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Some of Puerto Rico's biggest stars rallied a crowd of many thousands in San Juan on Wednesday calling on the island's governor, Ricardo Rosselló, to resign. It was the fifth day in a row of protests following a leak of hundreds of pages of misogynistic and homophobic texts between the governor and his main advisers.

During the day, trap artist Bad Bunny and the singer Ricky Martin were among the huge crowd that marched to the governor's mansion.

Tensions ratcheted up in the evening as protesters burst through a barricade at the governor's mansion, and security forces fired tear gas at the crowd, causing many to flee into surrounding streets. A livestream from Puerto Rican news site El Nuevo Día showed chaotic scenes of demonstrators confronting riot police a few minutes after midnight local time.

By early hours Thursday, the old city of San Juan resembled a war zone, with police chasing protesters through the streets while firing rubber bullets, gas canisters and what appeared to be flash bombs.

Earlier, demonstrators wearing gas masks and hard-hats set a pile of garbage on fire in a plaza, and police quickly fired tear gas at them. A street was shown littered with debris and broken glass.

As El Nuevo Día reported, police spokesperson Axel Valencia said five people were arrested and two people were reported injured.

He said several senior police officers were in the area and ordered the protesters stand down.
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They had good reason to think Turmp is reasonable. Already forget Whitfish and classic Trump cronyism?
I thought it was a guy who draws lewd cute bois with programming socks
>Also I'm proud to be racist I wear it as a badge of honor.
Put it on your resume then.
in fact it was the effete establishment elites who gave puerto rico and the rest of the caribbean colonies the "it's chinatown" treatment for the past umpteen decades, allowing it to become a stereotypical banana republic situation. no surprise thats where the epstein operation was headquartered. virgin group owner richard branson owns a private island down there too and he owns an airline as well.
so whos the racist when the clinton bush and obama whitehouses willfully cast a blind eye to corruption in puerto rico because "its just the caribbean, they're like that down there"? is it trump for pointing out the failure of his predecessors to have the justice department give puerto ricans equal protection?


A man has admitted cursing at a pregnant black Georgia lawmaker for taking too many items into a supermarket express lane but denies telling her “go back where you came from.”

Eric Sparkes showed up during a television interview with Republican state representative from Georgia, Erica Thomas, on Saturday, outside the Atlanta-area Publix store where the incident allegedly occurred, the station reported.

Sparkes denied making any racially charged comment, saying “I am Cuban”. Thomas confronted Sparkes in front of reporters and said he had “degraded and berated” her.

In a tearful Facebook video posted on Friday, Thomas said she had been in the express line at the store because she was nine months pregnant and could not stand for long.

“And this white man comes up to me and says: ‘You lazy son of a bitch,”’ Thomas said, sobbing as she described the confrontation in the video. “He says: ‘You lazy son of a bitch; you need to go back where you came from.”’

Thomas’s video went viral and the hashtag #IStandwithErica trended on Twitter. On Saturday, Sparkes told reporters he called her a vulgarity but did not say anything racial. Thomas said Sparkes was just trying to make himself look better.

Sparkes said he was a Democrat and was being unjustly attacked for political purposes.

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Negros suffer from oppression delusion and it's only being amplified by the liberal media and the constant parade of false narratives of "blacks" being attacked for their race.

Black culture is all about manufactured outrage and infantile behaviour.
I wonder if the liberal media will correct their stories?
so we have no proof one way or the other?
“You will not replace us”
White oppression delusion
>I'm not white

>I don't care, yes you are.

You can tell people what they are if you're black? I didn't know they had that ability.

File: IMG_2340$large.jpg (206 KB, 850x638)
206 KB
206 KB JPG

Marijuana may be legal to grow in Vermont, but that doesn’t mean the State House flower beds are a permitted cultivation site.

When Vermont Capitol Police were told by a visitor on Monday that there was possibly a marijuana plant growing among the flora in the flower beds, police didn’t find just one — a total of 34 cannabis plants were discovered sprouting up with the summer blooms.

Police aren’t sure how or why, and they also don’t know if the plants are marijuana or hemp — they’re too immature to know the difference just from sight alone, according to Capitol Police Chief Matthew Romei.

