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File: DYLmClKVwAA9Pth.jpg (16 KB, 506x99)
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Today, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs received testimony from Ambassador Kurt Volker, former State Department Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations, as part of the House of Representatives’ impeachment inquiry. Following the interview with Ambassador Volker, Committee Chairs Adam B. Schiff, Elijah E. Cummings, and Eliot L. Engel updated members of their respective Committees on the inquiry.

In a letter to their colleagues, the Chairmen wrote, “This week, current and former State Department officials have begun cooperating with the impeachment inquiry by producing documents and scheduling interviews and depositions. Based on the first production of materials, it has become immediately apparent why Secretary Pompeo tried to block these officials from providing information.”

Regarding the President’s continued efforts to solicit foreign interference in the 2020 election, the Chairmen wrote, “This is not normal or acceptable. It is unethical, unpatriotic, and wrong. American Presidents should never press foreign powers to target their domestic political rivals. Engaging in these stunning abuses in broad daylight does not absolve President Trump of his wrongdoings—or his grave offenses against the Constitution.”

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very telling that the focus right now is on criticizing the process rather than actually defending the president's actions. typical deflection.
I agree that he shouldn't be able to tell Congress to fuck off like that, but he keeps getting away with it because of Pelosi's lack of want to do anything about it, ostensibly to protect those vulnerable dems in red districts.
Pelosi is doing her job, she's keeping the House running while the Committees are doing their job. The impeachment proceedings are going on as normal in the Committees. My theory as to what is going on is the Committees are gathering up all of these crooks to build a list of witnesses. They're probably going to go to Federal Court to get a court order to compel them to testify afterward. It may also be a matter of steel-manning their case in court so they've shown they've exhausted all other possibilities so a court can't just deny it.
I'm old enough to remember when the Bush Administration obstructed the 9/11 investigation and then were compelled by the same Federal Court to appear after months of wrangling, but so far nothing like that has happened with any TrumpCo employee. I'm beginning to think those Federal courts were the vacancies filled by Trump and McConnell in the last two years and that's why Pelosi won't pull the trigger.
Your mental gymnastics are incredible

/pol/ just can't stop killing people guys

>Several German media outlets said the perpetrator acted alone on Wednesday in the eastern German city of Halle. He fatally shot a woman outside the synagogue and a man inside a nearby kebab shop.

>Video broadcast on Amazon’s gaming subsidiary Twitch showed a young man with a shaven head first reciting a short statement in broken English while sitting in a parked car.

>“I think the Holocaust never happened,” he began, before adding “feminism is the cause of decline in birth rates in the West” and mentioning mass immigration. He concluded: “The root of all these problems is the Jew”, before embarking on his shooting spree.

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Whatever happened to just normal suicide for these worthless hateful wastes of flesh? Guess they're too scared to do it themselves
No. People who want our firearms to be taken so we can be castrated and dismembered without challenge by the corporations who basically already own our lives while we pay for all their employees food stamps and healthcare should be dismembered and castrated so they are not a threat to the small amount of freedom humankind has attained by this year of 2019.
Where I can See the full video
Take your meds
Germany's funniest home videos will most likely be airing it

File: farm.png (914 KB, 1023x536)
914 KB
914 KB PNG

>police found a confused 25 y/o
>turns out his dad kept him along with 5 other children in a basement on their farm waiting for the end times
>they're 16-25 y/o
>they have been sustaining themselves with their own farmfood
>they had no idea other people existed in the world

who was in the wrong here?
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Sounds like a schizo. For whatever reason schizos have fantasies about living underground.
schizos like to be alone, holding people captive would be an uncharacteristic behavior. making an epic underground bunker and enjoying the privacy and isolation would be schizo. holding people captive so that you always have company is something one of the attention whore mental phenotypes would do, of course that stuff only makes sense if you don't agree that psychiatry only exists as a means for charlatans posing as doctors to trick individuals into forking over large amounts of cash in exchange for complicated excuses for their shameful nonconformist behavior as well as access to otherwise illegal addictive feel-good pills.
if you take a step back from the psychiatric community's system of beliefs and look it over without giving them the benefit of the doubt that its all legitimate, you'll see that they just wish to characterize and classify people by their outward appearance with respect to observable behavioral habits rather than skin color and facial topology and they want to take those observable characteristics and use them to assume that they can know the interior landscape of the individual's mind like some kind of magical combination of esp and sherlock holmes level genius, which is incredibly rare in reality and odds are the geniuses don't all go into psychiatry. looking over modern psychiatric beliefs are outside the influence of their charlatanry, without giving them the benefit of the doubt that their doubletalk is all legit and you'll notice similarities between their practices and phrenology, physiognomy, eugenics and some other disgraced fields of nonsense that used to be passed off as science.
*standing ovation*
Testify, brother.

