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File: Ham transmit flowchart.jpg (162 KB, 1024x725)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Previous: >>1684698


>Practice Tests
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It looks like noise you posted in the other picture. If you find the same thing spaced about the spectrum, it's likely a strong source of noise. Try moving the antenna somewhere else, or get it outside for best results. Try just throwing the wire out your window to see if that shit goes away.
it's everywhere
You're picking a strong source of interference then. Common causes: florescent lights, LED light bulbs, switching power supplies, TV/Computer monitor (all types), and more.

If you run it with no antenna attached does the noise get reduced or disappear? If yes, clearly you have something around you throwing out RF noise. No, then your PC, monitor, or PS may be the culprit.
File: plc.jpg (40 KB, 393x570)
40 KB
PLC is a digital plague.
So that's why they looked like they were merging.
Does that mean my antenna wasn't bad?

So I've been design this product - can't really say much cause patent and whatnot, but the thing works real well.

The only problem is how much noise it generates. The noise level ranges from 60db - 65 db which in db(a) is like 55-60 db cause the frequency range is from 100hz - 500hz.

Most of the noise comes from a 214hz motor.
The whole sell of the product is that it is cost effective so these large bricks of mineral wool or rock wool that is traditionally used for these frequencies is like a no-go.

I've been looking into making micro-perforated plates made out of thin plastic film with an air gap followed by a ridged wall.I don't have anything corrosive so plastic works fine, and i'll add some sort of substructure to ensure to plastic film don't ripple.

The only problem is - how the hell do I make this? I can get film of the requisite thickness easy from alibaba (i think). But how do I make holes that are 0.2mm thick?

My thoughts go to laser cutting, but my local laser cutters can't do that small. Additionally, it looks like for a square meter of material, I'll need to make 19200 holes.

If you don't know what mpp are check out ->

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Acid etching looks like a cool avenue for mass production ->
I'll keep this idea stored for later, thx.

What I generally see in making these micro perforated sheet is something they term 'hot needle' which I presume is heating a finely made needle to a melting point of the material and then rapidly pushing it in.

I want it made out of PTFE so 365 degrees Centigrade - because the concept is material agnostic (noise reduction occurs due to precise oscillations within what aero acousticians consider a tiny tube (what every one else would say is a hole)), and with a lot of airflow I want little dust accumulating on this thing. Due to low wan-der-waals forces, teflon has very little attraction power and the lowest friction coefficient known to man , which if anything should mean that reverberations within the tube are higher so the destructive power is higher.

I believe this would be the first product made with this concept in mind. Its too expensive to do with metal - which most people need because low-frequency sound absorbers are most useful for exhaust systems (cars and jet engines) which by nature are corrosive.

I think it'd probably be useful for HVACers - but I don't think noise is a large enough issue for them to care too much about it. It'd prolly be useful for Industrial machinery, but I don't think there is a willingness to pay.

Also you need a lot of holes per square meter, I think one count gave it around 250,000. You'd need to do 1000 holes a second to make this in anyway feasible thing.

If I can prove my concept, then I'll set about making the machine. But until I make the machine - is there a slower precise way of doing this?
Solid ptfe is expensive as all fuck, just so you know.
>Its too expensive to do with metal
Perforating PTFE sheets is going to be vastly more expensive than just buying aluminum or stainless sheets that are already perforated. Stainless steel perforated sheets go down to hole sizes as small as .006", Aluminum to .0625", Brass to .016".
>Due to low wan-der-waals forces
Add a charge to a metal sheet so that it repels dust. But small holes are still going to clog with dust because the dust won't fit through the holes. You will need a prefilter if you want the screen to not clog.
Do you mean between 100hz and 500hz when using your patent pending sawzall powered dildo thruster?

File: egs216_sb.png (181 KB, 800x274)
181 KB
181 KB PNG

So, I have the guitar of the link and picture. It costs around $120 new and I bought it used for $40. I'm not from the US and the price of repairing it pretty much put me two-thirds of just buying a new one. I'm back to playing the guitar and the one I have need some repairs and maybe some rewiring to have a tone that don't suck balls all the time.

1. Apparently the bridge saddles needs adjustment and I have no idea where to start.

2. At least 2 frets on the first string just fret and don't play the note I want, and I want to ajust that and don't know how. It might have something to do with bridge saddles, though

3. How the fuck can these people fuck that much up on pickups that the tone feel like a discarded boot sole with noise? Isn't a guitar pickup just a copper coil around some magnets? Can't I just find some neodymium magnets and tactically place them somewhere in the pickups and the tone would get better quality instantly?

