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Hi there, I would like to know how is this tool called so I can get it to start making my own wooden works.
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File: 999_3205.jpg (117 KB, 1280x960)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
It's probably a custom bit of tooling. No one sets out to make tools for the vast market of wooden frame glasses makers. So the first thing you need is a lathe ... then you can make the router bit for your rotary tool.

The rotary tool in your pic is actually a Proxxon precision drill BTW.
Yes, thanks!
It's a Proxxon multi-tool, pretty much the same as a Dremel, I have one. Don't know about the bit he's using tho.
This is a hipsterglasses polisher.
Dont be a wuss, get a die grinder instead of a Dremel OP

File: 1530044490130.jpg (41 KB, 950x598)
41 KB
What's the strongest non-adhesive joint?
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Wood shrinks as it dries out, the windsor exploits that. The spindle ends are driven into into holes which compress them and the ends are wedged, this holds them tight as things dry, As the seat dries those holes the spindles are driven into also shrink tightening up on the spindles.

Generally the spindles are a different type of wood than the seat and the seat is a much large hunk of wood that holds its moisture through the working, the spindles are quite small and will be fairly dry by the time the chair is assembled, especially the ends which dry out the fastest. So the spindles do not shrink much and the seat does so it's hold on the spindles just increases as the wood dries.

Any wood furniture can self destruct being brought to a new climate, windsors are fairly robust, they are from the times before climate control and take most things gracefully, better than most. There is a reason the basic mechanics of the chair has not changed in over 300 years and it has remained in use and construction for that entire time. There are a fair number of cheap manufactured ones though, they are garbage and do not last long at all, rely completely on glue and are made from poorly dried wood, more windsor style than a windsor chair.
>Generally the spindles are a different type of wood than the seat and the seat is a much large hunk of wood that holds its moisture through the working, the spindles are quite small and will be fairly dry by the time the chair is assembled, especially the ends which dry out the fastest.

that is the trick then. thank you for your post, it was very informative.

also, is there a method in big build log cabins on determining the workable moisture not to end in castrophy? How cautious do you have to be regarding wood dryness and time of the year?
I can not see that a log is going to shrink enough to cause problems with the standard log building techniques. Traditionally you would cut your trees in the winter and build in the summer since those are the down times for that life style, so the logs have a good amount of time between cut and build, but I know of cabins that were built with freshly cut a peeled logs, they do just fine. No idea about 'big' though.
Bend the tree into the shape you want your finished piece while it's young, let it grow thick enough to meet your needs, chop it down, and then mill it to final dimension
2000 years of people just moving stones around, trying to figure out what somebody else did there

>plumerfags help
So I'll give you a little rundown of what happened
>Have a septic tank
>tell s/o to throw condom in waste bin in bathroom
>throws it in toilet and flushes it
>it's been months, its has its moments but nothing too concerning just the regular thing
>read up online that if you have a septic tank, and tie it it will inflate and potentially clog
>also read it never leaves it
Is there a chance its gone? What are my options if it's not and how much will it cost?
>all I can find is yahoo bs
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So, it’s at her husbands house?
Tanks are buried in the ground. The tank holds solid waste while the liquid runs into what’s called a weeping bed which then soaks into the ground, drains into a gully, ditch or evaporates

>cant even spell plumber correctly

keep using those condoms, and dont breed you useless waste of space
It's just a fucking condom dude
>Plumber pulls out condoms, Mr homeowner-you shouldn’t flush those.
The wife “We don’t use condoms Gary!”

How do I maintain a leather jacket so that it lasts a lifetime ? I read somewhere that coconut oil is a good leather conditioner. Apart from that, the only conditioner I can get is automotive leather conditioner. What's your take on this /diy/ ? Also how do I make it somewhat water resistant ?
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Countries aren't fed with the bullet riddled corpses of your schoolchildren, silly american.
>believes the media like a good lil sheep
>gets shot like an american
Shoe polish ? For a jacket? I dont know anon but I guess I'll have to take your word for it. Altho the smell would be a bitch to lose. How do I deal with that ?
We need some pictures, leather can be fixed you know.