“If there’s a typical Vermont story about marijuana, this is it,” he told Boston.com during a Friday phone interview. “There’s no doubt in my mind.”

The cannabis plants were removed on Monday after police confirmed the visitor’s observation. A couple more were retrieved Tuesday or Wednesday, according to Romei. He said officials combed the flower beds to make sure the imposter plants have all been removed.

On whether or not the department will try to figure out if the plants are marijuana or hemp, the chief said there’s no suspect in the incident.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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meanwhile some genetic engineer sells special modified lawn grass...

Oh the humanity. Freedom takes a heavy toll
>you've made in abundantly clear you're a smelly drug-taking loser lmao
What do you call it when someone fails a reading check and in the course triggers a bunch of people to defend the initial person who isn't even on their side?

File: Capture222.jpg (110 KB, 1352x943)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Original: http://newjersey.news12.com/story/40790911/jersey-city-police-seek-suspects-in-brutal-attack-caught-on-camera

Update: http://newjersey.news12.com/story/40821520/police-make-2-more-arrests-in-jersey-city-road-rage-beating-case

JERSEY CITY - The Jersey City Police Department is seeking the public’s help identifying a group of people wanted in connection with a brutal street beating caught on camera.

The attack happened shortly before 3 a.m. Sunday near the corner of Orient Way and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Jersey City.

In the video recorded by a passerby and posted on social media, a group of people is seen attacking a man who is seated inside of a car. The victim is seen trying to drive away. He strikes the car parked in front of him as the attack continues. He is then seen suddenly putting the car in reverse, knocking down at least one person in the process.

The crowd then pulls the man out of the car and onto the street, where they pile on him. At one point a man jumps on the windshield and smashes it.

The victim was kicked in the street until he was left there alone, motionless and bleeding.
Anyone have the original video?
>MLK Jr. Boulevard
Wow diversity is so wonderful. It really is our strength. If there's one thing that creates peaceful societies its diversity :)
lol i live in the city

this is the nigger area, niggers are a plague anywhere they are
>niggers drag man from car and beat him to within invited of life
>on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
He must be so proud.

File: 1489171204523.png (171 KB, 1000x1000)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) — There will be no manholes in Berkeley, California. City workers will drop into “maintenance holes” instead.

Nothing will be manmade in the liberal city but “human-made.” And students at the University of California, Berkeley, will join “collegiate Greek system residences” rather than fraternities and sororities.

Berkeley leaders voted unanimously this week to replace about 40 gender-specific words in the city code with gender-neutral terms — an effort to be more inclusive that’s drawing both praise and scorn.

That means “manpower” will become “human effort” or “workforce,” while masculine and feminine pronouns like “she,” her,” he” and “him” will be replaced by “they” and “them,” according to the measure approved Tuesday by the City Council.

The San Francisco Bay Area city is known for its long history of progressive politics and “first of” ordinances. Berkeley was among the first cities to adopt curbside recycling in the 1970s and more recently, became the first in the U.S. to tax sugary drinks and ban natural gas in new homes.

Berkeley also was the birthplace of the nation’s free-speech movement in the 1960s and where protests from both left- and right-wing extremist groups devolved into violence during a flashpoint in the country’s political divisions soon after President Donald Trump’s election.
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oh ye like manfred the name
why cant it be just fred, withouut any mans to it
ehh fred
Unrelated, but what is your profile pic from?
>profile pic
Fucking hell they can't be fucked fixing the homeless problem but they got plenty of time to do all this bullshit. Berkeley has gone insane.
Since most of these "man" words just mean "human" but in shorter form, why not either:
>change/enforce them to use "human" instead of "man":
humankind, human-hours, human-power
This will have the effect of people realizing they need to distinguish the different quantities based on sex & they will revert to using e.g. "man-power" and "man-hours" for their literal meaning, and "woman-power" and "woman-hours" will indicate the accurate average quantities for the ex-fairer-sex
>change "man", a male human being into "human, a male man, i.e. our species is man, the male of which is called human and the female called woman.

