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File: 220px-Hn_3berimbau.jpg (16 KB, 220x421)
16 KB
Hi there, id like to craft my own berimbau ( capoeira instrument) with european material.
I mean the string and all that stuff i can get from here but, the problem i have is the wood for the "verga" the body of the berimbau.
The question is , do you know any tree that is flexible and stron like the biriba(tradicional berimbau wood ).
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Join the military, we have a company of Spaniards here.

Some appear to be under 1.50m in height.
It isn't being bent very far and most any wood will work. The biriba is used simply because it sounds better than other woods. The instrument is originally African, fyi. I think bamboo is the second most popular, "wood" used.
Yeah but i need a straight branch, like 1,8 m and there aren´t a lot of trees with such branches.
You can also use a small whole tree.
Camphor? Grows straight and flexible. Easy to work with but not a pussy. Smells good like mothballs.

How to upholster and hinge a chest?
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Prett fuckin sick gif tho. Lol
I bet little Timmy cleans his fucking room now.
ask your shop teacher that's what he's there for
Stapler and a screwdriver
So i tried using cow hide for the top of the chest upholstery. It smells really bad now.

File: no.gif (588 KB, 319x200)
588 KB
588 KB GIF
>be me
>apprentice sparky
>out doing jobs with a journeyman
>we roll up to a house that needs outdoor lights and sensors
>lots of outdoor lights
>the client is home at the same time
>young woman, seems a bit shook
>turns out the reason she's getting all the lights is because she'd been robbed
>me and my coworker's faces when

3 hours of unpaid overtime. We didn't leave until it worked. I guess this is what professional honor is about.
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They weren't being paid for the extra work, they had the option to go home or stay and finish it. They stayed and finished it.

well if you stayed to work you should get paid for it. what kind of shitty company you working for

OP is full of shit. the electrician probably quoted a price and did the work for that price, with no exact number of hours being mentioned. If OP gets paid by the hour then he was paid for every hour.

OP is full of shit.
> couple of outside lights
> professional
> 3 hours overtime
Professional bullshitter maybe certainly not a spark if it took more than one of you 3 hours OVERTIME, not 3 hours total but an extra 3 hours? So how many lights how long was the total job?

If you billed her 3+ hours labour per person working for a few lights id say she got robbed twice, where was it Buckingham palace? Fucking hell
Had a guy use to fuck me on hrs
he was an unorganzied slob
never missed all the tools that came up missing
well until it was a hot saw, chain saw etc...
fuck me? no fuck you

Any other journeyman tradesmen having issues with the new generation of apprentices? I’m talking about this generation Z fresh out of highschool in the last 2-3 years. I never seen such a lack of care about their work/job, or an unwillingness to listen to the journeyman they’re with as well as phone use, and just general shit attitute. Is this just my company or have you guys experianced this too?
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you're spot on.
You just described a kid fresh out of high school. I'm sure plenty of your high school class mates acted like little shits as well. This is the same backwards ass attitude the boomers (not the meme kind) had with us.
What do you guys think about hiring older apprentices? By that I mean 30+. By this age most of us have grown out of the stupid juvenile horseshit being described in this thread and we actually take our career seriously.
Started as a machine op running cnc lathe. Only been there for 7 months, making $14.05. Saturdays are time and a half. Sundays are double time. Max out is $25 a hour. Next is Lead then Tech.

If I work a 7 day week.. I bring home $688 after taxes, health, etc. Also I get paid a week. I don't care for working 7 days a week, but we are getting caught up and having Sundays off here and there.

I might be leaving this job. The factory moves shit around too much (as in moving cnc machines around to make more room or to add on to a workcenter) and no real job movement besides in pay. Your raise depends on how many points you use to miss work. If you can get all your points back before end of the year, your raise will be fine. But getting points back is a bitch unless you don't work weekends. Job movement is a bitch because they won't move you till they hire someone to replace you. Also tired of working with second shift fuck offs that stand around and bullshit. Applying for a maintenance job for a different factory.
Of the 11 apprentices I've worked with in the last 4 years at my company 5 of them have been 30 or older and 4 are still here. The other 6 were early 20s and only 2 of them hung around. The older apprentices seem to have an easier time showing up, following instructions, and keeping busy when they're new. The young guys need to get broken in a bit. That's not to say there are no good young apprentices, some of the hardest charging guys I've worked with have been right out of technical college.

File: 1503601890057.gif (756 KB, 249x159)
756 KB
756 KB GIF
I dropped out of CS third year in college and started my own business. Problem is that I'm almost a year into it and haven't seen any profits yet (long term software development, been freelancing to stay afloat but I hate it).

Is it a bad idea to get into some sort of trade to get money while I work on my business on the side? I sit around all day and I feel like my body is telling me I need to move things with my hands.

