring for political reasons as determined by a "third party arbitror". Corporate personage doesn't enter into it.

Might be confusing the bill with my personal opinion post earlier, that all registered corporations, who thus have virtual personhood and are protected by the bill of rights (save the 5th), should also be subject to said in their user agreements. (Which, again, can currently be written in such a way as to violate all your constitutional rights, including right to trial.)
>Far-right ideologies are rejected and despised by a majority of Americans

spoken like someone who's never left their parent's basement or worked manual labor
My bad, linked the wrong post: >>415199

Point being, the fact that 1A doesn't cover them is irrelevant to the bill itself, even if it's why the bill exists.

>Arbitrary af. What counts as a user? Who keeps track? When there’s 29,999,999 people online, is the company free from such laws? How about 30 mil and one?
You do realize this is how all regulation works, yes? If a corporation makes 1 million dollars, it puts them in a different tax and regulation bracket than if one makes $999,999.99. Similarly, if you fuck a girl who is one day away from her 18th birthday... But I digress.

As for who and how, I already covered that. Could be done in any number of ways. IP traffic would be simple, downside being that it includes spiders and such, but is already used as a metric for such things.
>you're arguing "it's illegal to cross this street"
it is tho.
what is the point you are trying to make?

File: file.png (756 KB, 990x556)
756 KB
756 KB PNG
Donald Trump has claimed a wave of new polling from the 2020 presidential campaign season is fake after recent surveys showed every major Democrat vying for the White House besting the president in the upcoming election.

“The Fake News has never been more dishonest than it is today,” the president began in a series of Wednesday morning tweets. “There new weapon of choice is Fake Polling, sometimes referred to as Suppression Polls (they suppress the numbers).”

“The Fake (Corrupt) News Media said they had a leak into polling done by my campaign which, by the way and despite the phony and never ending Witch Hunt, are the best numbers WE have ever had,” he continued, addressing reports from Tuesday that said he had instructed his aides to deny internal polling data that showed former Vice President Joe Biden beating him in 2020.

“They reported Fake numbers that they made up & don’t even exist,” Mr Trump wrote. “WE WILL WIN AGAIN!”

The president’s comments came after a Quinnipiac University poll released this week showed head-to-head matchups against him and several leading 2020 Democrats.

Mr Trump trailed Mr Biden — the clear frontrunner thus far in the Democratic primaries — by a whopping 13 per cent, while Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and others all held strong advantages as well.

His remarks also came after a New York Times story looked at internal polling conducted by Tony Fabrizio across 17 states, reportedly showing Mr Trump trailing the former vice president in several key states for his re-election.

Despite his claims of “fake polling,” a vast range of surveys conducted by a variety of news organisations, polling groups and universities show the president losing against his top opponents time and time again.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You do know that the internet contains other sources of information besides news corporations, right? Any person can go through multiple sources and extract the unbiased truth from them.
lol. good point. its one of those statements I just glossed over without even paying attention to what was said. high IQ sciencenigger detected.

ah yes, because extracting the truth is so easy!
>extracting the truth is easy
It really is.
Republicans are all the same: being oppressed by your overlord corporations? Just get a new job or become rich!

News media is lying to you and you don't know who to trust? Just find the right news media!

Its free real estate!
>It really is.
Bruh... are you living in 2019? You can literally saying -anything- on the internet, and some mongoloid, somewhere, is going to believe it's true. There are very strong cases being made my sociologists that we're entering a new dark age because the internet provides no ability to parse information. You're flooded with contradicting stories from all angles to the point where no information outside your immediate real life experiences can be trust.

And you know that cutting edge engineers are predicting that by 2030 even computer analysis won't be able to determine a real video of a real person vs a "shopped" video of that person saying whatever the creator wanted them to say? Mimicry is become -that- good.

Like anyone using the internet to determine truth in this, the year of our lord 2019, is fighting a TREMENDOUSLY up hill battle.

File: 1559344633407.jpg (66 KB, 834x630)
66 KB
Why are they flying drones over Iran? Iran is not Afghanistan or Iraq... they have actually decent AA capabilities.

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How about some arguments next time, brainlets? Like he made.
Because they need an excuse to start WWIII
Fake news.
Never mind the theft of land from natives, imperialist behavior towards weaker nations, deposing democratically elected leaders who don't fit the agenda, wars founded on bullshit to support private industry, human rights abuses, etc... just keep focusing on your low taxes and perceived freedom...
Fake news.


>TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran’s Revolutionary Guard shot down a U.S. drone on Thursday amid heightened tensions between Tehran and Washington over the collapsing nuclear deal with world powers, American and Iranian officials said, though they disputed the circumstances of the incident.

>The Guard said it shot down the RQ-4 Global Hawk drone over Iranian airspace, while the U.S. said the downing happened over international airspace in the Strait of Hormuz. The different accounts could not be immediately reconciled.

>Later, the U.S. military’s Central Command released a statement calling the downing an “unprovoked attack.”

>Previously, the U.S. military alleged that Iran had fired a missile at another drone last week that was responding to the attack on two oil tankers near the Gulf of Oman. The U.S. blames Iran for the attack on the ships; Tehran denies it was involved.

>The attacks come against the backdrop of heightened tensions between the U.S. and Iran following President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from Tehran’s nuclear deal a year ago.

>Separately, Saudi Arabia said on Thursday that Yemen’s Iranian-allied Houthi rebels launched a rocket targeting a desalination plant in the kingdom the previous night. The White House said Trump was briefed about that attack.

>Iran has quadrupled its production of low-enriched uranium and threatened to boost its enrichment closer to weapons-grade levels, trying to pressure Europe for new terms to the 2015 nuclear deal.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It would be a high tech war - gain and maintain air and maritime supremacy and suppress/defeat their TBM threat. Once accomplished, wage a prolonged air campaign till capitulation.
No requirement for mass conscription.
>declare war
You know the last time the United states declared war on another country?
He wouldn't do it because of any logical reasoning. He'd do it to appease the MAGA-tard boomers who are too old for conscription anyway.

You know the last time the United States had a president this petty and foolish?
Afghanistan 2.0. Just another air campaign. All the better to turn the locals against you and breed more terrorism. People don’t like getting bombed from the sky, whodathunkit?
I can see it all happen now. First a false flag ship bombing, then positioning your drones in provocative air space to goad the Iranians to shoot it down, then moving your 1000 troops to the area and staging a false attack on your own men. What better way to spur America into a war than to have American blood be shed? The ship bombings and the drone interception is only a prelude to war. All the better to keep Trump in the high seat. He knows that the People won’t elect another president during a war

The 2020 election is more than a year away, but some Republican lawmakers are pessimistic about their chances of winning back the House.
“It’s going to be tough. [The Democrats] have really good majority-makers — [Reps.] Abigail Spanberger, Dean Phillips, Max Rose. They’ve got some good members that know what they’re doing. They seem to not be embracing the crazy,” said one senior GOP lawmaker who requested anonymity.
“In 2016, Trump won Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania … those are bellwethers,” said the third GOP lawmaker. “Trump’s numbers in those states today are in trouble.”

Still, other Republicans cautioned that it’s far too early to panic. While many agree Biden would be a strong match-up against Trump, Democrats could eventually nominate a liberal like Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) or Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), which Republicans argue could help them flip the House.

“Elections aren’t referendums; they’re choices,” said Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.), co-chairman of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus. “So, if you have the choice of President Trump delivering for you on the economy versus these [Democrats] who want to undo everything, it’s a totally different dynamic.”
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I have to disagree, I'd say at best he's exactly like the rest but to any casual observer it looks far worse. He doesn't seem to have any motivation other than enriching himself. He'll throw anyone else under the bus if it makes him money or increases his popularity.
Perhaps, but that is exactly the problem. People voted him into office specifically to be an extremist or accelerationist. To kick out all of the immigrants, drain the swamp and, as quoted, to make America great again. Instead we got tax breaks for the rich, immigrant labor for the rich and political pandering for the rich.

It isn’t a crime to be a lying asshole, but it should be.
We also got a tax hike on consumers via the botched tariffs.
>I'd also bet my left nut that someone replies to this with ad hominem.

*breaths in*

Retarded orangenigger t.retardlican pseud incelibate low IQ muh freedom muh guns muh libcucks muh taxation is theft muh free markets t.inb4adhominem boomer bootlicking faggotlord of the faggles cucking of the 7 cuckdoms t.whidentitarian muh zygotes muh moral fabric muh colors don't run muh climate scientists are jewish overlords.

