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A chiropractor loses his cool https://news.yahoo.com/patient-says-threatened-giving-chiropractor-172004107.html

Copy paste the article or provide better link.
Link working 4 me

File: The Black Solution.png (393 KB, 552x1500)
393 KB
393 KB PNG


Mr. Garrow has reported, in sometimes pornographic detail, on King’s assignations with some of the more than 40 women, single and married, with whom he is said to have had affairs. In the ugliest scene King stands by, and even laughs and offers advice, as a fellow minister rapes a woman. King is drunk, and he brags about it.

On January 31, 1977, US District Judge John Lewis Smith signed an extraordinary court order requiring the Federal Bureau of Investigation to surrender all the fruits of its extensive electronic surveillance of Martin Luther King, Jr to the National Archives. “Said tapes and documents,” Smith instructed, shall be “maintained by the Archivist of the United States under seal for a period of fifty years,” or until January 31, 2027.

At the Willard Hotel, King and his friends’ activities resumed the following evening as approximately 12 individuals “participated in a sex orgy” which the prudish Sullivan felt included “acts of degeneracy and depravity . . . When one of the women shied away from engaging in an unnatural act, King and several of the men discussed how she was to be taught and initiated in this respect. King told her that to perform such an act would ‘help your soul’.” Sometime later, in language that would reflect just how narrow Sullivan’s mindset was, “King announced that he preferred to perform unnatural acts on women and that he had started the ‘International Association for the Advancement of Pussy Eaters’.” Anyone familiar with King’s often-bawdy sense of humour would not doubt that quotation.
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So orange is the new black
This looks like rubbish but it's surprisingly true upon googling it
>Turns out FBI has credible intel
>Trys to leak to the press
>Press don't want to harm their special boi


>In October 2015, Fusion GPS was contracted by conservative political website The Washington Free Beacon to provide general opposition research on Trump and other Republican presidential candidates
>Creates a literal fan fiction bit about pissing hookers


Leonard Pozner, whose 6-year-old son was killed in the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, has been the been battling against conspiracy theorists for years, and on Tuesday he scored a victory against deniers who claimed the shooting that left 20 first grade children dead never happened.

A Wisconsin judge issued a summary judgment in favor of Pozner in a defamation lawsuit against the authors of a book called Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, a 400-page book purporting a series of false claims, including ideas that the mass shooting was a FEMA drill to promote gun control and that the grieving father had fabricated his son Noah's death certificate, which is a crime in Connecticut.

"Mr. Pozner has sought for years to try to get these conspiracy theorists to understand that his son really was a person and that his son really did die and as a last resort we initiated this defamation case," Pozner's lawyer, Jake Zimmerman told NPR.

The lawsuit focused narrowly on the claim by James Fetzer and Mike Palecek that Pozner had forged or faked the death certificate, though it also alluded to other convoluted theories advanced by Fetzer on his blog, including the theory that Noah was not Pozner's son.

"Fetzer acted with actual malice," court documents say, also accusing the writer of publishing statements knowing that they "were false or with reckless disregard for the truth or falsity of the statements."

Fetzer responded to the decision in a tweet, writing, "My day in Court did not turn out as expected." He insisted that he was "able to produce decisive proof the [copy of] death certificate" he retrieved from the Internet is a fabrication, but said the judge ruled against him because his evidence "lacks certification."
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Why do you all continue talking about this pedophile? Jones got busted. Period. Plain and simple. And whatever he says and how many "rewards" he offers, at the end of the day, he's still a child molester.
Shouldn't the father get 44 million too?
Talk about Conservative double standards.
>to counter the ever growing wealth and income disparities between rich and poor
By giving more money to suits in cushy government funded positions. Like Doctors.
I think it's important to note this was a civil case of defamation, which means the first amendment is safe as this case fits precedent already set for civil court. The only criminal exceptions to the first amendment are a credible specific threat, meaning you not only said a threatening thing but were sufficiently detailed to not be considered a generic insult (ex. "kys" vs "I'm going to [your address] and I'm going to rape and murder [your wife's name] after she gets back from [activity she does] at [time she normally gets back]"), and using speech to deliberately incite violence (the classic "yelling fire in a crowded theater" example).

