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President Donald Trump’s favorite channel has some bad news for him.

A brand new Fox News poll released on Sunday shows that 2020 Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) would beat Trump by ten and nine points respectively if the 2020 general election were held today.

However, the poll also reveals that support for Sanders has dropped from 23 points in March to 13 points now.

The Vermont senator brushed off the drop during a Fox News interview with Chris Wallace, saying that “polls go up and polls go down.”

“But the other part of the poll, if I heard you correctly, Chris, is that I am beating President Trump fairly decisively, which is consistent with all of the polling that I have seen,” Sanders continued.

The survey’s findings largely reflect those of other 2020 polls, which have repeatedly shown Trump trailing behind Biden, Sanders and occasionally Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).
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Boy, you guys are slacking. You should have your reeeeeeeing posted much faster.
>polls don't matter if the traitor is losing
I said I was going to vote for Joe. I'm not.
Okay boomer anon, you can vote as you like.
>Having your vote infulenced by an anonymous poster
You were never going to vote for an American.
I thought Trump was running against Oprah?

The Japanese owner of one of the oil tankers attacked near Iran on Thursday says the vessel was struck by a projectile and not by a mine.

“We received reports that something flew towards the ship,” says Yutaka Katada, president of Kokuka Sangyo.
On Thursday, U.S. Central Command said that the Japanese oil tanker, Kokuka Courageous, had an “unexploded limpet mine on their hull following an initial explosion.”

WASHINGTON — The Japanese owner of one of the oil tankers attacked near Iran on Thursday said the vessel was struck by a projectile and not by a mine, which is what U.S. officials assessed as the source of the blast.

“We received reports that something flew towards the ship,” Yutaka Katada, president of Kokuka Sangyo, said at a press conference Friday. “I do not think there was a time bomb or an object attached to the side of the ship,” he said, adding that a projectile landed above the waterline.

On Thursday, U.S. Central Command said in a statement that the Japanese oil tanker, Kokuka Courageous, had an “unexploded limpet mine on their hull following an initial explosion.”

The Pentagon did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

President Donald Trump said Friday that if Iran were to block the Strait of Hormuz, “it’s not going to be closed for long,” but did not elaborate on what potential steps the U.S. would take in response. “They’re not going to be closing [the strait],” Trump reiterated during a telephone interview on “Fox & Friends.”

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>And 9/11 witnesses claimed they saw/heard explosions
Because they did, you glow in the dark CIAnigger.
You also forgot to say they're the first line of defense against any Russian aggression.
This joke has been going long enough.
When will US bomb the shit out of Iran Ayatollahs? They could have full monopoly of all the oil there is they only kicked the muslims out. Just use the twin towers again as an excuse and send out the missiles.
NATO was setup for real threats not fake wars for profit.

Mexico's government on Friday released a copy of a letter that President Trump touted in front of cameras earlier this week in teasing additional details of a deal reached with the country to stem the flow of migrants heading toward the U.S.

The letter, first published by the Mexican newspaper Reforma, states that the U.S. and Mexico "will immediately begin discussions to establish definitive terms for a binding bilateral agreement to further address burden-sharing and the assignment of responsibility for processing refugee claims of migrants."

The document, signed and dated June 7, states that under such an agreement both countries would commit to "accept the return and process refugee status claims, of third-party nationals who have crossed that party's territory to arrive at a port of entry or between ports of entry of the other party."

It adds that if the U.S. determines after 45 days from the joint declaration reached last week that the measures adopted by Mexico "have not sufficiently achieved results in addressing the flow of migrants to the southern border" then Mexico will take steps to bring the agreement into force within another 45 days.

Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico's top diplomat, presented the document to the Mexican Senate on Friday and said there was no other agreement from the negotiations with the U.S., Reforma reported. Ebrard has said the two sides will reassess the migrant situation after 45 days and again after 90 days.

