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File: Gillette.png (73 KB, 640x608)
73 KB

P&G posts strong profit amid $8 billion writedown of Gillette

>(Reuters) - Procter & Gamble Co’s (PG.N) quarterly revenue and profit beat Wall Street expectations on Tuesday, sending shares up even as the world’s No.1 personal goods company took an $8 billion writedown on its Gillette shaving business.

>Boosted by price hikes and strong demand for its SK-II and Olay beauty products, P&G’s organic sales rose 7%. Price hikes contributed 3 percentage points to organic sales growth, a closely-watched metric which excludes items like acquisitions, divestitures and currency effects. Shares rose 4% in premarket trading.

>However, P&G reported a net loss of about $5.24 billion, or $2.12 per share, for the quarter ended June 30, due to an $8 billion non-cash writedown of Gillette. For the same period last year, P&G’s net income was $1.89 billion, or 72 cents per share.

>Gillette razors, gels and foams are some of P&G’s most internationally distributed products. P&G said the writedown was due primarily to foreign exchange fluctuations, increased competition and a contracting market for blades and razors as consumers in developed markets shave less frequently.
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meant 438301 & 438705, but brainfart had to happen
alternative headline 1: due to extreme poverty in the us people are cutting back on anything not directly related to survival, for them razors are now a luxury good they cannot afford.
alternative headline 2: due to abuses of people's religious rights by the lgbtpedoetc community people are shifting to religions more organized to stand their ground such as islam and radical islam, this has indirectly reduced demand for razors
Why are companies so focused on attacking their main demographics in recent years?
The issue for gillette is that they are easily substitutable. You go to the store and their competitor's product that does the same thing is right there next to gillete. It's not like switching cars or something. Very easy to go "ya know I wonder how old spice/neutrogena/schick's feels"
Their main demographics are there owners. A lot of owners are already rich so they'd rather pursue their higher ideals

The attorney general also issued a warning to those who may have conspired with Epstein, saying they “should not rest easy.”

“Let me assure you this case will continue on against anyone who was complicit with Epstein. Any co-conspirators should not rest easy. The victims deserve justice and they will get it,” hesaid.

Ghislaine Maxwell, known as Epstein’s former girlfriend and personal assistant, is one of the financier’salleged co-conspiratorsand may still face charges. She is accused of recruiting teenage girls for Epstein and his associates.

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>No ex-president has ever been prosecuted for hurting peoples feelings either.
An ex president is a US Citizen

>You cant go back in time and arrest him for hurting peoples feelings before he was president
Then why won't he release his taxes meme

>So I dont think you have many options.
More than you're capable of thinking
How about you provide evidence. Otherwise tuck off.
>An ex president is a US Citizen
Presuming they were a US citizen beforehand that is correct. Im not sure why you are mentioning that though? Unless you are implying that Trump faked his birth certificate and isnt really American?

>Then why won't he release his taxes meme
Not publicizing your taxes is less of a crime than hurting peoples feelings.
Inb4 technically they are both equal I know that.
please do elaborate on this club you're in because im not
or maybe you can go be poor white trash somewhere else?

BREAKING: Disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide overnight in his Lower Manhattan jail cell – the federal lockup where he had been held pending trial on federal sex trafficking charges, three law enforcement officials told @ABC News.

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Git outta here Clinton, stop filling my head with lies!
Would never happen. There would have to be way too many people in on it.

It’s the same thing with the moon landing.
And the world is flat.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I’m pretty sure when you’re traveling at the speed of light, the world is in fact flat.

Everything We Know About Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide ends the criminal case against him because no one else was charged in the indictment~
It means that there won’t be a public trial or other proceedings that could reveal evidence of his wrongdoing.
The rich and powerful elite know how to protect themselves. Fascinating, and disgusting at the same time, as this is the world we apparently live in now. The elite don’t care one iota if we plebeians are aware of their culpability.

Is Assisted Suicide Legal in New York?

Asking for a Friend.

~Hillary Clinton
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Add a “so far” to that beginning post OP, we still don’t know everything about his death and more info will eventually come out.
Could someone give me a run-down of Epstein's significance and what he was being accused of? Most news articles just say sex trafficking, I'll settle for a good, unbiased news report
Shareblue detected
>t. Britbart

File: 1416256267895.jpg (68 KB, 388x500)
68 KB
A man wrote on Facebook that AOC ‘should be shot,’ police say. Now he’s in jail.
>“There is absolutely no place in the marketplace of ideas for threats of violence against any person, especially those who are elected to represent the American people,” U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman said in a release. “Disagreement on political issues cannot lead to acts of violence, and if it does, we will seek federal prison time.”

