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File: 81-nEVzs lL._SX425_.jpg (21 KB, 425x425)
21 KB
I have 6 TV's in the house, is there device to stream of image as one of TV channels over coaxial cable?
So if I wanted I could access my PC on any standard mpeg4 TV like any normal TV channel.
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I stream 2 tv channels throughout my house. Its just standard analog but for my garage and guest room that only have CRT tvs its fine. The only difference is that if you want the digital signal you need a digital modulator. I also do not have Cable TV/Internet so its disconnected at the box. The only other think I needed to do was have a signal booster.
HDMI balun> MOCA?? Ethernet over coax adapter > HDMI balun???

If you can live with SD a dirty old VCR can turn a rca input and spit it out onto channel 3 or whatever over coax. There used to be adapters back in the day that converted rca to coax.
A ghetto way
>PCIe (or what ever interface you can find) to composite out
>Composite to coaxial
Look into using SDI. You can try monoprice parts, but the best are blackmagic design. SDI lets you transmit digital video over coax. You can get adapters to and from just about anything. It's pretty much bullet proof because it's primary use is in professional video production.
You need to be careful because some modems don't like seeing extra power on coaxial. It will butcher your doccis channels

File: 1544900888885.jpg (943 KB, 3840x2400)
943 KB
943 KB JPG
Welcome to /SQTDDTOT/, where there are no stupid questions, only stupid anons. At least try to google it.

Old thread >>1528290
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Rubber is flexible all year round and rolls up nicely and lies flat on the ground. PVC can have a memory to it unless it’s hot. Both do the job just fine. I haven’t looked in a while but the pvc used to be a budget option.

"Woven wire mesh" would be what you're looking for.
Thank you so much. I've been trying all combinations of metal, grid, wire, etc. Somehow missed mesh.
It’s not just PVC, there’s a plastic (polyure.... can’t spell) and hybrid as well. The rubber looks like it would be the way to go, especially on one of those hose reels and considering it never gets below 50F here.

They need to make a compressor hose like those expanding garden hoses. Those things are incredible.
Can I strip a cat5 or cat6 ethernet cable and use the individual wires like ribbon cables?

Price is in CAD, so like $115USD, I can't find anything wrong with it. Is this currently the best bang for your buck drill/driver set on the market?
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Here is what I was thinking about. SS from Home Depot. Not sure, but this may qualify for another free tool (check website)
File: image.jpg (2.79 MB, 4032x3024)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB JPG
I have the 12V Ridgid set and it’s not nearly as weak as a few people here are saying. They have a suprising amount of torque and they’re great for household stuff. The M12 Fuel set is just about as powerful as cheaper weekender tier 18V tools. Plus the M12 line is by far the best 12V lineup going right now with the hackzall and ratchets. I would go for it.

I still kinda kick myself in the ass for not getting the Milwaukee because like 2 weeks after I got the Ridgids, the Milwaukee set was on sale for $200 with the drill, impact driver, hackzall, two batteries, and a free tool so 3/8” ratchet. I’m not disappointed with the Ridgid set though considering it came with a 2.0Ah and 4.0Ah battery for $115.
Ryobi did really well on the recent Concord Carpenter drill test IIRC. For home use it's probably most bang for the buck.
I believe Home Depot still has their “Black Friday” sales going until the beginning of February, so OP could get like 5 tools and 2 batteries or 4 tools and 4 batteries around $200 if he gets a Ryobi set. Those are good for the money, my boomer neighbor kept trying to sell me on them but I got that Ridgid brushless set.

Also Home Depot has a “Deal Of The Day” that changes every 24hrs. Once every couple of weeks they have a few Milwaukee sets on there. A couple days ago they had this big $500-$600 brushless M18 set for ~$250 but you had to buy it that day.
My pops has one. It's alright for small stuff. Get a propped drill for your true drilling needs.

