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It is no accident that U.S. authorities are raiding fewer and fewer domestic methamphetamine labs. After all, with abundant quantities of cheap, high-quality meth flowing in from Mexico, why would users bother making their own or buying lesser-quality U.S.-made drugs?

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users don't need labs anymore that's why. the process been condensed and is really fuckin simple lol

no one uses a lab anymore, not unless your manufacturing for scale, but since a lot of ppl cook it pretty easily now, the labs aren't needed as much
he didn't say that, though. he didn't just say "mexicans are rapists and murderers"
he said rapists and murderers are coming into the country through mexico. the fact that this has to be reiterated constantly to you guys who refuse to accept anything other than the medias version of what the president said is really ridiculous.
It's been this see-saw for years though
Crack down on home grown more and smuggling increases
Crack down on smuggling more and home grown increases
Doing the jobs Americans won't do...etc
If I call people who play video games incels, then try to sell them video games. Would you call me a good video game sales men or developer? Fuck no.

Insulting the people you have to work with and negotiate with isn't a long term winning move. Great for talking with folks who get their news off highlight reels though.


Little has confessed to 93 murders, and FBI crime analysts believe all of his confessions are credible. Law enforcement has been able to verify 50 confessions, with many more pending final confirmation.

Little says he strangled his 93 victims between 1970 and 2005. Many of his victims’ deaths, however, were originally ruled overdoses or attributed to accidental or undetermined causes. Some bodies were never found.

“For many years, Samuel Little believed he would not be caught because he thought no one was accounting for his victims,” said ViCAP Crime Analyst Christie Palazzolo. “Even though he is already in prison, the FBI believes it is important to seek justice for each victim—to close every case possible.”

The FBI is asking for the public’s help in matching the remaining unconfirmed confessions. ViCAP, with the support of the Texas Rangers, has provided additional information and details about five cases in hopes that someone may remember a detail that could further the investigation.
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So your saying that blacks on a per capital basis are 2-3x as violent as whites?
You don't say.
It's not to late to go back. I hear Somalia is wonderful this time of year.
That's literally a lie.
serial killer
n. A person who commits multiple (more than two) murders, especially similar ones with no obvious motive over a period of time with a "cooling-off" period between each murder.
n. someone who murders more than three victims one at a time in a relatively short interval

So, since black males commonly murder more than two black prostitutes all the time, it is obvious to anyone with a brain that black males who are serial killers far outnumber white serial killers per capita.
They outnumber as serial killers per capita even if your weird prostitute definition were not used


It's the daily beast so it's trash

I Like Rape I Like Lauer I Like Kavanaugh i like Trump i like beer to:


Matt Lauer fired back JIZZ against the former NBC staffer who has now publicly accused him of rape, saying in a lengthy response Wednesday that she “seemed to know exactly what she wanted to do” and slamming her story as filled with contradictions. The ousted “Today” show host admitted that he had an extramarital affair with Brooke Nevils in 2014 when he was married but claims their relationship was entirely consensual.
In a new book by Ronan Farrow, Nevils accused Lauer of anally raping her in a Sochi hotel room in 2014 during the network’s Olympic coverage.
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Is this thread full of ESL or bots? These posts are absolute nonsense.
MARA powa Trump towa goldan showa wite powa
Imagine being such a pleb that you didn't notice the hundreds of cult brainwashing tactics that were present in Fords obviously scripted testimony before congress.
All this talk about rape makes uncle sam wanna rape again
At least a half-dozen women told authorities that deputies raped and trafficked them to male inmates inside a long-troubled jail in southwestern Louisiana, according to newly unearthed state and FBI records. The records offer a harrowing account of sexual assault being traded as currency in a contraband ring that pervaded the Jefferson Davis Parish jail. Three deputies were charged in the 2002 corruption case. One of them remains a small-town police officer in Louisiana, The Associated Press found


A national debate on climate change that had been planned for next week has been cancelled because the Conservatives refused to participate.

The University of Ottawa’s Smart Prosperity Institute was set to host the debate Oct. 16 in conjunction with Climate Action Network Canada.

Invitations were sent out Sept. 9 asking the Liberals, NDP, Greens and Conservatives to send any of their nominated candidates from across the country.

The first three signed up immediately.

The Conservatives initially signalled an intention to participate but on Wednesday told the organizers they couldn’t find anyone.