>Officials in West Palm Beach, Florida are trying a new method of driving homeless people away from a city-owned rental facility: children's music.
>The wildly popular and extremely repetitive children's songs, Baby Shark and Raining Tacos, play on an endless loop through the night.
>Mayor Keith James told the BBC it is a temporary measure to keep the homeless from the city's waterfront space.
>But advocates for the homeless say it is cruel treatment of those in need.
>Officials say the children's songs serve as a deterrent around the city's Lake Pavilion, a glass-walled events venue overlooking the downtown waterfront that hosted 164 events over the last year.

How evil is this?
41 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Still not "voter suppression".
A federal Judge disagrees :3
Also, don't forget about the latest 'voter fraud' lie that caused the Texas AG to resign in disgrace.
Oopise ;p
Niggers. Always the cause.
NEVER the solution.
>3 billion views
>Chinese kids
>dubbed in English

one of my lowai friends is probably directly responsible for this

>weren't the democrats just recently complaining about this type of behavior?
Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow (Mich.) on Monday criticized Education Secretary Betsy DeVos with a joke about chants directed at Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.).

“Too many of our children languish in inadequate, ill-equipped schools. Thank you Betsy DeVos,” Stabenow said to the crowd at the NAACP convention in Detroit.

“I really wish she was not from Michigan. I think we should send her back."

The Michigan lawmaker referenced chants of "send her back" that broke out after President Trump criticized Omar at a rally in North Carolina.

The chants came days after Trump told four freshman Democratic representatives — Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.), Rashida Tlaib (Mich.) and Ayanna Pressley (Mass.) — to "go back" to the "crime infested places" they came from.

All four lawmakers are U.S. citizens, and only Omar was born outside of the U.S.

The House voted days later to condemn the remarks as "racist," with four Republicans and newly Independent Rep. Justin Amash (Mich.) joining the entire Democratic Party in the vote.
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Are they now? Source for your claim?
One side believes there's no "real" violence against PoCs and the other believes there's none that's "real" against whites. Two diverging realities, both wrong. Two wrongs don't make a right.
>the other believes there's none that's "real" against whites.
Don't you guys ever get bored of self persecution? Nobody cares brudda
implying the left isn't regularly having people say that Obama was "deporter in chief" and was frankly as bad policywise as trump just with a veneer of "civility" about it all.

File: cat.png (838 KB, 1862x1048)
838 KB
838 KB PNG
During a news confurance about a double murder someone turned the cat filter on.
Would smash
>somebody drew fanart
Why doesn't this surprise me

File: mesa2.jpg (44 KB, 1054x595)
44 KB

A police officer who was charged with murder for shooting an unarmed man in a hotel hallway was reportedly rehired temporarily so he could collect a pension, local media reports.

Philip Brailsford, who killed Daniel Shaver at La Quinta hotel in Arizona in 2016, reportedly came to the agreement last year with the Mesa city manager's office.
This allowed him to apply for a disability pension on the basis of a medical retirement in a reversal of his firing by the department after the shooting.

He will receive a lifetime pension of around $30,000 per year.

Video of shooting for those who have not seen it:

30 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Daniel Shaver
thanks for making so much sense when so few are capable of it.
True fucking scum on earth.

Not white?
Jesus christ SJW's and Leddirt are swarming in at full force here huh

File: IMG_20190718_114709.jpg (48 KB, 590x340)
48 KB
Kyoto animation is physically on fire now. Suspected arson.

154 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Japan has a similar history, you're ignorant of it like you are about a lot of other things. You come off like a total moron with your huge wall of text and stupid generalizations about whole continents of humanity which you develop from your uneducated brain.
I bet your mom drank a lot when she was pregnant with you.
Ouch. Why the edge? Maybe I'm just not enough of a weaboo to be familiar with that part of Japanese history.

Though I'm curious - was there some period in their recent history where they were regularly losing dozens of civilians to mass murders during peacetime that you could link me to? SFAIK, they've only had a tiny number of very small terrorist attacks. While that one with the death cult on the trains was creepy as fuck, I'm not familiar with any deliberate killing happening on this scale in Japan since World War II.

