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I’m constantly drill through walls and concrete into my attic and one of the most frustrating things is trying to figure out where to drill the hole so that it comes out at the proper place on the other side. Is there a device that I can place on one side of the wall to figure out where to drill so that it comes out at that spot?
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Yeah, a magnet...
thermal camera and heat source
It would be a shame if his walls were to be filled with steel
Shoulda known better than to ask a bunch of Home Depot workers a question like this. DIY isn’t even full of autists...it’s just a group of retards

File: 1549889288198.jpg (30 KB, 837x762)
30 KB
ITT: The best cordless battery soldering irons.
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Ts100 has custom firmware support. Not sure on the ts80.
I bought one mainly for lulz to say my soldering iron runs custom modified firmware, but it actually turned out to be really nice
Like first think the dude says is to be careful not to over discharge the battery pack. I’m confused, isn’t the protection built into the battery pack?
The dude properly doesn't know the red lithiums have discharge protection in them now..
>Copper piping
No problem
>BGA rework
No problem
>Heavy gauge wiring

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so are those quartz dildos?
>quartz dildos
That's new
or very, very old.

Look up Jade Eggs
Don't use quartz, it will explode.

File: burnt.png (204 KB, 300x358)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
previous thread >>1521740
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you’re damn fucking right i just no u’d that double nigger swine

Why are you trying to impersonate me? You gotta use the name if you want it to not be obvious.
hey i just wanted to say i read your posts above and you have been completely in right the whole time, you clearly have an extremely high iq, huge penis and amazing social life
>replying twice to posts
>13 minutes apart

>another new ip

yeah I am so what. watch me reddit post fag

new thread >>1558493

new thread >>1558493

new thread >>1558493

File: maxresdefault.jpg (139 KB, 1280x720)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Milwaukee, makita, dewalt, hercules, which is your favorite and why?
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It's good that it's longer since they really need it, I don't know if it's just chinese junk or bad batches with inferior internals to recoup costs but my service guy tells me they get the most repairs on Mil tools out of the big boys.
>most repairs on the brand that sells the most tools
Ya dont say
I already told you I ain't in America, Milwaukee hasn't penetrated that far into the market.
File: 2554-20_2.png (183 KB, 520x520)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
This is the only tool I'm really jealous that the other brands don't have, perfect for working around the car.

File: 61voz7lKjeL._SL1426_.jpg (56 KB, 1426x951)
56 KB
How can I sabotage this fucking thing?
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Set it on fire
Or, for just a couple dollars, and no chance of arrest...
baseball bat that bitch into bits
mix treacle and fish oil and pour it in the fan.
batteries and parts dont like impacts so just bang it off the floor really hard a few times too. people are very inconsiderate
Pour cement down the pipe

File: Ruiner2.gif (1.86 MB, 481x271)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB GIF
I have about 500 to work with but I don't want to burn through it completely. I'm not trying to make Puppy's helmet from Ruiner, I just want to know how to set up the display for the LED lights?
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Also what would be the optimal price and range
This is entirely possible but like the other anon said, the resolution of the display will determine how difficult the project becomes on an exponential scale.

See related. It's a pretty low res display but still conveys messages just fine. You can see just how many individual SMD LED's a basic display like this has.


An addressable grid etched out of copper film glued onto a kapton film, SMD LED's glued down with solder paste and then ran through an oven. Then you have to mold a transparent mask out of plastic etc. This is way beyond your skill level OP.
Yes it is but thank you.Another anon suggested I seek out help of shop sign makers, I was thinking more of an electrician or mask designers.
What would be the requirements of skills needed for making this?

File: 1534320795841.jpg (24 KB, 418x265)
24 KB
>electrician friend opened a company and is offering me %10 of the work i get him
How do I go about making him a millionaire? Kijiji and craigslist have millions of electricians already and he is already on homestars. How do I go about this pyramid scheme? I cant handle being a wagie any longer.
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Look into automated posting bots. You will probably have to make minor changes to an existing code base at minimum. You also might want to make scraping bots, that will scrape for clients posting in search of electricians.

You need maximum exposure anon, the more surface area your ads are covering and scrapers scraping, the better, and master automating these tasks. Look into Python (along with it's various libraries like Scrapy, BeautifulSoup, etc) and Selenium.

