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File: hakd.png (68 KB, 601x615)
68 KB
>Facebook and Instagram Remove Pro-Iran Content in Effort to Comply with Trump Sanctions
Instagram and its parent company Facebook are removing posts that voice support for slain Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani to comply with US sanctions, a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement to CNN Business Friday.

The Iranian government has called for nationwide legal action against Instagram in protest, even creating a portal on a government website for the app’s users to submit examples of posts the company removed, Iranian state media reported.

Instagram is one of the few western social media platforms that is not blocked in Iran. Facebook and Twitter are blocked but some Iranians access those sites using VPNs.

In a tweet, Iran’s government spokesperson, Ali Rabiei, called Instagram’s actions “undemocratic.”

Instagram shut down Soleimani’s own account on the platform last April after the US government designated the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a foreign terrorist organization. Soleimani was an IRGC commander.

“We operate under US sanctions laws, including those related to the US government’s designation of the IRGC and its leadership,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement.

Iranian soccer player Alireza Jahanbakhsh, who has a verified Instagram account, posted a photo of Soleimani after his death. Jahanbakhsh said Instagram had removed that post.
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>Trump did not “lobby” him during the meeting.
of course you fucking retard, lobbying is done the other way
>honk honk
reeeeee honkspeech! someone call the police!
>Zuckerberg, a Jew, shuts down any pro-Iran opinions
What a shocker
The Washington Post, owned by Jeff Bezos who also owns Blue Origin, has nothing nice to say about Elon Musk. Shocking coincidences.
I wonder what Bloomberg.com has to say about it all.

File: gettyimages-1199337983.jpg (985 KB, 2445x1631)
985 KB
985 KB JPG
This is the 6th consecutive time that the Democrats have debated and nobody bothered to make a thread about it. I guess nobody cares because everyone knows its rigged.
Did anyone see that massive ovation Trump got at the college football game last night?
>‘Rigged’: Critics Cry Foul as CNN Debate Slants Against Bernie Sanders
Supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) are infuriated by the results of the seventh Democrat presidential debate in Iowa because it appears that moderators favored Sen. Elizabeth Warren in the debate hosted by CNN on Tuesday.

The clearest example of bias cited by debate watchers was when CNN moderator Abby Phillips had the following exchange with Sanders and Warren:

>Phillips: You’re saying that you never told Senator Warren that a woman couldn’t win the election?

>Bernie: Correct.

>Phillips: Warren, what did you think when Sanders said a woman couldn’t win the election?

>Warren: I disagreed. Bernie is my friend, and I am not here to try to fight with Bernie.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>7 million viewers
Its equivalent Republican debate had 12 million viewers.

Low energy democrats.
what an absolutely npc thing to say, how do you breathe with that culturally sanctioned cock stuffed all the way down your throat?
youre a retard bro
yeah, warren and biden are the two sleaziest most horrid guaranteed losers of the bunch.
yang is weird enough that he would stand a legitimate shot at beating trump. bernie is a frightening communist madman with violent tendencies, he won't win anything either, but if you go back to 2016, an off the wall freak with weird new ideas beat an establishment candidate, so running another establishment candidate at the same freak is certain death. yang is the most outside the establishment of all the candidates other than outter fringe freaks like lyndon larouch, jimmy mcmillan and the mlrp, he is the guy trump fears most.

Biden is literally leading all polls

File: 2012 02 aaaf.jpg (77 KB, 410x304)
77 KB

Dioceses are aggressively moving and reclassifying holdings to shrink the value of their bankruptcy estates.

More dioceses are filing for bankruptcy now that rules are changing about how much time a victim has to sue over abuse. Seven states and the District of Columbia passed laws in 2019 that suspend the statute of limitations on civil sex abuse suits, and at least three other states are considering them.


In many cases, churches precede bankruptcy by transferring and reclassifying assets. The effect is to shrink the pot of money available to clergy abuse victims. That and Chapter 11’s universal settlements and protections from further claims have been an effective one-two punch for limiting payouts. A Bloomberg Businessweek review of court filings by lawyers for churches and victims in the past 15 years shows that the U.S. Catholic Church has shielded more than $2 billion in assets from abuse victims in bankruptcies using these methods. “The survivors should have gotten that money, and they didn’t,” says Terry McKiernan, president of BishopAccountability.org. “The Catholic Church has behaved like a business. It hasn’t behaved like a religion that lives by the rules it espouses.”