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Shut up 56%er
90 days until Trump wrecks the economy and will require the Russians to overtly hack the election results and rig it for him to have any chance of winning.
What a top secret deal where Mexico is giving up 'secret concessions'.
Don't you ever get tired of losing?
>Illegal immigration is up instead of down.
>Destroyed America's reputation with Trump's concentration camps.
>Stealing from the troops to get money to pay for a fence, when Mexico was supposed to pay for it in full.
>I only watch Fox News
Proving my point. And is your problem.
Trump called this is secret trade agreement, it's fucking nothing.




File: sperminator.jpg (325 KB, 1236x820)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
The Sperminator strikes again — this time donating his seed to an 18-year-old who lives in an East Harlem shelter. Her daughter, due July 12, will make it number 50 for the serial sperm donor.

Ari Nagel, the 43-year-old CUNY math professor who donates his sperm to women across the globe for free, has racked up serious spawn this past year: 15 babies since last Father’s Day, bringing the grand total to 48. One woman is due to give birth in early July, followed by Kaienja Garrick, who lives in the East River Family Center, a family shelter with a shared bathroom and kitchen.

“I think it’s a nice shelter. It’s probably nicer than my apartment,” Nagel told The Post, adding that he didn’t know how old Garrick was when she reached out to him last August. “I never asked her age — I try to help whoever asks,” he said. “I think Kai is more mature than I was at her age after everything she has been through.”

Garrick has been on her own for about two years after leaving her mother’s Jamaica, Queens, home because “we fought a lot.” Without other family nearby (her father lives in Georgia), Garrick, who is unemployed, entered the shelter system.

Last August, a month after her 18th birthday, she decided to try to get pregnant.

“I knew if I could raise my little sister, I can raise my own baby,” she said of her 7-year-old sibling. “I’ve been taking care of her since she was born.”

Kaienja and her girlfriend of three years, Dee Slobert, ruled out going to a clinic, chalking it up to hassle and expense. (Slobert, 21, lives in a different Manhattan shelter with her mother and brother.)

That’s when Garrick did an online search for “free sperm donation” and found Nagel.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Technically homeless
>Hasn't even finished high school
>Thinks she can raise a child because she spent time taking care of her younger sister.
This is why people want to stop paying into social programs. Sure, it helps some motivated people to get back on the horse, but there are many others who learn to be helpless and just suckle the government tit. Even her mom, who got it on with what seems to be a dead-beat dad, knew that this girl is fucking up.
>How could Homeless Pay
His milkshake brings all the hoes to the yard
and there like, this baby batter is large
damn right , the turkey baster is hard
He impregnates them but he does not charge
This is all kinds of based, with a healthy heaping of redpilled.
She's a woman, what do you expect

File: file.png (304 KB, 628x383)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
>Fox News Pivots for a more Free America, Throws Trump Under Bus in Process

A nationwide Fox News poll released Sunday shows President Donald Trump trailing Senator Bernie Sanders, 49 percent to 40 percent among all registered voters nationwide.

The Fox poll also showed Biden leading Trump by 49 percent to 39 percent. Also beating Trump in the poll were Senators Elizabeth Warren (43%-41%) and Kamala Harris (42%-41%), and Mayor Pete Buttigieg (41%-40%) of South Bend, Indiana.

Also, support for impeachment is up five points among Democrats since June 2018 (69 percent vs. 74 percent now) and up 15 among independents (25 percent to 40 percent today). About 9 in 10 Republicans have consistently opposed impeachment.

The Fox poll was conducted June 9-12, 2019 under the joint direction of Beacon Research (D) and Shaw & Company (R), this Fox News Poll includes interviews with 1,001 randomly chosen registered voters nationwide who spoke with live interviewers on both landlines and cellphones. The poll has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points for all registered voters.

Sanders acknowledged on Sunday that "polls go up and polls go down" but insisted that the survey showed he was the strongest candidate to defeat Trump.

"I think we can win in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan and some of the other battleground states," Sanders said on "Fox News Sunday."