I think I covered most of your existence.
>GOP fears Biden

It's reverse psychology. GOP and Trump loves Biden. Trump is self aware enough that he's able to calculate that people will read into his attacks at Biden, that Republicans fear a Biden candidacy most.

Biden will change nothing re what is most important to GOP: economic policy toward their donors. Biden will continue to leave liberals disillusioned just as Hillary would have and Obama did. Following Biden will be another Trump.

The left is also less likely to insist on a further left candidate after a centrist presidency than after a Trump. So following Trump is a prime opportunity to elect a candidate that seeks disruptive change toward the left.

And institutions of popular representation aren't yet so broken that a Sanders would be impossible.

Following Trump, the conditions will be just right for Americans to try to break the establishment, and the GOP knows it, and now Trump knows it, and their narrative is designed to to encourage the center that's soured on Trump to vote for a "safe" choice like Biden.

It's not just GOP fear for their donors; it's GOP and establishment Dem fear for their own status and power. Many congresspeople are in the big donor class themselves. For all their wealth they're insecure because they know how easily an economic restructuring will place them in a similar boat, socioeconomically, to the average American.

Japan’s heatwave in July 2018 could not have happened without climate change.

That is the unequivocal conclusion of a report released last week, as the country battles yet another record-breaking heatwave.

The July 2018 heatwave, which killed 1,032 people, saw temperatures reach 41.1C (106F), the highest temperature ever recorded in the country. Torrential rains also triggered landslides and the worst flooding in decades.

Penned by the Meteorological Society of Japan, the study is the first to establish that some aspects of the international heatwave could not have occurred in the absence of global warming. Scientists reached this conclusion by employing a technique known as event attribution (EA).

Japan’s heatwave in July 2018 could not have happened without climate change.

That is the unequivocal conclusion of a report released last week, as the country battles yet another record-breaking heatwave.

The July 2018 heatwave, which killed 1,032 people, saw temperatures reach 41.1C (106F), the highest temperature ever recorded in the country. Torrential rains also triggered landslides and the worst flooding in decades.

Penned by the Meteorological Society of Japan, the study is the first to establish that some aspects of the international heatwave could not have occurred in the absence of global warming. Scientists reached this conclusion by employing a technique known as event attribution (EA).

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>muh per capita!!!11
>technique known as event attribution (EA).
I think this says it all. They are just that thirty for grants so they suck the asshole of the climate cult.
>hurr why does a country of over a billion people produce more co2 than smaller countries
Irrelevant. China puts out over a quarter of the world's GHG. Factor in the USA and we're up to 42%. Those two countries have by far the greatest ability to reduce the world's output. What good does it do to reduce GHG on a per capita basis in a country that accounts for .02% of the world's output?
Imagine dying to a 106 degree """heat wave""". That's average winter temperature in Arizona


(CNN)Keith Raniere, the founder of the "Nxivm" self-help company that prosecutors said secretly housed a sex cult, was found guilty of racketeering, sex trafficking and other crimes on Wednesday, according to a public information officer for New York's Eastern District, Tyler Daniels.

Raniere, 58, was found guilty on all seven counts, including racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and attempted sex trafficking. He was emotionless as the verdict was read and is due to be sentenced on September 25.

And he loved donating munray to the Clinton Foundation. And Chuckie Schumer loved whatever wares Keith was selling. LOLOLOL
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>g'head, make jokes,

I'm not making fun of this. On the contrary, I'm currently conducting my own investigation into Allison Mack, by bingeing on Smallville. I'm at season 7 right now...in case you even care. And from what I've gathered of the character, Chloe...she's a freak! And I'm talking fisting and bondage, nipple clamping, gimp ball gagging...the works! If I was her, I would file a lawsuit against the producers of that show for influencing her to freaks and bald-headed split lip gimps, like Lex Luthor...played by Michael Rosenbaum.

Have you ever noticed the character, Lana Lang, always drop her drawers in every episode, metaphorically and literally speaking? Smh.
Pick one
>Pick one
it amuses me that you imagine ALL "news" is not compromised. They are all owned by the same people.
>I'm not making fun of this.
It is kind of funny? fisting and ball gags... what amuses me is that these freaks bundle huge sums of money for the DNC and Hillary., and none of you care? $30,000,000 from Saudi Arabia to the hag's coffers gets no protest either. The kind of things implicated in the NXIVM trial are pretty freakish, and it involves children, and it involves Hillary and the DNC, but hey, fuck it, Trump is an asshole. I actually believe Hillary could eat a baby and you guys would offer her some BBQ sauce and tongue her ass clean.
>They are all owned by the same people.
No. That's not true. Different media is owned by different people. Rupert Murdoch doesn't own all the media. He owns Fox. Other people and media have altering views on many things.
It amuses me you're so retarded. Well, it doesn't amuse me, it's just sad.