File: 925909508-612x612.jpg (22 KB, 612x612)
22 KB
I opened a bottle of champagne next to a shitty wall in my rental. Please help me
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File: Capture.jpg (229 KB, 1851x940)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
Slap a blank electric cover plate on it.

Kia ora. That would fall under reasonable wear and tear under the Residential Tenancies Act. It's not intentional or negligent so it's not your problem mate.
it's not a big deal. go spend $20 at a home improvement store. or call your landlord and tell him what happened. ask what it will cost to fix, or if you should fix it yourself. this isn't a big deal.

Additional thread question. How the fuck do you match sheen? I have a repair that shows in window light like a black spot on the wall. When the hall lights are on you can't see it.

I like making masks and such out of fiberglass.
Problem is, I am having trouble cutting the eyes (or similiar) out cleanly.
I am currently using a small drill bit for a Dremel to cut them out, but as you can see in the pic, the cuts are anything but clean.
What would be a good way to clean the edges?
A sanding drum on the dremel doesn't seem to take off enough material, and when you apply too much pressure, it just makes little round notches, making it all worse.
Got some ideas?
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I thought it was a sex mask too.
I didn't even know that was a thing.
What makes you say that?
Have you never heard of a gimp suit?
I would use some tape and mask the lines you want for the eyes to reinforce and make it easier

File: cap.jpg (30 KB, 694x629)
30 KB
So one of of my projects I need a form fitted steel endcap, in a oblong shape with a depth of about an inch and a half. Render related.

I've checked all around for pre-made ones without any luck, mcmastercarr came close but they didn't quite cut it and were too shallow anyway. Is there anything out there I could pull something like this off of, or how could I go about making one? I mean I guess I could mill one out, but that seems like a hell of a lot of doing for what should be just stamped sheet metal.

Sorry for retardo question.
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10/10 good work op
what a pos
ruined that gun
illegal as hell to boot
fuck you
he can do
whatever he wants
with his gun
File: obrez.webm (1.39 MB, 888x500)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB WEBM
call the cops motherfucker
Eat a dick, nigger.

File: bqguz1b8viw11.jpg (22 KB, 640x481)
22 KB
Is it possible to find all the electrical outlets in a home by just measuring their current?
Can't you recognize them visually?
>find all the electrical outlets in a home by just measuring their current
if you know the current from each outlet don't you know where they are?

are you talking about what outlets go with which breakers?
There is no current if there is nothing being used.. no

I don't know if this would be strictly /diy/ related, but since you've helped me around the house/garden so many times I figured I'd ask here first

I've decided that I want to start turning my digital music library into physical CDs to keep on a pretty shelf next to my sound system. I could buy CDs of a lot of my music off eBay or Amazon, but those could be anywhere from $1 to $10 each and that would add up pretty quickly.

I want to start custom printing album art jackets for jewel cases, and printing the CD designs themselves onto the disks as well. I already have a printer capable of printing onto inkjet-compatible disks, so that's already good.

A few questions for anybody familiar with this kind of thing:
What would be the best paper for printing the album art? I've read that actual CD cases use bond paper, but I only need them to look nice rather than feel realistic.
Are there any good high-res repositories of album art/disc art? I've found a few for album art but nothing for the disk art itself.
Any recommendations for the best brands of jewel cases/inkjet CDs? I'm looking for cases that I can put spine art on so I can read them on the rack, durable is a plus.

disclaimer: I'm not a bootlegger trying to sell hackjob CDs, I doubt there's even a market for counterfeit Rippingtons CDs. I just want a nice little project to keep me busy and physically catalog my extensive digital downloads
File: 1486530327971.jpg (293 KB, 894x894)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
buy records instead

the rippingtons would be like $2 apiece, so like $26 for their whole collection on Discogs and are more interesting than CDs anyway, plus a standard vinyl sleeve takes up 12"X12"
>$2 a piece
yeah, plus $2-$5 shipping each
and the more popular/recent artists would definitely be more than that per album

If I really love the album I spend the money on the vinyl, but this is more about building a physical collection because I'm a hoarder
I visit thrift stores whenever I can, but those are always limited

File: download.jpg (10 KB, 264x191)
10 KB
Anyopne ever built a boat dock b4?
yeah, i overcharged the guy and only half finished it.
yeak i know how to build a dock thats what i do and you fucking know it. and no i dont have time to give you a written estimate. i just do this shit and give you a bill when its done god dammit i aint got time for this shit just give me the damn money
File: boots on the ground.jpg (43 KB, 1080x720)
43 KB

And got mad when he questioned my work.