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>Why would I go to that doctor?
Because he's the only one in your area covered by your insurance
this, i think this is the one shot we've got for the pendulum to swing back far enough to elect anything but a centrist dem

Even if we fail we have to keep pressing the neoliberals to shift toward progress. Lets not get too caught up in our own egocentric beliefs to not see that progressive liberalism is becoming more and more popular. Unseating the corporate left might just take a heroicly slow effort.

Imagine if Bernie Sanders gave up his fight in the 80s when America elected an absolute dunce like George Bush Sr. Imagine if he gave up when Bill Clinton the neoliberal became president. Or more likely when George Bush Jr. fucked everyone over more than we could have ever imagined.

Or if he rested on the laurels when a black man who passed a dirty version of universal healthcare was elected.

Bernie never gave in. Be like Bernie. Keep up the fight, someday we will achieve a nation that conservatives will be forced to admit was the right decision all along.
Solely due to name recognition. He's been plummeting in the polls lately, because he knows he can't afford to let the public actually listen to him & has been hiding until the debates.

I'm personally expecting Bernie to tear him a new asshole over his laughably illiberal track record.
The dude is so outclassed Beto O'Rourke could potentially beat him on charisma alone. The only candidates that falter head to head are Kamela Harris or the shitters at the bottom.

People who think Biden has a fighting chance are the same people who thought Ted Cruz was a viable candidate.


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) responded Monday to comedian Jon Stewart’s criticism of his handling of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, saying that he didn’t know why Stewart was “all bent out of shape.”

McConnell’s comments, made in an interview with “Fox & Friends,” came one day after Stewart blasted the Kentucky Republican’s leadership on the issue.

“I want to make it clear that this has never been dealt with compassionately by Senator McConnell,” Stewart said on “Fox News Sunday.” “He has always held out until the very last minute, and only then, under intense lobbying and public shaming, has he even deigned to move on it.”
>Mitch McConnell complains that Jon Stewart is "all bent out of shape" and "looking for some way to take offense"
>about the Senate once again delaying funds for 9/11 survivors and first responders. pic.twitter.com/M3APBbVQ2i
>— Bobby Lewis (@revrrlewis) June 17, 2019

Asked about Stewart’s criticism, McConnell argued Monday that “many things in Congress happen at the last minute.” He added that the fund, which provides compensation to first responders and others who are sick or dying from illnesses linked to their work at the 9/11 attack sites, will be fully funded.

“We have never failed to address this issue, and we will address it again,” McConnell said. “I don’t know why he’s all bent out of shape, but we will take care of the 9/11 victims compensation fund.”
48 replies omitted. Click here to view.
isn't his real name John Lebowitz?
Nothing’s worse than a boomer trying to be internet funny
His real ear name is David Goldberg. Jewish parents don't name their children John.
John is very specifically a new testament name and jewish parents don't name their parents Stewart because that is also very specifically a catholic name.
kek. especially a pol boomer.
What's funny is he didn't even give a citation, so they he probably just pulled the number out of his ass.

File: 1554605607451.png (376 KB, 1280x720)
376 KB
376 KB PNG
President Trump late Saturday ramped up his attacks against The New York Times, accusing the newspaper of committing "a virtual act of Treason" over its report about the U.S. increasing cyberattacks on Russia's electric power grid.

"Do you believe that the Failing New York Times just did a story stating that the United States is substantially increasing Cyber Attacks on Russia," Trump tweeted. "This is a virtual act of Treason by a once great paper so desperate for a story, any story, even if bad for our Country."

Trump claimed in a separate tweet that the story was "NOT TRUE!"

"Anything goes with our Corrupt News Media today," he added. "They will do, or say, whatever it takes, with not even the slightest thought of consequence! These are true cowards and without doubt, THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!"

The Times stood by its story, saying on Twitter that "accusing the press of treason is dangerous."

"We described the article to the government before publication," the newspaper's communications department said. "As our story notes, President Trump’s own national security officials said there were no concerns."

>Accusing the press of treason is dangerous. We described the article to the government before publication. As our story notes, President Trump’s own national security officials said there were no concerns.

