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>Philly Antifa Activist Tom Keenan Charged in Assault on Marines
The alleged attack occurred on November 17th near the “We the People” rally.

>Last week, we told you that the Philadelphia Police Department was asking for the public’s help to identify a group of people who allegedly attacked United States Marine Corps reservists in Old City, and now police say they have one suspect in custody: Tom Keenan, who has been associated with Philadelphia’s antifa movement.

>Investigators say that a group of men and women maced, punched, kicked, and robbed the reservists near Front and Chestnut streets on Saturday, November 17th, around 3:20 p.m. The group allegedly called the reservists “Nazis” and “white supremacists.”

>A spokesperson for the Philadelphia Police Department says that the case is still open and that they continue to investigate the other suspects. Police have not released the identities of the accusers, and it is unclear whether they participated in the “We the People” rally or the counter-protest in any way
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>Antifa isn't a group
there are several on twitter
>There's no leader
these social media accounts are ran by someone
>There's no "Antifa" book
you got me there
>white supremacists are just sheep
no argument against this either
kys Antifa trash
Hello, Ivan.
hello chang

File: 1542513612943.gif (2.9 MB, 540x304)
2.9 MB
2.9 MB GIF

resident Trump has begun telling advisers that he may visit troops in a combat zone for the first time in his presidency, as he has come under increasing scrutiny for his treatment of military affairs and failure to visit service members deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq.

Trump has so far declined to visit those combat regions, saying he does not want to associate himself with wars he views as failures, according to current and former advisers, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe private conversations. Current advisers said Trump is not expected to visit a war zone during the Thanksgiving break, which he will spend at his Mar-a-Lago golf resort in Florida.

The president has often cast himself as a champion of the Pentagon, invoking the strength and size of the military at his campaign rallies and on Twitter. At the same time, he has frequently criticized U.S. military missions and decisions while personally attacking some former military leaders, contributing to a complicated relationship with the armed forces he commands.

Although he signed off on Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’s requests to bolster the American military presence in Afghanistan and Syria and retain the footprint in Iraq, Trump isn’t a fan of U.S. military operations there.

In meetings about a potential visit, he has described the missions in Iraq and Afghanistan as “a total shame,” according to the advisers. He also cited the long flights and potential security risks as reasons he has avoided combat-zone visits, they said.

Questioned last week about why he has not visited American troops deployed in overseas conflicts, Trump indicated during a Fox News interview that a trip was in the works.
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Hello, Ivan.
The one that happened? Yes.
>The one that happened?
If the 'wave' was as big and as significant as you claim, you could let it go on it's own merits and not feel the need to personally come to it's defense and plug mindless lines of propaganda and rhetoric everytime someone disagrees with it on a conceptual level.

Nothing solidifies doubt in something like insecurity based repetition- I.E repeatedly & dogmatically saying it happened, over and over and over and over and over, getting super emotionally distraught at anyone who is critical of it, or you, and continuously feeding the clear-as-day fear behind your words that if you stop talking about it all the time and how 'major' it was, you know everyone will forget all about it, as if it wasn't that major, accomplishes nothing outside of pageantry and exists s a major turning point only in the conspiracy addled minds of depressed Clinton voters who rely on the comforting lies of TV news to get them through another day.

Y'all are like that douchey white highschooler who just discovered Led Zeppelin and who wont shut up about Led Zeppelin, and who thinks the reason no one wants to talk to you about Led Zeppelin /all the time/ is because they didn't hear you talk about it enough and/or are just jealous of how good Led Zeppelin is.

File: 1538203723675.jpg (206 KB, 934x1171)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
A Winter Haven man was arrested on Thursday after posting on his Facebook page that he was going to shoot members of Congress and their families, depending on which way the Supreme Court justice confirmation vote went.

