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File: 1559789440384.jpg (65 KB, 750x420)
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>The owners of an Ohio bakery who sued for libel after being targeted by student protests won Friday an $11 million verdict against Oberlin College.
>A Lorain County jury ordered Oberlin to pay $11 million in compensatory damages to Gibson’s Bakery, a local fixture since 1885 that was beset by protests and racism allegations after three black students were arrested for shoplifting the day after the 2016 presidential election.
>“The jury saw that Oberlin College went out of their way to harm a good family and longtime business in their community for no real reason, and the jury said we aren’t going to tolerate that in our community anymore,” Owen Rarric, an attorney for the Gibsons, told Legal Insurrection.
>The award, which could triple at Tuesday’s hearing on punitive damages, came as a warning to universities that encourage social-justice activism as student protests spill from the campus to the local community.

I hope the children's parents end up paying for this one via tuition increases and the reward doesn't come out of public educations funds instead so I end up having to pay for these crybabies and the damage their tantrums cost.
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Have you stolen any good cupcakes from the bakery?
Perhaps not, however, this will give cause to other Colleges and Universities to begin taking steps against SJW activities on their campuses, for fear of this happening to their campuses.
These are identitarians coat tailing themselves on the progressive movement. Don't get it twisted. Extreme minority. (Just like Alt Right)
>good restaurants
They probably pay their cooks an average of $10/hr while the whole town takes part in the "everyone deserves a living wage" charade.
That was uncalled for

By the end of May, 43% of India was experiencing drought, with failed monsoon rains seen as the primary reason. The country has seen widespread drought every year since 2015, with the exception of 2017.

About 20,000 villages in the state of Maharashtra are grappling with a severe drinking water crisis, with no water left in 35 major dams. In 1,000 smaller dams, water levels are below 8%. The rivers that feed the dams have been transformed into barren, cracked earth.

Usha Jadhav who lives in nearby Shivajinagar, said her family does not use the toilet any more as it has become an unaffordable luxury, and that women wait for the darkness of night to defecate in the open. “We cannot use 5-10 litres of water for flushing as we have to purchase water,” she said.

Groundwater, the source of 40% of India’s water needs, is depleting at an unsustainable rate, Niti Aayog, a governmental thinktank, said in a 2018 report. Twenty-one Indian cities – including Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad – are expected to run out of groundwater by 2020, and 40% of India’s population will have no access to drinking water by 2030, the report said.

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>monsoon arrives a week late
>a billion people throw a hissy fit over it
damn what a sense of entititlement on these fuckers, maybe learn to conserve water better and not waste it if the rains showing up a week late has this terrible of an effect.
there are new articles on other sites right now from india reporting terrible flooding from heavy rains
As long as the foreign entities can arrange to keep the government, it's army, and police forces paid, this is unlikely. It's not as if they don't do sufficient PR spin to blame it on climate change, rather than a hijacked water table. It's also not as if there aren't several nations in the world practically committing genocide to keep their financial masters pleased that have yet to fall. Once your government is bought, it's kinda done - not that rebellions don't happen, but if they threaten a larger economy's interest, they tend to get put down in one fashion or another.
>this is the result of Trump withdrawing the biggest polluter on the planet (USA) from the paris climate accord. This whole planet is fucked now
Is this supposed to be sarcasm?
No, I think they truly believe that Trump and America are singlehandedly responsible for 100% of the greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, while in reality, most of the CO2 above 280ppm was injected into the atmosphere before Trump took office in January 2017 and of the small percentage that wasn't already there, China and the third world account for the vast majority. American greenhouse gas emission have been on the decline for over a decade, they peaked during Bush Jr's 2nd term and have declined substantial since. If Trump can cripple the Chinese economy with sanctions, that will help the greenhouse gas situation even further.
>I think they truly believe that Trump and America are singlehandedly responsible for 100% of the greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere
Nobody fucking thinks that, nice strawman.