The Times on Saturday published a report about the United States's efforts to penetrate Russia's power grid. The Times, citing current and former government officials, noted that the actions are a warning to Moscow on how the Trump administration is using new authorities to unleash cyber tools in an aggressive manner.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
23 replies omitted. Click here to view.
How come The Hill, your ultimate insider source of TRUE FACTS AND LOGIC never mentioned a thing about Bill and Hillary Clinton's connection to billionaire pedophile Jeffery Epstein until after the election and then when The Hill finally did get around to it, they tried to tie it to Trump, even though Trump has been publicly ridiculing Epstein and his amigos for over two decades? Bill Clinton went for rides on The Lolita Express, Trump would never touch that shit with 10 foot sanitary stick, but if you read The Hill's reporting it reads like that exact opposite is true.
Because you and the world only have imaginary evidence on Hillary. You shits did Benghazi for basically all of the Obama Presidency (who fully cooperated) and found jack shit.
Anthony Weiner just got out of prison, but the left will continue to blindly see their side as saints and the Republicans as 100% corrupt. Distrust involves a lot of psychological projection.
>switches to Weiner now
Sorry, but you gotta condemn your shitlords first before you get to use that one, we already called him a shit.
Ignored. Let's talk about how the Military is actively going around Trump because they think he's a traitor and an active agent of Russia.


Starting in 2020, Nevada employers cannot refuse to hire a job applicant for failing a marijuana screening test, making it the first state to pass such a law.

"It is unlawful for any employer in this State to fail or refuse to hire a prospective employee because the prospective employee submitted to a screening test and the results of the screening test indicate the presence of marijuana," states the law, signed by Gov. Steve Sisolak on June 5.
98 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I think you'll find that's about the ratio everywhere in the nation... and the world (save for the Muslim world, of course).

Now, if you have more bars than gas stations, then you've got an issue.
Imagine using legality as your only measuring stick.
ben de jo
Marijuana is for degenerates.
>Marijuana is for degenerates.

Here, here. I agree. We should drag those weedheads out from their homes and cars, and hang them in the streets! Or just hang out with them.

Since magashitters dislike the "FAILING" new york times, here's a link from COMMONDREAMS.ORG, a more reputable source
>The New York Times is reporting that the United States is cyber attacking Russia's electric power grid and other targets—and that President Donald Trump is being kept out of the loop.
This is totally without precedent in the entire history of the United States, that the US president is being circumvented because he is essentially seen as a foreign spy by our own intelligence.
23 replies omitted. Click here to view.

This doesn't even make any sense LMAO.
Cope, seethe & have sex
>This doesn't even make any sense LMAO.

Because you have no understanding of what "the swamp" means. That's like me talking about loving titties and vaginas. To you, that makes no sense. But bring a cock up, and you know it all!
low effort troll frendo
>Muh Putin. No evidence
What do you mean? He literally said the words "I don't care, I believe Putin." That alone is reason enough for the IC to never go to him with briefings ever again. There is no more evidence needed to know that he will take Putin's word over our IC's. He flatly stated that he would.

President Trump on Wednesday wouldn't commit to calling the FBI if a foreign power offered damaging information on a political opponent.

The comments, in an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, came after special counsel Robert Mueller's report, released earlier this year, detailed numerous efforts by Russia to interfere in the 2016 election.

"I think maybe you do both," Trump said when asked whether he would call the FBI or listen if Russia, China or another foreign government reached out.

"I think you might want to listen. There’s nothing wrong with listening," he continued. "It’s not an interference. They have information. I think I’d take it. If I thought there was something wrong, I’d go maybe to the FBI."

Stephanopoulos noted that FBI Director Christopher Wray has said campaigns should reach out to the bureau if they are contacted by a foreign entity.

"The FBI director is wrong," Trump said.

Mueller's nearly two-year investigation into interference in the 2016 election did not establish a criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russian government.