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Actually most humans are Asians
When is Bloomberg.com going to report on presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg's connection to Ghislaine Maxwell? They seem like they be in a great position to cover this very newsworthy relationship, Bloomberg.com's paying advertisers would really be pleased with that, news is a business, gotta keep the customer satisfied.
This seems to be the latest on Ghislaine Maxwell, from NZ instead of NY, sad.
Prince Andrew's Accuser Blasts Naomi Campbell
They aren't going to report on it because it's bullshit.

he's still one of the wealthy
unless they need something out of him, everybody keeps their mouths shut
they're not the ones incapable of feeding themselves

'Teacher of the Year' kneels during anthem at college football championship attended by Trump
>The martyr Kelly Holstine said she did so "to stand up for marginalized" people.
During a ceremony honoring the 2019 "Teachers of the Year," one in particular stood out.

The honoree from Minnesota, Kelly Holstine, chose to kneel during the national anthem at the NCAA football championship game on Monday, where the ceremony took place, "to stand up for marginalized and oppressed people," according to a tweet she wrote, which included a photograph of her kneeling.

"Like many before, I respectfully kneeled during Nat’l Anthem because, 'No one is free until we are all free,'" she wrote, referencing former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and citing a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Kaepernick protested police brutality against black Americans by kneeling in 2016.

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were also in attendance for Monday night's game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

Holstine, an English and language arts teacher at Tokata Learning Center in Shakopee, has been outspoken about her activism before.
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>aren't reproducing
They are. By indoctrination. Did you miss the part about her being a teacher? Her kids are your kids.
>msnbc is owned by bill gates, he uses his personal media mouthpiece the same way bezos does his
I can't imagine being stupid enough to believe this.
Yes we've all seen the poll and every time someone confronts you about it you get BTFO. Get some new material.

29 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>no that evidence doesn't count!
It does.

Jim Jordan blew that little lie right out of the fucking water, the fact that you are still bringing it up tells me only one thing
>you havent read the transcripts
Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes are my personal heroes and proof why only Republicans should be allowed to vote. We're the only ones with sense to actually vote in competent and fair people.
I am meh about Nunes but Jordan, Paul and Gowdy are truly great men.
>Be a partisan retard first
>Surprised when other people are partisan

immigration (pushed by crazy jews) of Muslims into gay/jew infested EU causes shift to square knives to keep everyone from killing each other
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Lefties: UK please don't leave! REEEEEEE
>also Lefties: the EU is better off without the them
you're all retarded children
>are you trying to present people helping other as a bad thing?
I think he's trying to say that flooding a country of homos with muslim fag-droppers actually causes harm to people.
but you were trying to be clever
you are just now beginning to understand the power and reasoning behind british dentistry
Yeah, it's not like humans have the capacity to live with each other peacfuly. Must be the jews.
Take your meds

Meghan Markle: Megxit reveals truth about royal family’s money https://www.rctopnews.net/en/news/meghan-markle-megxit-reveals-truth-about
‘Quite improper’: ‘Murky’ royal truth Meghan and Harry accidentally revealed ...
Quit shilling your clickbait site. Nobody cares.
like previous anon said. Nobody really cares.
So what's the "truth"? Because I'm not going to whatever the fuck that website is.
>reeeeee bad news!
>shoot the messenger!

I’m not suggesting either but the proper procedure is to post the entire article here on /news/ or if it’s a really long article, quote the relevant portions, not just shit out a link to some strange website and expect your readers to do the leg work themselves.

File: wcn.png (70 KB, 239x223)
70 KB
Gemma Watts, 21, from Enfield, north London, duped her victims into thinking she was a 16-year-old boy called Jake Waton, sent intimate pictures and even spent time with some of the girls' parents. Disguised with her long hair tied into a bun and wearing a baseball cap, baggy jogging bottoms and a hoodie, Watts convinced them she was a boy.