Just my $0.02. Obviously automation will be the most scalable solution. Alternatively, pay for billboards or hiring an advertising professional.
Word of mouth will work best. By the way. Get into industrial electrical and build some control panels. That's where the money is.
Gain exclusive right to produce and install the incandescent light bulb then prove that CFLs are toxic and require to be removed from the market place.
>he more surface area your ads are covering and scrapers scraping, the better,

This x1000. I work for a complete asshole who pisses people off without any effort, and he gets tons of referrals. New customers are skeptical at first, but they quickly come around, and say things like "I heard about how much you suck, but I was very impressed. You are by far the biggest bunch of assholes in this area."
LEDs gonna reck you shit though.

File: qbkgWCj.png (429 KB, 894x894)
429 KB
429 KB PNG
>Reposted from /adv/, because I couldn't think of the proper board to post it in.

What's the coolest thing you've ever found at a flea market/ yard sale anon?
>Old coins and other little trinkets
>Knives that could be refurbished and be awesome for a collection

No related pic, because most of the stuff I have is not availible to me right now.
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It's called "mojo"
I'm getting into fixing electronics to sell and also buying shit to flip (again). I use to buy laptops and brand name multi laptop chargers for cheap from two online store in California (both closed years ago). I live in Nebraska and made some good money while I was in my neet phase of life (miss it a bit). This was around 2009 or 2010, fuck that was years ago. I would buy laptops that had Vista on them, give them a quick cleaning, upgrade to 7, add free software such as avast, firefox, etc, and sold them for $100-$250 more then what I paid for them (including shipping) depending on specs. Chargers I added $15 to $30 on top depending on the brand. Only reason why I stopped was because both stores shut down and I couldn't find any other online store to get cheap laptops from.
Thats how it is in my neck of the woods in Nebraska. Most of the stores are ran by middle aged women that just sell furniture, clothing, shabby chic shit, and other crap.
Not an heirloom. He used to make and give things away all the time he was retired and did it to keep himself busy.
>full length brass, with primers
I have a large hadron right now

Hey guys can I use this stuff as insulation? It looks like what is in my attic right now.
Sure, as long as you have a moisture barrier itll hold up fine
Do you want ants? Because that is how you get ants.

First, sorry for my bad english.

I would like to inflate 50 8ft latex balloon with pure hydrogen gas for flying with.

I have already buy the parachute for my security and a radio for communication.

I'll use the ultra hi-float gel for flying more longer.

The probleme where im blocked is the production of enough hydrogen gas (150 m3) in less 12 hours.
I think the power required is 200kw
So 17kw of electricity per hour.
The way is electrolysis but its about 8 000 AMP and 2 Volt (from my calculation) needed. The electrode are in stainless steel grid, but i don't know how many thickness and m2.
Same for the electricity, how provide it ? I dont know if my house can do it.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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...the wikipedia article blatantly disagrees with that picture.


He wasn't saved via helicopter is what I<m saying.
File: stupid.1997-11c[1].jpg (18 KB, 274x378)
18 KB
yeah Pic is taken from the original report (from 1982) that resurfaced in the internet in 97, for no apparent reason. Snopes and Darwin Awards (honorary at-risk) got more informational pieces (links below), but, ppl don't click links, thus, that Pic. That he got caught up in power lines appears more the truth than the helicopter, but still no-one agrees on details, like whether or not he dropped the gun at some point. They also made a musical - “The Flight of the Lawn Chair Man” Philadelphia, 2000 - which must have made for a long evening.
>RIP Lawnchair Larry (1949-93) - /diy/ man
I saw a dude doing in the outskirts of my town once, sitting in a chair, he was only about 200 feet above me. Never heard about it in the news after so I assume that he got away with it, because normally people get arrested for causing that sort of mischief.
Don't go breaking the law of gravity son.

Some sources are just plain confusing tho, might be like this https://youtu.be/MyYn5nkNHBY
>...and lands safely!
>looks like parachute barely deployed and everything went up in a fiery wreckage
Make sure to take an altimeter with you so you know how high you are. Generally speaking you're going to need supplemental oxygen when you get above 12,500 feet. So either pop the balloons by then, or bring some oxygen tanks. Either way you'll need to know how high you are and there's no way to tell exactly how high up you are without an altimeter, so factor one in your budget.

File: drain_cleaning.jpg (54 KB, 382x381)
54 KB
I need your redpills on replacing the sewer pipe from my house to the street. It goes right under a tree. part of it is old clay pipe. It about a 40ft run of pipe.