However, the special counsel's final report detailed various instances of Russia attempting to interfere in the 2016 election and documented "numerous links" and conversations between Trump campaign officials and Moscow.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
209 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Guy Pierce as Avenatti would be the shit.
>A) not illegal

It very much is.
If the dirt is true why would people care where it comes from?

Isn't this shoot the messenger?
It's illegal.
If China mailed the DNC evidence that Trump murdered a dude in '85 because he threatened to expose his corrupt dealings, would they be forbidden from telling anyone?

File: file.png (87 KB, 269x188)
87 KB
>Donald J. Trump - @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews Polls are always bad for me. They were against Crooked Hillary also. Something weird going on at Fox. Our polls show us leading in all 17 Swing States. For the record, I didn’t spend 30 hours with @abcnews, but rather a tiny fraction of that. More Fake News @BretBaier

Donald Trump accused Fox News anchor Bret Baier of pushing “fake news” Monday night after the anchor cited figures from his network’s own polling that shows former Vice President Joe Biden leading the president in several battleground states. “Something weird going on at Fox,” Trump tweeted, claiming that his campaign’s internal polls “show us leading in all 17 Swing States,” despite leaked evidence to the contrary.

The president also disputed that he spent 30 hours with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, as the network repeatedly stated in promotional messages for its exclusive interview. “More Fake News @BretBaier,” Trump tweeted, using an epithet that he casually uses against every major news organization in America but has rarely, if ever, used to describe Fox News.

80 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I can make very little sense of your word soup friend.

It's okay, fag. I'm not hating on your kind, so no need for belittling. But you're a faggot and just can't help yourself. It's okay though.
No need to splurg out, I just cannot make heads not tails of your posting.
>He already lost a huge portion of POL.
That's still going to vote for him.
Just so you know Big Jim, that is the troll Bernie responding to you.
Wow. This is so utterly devastating that /pol/ trolls can't do anything except troll some namefag. Utterly ass destroyed.


The head of America’s election commission has issued a stern warning about illegal interference in the electoral process, a day after the president said he would likely accept damaging information about a rival from a foreign nation.

Barely 24 hours after Donald Trump caused jaws to drop by saying he may not contact the FBI if approached by a foreign country with information that could help his 2020 reelection bid, the chair of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) said it was against the law to “solicit, accept or receive” anything of value from a foreign national in relation to an election.

Posting a statement on Twitter, a statement she said she “would not have thought I needed to say”, Ellen Weintraub apparently responded to Mr Trump, without naming him.

“Let me make something 100 per cent clear to the American public and anyone running for public office,” she wrote.

“It is illegal for any person to solicit, accept, or receive anything of value from a foreign national in connection with a US election.”

Ms Weintraub, who was appointed to the commission by George W Bush in 2002 and elected its chair for 2019, said the distaste of foreign interference in elections was “not a novel concept” for the country.

“Our Founding Fathers sounded the alarm about ‘foreign interference, intrigue, and influence’,” she wrote.
114 replies omitted. Click here to view.
If not conspiring with Russia what is it?
>Because any campaign receiving a call with dirt on their opponent would take that call.
Citation needed
why are people like this?
Come on those have already been used, I'm trying to get a bingo out of you guys
I-it'll happen eventually guys! Just wait!

File: Untitled.jpg (486 KB, 1484x991)
486 KB
486 KB JPG
>On Nov. 9, 2016, the day after Donald Trump clinched the presidency, a student at Oberlin College entered a local bakery and convenience store, hoping to leave with a few bottles of wine.

>Instead, Jonathan Aladin, 19, ran from the store brawling with an employee, Allyn D. Gibson. The scuffle between the two men -- the young black student, a sophomore at the time, and the white businessman -- turned into a standoff between the liberal arts college and the downtown establishment, a proxy war in a much larger struggle over free speech, racial sensitivity and town-gown relations.

>The skirmish came with a price tag for the college of $11 million, the sum awarded on Friday to the business by a jury in Lorain County, Ohio. The judgment, which found the college responsible for libel and infliction of emotional distress, provided a bookend to the bitter conflict, which has divided the Oberlin community, nestled 35 miles from Cleveland.