4. Maybe finding better components for the potenciometers and better cables might help, what should I be looking for?

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>when you say 1st string I assume you mean the high e. What frets
Second and seventh

>Single coils are prone to picking 60hz/50hz hum. Could be some bad solder joints or ground, worth checking out.
Not just hum, it general tone sucks. For what matters, I have a cheap Behringer low-noise interface and use mainly digital effects like amplitube, but I have one of those x-vamp little pedalboards and I still can't get any pleasant tone out of it. I don't have any amps.

Duly noted. The volume pot have bad contact close to the top threshold, it goes down and I need to wobble it so it go up again, so if I'm re-wiring her I'm probably changing this pot too.
That sounds more like an issue with fret leveling. You can check by fretting 2nd and trying to slip a piece of paper between the string and 3, 4 etc. The string shouldn't be making contact with anything but the 2nd fret, same for the 7th. You could try loosening the truss rod a bit and see if that helps. If it's an Allen wrench make sure to use the right one, if you round it out you're SOL without some fancy tools or ingenuity. You can check neck relief pretty easy with feeler gauges but bit my bit until it feels right works too.

Pick up adjustment might help. Just try adjusting them while listening through your interface or whatever. Try raising them, you don't want them to contact the string while it's vibrating(obviously) but too high could make the sound harsh and theoretically reduce your sustain because of the magnets.

Not a bad move to replace it if you're in there already, before that you can try cleaning with contact cleaner or even a bit of rubbing alcohol.
Thanks. Years ago that stuff sounded really arcane to me. Truss rod stuff still do, and these springs on the back of the guitar pulling the brigde are still a mistery to me, but nothing like a good google search to solve this. I just found out how to adjust saddles for tuning and that was a mistery.

I still want to modify something to raise quality like re-wiring or changing the magnets for stronger ones, since I'm convinced they used terrible materials because this guitar is at least 15 years old. I'm even thinking about weaving the pickups myself and isntantly have some crisp boutique guitar I can re-sell for $300 to some dumb hipster with parent's spare money, haha.
Dave's world of fun stuff. YouTube. You will learn all you want to know.
Oh, yes. That's something, thanks.

Anyone know how i fit a toilet using these? Please hurry
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Hold the nut with your fingers and twist the fill valve.
that didn't work so i ended up drilling the nut out. now i have to take the new assembly out because it's hitting a bolt in the tank but i've already threaded the nut and now it's stuck aswell
turns out i can remove the tank as a whole and have just wasted my entire day fixing a toilet
You'll appreciate your hard work next time you sit down to take an extra fat shit.
Op here now you know my struggle. Why are toilets such cunts

Ok anons. I'm sure this has been posted before but I'm gonna ask it anyway. I live in a small neighborhood. Its gated with about 15 houses. Its mostly olds and a few college aged kids. All these fuckers got dogs - big dogs, little dogs, yappy dogs, etc.

All fucking kinds. I have a small patch of grass between my driveway and a concrete pad (for extra parking) in front of my house. It's about 4x10ft. And goddammit these fuckers seem to be shitting exclusively in that patch. It's clearly different dogs doing it too. It usually happens when I'm gone to work or out of town when the owners know they can get away with it (small community).

I've been removing the poop and placing it neatly in the road so it's very clear that I am noticing and am wanting all the other neighbors to notice too - so it cant be ignored. I'm getting a camera set up but in the meantime what can I do to:

a) take some stealthy non-lethal revenge
b) deter these fucking dogs from even coming near my house let alone the grass

Inb4 hurrdurr shotgun
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Back in the 80's I had a punk anarchist friend. His spin on this was to put a small piece of wood with a nail in it under the bag of flaming dog shit.

Classic gag + hepatitus.

I wonder where he is nowadays. Probably dead.
I thought they started putting a bittering agent into coolant now, to stop people from doing that?
Why spend money on a camera that only has one purpose, when you can just make a sign that says "Dog Owners Beware, Grass sprayed with anti animal acids" or some shit like that.
It's not the dogs fault, punish the owner not the dog.
Folks up in rural Alaska, the types that have sled dogs, will compost their dog's shit, and it works really well apparently

File: DSC_6201.jpg (1.37 MB, 2000x1325)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
/hbt/ homebrew thread
orange edition
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american or traditional german?
Traditional German.
File: 1558322979237.png (216 KB, 500x575)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
>tfw mommy just bought me 2 gallons of molasses for rum
I use barbados molasses. 5 gallons +25 gallons water. Boiled yeast and miracle grow. Yeast pitched at 100 degrees in a closed vessel it will work off in 3 days.