“It’s incredibly disappointing,” said Catherine Abreu, executive director of the Climate Action Network Canada.
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>Look up the CED by RCA

A technology that wasn't anywhere near as costly or time consuming to develop as the computer (it's just a type of video disc, a proven technology that had already existed for decades beforehand, as opposed to something like the computer which would be completely uncharted territory) , yet was still a massive commercial failure and a total waste of money for the company? Great example.

Very interesting because the IPCC estimated it would cost 0.2%-2% of world GDP by 2070 and stressed that they didn't know what would happen. That's less than a year's worth of growth.

We have a limited amount of resources and we should focus on real problems. A nuclear apocalypse would lower world GDP by considerably more, as would an asteroid. Grey goo or rogue AI would lower it to 0.
The point was that companies take gambles by devoting lots of money and time to new technology. Sure this one case didn't work, but it was a novel method of rethinking an old technology and using it to do something new. Which is exactly what a computer is. Computers were technically being proposed and tinkered with in the 1800s as well, so it wasn't "uncharted territory." They were far from commercially viable, but all it would take is the right person to come along at the right time when the component parts were cheap enough, or had themselves been invented, to make it work. To believe that a computer would NEVER have been built without government intervention is as silly as to believe that the theory of relativity would never have come about if not for Einstein.
>if every canadian switched to electric cars it'd have zero impact on climate change
if every human on the planet stopped driving cars altogether, turned off every plant, bulldozer, machine, lawnmower, etc that puts out a smoke stack, it'd have zero impact on climate change
hahah.. no you idiot! that's not how it fucking works!
do you guys who buy this shit think it's going to be like 150°F every day in 30 years? you think all plants are gona die? the oceans are gona boil? or flood the continents?
what is it exactly that you think is going to happen in this imaginary land of a warmer planet in the future?
constant thick clouds that blot out the sun while we all suffer in an oven below?
are we gona turn into venus, or even mercury or something?
none of this shit is going to happen, you've all been duped by the global warming meme and allowed taxes to go up to "combat it" while all it does is line pockets
you're all simple tools, nothing more

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I'm only disappointed that the TUMBLING DOWN poster hasn't found this thread yet.
its a text board, but start a thread with relevant news and you can post it.
That's okay, I'm not as autistic as he is. I was just wondering why he hasn't shown up yet. This thread would seem to meet his usual criteria for posting it. He must be out sick or something.
If Trump gets removed from office, I'll go to the Trump building in my city and start blasting that song at the entrance.
They literally memed a meme into office.


How much is too much to blow on a new ‘do?
Ever since Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got the $260 cut and color heard ’round the world, reactions have been mixed. Detractors accuse her of “champagne socialism,” while others argue the price tag is within reason for a public figure — and a New Yorker at that.
“I don’t think it’s outlandish,” megastylist Scott Buchanan tells The Post. Prices at his five NYC-area Scott J salons start at $75 for a cut and $90 for color, with lowlights such as the ones AOC received starting at $160.
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Bitch talking nonsense about the climate like an expert scientist, fucking beautifully absurd
No, I dont think that at all, but assuming you are the person I replied to your comment was dumb and contradicted itself
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says climate change is ruining her hopes for raising a family.

The Queens Congresswoman’s “dreams of motherhood now taste bittersweet, because of what I know about our children’s future,” she told an audience in Denmark on Saturday.

“I speak to you not as an elected official or a public figure, but I speak to you as a human being,” the Democratic Socialist said at the C40 World Mayors Summit .

AOC appeared to choke up at times during her remarks. She’s on her first international trip since taking office.
Mitch McConnell boys gotta boner
Poster boys poster groping

So, Germany had another far right killing spree.

Does anyone know where to find the killers' manifesto? Or is there some kind of archive where to find those?

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Is this more left wing fantasy fan fic?
The main narrative on /pol/ is that these are false flags aimed at them
The skaven can't help but shirk from honest things, being led by Darth Hitler under the ruling of dark lord trump they've made allies with the lowest of the low; Voldemort. Their continued actions have been nothing but those of tyranny and fear.
Can you name a counter-example?
>So, Germany had another far right killing spree.
>killing spree

Also another? What was the other?

Fugees rape little girls literally right now as we speak.

File: 2407135.jpg (37 KB, 610x385)
37 KB
A visitor to the Kievs supermarket scoffed at a black foreigner, forcing him to eat a banana. The incident occurred in an ATB store. The corresponding video was published on October 10 on his Facebook page by Kiev citizen Vladimir Sivokon.