>800,000 say 'yes' to rendition bill

Despite the blazing heat, representatives of various organizations in Hong Kong rose to the occasion on Sunday, staging various public activities across the city in support of the government's plans to amend the SAR's extradition laws.

Members of Safeguard HK, Support the Surrender of Fugitive Offenders Legislation group marched to Central Government Offices in Admiralty, urging the government to enact the new laws to uphold the rule of law and protect public security.

By midnight more than 800,000 people had pledged support in a city-wide signature campaign online and at street stands, organized by a local alliance of prominent political, business and legal figures, countering a protest by about 240,000 people on Sunday to oppose the revised extradition bill, according to the police.

There were also more than 20 LED displays across the city, including some in bustling business districts like Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui and Wan Chai, with slogans, info-graphics and videos backing the amendments.

Well to be fair the Republicans and Russians love to spam their Anti-American and Anti-Ukraine propaganda on /news/ as well, why not China?

File: D9F6R4rXkAAB1pU..jpg (133 KB, 960x540)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
CBS News Cooperating With Syrian Al-Qaeda In Idlib

The Russian embassy in Syria has slammed CBS News for sending its reporters into Idlib province, which is controlled by the al-Qaeda group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), at a moment of a stepped up joint Russian-Syrian aerial assault campaign over the northwestern territory.

Over the weekend the embassy tweeted of the CBS team's reporting from Idlib: CBS News crew + a "white helmet" (not wearing one, apparently) = another act of media warfare in the making.

Note the "dress code" the female CBS correspondent has apparently willingly donned.

Both Moscow and Damascus have long accused US and western media correspondents of essentially giving terror groups operating inside Syria a major platform to air their propaganda, including claims of chemical weapons attacks. Russia as well as some western commentators have also described the White Helmets as essentially "the rescue wing of al-Qaeda".

As some Middle East analysts were quick to point out, the CBS crew would have had to receive permission from HTS/al-Qaeda to be in Idlib in the first place. The Russian embassy accusation that CBS is engaged in "an act of media warfare" seems geared toward that fact.

A number of American journalists, including the Washington Post's Liz Sly were outraged, noting that the CBS crew was "on the ground" to report "on the Russian-Syrian offensive there".

However, it remains that HTS and thus Idlib province itself, is under the military control of none other Syrian al-Qaeda leader Abu Muhammad al-Jolani.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Moderate rebels anon, moderate rebels
>Tulsi is a terrorist...

TULSI IS NOT A TERRORIST! Don't listen to him and DO NOT DILATE!
Everything you say is an insane boomer rambling. How have you not shot up a mosque yet? Can't afford guns?
This is a self admitted blog site
Remember to report this thread for breaking rule #2
So... Reporters agree to some rules of attire in order to get the inside scoop on a terrorist group controlling some area.

...and somehow this translates to, "officially working with al-Qaeda", like they're planting bombs and kidnapping people, or some shit.

Reporters have been conciliatory to the cultural demands of groups hostile to the nation since, well, reporters have been a thing. This is, by definition, how you get an inside story, be it wearing a hijab, or taking your shoes off indoors.

These people keep spinning up rage inducing news stories outta nothing, for some strange reason.

get that foxnews shit off of here!
It's true. The call it "possible foreign matter contamination" and it is the most common reason for a recall, other than "produced without the benefit of inspection".
For food and perhaps drug recalls it probably is.

File: fb7.jpg (38 KB, 600x605)
38 KB
In the 2000s, the pharma company Questcor started raising the price of Acthar, an off-patent, 1950s-era drug prescribed for seizures in babies; they raised the price more than 10,000%, from $40 in 2000 to $38,892 today. To get doctors to prescribe their price-gouging meds, Questcor secretly offered bribes, a fact that came to light thanks to whistleblowers.

Questcor's strategy was so successful that in 2014, the company was acquired by rival Mallinckrodt, who claim that they ceased bribery operations, but continued to raise prices by more than $8,000, with enormous success -- today, Acthar brings in $1b/year for Mallinckrodt.