Is it worth it anons? I'm not really in it for the money I just want to try a bit of hard work, if only to learn I can do better. How do I get started?
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File: 1544135803571.gif (908 KB, 1280x960)
908 KB
908 KB GIF
i have a bachelors in comp. sci., but still CNC machining shit to try to start a real business.

the thing with programming tech industry stuff is, it really seems to be labor intensive unless you can just buy parts of code you need, while automation can be leveraged by anyone in manufacturing to make up for not having employees.

I would almost say that if you can utilize your skills to aid you in starting a business with a different focus it would be more beneficial, but I have no real experience, just goals I'm working toward for now. Can you do your own marketing? Write companion apps or something?
A new business needs to last over 5 years in order to get out of that early dropoff zone. Most fold within that time.

I say keeping doing the business thing, but take up a hobby like gardening, >>>/out/1402477 or, knife making, >>1497142
So true. I'm into gardening now and in 2019 I'll hit 5 years for my business. The 1st year was full of guessing work and on 3rd year things change so much. Good luck.
Literally the shittiest advice of all time, just because idiots put out a statistic doesn't mean it's relevant to getting your business off the ground.

Business is one of the easiest and most rewarding things to do if you do it right, boiling it down to its basic parts you take resources in and get more out. If you aren't getting more out then you need to approach it from a different angle and try something new, if you listen to these idiots you're just gonna sit on a push for 5 years and have nothing to show for it.
I get those days once in a while

File: IMG_20181204_233716.jpg (2.34 MB, 3968x2976)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB JPG
I'm at a loss.
How the fuck do I remove this toilet seat?
It's loose on the left side and I can't figure out how to tighten it because there's no fixings anywhere
22 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Similar toilet seat question here.

I have a regular toilet seat that I was going to replace, but when I went to unscrew the plastic nuts clamping the seat to the bowl, I found that someone else has already tried to replace the seat, but compleatly fucked up the nuts in the process. Now they are just knarled, twisted, smoothed out plastic nits that are stuck on the bolts.

They are both slightly loose, so I can pull the seat up just a little bit from the top, at the hinge. How do I get the old plastic nuts off or cut the bolts above the nuts, without breaking the bowl?

I could probably fit a mini hacksaw blade up in there by itself, but I wouldn't be able to fit the blade if it was mounted in an actual mini hacksaw. What do?
Fuck the nuts, use a pair of vice grips to grab them and twist.
I actually already tried that. Unfortunately, the way the bow is designed, one of the nuts doesn't have enough room around it to fit vice grips in.

I'm thinking of hitting it from the bottom with a hot air gun to try and soften up the plastic. Is that crazy, or just crazy enough to work?
Fuck you!

I told him here >>1510688
days before that fag came along...
If the nuts are cheap/soft enough you can use a pair of pliers to gnaw/chew them up and break them apart.

File: 1543791992119.jpg (93 KB, 900x720)
93 KB
Ok guys

Just bought a house. My bathroom faucet, cold only, shoots out brown water only for a second when turned on. Bad pipes or just an old rusty faucet?
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
PEX looks doable, I don't know how it is called but what I used looks similar. Mine had several layers with teflon being the inside layer and an aluminium tube layer in the middle.
Easy to bend, easy to connect, allaround easy to DIY
PEX putting fat ass loser plumbers out of business since 1980
File: 22287989.jpg (42 KB, 400x265)
42 KB

Just use polypropylene pipes. You'll need the cutting and welding tools for them but that's about it.
Ackchually, Vegas has a bad pex problem and had to be replumbed. It’s a scary material to co-mingle brands.
File: pextool.jpg (3 KB, 159x159)
3 KB
there are 2 pex:

expansion pex and crimp pex.

crimp pex are for niggers

use expansion pex, uponor/wirsbo.

File: dicks.jpg (12 KB, 320x296)
12 KB
Anyone have experience with TV repair?
I got a very nice set for free because it's fucked beyond repair (which doesn't seem true).
The audio pops a lot, I cleaned the speakers and tried external speakers. I assume it's a mainboard issue, didn't seen any obviously bad capacitors when I opened it. It could also be a wire issue but I didn't notice corrosion.
My question to /diy/ is if it's possible to swap in a mainboard from another TV different manufacturer and jerryrig it to work without audio issues. Other suggestions are very welcome too.
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>My question to /diy/ is if it's possible to swap in a mainboard from another TV different manufacturer and jerryrig it to work without audio issues
why? just get the right board from ebay or whatever
Recap it lol
i would check the power supply with an oscilloscope first to see if the pops are related, is this a LCD tv correct?
Check to see if it has an SPDIF / Digital Audio Out connector on the back, either an optical or an orange RCA style connector. From what I understand, the SPDIF runs on a digital decoder rather than the analog decoder the Coax / RCA connectors use, and thus might not have been affected by whatever happened to the analog audio out. It will typically use either an optical connector or an orange colored RCA jack, but you'll need the proper cables for both.
this is the right answer. isolate digital vs analog.