According to the affidavit, the threats included the following statements:

"Just bought 12 boxes of hollow point 50 caliber bullets....have plenty of ammo for my sniper rifle and bought a suppressor. Have made sure all my arrangements have been made and care for my dogs because I will not be coming home. Have made extra precautions and added more supplies in the tunnel under my house in case local or federal law enforcement tries to stop me." (Note, there are no tunnels under his house)
"Getting ready if Kav is not confirmed....whoever I think is to blame may God have mercy on their soul."
"Just cleaned out the gun shop where I get guns, ammo, and target practice. Bought all their 50 cal hollow points. I expect to be confronted and I will be ready to kill and ready to die."
"I am about to accept an offer on my house just to get more money to fund my plan to kill Democrat office holders and their families. It is all I think about night and day. I even wake up in the middle of the night, most nights, thinking about it. Ultimately I will be killed but hopefully I will have killed many many liberal [sic] elected in Washington."
"I can tell it seems I will be sacrificing my life for my country. But I am ready and will know who needs to be killed after the vote to put Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. I believe democrats need to be afraid to do what they are doing right now and weak republicans that do not vote for him need to pay with their lives."
"I can't do this by myself! Need more conservatives going into liberals' homes at night killing them in their sleep!"


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Heh, you sound mad.
I’m here cuz I saw queen boo pic
Thanks for calling her Queen Boo, everyone uses Booette and it is a dumb name. Queen Boo is a perfect name.
Wow, what a dick.
Damn he got owned.

On Friday night, members of Donald Trump’s West Wing gathered for drinks at the Trump International Hotel following a holiday dinner at the White House. As they mingled in the lobby, Bill Shine, Stephen Miller, Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and others grappled with the latest West Wing upheaval: Trump had changed the plan and fired Chief of Staff John Kelly earlier that afternoon. “It got back to Trump that Kelly was bad-mouthing him and Trump had decided he’d had enough. His attitude was, ‘fuck him,’” an attendee told me.

Kelly’s defenestration surprised few people—Trump had wanted to fire him for months—but the lingering problem had been finding a replacement whom Trump felt comfortable with (and who wanted the job). “The president really wanted someone he knows. He didn’t want to gamble,” a former West Wing official said. After weeks of lobbying by Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, Trump had been convinced that Mike Pence’s 36-year-old chief of staff, Nick Ayers, was the best candidate. On Friday afternoon, Trump met with Ayers, Pence, and Kelly and finalized the transition, a source briefed on the meeting said. A press release announcing Ayers’s hiring was reportedly drafted and ready to go for when Trump planned to announce Kelly’s departure on Monday.

But Trump’s frustration with Kelly boiled over after Kelly pressed him to name his deputy Zachary Fuentes interim chief of staff. “Trump didn’t like how Kelly was trying to dictate the terms of his departure,” a Republican briefed on the discussions told me. Trump blew up the carefully orchestrated announcement and told reporters on Saturday as he walked to Marine One that Kelly would be leaving by the end of the year. “John wanted to announce his own departure. This was a humiliation,” a former West Wing official said.

30 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I have this weird feeling that if this whole debacle continues long enough, they're going to just end up bringing Kelly back on. That would be a hilarious result.

You know what else is funny is how closely this mirrors the Oscar host thing. People were mocking the Academy for being unable to find someone willing to take the job and it turns out the White House is having the same problem.
Why is there no thread about Mulvaney being announced as chief of staff? Weird.

Well, anyway:

They have video of this. How long do you give it before Trump says Mulvaney's not going to be chief of staff after all?
Make one you fuck.

Also Mulvaney is a sack of shit.
>During the 2016 Republican presidential primary, Trump opponent Rick Perry called the future president’s campaign a “cancer on conservatism.” Perry now serves as President Trump’s Secretary of Energy. Before Kellyanne Conway became Trump’s 2016 campaign manager during the homestretch of the race, Conway had publicly criticized candidate Trump for refusing to release his tax returns and for his “vulgar” rhetoric. Conway currently serves as one of Trump’s most ardent defenders and as his White House counselor.

Most people would say that someone who manages to win over even some of his most vocal critics is probably doing something right.
All he's doing is paying people with no scruples a lot of money.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan are looking into whether President Donald Trump‘s 2017 Inauguration Committee misspent some of the $107 million raised from contributors. One aspect of this investigation is also said to concern allegations that certain well-heeled donors gave money in exchange for access into and influence within the nascent Trump administration.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York is basing their investigation on materials seized during April raids on Trump’s former longtime lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen.