File: 1544164329781.jpg (133 KB, 800x1000)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
I want to buy some land and build a homestead that I can pass on to my children and my children's children. A stick built home doesn't seem like it would last. What are workable alternatives?
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You're still dumb enough to think there is mention able biological differences between people of Europe and the Middle East. You should go read a text book and look at studies done comparing peoples of these two regions.
There are plenty of books with studies that blow that egalitarian crap right out of the water. There is absolutely an argument to be made and telling people they are dumb and need to read whatever books you choose for them is pretentious as fuck.
Shut up and eat another pasta roll, Giuseppe. Christianity introduced jewish influence to the rest of Europe, the parts that actually matter.
This is also my goal.
yeah m8 im sure jesus approves of the faction infighting burning people alive business, keep thinking like that freak

File: deedlit.png (387 KB, 694x521)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
>neighbor starts cutting tree with chainsaw near my house
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>leaf blowers start
>anxiety kicks in
didn't know they had mexican trailer parks in Canada
>Storm comes through and the tree falls through your fence. Who pays for rebuilding the fence?
>Who pays for the tree removal?
>What about if a limb of the tree is rotted and falls off and smashes your fence. Is that the neighbor’s fault for neglecting to maintain the tree?
Also, you are allowed to saw off any limbs that hang over the property line.
This >>1537626

After Irma came, this hermit guy who lived next to me had a big tree in his yard fall over and hit other boomer snow bird neighbor’s hod rod painted mailbox. Holy shit did all of these boomers make a big deal about how hermit guy needed to buy snowbird a new mailbox. Thank god the new mailbox doesn’t have flames.

Also a small tree of mine fell onto the fence and fucked up hermit guy’s fence. But his fence was rotting and I don’t think he ever even noticed. I just went into his yard when he wasn’t home and chopped the tree up and never heard shit.
Seeing liberals defend the guy yelling at the father son duo infuriates me. The guy literally yells at them that he's gonna kill them, then he gets a bat, and runs at the two, and then they use stand your ground and kill him. Then the dead guys wife has the audacity to post the video and try to frame the 2 as cold blooded murderers..... her husband was crazy... liberals nowadays
Go help him

File: 033056831168.jpg (23 KB, 900x900)
23 KB
I got a question about toliets

Its getting below freezing here on somedays, but as long as I run water in the sink a little will it prevent the toliet pipes from freezing? Or do I have to use the toliet at lease once a day to prevent the drain pipes and supply line and it's pipes from freezing?

I'm just not sure how this works and fixing a frozen pipe is expensive
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we also have a heater in the hallway but my room is on the other end so I'm not sure how much heat gets in to my half a bathroom in my room the one I'm worried about.
The buy a 14$ space heater, set it on low, and put it in the half bath.

i also do


will that keep whatever pipes my toliets have from freezing? Even if I don't use it for a day or so?

also I leave the drip going all night and most of the day if I have to and the cabinet doors to the sink pipes open

File: IMG_20181224_143739.jpg (79 KB, 992x764)
79 KB
How do I knit something like this?
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Probably because they're stubborn, not terribly eager to please, noisy, and like to roam if they get out.

Adorable, yes, but they really don't have much going for them outside of that.
I've seen a lot of cold ass backyard dogs while walking the back alleys of my small home town. They will dig holes in the ground and sleep in them. Not like caves but like form fitting beds. So I'm walking along as a kid and a dog magically pops out of the snow and about makes me shit. I think this behavior is instinctive but I guess a retarded dog may freeze.
This has to be bait, no one can be this stupid.
I don't know how to knit and it looks like you are just going to get a lot of opinions on dog fashion.

Do I need to say: the absolute state of /diy/

Where you guys at?
First step (presumably) is to chop of your cock, you assfucked retard. Get a real dog.

File: 1545505527733.png (1.58 MB, 1147x804)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
How can xenoestrogens be broken down? Composting? Fungi? Yeasts? Certain microorganisms?

Same question, but for:
common meds;
common toxins, especially pesticides and herbicides; and
birth control.

Also how can heavy metals be separated from composted biomass? Put compost in closed loop hydroponics system and add shellfish?
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more placid animals = more peaceful world, lol
File: 1537130811529.png (8 KB, 217x232)
8 KB
Most disappointing ending to the greatest side story ever
pic related
The answer is surely interesting, not sure here is where to ask.

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Oi spacker steve you in mate?
File: yxWZf4B.jpg (43 KB, 358x649)
43 KB
Fucked my hand up trying to put up a new shelf, I have. Swollen as all fuck
anyone help me out with a brickshit house I'm looking to put up
haha guilty as charged x hows the missus
Only gone and shagged Ali Bongo round the corner hasnt she the bloody slag.

