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File: 1560628736641.jpg (38 KB, 350x467)
38 KB
Whether it's people you've worked with, hired, or even stupid shit you've done yourself.

>Mom hires guy to install cabinets for her, recommended by a friend from church
>Guy says he's working on another job, doesn't give any kind of timeline of when he'll be available, doesn't get back to her until three weeks later
>Mom asks him to not get cabinets with any kind of red finish because she just repainted and red would clash
>Guy rips out all the old cabinets before the cabinet order comes in, damages the walls
>Insulation spilling out, falling onto the stove, nowhere to store dishes, guy sees no problem with this
>Fucks off again for another couple weeks, no updates at all
>Cabinets are ready
>They're cranberry
>Mom figures repainting the kitchen is cheaper than reordering cabinets and waiting even longer for them to arrive, asks him when he's going to install them
>"I'll be there first thing tomorrow."
>Doesn't show up
>Doesn't respond to calls
>Goes on a Carnival cruise and never comes back
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If some of these people could get their shit together they could do really well. I have a few trade friends and it is infuriating to see their work ethic when they could be pulling in $200k+ per year with a normal level of effort. Instead they get drunk four days of the week after work and sleep in the next day missing all of their appointments.
Look into coil cleaner. It is a spray can. I had the same issue. The previous renter never changed the filter on the AC. Didn't even know there was such a thing. When I pulled the hatch off the filter looked like it had a layer of carpet on it and there was a big hole in it. It was so clogged the suction of the AC fan tore it open. A new filter and a can of coil cleaner fixed it right up.
I remember an interview on radio of an autoworker. Asked why he only turned up 3 days a week, he replied he couldn't live on 2 days pay.
That's ambition.
This is stale copy pasta...
I cant believe yall are falling for it
>former UAW here
>Detroit auto worker
>never buy a car built on Monday, or Friday
>never buy the first new model year
>if we have a fender bender after assembly, we have a onsite body shop, still sell it for retail

File: crop.jpg (65 KB, 720x1280)
65 KB
Here we will come together to help ID random tooks so we stop flooding the board.
Clean the fucking rust off
Take a decent picture, well lighted and steady.
Let's see how this works.
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that is a first generation "self-separating:" log splitting ax, didn't work for shit and was known for breaking wrists ..
File: 860.jpg (235 KB, 1200x1600)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
Bump .
What am I looking at here?
An axe obviously, but what's all that extra stuff?
File: 20190721_212018.jpg (333 KB, 1017x572)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
File: 564539439_tp.jpg (39 KB, 400x299)
39 KB
For example, 3m ms2 tp amphenol rj21

File: ClockDesign.png (454 KB, 1310x968)
454 KB
454 KB PNG
I'm trying to design a clock, but I haven't worked with gears in a while and something seems to be going wrong. I'm using this generator since making my own gears in CAD would be too time-consuming, but something seems to be going wrong; I'm timing the second and minute hands by multiplying the input RPM, and the second hand seems to work fine (60 seconds for a full revolution at 2RPM input, 6 seconds at 20RPM), but the minute hand is off by a quarter of a revolution despite having what I read is the right gear ratio (60:1, it's only 120:1 since the I made the input gear to have 2RPM input). Where am I going wrong? I know this isn't a default or usual geartrain/wheeltrain for clocks, since I didn't want to just copy someone else's ratios and say I "designed" it. The site I used is https://geargenerator.com, in case anyone else wants to give it a go.

Failing that, watchmaking thread, since I saw a few people be interested a few weeks ago.
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>I'm no mechanical engineer, but shouldn't the circumference be 60:1 and not the diameter? Pretty sure you gotta divide by pi somewhere in there

>C = πd
>I'm no mechanical engineer
nah you just don't understand basic math
60πd/1πd = 60d/1d
You could have all hands sweeping if you drive it by motor.
No way to do it practically. The escapement stops and starts, with the pendulum unlocking it and receiving impulse on each second. You could feasibly have a secondary escapement running off a remontoire system driving a watch escapement running something like 3 or 4hz that only drives the seconds hand, but, it would not be synched to the actual time indication.
>drive it by motor
Out of the question, I want purely mechanical power

I figured. Shame.
Interesting, I'll definitely look into that.
File: Stacked.jpg (47 KB, 395x361)
47 KB
Efficiencies be damned, at least all the dials line up. I know this is definitely not the most optimal configuration of ratios, but I gave that zero consideration this time in favor of just learning how all this is done.