Civil defamation, on the other hand, has a lower bar to clear. For the average person, the plaintiff needs to prove that the defendant spread false information which harmed the plaintiff in some way. They key parts are the spread (you can't be sued if nobody but the plaintiff heard you, which is why libel is generally more serious than slander as it is more permanent so more people can see it), the falsehood (if it's true you can't sue them), and the damage (if the falsehood didn't affect you in any real way you have no reason to demand cash to rectify your situation since nothing changed).

If the plaintiff is a public figure, you have to prove the above AND that the defendant was malicious in their intent. This additional protection was put in place so government officials couldn't sue people for criticizing them (like their political opponents, for example). In this case, Leonard Pozner is a private individual, so this rule does not apply.

Additionally you cannot be sued if your speech is legally privileged. The big two examples here are statements made in a court of law (ex. you cannot sue witnesses against you) and statements made at official political functions (meaning you can't sue your Senator if he says something on the Hill, even if it's false; however you can still sue if he says if off the clock).
Man I totally forgot the biggest criminal exception to the first amendment: perjury. Making deliberately false statements under oath is not protected under any circumstances, however to balance this the state cannot compel you speak if the truth could legally jeopardize you in some way (fifth amendment).

Stratocumulus clouds are rather boring. They’re not as elegant as cirrus clouds (those horsetail wisps high in the sky) or as majestic as cumulonimbus clouds (big, scary thunderheads). But stratocumulus clouds, which hover low in the sky and create vast decks of cloud cover, have a supreme value in our warming world: Their white tops reflect lots of solar radiation back into space.

But Earth’s broad portfolio of clouds in the year 2019 could potentially be altered by extreme climate change. Those stratocumulus cloud decks could vanish, further intensifying global warming.

That’s the unsettling conclusion of a study published Monday in the journal Nature Geoscience, based on a computer model that provides a new warning that climate change could deliver surprises on top of the already existing and clearly predictable consequences.

The lead researcher, Tapio Schneider, a climate scientist at Caltech, hypothesized that very high levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide could suppress the formation of stratocumulus cloud decks. He and his colleagues modeled the formation of such clouds and, after two years of computer calculations, concluded that the steady rise in atmospheric CO2 could trigger a sudden spike in temperature associated with disappearing stratocumulus clouds.

The effect appeared intense if CO2 reached 1,200 parts per million — three times the current level, which is already much higher than the preindustrial level of carbon dioxide. If CO2 reached 1,300 parts per million, the new report states, the global atmospheric temperature would rise 8 degrees Celsius above whatever warming had already been produced from greenhouse gases.

“It’s a dramatic effect,” Schneider told The Washington Post. The stratocumulus cloud decks “break up altogether,” he said.

“Once the stratocumulus decks have broken up, they only re-form once CO2 concentrations drop substantially below the level at which the instability first occurred,” according to the study.

Kerry Emanuel, a professor of atmospheric science at MIT, said of Schneider’s study: “What he’s done is certainly plausible, but these clouds are really hard to simulate. . . . It provides a plausible, but not yet proven, route by which you could have a tipping point in the climate.”

Climate scientists have long been confounded by clouds. A cloud can amplify global warming, or it can limit it, depending on what kind of cloud it is, and its size, location, thickness, duration, etc. But clouds are hard to pin down in a computer model. They are remarkably insubstantial elements of the natural world. If you could bring all the clouds and water vapor in the atmosphere to the surface, it would form a liquid layer less than an inch deep, Schneider said, and clouds alone would create a layer no deeper than a coat of paint.

“You need to predict what small fraction of that water vapor will condense into clouds,” Schneider said.

There is no easy way to test whether clouds would really behave this way in a world with such alarmingly high concentrations of carbon dioxide. What’s certain is that a spike of 8 degrees C, in addition to warming already baked in the cake from greenhouse gas emissions, would presumably be catastrophic, not only for human civilization but for countless species and ecosystems jolted by the rapid climate change.

Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, when people began burning fossil fuels on a vast scale, global temperatures have risen about 1 degree Celsius, or about 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit, with the warming driven by the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide, from about 280 ppm to more than 400 ppm, a level surpassed in 2013 for the first time in recorded history. It is hard to imagine a world with anything near 1,300 ppm CO2.
Schneider, for one, does not think such extreme levels of CO2 will actually materialize, simply because he assumes that human civilization will find a way to avoid putting all that carbon into the atmosphere.