Now, Mallinckrodt (which is about to change its name to Sonorant Therapeutics) has settled with the FTC and agreed to pay a $15.4m fine, assuming the DoJ okays the deal.

>But this development isn’t just about drug prices; it’s about alleged bribery. Needless to say, other people often get prison time for bribery offenses. Recently, a Minnesota man got 29 months for trying to bribe a witness in a burglary case, a Texas prison guard got two years in prison for taking bribes, and a New York businessman got four years for repeatedly bribing New York cops. An Oregon man who recently tried to get his wife deported by bribing an ICE agent got four months in federal prison. But America’s largest businesses really do play by a different set of rules. Especially when those businesses are drug companies that can charge whatever they want and yet face no real consequences. Mallinckrodt’s CEO, Mark Trudeau, made $14 million last year, which means that he makes almost enough in just one year to pay the company’s settlement.

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I live in California with health insurance through my employer and I've never had to wait more than 15 minutes in a waiting room to see my doctor
I had the flu about two weeks ago and was able to make a same-day appointment around 2 hours after when I called
Imagine being this salty when you realize state-funded health insurance sucks
>buy a different brand
What different brand? Only one company makes this shit.

...and if another company decided to come in and add competition somehow? They'd undercut them by maybe 10%, so maybe $35,002. Ain't no getting back to that original $40, short of "communist" level government intervention.
So you don't have an actual argument?
it took me 2 months to get an initial check-up with a new doctor to get a referral to a specialist. After that it took another 2 months to get an appointment with a specialist.


An off-duty police officer lost control of his vehicle while allegedly driving drunk and plowed into a restaurant in Chicago early Sunday, killing a woman who was dining inside.

The off-duty officer was driving on 87th Street on Chicago's South Side when he swerved to avoid a white person, jumped a curb and drove through the front of Tony's Philly Steak restaurant, police said.

Friends identified the woman as Marquita Reed, a nurse and mother of two

The officer was charged with driving under the influence, police said. He has not been charged with any other offenses.
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The limit in Illinois is .08. No fucking way anyone else would get cut any slack for blowing .03 over. The cop shouldn't get special treatment even if the legal limit is arguably too low.
Yeah man, unless if your a land whale .083% is between 2-3 drinks in one hour, much closer to 2 than 3 but depends on your body weight
Unless if .083 means 8.3% in which case the officer was driving while dead
This. The cop wouldn't give you a break, why would you give the cop a break?
Missed a zero, bud.
>stating objective fact is equivalent to race baiting
schizophrenia is a serious disorder, anon


Nice news story for once
70 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'm literally talking about laws already in place about gay people but replacing gay with 'straight' and seeing if it's discrimination or not to him.
Yes, but understand that a great deal of /pol/acks are actually delusional enough to believe that straight people are being persecuted by LGBT people so pardon if I approached your satire with the faintest bit of caution. This is /news/. Can't be too careful.
>literally did not even read the article

>Typically defendant using the defense claims they acted in a state of violent temporary insanity because of unwanted same-sex sexual advances.[1] Broadly, a defendant may allege to have found the same-sex sexual advances so offensive or frightening that they were provoked into reacting, were acting in self-defense, were of diminished capacity, or were temporarily insane, and that this circumstance is exculpatory or mitigating.

Jesus Christ you people are morons.
>Jesus christ you people are morons.
how? did you even read what you copy pasted? Do you think what you posted justified it not being murder?

>James Miller of Austin, Texas used the gay panic defense at his trial following the killing of his neighbor, Daniel Spencer, in September 2015. The two were playing guitar together and drinking, and Miller testified he thought Spencer had propositioned him. The prosecution stated that Miller had stabbed Spencer in the back and that Miller showed no sign of harm, undercutting Miller's defense that deadly force was needed because of the disparity in the two men's sizes and ages.[98] In April 2018, a jury found Miller guilty of criminally negligent homicide, but not guilty of manslaughter and murder.[99] Miller received a sentence of six months jail time, 10 years probation, 100 hours of community service, and $11,000 in restitution to Spencer's family.[100]
Because you idiots are using the Gay Panic Defense and trying (foolishly) to apply it to a Straight Panic Defense. Nobody is trying to do this.