Schizotypal, schizoaffective, schizoid, or schizophrenic?


Late Sunday night in Washington, the White House announced it was pulling U.S. troops out of northeast Syria to clear the way for a Turkish invasion. The Kurds there who led the fight on the ground that defeated the so-called Islamic State had seen President Donald Trump’s betrayal coming. But still they hoped it could be avoided.

“Don’t let the Turks disrupt my wedding,” our translator texted in September prior to our arrival in the region. For more than a year, we have been visiting almost monthly to interview captured ISIS cadres held by the Kurdish and Arab troops of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) as part of a project for the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism.

In September, we saw the Turkish threat to invade at any moment was held off by tense U.S. negotiations in which the SDF made considerable concessions, allowing Turkey to patrol jointly a large swath of territory while agreeing to remove checkpoints and military positions farther back from the Turkish border.

“They should put their patrols inside Turkish territory, and not enter Syria,” SDF leaders told us at the time, as they reluctantly acquiesced to U.S. demands.


Many current and former White House advisors counseled against the kind of announcement made Sunday night. Defense Secretary James Mattis resigned last year over Trump’s threat to remove the few thousand U.S. troops in Syria, who not only served as advisors in the fight against ISIS, but as deterrence against Turkish operations east of the Euphrates River.
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Trump did this because
>Turkey threatened Trump's business interests if he didn't surrender in Syria
>It helps Putin's interests because they can move in to be the arbitrator and Assad
>Trump needed a distraction from the impeachment inquiry and he doesn't care if it's a genocide or the long term damage it does to America's reputation abroad.
>“Don’t let the Turks disrupt my wedding,” our translator texted in September prior to our arrival in the region.
Fuck. That gets me. I seriously can't stand letting the Kurds get screwed yet again. They're bro-tier muslims, and we're letting them die.
Was just listening to this when I read the story.
Reminder the Kurds are terrorists too. It seems the west are so focused on the Syrian "terrorists" that they forgot these guys are terrorist too to Turkish people.

[human rights watch that classified them as a terrorist organisation in 2012] (https://www.hrw.org/world-report/2012/country-chapters/turkey) and [The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism]

(https://www.start.umd.edu/baad/narratives/kurdistan-workers-party-pkk) an academic research centre specialising on terrorism, considers TAK the special urban terrorism wing of the PKK

October 2016 the (The White House of the U.S) [https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/the-press-office/2016/10/09/statement-nsc-spokesperson-ned-price-terrorist-attacks-turkey]
And Democrats wonder why the Right have given up bothering to work with them. If you people had an NKVD or Ministry of State Security. We'd be lined up against walls and shot without a second thought.

Democrat stance on war:
2001-2003: Pro-War
2004-2008: Anti-War
2009-2016: Pro-War
1st half 2017: Anti-War
2nd half 2017: Pro-War
2018: Anti-War
End of 2018: Pro-War
2019: Anti-War
End of 2019: Pro-War

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1259216549947.jpg (25 KB, 340x425)
25 KB

>His customers, more than two dozen of whom were legally prohibited from possessing a firearm, could push a button, pull a lever, and walk away a short time later with a fully assembled, untraceable semi-automatic weapon for about $1,000, according to court records.

>A case once touted by prosecutors as a crackdown on an illicit firearms factory was suddenly seen as having the potential to pave the way to unfettered access to one of the most demonized guns in America.

Can't go after the militias because Lil Timmy showed them what it means to get hit back, can't go after the religious extremists because Cliven brought a bigger army with better guns, can't go after the 80% market because the ATF doesn't follow rules, can't make big moves because Kennedy retired. Its gotta be hard out there for folks who don't like guns...
25 replies omitted. Click here to view.
But at what point does a piece of aluminum become a gun? Thats the entire point of 80% lowers, the ATF has said that they're not manufactured to the point of being a gun. Get any more vague and eventually you're going to find things shaped like a receiver that count, get any more specific and you'll just have guys like Roh set up with 75% uppers, then 70% uppers.