“I hope there’s going to be sufficient technological progress that we’re not going to get there. But it’s not outside the realm of the possible,” Schneider said.

Matt Huber, a Purdue climate scientist who has studied the effects of clouds on climate, offered a cautious assessment of the new paper. “Whenever you see a surprising result in a climate model, you get concerned that the model is itself just too tippy, that there’s something that should be stabilizing the model,” he said.

But Huber noted that the Schneider paper offers a potential answer to a long-standing riddle. For decades, scientists have known that 55 million years ago, the Earth endured a strangely hot phase — called the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM). That’s the famous “crocodiles in the Arctic” period.

How did Earth get so sweltering? Carbon dioxide is an obvious element of the mystery, but climate models cannot seem to nudge the planet into such high temperatures without extraordinary levels of CO2, such as 4,000 ppm or higher. And the geological record does not show CO2 higher than 2,000 ppm. So there must be another factor.

One possibility has been that a massive escape of methane from the ocean floor tipped the climate into a new hothouse regime. But the Schneider paper offers another conjecture: Vanishing cloud cover could lead to a climate tipping point.

Stratocumulus clouds are produced as warm air rises from the surface and cools, causing water vapor to condense. Such cloud decks are known in California as marine layers, and they are notorious for rolling into coastal cities and turning warm days cold. These clouds cover large swaths of the tropical ocean.
>mfw I have 1321 ppm co2 in my garage this very second

I better get more weight from my outdoor grows or I am gonna beat your scientists up
The formation of the cloud decks depends on the cooling process at the top of the clouds. This occurs at a physical scale that traditional climate models cannot easily capture.

“They simply fall through the computational mesh,” Schneider said. He and his colleagues have developed a new model that uses what is known as a large eddy simulation. The model indicates that the cooling process necessary for these cloud decks will be suppressed if the planet gets too warm.
>new (((model)))

Why use a model? Why not use reality?
Really oys my vey

File: DOG.jpg (6 KB, 258x195)
6 KB
"Cancer sniffing dogs are 97% accurate in detecting cancer"

Next time you see a good boy, get a sniff and give him a pet

>give him a pet
how about a cancer-sniffing human?
Not surprised. Dogs are also very good at detecting hypoglycemic episodes which is why there are diabetic service dogs.

Dogs are cool

File: 1514341686962.jpg (80 KB, 800x733)
80 KB
300+ Congolese were dropped off in San Antonio late last week. 100+ were caught trying to wade over the Rio Grande. These are nigs straight from Africa crossing the southern border carrying a deadly disease that has a 3 week incubation period with them into the US. There are still people defending them despite the fact that they are bringing a HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS, HIGH MORTALITY DISEASE INTO THE UNITED STATES BY ILLEGAL CROSSINGS.

NGOs and Catholic non-profits are flooding this country with the makings of an honest to god pandemic starter. How have these people and their enablers not been gunned down yet?!




22 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Its ok, they'll be protected by god just like the anti-voxers preach.
People get smuggled all over the world into America. Some have the means to pay and then overstay visa. Others get roped in as slaves because their previous life was that shitty.

On the more legal side they could be here on "temp" green cards due to some environmental disaster.
people in the south aren't exactly known for hand washing....


Yeah, because if you catch it; you die quickly from it.
only if you don't get immediate medical care when your liver starts oozing out of your nose

The US constitution doesn't apply to Canadians.
I've always found it hilarious how foreigniggers grow up on American TV and movies and they end up imaging that they have American constitutional protections even though they live in a different country.
>The US constitution doesn't apply to Canadians.
It does not. You guys actually have an official religion. Isn't that a fun little wrinkle? I look forward to the ascent of the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall and the subsequent assertion of soverignty over the Commonwealth and Defender of the Faith. HRH King George VII may well save Europe and the world.
How much of an annoying old religious cunt do you have to be to get evicted?
This occurred in Hanford, California.
Is u dindu?

File: Capture.png (145 KB, 393x281)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
any thoughts?

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> Quality will probably go to shit,
Good. Maybe more Amerifats will find out what a salad is.
Whataburger sells salads.
> Whataburger sells salads.
So does McDonalds. You ever see anyone buy one?
Not a fair comparison. McDonalds salads are GMO reconstituted, irradiated soylent green. Whataburger salads are actual lettuce and tomatoes.
before extracting goodwill value of trademark:
>are actual lettuce and tomatoes.
after partially extracting goodwill value of trademark:
>are made with (but not of) actual lettuce and tomatoes.
after fully extracting goodwill value of trademark:
>are full synthetic lettuce and tomatoes made of artificially colored recycled plastic.