Also, when ya find the time, enlighten me about all the other things I'm ignorant of. Always appreciated.
>Maybe I'm just not enough of a weaboo to be familiar with that part of Japanese history.

…regardless your stated disinterest in japan you're still confident enough in your knowledge of the topic to write self indulgent walls of text filled with your brilliant pontifications. you're even going so far as slurring people who are more familiar with japanese current and past events because they dare to challenge your authority on the topic which you admit to having no knowledge of or interest in.
those jerks! how dare they read japanese newspapers! how dare they contradict you!
You clearly didn't read those walls of texts. At no point were we ever in contention of any of Japanese history - we were in conflict over the propensity of violent acts to breed more violence.
Wouldn’t it be better to just mitigate any potential for the kooks to cause havoc, then pull em aside for a mental checkup or ten?

I don’t think guns are the problem either. But they sure do enable the crazies to cause a ton of damage


In 2017, a memorandum was sent to the White House from a group of former U.S. intelligence officials, including William Binney, former technical director at the National Security Agency (NSA).

The team was a veritable who’s who of accredited technical wizards, comprising former top brass from the NSA, CIA, U.S. Air Force Intelligence, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Intelligence Council, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and IBM.

The subject of the memo was their forensic analysis of the emails that were allegedly obtained from a hack at the Democratic National Committee (DNC)—a basis for assertions that the campaign of then-candidate Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government.

Unchallenged allegations of a computer “hack” permeated nearly all mainstream-media coverage of the investigation and were sprinkled throughout much of the final report from special counsel Robert Mueller. The indictment of 12 Russians by Mueller asserts that the emails were obtained through a remote network breach. The indictment drones on and on about a Russian military unit dubbed “Unit 26165” and “X-Agent malware” that supposedly allowed the DNC emails to be compromised.

But analysis of the files themselves (analysis that team Mueller either never conducted or never discussed) shows otherwise.
73 replies omitted. Click here to view.
No he basically destroyed you lmao. You are an arrogant fool
>Dumbass, the defense's attorneys explicitly argued
do you have a different one of these 72 documents that shows how cleanly the defense has been BTFO
i mean if you're the kind of drooling retard who thinks that pithy insults allow people to "destroy" their enemies despite being faced with facts and citations that demonstrate they're completely and utterly full of shit, then sure

retards of a feather stick together
He’s deepthroating the pill now. Turns out it’s a suppository
Get a room you two


White House hopeful Pete Buttigieg (D) vowed to implement a “fairer” and “more just” health care system if elected president after a 21-year-old man, Jesimya David Scherer-Radcliff, died in Minnesota after rationing insulin for his diabetes.

“Jesimya is dead because America is the only industrialized country in the world that doesn’t treat health care as a human right. I will fight for a fairer, more just health care system—and I'll do it with Jesy in mind. My condolences are with his family,” Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Ind., tweeted Thursday, highlighting a local news report of Scherer-Radcliff’s death.


The tweet underlined the central role health care in general and drug pricing in particular have taken in the crowded Democratic primary field.

Many of the 25 Democrats running for president have vowed to lower prescription drug costs, saying high prices force some patients to choose whether to treat their ailments.

However, the primary field has produced a bevy of varied health care proposals from a single payer system that would eliminate private insurance to efforts to bolster existing provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

Buttigieg has proposed a “Medicare for All Who Want It” plan that would make available a Medicare-type public option that people can buy into while allowing people to keep their employer-provided insurance if they wish. He says the competition his plan would produce would help produce a path toward “Medicare for All,” particularly if insurers don’t lower their costs, according to his campaign website.
38 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>social Darwinist
Don’t forget the farmers too.
Hey so I'm not him but I have pretty intense asthma, and I would of died if my parents couldn't afford insurance when I was younger. One inhaler for me, with insurance is 120$, which is a lot for me. I can move to an area with better air quality but for me the difference in minimum at best. So I can't eat my way into getting worse, and I do exercisew for my lungs, but it only helps so much and in serious situations, I'll die without it.
With shipping, if I process my prescription through Canada, 6 of them are 40 dollars.
Go mcchicken fuck yourself.
Wanna lead by example, anon who is totally not a leech in some form or another?
Maybe it would have been better if you died then.