The Journal‘s Thursday evening report notes:

>In April raids of Mr. Cohen’s home, office and hotel room, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents obtained a recorded conversation between Mr. Cohen and Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former adviser to Melania Trump, who worked on the inaugural events. In the recording, Ms. Wolkoff expressed concern about how the inaugural committee was spending money, according to a person familiar with the Cohen investigation.

It’s presently unclear why or when that phone call was recorded but is now in the possession of SDNY investigators, according to an anonymous source cited by the Journal.

Bribery or attempted bribery of public officials is a federal crime. The improper diversion of funds from a non-profit–which is the corporate form chosen by the inaugural committee members–would also likely violate federal law.

3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
WSJ doesn't get linked that much in /news/ because it has a sometimes-paywall. Most /news/ threads about WSJ-broken stories end up linking secondhand sources no matter who makes them.

Though you're mostly right anyway.
Already a thread up. It's even anime.
I bet this is a /pol/ false flag to start making multiple threads on the same news piece, complete with anime images.

Keep an eye out for this behavior.
my comment was for you not op

Former President Barack Obama once again disputed Republicans' attempts to take credit for the US economy's recent strength.

Obama, speaking at a midterm-election rally in Nevada, said Monday that President Donald Trump and the GOP should recognize just how long the current economy recovery has been going on and when the recovery began.

"So by the time I left office, wages were rising, the uninsured rate was falling, poverty was falling, and that's what I handed off to the next guy," Obama said. "So when you hear all this talk about economic miracles right now, remember who started it."

Obama also zoomed out and pointed to historical trends in economic downturns as further evidence of Democrats supposed advantage on economic issues.

"I do think it's interesting, I just hope people notice that every time there's a pattern where they run things into the ground and we have to come back and clean things up," Obama told a crowd in Nevada.

249 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The house crash was literally about 30 years of poor regulation in the making.
And yet, somehow, no one saw it coming
>Board to discuss current events that was supposed to include an auto-sage when the thread was 48 hours old
This is almost the opposite of why news was made
The discussion is still relevant because two months later and nobody has been able to refute what Obama said.


School children will be taught that "all genders" can have periods in new sex education lessons, in a victory for transgender rights campaigners.

The advice to teachers was approved by Brighton & Hove City Council as they try to tackle stigma around menstruation.

The new advice follows a council report which said: "Trans boys and men and non-binary people may have periods", adding that "menstruation must be inclusive of all genders".

Bins used for menstruation products will be provided in all toilets for children, according to the report.

It also calls for transgender students and pupils to be provided with additional support from a school nurse if needed.

The report recommends that "language and learning about periods is inclusive of all genders, cultures, faiths and sexual orientations. For example; ‘girls and women and others who have periods'".

Brighton & Hove City Council said in a statement: "By encouraging effective education on menstruation and puberty, we hope to reduce stigma and ensure no child or young person feels shame in asking for period products inside or outside of school if they need them.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Tory MP David Davies told The Mail on Sunday that it was "insanity" for teachers to tell pupils that transgender boys can have periods.

He said: "Learning about periods is already a difficult subject for children that age, so to throw in the idea girls who believe they are boys also have periods will leave them completely confused."

However, leading doctors have previously recommended that primary school children are taught about LGBT issues.

Earlier this year, the Royal College of Paediatricians and Child Health (RCPCH) urged minister go further in their guidance on sex and relationship classes, which will become compulsory from 2020.

Draft Government recommendations say schools are free to determine how they address lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues, ensuring teaching is “sensitive and age-appropriate”.

The Royal College said: “There needs to be a clear statement that LGBT people and relationships are part of teaching about healthy relationships in primary school. This can be demonstrated in relation to families - but also it is helpful to children to learn the meaning of terms such as lesbian, gay and bisexual”.

How progressive. :')


This is beyond brain draining. This is the closest thing males receive to periods, and it's not specified anywhere in this text:

*some Alien nibbas be like:Time to restart Earth*
What's with all the retards that type like they're from Facebook? Are they /pol/tards?

File: 1529845145566.png (1.15 MB, 1400x1000)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
Fox News Host Tucker Carlson, who regularly praises Donald Trump on his show "Tucker Carlson Tonight," bashed the president in a rare interview with Swiss Publication Die Weltwoche.

On Tuesday, during an interview with Urs Gehriger, Die Weltwoche’s editor, Tucker admitted that he “hates” when Trump boasts and unleashed a variety of insults criticizing the Commander-in-Chief.

