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File: Robbery-696x442.jpg (25 KB, 696x442)
25 KB
I recently was notified by the police that while I was away on vacation they caught some people trying to break in into my home. What would be the best advice to protect our homes. Besides owning a gun!
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So to summarize your post, just let it happen. Wonderful advice. You likely wouldnt fight back anyway

Owning a Zip Gun

A zip gun is a D.I.Y home made Gun that you can make from old wide Ford antennas. Hoodlums in the 1970s used to make them all the time.
Unless you have a meth-lab in your dorm. Then police unilaterally makes an appointment with you.
I literally baracade myself in my own apartment, and lock myself in one room of it. Not because I'm scared but a fag
>Make friends with your neighbors.

File: hittrmiss.jpg (263 KB, 1200x1200)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
that we need 'sacrificial' graffiti coatings that can be removed with a humble pressure washer only to be painted over again with other 'sacrificial' colours. gay.
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yes and on that not sex is super overrate, it is the most overrated thing in life. Here are 5 things better than sex.

1. Regular bowel movements
2. A good nights rest
3. Not being nasally congested
4. waking up early and peacefully reading along
5. Having a fun time with adult siblings and friends, a theme park, a game, something fun.
Problematic and toxicpilled.
Are you British, or missing half the nerves in your brain, or what?

>I say Nigel, fancy going out tonight and having a shag?
>Oh Albert, I JUST got my nasal passages cleared up,
>I think I'll just stay home and enjoy that tonight old chap!
I had to double check that I was not the retarded one, holy shit! Why did they put the letters like that? Are they trying to be artistic?

File: 1551159875481.jpg (67 KB, 640x418)
67 KB
Well /g/ is useless. I was hoping for some advice on HVAC stuff. I was planned on getting a 1/2 HP Aquarium Chiller and probably a 350 GPH pump for a pc cooling loop. I was going to install it in the attic and run it to the room just underneath. Are there standard control panels for these that I can mount in the room with the pc, or in order to control the pump at the same time should I get something like a swimming pool control panel? How careful will I need to be about condensation? I'm in the tristate area. I figured if I just insulate the tubes and don't get too far below the dew point, I shouldn't have much trouble. Am I being too optimistic? Should I get an airtight case with a humidity sensor? Am I just going to ruin my ceiling with water stains?
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This should work
why do you need liquid cooling? air cooling is very similar in efficacy these days, perhaps better considering it needs no maintenance.
Sub ambient for higher clocks
File: 1557032246717.jpg (254 KB, 650x866)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
sounds like a dumb idea senpai. just buy a 70$ ambient heatsink and a noctua and call it a day.
are you gonna cool a whole server farm?

anyway, the thermal mass will carry you a ways if it's big enough, but you probably don't want it upstairs. A sump pump will pump water straight up a good distance. If you don't want a swimming pool full of water you should probably have a radiator and a fan.

File: M9700_laptop02.jpg (18 KB, 471x411)
18 KB
Hey guys so I'm having a problem with my laptop that I can't seem to figure out.I recently changed the bottom cover of my Alienware m9700 and after I did and put everything back my keyboard and CD drive started acting up.My keyboard won't type and my CD drive won't read.I was having problems even booting well the keyboard was attached,so I was wondering if anyone has ever come across this problem.If so how did you go about fixing it?
Something isn't plugged in properly. Take it apart again and reassemble
This or an error in reassembly is creating a short.
Anyway you'll need to take it apart and reassemble.
Oh sounds like that will do the trick,but what if the reassembling it again doesn't work.What would be my next move then?
>but what if the reassembling it again doesn't work
Why don't you try and see if that fixes your problem first?
Anyway, my next step would be trying to identify the fault.
Visual inspection first.
Then disconnect parts one by one to isolate the faulty part. Replace with known good part and see if the problem persists.
Troubleshooting PC hardware over the internet is really tedious so please try and see if the problem is fixed by carefully reasembling the laptop.
Oh okay sounds good I will try to see if I have some time today to take it apart and reassemble it so I can get back to you guys.Thanks to everyone who replied I really appreciate

File: fence.png (58 KB, 1152x648)
58 KB
I'm building a dog enclosure using woven wire stretched and attached to 4x4 cedar posts at corners. The corners are connected by horizontal 4x4 cross braces.

