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File: 2019-08-18-223053.jpg (43 KB, 640x480)
43 KB
but it has a pattern of scratches on it. i was wondering as to the methodology pertaining to cover up said scraches...how would i go about spray painting or otherwise...
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If it’s painted, go to a automotive auto body supply store and get it color matched.

If that’s the color of the plastic well just let it be.
Paint is the last option you want to use. To remove scratches, you'll need to sand the surface with higher & higher grits, compound, then polish & finally wax. This is of course for a glossy finish.
Thanks for all the tips
these ones arent glossy, theyre like a sand blasated finish
sand it, some kind of filler, sand some more and paint it gloss black that silver is gayer than your father

I bought a rat-size snap trap to kill a rat living in my garden. The rat has set off the trap THREE times now, but despite having the bar come down right on its neck it doesn't die and then manages to break free. What can I do to kill this super rat?
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sharpen the bar to a razor point maybe
Inside or outside? Bait and snake shot if the latter, especially if it is personal. Beer to pass the time.
Or a 5 falling water trap either way, if it isn't big as dock rats.
Which reminds me of a story.
Rats were getting into bird feed on relatives propery in Florida. Yard perimeter was established with old railroad ties.
I'm the first to spot a rat in the yard approaching the garage where the feed is. Shot and a miss, the rat panics and tries to fit between two ties as he runs. Fat fuck gets stuck.
Pump, and take the second shot. He explodes and flies out of the other side of the tie gap like viscera confetti.
Now you've selected the most dangerous fucker to go breed.

Someone post the guy who had the rats in the bucket of epoxy
They get time to reflect upon their life, maybe find religion. But I agree - I think Epoxy is the way to go.

File: IMG_20190818_162416.jpg (707 KB, 1944x2592)
707 KB
707 KB JPG
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What makes you think the motor in the drill has a diode?
Because those drills are variable speed as per eBay and you need a thyristor to control the speed of a universal motor. I'd doubt that 50s drill had one. It's probably only one direction too.

My old Milwaukee had a diode in the drill to reverse it.
>your mind on fentanyl
guys, the drill is back
you can stop replying to this thread
>you can stop replying to this thread

how new are you

Is there a cheaper alternative to the Festool Domino joiner?
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Pocket screw
Standard dowels. If dominos are floating tenons then so are dowels.
Dowels, biscuits and dominoes in long grain glue joints only serve to align the joint during assembly and offer little increase in strength over that long glue joint and weaken everything once that joint starts to fail since that long joint is now only supported by the wood above and below that floating tenon made by the dowels/biscuits/dominos. Biscuits and dowels tend to fail at that point, dominoes cause the wood above and below to break leaving a difficult repair. Really, these long grain butt joints rarely fail if they are properly executed, much stronger than the wood around it. If strength is your goal, tongue and groove is the strongest, you greatly increase the glue surface, align the joints and the joint can still fail somewhat gracefully in a worst case scenario. If you still need more strength learn to do a proper bread board edge and it is about as strong and stable as solid wood can get.

Dominoes are production machines, they make things quick and simple since every joint can be cut with the same machine, at the coast of an overall weaker end result. Floating tenons in a cross grain joint is almost always weaker than an integral tenon and long grain was we dealt with above.

The one thing such tools real can help with is glue creep, you can get away with using things like cheap white PVA glue, but there is no real point in using such a glue, aliphatic resins like yellow glue, original tightbond, do not have much for creep except in situations rarely encountered in wood working and the price difference does not matter unless you are building in great quantity, not to mention they are superior to PVA in almost every way when it comes to wood.
The alternative is the double dowel from Lamello, which is more expensive. Other than that, just normal dowels or you can get a big router and make those M&T in no time.

If you're gonna buy the domino, get the XL700 with the adapter.
Fpbp.buiscuits or dowels. You're project doesn't need the super newest technology©®™

Under 400. I feel the 12 inch overall probably good size. Anything special to look for?
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Thanks another fren recommended the cr10
Yes because that's worth a 400$ 3d printer
Get this >>1668070 or a CR-20 because you won't need the large size of the CR-10 if you re a first timer
I may not need it but why not? Bigger is always better.
CR-10, as other anons have suggested. The one you posted looks like they were trying to bootleg a CR-10 anyway.

Mine came in 3 parts, took like 15 mins to assemble and connect the wires, and once I got the bed leveled I've had clean prints pretty much always.

Consider setting up a raspberry pi with octoprint if you don't like messing with the sd card and knob interface, though it may not bother you.