File: 1557535261833.jpg (136 KB, 1200x1200)
136 KB
136 KB JPG

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. hiring slowed in May as employers added just 75,000 jobs, a sign that businesses have become more cautious in the face of slowing global growth and widening trade conflicts.

The tepid job growth, along with rising pressures on the economy, makes it more likely that the Federal Reserve will cut rates in the coming months. Bond yields fell after the jobs data was released, signaling investor expectations for lower Fed rates.

Last month’s modest job growth followed a much healthier gain of 224,000 in April. The unemployment rate remained at a nearly 50-year low of 3.6%.

The hiring gains last month were the fewest since February. The government also revised down the job growth for March and April by a combined 75,000. In the first five months of this year, hiring has averaged 164,000 a month, a solid pace that is enough to lower the unemployment rate over time. Still, it’s below last year’s pace.
AP Graphic

The economy is showing signs of sluggishness just as the current expansion has reached its 10th anniversary. Next month, it will become the longest period of uninterrupted growth on records dating to 1854. Yet consumers have turned cautious about spending, and companies are scaling back their investment in high-cost machinery and equipment.

The economy expanded at a healthy 3.1% annual rate in the January-March quarter, but the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta estimates that annual growth will slump to just 1.5% in the April-June quarter.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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lmao@sissy euroshits and their crazy insane self-importance. you people are our vassals, you do as we say, not the other way around.
It only works if your plan is to crash the economy.
Seriously, every time it was implemented, it leads to recession or depression.
I didn't see any kind of argument in your post there. Do facts upset you?
nice schizo posting
Wow, anon gives a cogent and detailed analysis.
Be T_D:
Stay classy plebit.

File: 14583195868800.jpg (61 KB, 600x444)
61 KB
The United States is stepping up digital incursions into Russia’s electric power grid in a warning to President Vladimir V. Putin and a demonstration of how the Trump administration is using new authorities to deploy cybertools more aggressively, current and former government officials said.

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
So America is performing cyber attacks like they're North Korea now?
You thought the only way we do foreign intervention is in the daylight?
No I mean performing them like North Korea. Doing them and then bragging about doing them and expecting people to think that they're anything other than ridiculous cunts.
Have you seen this administration? I don't know why you're surprised It couldn't unclog a toilet.
You do realize where stuxnet and TOR came from right? We've been doing that for decades.

>expecting people to think that they're anything other than ridiculous cunts.
Also, look who is in office. Clearly we've given up people thinking anything but.

File: gdhhhe.jpg (64 KB, 700x500)
64 KB
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>You can't really hide what you're in for given that you have all the paperwork that states what you're in for with you in your cell,
Not the case in the women's correctional where I visit a certain idiot. They don't let you keep legal papers in your cell. They stay in the warden's office, and are only accessible on request via a kiosk where you can read but aren't allowed to take them from (and if a lawyer needs them, they pick em up from there as well).

Given the inmate's propensity to fuck with each other, I think this would be standard in all prisons, but I'm only familiar with the one. Well, and the two jails she was in beforehand.

Jails were more like warehouses (this one converted school gymnasium), with ~500 women to a room (~9,000 total inmates, judging by the visitor roster ya had to sign up on), so there wasn't anyplace for you to keep anything. The prison involves 2-4 inmates, free to roam during some hours, so while you can keep some things in there, ya wouldn't want to.

The only thing you can do if your life is threatened is get yourself locked up in the solitary cages. There is no other segregation, and rarely does anyone know who did what, save for the occasional gal who likes to brag/scream, or close knit clicks.

Also worth noting that the default food is basically poisonous. You are more or less required to have someone on the outside stuff cash into an account to let you buy something prepackaged via an external conseguir service (usually ramen), lest you wanna spend every day of your sentence shititng your brains out.