The problem is the grade varies along the fenceline. Do I just attached the woven wire the top of the posts and match the grade at ground level or should I make cuts instead?

Pic related
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>Vai 12 volt car battery. It deters deer
deer sense the 12vdc and avoid the fence?
When they touch it, and sense a shock, they avoid it and try something else. To my touch it’s very annoying, not life threatening, like some hardwired , hi current ones.
This. And pour 3inch concrete in the trench if u can
Or they also make a "skirted" fence g where about 12 inches at the bottom fold in and sit on top of the ground on the inside just in case the dog gets the idea to try and dig out.
I have some chicken wire I can use as a skirt along the line.

So far the fence is stretching nicely. I have a big incline to tackle, so I expect some hovering. One method I read about is kinking the cloth along one vertical strand to make abrupt angle changes.

File: 01.png (1.11 MB, 899x660)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
Show me yours lads n laddies
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>jointer inside house and upstairs
u wot m8
I'm cleaning mine up at the moment going through a move but if this thread is still up when I'm done I'll post mine
Why the hole in the router table?
I would if I thought you'd all abuse me over the miserable condition in which I generally leave it but you guys are too easygoing by half.

File: 81FoQRCnc5L._SL1308_.jpg (208 KB, 1037x1308)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
I want to mount this to a wooden pole but I'm not allowed to screw into it. What would be a good mounting method?

I see that some ultra strong double sided tape is available...
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File: 3.jpg (271 KB, 781x1037)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
File: 4.jpg (704 KB, 1231x1634)
704 KB
704 KB JPG
File: 5.jpg (210 KB, 704x934)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Built a case for it too, sorry for shit pics it's an old phone.

>Spotted the talentless little shits that never got dad anything he ever enjoyed as a gift
That's pretty sweet! Did you by plans or Draft them?
Thanks lad; god no, the plans were bought, i'm nowhere experienced enough to draught my own plans, i'm not even on the scale lol

What are some /diy/-approved shows and YouTube channels to help me git gud?
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>not using a picture with the chick that was shoved into the show

how dare you
The show is pretty informative and worth watching every week.
File: the-red-green-show.jpg (85 KB, 310x310)
85 KB
This is what most /diy/ers watch.
Based and RedGreenpilled.
None, you can't git gud at anything but video games from your couch

Useful, overpriced or both? Swiss army or Leatherman? Best models for camping or EDC? Is there one you would carry with you even along with regular tradesman's tools?
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File: 1556600122542.png (195 KB, 480x360)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
I can specify the use for all of them.
>Knife is good for cooking, firemaking and other
>Scissors are good for fishing lines and nails, specifically toenails, kinda important when oot and aboot
>Can opener opens bullens pilsnerkorv, that's it
>Pliers are good for removing fish hooks and the like
>Looking glass lets you make a fire without matches or a lighter
My personal most used tool is the toothpick, followed closely by scissors.
It's just generally nice to have these all in the same place, or it would be if they actually made a knife with only these tools to avoid the bulk.
30 year old boomer here. I've been carrying a skeletool cx around clipped to the inside of my back pocket for close to ten years. It's pretty fucking convenient. A lot of the tards itt think a multitool is somehow a tool replacement, it's not. It's something you have on you to use really quickly when you can't get another tool, or getting another tool would be a pain in the ass. It's for when you notice the screws are backing out on something so you fix it in ten seconds rather than putting it off and forgetting about it. It's for when you're doing a simple electrical job and you realize you need to do a three wire splice and you only have one pair of lineman's. It's for when a buddy is sitting there looking like a retard trying to open something, and you say "I got this". It's for when you're sitting around a fire and someone brings out a few beers, but no opener.
Often it works really well for simple crap. I've got a good eye for knowing if I can do it with the multitool or not. Early on, I'd sit there struggling with it trying to do something it can't accomplish. Don't do that. The proper tool makes all the difference. The multitool is for when you're caught with your pants around your ankles, dick in hand, going "aw fuck, I don't have the [whatever tool], but I can cheat it".
I also carry around a ZebraLight sc62w, and it gets more use than the skeletool by a factor of two. If you don't have a good pocket light, get one.
>It's for when you're doing a simple electrical job

you pretty much went off the tracks there, son. If you are doing ANY non-emergency electrical job and you need a multitool, you are doing it wrong.
>30 year old boomer
Nah, the single pair of lineman's gets me 70% of the way. The skeletool pliers get me an additional 20%. For everything else, there's channellocks. But fuck if I'm going to bust those out every time. They're basically reserved for 10ga work and under.