File: jones.png (417 KB, 812x456)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
Lawyers for the families of children and adults killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School disclosed Monday that child pornography was found in electronic files sent to them by conspiracy theorist Infowars host Alex Jones.

The pornography was found in email metadata files Jones' attorneys turned over to the families' lawyers as part of the discovery process of a defamation lawsuit, which was filed in a Connecticut court last year in response to discussions on Jones' show about the school shooting being a hoax.

Jones' attorney, Norman Pattis, said the child pornography was in emails sent to Jones that were never opened and he denied Jones did anything wrong. Pattis said federal authorities are investigating who sent the emails.

Appearing angry on his web show based in Austin, Texas, Jones accused one of the families' lawyers, Christopher Mattei, of planting the child pornography in the files in an effort to frame Jones. He also offered a $1 million reward for information on who sent the emails containing child porn.

In a motion filed in Waterbury Superior Court on Monday, lawyers for the families accused Jones of threatening Mattei by naming him on the show, showing his photo and wrongly accusing him of planting the child pornography. The motion will be discussed at a court hearing on Tuesday. Pattis denied that Jones threatened Mattei.

"Total war! You want it, you got it!" Jones said on the show while talking about Mattei, a Democrat who ran unsuccessfully for state attorney general last year. "I'm not into kids like your Democratic party. ... So get ready!"

Other lawyers for the families, William Bloss, Alinor Sterling and Matthew Blumethal, said in the motion that they notified the FBI about the numerous child porn images.

>READ MORE: https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/lawyers-infowars-host-alex-jones-child-porn-63770292
25 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks for the heads up, FBI.
If only. They pay well, my current agency pays poorly.
Fellow DoD Anon here
Can confirm
The department of dilation pays pretty poorly, and it's a shit job but someone's got to do it
You should really just transition, nobody talks that much about trannies without some deep down feelings to hide.
I'd be pretty surprised to find out that Alex Jones is some kind of Palpatine-esque exhibitionist demon who exposes his own sinister plots and plans to help tickle his pickle.

File: Untitled.jpg (89 KB, 660x371)
89 KB
>There is credible evidence that Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and other high-level officials are individually liable for the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, a UN expert says.

>A report by special rapporteur Agnes Callamard says the evidence merits further investigation by an independent and impartial international inquiry.

>Saudi agents killed the journalist inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

>Saudi authorities insist they were not acting on Prince Mohammed's orders.

>The Gulf kingdom has put 11 unidentified people on trial behind closed doors for Khashoggi's murder and is seeking the death penalty for five of them.

>However, Ms Callamard said the trial had failed to meet international procedural and substantive standards, and called for it to be suspended.

>Saudi Arabia's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Adel al-Jubeir, rejected the report, tweeting that it was "nothing new" and contained "clear contradictions and baseless allegations which challenge its credibility".


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Why do people pretend to care about dead Muslims?
A Muslim brotherhood propagandist was killed by a Saudi Wahhabist. Nothing of value was lost.
Usually I disagree with you. However here I agree. Death to islam/muslims.

Fuck kikes fuck communists fuck jannies

You are all kikes get off my 4chins

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>hates kikes
>posts a link to dailywire.com
Thanks for making Ben Shapiro more pageview money, OP
>Fuck kikes fuck communists fuck jannies

What about kites? You have anything against kites?
> fuck communists
> Posts on a phone made in China

(You) fail at life.
Antifa fucktards are just the other side of the coin relative to the altright idiots.
>Daily Wire
>Writer can’t even stay on topic or write coherent thoughts
>No link to “study”
Weak b8 m8

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is in full force with his push for socialism as he looks to increase support for his 2020 presidential campaign, and is calling for unproven potentially disruptive change in the United States.

Days after an address at George Washington University in which he rolled out his platform, Sanders brought his message of wages to "Fox News Sunday."

Wallace challenged Sanders by referring to criticism based on the idea that while the senator is marketing democratic socialism as a way to create social programs, it really involves a more "dramatic change" to the financial foundation of the country.