File: ruh roh.png (545 KB, 720x1078)
545 KB
545 KB PNG
>“It’s a mob chanting and shouting and engaging in intimidating and threatening behaviour. And I think we have to recognise that and call it out for what it is.”

44 replies omitted. Click here to view.
If you don't understand. You may be retarded. Faggot.
>Unite celebrate or similarities
Look, I drink coffee, that doesn't mean I want to drink a coffee with a child rapist
> Muslims are child rapists
Muslims don't have a choice other than to fight gay tolerance because islam makes homosexuality a capital crime.
Muslims that don't resist will be seen as imitating non-muslims and liable to be killed/abused by other muslims for being hypocrites or traitors.
Failing this, allah will torture them forever for not resisting against the homosexuals.

So you see they will never stop this behavior because they really have no other option as long as they are muslims.
I can't wait to see what's going to happen in oh so progressive sweden when in two or three generations muslim become majority. I'll be old as fuck, but probably will get quite a laugh out of it still.
The other choice would be to treat it like we treat Leviticus 20:13, which a lot Islamic nations do. Hell 40% of American Muslims support gay marriage, and France has a gay fucking Imam.

But yes, some places in Europe really do need to slow things down to let the integration process catch up.

File: HAHAHAHAHA.png (156 KB, 330x319)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
LONDON (AP) — Britain is getting a new prime minister. Buckle up for a rocky ride.

On Tuesday, the U.K.’s governing Conservatives will announce the winner of a contest to replace Theresa May as leader of the party and the country. Just over three months later, on Oct. 31, Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union.

With the new British leader on a collision course with both the EU and Britain’s Parliament over Brexit, the U.K. could be heading for a political crisis, a recession, an election, a referendum — or several of those options at the same time.

“It’s a very fluid situation, said Nick Wright, an expert on EU politics at University College London. “Literally, anything could happen.”


Barring a major upset, Britain’s next prime minister will be Boris Johnson. The buoyant former foreign secretary is so far ahead with bookies and pollsters that it will be a huge shock if rival Jeremy Hunt is declared the victor on Tuesday.

Johnson, who sometimes has an ambiguous relationship with facts, campaigned with characteristic bluster, vowing to revive the country’s “mojo” and making one main promise: Britain will leave the EU on Oct. 31, “come what may.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
And tank the British economy with it
It took Theresa May 3 years to give up, I give Boris 3 months.
britain has been on the decline economically for well over a century. two hundred years ago britain was the wealthiest and most power nation on the planet, these days they're second rate even just in europe.
if you expect one person to reverse that trend in a few years as pm, you're out of your mind, its a multigenerational trend, its irreversible, nobody who is alive in britain today is old enough to have ever interacted with anyone from the good old days, the culture, knowledge and spirit of those days are gone forever.
Rare high quality post. The same sentiment can be found across the US, although our decline has been more recent

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (207 KB, 1280x720)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
>Thousands of people in Sweden are having futuristic microchips implanted into their skin to carry out everyday activities and replace credit cards and cash.

>More than 4,000 people have already had the sci-fi-ish chips, about the size of a grain of rice, inserted into their hands — with the pioneers predicting millions will soon join them as they hope to take it global.

>They have particularly caught on, however, by enabling owners to pay in stores with a simple swipe of the hand, a big deal in a forward-looking country that is moving toward eliminating cash.

Revelation 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

55 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Oh, okay, Lil' Fallen. Well, it sounds about right. But swearing at the end at something you deny is like me swearing at Trump getting real votes.
now the thief must cut off your hand instead of simply stealing your wallet
Your nemesis could get into heaven/purgatory if he confesses with perfect contrition at death or sometime.
>Atheists are so fucking retarded
cucked by the church
bad things happen, and they will keep happening
man made god is a lie and you've dedicated your life to believing in that lie propagated by an organization who just uses it for power.

you're retarded.
>gods not real
>but if he is real he looks like me
>I believe in a theory that isnt proven too, but mine sounds cooler
>now get back to work!

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