Really gets the noggin joggin', especially when you realize how it's often being brought in from Israel.

Sauce: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/meet-the-new-york-couple-donating-millions-to-the-anti-vax-movement/2019/06/18/9d791bcc-8e28-11e9-b08e-cfd89bd36d4e_story.html
Text for that faggot that complains in every thread about it not being posted because the source apparently doesn't count: https://pastebin.com/nT4VpTXx
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>don't take my funding away
The kike shows his true colors. You people literally go "oy vey it's another Shoah" when you get condemned for trying to make our families sick. And I mean literally in its true definition.
>The outbreaks in NY recently were almost entirely in orthodox communities. A little fact the news chose to elide numerous times.
I'm fairly certain I've seen it mentioned every time the NY outbreak is brought up in the news, in fact it's in the very first sentence of the article linked in the OP:
>A wealthy Manhattan couple has emerged as significant financiers of the anti-vaccine movement, contributing more than $3 million in recent years to groups that stoke fears about immunizations online and at live events — including two forums this year at the epicenter of measles outbreaks in New York’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.
>at the epicenter of measles outbreaks in New York’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.

On a random side note,
>omit (a sound or syllable) when speaking
I learned a new word today.
>Whites are the ones that distrust childhood vaccines.
An assertion based on nothing but anecdote.
I literally provided a link with data in the post you replied to. And the results make sense too, compared to non-whites white people have had the luxury of being removed from these diseases long enough to forget that they actually can lead to major disability or even death.
>o-oh yeah well i'll just get poliobola and die in quarantine that'll show you fuckin racist honkeys
then die already lol

2020 presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders - who thinks Americans would be "delighted" to pay more in taxes - touted his 'Economic Bill of Rights" during a Wednesday speech about Democratic Socialism.

Suggesting that he's destined to carry out FDR's "proposed economic bill of rights" which the former president was unable to enact due to an untimely death, Sanders pitched the crowd on "a 21st Century Economic Bill of Rights," as RedState's Elizabeth Vaughn reports.

Yet as political expert and radio host Mark Levin pointed out on Fox News's Hannity, Sanders has essentially plagiarized Joseph Stalin's 1936 Soviet constitution, and "stolen his agenda."

A Bill of Rights that establishes once and for all that every American, regardless of his or her income in entitled to:

The right to a decent job that pays a living wage
The right to quality health care
The right to a complete education
The right to affordable housing
The right to a clean environment
The right to a secure retirement

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
130 replies omitted. Click here to view.

I'd agree to most of that, but even as a left-leaning individual I think the idea of a living wage as a universal baseline is fallacious as things stand - you'd need to drastically overhaul our economic model and practices in order to make that work. Proponents of the living wage don't seem to grasp the concept of economic scale and impact when it comes to raising the wage of millions by even a few dollars an hour.

More realistic, I think, is to federally guarantee access to a standard of safe and clean subsistence such that anyone who holds a job need not put their wages toward the simple prospect of bare survival. We're at the level of automation where having a job should afford you spending money, rather than just continued existence.
The process of capitalism, so we argue, is a unifying process in which a series of basic cultural institutions in the body politic generate incentives which then enable economic growth to occur, so long as they are respected by actors in the social economy. It is crucial to recognise that as these incentives are violated in a socialist state, they are smashed open and not restored. They are replaced with choices with known adverse impacts. This is the long-standing argument against socialism. But what if the contradictions with which societies currently find themselves is not causing a systemic loss in social value. Instead, this is simply being sustained by the natural system that capitalism represents.
Have you ever looked at our budget?
Like, ever. Military spending isn't a majority. 2/3rds of the budget is redistributionary policies already
He's not wrong about his concerns with limited goods like food. (Remember that healthcare and education are SERVICES not goods, and don't have a limited supply. More educated citizenry -> more doctors -> more doctors to treat the increase in patients due to the systemic access to healthcare)

And while the 1700s / developing are great for demonstrating how food shortages can become a major issue, these were in underdeveloped nations or pre-industrialization.