System is fucked to hell - this particular girl deserves it, though at the same time, I'm sure there's some in there who don't. I also know it isn't helping her - being locked up with a bunch of criminals is just seems to be making what was once a rich white girl into a more hardened criminal (which really started the first time she got hauled into jail, got networked into a really fucked up crowd there).
>There is no such thing as "pedophilia."
>here is why it's normal to want to have sex with children

ok mr pedo
That seems more like a holding facility than the jail/prison she'd actually be serving her time in. Remember that there can be and often is more than a year gap between conviction and sentencing.
A jail is a holding facility until you get to trial - it's actually considerably worse than prison, mostly due to overpopulation. She was there for three years.

Now she's in prison, where she'll be for another seven. (Since the jail counts as time served.)
>until you get to trial
Until your trial is resolved, rather.

File: frigid british women.jpg (104 KB, 634x815)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>178 women charged in PA for welfare fraud in 2019's first quarter, Inspector General says
OHNSTOWN, Pa. (WJAC) — UPDATE: Charges against Alicia Kline have been dropped after restitution was paid.


In this year’s first quarter, 178 people were charged for welfare fraud, according to the office of the State Inspector General.

According to a release, $886,055.54 is owed to the state in these cases and the individuals charged will be temporarily disqualified from receiving public benefits in the programs they’re accused of defrauding.

“Our office remains vigilant to protect the integrity of our vital public assistance programs,” said State Inspector General Bruce R. Beemer in a statement. “We are proud to work with our partners in law enforcement across the Commonwealth to help those in need and stop those who cheat.”

The Office of the Inspector General said that 90 of the cases were felonies for fraudulently receiving public assistance, including several from our region:
Jamarah Smokes, of Johnstown in Cambria County, for $2,226.51 in Cash Assistance fraud and $7,013 in SNAP fraud.
Bridgette Crue, of Salisbury in Blair County, for $11,415.74 in SNAP fraud and $5,143.11 in Medical Assistance Fraud

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
34 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Done. Now its your turn fagboi
>>bad decision making and lack of knowledge keeps people poor
>wow, no shit you fucking moron. do you know why they make bad decisions and have a lack of knowledge?
Inferior genetics and/or mutational load and/or high time-preference.


The New York Times’s decision to drop all editorial cartoons after publishing a controversial cartoon is another body blow to the profession of editorial cartooning. While several of my colleagues from around the world have been imprisoned by autocratic leaders over their work, American editorial cartoonists are protected by our First Amendment from governments looking to silence uncomfortable truths. Unfortunately, that protection doesn’t extend to publications that don’t understand the historical significance of editorial cartoons and their essential role in a free press.

It’s easy to casually dismiss these “cartoons.” After all, just the word cartoon brings up images of reading the comics pages or watching Saturday morning television. But an editorial cartoon is much more than a humorous image. Cartoonists have been threatened, imprisoned and even killed for drawing cartoons criticizing powerful people and institutions. Daumier, Gillray, Nast, Herblock, Mauldin, Conrad and Oliphant all created powerful visuals that were part of the political debate of their times.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>get criticized about one comic
>decide to stop making comics
>claims it's SJWs fault
with free speech you're free to criticize, all NYT is doing is shooting itself in the foot and blaming others
Imagine ever reading or even mentioning the NYT after the babies thrown out of incubators, after the WMDs, after the Russia hoax. Imagine not only reading it, paying for, but seeking low brow "humor" from it. Man, you must be a special kind of cat lady.

The fact it is entirely owned, ran and nearly entirely staffed by Jews is reason enough to avoid it like the plauge.

>internet loser complains about SJW's for the 10 millionth time in the past 5 years
That's like saying words are stupid. In short you're stupid for saying it.
political cartoons are garbage because all they do is regurgitate the news papers owners politics. drawing cartoons isn't brave or noble unless you live in an authoritarian hellhole which we dont or if the carton is about islam which will get your office shot up and every other newspaper saying they brought it on themselves.