What's your recipe?
What's the laziest possible beer one could make? As in you set up everything only at the beginning, don't bother to monitor it, and somehow there are almost no off flavors at the end. Would it be a sour?

File: 20191015_013126.jpg (2.95 MB, 3456x4608)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB JPG
Hey /diy/
I was hoping I could ask you guys for some tips on how to remove this glue that was used to glue this guard to this tang.
I received this sword from someone, and someone a few decades ago tried to "restore" it, and in doing so made a bunch of terrible mistakes that I'm now trying to undo.
Taking off the terrible handle revealed that the guy had glued the guard in place, and I have no idea how to get it off.
I tried acetone, but it won't budge. I also don't want to be too aggressive in removing the glue since I'm afraid I might damage the lacquer on the guard.
Anyone got any tips for glue removal on metal?
isopropyl alcohol, a hard non-metal brush and elbow grease.
tapped threaded holes...
was the "restorer" a random handyman or mechanic pretending to do antique/carpentry preservation?
Using Naptha would usually work, but it doesn't look like you have anyway of getting any solvent into the handle.
The only thing I can think of other than solvents would be to heat the metal until the glue melts and pull it out. Maybe hook it up to a car battery and wait for it to start glowing. Or just a blow torch.

But really I dont see why you don't just make your own from scratch. The handle doesn't look like its worth keeping either.
Sorry I read that wrong. Yea soak it in Naphtha for 2 days, if that doesn't work melt it.

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
Why is the prusa printer so popular? Is it truly the best consumer grade 3d printer on the market?
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Look up open source and commons licenses if you want to release plans
>3d printers are expensive toys for extruding cheap plastic useless shit that you will promptly throw away
>prove me wrong

I print stupid expensive/impossible to find car parts and trim pieces saving me tons of money. Also pieces that don't exist that you need just spend 20 minutes in tinkercad slice that bitch up and you're in business. They're great for rapid prototyping since the models cost next to nothing in plastic.
File: fridge.jpg (173 KB, 1853x1430)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
These have been in use for 14 months
Just finished my first filament spool last night and re-printed them in white
Also fixed my kitchen drawers with adjustable supports
I originally bought my 3D printer to make WH40k miniatures (aka useless, but fun, plastic shit), but more often than not I wind up using my 3D printer to actually make useful things.
I've used my 3d printer to make repair parts for my headphones, a tool organizer, adapters for my camera, and custom parts for various electronics projects.
They're actually pretty handy for making custom parts of reasonable durability quickly and easily, given you know how to 3D model.
>I have no imagination and no design skill
Oh, okay.

File: u.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
wedge or threaded, what do you think.
I used it and still managed to have some pretty bad lipage in some spots. It won't make you into a pro.
Care to explain. I'll be tiling this weekend.

Hi /diy/, been a lurker for a while but first time posting.
I would like to make small hollow sillicone cubes but I dont know what tech I should use. Cubes could be about 30x30x30mm, but size doesnt matter much.
Any ideas for what I need to look into?
Injection molding.
Thanks, is It possible to make the whole cube as one piece using injection or how could the different pieces be assembled?

File: 1de.gif (940 KB, 627x502)
940 KB
940 KB GIF
I need to cut, drill and chamfer a piece of Grade 5 Titanium.
I have a drill press, I have a portable router, I have a band saw.
What type of blades or tooling should I buy or look at for this project?
I've never worked with titanium before nor do I have a great deal of expertise with metal fabrication.

I'm going to be routing out a general shape, drilling and then routing a hole, and then I need to make as round an edge along all surfaces as possible.
I also need to be able to produce multiple that are within .02 tolerance.
Would it be possible to do with the tools I have? If not what would help me?
What type of bits do I need to buy and what will last the longest?

I also need recommendations on a good 100+ volts DC power supply for anodizing.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Cnc water jet
None of the tools you mentioned have coolent sprayers on them, and if you dont have any way to cool and lubricate the titanium then you are screwed. That titanium will work harden on you very quickly and become harder than the tools and bits you are using. Post pics though, will be interesting to see.
why did you take a job that requires you to know things you dont, and equipment you dont have? you are so lost and scared that you POST ON 4CHAN asking for help. youre in too deep anon
I'm thinking I'll just have my girlfriend stand there with coolant and pour it on while I'm working.

Yeah, my main concern is not having to buy 600 bits to finish one piece

I didnt take a job, this is purely a project for my entertainment and I thought I'd ask the only place that isnt a 20 year old boomer forum if they had any experience.