Sanders admitted that this is "basically true," as his plans involve stifling innovative businesses, putting more red tape on over-the-counter drugs, and government takeover of healthcare that world end Medicare as we know it.

“If people want to accuse me of believing in that, I plead guilty. That's what I believe in," the socialist said.

Wallace asked Sanders if his platform includes support for government control of major institutions. He brought up a quote from 1976 where Sanders said, "I favor the public ownership of utilities, banks and major industries."

When asked if he still believed in this, Sanders did not directly answer the question but did not deny it.

61 replies omitted. Click here to view.
New democrat is the term

It will be sad when Bernie wins and all his vetoes get overturned by democrats. Have to vote the swamp out of the Senate first.
>countries with higher standards of living have these systems in place
>b-but theyre unproven!

>medicare is socialized medicine
>people like medicare
>s-social medicine is going to end medicare "as we know it"!
based nega-libertarian. im a lefty, but ill take your position over libertarians or republicans any day
this. jesus fucking christ the absolute state of fox news

File: file.png (289 KB, 605x363)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
>Human world left to wonder how one orange man can be so retarded. Bullet points include: Going against 99.99 percent of scientists. Embarrassing the USA. Embarrassing the white race.

Prince Charles spent 75 minutes longer than scheduled trying to convince Donald Trump of the dangers of global heating, but the president still insisted the US was “clean” and blamed other nations for the crisis.

Trump told ITV’s Good Morning Britain on Wednesday he had been due to meet the Prince of Wales for 15 minutes during his state visit, but the discussion went on for 90 minutes – during which the prince did “most of the talking”.

But Trump said he pushed back at the suggestion the US should do more.

He said: “I did say, ‘Well, the United States right now has among the cleanest climates there are based on all statistics.’ And it’s even getting better because I agree with that we want the best water, the cleanest water. It’s crystal clean, has to be crystal clean clear.”

Trump said: “He is really into climate change and I think that’s great. What he really wants and what he really feels warmly about is the future. He wants to make sure future generations have climate that is good climate, as opposed to a disaster, and I agree.”

Trump added: “China, India, Russia, many other nations, they have not very good air, not very good water, and the sense of pollution. If you go to certain cities … you can’t even breathe, and now that air is going up … They don’t do the responsibility.”

But Trump said he pushed back at the suggestion the US should do more.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
154 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's not *my* economic model, it's just the one we're stuck under. I'm saying it sucks, but well, reality often does.

Businesses expand via loans and credit, which are available due to the excess liquidity created by stock market investments and the large corporations and banking outfits that make the bonds and other financial products there from. Do you know what happens when that pool of investment dries up, or its growth slows? No loans, no expansion, no new businesses, no jobs. As time goes on, the size of the businesses you need to maintain that pool have to be larger and larger, and without those giant beasts, the ship sinks.

Wealth concentration is kinda of inevitable in a free market capitalist society - money and power leads to more money and power, in snowball like fashion, due to simple economic gravity. The current model of economics the US (and most of the western world, but particularly the US), accelerates this effect, and makes little to no effort to mitigate it. Indeed, most efforts in the US are aimed at accelerating it further, partly under the "greed is good" mentality, but also because we don't see another way to maintain this house of cards.

Didn't say anything about "universalized prosperity" nor would I ever deny this terrible system doesn't lead directly to extreme wealth concentration. It is, however, coupled with world reserve currency status, what makes the US the economic beast it is, and the system the rest of the western world has fallen into as well (even if most of the rest of the world makes more efforts to mitigate the negative effects).
ah i see, I thought you were doing that creepy thing people do when someone says "no" and they think that means "yes". At least we are on the same page. I think theres more hope to change it than not, though.
He hasn't murdered any US Ambassadors ...
>Well, the United States right now has among the cleanest climates
>cleanest climate

File: JunMeiyu.jpg (362 KB, 774x1024)
362 KB
362 KB JPG

Protests held again today. Hong Kong People will not rest until this Law is withdrawn.
27 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's part of China, not the PRC.
Mainland has been violating OCTS agreement for a very long time. We wouldn't have got to this point- Hong Kongers even thinking about independence, has the Mainland thought about upholding it's ends of the deal without further integrating HK politically into China.
Hong Kong is part of China but many don't want to be part of this current Chinese Nation.
At this point, the mainland would have to respond with military force, which would prompt international economic reprisal.
Possibly another protect this weekend.

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