>It’s the fact that the buyer presses the button that makes it his homemade creation?
Legally, yes.

>Would the buyer be able to make the lower himself without Roh’s intervention, machines, code, etc?
Yes. Its marginally more difficult, but not that bad. You could accomplish the same effect in the same shop with a jig, a drill press, fifteen dollars with of bits, and a Dremel. Hell, the directions are simple enough they could be pictures.

>Sounds like a collaborative project, not a solo building venture.
The first time I finished an 80% receiver I did it in a shared workspace. The second couple of times I rented a drill press from Home Depot for an afternoon.
There needs to be a consequence to prosecutors if they drop charges. The fact is overcharging is so common place as a way of extracting plea deals. Or intimidating individuals to stay silent.

The justice system in America is corrupt to its core. Not just to towards some "oppressed group". For everyone who isn't a part of it.
>After. Oklahoma City changed the game.
I'd say Ruby Ridge and Waco changed the game, unless you count Elian Gonzales.

Oh, and then 9/11 changed it right back.
>consequence to prosecutors if they drop charges
That would incentivize against dropping charges.
No, it would incentive prosecutors to only pursue the charges they are actually capable of achieving conviction.

Their incentive is achieving convictions. That's the metric they're judge against in the judicial world. No prosecutor will risk screwing up their KPI's just to overcharge some poor bugger.

File: 1534149969813.png (202 KB, 374x345)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
>Vietnamese woman deported after failing to declare 4.5kg of pork

>A Vietnamese woman has been deported for failing to declare more than 4.5kg of pork, as authorities desperately try to protect our borders from African swine fever.
>Biosecurity officers punted the 45-year-old from Sydney on Saturday after 10kg of squid, quail and cooked pork products were found in her luggage.
>“If you are travelling from an African swine fever country - we are watching you,” Agriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie told reporters in Canberra on Tuesday.

But why?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Is deportation the normal response though
>spreading disease that causes great economic disruption
Yes, that's the standard for low crimes, if she was caught drug trafficking instead of meat she would face prison or death in a different country.
Why though? I mean why was she smuggling 10lbs of cooked meat? It's not like that's a short flight either.
Yes, she was caught smuggling. It doesn't matter what she was caught with.


Applications to some of America’s most elite business schools fell at a steeper rate this year, as universities struggled to attract international students amid changes to immigration policies and political tensions between the U.S. and China.

The declines affected some of the nation’s top-rated programs, with Harvard University, Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, among others, all reporting larger year-over-year drops in business-school applications. Some, such as Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business, posted double-digit percentage declines.

Overall, applications to American M.B.A. programs fell for the fifth straight year, according to new data from the nonprofit Graduate Management Admission Council, an association of business schools that administers the GMAT admissions test. In the latest academic cycle ended this spring, U.S. business schools received 135,096 applications for programs including the traditional master of business administration degree, down 9.1% from the prior year, according to an annual survey. Last year applications for U.S. business programs were down 7%.

The M.B.A. was once considered de rigueur for anyone wanting to join the management ranks of U.S. companies, especially for international students, offering a pathway to leadership and a bigger payday. But education experts say shifts in U.S. immigration policy, trade and political tensions with China, as well as the growing attractiveness of technology-industry jobs that don’t require M.B.A. degrees, have recently dampened foreign students’ enthusiasm for business school.

Meanwhile, a hot domestic job market has cooled the interest of many Americans in the traditional two-year M.B.A. path.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
There was a time when China suffered from brain drain, with many students choosing to come to and live in the USA. That's no longer the case.

Instead of getting China's best and keeping them here for our own benefit, we're now making it preferable for them to return to China, to the benefit of China. Are our own scientists and engineers going to pick up the slack? Will they even want to remain here when the USA is no longer as lucrative for research as it once was? Things are trending in the wrong direction.

>In past years, more than 95 per cent of Chinese students obtaining an advanced degree in a developed country chose to stay there after graduation. By the end of last year, however, more than 83 per cent had returned to China, most within the five years starting in 2012.

>“The problem of the brain drain no longer exists,” said Chen Guoqiang, director of the Centre for Synthetic and System Biology at Tsinghua University, a top Beijing research institution. “One important reason is the salary. Another reason is Trump.”