4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
College kids are idiots anon
the real question would be
what's the minimum age for stealing it?
it's an absurd euphemism for "hoping to steal a few bottles of wine"
fucking this went with the intent of stealing or lying about their age either way they dun goof'd

File: 1533391158841.jpg (133 KB, 1275x715)
133 KB
133 KB JPG

WASHINGTON (AP) — Taking unprecedented action, a federal watchdog agency recommended Thursday that President Donald Trump fire one of his most ardent defenders, counselor Kellyanne Conway , for repeatedly violating a law that limits political activity by government workers.

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel, which is unrelated to special counsel Robert Mueller’s office, said in a letter to Trump that Conway has been a “repeat offender” of the Hatch Act by disparaging Democratic presidential candidates while speaking in her official capacity during television interviews and on social media.

Federal law prohibits employees of the executive branch from using their official authority or influence to affect the result of an election. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are exempt from the Hatch Act, but there are no exceptions for White House employees.

The agency does not have the authority to fire Conway, who was appointed by Trump, so it would be up to the president to follow its recommendation and dismiss one of his most unwavering defenders. Conway is known for her fiery television appearances in support of the president and his policies. She helped him win election in 2016 as his campaign manager.

The recommendation to fire Conway is the first time the watchdog office has recommended the removal of a White House official over Hatch Act violations.
92 replies omitted. Click here to view.
She should be fired and yes it is a good thing that Sanders is leaving since we may get someone better to replace her. I already said as much in the post you responded to. That is also the main reason I found the topic boring. I have no desire to waste my time with ad hominem shit flinging, so everything prior to our discussion about the state of /news/ did not interest me.

The conspiracy I was referring to was with regards to the intent that you are attributing our discussion. Certainly there is no arguing that we aren't discussing the OP, but to claim that the reason I am doing it is because I want to try and "hijack" the discussion is wrong. I can't speak for the others though, but I haven't seen too much to suggest any ulterior motives so I am willing to believe they are of a similar mindset.
Sounds like you got the wrong person, but that's alright, as long as you're willing to stay on topic.
this is literally an off-topic shitpost

File: AP_19157589744954.jpg (76 KB, 1068x711)
76 KB

US president Donald Trump did one television interview during the 75th anniversary commemoration of D-Day in Normandy, France. It was with controversial Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

He used the interview to lash out at other Americans, attacking former FBI special counsel Robert Mueller in particular. It was an odd decision, given the circumstances—Mueller served in the Vietnam War and left the military with honors.

“Do you care” if Mueller testifies in front of Congress, Ingraham asked Trump. The two sat outdoors, in front of rows of white crosses of the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, which honors the US military men who died in WWII.

“He made such a fool out of himself, the last time,” Trump said, speaking of Mueller’s public statement on May 29, when he appealed to Congress to pick up where his two-year investigation into Russian interference in the US election and obstruction of justice by the Trump campaign ended. “But what people don’t understand what he had to do was the letter to straighten out his testimony because his testimony was wrong,” Trump said, before lighting into Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who he called a “disaster.”

It is unclear what testimony or letter Trump was talking about. Mueller has never testified to Congress. The May 29 statement was part of a press conference at the Department of Justice headquarters (albeit one that included no questions from the press).

Veterans criticized Trump’s attack on Mueller during a trip that was supposed to commemorate military lives lost. “Nothing is beneath him,” VoteVets, a political group that says it represents 600,000 veterans and their families, wrote on Twitter.
139 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I am unfamiliar with how constitutional amendments work
Well, join the rest of the reddif crowd.
How would you know he can't? Have you even tried?
Do you even lift?
because he's an overweight 70 year old man and the "active shooter" is a 16-30 year old with an AR-15
I still work out and run, yeah.
I don’t chomp on McDonalds all day long and I am not a 70 year old fatass.
As I said, the man’s day dream fantasies are real to him. It’s really quite strange.
what the fuck does this have to do with making my life better you stupid fucks WORTHLESS PEOPLE

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