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Posted it on Instagram

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or some people make up stories and tell lies for years and then commit suicide rather than ever facing the truth honestly.
Ow the edge
Sure, some people do that too
or some people get genuinely lost in their own lies and lose their way out of the maze they've built.
Who raped her?

Survey finds Hillary Clinton has ‘more than 99% chance’ of winning election over Donald Trump
The developer of the model, neuro and data scientist Princeton professor Sam Wang, correctly predicted 49 out of 50 states in 2012.
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>/news/ - Current News
>Saturday 5 November 2016 17:44

Wrong board faggot, go back to /pol/
Trump is a fucking adulterer. There's a reason adultery is in the ten commandments and gayness is just in Deuteronomy.
I blew my aunt-in law’s mind this weekend when she asked if I was voting for Trump. “Nope, I am voting for a Christian this year so I will have to vote for the democratic candidate.”
And the same people who claim that old testament rules don't apply anymore ignore the fact that all the stuff about homosexuality is in the old testament, while Jesus explicitly says that divorce is wrong in the new testament. That way they can vote for a serial divorcee while still claiming that it's the Christian thing to do because gotta fight back against them gays.
Trump has been doing work to legalize homosexuality across the world
Trump entered office supporting gay marriage
Obama entered office opposing gay marriage.
Trump is not a devout Catholic. He is helping gay Americans, along with blacks Hispanics and women. By helping all Americans get a job and put food on the table.

Washington(CNN) — Joe Biden isn't the Democratic presidential nominee just yet, but that fact didn't stop him from making a very bold prediction on Monday.

"If I'm your nominee, I'm winning Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, believe it or not, and I believe we can win Texas and Florida," Biden said at the Poor People's Moral Action Congress in Washington. "Look at the polling there now. ... I have no intention of walking away."


Is this just empty rhetoric from Biden? Or is there a real chance he could actually win some -- or all -- of those states if he is the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee?

In Gallup's 2018 year-end state-by-state polling, of those five states, only in South Carolina did more people approve of the job Trump was doing (50%) than disapproved (46%). Trump's worst state among those five, according to Gallup? Texas -- where 41% approved and 51% disapproved.

Those 2018 numbers -- plus some more recent polling here and there in Texas and North Carolina -- suggest those states could be in play for Biden (or, possibly, several of the 2020 Democratic candidates).

Here's the thing: What Biden is talking about when he says he is going to win those five GOP-leaning states would be a total and complete Electoral College wipeout of the sitting incumbent.

The five states Biden mentioned have a combined 107 electoral votes among them. Combine those with the likelihood that Michigan and Pennsylvania swing back to Democrats, and you would be talking about a shift of 143 electoral votes. If everything else on the 2016 map stayed the same, Biden would win with 375 electoral votes -- a total that would eclipse Obama's 2012 (332 electoral votes) and 2008 (365) victories.

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I agree with you this year. He will win North’s Carolina, Florida, and Arizona though.
Trump is going to beat Biden so bad analysts are going to compare Biden to Mondale.

Biden will be lucky to get any state at all. Even Delaware.
That may be the worst analysis I have read on 4 Chan, today anyway.
Wrong, it was a perfect storm of crimes, outside influence and personal blunders that cost her the election. Same thing happened to Al Gore when the Republicans stole that election.

Biden stands no chance against the Trump Machine. Though Putin, who's a drug addict and have been heavily addicted to morphine for the past 7 years, can help Biden if he just asks him. Though personally, I wouldn't want any help from a Russian junkie like Putin. He shoots up dope!

File: captain america.jpg (70 KB, 600x316)
70 KB
>DON LEMON: You know this New York Times report mentioned that the Justice Department is now questioning CIA officers as they review this Russia investigation, which is?