An Ohio man was charged with making threats against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, authorities say, after he wrote on Facebook the New York Democrat “should be shot.”

Timothy James Ireland Jr., 41, was indicted in Toledo, accused of making interstate threats in addition to separate counts of being a felon and fugitive in possession of a firearm, the U.S. attorney’s office in the Northern District of Ohio announced Friday. Officials say a concerned citizen reached out to U.S. Capitol Police on July 23 to warn of the threatening Facebook post, which they later confirmed was written by Ireland.

“She should be shot. Can’t fire me, my employer would load the gun for me,” Ireland wrote, according to police. The statement was apparently posted to Facebook along with a news story about the congresswoman.

On Aug. 2, Capitol Police called Ireland after finding his phone number in public records. The man took full responsibility for the statement while speaking with police, adding he was “very proud” of his work, according to a criminal complaint. Ireland also admitted to having firearms that he “always carries concealed,” police say
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) _ A man who calls himself a prophet was convicted of threatening the president by talking of a ``burning Bush hours before the chief executive arrived in the city for a visit.

A federal jury took just over an hour Thursday to find Richard Humphreys guilty of threatening to kill or harm the president.

Humphreys, of Portland, Ore., argued his comment was both a joke and a prophecy and that the First Amendment protected his right to speak it.

``It wasn’t a joke. It wasn’t funny. Simply put, it was a threat, prosecutor Michael Ridgeway told the jury.

Humphreys, who calls himself prophet Israel Humphreys, said he didn’t know Bush was scheduled to visit Sioux Falls when he arrived in March 2001. Humphreys said he was on a ``discipleship journey intended to promote Christianity through controversial acts or unusual public statements.

In a bar early March 8, the day Bush was to arrive, a bartender overheard Humphreys talking about a ``burning Bush and the possibility of someone pouring a flammable liquid on the president and lighting it.

``I said God might speak to the world through a burning Bush ... I had said that before and I thought it was funny. It was prophetizing, Humphreys testified.

Aware of the president’s impending visit, the bartender contacted police. Humphreys was taken into custody at a Sioux Falls motel before the president arrived that night.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
He went on the Senate floor to condemn hours after it was discovered he was a supporter.
Trump STILL has trouble condemning terrorist who support him.

>But that speech!
You mean the wooden one that sounds like he's reading a hostage note? Everyone knows he's lying.
This mind you, despite the fact that White Supremacists committed all of the race-based terror attacks in 2018, and “Black Identity Extremists” committed none of them.
God willing

Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine exposed and blocked the activities of traffickers who smuggled women abroad for sexual exploitation. On Monday, August 12, the press center of the SBU.

SBU operatives established that the group included three residents of Rivne.

"Attackers looked for women who needed money to solve material problems and borrowed the appropriate funds for them. However, to return the" loans ", the defendants offered women" high-paying "work in one of the countries of the Middle East," the report said.

Law enforcers managed to detain one of the attackers at the Lviv airport while sending another woman abroad. At the same time, two more members of the group of traffickers were detained in Rowno.

The issue of declaring persons suspected of committing a crime and choosing a preventive measure is being decided.

How much iodine did you stock up on lmao

Universal Pictures canceled its plan to release “The Hunt,” a satirical thriller about “elites” hunting “normal people,” amid a series of mass shootings and criticism that the film could increase tensions.
“We stand by our filmmakers and will continue to distribute films in partnership with bold and visionary creators, like those associated with this satirical social thriller, but we understand that now is not the right time to release this film,” Universal said in a statement.
The studio already had paused its marketing campaign for the R-rated movie, which was slated for release on Sept. 27. ESPN pulled an ad for the film, prompting Universal to reevaluate its promotional decisions, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
“The Hunt,” directed by Craig Zobel (“Z for Zachariah”) and produced by Blumhouse Productions, follows 12 strangers who are brought to a remote house to be killed for sport. One of the hunted people, however, starts killing the hunters one by one, according to Rotten Tomatoes.
>Liberal Hollywood is Racist at the highest level, and with great Anger and Hate!
>They like to call themselves “Elite,” but they are not Elite. In fact, it is often the
>people that they so strongly oppose that are actually the Elite. The movie coming
>out is made in order....
>— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 9, 2019
Conservative media hosts have also criticized the film. Fox News contributor Guy Benson said on air Thursday that the movie is likely to offend a lot of people in light of recent mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso.
“To have a movie, even though it’s satire, that depicts Americans hunting and killing Americans, I think that’s maybe not an image that a lot of people want to see at the moment,” Benson said.
“The Hunt” stars a jew and some thots
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The irony is that this is exactly what is going to happen when communism takes hold.
Pedophilia is more of a liberal lgbtbbqgtav thing my dude.
There should be a real life version of this but the prey gets fucked in the ass instead of killed
>Goalpost moving intensifies
Epstein magically dies under Barr's watch and he has refused to talk about anything recovered in the raid on Epstein's place.
Trump is behind Epstein's death.