You realize with modern science we've increased crop yields by HUGE amounts of the last 100 years. Hell the USA crop production of corn has doubled since 2007. Has the land used to farm it doubled? No, we don't have a frontier to settle anymore. It's because modern farming techniques allow for dramatically increased yield. This results in the unsurprising fact that:
>Estimated cost to feed homeless, for instance, in America is $30 million/year
>American throws away $180 billion worth of food every year

We already make enough food. Like WILDLY more food than we need. We just have no method of distribution because of the "cost" gate keeping. We've decided poor people don't get to access these things, so instead of building a distribution infrastructure, we just throw it literally into a landfill.

The fact is, as one of the most productive countries in the history of the world, all of these things that we want to make accessible via government systems already exist in wildly greater amounts than would be needed to service the country. We are, realistically, not in danger of any of that. Not even close.

23 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Transitioners do it younger every year, and suicide correlates with how well they “pass”. If people keep transitioning more and more during puberty years, they’ll pass more often and kill themselves less as society either grows to accept them or can’t clock the as trans as often
Thats not how generations work.
Wow you are really bad at reading then.
It's all white and Asian boys.
Typical weak incels. You never see blacks or mexicans doing this shit
That's because whites and asians not only have a chance at a civilized productive future, but also hold the burden of picking up the slack for the lesser races that don't - like the ones you just mentioned. Capability and responsibility invite additional societal stresses that non-whites and non-asians, unsurprisingly, aren't capable of understanding. It's just life. Rest assured that the poor souls who lost their way and collapsed under harsher expectations still probably found time before they left this world to pity Paco, his wife Topramenesha, and their seventeen children; none of whom will ever know the pain or glory of having potential.

File: 1554853906704.png (474 KB, 695x390)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
For the first time since Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down in July 2014, prosecutors have announced charges against suspects in the case.

Three Russians and a Ukrainian have been charged with bringing a missile into the area in eastern Ukraine and with murdering 298 passengers and crew.

Passenger flight MH17 was en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it was shot down over conflict-hit Ukraine.

A court case will begin in the Netherlands on 9 March 2020.

International arrest warrants have been issued for the four men.

3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>In a statement Mr Girkin said: "I can only say that militia did not shoot down the Boeing."

Thanks for the contribution Igor
>Russians deny doing things they did
What a shocking development!

Moscow. June 20th. INTERFAX.RU - President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said that in the submitted investigation materials about the crash of the Malaysian Boeing over Donetsk in 2014 there is no evidence of Russia's guilt.

“Russia has never shied away from its responsibility if such responsibility lies on its shoulders. What we have seen and (what) is presented as evidence of Russia's guilt is absolutely not convenient for us. We believe that there is no evidence there,” said Putin told reporters on Thursday.

"Everything that has been presented does not mean anything. We have our own version, we submitted it, but, unfortunately, no one wants to listen to us," he noted.

"And until there is a real dialogue, we will not find the correct answer to the questions that are still open, related to the tragedy of the aircraft and the death of people, which we still grieve about, and, of course, we believe that actions are unacceptable, "the president explained.

"We need to go back to what we said: who allowed flights over the combat zone? Russia or what? No? Where were the fighters? And where is the absolute evidence that the militia shot or someone else? There are a lot of very questions - they are not answered, they simply appointed the perpetrators once and for all. We are not satisfied with this approach to the investigation, "Putin concluded.

>Trusting a .ru link
Nice try bot.

Even with slightly lower numbers he crushes the trumpeter. Still ahead of Sanders and Warren.


President Trump has cut into former Vice President Joe Biden's lead in Wisconsin and the two are in a statistical dead heat in Michigan and Pennsylvania, according to a new poll of the 2020 race.

But the latest battleground states survey from Firehouse-Optimus also finds Trump’s approval rating is underwater in all three of the Midwestern states, which are the lynchpins of his reelection strategy.

If the 2016 map stays the same but Democrats are able to win back Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, they will win the Electoral College and take the White House back from Trump.'

The poll comes as Trump is set to launch his reelection drive with a campaign rally in Florida later on Tuesday, with more than 20 Democrats vying to oust him from the White House in 2020.

The president is polling the weakest in Wisconsin, although his approval rating and his standing against Biden have improved some in recent months.