Welcome to 4channel, newfriend. Enjoy your stay.

File: 1440096167836.jpg (1.77 MB, 4928x3280)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB JPG
I want to start a DIY project where I can apply some programming knowledge (mostly python) and somehow relate it to astronomy. I'm looking for project ideas - right now I'm picking up programming again and studying astronomical navigation, so I'd like to combine these two areas. I'm mostly interested in programming automated systems, and one of my pipe dreams is to make an automated self-steering system for a small sailboat. I don't have any experience with arduinos or raspberry pi's or whatever though, so any books or guides would be appreciated. Thanks
Automated celestial navigation for boats? Half the task is actually getting a star/sun sight, the other half is pure chartwork. This guy gives a good primer https://youtu.be/v2tdodFoXz8
The math behind it is spherical trigonometry which isn't too bad, but it can be simplified using lookup tables like Norie's. https://www.southbankmarine.com/product/nories-nautical-tables/

As for accuracy, a sextant can read an angle to 1 second of 1 degree. However there is a lot of guesswork and art behind getting an accurate horizon to celestial object angle on a rolling/pitching boat.

Python script which predicts the location of certain stars at a given time
part time Ideaguy at your service, OP! Here's a few:
- automated telescope guidance/stabilization system
- automated celestial navigation for sail boat, or aircraft
- automated stabilization system for satellites using celestial nav
- augmented reality glasses that show you constellations / stars in the spherical area from where you are standing, but you can "look through" the earth or see them in daylight
- simulated "figure out where I am" system based on celestial nav, for a hypothetical FTL ship (pop out of warp, located pulsars, triangulate)
- DIY SETI using yagi / dish and SDR dongles
Thank you all for the input

File: DSC_0003~01.jpg (1.3 MB, 3340x1818)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
Some street worker used this, i guess to break stunes with a hammer. it has a special tip (next pic).
they threw it away.
is the tip too worn out?
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I have ground cold chisels it's not nearly as bad as what you're trying to make it seem.
Bench grinders have multiple wheels. Often one will have a wire wheel on one side, and a grinding wheel on the other. If you'd ever actually used one you'd know that. Ask your wife's bull he might be familiar with them.
Just fuck off man.
You mean a chisel?
>wah I cant make a good point to support statements I made! It's your fault for knowing better!
How about you fuck off and stop telling people everything is out to kill them? Maybe it gets your boat floating to think everything you're doing is so dangerous you need to set yourself up with full plate armor but it's simply not true. A pair of glasses if you think what you're about to do might suck is all you need. If sparks and tiny chunks of metal hitting his wrist starts to bother op I'm sure he's got the mental capacity to figure out how to stop it from happening. He's not gonna fuck himself up by not wearing long sleeves period. This also wouldn't annoy me so much if it didn't seem like this whole board is just osha coming together with nobody actually doing anything, just talking about the safest way to do it.
File: 1560643115834.jpg (74 KB, 386x573)
74 KB
Just wait for 5G.

File: xD4U6u5_d.jpg (29 KB, 465x377)
29 KB
I've become the main mechanic for my wife's family. They usually take their vehicles to the shop for maintenance, but it's so expensive in Finland to even get your oil changed. Im taking on bigger and bigger jobs all the time. Can any REAL mechanics give me any advice of things a amateur shouldn't do?
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This. He might have had something to say but I gave up after the second line.

a knuckle is not a spindle, a spindle is not a hub. a hub is not a knuckle

a spindle is a fixed straight shaft. solid.

a hub is the piece with a hole in the middle, with a bearing usually, that goes over a spindle

this assembly is sometimes, but not always, mounted to a knuckle to allow it to pivot. sometimes the spindle and knuckle are one solid piece. in this case its still called a spindle and a knuckle, or the knuckle's spindle

if the spindle is fixed solid and cannot move in anyway, there is no knuckle. a knuckle has to be able to move to be called a knuckle
I make a shit ton of money doing auto shit at my house, do neighbors shit for free so they don`t rat me out but go to dealers and let name and number and prices..I manage $700 to $2000 week usd doing shit on side
Carry on my wayward son.
dad, get off 4chan. it's bad enough you're into traps let alone giving people car advice