>That's like saying words are stupid. In short you're stupid for saying it.
kid you're retarded

File: 1557199144256.jpg (426 KB, 600x791)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
A Florida man was arrested after fleeing a traffic stop and then calling 911 to brag about not being caught yet. He was found with drugs in his vehicle and continued to brag about the incident.

Deputies said that 19-year-old Nicholas Carlmann Jones was pulled over in St. Augustine after he fled from a traffic stop. Nicholas was also wanted for a warrant out of the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.

When he was pulled over, the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office said that they found a jar full of marijuana, THC wax, a small bag containing an unknown white powder, and a dish containing a pink tinted crystal substance. All these narcotics were in the driver's door pocket of the vehicle. Several pipes and dishes were also found.

The arrest affidavit said that the responding officer asked Nicholas why he ran from the traffic stop. Nicholas just smiled and said nothing. So, the officer asked why he would call 911. Nicholas then began to gloat about what he had just done. He smiled and said that "that cop had no right to stop me." He also said that "I saw him turn his lights and sirens on and was going to stop but I didn't want to."

Later in the conversation, the arrest affidavit stated that Nicholas ran because he thought it would be "fun." He said that he called 911 because he could not believe that after obtaining his tag, they could not find him. He even said on the call "what do we pay you guys for? Like I've driven past four cops."

10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
grinman likes to grin
I mean... is it a woman's cock? I think I could enjoy that.
>is it a woman's cock? I think I could enjoy that.
Ditto to that. I can't stand faggots but women with cocks are just fine with me.
could be Molly
For fuck's sake...
Alright, Word Of Power time. It's Cockmongler. Always has been, always will be. Not Grinman. I'm not saying this towards the trolls who've flooded this thread with Grinman shit - they've no hope already. I'm saying this for your benefit - the Anonymous onlooker. You may be new and know nothing about this yet, or you may be old and just plain ignorant. But it's not Grinman. It started a few months ago, and it's everywhere. Take it from me. It's Cockmongler. You don't have to believe me, but I recommend that you do. If you don't, just keep it in the back of your head...the last flickering candle of truth. He's the Cockmongler. Not Grinman. Have some Longcat too (not Whitecat).

File: 1559867678164.png (733 KB, 786x920)
733 KB
733 KB PNG
Tom Hofeller wasn’t just an outsider who happened to push a narrative identical to the Trump administration’s.

Last week brought a bombshell revelation in the fight over a controversial question about citizenship status on the 2020 census: Despite the Trump administration’s insistence that it wants to add the question for better voting rights enforcement rather than political gain, key wording in its legal rationale matches memos written by Tom Hofeller, a Republican gerrymandering expert. Hofeller, who died last summer, wrote that if the 2020 census asked about the citizenship status of respondents, it “would clearly be a disadvantage to the Democrats” and “advantageous to Republicans and Non-Hispanic Whites.”

Republican Party financial filings with federal regulators add a twist to this backstory: The party’s main political apparatus paid Hofeller more than $2 million for his work. That suggests that Hofeller’s memos weren’t simply independent advocacy for a pet issue, but that he and his work were deeply embedded in the heart of the GOP’s strategic operations.

According to Republican National Committee filings with the Federal Election Commission, from June 2009 until just weeks before his death last August, the GOP’s main political apparatus paid Hofeller just over $2 million for “legal and compliance” work. In fact, from Trump’s inauguration until July 2018, Hofeller was paid $422,000, in what appear to be regular monthly payments of $22,247.

24 replies omitted. Click here to view.
nobody cares about the opinions of raving racist lunatic like yourself, go here instead
You mean anti-Semitic, and just because I say kike doesn't mean I hate Jews. I just think it's weird how corrupt this cabinet is, especially when Trump's rallying cry during his campaign was DRAIN THE SWAMP
based reddit!
>Factual Reporting: HIGH

Ok, so it's a good source? It's factual reporting is high. This census crap is crazy. The rich Republicans know that they can't win fairly, so they are trying to rig the game.

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