“It’s not my culture, I didn’t grow up like that,” he said, explaining his distaste for boasting.

After being asked whether be believed Trump has kept the promises he made during his campaign, Carlson responded: “No.”

“His chief promises were that he would build the wall, defund planned parenthood, and repeal Obamacare, and he hasn’t done any of those things,” the notorious Fox News host continued, before attributing the reason to perhaps Trump’s inability to keep focus.

“I don’t think he’s capable of sustained focus,” he continued. “I don’t think Congress is on his side. I don’t think his own agencies support him.”

When asked to elaborate, Carlson didn’t hold back on his scathing remarks about the president, whom he publicly supports on a nightly basis.

“It’s mostly his fault that he hasn’t achieved those things,” Carlson said, referring to the campaign promises he mentioned earlier. “[He] knows very little about the legislative process, hasn’t learned anything, hasn’t surrounded himself with people that can get it done, hasn’t done all the things you need to do.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
40 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>disagreeing with someone is the same thing as completely turning on them
>people actually believe this
Although, this would explain why the left has so much bitter infighting among factions whenever there's an ideological disagreement

>there's no one else like him out there.
How many of them spam /news/ with left wing articles that border on op-ed and often times borderline-henati anime images? It's like a snapshot of a mind of someone who thinks they're being edgy.
He clearly does it to push people's buttons and by the amount of butthurt I see, it's working.
Tucker is an idiot just like Trump.
Trump is an idiot just like Trump.

File: 1543530860058.png (85 KB, 223x250)
85 KB
Congressional Democrats said Thursday they’re prepared to reject a new GOP plan to get President Trump the money he is demanding for his border wall — escalating the chances of a partial government shutdown next week.

The new Republican plan would deliver $5 billion for Trump’s long-promised U.S.-Mexico border wall by dividing the expenditure over two years — $2.5 billion in 2019 and $2.5 billion in 2020.

But Democrats, who have rejected the idea of spending $5 billion on a wall Trump claimed Mexico would pay for, said splitting the money up over two years did not make it more palatable.

“No matter how many years you spread it over, $5 billion for President Trump’s wasteful wall is too much money,” said Rep. Nita M. Lowey (D-N.Y.), the top Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee. “While we are willing to negotiate on how best to secure our border, we will never support wasting tax dollars on a wall designed to gin up the Republican base.”

Democratic lawmakers and aides in the Senate also said the plan for $5 billion over two years wouldn’t fly.

“He’s asking the taxpayers to give him money ... for something when he gave his solemn word that taxpayers wouldn’t have to pay, the Mexicans would pay, and has threatened to shut down the government in I guess an attempt to bail out the Mexicans from his promise,” said Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.), the top Democrat on the Senate Appropriations Committee. “It doesn’t make much sense.”


The wall will be built any day now, right?
30 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Neither do republicans apparently because a wall is useless when most people just overstay their visas.
anyone who defines themselves by a singular party, repub, demo, whatev - is a mouth breathing sheep without any common sense. Dime a dozen, cant think for myself, ill let others do it for me, simpleton.
>Wall is useless
>People are literally bum-rushing the border in caravans
pick one.

It’s a political strategy nearly as old as the Thanksgiving holiday itself: release the stories you want covered the least on the Black Friday, in the hopes that no one will cover or read them.

In this case, the famously climate-denying Trump administration decided that newsdump Friday would be the best time to release a damning report about the already horrific effects of climate change worldwide:

>The federal government on Friday released a long-awaited report with an unmistakable message: The effects of climate change, including deadly wildfires, increasingly debilitating hurricanes and heat waves, are already battering the United States, and the danger of more such catastrophes is worsening.

>The report’s authors, who represent numerous federal agencies, say they are more certain than ever that climate change poses a severe threat to Americans’ health and pocketbooks, as well as to the country’s infrastructure and natural resources. And while it avoids policy recommendations, the report’s sense of urgency and alarm stands in stark contrast to the lack of any apparent plan from President Trump to tackle the problems, which, according to the government he runs, are increasingly dire.

>The congressionally mandated document — the first of its kind issued during the Trump administration — details how climate-fueled disasters and other types of worrisome changes are becoming more commonplace throughout the country and how much worse they could become in the absence of efforts to combat global warming.