File: gingery lathe.jpg (76 KB, 640x480)
76 KB
Hope you're having a nice sunday, /diy/

I'd been wanting to build a small lathe, and had been trouble coming up with how to machine the base. After sifting through some epoxy granite stuff, I've found the Gingery lathe. On one hand casting the parts out of aluminum seems so easy and effective, on the other hand, I don't see it very often and I don't see anybody reporting on using these machines long term, so I'm wondering about the caveats. Are there any besides lower weight and thus less vibration absorption? (contact surfaces on the bed would be bolted on)
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Technically, wikipedia says you are full of shit:

Basically, steel is an iron-carbon alloy that does not undergo eutectic reaction. In contrast, cast iron does undergo eutectic reaction.
>Elaborate pls

Elaborate on what?
The fact that you can literally buy a chinesium lathe that will be better made and more stiff for less than the cost of raw materials for the gingery lathe?

When the book was written, there was no cheap lathes on craigslist or cheap harbor freight lathes, and scrap was cheap or free.
There is a reason that its not popular to build stuff like this, its cheaper and easier to just buy a tool which in the end will work better.
cheap chinese machines ways aren't always good though
>cheap chinese machines ways aren't always good though

this. any homemade aluminum way is better than chinese machinery.
potentially, if the home made stuff is at least cast iron or a purchased linear rail.

honestly, it seems a bit odd to me that people are willing to buy cheap crappy dovetail way machines when they could spend the bulk of the money on quality components like linear rails and servos then afro engineer the base out of epoxy granite or aluminum or whatever.

Didn't Okuma experiment with a cheap aluminum CNC mill? Okuma's "economy" line is still pretty pricey of course.

File: Laser.jpg (1.34 MB, 2295x2294)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
I recently got a laser from a parts bin and would love to put it to use, but I haven't the faintest idea how to start. The barcode doesn't scan, and the part number (if it even is that) doesn't show up in any combination of spaces and dashes I put into it. I don't have any info to go off of except what's written on the label in the picture. Is anyone familiar with these, or lasers in general, so I could start identifying it? Any help would be appreciated. I don't want to simply power it and see what happens, and I'm not planning on just sticking a power supply on this and pointing it at things or people; I know the dangers of blinding/burning/etc. that come with lasers.

Failing that, general laser thread, I don't think I've seen one.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Eye protection is most important. Just the reflection of the beam off a distant object like a door handle and back into your eye can cause eye damage.
In terms of H&S the most important thing there is the class IIIb designation, so absolutely be concerned about eye damage (look it up). With the right enclosure you can consider it a class I laser (in other words build a test enclosure).

The barcode might scan if you retouch it so the black parts are solidly black again. It's pretty badly damaged
That's a class 3b laser, which is a part of the safety classifications. When you run current through that sucker, wear eye protection. Class 3b is a fucking big range though, anywhere from 5 to 500mW. Gonna say that's relatively on the low end just based on its apparent size. Wish it said the actual wavelength on there, instead of "wavelength" with a blank space. I'd hazard a guess that this shines blue, given that looking up "b150 laser" gives replacement lasers for blu-rays.
Unfortunately, the fact that it's a 3b laser is the most I've been able to figure out myself. I asked the guy I got it from, and he said it was also a hand-me-down that he never got around to using, so no luck on that front. I'll try retouching the barcode and see if that works.
Looks a look like the one in this projector. Maybe post the pic in their help forum.

File: IMG_20190616_005205.jpg (1.96 MB, 3547x2552)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
Well /diy/ how'd I do?
First proper diy project finished.
20 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not everybody lives in the US.
Ok, but where do you live???
Good job OP maybe it isn’t the best looking project but atleast it is a thing you made with your hands
UK. I managed to find one for the equivalent of ~$30 but it only does up to 15mm nails which is no good when working with 12mm wood. Cheapest one that actually fires long enough nails is to be useful for speaker cabinet building is ~$44.

Screws are a helluva lot cheaper & I already have a decent drill/driver.
that's a hella dope washing machine bro

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