>SHIMON PROKUPECZ: It’s troubling because it’s not — you don’t do this. The CIA kind of operates in their own world.
I am glad CNN has real patriots, who know you don't investigate intelligence agencies.
America, love it it or leave it. If you want to investigate the CIA, get out
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That chart's trash m8
If therr are actually people here that think the cia hasn't done or still doing shady shit should really start looking in to things you fucking retards.
Embarrassing, /news/. You couldn't even remove the suction off of their cock for ten seconds to google the statement and find the youtube video if you didn't believe it was real.

And here's someone who googled the statement, watched the video, and did a mental backflip in his head over it.

I wonder if this thread is just full of britbongs like most of the smoothbrain bitching on this board.
Like real Mind Control, Remote neural monitoring: Victim here
Someone's autism is flaring up.

File: assange_journalism.png (2.73 MB, 1800x1166)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB PNG
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An unnamed U.S. judge in a closed court with secret proceedings on Thursday found former U.S. soldier and allegedly heroic WikiLeaks source Bradley "The Big Man" Manning in contempt of court for refusing to testify before a federal grand jury and ordered Manning back to jail, an anonymous law enforcement official claimed.

The secret U.S. District judge also ruled that if Manning does not comply with the grand jury subpoena after 30 days she will be fined $500 a day, the official said. The fine would go up to $1000 a day if she continues to refuse to testify after 60 days, according to the unofficial leak.

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>However, that is just smoke. Russia is the fire
A sure sign you're defending a losing point is the constant overuse of idioms to try and sway people to your side.

it sounds clever but it has the intellectual value of jotting down "this was revealed to me in a dream" as a citation.

Use provable, citable facts from non-anonymous sources or GTFO
fuck me, even 4chan is pushing the fake news, hyperbolic headlines. this is a bit of jail time and a bankruptcy claim, manning will be fine.
I have a bigger issue with political parties rigging elections then I do with a foreign power hacking into them to tell us about it
How about the FBI, who indicted 25 Russians for interfering in our elections. 12 of them were indicted for hacking while 13 of them were indicted for posing as Americans while trolling and spreading fake news.
Sounds like they're just sending him back to the reeducation camp

Two days before he died, Everett Palmer Jr. called his brother, Dwayne, to tell him he was on his way from Delaware to New York to visit him and their sick mother. But first, he said, he wanted to resolve an outstanding DUI warrant from an incident in 2016 in Pennsylvania to make sure his license was valid for the drive to see his family.

The phone call was the last time the family would hear from the 41-year-old US Army veteran and father of two.

On April 9, 2018, two days later, the family was told that Palmer had died in police custody at the York County Prison. Fourteen months later, the Palmers say they still don't know what really happened. But they are suspicious because when Palmer's body was returned to them, his throat, heart and brain were missing

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For the ghouls
>I'm right and you're wrong because you aren't a leftist
typical shit.
Because it would prove he was choked out, probably by some lazy fat fuck cop with a nightstick
I hope they took his brain, heart and throat to make a consensual android super soldier and not the much more likely story of him objecting to being treated like shit and getting killed for it.

File: 1538565138573.png (75 KB, 500x393)
75 KB




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>Responsible journalism is for the right
>fat pig who can't keep a straight story is good
lemme guess you think it's unfair when people call you out on your bullshit?
Only thing remotely bad she said was about the Obama wiretapping. The rest she either owned up to or is stupid inaccurate shit that people like you are playing up to promote a ORANGE MAN GOVERNMENT BAD narrative.
Kill yourself you human shitstain.

File: think-of-the-children.jpg (59 KB, 580x480)
59 KB
>Pair of Texas bills pose grave threat to civil liberties

Last week, FIRE urged Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to veto two bills that pose serious threats to free speech and due process on campus. This weekend, in a letter to the governor, the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault called our analysis “a stretch.” They argue that the definition of sexual harassment in the legislation is appropriate and that signing the bills will not expose college employees to potential criminal liability.

There are many reasons why their analysis and conclusion are misplaced, but for brevity’s sake, here are the two most important ones.