All of Watts' victims believed they were in a relationship with a teenage boy until police revealed she was in fact an adult woman. Watts, who once had a promising football career, is facing jail after pleading guilty to seven sexual assault and grooming charges. The offences relate to four girls, including a 14-year-old from Hampshire and three 15-year-olds from Surrey, Plymouth and the West Midlands. Police fear there may be up to 50 victims.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Correct. Meanwhile we men get epsteined for banging women in some country and 'child' of 14 in others...
The world is utterly mad.
Check this related footage very carefully :


Does that look sexually aroused to anyone?
Not to mention high?
One of the decoys from "How To Catch A Predator" gone to the dark side?
How feminine are the men in the UK nowadays that people don't question a woman's voice vocalizing from a "mans" body?
O and of course pedophilic trash needs to be lit on fire.
>Does that look sexually aroused to anyone?

Well, it made me sexually aroused... And back then, a boy wouldn’t rat out the older chick to his parents or school authorities, he’d simply remember it as a fond memory.

I got my bean snapped when I was 15 in the summer of 1983 right before starting high school by my buddy’s 19 year old sister (who looked like Stevie Nicks) and I sure as fuck never told anymore.

File: Screen Shot 89.jpg (315 KB, 1680x950)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
SEATTLE — The advertisement that grabbed Thom Kroon's attention marketed a no-longer-used fire station as a "unique residential dwelling.”

So Kroon purchased the property from the City of Seattle in a 2012 auction.

Kroon told KIRO 7 he “thought we had essentially bought a residential property” for $712,000.
The Seattle man then spent thousands of dollars on interior remodeling, and for more than three years, his extended family and friends used the firehouse for holidays, celebrations, charity fundraisers, graduation parties and as an office until a Land Use Notice of Violation arrived in July of 2016.

According to the City of Seattle's violation letter, a "complaint about this property" had been received. A Housing and Zoning Inspector "investigated" and found "violations of the Seattle Land Use Code."

Kroon was ordered to "discontinue all unauthorized uses including but not limited to office and residence" because "the legally established use of the property is as a public facility (fire station.)"

“I thought it was sort of a joke when they said it’s still a fire station,” Kroon recently told KIRO 7. “I said, ‘Should I buy a truck?’ I mean seriously, this is just crazy! You sell a residential property and then you tell me it’s still a fire station?”

According to a civil lawsuit Kroon recently filed in King County Superior Court, the 2016 letter was "the first time the City had notified... the Kroon family that Fire Station 38 was not - as the City had represented - a residential dwelling."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'm not Anon and what you say is technically true, it's very unreasonable to ask people to hire lawyers before they buy a house.
It should be the responsibility of your real estate agent to provide you with this information
This, the people are assholes and fake as hell it's uncomfortable being there
Zoning laws need to be removed
I hope the guy gets to keep using it as a house and Seattle catches on fire because they dont have a fire station there. Win win scenario.

The city of Detroit hides the back-taxes from the buyers until after they buy the property. The city has been taken to court multiple times for this bullshit but they keep doing it since the tax payers pick-up the legal costs and they can occasionally sucker a buyer into paying the back taxes.

Not to mention the city of Detroit mailing random people in the suburbs demands for back taxes on properties they’ve never owned.

And I’m 52 years old and have owned my own home for 26 years.

File: 15791937844760.jpg (82 KB, 960x585)
82 KB
The Ukrainian club of the First League Agribusiness ceased cooperation with striker Igor Sikorsky because of the player’s trip to Russia, which is confirmed by his Instagram photo.

"It’s a pity, but today football is politics. When the war and the front line bring the seriously wounded and killed, Heroes are buried almost every day in different parts of Ukraine, the Ukrainian football community cannot stand aside, as if it doesn’t concern her," reads the club’s statement.

Well done club.
Btw. we use English here Ivan.


Devin Nunes has said he now remembers a phone call he had with Rudy Giuliani and his indicted associate Lev Parnas, a month after the House Intelligence Committee released call logs involving the trio.

The California Rep. told Fox News on Wednesday night that he "just didn't know the name" when the data was first released, noting that his office was "dealing with people every day."

He also recalled going back to check where he was when the phone call took place, describing the conversation as "very odd" and "random."

When he appeared on Fox News after the House Intelligence Committee released his personal call logs in early December, Nunes said his team had "not been able to confirm" whether he spoke with Parnas.
37 replies omitted. Click here to view.
If the only alternative to big corporate media is tinfoilfag snake-oil salesmen like Alex Jones then I'm going to stick with big corporate media.
There isn't any reason not to believe it.
t. conspiracy theorists everywhere
It isn't a theory if you can prove it.
>Or did Devin speak to a lot of people about getting dirt on Biden and can't possibly be expected to recall each person he requested dirt from?
Likely. Politicians talk to lots of people on all manner of subjects. Perhaps Parnes phone call was only once and the conversation ended up not being important.