File: téléchargement.jpg (188 KB, 1219x756)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
I'm really confused

Why is the El Paso picture's different in a lot of news sites ??

picture 1: https://www.theyucatantimes.com/2019/08/el-paso-shooter-officially-confessed-he-targeted-mexicans/

picture 2: https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/americas/114910132/police-el-paso-shooting-suspect-said-he-targeted-mexicans

Why are they two different people ??
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i believe the difference is that the photo on the left is a selfie, not accurate to his actual appearance in real life, it's also probably a few years older, it was just the only photo of him they could get at the time. on the right he is a bit older and the photograph is more accurate to his actual appearance because it's a mugshot. they do look pretty different though, but not different enough.

you are incorrect, why even post such a blatantly untrue statement. ten seconds of looking into it would reveal that connor betts (dayton) looks nothing like the el paso shooter (patrick crusius)

also the article on the left was posted the day of the dayton shooting, before his identity had even been revealed, please do not spread misinformation.

guy on the left is NOT the dayton shooter
I think the left pic is just lens distortion.
It's the same dude

Pics taken with different cameras and different times can make all the difference.
Guys, not everything is a conspiracy
one of his hair is longer
clearly taken at different times
why is /pol/ so stupid

File: 6742618.png (975 KB, 1074x904)
975 KB
975 KB PNG
85 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Whites as the power-holding majority + familial nepotism = white privilege.
>Children often times group up with other children from the same race.

You're taught that racism is bad and a social construct when in reality it's very natural for one to prefer being with their own race. You have to teach kids to do the opposite.
Whoa, the jews don't want you to be successful bro. They want you to be poor and impoverished and facilitate the conditions that causes people to kill one another.
Those would allow the 1% to slowly get rid of the 99% by disarming and disenfranchising them and thereafter allowing crime, drugs, and cultural dysfunction to cull them.
This, but unironically.


A Twitter account that appears to belong to Dayton mass shooter Connor Betts retweeted extreme left-wing and anti-police posts, as well as tweets supporting Antifa, or anti-fascist, protesters.

The most recent tweet on the @iamthespookster account was on August 3, the day of the shooting, when he retweeted a post saying, "Millenials have a message for the Joe Biden generation: hurry up and die."
The user's Twitter bio reads: "he/him / anime fan / metalhead / leftist / I'm going to hell and I'm not coming back." One tweet used the hashtag #HailSatan.
Still, contrary to the explicit anti-immigrant purpose of the El Paso shooting, police do not know what motivated Betts to open fire early Sunday morning in a popular nightlife district in downtown Dayton.
Armed with a .223-caliber high-capacity rifle with 100-round drum magazines, Betts fired 41 shots in less than 30 seconds, killing his sister as well as eight seemingly random bystanders in the area, police said Monday. He was killed by police officers on patrol 30 seconds after he opened fire.
The evidence shows the shooter had an abiding interest in violence -- and, as in many other American mass killings, easy access to powerful firearms.
104 replies omitted. Click here to view.
People don't realize how absurdly easy it is to make bombs, someone could do it within a couple of hours with only google. If guns get banned expect mass killings with bombs to increase
Bomb making is a complex process, not as easy as you seem to think. It’s possible of course but not easy. Professional and semi-professional bomb makers regularly blow themselves up.
Making bombs and emplacing them is also a deliberate well thought out process. Few mass shooters put that much energy into what they do. Like the Vegas shooter probably would have done so - but probably none of the recent ones.
So shootings would go way down but bombings increase a small amount.
Give me the less dead people side of that equation.
Making ANFO explosives and stuffing 500lbs of it into the back of a van really isn't all that difficult, the hardest part is getting the materials gathered up
That large an operation is detectable and will get you vaned 9/10 times. More of law enforcement really goes for it.
I agree, but there will be no ban because of this. Instead, you'll see some huffing and puffing in congress and then the whole issue will be allowed to quietly die.