>The salary for one particular postdoctoral research fellowship in China now reaches up to 600,000 yuan (US$87,827) a year – nearly twice the average pay for the same job in the US, according to a hiring notice issued by a Chinese government research institute last month.

>“As competition for talent pushes salaries higher and higher, the incentive to leave (China) has become lower and lower,” said the official, who asked not to be identified. “It is a trend very much welcomed by the government.”

>“Losing an outstanding PhD student not only means losing a golden period of creative research, but giving the innovative methods and ideas developed in a domestic laboratory to competitors,” he said.
>Reserve nearly half your slots for women, minorities, and international students.
>Demand people take a $200 test that has nothing to do with actual work or academic experience.
>Charge $250 simply to apply for the privilege of applying
>Make people take a solid 2 years out of their working life to attend classes
>Charge $100k for just tuition for a degree that will take 10 years even at the higher salary rates to pay off.
>Constantly hit up alumni for donation to sustain your broken business model
Yeah MBA programs can go fuck themselves.
this. the schools are just severely overpriced regardless of the student's origin
>inb4 articles saying "are millennials killing the education industry?"
> traditional two-year M.B.A. path
Why is it other top tier MBA programs throughout the world like Cambridge and INSEAD are offering 1 year MBA's. Which have identical results and still achieve the outcomes desired from an MBA.

Yet US based MBA's are still all about the 2 years of your life. It's like 4 years degrees are more and more becoming 5 year degrees. The college system is so corrupt and living off the unlimited federal loan program.

Can't wait to see these colleges collapse or layoff all these hair brained liberal professors when the gravy train ends.


There's a 2nd whistleblower complaint no one's talking about, and it could be as damaging to Trump as the Ukraine scandal

The chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee recently disclosed that he received a whistleblower allegation of "inappropriate efforts to influence" the IRS tax audit of President Donald Trump.
Experts and former investigators told Insider the complaint could be the tipping point in the battle between House Democrats and Trump over obtaining his tax records, which he has long sought to hide.
The White House is grappling with another whistleblower complaint, which alleges that a phone call in which Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate a political rival violated the law.
29 replies omitted. Click here to view.
He has quite a bit to lose if those tax returns show he isn’t the “self made” multibilionare super successful businessman that he claims to be; especially going into the 2020 election. Which is probably why he is trying so hard to hide them. If they were all good news, then releasing them would be a great way to distract from the whole impeachment scandal and help him win in the court of public opinion when he arguably needs it the most.
a select few of you keep throwing around this word as if we're supposed to believe trump has been taking personal payment during his time in office.
The illogical misconception you have is that violating the enoluments clause doesn't apply to Trump...you know...before he got elected.
You shitty little retarded halfbrain autismo genetic defect.

It is staunchly and very well defined illegal for anyone for any reason to allow a tax return to be released to the public. If Trump fears his information will be mishandled, intentionally or not, as has been proven to occur in the past, Trump and, seperately, the head of the Treasury, can deny Congress.

Again I tell you, Trump's taxes have been "leaked" before and it will happen again if someone is given access.
The Treasury is allowed to deny release to protect a citizen from misconduct.

And anyone who takes part in an illegal smear campaign that ultimately violates the privacy rights of every citizen should be hanged in public.

>anyone who takes part in an illegal smear campaign that ultimately violates the privacy rights of every citizen should be hanged in public.
Well, okay. If you insist.


Shepard Smith, one of the longest-tenured journalists at Fox News who was also considered a moderate voice on the right-leaning cable news giant, announced Friday that he's resigned from the company.

Smith, who has been at the network for more than two decades and was one of its original hires, said the decision to leave was his own.

“Recently, I asked the company to allow me to leave Fox News. After requesting that I stay, they obliged,” he said on air.

Later, in a statement released by Fox News, Smith thanked the network for allowing a "guy from small-town Mississippi" to have a seat at one of America's most powerful anchor chairs.

"It’s been an honor and a privilege to report the news each day to our loyal audience in context and with perspective, without fear or favor," he said in the statement. "I’ve worked with the most talented, dedicated and focused professionals I know and I’m proud to have anchored their work each day — I will deeply miss them.”