"Ukraine, today, ATB supermarket. No words, it’s really embarrassing to live with such non-people in one country!" - he signed the video.

The published video shows how an unknown man beats an African and forces him to eat a banana. Eyewitnesses of the incident stood up for the foreigner and demanded to stop the bullying.


Chad Slav vs Virgin African.
Reminding the subhumans that they are closer to chimps than they are to whites.

Sexy vegan, the lolcow artist who appeared on doctor Phil and sent death threats to haters has been arrested for raping his dog. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2019-09-30/man-named-sexy-vegan-charged-in-sexual-assault-of-his-dog-after-video-surfaces-online?_amp=true
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>When all else fails, gaslight
Welp! Guess I wasn't feeling terrible about those animals being tortured, I just wanted to virtue signal even though I don't have any social media accounts and last time I argued about this IRL was like 3 years ago. Thank you anon for gifting me with insight about my own feelings through a monitor screen an ocean away and 2 posts on 4chan. I'll be a better, more mature person and enjoy some bacon right away.
Thats not a real thing.
Just another invention of the victim culture.
Another batshit crazy Vegan retard, what a surprise.
Dr Phil is a journalist now
What happens to captive animals? Can they survive in the wild if released.
No so is the captive animal not a victim?
You think there isnt people who push fiction as something real to those who dont know better? Is it not abuse would you like to be told that you are insane and you should get locked up to mental institute for being a dissident?

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The marathon bomber had a band?
I never understood the reason why I'm supposed to hate MSM because its run by big corporations.

Yet it would best for this country to be run by people from big corporations. How does that work?
Why, so you can commit whatever crime you want and get a slap on the wrist? You sicken me.
Incel? How?
Jesus Christ, do we have literal Restera faggots here?

Fuck off.


Just like he did with far-left CNN, President Trump has just forced the phony, left-wing fact check site Snopes to throw out every standard of professional journalism.

In a stunning admission (of what we already knew), Snopes announced Thursday that Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are such a unique threat to world that “experts must find new ways to reach people.” Which means that — get this — Trump and Johnson must be “countered by the shared stories, experiences and emotions of real people and how they are affected by the big global issues.”

“Public austerity measures, for example, are not simply about financial facts,” Snopes mewls. “Indeed, when presented merely as economic data, many people can neither identify with nor understand them. Instead, austerity poses problems that compel us to examine how they affect people and families in their daily lives. The experiences of those individuals must be shared.”

Snopes is promising to get just as ridiculous with other left-wing causes, specifically when it comes to stopping Brexit and furthering the Global Warming Hoax:

Whether examining Brexit, public austerity measures or the effects of climate change, one limitation is that facts and data generated through quantitative social research are presented as if detached from the people they concern as well as those involved in their production. Far removed from people’s lived experiences, they risk displacing any sense of what it is to be human. As such, they are, perhaps, too easy to dismiss.

This is actually good news. The mask is now removed forever.
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Did you read Snopes actual press release? I recommend it. They're not ignoring facts and relying on emotion, they're going to continue to report the facts, and then discuss how people are affected by those facts. Their reasoning is that in today's political climate, people are ignoring facts entirely and relying on emotion, which is why there's so much misinformation. I don't know if their approach will make any difference, once most people become entrenched in a certain viewpoint, they're usually unwilling to change their opinion even when presented with evidence that refutes them.
>people should argue the reality on factual grounds and never should "lived experience" be deferred to as an authority in itself
Nobody is saying that. In fact, the article went out of its way to specifically denote anecdotal observations as an important factor in forming well rounded opinion and means to connect data to human experience, not a sole authority.

>What relevance do emotion-based arguments have if the emotions you're experiencing have no demonstrable basis in reality?
You're entirely missing the point. Firstly, the term "emotion based arguments" is a mis-characterization. Nobody here or in the article is arguing the validity of arguments solely based on emotion. They were arguing that lived experience should supplement statistics, not replace it. Secondly, the entire question the article was posing is how are you supposed to know whether or not someone's lived experience is relative to the data unless you take the time to consider it? This article is meant as a hard counter to the Breitbart ideologues who falsely and illogically assert that any political ideal in which emotion is a factor can be immediately dismissed. Nobody is suggesting blindly accepting emotions as correct or legitimate. The only assertion was to encourage those truly interested in well-rounded opinions to not discount human experience as a legitimate factor. Its not disagreeing with information that is the point of contention, its willfully refusing to listen to it or entertain its validity.
>course they're all based on values
you mean emotional arguments. Don't be stupid. At least stop being such a hypocrite when you argue.
>Nobody is suggesting blindly accepting emotions as correct or legitimate.
the right does this all fucking day, they just don't call it "emotion" when they want someone murdered
>Not everyone who holds a reasonable view is from whatever board on plebit.
...you're literally accusing him of this. you literally started that exact accusation and are now defending it. literally.