File: IMG_20190117_230641.jpg (3.61 MB, 3120x4160)
3.61 MB
3.61 MB JPG
So soaked a old Stanley No 113 in Vinegar for half a day after i got the old paint of with paint remover, after i took it out of the vinegar i gave the parts a bath in soap detergent to neutralize the vinegar. Did brush it under hot water and dried the parts with a towl.

After a few minutes the parts turnes pretty yellow and got even worse with ever second. On my last plane i removed the rust with vinegar i never had any problems like this.

What is causing this and how can i stop it? There is some brass and the knob was once chrome plated, can some of the other metals or the plating causing this? I put the parts back under water since its late here and i have to leave them there for the next 14-15 hours till im back from work

Pic related

Also what methods do you people use to remove rust?
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
So I got these old rusty soviet pliers. How do I get rid of rust? A friend suggested putting it in kerosene for a few weak, what do you think?
an old remedy for rust removal is Navel Jelly, very gentle with all metals and alloys, treat 2x's, neutralize with naptha/mineral spirits, wash soapy water, the dry and treat with clear petroleum lube thats not wd404. good luck
Each situation to remove rust. Sometimes you need big guns. Just yesterday I used muriadic acid (HCl) to clean bulk junkyard car parts. 20 years of rust to shiny steel in 5 minutes. Good for when you have areas you need spotless or when you ain't got all day.

Chelating removers (what most itt are recommending) are alright, though slow, but stupidly expensive for anything bulk.

If it has areas you can't reach with a wire brush, none of those will get clean.

OP you should use something besides vinegar, immediately put oil on it to keep from flash rusting, bake at 300F for an hour, to blue it slightly, degrease (this time it won't rust) and paint.
Then prime them instead of oiling them.

Etching primer is best. Get same brand as your paint, or good luck.
>it rusted
Vinegar is like 90% water, what did you expect?

File: 01.jpg (592 KB, 1280x960)
592 KB
592 KB JPG
Does anyone have experience buying and erecting (or having someone else erect) a metal building?

I just took possession of 37 acres of land. it's empty land used as a hay field for the last half century, but apparently there was also a trailer house on it at one point and the utility hook ups are still there. I want to have a metal shop building erected there, and also planned on having a living space w/ bathroom constructed in it. I'm not going to be living in it all the time, my work makes me travel a lot, I just want somewhere to work on my projects and sometimes lay my head on the ~2 nights a week I'm actually home. I'm probably going to have contractors do all the work because I have no know-how for this sort of thing, and even if I did I'd never find the time to actually do it.

My question then, is where do I even start? I've been googling about the process but all I get is 10 REASONS WHY METAL BUILDINGS ARE BETTER THAN TRADITIONAL HOMES and TOP PROS AND CONS OF METAL HOMES!, very little detailing the actual process

explain it to me like I'm 12 pls?
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what the fuck this is so trash
are you sure you didn't get scammed?
>Put radiant heat in the slab, the tubing is dirt cheap and it's much nicer than hot air with cold condensing concrete
Gradient heat tubes in slab has become almost a requirement in garages in nice neighborhoods. Some colder climates have them in the entire house, as it is vastly superior to pumping hot, dry air in your home over the winter, just to have most of that heat drift up to the ceiling.
>No zoning or permitting shit

So jelly, local body councils are pure fucking cancer.

>Oh you want to put up a garage? Well you need to pay us several thousand in extortion fees and wait weeks to months for us to rubber stamp your garage that is the same as every other garage in the country
Walters is a solid choice, good crews but some potheads.

File: wwqt.png (475 KB, 509x504)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
Moneymaking thread

Have you ever sold what you make?
>What do you make?
>What sells the best?
>Where do you sell?
>Do you make a living or just supplement income?
>Tips for newfags?

Our local Farmers Market was open one evening in December for a few hours before our local Christmas parade. I got a table and spent a few weeks making little trinkets to sell.
I made about $80 and had a lot of stuff leftover. I plan on becoming a regular at the Farmers Market selling wooden stuff.

In the past, I have built Arcade cabinets with 60-in-1 boards inside. Those sell really well on Facebook.
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1475120689314.jpg (65 KB, 640x853)
65 KB
I make 130k a year at my job. I don't need second hard work because I actually have valuable skills. Stop jewing.
I love iguanamouth's art!