File: christmas_tree.jpg (791 KB, 1494x2656)
791 KB
791 KB JPG
How do I get the top lights to turn on?

Plz help it looks retarded without the top lights on
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every year
I can agree>>1506350
File: y.jpg (63 KB, 565x546)
63 KB
no I replace the fucking bad bulb you goddamned dipshit. I swear to god millennials..
You have no clue...

File: 1530793759641.jpg (242 KB, 1280x853)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
Which diameters of pipe are the most ubiquitous?
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The one that's the size of my dick


Half inch due to ubiquity in residential homes

( ._.)
You'll will find the most common is quarter and half. You can find lots though

Suddenly, it all makes sense.

He wants to make the shrapnel when the gun explodes even more hazardous by adding metal shards. Genius.
1/2" ID PVC/CPVC or PEX is pretty standard and easily attainable in every hardware store in the USA. This is because it is used the most in homes for water lines.
First off, how big of a budget do you have set aside for this project?

File: 1500737040729.jpg (18 KB, 364x350)
18 KB
>Always dreamed of building my own home
>Nothing fancy or elaborate, just something simple that I made with my two hands, to live cheaply and distance myself from the massive financial stress renting/mortgages bring
>No real construction experience outside of basic maintaince skills such as painting, patching drywall, etc.
>Fine dining chef by trade, have been working in it since childhood
>Can litterally make anything food related, from pasta by hand, to cheese, to butcher anything, charcuterie products, etc
>Couldn't even think of where to begin building a home as simple as an A-frame
>Spent my life building a skill-set that has nothing to do with my drean

Is there any hope for me /DIY/?
58 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
>orange county

Then again, california has outrageous housing prices way above median house price of US.

>mobile home
Why the fuck would you ever consider such a thing? You're basically renting with no control over what happens if the landlord decides to fuck you in the ass.
I would start with shipping containers.
>orange county

You're right. It's small as shit compared to what you'd expect to see where land doesn't cost outrageous sums of money.

>family friend buys "house" in Texas
>7 bedroom, 5 bath, god knows how many square feet
>barely over a third the price of my house

I know it's Texas and all, but JFC that's absurd.
I dropped out of high school, built my own house I'm still living in, and am now retired and farming. Building is really damn easy to do. You'll need to look up local regulations, codes, and laws about what you can build and how it needs to be built. In some of the worst areas, you'll have codes out the ass and labor unions who lobbied for laws preventing anyone without a license to do many parts of the jobs like installing your own gas, water, or electric. Shit they even have regulations about how high the grass is allowed to be x feet from a house, even out in the middle of fucking no where (land grab laws).
>living in California
>using it as a metric of standard for the rest of the world

I somehow doubt the mental logic processes of persons who voluntarily live in an area of high immigration, high risk of yearly fires, high risk of earth quakes, and little to no seasonal rainfall that amounts to a hill of beans. They have rainfall catching laws there for fuck sake.

This is a time for joy and spreading some holiday cheer, but who are we kidding; the long queues at the supermarket,public transport delays and bare knuckle-fighting other shoppers for the latest must-have gift, all suck the fun out of the season.

But don’t worry Thin Martian and Fortune Media got you covered!

We came up with a great answer to the age-old question:“How can I channel all of my pent-up frustrations and still be able to share some holiday cheer with my loved ones?”

Easy, just write a holiday card using all the profanity that you wouldn’t be able to use in a regular card and let our Christmas magic do the rest.

Happy Holidays and enjoy creating your very own rude Christmas card!

The Elves at Thin Martian and Fortune Media
What does this have to do with /diy/?

File: F.jpg (132 KB, 573x1024)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
which tradesmen do you guys think that are more likely to get replaced by robots/computers/appliances/etc.? and which have a higher chance of withstanding the passage of time?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Some trademen will dwindle out over the next 100 years as construction techniques improve, plasterers will be replaced by ready-made joinery on walls like they did when we switched to drywall. Carpenters will be largely replaced with concrete prefabs, as will bricklayers, concreters will go the same way as plasterers with efficiencies getting better over time so some people get all the work.

There'll always be a market for true craftsmen though, people that make things from start to finish. True woodworkers will start catering to richer and richer clients because people won't be able to afford real handcrafted wood. Welders will likely see a decline as machines take over and factories automate.

We're gonna see the last of the people that are truly connected to their work and see themselves reflected in it die out as global technological hegemony takes over and the bosses at the top replace us all with robots.