File: 1485214166279.jpg (145 KB, 1031x876)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
A lawmaker in Ohio blamed the breakdown of the “traditional American family,” gay marriage and “drag queen advocates” for the Dayton massacre in a since-deleted Facebook rant.

State Rep. Candice Keller — a Republican from Middletown, about 25 miles southwest of Dayton — listed a slew of reasons why she believes Connor Betts, 24, gunned down nine people, including his sister, with an assault-style rifle early Sunday.

“After every mass shooting, the liberals start the blame game,” Keller wrote in the Facebook post, which had been removed as of early Monday. “Why not place the blame where it belongs?”

Keller’s post goes on to blame “drag queen advocates,” failed school policies, violent video games and children who are raised without fathers as other reasons for the mass shooting that erupted less than 24 hours after 20 people were gunned down at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

The post also claimed that a growing “hatred of our veterans,” a Democratic Congress and a rising culture that “totally ignores the importance of God and the church” were other explanations for the shooting.

Keller then criticized state lawmakers for having what she claims is “no interest whatsoever” in learning about the Constitution, especially the Second Amendment, as well as “snowflakes who can’t accept a duly-elected President,” according to the post.

“Did I forget anybody?” Keller continued. “The list is long. And the fury will continue.”

A message seeking comment from Keller early Monday was not immediately returned.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
She's not too wrong though. We have these mass shootings because American society has abandoned God and tradition and replaced it with faggotry and vanity. These shootings are not just because of guns, or just because of video games, or just because of image boards, its a deeper problem. Everyone is hostile and polarized, they're all tribal. "If you're not like us then you're like them. They are the enemy" There's no unity, no solidarity.
Then there's the fifteen minutes of fame that shooters get. You've got "high scores" and all that meme shit. And the shooters, who are mostly male, almost always have mental issues, and mental health is basically a joke, especially for men, especially if you're a white heterosexual man. Nobody cares about you, you're a villain, you need to put everyone else on a pedestal.

I guarantee you that if America was a Christian country that had a society which followed Christian morals, there would never be another mass shooting again. But this country was founded by Deists and freemasons. Freemasonry has cursed this nation.
Religion is a mental disorder
For the effort.
She's American. What can you expect?
Replace God with purpose. We as people need purpose. Those that lose purpose turn to things: vanity, drugs, sex, hate, liberalism in order to find a purpose. Notice the elites. They are United by purpose to make sure we serfs continue Squabbling amongst ourselves so they can live the fat cat life at our expense.
We should be conquering the stars but we have to poor money into keeping brown people out of America bringing drugs, crime and poverty with them. We have to spend money making sure isreal is fat. We have to spend money on Africa making sure those retards are fed.
Now that's racist if you're a libtard with no purpose. Because having no purpose means you can't think beyond saying useless things like "das raycis" and trying to get every brown person into the United states so libtards can move away(white flight).
We should be on Mars, mining Jupiter or wherever. Making starships. Not wondering what city antifa is going to burn down or wondering why Chicago has such violent Democrat constituents.

File: trumpidiot.jpg (73 KB, 620x412)
73 KB
Senator Bernie Sanders carved out a fragment of time Saturday afternoon to call the president "an idiot."

"Donald Trump believes climate change is a hoax," Sanders wrote. "Donald Trump is an idiot."

Sanders is an independent senator from Vermont who is once again running for president as a Democratic candidate in 2020. He lost the 2016 Democratic primary to eventual nominee Hillary Clinton, who lost to Trump in the general election.

President Trump in the past has called climate change a "Chinese hoax." In 2012, Trump tweeted, "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive."

Last fall, the president said climate change scientists had a political agenda they were following, according to a BBC report.

Earlier this year, the president said the United States is rather clean, and that it's other countries that need to clean up their act.

"Right now we're at the cleanest we've ever been and that's very important to me," Trump said. "But if we're clean, but every other place on Earth is dirty, that's not so good. ... So I want clean air, I want clean water, very important."