File: img922213.jpg (72 KB, 667x397)
72 KB
The infamous Russian criminal justice system wants to ruin the life of a bright and innocent person for the amount of cannabis you can legally possess in most of the US. The smuggling charges are unlawful, as Naama had been on a connecting flight and had no intention of bringing the substance into the country, let alone selling it. Russian prisons are notorious for brutal treatment of inmates, and this young woman might be facing more than 7 years of constant abuse for a victimless crime.

By raising awareness about her case in the US, you may not only save Naama's life, but also attract international attention to how barbaric Russian drug-policy is.

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Whipping Skavenslaves is not to ascend them to Clanrats, it doesn't work. It's to deter their rebellion. Lib-things believe in lie-false of virtue until rebellious Skavenslaves revolt.

Works for other countries. Rehab doesn't work if you privatize prisons and try to exploit prisoners for cheap commercial labor while simultaneously putting them in a dehumanizing environment. Yes, a lot of the blame rests on the prisoners themselves, but so too does it fall on correctional staff to see that their facility can actually promote rehab instead of decline. Prison guards need better compensation and higher standards.
>what if it was a fat middle-aged man instead of an attractive woman?
I looked up other pictures of her and she's not as attractive as I thought. Now I feel like Russia can have her.

Stats on recidivism in Scandinavia, Switzerland, and New Zealand prove otherwise. Why are you poltards so obsessed with violence and cruelty? Must definitely be some Freudian thing.

Like, really, you can also tell me that Reagan's war on drugs had been successful, and that Portugal had been better off in terms of drugs before they introduced a humane drug policy. Do you ever read anything besides /pol threads?

S1 should told them that the era of killing others is over. it didn't make u richer. In other hand, creating sth make u rich. damn stupid.

File: Chechen-man.jpg (27 KB, 780x520)
27 KB
Chechen men are considered some of the most masculine in the world, and this is an image that authorities are keen to maintain, so anything that threatens to damage that hard-earned image of fearlessness is frowned upon. A young man recently learned that first-hand, after crying at his sister’s wedding.

According to historian Zelimkhan Musaev the public display of emotions at Chechen wedding parties is unbecoming, even among women, so when a video of a young man shedding tears at his sister’s wedding went viral on social media, it angered a lot of people. And seeing as the nation’s leader, Ramzan Kadyrov – who boasts a very manly public image himself – had also criticized the violation of Chechen customs and traditions, the offender was identified and forced to apologize for showing excessive emotion.

The young man who, according to Chechen tradition, should not have even been present at his sister’s wedding, was reportedly forced to record a video apology to Ramzan Kadyrov, which was later shared on Instagram and other social networks. In the video, the “offender” apologizes for “violating Chechen etiquette at public events,” by attending the wedding and putting his emotions on display.

“Clips of men crying at weddings and giving their sisters away on their marriage day are absolutely unacceptable for the Chechen community. There is a set of unwritten rules of conduct at a wedding, the observance of which allows us to maintain our mentality and special culture,” the original video caption read.

In the video, the young Chechen explains that he couldn’t control his tears at his sister’s wedding, because he “didn’t want to let her go”.

18 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yes, those types of shootings certainly are caused by traditional American masculinity. Nothing else has changed in the past 20 years that could possibly explain such phenomena.
Go tell Chechens about their toxic culture and how they are humans, not machines. They'll help you count your teeth.
The Chechen leader sounds like an unmasculine pussy for being offended by such petty shit
why on Earth would anyone want to talk to a Chechen?
>Yes, those types of shootings certainly are caused by traditional American masculinity
That wasn't the assertion. Traditional American masculinity in and of itself doesn't cause this type of mental illness fueled hatred, an inability to adhere to traditional American masculinity is. Not being emotionally or psychologically capable of meeting this minimum standard of masculinity that society impresses upon young men drives them to the outskirts of society. They flock to internet hugboxes to form communities apart from the society they were rejected from. It really isn't a surprise when you consider the fact that a large subsection of our society still views depression and anxiety as weaknesses.

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