File: 1566204251710.jpg (18 KB, 236x335)
18 KB
Are stove cooktops interchangable?
Tried to swap.. Same brand frigidaire.. Doesn't seem to fit.. I might be a brainlet.
Cooktops are an appliance for a cutout on a countertop. You are looking for replacement element cover for a range aren't you? No they aren't universal.
Thank you sir

File: IMG_1646.jpg (1.72 MB, 4032x3024)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB JPG
So I have this business idea and I wanna know what you guys think. I made this dnd screen a few years ago and Iv gotten alot of compliments how how it looks how it functions. Would this be something worth selling? It took me about 2 weeks to make but thats with a lot of trial and error. I believe if i made it again it would only take 2-3 days. What is everyone's opinion?
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dont doxx yourself like Wayne did
Dungeon master screen
not really unfortunately. if you search for dice boxes there's a good chance one of my bestseller listings will show up. I can live with that much plausible deniability
No worries I appreciate your help, I will take some new images and post them on etsy and see the response. I was also thinking of doing a Kickstarter and seeing what extra funds i can get that arent out of pocket.
Sell them on etsy. You might not be rolling in the money, make a few extra bucks for other things.

File: flushingtoilets.png (716 KB, 952x836)
716 KB
716 KB PNG
What is your /diy/-related autism?
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Extension cords are stupid. I only use them when I don't have another option
Holy crap, I'm not the only one. I was bold enough as a ten year old to list toilet technology as one of my hobbies in some form I had to fill out in school.
>"one can never have too much wall outlets"
t. connects over 3000W of appliances on the same circuit and burns the house
>what is a fuse
Also the fact I have 28 outlets in my living room doesn't mean I am going to use 28 deep fryers at the same time

ITT: devilish /diy/
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With 6 turns of wire?
Anon has the idea right but hes left out a few components.

Hes on the right track, but still far off from jamming anything if that's his goal.
wow this lawnmower is great, the electric would have died a horrible death trying to mow that. like 5 ft high
I was worried I was the only one bothered by that. I fucking hate spending any superfluous time in attics, especially in summer. I can sit on a roof with shade all day any time of year, though.
That's a extremely large fine if you are proven to be doing this

File: 20190820_085745.jpg (2.89 MB, 4032x1960)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB JPG
Redoing my bathroom. This wall was behind the existing MDF wall. Should I tear this out too before I put up some bathroom drywall?
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What so proudly we hail...
Make a secret compartment to stash drugs, money and guns.
Why have you got vertical laths in your wall?
Picture has to be rotated 90° by mistake.

File: 81HZQybaomL._SX425_.jpg (27 KB, 425x425)
27 KB
I'm sitting in a room that's almost empty. I have a table, a bed and a wardrobe. My cousin stays in the room and the wall separating them is thin. I need to soundproof my room, every noise sounds so loud. If I drop a coin, the whole house will hear it, I can't do shit without anyone knowing. I was thinking about using some suction cups and hanging some sheets/towels on the walls.
What do you think about it? Do you have any advice? (My budget is...10$)
Also, I don't know where to look for the suction cups, I need some suction cups with some holes, so I can tie some string to them.
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Or maybe some thick blankets

I will try to do something like that, thanks
RIP out your ears with a fucking ice pick dumb prick
>Do you have any advice?
A half decent soundproofing job costs $1-3 k for a small room.

File: 0_cu55URSuRB7n2XL0_.jpg (107 KB, 700x389)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
I'm trying to build an aquarium for the first time and am confused on the bacteria and and all the living accessories I need to keep a healthy tank.

I see a lot of people using ADA products in their substrate to promote beneficial bacteria, but it is really expensive.

I want to do a bit of an aquascape with living plants, rocks, and a small amount of fish, shrimp, and snails. Could I get some recommendations on what I should be looking at for nutrients and bacteria?

Also, if I have a bunch of living plants, do I need a filter and pump set up? I'm getting mixed information on whether or not the plants will create all the oxygen the fish will need or not. Does it depend on how many plants are in the tank? If so, how do I know if I have enough plants?

Starting with a 20 gallon tank if this makes a difference.
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acrylic scratches really easy.so if you have sharp rock and things it might be a bad choice.also bad for scraping snail eggs and algae and mineral buildup.great for sand and ro water.get a 40 breeder and youll be happy with it for a long time.perfect size
more light.more plants.if they are at serious risk get an airstone by all means.dont let them die.flourish excel is great for speeding up th gas exchange.i never turn my lights off though.the fish just go to shady spots when they need too.and the harder you plants are working means that they have a better shot at out competing algae.over worked leaves will dull and die but just trim them and you get new healthy leaves and bushier plants that produce even more oxygen also i thing putting a little yeast in the substrate its great for feeding all the little creature that you want working behind the scenes.fish can get too much oxygen.like dont let them out of the tank lol its bad for them.but water can only hold so much oxygen and its not possible for it to hold an unsafe amount.H20 .get it cycling and give yourself some time to read up on gas exchange and plants before you add too many moving parts.i think youll feel better about it letting it be a slow artform based on the example you showed if youre op.take your time.dont jump to the end result you want.just 1 step at a time so you can always know what works and what went wrong.good luck bud
Cool thanks.
I have a general question. I have experience in operating an aquarium with live plants, but I've always used stuff from the store.