Biden leads Trump 46 percent to 40 percent in the Badger State. Biden had a 12-point lead over Trump in the same survey from March. Trump’s approval rating in the state has ticked up from 41 percent positive and 54 percent negative in March to 44 positive and 51 negative in June.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
59 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Ask yourself:

Did Trump steal the election by abusing the evil, racist EC system?
Did those projections intentionally ignore the Electoral College spread to keep fish-feeding their viewers/followers?
Read the thread you delusional coping brainlet
Your excuse of "but predictions failed in 2016 therefore polls are always wrong!" is getting old and pathetic
>Did those projections intentionally ignore the Electoral College spread to keep fish-feeding their viewers/followers?
Everyone knows this is the answer, but zombies like >>415254 are dependent on those polls giving their life meaning and hope. The media says their accurate and so they must be, because if they're not, 2016 might happen ll over again. Can't have that!
Based retard
Actually the projections that treated all states as the independent variables did worst. Nate Silvers assigned a variable that linked states (aka of WI went red then MI and MN would be much more likely to go red as well.)
I guess you could say the ones with poor linkages did “ignore EC spread” but that would be very imprecise.
Nor is the EC evil and racist. It was designed to keep small population states like SC and RI from being subsumed by NEw York and Virginia.

File: 1560267402815.jpg (23 KB, 250x250)
23 KB

The Ohio jury has spoken in the libel case against Oberlin and it has spoken loudly and ferociously. In addition to the more than $11 million in regular damages that Oberlin already has to pay Gibson’s Bakery the jury has piled on an additional $33.2 million in punitive damages.

This was a very angry jury. Under Ohio law, punitive damages are supposed to be capped at twice the amount of compensatory damages, which are damages meant to compensate for the plaintiff’s injuries. Instead, the jury hit Oberlin, and its Dean of Students, Meredith Raimondo, with punitive damages that are triple the amount of the compensatory damages for a whopping total verdict of more than $44 million.

Punitive damages are not meant to compensate the plaintiff. They are designed to punish the defendant for truly egregious, intentionally wrongful behavior. So, it’s pretty obvious that the jury felt that Oberlin had behaved in a truly outrageous fashion. The jury is apparently so angry that they are willing to impose sanctions that will presumably be pared back, or perhaps overturned altogether, in order to express just how angry they are at Oberlin.
129 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Well, I'd hate to tell ya this, but the left says the exact same thing about the right. They have the same persecution complex you do, only the terms change.

...and supporting this sort of decision just makes it easier for one side to wipe the other side out.

Though, ideally, I suppose it'd just shut both sides up and bring rationality back into the picture... But alas, the ideal rarely happens.
howd you get so based?
Niggers tongue my anus
The left says the same thing about the right?

Maybe on social media platforms, and in feeds that admittedly I do not get (wrong algorithm?), but on the televised outlets, print outlets, and radio outlets (public radio in particular) the left's pov is endorsed more frequently and fervently to any criticism the right has.
>the left's pov is endorsed more frequently and fervently to any criticism the right has.
This, again, is the same claim the left makes about the right. They claim that all media is corporate owned, thus entirely right winged in its approach and nature, constantly cite rampant racism and bigotry in every branch of news and entertainment, nickname even what I'm sure you'd call the "left leaning" PBS the "Petroleum Broadcasting System" etc. etc.

Just one of billions of examples:

Spend some time listening to the other side, you'll find they sound eerily like your own. Ya both think yer the persecuted underdogs fighting the conspiracies of the establishment, and more often than not, site the same enemies as belonging to or having bought the opposing team.

Hyping emotionally charged issues while setting folks against one another by manipulating their tribalistic tendencies to trap themselves in echo chamber, an activity which individuals will eagerly volunteer to propagate in turn, free of charge, is a great way to distract the public from real issues and leave them both blind and paralyzed, locked at each other's throats as they both endlessly scream "Fuck those guys!"

File: 1440241279664.jpg (33 KB, 596x314)
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>An ex-employee of a Mississippi campground, fired last month after pulling a gun on a black couple, was arrested Tuesday, the Oktibbeha County Sheriff's Office said.
>Ruby Nell Howell, 70, of Starkville is charged with threatening exhibition of a weapon, according to a news release.

I am sure the blacks dindu nuffin
lols bich git crakkked
Well, as it turns out its illegal to threaten people with a gun because they forgot to purchase a permit before walking their dog at a campground.

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