When I started I had a bandsaw, scrollsaw, assorted drills, a dremel, and the standard handyman stuff.

The only stuff I recommend that most folks won't have is a hand sander, a set of higher grit sandpapers, like up to 1200 or so, a hand plane, and a coping saw. Unless you're making finely finished or niche-y stuff, that's not necessary, so I won't get into the woods about those.
You can do a lot of stuff with only a band saw. I would buy a random orbit sander and a stationary belt sander. I use those two to finish my little stuff and they are great. My orbit sander is from Walmart and the belt sander the harbor freight 4x36. For fine shaping and carving, it's hard to beat a Dremel.

You might want to get a portable table saw to cut straight lines, or even a clamp on guide and a circular saw.
Do you provide value to anyone?
Loose hair :(

File: DSC_000513.jpg (33 KB, 600x399)
33 KB
I'm building out a platform for my truck bed, probably similar to pic related. Any idea on what type of plywood would to use? Mostly I can't decide on how to waterproof it. I live in Seattle and my last platform grew a lot of mold. Should I use pressure-treated wood, or use normal wood and seal it with varnish?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Normal wood with a few coats of urethane. Then replace any weatherstripping that leaks on the cap. Then use damp rid to keep the moisture down inside.
I built one of these with bog standard 1/2 and 3/4 CDX plywood. Covered it with rubber backed outdoor carpet, held down with contact adhesive. The only mold I had popped up at the tailgate and that was because I fucked up the gasket and it wasn't sealing properly.
Ran a 6ga power to a distribution block. That was for a couple 12v outlets, pump for a sink, stereo, fan, and small inverter. I'd probably go up to 4ga if I did it again. That or a remote AGM battery. Though now, LED lighting doesn't take squat.
Use cross members to keep the bed area from sagging. I tried legs but those never really worked and got in the way for loading stuff. Strengthen the bottom of 2X2 cross members with a steel strap. done right you load it the wrong way so it arches up when installed. Then when the top is on it flattens out.
Window blinds are really handy. mine were fabric with steel rods that stuck to magnets I glued to the top and bottom of the windows.
It's lighter and stronger if you use a foam core like he is saying, and with foam+fiberglass you don't have to worry about rot at all

wat? what is going to mold inside a sandwich constructed fiberglass panel? just use west system epoxy resin and be done with it.
either put holes in it or leave gaps at the front and back for air to circulate in order to prevent the mold growth
where do i get foam core fiberglass sheets?

Any series / books that revolve around basically DIY in medieval times?

I want to learn to do all sorts of shit without electricity. Dig a well, make a forge, etc
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
just search for 'preppers' those guys are into this kind of thing and some are pretty creative, too
Thats part of an entire series that touches on numerous topics- I have been binging it. Best part is they are all on youtube and they mention a number of very comprehensive books that they base the shows off of.

File: bb.jpg (67 KB, 640x480)
67 KB
Crap. I almost said the same thing. Don't want to be one of those repetitive asses that go off half cocked. These are cool books. I found a couple kicking around the thrift store.
MrChickadee on YouTube is good. Of course there's Roy Underhill with The Woodwright's shop, and he has books out too.

File: download.jpg (88 KB, 1024x683)
88 KB
Building a small ROV for school competition.

>85cm max diameter
>25 kg max weight (of ROV)
>max dive depth 4m
>arduino communicating via USB serial for control

Any ideas for thrusters? Bonus if they're cheap.

Same for cameras, I thought about using old laptop cameras over USB. Got any other ideas?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
the working class ROV's that we use at work all have 10,000 volts run down an umbilical which powers a hydraulic unit to power the thrusters and manipulators. The inspection ones we use are all 120volt and have no hydraulics. I have only operated them a few times.
Kek I love the idea of /diy/ biohacking a fish
>>a fish
fishes. They don't last that long.
>>10,000 volts
How the hell do you convert that back down into voltage you can actually use? That's neat though, is it to make the cable thinner so there's less resistive losses?
You might be able to use cheap aquarium pumps for steering control. Jet nozzles, because those pumps are sealed waterproof they could be out on the ends of the structure providing torque for simple DC electricity.

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