Get a job doing something creative, make interesting projects, not efficient ones.
File: brainlet.png (4 KB, 211x239)
4 KB
what the fuck you mean nope you fucking faggot, there's some chinks that already made the proof of concept

no they arent. the only self driving trucks out there still require an operator, and i can count how many are moving loads on one hand.
Do you really think there is a future in that?
As far as I can tell most trades require people to do the job, most of the automation has been already done 100 years ago and we're just improving on it but technology is not really making big steps anymore
>Do you really think there is a future in that?

Not that guy, but there absolutely is. And, yes, we ARE making big steps...it's just not something the average consumer sees directly anymore. It's all a software challenge at this point. The moment someone cracks the secret of an AI that's good at teaching itself things it wasn't explicitly designed for to start with, it's over, humanity is BTFO.

My take is that trades, in general, will be some of the last things to go, and it'll be all at roughly the same time. The specific aspects of trade work and, indeed, navigating the world in general that make it difficult to automate (mostly the required mobility and the fact that objects will rarely or never appear exactly as/where expected) are present across all of them. The actual mechanical processes involved in trade work are usually dead simple and trivially easy to automate, but only if you need to to EXACTLY the same thing, a few million times, and you happen to need it all done in the same few square feet you started in.

Literally the only things keeping humans in the job market is their motor skills and comparatively outstanding visual interpretation of the world around me. Don't get me wrong, those are outstandingly difficult problems to solve, and it's going to take a while, but don't fool yourselves into thinking it isn't possible. The human brain IS just an unusually wet computer, after all.

What does /diy/ think about new Stihl MS 500 I with fuel injection and no carb?
52 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Companies, they lease out shit anyway and just chuck it away once it's done.
This is a $2000 chainsaw, your average bloke won't be buying it
...you fell wood in winter, when the sap is mostly out of it. Unless you want to prolong the drying period for some years, ofc.
If that toy is only good for snipping of twigs in spring it can be easily replaced by a handsaw on a stick. That one would have the added advantage of being completely noiseless.
Ofc, there might be one or the other who has no clue how to rebuild an engine. Believe it or not, not every lumberjack is a skilled mechanic on top ;)
It’s literally just 4 bolts. Fucking anyone can do it and on most saws it only takes 10 min.
Rebuilding an engine :

New piston rings, new seals on crankshaft, new bearings all around. Complete disassemble, cleaning of oil tank. The older ones might need a new oil pump. Throw out point ignition, insert electronic one. New clutch, new drive (?) For Chain , Rebuild carb with new diaphragmas , and so on.

4 Bolts, 10 minutes? I'm impressed ;)

File: new1.jpg (527 KB, 1280x960)
527 KB
527 KB JPG
Hey /diy/

It's been a while since I made a thread. Maybe a couple months. Who can really say, right? Anyway, if anyone remembers, I bought some cheap ass torn to shit land from some loggers back in the spring of this year. I've been doing what I can, but between my own demons, the girl I was in love with killing herself, and telling my only core group of friends to take a hike, well, let's just say I'm trying my best.

I've since carved out a driveway, all the way from the road to the other end of the property, which is a creek. I got a culvert put in by the road, even got the permit for it, and another halfway through the property to get over a second creek, which was so buried in logs, I didn't even realize was there. I got some help from a friend who has an excavator, that helped a lot. Hell, I've even got a hobo camp set up.

I'm just going to jump right into dumping pictures.
82 replies and 45 images omitted. Click here to view.
I appreciate the kind words, anon. We both know pain, clearly. Unfortunately, I don't see any of this going well for me. I know it gets easier with time, but fuck. I think I need to get back into the freezing rain and snow and fight for survival. Otherwise I'll be left to my own devices, which...well, let's leave it at that. I wish you the best, too.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ When you're right, you're right!
Do you even like hot wings
File: charcoaledwings.jpg (431 KB, 747x729)
431 KB
431 KB JPG
I like the pain they give me
You said you didn't tell your friends where you were going. Do they now know that you'e alive and well? I know soul searching may be good and that you don't want people around when you're grieving. However they are probably worried about you because they love you and I feel like that brotherly bond is great.
File: Entrance.jpg (190 KB, 768x1024)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
Good to hear from you HotWing, really good progress.
Get as much work as you can from that trackhoe while it is there.

Finding a second creek is a real bonus.

Get your road as good as you can afford now, patching it multiple times later is more expensive. Maybe using logs to corduroy the steep slope would work, ask the hoe man.
That soil will turn into ooblek with enough rain and might get things so stuck that you spend money getting your truck out repeatedly.

Some big tracks, Florida deer are tiny, with little goat sized feet.

Really like the cabin you got planned.

A platform for your tent is a good idea. Covering it so you have a 'double tent' setup would make it more comfortable, and dryer. Maybe a tiny bit warmer, too. You can use the outer area for storing things out of the weather.

I am very sorry for your loss and rough times. Spend some time with your friends, even if it is just an little while once a week. It will really help.

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