TAASA takes issue with FIRE’s assertion that the standard set forth in Davis v. Monroe County Board of Education defines the contours of a school’s legal obligation to respond to known instances of discriminatory harassment. But Gov. Abbott need not even agree with FIRE on that issue in order to conclude that the definition of sexual harassment used in SB 212 and HB 1735 is plainly unconstitutional. The bills define sexual harassment as:

>Unwelcome, sex based verbal or physical conduct that: in the education context, is sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive that the conduct >interferes with a student ’s ability to participate in or benefit from educational programs or activities at a postsecondary educational institution.

This definition is missing any kind of objective, reasonable person standard, instead conditioning the permissibility of speech (and the requirement to report) entirely on subjective listener reaction. Any definition of sexual harassment that lacks an objective component is unconstitutional.
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Have consensual sex
This is sexual harassment
A report is being filed
This is unwelcome verbal sex-based communication
You'll be hearing from my lawyer anon
nice shit news sources there, /pol/kid


A top analyst at UBS has taken a leave of absence after his inclusion of the phrase “Chinese pigs” in research commentary this week on the country’s rising pork prices triggered an outcry among the Chinese financial community.

Paul Donovan, chief economist at UBS Global Wealth Management, referenced climbing Chinese consumer prices and linked the inflation increase to the recent African swine fever epidemic, which has buoyed pork prices in the world’s second largest economy. U.S. meat executives estimate that hundreds of millions of hogs have succumbed to the virus since August 2018.

“Does this matter? It matters if you are a Chinese pig. It matters if you like eating pork in China. It does not really matter to the rest of the world,” he said, in the podcast, which was later removed from the bank’s website.

His commentary sent tremors throughout Hong Kong’s community of Chinese financial professionals. A letter from the Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong called for Donovan’s dismissal. Haitong International, the overseas arm of a Chinese brokerage, said they had suspended dealings with UBS.
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there is no competition with china, the more we innovate the more they will just steal it.
they steal 450~ billion dollars worth of tech every year and it's increasing.
and that's just what they steal from us, I imagine it's also happening to other countries/companies as well.
I agree that competition is good for the world but this is not.
>And thats a good thing.
It's not a good thing when it's a fascist nation of unregulated thievery and oppression.
They steal it because US companies are greedy and the world toothless. If the US still has any "nation pride" then this will be the test that dictates of the people can make companies think twice before moving their businesses there and hold politicians accountable. Theres a reason even the dems have credited Trump on some of his attempts to punish China.

As country, we'd be fucked if we stopped negotiating with every country that we didn't agree with morally. China gets talked about just because its actually rising out of its dung hole and taking advantage of the lack of innovation from the west.

This scary China business is a bit ironic considering at least in the imminent future, they have no real plans to wield their power beyond the Asian region. And have been more straight with countries, if a bit morally lacking, in trade deals with their silk road initiative.
>you're fucking retarded.
Only if you buy me dinner first.
Idk what I would do if you and the other insane boomers stopped posting. Would get bored quick. It’s like watching a human with rabies grow more and more rabid. Don’t ever leave me.


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To be fair, fuck the uighurs. A bunch of turk transplants WE WUZing about them being the true builders of the chinese empire while treating asians like shit for being racially inferior, while Pan muslims in China accept and are accepted by China as a whole. And also the Uighur hate the Pan because the Pan are too chinese looking.

Fuck the Uighurs, don't diminish the Tibetans by comparing them to those fucking twats.
>never forget the holocaust except that when genocide happens to muslims its justified
thanks for posting so soon after sunset, shlomo
Where did I mention the holocaust and where did I say all muslims need to be exterminated? Just because you've never heard of Pan Muslims doesn't mean they don't exist.

The Pan muslims completely undermine the Uighur claim that China is slaughtering them simply because they're muslim. The Pan aren't being slaughtered, the Pan aren't being targetted at all. You want to go into someone else's country and fuck around and break laws and say it's your own? You deserve to get fucked over. It's not my fault the concept of defending yourself is too much for you, whitey. It's not my fault you can't understand why someone would respect their own culture and want to defend it rather than letting it be pissed on in the name of rainbow faced multiculturalism. You have no understanding of cultural pride so shut the fuck up and embrace your eventual extinction quietly.
>muslim it's justified
That is kind of the impression I get sometimes.