The departure comes as Fox News has been the focus of increased scrutiny for its close relationship with President Donald Trump particularly as impeachment efforts have escalated. The cable channel's opinion personalities have broadly defended Trump.

That led to some conflict with news anchors, most notably Smith and Chris Wallace, who have pushed back against false assertions from the president and his supporters.
37 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I don't know why you think crowd size at some backwoods rally in bumfuck, Mississippi would mean something. If any of the dem candidates went to a dem stronghold and spoke they would get just as many if not more people, like Warren did in NYC.
>Trump crowd sizes
I wonder if he remembered to pay them.
Cause you get your news from fox
Bruh. Do you people do this on purpose?

Oh right, of course you do.
Not him but it isn't his fault you're too stupid to get through the paywall
>On the morning of his inauguration, a remarkable coda to Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

>Carrie Levine of the Center for Public Integrity found a report from the Federal Election Commission examining an under-reported aspect of Trump's campaign launch. Trump's announcement, held on the lower level of the Trump Tower lobby, was framed by cheering crowds watching from the floors above. Some of the members of that crowd, it was soon reported, were apparently paid to be there.

>The Hollywood Reporter sussed out the evidence. An email from a firm called Extra Mile, soliciting people to be paid $50 to attend "an event in support of Donald Trump and an upcoming exciting announcement he will be making." Instagram photos of an actor in attendance that day. A reference in that email to Gotham Government Relations, the firm that hired Extra Mile and which Trump had used in the past.

>Gotham, which put the event together, produced a video of the Trump announcement that it posted on YouTube.

called it ‘drug deal,’ witness tells Congress


Former national security adviser John Bolton was so disturbed by the efforts to get the Ukrainians to investigate President Donald Trump’s political opponents that he called it a “drug deal,” former White House official Fiona Hill reportedly told Congress on Monday.

Hill, the former top Europe expert in Trump’s White House, testified that Bolton told her he wanted no part of the effort that involved acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, a person in the room for Hill’s testimony told NBC News. Bolton also was said to have referred to Rudy Giuliani as a “hand grenade.”

Giuliani has acknowledged in recent interviews that he had asked a Ukrainian prosecutor for information about former Vice President Joe Biden.

The New York Times first reported details of Hill’s testimony Monday night.

Bolton was fired by Trump in September.

Hill testified that Bolton told her to report the situation to the top lawyer at the National Security Council, John Eisenberg, according to the person in the room for Monday’s closed-door hearing.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
the statements were clearly made before he left the white house, otherwise he would already have not been involved
>Waaah, I got fired by Trump
>Big meany didn't let me force a war with Iran.
>Refuses to follow my agenda on how to run the world
>I'm going to suddenly makeup having a conscious and stand up to corruption
Bolton can go fuck himself. He's a bitter outcast war hawk. I love how dems who for nearly 2 decades have worked to discredit and demonize him. Suddenly treat what he says about trump as truth.
>I'm going to suddenly makeup having a conscious and stand up to corruption
You realize what was being discussed in the article occurred before he was fired, right? You can call him a liar or whatever you want, but to imply this is sour grapes over being fired is inaccurate since things didn't happen in that order.
See: >>477011
And this didn't even come into the spotlight until Fiona Hill talked about it today in her testimony to Congress. Your narrative's completely unfounded,
Sadly sounds about right


By: Ashley Wheeler

TULSA - The city of Tulsa begins its search for mass graves from the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Monday.

The Oaklawn Cemetery is just one of three locations the city is looking for mass graves and will be first time to use ground penetrating radar as they search for anomalies in the ground.

When the city decided to move forward with the search, a mass graves committee was formed to to ensure transparency and community engagement into the process.

They held several meetings over the summer leading up to Monday's search.

With deep ties to North Tulsa, Greg Robinson was selected to the committee.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
51 replies omitted. Click here to view.
conservatism is an ideology
an ideology is not a stereotype
So what part of the ideology explicitly states that people need be neatly binned into seperate groups? Please source your claims
I lack the fucks to give about dead niggers, feels good not being a redditor
People don't give a fuck until they find out some of those dead colored people are buried in mass graves underneath their houses/neighborhoods and nobody thought to check because it was forgotten about 100 years ago.
Isn't that idpol?