What does it cost? Does trenchless repipe last?
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I've done this, but the guy opted to remove the tree and hired me for a $80 a day to dig the trench and uncover the pipe.
If you hire someone it'll be like $3000-8000 depending on what's involved. Tree will likely have to go because it's the cause of the problem, most likely. It's not complicated though. You literally just dig it up and replace the pipe and need a permit from the city.
You're not going to be able to dig by hand. Would take fucking forever. Those bastards are at the bottom of your foundation and you risk having it cave in on you.

Op. Get permit, get located, hire an excavator or rent one and rip it all out. Often times your water main runs along your shit pipe because the people who originally installed it didn't want to dig an extra hole so you'll have to get the city to turn the water off.
Lol no fucking way my dude. Your friends will quit after the first day and they haven't even made it 1/10th of the way. Rent a mini excavator, get permit and locates to make sure you don't rip up a bunch of shit you're not supposed to by accident. If you do all of this it shouldn't cost you much more than $1000. If you can't get $1000 together as a grown man you have far bigger problems than having to shit and piss into a bucket.
Already done.
Paid $160 labor $20 lunch for my other friend $100 parts from Home Depot.

How do I start designing and making my own furniture? I don't know how to draw. I've never worked with woods.
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draw the components separately on graph paper, furniture does not require complicated designs
Watch a bunch of youtube videos. That is how I learned.
File: 1549510079789.jpg (115 KB, 1200x900)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Fun fact it is easier to build furniture than it is not to build furniture. At the core furniture is just places to put things or objects to sit on. Go buy a half sheet of plywood and a couple of 8ft 2x4s and build a chair. You got tools?

>that table

File: 3dba7697c6.png (172 KB, 300x348)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
I don't know if this thread should be more appropiate on /toy/ but here it goes:

Is pic related a good start for hobby machining or should I go directly for its metalic version ?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
What size of things do you want to make? Just get a big one because you'll eventually want a engine lathe anyway.
It would be for model engines, toys and figurines. Also, I dont have the space for serious lathes.

Aren't those small professional watchmakers lathes a bit too messy to install ? Also, I would like to have the OP pic or its metalic version because it has all main types of machine tools
File: 4000b_pic.jpg (96 KB, 800x600)
96 KB
I've heard good things about the Sherline lathe if you want something small.
I got this. It's no good as a lathe as it bends to much. It still comes in handy every now and then but its not a good start for machining.
File: 5400CNC.jpg (28 KB, 427x600)
28 KB
>or should I go directly for its metalic version ?
You mean that one isn't even made of metal?

You should avoid anything that looks like a toy. Your machine needs to be so much stiffer than whatever it is you're trying to cut. I would be surprised if you could even cut plastic with what is pictured.

I have >>1557307
Even this flexes when you try to take like 5-10 thousandths of an inch cuts on aluminum. I've cut stainless on it, but with very shallow cuts. The 'problem' with sherline is that the motor is much more powerful than it looks because it's a variable speed DC motor. You look at a bridgeport mill and compare the size of it's tiny motor to how big the mill is for it to be stiff enough. Compare with the sherline mill where the motor is like half of the size of the mill; it's great that it has the power to cut, but the frames are not stiff enough to handle it despite being made of solid aluminum and cast iron.

A toy like the unimat could not possibly compare.

File: cornerdesk.jpg (58 KB, 640x640)
58 KB
I a plan to build a corner desk like pic related. However, I am curious to know how the builder of this desk joined the left and right sections of desk. It appears there are no legs there for support, which is preferable to me so i can maneuver a desk chair around the area. Say I use something like a 60lb butcher block, would simple brackets underneath support the weight of the wood and a populated desk? I will be posting some more examples of corner desks. Feel free to submit your own, give pointers and recommendations, and call me a moron.
21 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
I've used insert nuts to bolt steel to wood to strengthen a desk. Didn't have a driver, used a bolt with two ordinary nuts as a makeshift one but it's a bit annoying ... I recommend a proper driver.
File: 20181215_162710.jpg (1.67 MB, 4032x1960)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
bump nice desks
File: Untitled-1.jpg (172 KB, 640x640)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
The wood itself is probably strong enough to support...itself, and some stuff, but if you wanted to make it stronger you could use a frame like pic related made of steel pipe or whatever. It's going to be a hella heavy desk though.
>miters are much more difficult to make precisely.

OP's corner might not be perfectly square. The lapped joint show in his picture would be perfect to fit into such a corner. Put the two sides in flush against the walls and screw the joint together from beneath after.

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