File: epic fail.jpg (89 KB, 636x630)
89 KB
253 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Actual communism for the win!
That's not how communism work.
The Mercer Family is much worse than Soros.
And then there is complete monsters like Ulf Mark Schneider, who also own his private army.
stfu u dumb faggot
This. Biden is obviously late stage dementia, only idiots would vote for this guy. And with the dem voter base, an old white dude is probably the worst they can do to drive away their own voters. If Pence isn't on the ticket for Trump anymore, Trump should get a black woman as his vice president to mine the salt


A woman was jailed after police say she build a crude bomb while in a Walmart store and was moments from setting it off, according to reports.

WFLA Channel 8 reports a security guard spotted the woman, identified as Emily Stallard, 37, and prevented her from lighting a shoelace, which was being used as a wick for the crude device. Authorities tell WFLA that Stallard’s young son was next to her as she tried to light the shoelace.

Stallard has been charged with attempted arson of a structure, firebombing, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, child abuse and battery on an officer, the Associate Press reports.

WFLA reports Stallard was seen Saturday night wandering the aisles of the Walmart “aimlessly” for more than an hour. In her cart were several mason jars, nails and denatured alcohol. She reportedly stopped in an aisle and began opening the items, which had not been paid for, and began making the explosive device.

“This woman had all the supplies she needed to cause mass destruction at her disposal,” Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister tells Fox 13. “Had it not been for an alert off-duty law enforcement officer and a watchful security staff at Walmart, she may have followed through with her plans to cause an explosion inside the store.
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>“This woman had all the supplies she needed to cause mass destruction at her disposal,” Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister tells Fox 13. “Had it not been for an alert off-duty law enforcement officer and a watchful security staff at Walmart, she may have followed through with her plans to cause an explosion inside the store.

A Chad, finds weapons of mass destruction.
>successful terrorist

Pick one.
>>Corporate policy is to let people shoplift and fire security for doing thier job
>>Immediately jumps to cock
You tell me.
The power of freedom and capitalism
Walmart, the one stop shop.

A Vietnamese man described by the authorities in Europe as a major people smuggler is behind bars after he was arrested in the United Kingdom.

Khanh Chan, 39, also known by the name of Khanh Ngoc Nguyen, was part of an international trafficking network, actively smuggling people from Vietnam to Europe between 2015 and 2017.

In September last year, Khanh was jailed for eight years in his absence by a court in Paris after he was convicted of people smuggling.

He was initially thought to be hiding in London, but investigators from the National Crime Agency (NCA) working with the French authorities tracked him down to an address in Bexhill-on-Sea on the south coast of England.


File: 1578472469868.jpg (75 KB, 1024x1004)
75 KB
NRA Handing Out 30-Round Mags in VA to Fight Northam Gun Ban
The NRA will be handing out 1,000 30-round magazines in the Virginia Capitol City of Richmond Monday as part of the fight against Gov. Ralph Northam’s (D) gun grab.

The NRA used a Sunday night tweet to explain that Magpul Industries — a renowned magazine and firearm accessory maker — sent 1,000 magazines to the gun rights organization in order to have them given out to pro-Second Amendment Virginians on Monday.
Monday is January 13, the day on which the NRA has asked its members to flood into Virginia Senate meetings and ensure that pro-Second Amendment voices drown out those calling for gun control.

Democrats in the Virginia legislature have already put forward a number of bills, one of which is Delegate Mark Levine’s (D) HB 961.

Levine’s bill bans “assault weapons,” “high-capacity” magazines, certain triggers, and suppressors, among other things. The bill puts forward a means by which “assault weapon” owners can apply for a license to retain their gun, but the trade-off is that their names are entered into a database.

Owners of “high-capacity” magazines, certain triggers, and suppressors, will have a grace period to get rid of the accessories/devices, after which they will face felony charges for possessing them. Also LMAO@all the fags who are going to get angry at seeing moar epic breitbart on their 4chan
26 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's okay when they do it.
all dese gunz givin trump big bonespur boner

trump loves when people at each other throats
Gun control is a pretty broad term. Specify.
gibes me dat mag mang
gibes me dat mag fo free

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