How often should my AC unit cycle? Right now its on for about 15 minutes then off for 15 minutes. I have the dumbass cheapo Honeywell wireless thermostat. I can't change any time parameters. I think the manual said it will kick on at 1/2 degree. I'd rather have it turn on every 2 degree. Just seems like I'm wasting electricity. Also, what a good way to find where the outside leaks are coming from?
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Get yourself a 10 dollar laser thermometer
Stop Teasing .he wont know how to use it ..
Check your fan blade my nigger
>4chan is too dated to have audio webm
audio is disabled for most boards, some boards (like /wsg/ and /gif/) have audio enabled
just get a new thermostat
it aint hard to replace

File: proposal.png (12 KB, 600x396)
12 KB
Im looking into converting my detatched garage into a small bungalo. I already have My plan is to divert water from the house (hot and cold) and to fit a toilet/shower/sink which then runs into the local sewer. the ground to dig through is just simple grass earth. i drew a simple schematic. how hard would this be in practice and how much would it cost? Obviously just a ballpark as theres no way to be too specific. whats the typical cost for such works?
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>electric wash basin boiler kettle thing.
Small tankless electric water heaters suitable for running just a sink are not expensive.
File: 1538883083482.jpg (521 KB, 750x737)
521 KB
521 KB JPG
thanks so much dude, youre a legend.

yeah no tools but rental isnt so costly i guess.

i should have mentioned im a bongoloid £££

will defo contact the water/sewage authority before trying to fuck with the poo pipes lol but thanks for the heads up.

probably will get some professionals in for the critical parts, but i want to keep costs as low as possible.

thanks again
>putting hot water outside 10m not worth it, just for a sink use an electric wash basin boiler kettle thing.
i could consider that, but is it really that costly to direct hot water from the house boiler? i could insulate the pipes and the heat losses can be used to supplement the heating of the space?

i dont know if you caught that i plan to make the space a general living area and not just an outhouse.
>putting hot water outside 10m not worth it
also i should mention that the 10m is the combined length of the outside and inside sections of pipe. the outside exposed section would be like 1 meter or so and the rest is all inside the garage
Just go tankless as I said above, a small point of use water heater is cheap and simple. You save 10m of pipe and insulation, the possible leaks associated with that 10m, labour, and decrease the wear and tear on the main boiler.

I'm in the process of becoming a merchant marine, basically a guy who works on cargo ships for a living.
Does anyone here know anything about the work that would be good to know?
Asking here because /adv/ is full of white collar people and kids.
pic unrelated
Find a reliable bull for your wife. I don't want her to feel lonely while you are away.
The ocean and being alone better be your two most favorite things.

File: VARI_12_1.jpg (346 KB, 614x589)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
Thread hymn.


Last thread: >>1638309

>Haas automation videos.
>Titans of CNC
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Maybe if you're shit at it, mine is good to the half-thou it displays.
shallow pocket the knife edge ain't gonna give you a good reading, digs in too far and flexes too much

you'll fuck it up doing that if it's +/- 0.001" or better
What are the best online resources for learning g-code, preferably free ones?

File: ae235.jpg (11 KB, 330x330)
11 KB
Have you noticed that these fuckers, and all other dudley fill valves don't work fresh out the box.
I’m a plumber from the US and A, I can confirm-if the box isn’t factory sealed, somebody opened it and switched parts
Can double confirm from the US
If you do enough you know exactly which piece is missing or the hose is cut short or other stupid shit like that.
If it has packing tape from someone returning it, I dont buy it.

looking to build some chairs and other things for the fun and maybe profit if they turn out nice

know any good carpenter calculators and/or apps for iphone?
>looking to build some chairs and other things
>and maybe profit if they turn out nice
>know any good carpenter calculators and/or apps for iphone?
yeah, you aren't going to build anything
A cheap handheld calculator and a notebook to scribble in is the best method. Just do it, don't overthink this shit
Making furniture is not carpentry.

File: IMG_20190713_182441.jpg (3.27 MB, 3120x4160)
3.27 MB
3.27 MB JPG
Sup diy

Recently acquired about 25 rabbit (and probably cat) hides for nothing.

I plan to use some to combine with wood working or maybe make a throw blanket or a poncho. Still I have plenty and I wonder what I could do with it.
I have plenty of woodworking tools but no sewing machine evenif I plan to borrow one. What are your best ideas?
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Bump for fuck yea cat pelts
You could probably squeeze several small pouches out of each pelt. Find a local hobby store and see if you can sell them as dice bags to fa/tg/uys.
Make lots of hats and open an etsy store.
Make a kilt

File: 2019-07-18.jpg (1.34 MB, 3000x4000)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
Share your setups, your projects, your questions and opinions.

How did you mount your projector?
Did you go with a screen or wall paint?
What issues did you have to deal with during setup / Whats stopping you from moving to the patrician tier projector setup?
How did you deal with ambient light?

Just installed the old projector in my new apartment. Projector image looks ok against the bare eggshell paint now, but I'm able to paint the wall so considering options.

White vs Silver vs Black and have no idea yet what will work best.
12 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
This pic is all sorts of retarded. Boy am I glad I know how to run wire inside a fucking wall where it belongs.
Was nice, moving now
I’ll miss you tv
>so I just use the sheet now.
Newly washed and ironed, I trust.
You see some funny things at pizza'n'pr0nz nights around here.