But there’s a funny thing about releasing major news on a holiday when, by definition, there’s almost no other news: the thing you wanted to be ignored tends to be the most important thing to cover, and people have enough free time and boredom to actually read stories about it.

66 replies omitted. Click here to view.
No, fuck YOU.
Wait, did we actually fix the impending destruction of the biosphere in the last 3 weeks ?
Or perhaps i missed the non-partisan consensus reached about AGW, the urgent and practical solutions offered by the president of what is, historically, the greatest co2 emitting nation of all time.
If I'm that out of the loop I certainly apologize - hopefully the mods here will prune the thread as it's no longer relevant.
If not though, you can get fucked, you dumb, science denying, corporate shilling ringpiece,
I can just picture his buck teeth and MAGA hat.
Climate change and predictions of doom have always been doubted. Despite the fact the science has gotten better, there have been too many sensation stories, people trying to capitalize on the warnings, and false flags for people to really take it seriously. Combine with fact you have little effects to US citizens and people being slow to react. And well you get the current situation.

And lets not get into the outside influences like religion, oil, etc.

Robert Mueller’s investigation has cost just over $25 million in the first 16 months of its investigation, according to CNBC.

The Special Counsel’s Office released new an expenditure report Friday which revealed that the six months between the beginning of April through September cost about $4.5 million. More than half of the total cost is attributed to personnel compensation and benefits.

Since beginning the probe in May 2017, investigating whether Russia was linked to the Trump presidential campaign, Mueller has filed more than 100 criminal charges.

Though the investigation comes with a hefty price tag, it has actually paid for its own investigation, with its probe leading to monetary estimated gains of up to $48 million for the government through the tax evasion the investigation has revealed.

Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman, was sentenced for conspiracy and obstruction of justice in September. As part of his plea deal, Manafort agreed to forfeit assets that amount to between $42 million and $46 million, including about $22 million in property, CNBC reports. The case revealed how Manafort avoided paying more than $15 million in taxes by laundering $60 million from pro-Russian Ukrainians, CNN reports.

Manafort reportedly violated the conditions of his plea deal, and last month prosecutors said that he could face more charges.

Earlier this week, Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to financial crimes including paying hush money to a porn star and Playboy model. As part of his deal, Cohen agreed to pay $1.4 million in unpaid taxes and hand over $500,000 in assets as well as pay $100,000 in fines.

Please don't post Illya armpits you're making me horny.
You're supposed to get horny, eventually you will associate masturbation with negative news about Trump. All according to plan.
what the fuck is wrong with you
Hello, Ivan.

File: im-42861.jpg (172 KB, 1260x840)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
BUDAPEST, Hungary—About 10,000 Hungarians marched through central Budapest on Sunday for a fourth day of protests against Prime Minister Viktor Orban, one of Europe’s most outspoken nationalist leaders, and a law that would require them to work up to 400 extra hours a year.

The protesters blew horns and carried trade union banners past hundreds of police, demanding Mr. Orban reverse what his critics have dubbed the “Slave Law.” The law, passed Wednesday, would allow employers to require paid overtime amounting to an extra day a week. Employers can now demand workers perform overtime of up to 250 hours a year.

Hungary’s government has said the law will help ameliorate one of the thriving economy’s weak spots: a small and shrinking labor pool. It has refused to bring in foreign workers, instead scheduling increases to the retirement age and attempting to stretch out the labor it can draw from locals.

Mr. Orban, Hungary’s prime minister for 12 of the past 20 years, has passed a string of controversial laws, cementing control over courts, universities, the central bank and nearly all of the country’s media outlets, in what the European Union has called an authoritarian attack on checks-and-balances. The prime minister has also built a fence on Hungary’s southern border, gaining the support of like-minded nationalist parties in Western Europe.

Sunday’s protest, which followed smaller demonstrations, is a new and different challenge to Mr. Orban’s authority. Earlier in December, 83% of Hungarians told local pollster Policy Agenda they disapproved of the labor law. The country’s trade unions, normally silent on Mr. Orban’s crackdowns against media or academia, have joined the fight.

“This really focuses on working-class issues,” said Csaba Toth, strategy director of the Republikon Institute, a pro-democracy think tank based in Budapest.