File: william.jpg (53 KB, 459x371)
53 KB
Duke of Cambridge appointed ambassador to Vulcan.
Ah its just shitty award I thought maybe he was a trekkie


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump’s former Russia adviser testified for more than nine hours on Monday behind closed doors as the latest witness summoned in the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry against Trump over his request that Ukraine investigate a domestic political rival.

Fiona Hill, former senior director for European and Russian Affairs on Trump’s National Security Council, made no comments to reporters on arriving or leaving a secure room in the U.S. Capitol where she spoke to the House Intelligence Committee and two other panels.

Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin told reporters that Hill “was a remarkably thorough and authoritative witness” who recalled “particular events and particular meetings.”

Raskin, a member of the House Judiciary and Oversight panels that also are investigating Trump, declined to give details of her testimony.

As they have done in the past, Republican lawmakers complained that the hearings were closed to the public and that transcripts were not being released.

The pace of the House Democrats’ investigation quickened on Monday as they lined up additional witnesses to testify in closed sessions.

Michael McKinley has agreed to appear voluntarily for a closed transcribed interview on Wednesday, just days after he announced his resignation as a senior adviser to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>What is it?
Here's the contact information for Fox News, maybe they'll help you out.

I have no name to put back on
I was just asking for some clarification on what a impeachment inquiry is. Why couldn't you explain instead of finding the fox news contact page?
I tried Googling 'impeachment inquiry" constitution and can't find anything
>Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings
Article 1 section 5
After the Clinton impeachment the Republican House changed the procedural rules and dropped a requirement to vote. You are asking why democrats are following Republican procedure anon?
>/pol/ppets can't defend Trump's crimes and abuses of powers so they just bitch about the process.

File: amyparrino925xx.jpg (50 KB, 250x368)
50 KB
The naked Missouri woman who sat on her boyfriend’s face and demanded that he perform oral sex on her has pleaded guilty to a domestic violence charge, according to court records.

Amy Parrino, 44, copped last month to a felony assault charge and was sentenced to three years in custody, though a Circuit Court judge stayed the execution of the prison term and placed the Columbia resident on five years probation.

As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dropped a felony sexual assault charge against Parrino, who worked prior to her arrest as an embalmer’s assistant at a mortuary.

Parrino had been locked up in the Boone County jail since her arrest last December. She was released following her sentencing and ordered to have no contact with the victim. Parrino is pictured at right in a mug shot snapped in late-September.

Police arrested Parrino following a violent confrontation in the couple’s Columbia home, according to a probable cause affidavit. The victim told cops that Parrino punched him and struck him with a variety of items, including a belt and a cell phone.

During the incident, Parrino, who was naked, chased the man around the residence before shoving him to the ground. She then sat atop the victim and directed him to “eat my pussy” while perched on his face.

The man told police that he was briefly unable to breathe while Parrino sat on his face, and that he was “scared to death” during the domestic assault. The victim added that he told Parrino to leave him alone and that he “didn’t want to do anything sexual” with her.

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Love that shirt. She is just a furious Latin lover
Should have been charged with rape. Fuck this biased legal system
This. Wtf.

Transparent pussy pass. Just imagine the genders reversed.

Fuck society hates men.
I thought about it, and you guys are right she should get a rake charge and be labeled as a sexual predator.
>>Stares intensely at pic
That's a dude, why is the op talking about a female and the pics a dude?
>>Reads the filename
The fuck?
>>Reads rest of the thread
The fuck? What is going on here? God fucking damn this world

WASHINGTON — A second intelligence official who was alarmed by President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine is weighing whether to file his own formal whistle-blower complaint and testify to Congress, according to two people briefed on the matter.

The official has more direct information about the events than the first whistle-blower, whose complaint that Mr. Trump was using his power to get Ukraine to investigate his political rivals touched off an impeachment inquiry. The second official is among those interviewed by the intelligence community inspector general to corroborate the allegations of the original whistle-blower, one of the people said.

The inspector general, Michael Atkinson, briefed lawmakers privately on Friday about how he substantiated the whistle-blower’s account. It was not clear whether he told lawmakers that the second official is considering filing a complaint.

151 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You'll know when it has begun.
Wut? The impeachment inquiry has begun. There was testimony yesterday, today, and every day the rest of the week.
You'll know when it has begun.
Okay, I know it’s begun. Did you have a further point?
>Okay, I know it’s begun. Did you have a further point?
That it hasn't begin. And you'll know when it's begun.

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