If the project doesnt pan out, worst case scenario I'm out $220 and I literally make 2.5x that per day at work.
I was >>1699924, I didnt say that to discourage you, I was saying why it wouldnt work. I do believe there are stand alone coolant sprayers that you could try.

File: 20191004_113026.jpg (1.88 MB, 3264x1836)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
I have been experimenting with portable composting toilets. This is the first time i have developed an aggressive fungus.
Is this good?
If so, how can i help it along and make sure it does not die?
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Yeah like diseased pig shit is better than human waste. Enough time and human manure isn't biologically "hot" and dangerous anymore.
>Yeah like diseased pig shit is better than human waste.
Waste is almost always more dangerous to the species that produces it due to species specific parasites and pathogens, human-diet peculiarities aside.

>Enough time and human manure isn't biologically "hot" and dangerous anymore.
You're right, there's nothing magical about human poop in that respect. But depending on how you treat it we could be talking years, and a visual inspection won't tell you whether it's safe or not.

Composting human waste is great but let's not pretend that there's nothing different about it and it doesn't take special care.
it’s funny because it’s true
One year is about worst case scenario in a cold compost.
If you are keeping urine and poo separate and getting a hot compost going its much less.
Add some sawdust.

File: 41zVFajQ8DL.jpg (30 KB, 500x400)
30 KB
Let's say I want to build a replicant, aka waifubot. A robot with a human appearance and a human mind, practically indistinguishable from a human.

I know that this is literally impossible in 2019. But I have more than sixty years ahead of me.

What fields of technology/programming/engineering should I study in order to:

A) Replicate a human mind
B) Replicate a human body
36 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
But I don't want a girlfriend Anon. I fuck women, but what would I want a woman for besides that? I want a robot.
You join up with realdoll right now if you can, get the skills required if you can't. From there you can make the sexbot of your dreams
Look up how complex human brain is, with current rate of advance (especially since it's been slowing for over a decade) we may never get there as far as required computing power is concerned.
Gay as fuck.
Like ur mum

Been doing a high school welding course for nearly a year now. Any tips on stick welding?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I disagree with this. Not to be disrespectful but auto dark lenses are available every where now. They are the best thing available and should be put to use.
I thought the cunt hair was a strictly Dutch unit of measurement. I heard it a lot when I worked in the paper industry

>He verrekte kut draai de pulper eens een kuthaar verder los!
Learn how to look at a weld and know exactly what you did wrong. For example, I know from looking at your pic that your travel speed was inconsistent on that bead. Is that a 6010/6011 bead?
You litterly just brought up why that's a horrific idea.
6010 the faster you whip the faster it cools. Go back over the puddle just a bit more than you think you should, keep an eye on the puddle and whip it good.

File: 20190922_210851.png (680 KB, 1200x744)
680 KB
680 KB PNG
Old thread >>1657399

Welcome to woodworking general, here we discuss the working of wood and the tools and techniques of working wood. So far we tend to be mostly hand tool folk with a slant towards cabinetry and carving but all are welcome and we have some capable power tool folk amount our ranks. General carpentry question such as framing/decking/general construction seems to get a better response in the /qtddtot/ or /sqt/.

The Essential /wwg/ library.
Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking, gives you everything you need and shows you how to do it multiple ways from hand tools to power tools and gives you the knowledge to determine which is best, and then he teaches you how to apply what you learned.

Chris Pye wrote the book on carviing and keeps on writing them.

The eastern tradtion, Japanese Woodworking Tools: Their Tradition, Spirit and Use by Toshio Odate

Leonard Lee The Complete Guide to Sharpeninig, how to sharpen most everything.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
223 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
I wouldnt use old dull blades. Its unsafe.
Aside from that, looks like you have a lot of projects ahead of you!
I have that table saw, I got it for I don't know, maybe $20 4 or 5 years ago in that exact configuration.
Large and heavy enough to be inconvenient but not heavy and powerful enough to show for it.
I used it for flooring 4 years ago, was sitting since until I got around to removing the base and putting it on a wooden stand I made. I can tip it on it's side for storage and roll it out and just tip it onto my workmate to use it now at least.
I don't exactly wood work, I work with wood frequently, but I hardly do fine work out of raw material beside one thing recently.
Beats not having one.
When buying carbide scrapers for my lathe should I look solely at the brands that use a flat bottom or completely square shank instead of the round shank? Is it beneficial to have that extra help keeping the bit flat against the tool rest or is there a reason I would want to be able to turn it?
Get a little booty-tickled at some truth getting dropped there or something?
Yeah looks like you done alright considering.

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