The tweet seemed to come out of nowhere on Saturday from Sanders, who remains among the top four Democratic contenders in every major 2020 poll. Former Vice President Joe Biden leads all recent polls, according to RealClearPolitics.com.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
77 replies omitted. Click here to view.
so which part of that includes his estimated total wealth?
The list doesn't contain his total wealth because the financial disclosure form only requires that he mark things that are 50M plus as 50M plus. CBNC has estimated that this is a minimum of 1.4B in assets. Bloomberg estimates a total of 3B.
Did CNBC include the 2B he owes the Russian Maf.. I mean the German Bank?
According to Bloomberg, "The president owes Frankfurt-based Deutsche Bank AG about $300 million for loans related to his Washington hotel, a Chicago tower and Florida golf resort Doral, financial disclosures and property records show."

His outstanding loans would only be 2 billion if none of the money he loaned was ever liquidated or paid back.

Non-paywalled verison: https://www.seattletimes.com/nation-world/trumps-net-worth-rises-to-3-billion-despite-business-setbacks/
We'll just have to wait for those tax returns I suppose - would be dumb to miss an opportunity to show off just how rich you are to all the haters!


14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
But...but...oh, crap. Wait...I thought that was a potential mating list under my name on that site! So that woman I slept with from there is related to me?? I thought when we were having sex, she was being kinky with, "Oh, daddy!" Oh, shit. Seems this whore disease runs a little too heavy in my bloodline. I must be related to royalty. Or inbredity.
first cousins are prime taboo territory. Never let (((society))) tell your boner how to feel.
Yeah, well, my first and second cousins are "Farmers Only: Livestock Editon."
again. there was no radiation leak. the shit what blew up was fuel.
>Severodvinsk officials announce short-term elevation in background radiation
>Citizens buying up iodine for use in radiation exposure
>A specialized ship used for collecting and storing nuclear waste was sent to the area
>Medical responders were wearing hazmat suits.
"Move along, nothing to see here, just your typical run of the mill explosion."

File: admiral.jpg (44 KB, 349x431)
44 KB
A four-star US Navy admiral who was set to become the branch's top uniformed officer is instead retiring after his judgment was questioned over a professional relationship he maintained with a former Navy public affairs official who left the service amid allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault.
Adm. William Moran was vetted for promotion after being nominated by President Donald Trump and confirmed by the Senate in May but that plan abruptly changed Sunday when he announced his retirement.
He was expected to take over the job in August.
Adm. John Richardson, the current Chief of Naval Operations will remain in the post until a replacement can be identified, according to a statement by Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer. Richardson can remain in the job until September.

7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Republicans love to run witch hunts though, that's why the project onto Democrat who are investigating real crimes.
So do Democrats you fucking mong. Everyone does to thier enemies.
Just keep voting for your Kings and queens you fucking serf(if American, otherwise this doesn't apply to your third world shithole)
I'm seeing a loooooot more GOP corruption.

Just saiyan
Investigations by Democrats into Republicans seem to have a much higher hit rate, though. Meanwhile, Republicans are still touting conspiracy theories from the 90s that they themselves investigated and couldn't prove (Vince Foster being the original example). And of course they use the sheer volume of their own conspiracy theories as evidence that the Clintons must be guilty of SOMETHING.
no it's that they want to deny trump as much a legacy as possible

Police in Massachusetts confirmed Thursday night that they are investigating a death at the Kennedy political family's compound in Hyannis Port. A short time later, the Kennedy family announced the death of Saoirse Kennedy Hill, one of Robert and Ethel Kennedy's 35 grandchildren.

The Cape and Islands District Attorney's Office said Barnstable police responded on Thursday to a residence on Marchant Avenue in Hyannis Port for a reported unattended death. The three mansions that make up the

Kennedy compound line Marchant Avenue along Nantucket Sound.Authorities didn't identify the victim and gave no further details. Later Thursday night, the Kennedy family said in a statement that Hill, 22, was dead, quoting Ethel Kennedy, 91, as saying, "The world is a little less beautiful today."

The New York Times, citing two family members, reported that Hill died of an apparent drug overdose. NBC News has not confirmed the report.

good family
so is /news/ just like a free for all?
Hill was the daughter of Robert and Ethel Kennedy’s fifth child, Courtney, and Paul Michael Hill, who was one of four falsely convicted in the 1974 Irish Republican Army bombings of two pubs.

The statement says Saoirse Hill was passionate about human rights and women’s empowerment and that she worked with indigenous communities to build schools in Mexico.
This family must be absolute hell to be a member of.

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