Is it possible to use gravel and mud from the local river? I have a mountain range 30 minutes away with an incredible river system that has no chemical run-off or anything. Can I use water/rocks/soil from the river/stream areas? What are the risks of getting parasites into the aquarium? I wouldn't put fish in it right away obviously, but has anyone done this before? If so, how did you manage potentially unwanted organisms?
My recommendation is to let the rocks dry, then bake them at below-boiling temp in the oven. Once the moisture is all driven out you can raise the temp but that may not be necessary.

story time: I had wooden salad tongs that were left wet in a sink for way too long - they stunk from bacteria contamination and no amount of soap and scrubbing could fix it. I baked them shits in the oven and they were good as new.

File: Lille Carl Berner.jpg (1.77 MB, 4608x3456)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB JPG
Me and my friends started a gang called Carl Berner Gjengen. We had a hidden hangout and swimming place by the docks of Oslo. There was some kind of shack there that we filled up with tables, chairs, tablecloths, towels, plates, cutlery, a grill, a dartboard ect. We called it Lille Carl Berner. It was paradise, as you can clearly see in the photo. Usually everyone who used our stuff, in our paradise, would treat it with respect and leave things in a good condition. But one day these dudes came with their families and used all of our things. That was really totally fine, but when I asked if they could give us back a couple of the chairs they refused and said it was not our stuff, but theirs. This made me so angry. I could not prove that is was mine! I pondered on this and decided that I would never again be in that situation in the future. I though that if I wrote CBG on my stuff, and had something hardcore connected to the letters, they wouldnt fuck with it. So in order to stike fear into the heart of my enemy, we made a video. This short film, made entirely DIY at a cost of about 500 euro and a lot of manhours from the production side of the gang. I produced it with my nephew, Kristian Castro. My name is Pablo Castro. Together, ce call ourselves; Los Castros!


Warning: Not for faint of heart. Violence and swearing.

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File: IMG_20181010_020411196_LL.jpg (2.13 MB, 4608x3456)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB JPG

This is fucking embarrassing
OP should be fucking ashamed and reassess his life choices
File: 1358987539054.jpg (18 KB, 450x198)
18 KB
>Me and my friends
wake up anon
>tits or gtfo

File: s-l1000.jpg (103 KB, 1000x690)
103 KB
103 KB JPG

Previous: >>1640615
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Seems to be a butterfly or bowtie antenna with a reflector.

Could be used with a RTL-SDR for directive reception. You can determine the wavelength by measuring the butterfly end-to-end or the distance to the reflector.

Assuming you aren't trolling, what do you use?
I'm trying to listen to police chatter but its p25 and I don't know how to set it up on my computer. ive downloaded op25 but can't find the talkgroup info for my area to put in the tompskins.tsv file. anyone know what i'm talking about? ive concluded that i have no idea what i'm doing and i keep putting radio on the back burner for months but i want to get back on track with results
John’s Tech Blog
OP25 For Dummies
File: hammm.jpg (30 KB, 386x499)
30 KB
anyone got any PDF for "Hamstudy Basic 2017/2018" Will be doing the test it in Canada.

File: toilet.jpg (28 KB, 1000x1000)
28 KB
I need help fixing my toilet. It wont flush correctly. It fills up with water but drains really slow. I thought it might be clogged but one push with the plunger and it drains normally. I then try to flush it again and it fills up and drains very slowly. What do I do?
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Just flush a largish 1 oz. chunk of sodium metal down and it will get unclogged 100%
> wear safety glasses #1 priority
You're a moron.
The speed of water entering the bowl affects bow it flushes.
You can pour 5 gallons into the bowl at a slow rate and it will never "flush", it will just slowly drain-off the excess amount of water.

$20 say the flush valve isn't opening all the way and water isn't filling the bowl fast enough.
this Lol but these wont agree anon ?
What if it uses siphonic jet action to flush the trap way?
Had this issue. Found a small plastic bottle had fallen in and was caught in the trap. It would float and spin causing your exact problem.

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