Buddhists a 'peaceful' so people are mostly against what is happening in Tibet however Uighurs follow the 'religion of peace' so if you ask the average right-winger what he thinks he probably contemplates how wise it is to put them in camps.
Agreed uighurs got what they deserved.


We are going back to the Stone age, nice to meet you world
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ironic shitposting is still shitposting
Ha surgido una iniciativa. Un tipo de muro/foro tipo 4chan que recogerá los principios de anonimato y demás que hacen de este un lugar especial, pero también estará bajo ciertos cambios y condiciones que permitirán ajustar y limitar lo negativo que se podría recoger de este lugar. La idea es implementar el mismo sistema de desarrollo y diálogo de ideas pero bajo un fin productivo de trascender y compartir el conocimiento fabricado en esa plataforma. La idea es que sea principalmente hispano hablante, esto ayudará a unir la comunidad dispersa pero que tiene este lenguaje como común denominador. Yo estoy tratando de desarrollarlo, necesito apoyo e ideas de personas de esta región del mundo. Quiero preguntar principalmente su opinión respecto a la iniciativa.
>Post related
Hice un post en gif compartiendo parte de los principios e ideas de las que parte esta visión que tengo formada. He botado todo mi contenido porno tras entender que no me traía ningún beneficio y que mas bien contribuía a una perspectiva errónea de la sexualidad y la mujer. Descubrí que ya ni siquiera me producía placer, puede que incluso tuviera un efecto negativo que me hacía insensible a los mismos estímulos visuales. Esta y otras fueron unas decisiones que he tomado en mi vida tras descubrir una perspectiva de la mecánica de la realidad, la naturaleza y el mundo que antes no podía ver. De unos que otros dilemas existencial y tras definir con convicción ciertos principios con los cuales guiarme he desarrollado una visión transformadora que apunta de manera ideal la trascendencia del hombre y su especie como fin último. La naturaleza de los medios por los cuales se llega a esta trascendencia no son ajenos a nosotros, yo creo que he el hombre es más capaz de lo que supones erroneamente. Los planes son grandes, bastante diría yo, pero hasta donde puedo percibir son posibles de realizar con la cantidad de voluntad correcta.
What the heck is going on down there guys? an EMP?
Shitposting is bad?


Financial hub plunged into political crisis after huge protest against law
- - - - - - - -
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Browsing 4chan?
Stop giving strangers the benefit of the doubt for being decent people, you're just nailing their continuing, terrible behavior
I believe there a more scheduled for Sunday
have fun storming the castle!

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov and Maros Sefcovic, vice-president of the European Commission for the Energy Union, have agreed to set up a working group that will deal with a transition to using the rouble and euro in bilateral payments, Russian media outlets reported, citing Siluanov’s spokesman, Andrei Lavrov.

Both sides have reportedly emphasised that the use of national currencies will be mutually beneficial, as it reduces certain risks for entrepreneurs in Russia and the EU.

During their meeting, Siluanov and Sefcovic are said to have discussed the issue of the participation of European businesses in the implementation of national projects in Russia, with the finance minister saying that Moscow is interested in cooperation and sees no obstacles to the involvement of foreign companies.

Siluanov has likewise briefed Sefcovic on concrete measures taken by the Russian government aimed at the improvement of the investment climate in the country and trade liberalisation.

The reported agreement comes on the heels of remarks by Russian Economy Minister Maxim Oreshkin, who told Bloomberg TV last week that the greenback was gradually losing its share in the world market.