If that faggot doesn't watch his mouth imma put my size 7's up his ass.

File: trash only.jpg (75 KB, 640x640)
75 KB
I live on a big mountain overlooking downtown LA (it's about 3 miles above sea level)

What are some cool things I can do from up here (besides jumping off)?
8 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's got to be to Dick Masterson, right?
How about a billboard, like the Hollywood sign? Or offer it as a place for a cell tower. You might get $1500 per month rental.
no i'm just retarded, it's like .2 miles above the sea level
Certainly sounds like it.
pic related
that photo is from the Washington subway

File: IMG_20181212_120142.jpg (2.3 MB, 3968x2976)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG
Hi, does anyone know about these connectors?

Managed to find out that it's a PBT connector but can't seem to find one that's the same, does anyone know if it possible to reuse it and if so how?
5 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Pulled the top off. Just has these blue rubber bits around the wire, damaged the middle rubber trying to remove but they don't seem to want to pull out or push out from the bottom :/ what a pain

there could be something clipped in the front to hold it in too, or a hole to push more tabs in
Blue shit is garbage that can be replaced by RTV. Poke a paper clip around on the back and push cut wires through the front. I have a tool. It may work to stab a coffee straw in there. That's what the tool is but a bit stiffer and with a slit to get around wires.

Thanks dudes, considered it myself and thought to use RTV but having found the model number I found it on eBay for only £3.89 and not on a time restriction so for what it's worth in messing about I may aswell just buy another new one, probably cost me that to get the RTV and got to buy the crimper I need to do the type of terminals for this for the ignition too so win win. Someone asking over £20 for one with 3 wires already poking out.
File: 5534543543.jpg (27 KB, 300x300)
27 KB
those pins look like a generic DIE would work
not expensive at all
We all learn when an OP strikes up a conversation.

Need to lower humidity. Problem is all consumer dehumidifiers are either cheap toys or are $100+ and potentially overkill.
Is there any way to make a /diy/ dehumidifier? I was thinking about salvaging an old fridge and having the compressor in open air and drip the coil condensation into a bucket, maybe add a 12v fan or two, but I'm not sure how easy it would be to lower its wattage, as well as bypassing its temperature control.

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
They're with me now, John, eat shit. Your loser ass doesn't get to have nice things. I whore your ex out to my friends for money, same as your "son" who goes by Claire now and sure loves her new daddy.
World Peace. Oh, and some Knipex plier wrenches if that's okay?
Fuck you, i bet you hit your target temps and gravity too.
anybody fucked around with invert sugar? I've been getting quicker ferments w/ it but can't tell much taste difference.

uh do we post our dick size and highest abv?

7.5"x5", 15% dry ec1118 wine
5.8''x5'' 22% chico strain.

File: melted-cord.jpg (20 KB, 225x300)
20 KB
sup diy,

i recently got a cheap ass stove and the thing gets so fkin hot it melts the wire that is connected to it...

is there a diy way to protect wire from heat? i covered it with aluminum from a can but i guess that still conducts electricity so its as good as leaving the raw wire naked...

any ideas, besides buying the protecting sleeves?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
corks... good one. will try it if i can find some. thnx
dont run wires near heat
u can use a protection like wire from iron . Is smth made by textil and it will not burn. or u can buy terrmo tube from electronics shop.
>i recently got a cheap ass stove and the thing gets so fkin hot it melts the wire that is connected to it...
Turn down the heat. If that doesn't do it, cease using it all together and bring it back to where you got it. It's sounds dangerous.

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