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Hungary is facing an acute shortage of labor, as the population of working age adults has been declining, a delayed consequence of the transition from Communism when families began having fewer children. Employers have struggled to find manpower for even basic jobs: The country had more doctors per person at the end of Communism than it does now, in part because many Hungarian medical students leave for wealthier nations with better working conditions.

Virtually all of the country’s political parties have rejected replenishing the labor force with foreign workers, and most Hungarians poll skeptically toward the benefits of immigration. Mr. Orban has managed to win multiple elections by positioning himself as Europe’s vocal opponent of immigration.
This is what happens when you put mini-Trumps like him in charge. You become a literal slave. Far from being liberated from the deep state, you will all become his personal slaves, drumpfkins. Remember I told you this when it happens.
Sound familiar? It's almost the exact same thing that will be happening in the US once Trump's anit-immigration policies take full effect. It could trigger another depression. The market is already shaky.
>Hungary is facing an acute shortage of labor, as the population of working age adults has been declining,
Left wing/ globalist playbook no. 1:
Say countries have a "labor shortage" if they don't have enough brown people/Muslims
Left wing/ globalist playbook no. 2:
Say countries have "not enough representation" when you get those immigrants in
Left wing/ globalist playbook no. 3:
Completely ignore any crime or terrorism they commit and call people racist if they don't
Left wing/ globalist playbook no. 4:
Pretend "labor shortages" are a problem and not just a result of normal (see: white) people not breeding like shitty little rabbits and making the world a worse and more overpopulated/hiv-infected place because your rich friends lose money when they don't have immigrant slave laborers
>1 & 3 are the same
>White people don't breed enough to support their own countries like brown people
You're really fucking stupid

Special counsel Robert Mueller said in a court filing Monday that Paul Manafort had breached his plea agreement by lying to investigators since signing the agreement.

In the status report, which was filed after the parties had asked for a delay in the previous deadline, Manafort denied that he had not been cooperative.

Mueller and Manafort had come to the plea agreement in October, just before the case against the former Trump campaign chairman in D.C. was about to go to trial. A jury in Virginia convicted Manafort in the case Mueller brought against him there, where the charges focused on bank fraud and tax fraud allegations that mostly predated the 2016 campaign.

In the plea deal, Manafort plead guilty to conspiracy against the U.S. and obstruction of justice, related to allegations of witness tampering.

ABC News reported earlier this month that tensions had been rising between Manafort and Mueller’s team over Manafort’s level of cooperation.

Read the court filing below:

58 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Fuck off ruski
Actually thanks to the money he took from Manafort, the investigation has actually made a net of around 20 million dollars
You realy are just FUCKING STUPID !
Russians sure are temperamental...


There will not be peace here until: 1. All the Jews leave the land of Israel. 2. All the Muslims leave the land of Israel. I hope it's the second,” Yair Netanyahu wrote on Facebook on Thursday.

-israel'so racist jewish state law needs to be enacted because the population is Marjory Arab in order for the beacon of democracy to work.

Now if a world wide poll was conducted in democratic nations on which option they prefer, IMHO option one would be chosen for the people. There are more Muslims than 'jews'. Although the twisted ideology of Christian zionist would play a small role in favor of the physical state if only to have their messiah return because of all the death and destruction they(zionist) help fund.

I'm sure many countries are tired of funding israel for their never ending fight for peace.

What would you vote?
Option 1?
Option 2?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Published on Oct 9, 2018
Hidden within the Hebrew translation of the Bible lies a missing link that will bring great insight into The Two Witnesses!
Who are the Two Witnesses in Bible Prophecy? Are they Moses and Elijah? Enoch and Elijah? The Old and New Testament? Or are they something more? A shocking discovery awaits in our new Bible Prophecy Movie on The Two Witnesses of Revelation!



More viable source for you?

Research shows that more than 70 percent of statements by senior Israeli politicians are tainted by untrue statements. Politicians know they won’t have to pay a price for their inaccuracies, say researchers

>>> Never forget the symbolic attack on the USS Liberty!!

Truth is dangerous! Former Homeland Security official laments RT's truth-telling

Op #2 They have every RIGHT to DEFEND them selfs

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