File: zelda_b_29_10992_10.jpg (13 KB, 253x450)
13 KB
anyone try this? i have only a 120 outlet in my garage. And i need an oven big enough to heat up engine parts.

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open the plugin wires stick one hot lead into one outlet and the other into another outlet
OP here. never did that before, i am accountant. rebulding engines is my hobby.

Also my breaker box is over 50 feet away.
You can’t just bump the voltage up with a transformer.. the oven runs the control board off of line1 and neutral at 110-120v and is 180 degrees out of phase with line 2... the elements run between line 1 and 2 and see a difference of 220-240 volts across them.. if you just doubled the voltage of line 1 you’d fry the main control... what you can do much more cheaply however I’d see if all the outlets in your garage are on the same phase.. in the uUS they use both phases throughout the house to keep usage even in the system... just usually it runs between one phase and neutral... if you want to hack a way to power the oven then find 2 wall outlets that are on opposite phases... when you check between them you should see 220-240v... run one to line 1 and the other to line 2 on the oven. wire the neutral to one of them (not both... it might work but might also do unexpected weird stuff).

Alternatively get a gas oven and convert it to propane and run it off a tank...
Also all that aside electric ovens use a lot more than 1000 watts...
oh, my box has no more room for a breaker. Already showed my box to two dudes. they both said it.

File: IoT-For-Home-Automation.jpg (585 KB, 3500x2318)
585 KB
585 KB JPG
Anyone else?

IKEA's started rolling out a lot more products this summer. Currently looking for some outdoor lighting stuff
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>supporting chinese garbage
>putting ikea chinese garbage botnet in your house
you deserve everything that happens to you.
Make your own VPN to connect to home with. Then you can connect to the house from anywhere in the world and the ISP you are using won't know shit about it and no one can piggy back.
I don't trust ANY of that shit. You can automate most of your home with Raspberry Pis with code that youbwrite and can inspect anytime.
His point is most home automation is either a meme or a security risk, while also being expensive and running the risk of suddenly becoming obsolete and non-functional.

most smart home devices are in fact quite stupid
The only good ones are things that actually reduce the energy consumption of your house, but a simple programmable thermostat can do that.

also you're a giant faggot
I use Mozilla Things Gateway self hosted, I built my own smart switches for it and plan to build some more devices. AMA

File: images (12).jpg (8 KB, 277x182)
8 KB
How is your lawn coming along bros? We are at the point of make or break when it comes to how your lawn will look all summer. What actions have you taken? Which chemicals did you spray? What did you do to take your lawn to the next level and make every boomer on the block jealous as fuck?
169 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
Are you this angry all the time? I can't even imagine getting mad because of some plants.
Listen, if you had those shitty vines trying to crawl onto your citrus trees and powerlines, you would be pissed too. Plus they have something in them that makes you all itchy and burns so when I take any power tools to them, I need to race to the shower afterwards. The plants are straight evil.

We get those little bitter melon vines too. In the front yard I have tal hedges between my yard and his yard and the thin vines come creeping in from his side so I need to rip those out every couple months as well.

Having a well kept house in a well kept neighborhood but living next to that one neighbor who is lazy and Jewish is one of the most frustrating things one can experience. At least he’s not black, although I don’t think those people are allowed in my neighborhood.
How do I unfuck my yard. My neighbors yard is letting ivy in through his fence and into my yard and has spread like aids through a gay community. I'd like to not use Roundup. I have a decent tiller but won't that just out the ivy into the ground without killing all of it?

We live in floirda so get that gay st. augustine grass. I nuked the whole thing with roundup and replaced with mulch. It's not as weird as you'd think as we have a small yard being at the beach
This is why you plant only the high end expensive vegetables/fruits. Stuff like spinach, peppers, strawberries, radishes, turnips and tomatoes. You'll save boatloads especially on peppers and spinach, plus you can freeze stuff. I'll be dammed if I'm gonna waste labor on fucking potatoes and green peas. Also helps to learn canning especially if you're growing lots of tomatoes or berries.

File: 20190718_134723.jpg (2 MB, 2880x2160)
2 MB
How would I go about getting some electricity out of this? I don't need it for anything just thought it would be cool to charge my phone or something while I exercised.
27 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Why would you have to supply an alternator with power? It will produce 12V, but i kinda doubt that an automotive alternator could be actuated by a pedal turned by OP.
Yeah OP isn’t going to be cranking out a thousand RPM with a stationary bike without a crazy ass amount of gearing.
File: Alternator1.jpg (54 KB, 758x541)
54 KB
Car alternators dont have permanent magnets in them.
The regulator feeds a rotor coil to create a magnetic field to excite the outer stater windings and make the power. The regulator just changes how much current is flowing through the rotor to increase or decrease the magnetic field to regulate the voltage being produced.
If you dont have something to get the alternator going, its just going to spin doing nothing.
Its not a bike its kinda like a stair master and that turbine thing gets going pretty fuckin fast
I produced you with your loagy ass mom so I think I'll be good bud.

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