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don't forget the shoes!
>russians don't run pedophile and money scam networks
holy fuck, thank you anon that made my day
>holy fuck

do can english?
excuse me?
he's just an idiot, anon

File: 1559789440384.jpg (65 KB, 750x420)
65 KB
>The owners of an Ohio bakery who sued for libel after being targeted by student protests won Friday an $11 million verdict against Oberlin College.
>A Lorain County jury ordered Oberlin to pay $11 million in compensatory damages to Gibson’s Bakery, a local fixture since 1885 that was beset by protests and racism allegations after three black students were arrested for shoplifting the day after the 2016 presidential election.
>“The jury saw that Oberlin College went out of their way to harm a good family and longtime business in their community for no real reason, and the jury said we aren’t going to tolerate that in our community anymore,” Owen Rarric, an attorney for the Gibsons, told Legal Insurrection.
>The award, which could triple at Tuesday’s hearing on punitive damages, came as a warning to universities that encourage social-justice activism as student protests spill from the campus to the local community.

I hope the children's parents end up paying for this one via tuition increases and the reward doesn't come out of public educations funds instead so I end up having to pay for these crybabies and the damage their tantrums cost.
26 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Have you stolen any good cupcakes from the bakery?
Perhaps not, however, this will give cause to other Colleges and Universities to begin taking steps against SJW activities on their campuses, for fear of this happening to their campuses.
These are identitarians coat tailing themselves on the progressive movement. Don't get it twisted. Extreme minority. (Just like Alt Right)
>good restaurants
They probably pay their cooks an average of $10/hr while the whole town takes part in the "everyone deserves a living wage" charade.
That was uncalled for

By the end of May, 43% of India was experiencing drought, with failed monsoon rains seen as the primary reason. The country has seen widespread drought every year since 2015, with the exception of 2017.

About 20,000 villages in the state of Maharashtra are grappling with a severe drinking water crisis, with no water left in 35 major dams. In 1,000 smaller dams, water levels are below 8%. The rivers that feed the dams have been transformed into barren, cracked earth.

Usha Jadhav who lives in nearby Shivajinagar, said her family does not use the toilet any more as it has become an unaffordable luxury, and that women wait for the darkness of night to defecate in the open. “We cannot use 5-10 litres of water for flushing as we have to purchase water,” she said.

Groundwater, the source of 40% of India’s water needs, is depleting at an unsustainable rate, Niti Aayog, a governmental thinktank, said in a 2018 report. Twenty-one Indian cities – including Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad – are expected to run out of groundwater by 2020, and 40% of India’s population will have no access to drinking water by 2030, the report said.

24 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>monsoon arrives a week late
>a billion people throw a hissy fit over it
damn what a sense of entititlement on these fuckers, maybe learn to conserve water better and not waste it if the rains showing up a week late has this terrible of an effect.
there are new articles on other sites right now from india reporting terrible flooding from heavy rains
As long as the foreign entities can arrange to keep the government, it's army, and police forces paid, this is unlikely. It's not as if they don't do sufficient PR spin to blame it on climate change, rather than a hijacked water table. It's also not as if there aren't several nations in the world practically committing genocide to keep their financial masters pleased that have yet to fall. Once your government is bought, it's kinda done - not that rebellions don't happen, but if they threaten a larger economy's interest, they tend to get put down in one fashion or another.
>this is the result of Trump withdrawing the biggest polluter on the planet (USA) from the paris climate accord. This whole planet is fucked now
Is this supposed to be sarcasm?
No, I think they truly believe that Trump and America are singlehandedly responsible for 100% of the greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, while in reality, most of the CO2 above 280ppm was injected into the atmosphere before Trump took office in January 2017 and of the small percentage that wasn't already there, China and the third world account for the vast majority. American greenhouse gas emission have been on the decline for over a decade, they peaked during Bush Jr's 2nd term and have declined substantial since. If Trump can cripple the Chinese economy with sanctions, that will help the greenhouse gas situation even further.
>I think they truly believe that Trump and America are singlehandedly responsible for 100% of the greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere
Nobody fucking thinks that, nice strawman.

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