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File: 1560455892645.jpg (46 KB, 400x404)
46 KB
Whats the best free 3D modeling program? I'm doing a bunch of blacksmithing work and i want to be able to plan them out
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>no ads for dragon dildos, AR15 parts, or furfag artists
If they know my browsing habits, they sure aren't showing it.
even Google is embarassed
File: 1559230562329.jpg (162 KB, 950x1024)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
What about designspark mechanical? So far I've only used it to dick around and has a small fraction of tools other CAD programs have
10/10 paint job, would save and look again
>dat shirt
Would laser skin/10

File: Yaesu.jpg (102 KB, 684x960)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Previous: >>1573816
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Can anyone tell me a walkie talkie model I can legally use without a license on FRS channels that isn't bright yellow or some shit? Like a BF-888 but what I'm reading for laws says it's too powerful and I need a grms license or something. I'm in the USA.
Eh, I think Cobra and Motorola have low power units in black or camo.
>imagine: /ham/ does Denver
>One ham's quest to find the perfect Denver omelette.
Hell, I'd be open to a nightly HF net for that. North American Omelette Hunters' Amateur Radio Net. NAO-HARN.

How about we meet at 7.290 USB every night (except Sundays) at 2000 Eastern?
>Got my cb rig going
>get to listen to a bunch of basketball Americans on super bowl rapidly descend into insanity

Worth it

File: 61TE0O+LBnL._SL1500_.jpg (54 KB, 1500x702)
54 KB
I got an electric smoker. There is no heat setting it's either on or off. I'd like to be able to control the temp not precise but within 50 degrees. Is there a way I can do that with pic related?

a temp sensor like LM35, a 339 comparator, a few resistors to set the temperature and some hysteresis, and a solid state relay. It's how I control a hotplate so my sardines are nice and tasty but not burned.
That's kind of what I was thinking. I really don't want to fuck with it that much. I only paid $25 so maybe I'll just set the alarm on to remind me to unplug it every 30 minutes. To let it cool down and it could also remind me to grab a beer. Hey how do you cook your sardines? I'll usual eat them on celery.
File: oventhermostat.jpg (27 KB, 640x353)
27 KB
Just get a mechanical oven thermostat.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (254 KB, 1280x720)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
Everytime I pass a Suzuki Carry I can't get past the potential these little guys have.

I've found them at 5k used for ~80k miles and it seems like it would make a great campervan.

Mind you, if genetics made you tall the Van option with a removed passenger seat is the only way you'd fit. The driving for taller folks would still be a challenge But for those of us under 6' it has 6'4" x 4.4" cargo area. It seems like an easy electric conversion if the 40mpg engine dies.
Not street legal in my area.

I wonder how much imitation crab meat you could carry in that
probably one-third ton

File: serveimage(34).jpg (186 KB, 960x640)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Im building the ultimate desk, help me out bros, so far I've got
-mechanically height adjustable
-pc is built in
-built in wireless charger (qi)
-ambient lighting
-usb hub
-smart routing for cabling

need some more ideas, also what design ideas will make it look even cooler?
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HP ZR24W. I have the same one - It's a great IPS screen and was a good deal when ~10 years ago, but I'm sure there are newer, better offers. I also doubt they're still being made and sold.
Should be "when I bought it"
>le epic eveyone should be like this idiot at google meme
File: cool design.jpg (103 KB, 720x960)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
me again. having a simple grate behind a cool design will make it look cooler. There's a computer fan behind the grate. It's used by this welder dude who needed to cool his equipment/work pieces.
its a prime example, look past the meme, hes one of the most important programmers of all time. rms: used a single monitor his entire programming career. torvalds: uses a macbookpro 0 external screens.

for bikers
i dont like the curbside in my area. when they build the sideway, they forgot to lower it for bikes and strollers and stuff. it is maybe 5 cm/2 inch.
is it leal to lower it on my own?>>
how do i do it best?
i guess by chisel and hammer. stone breaks by the line the force is applyed, so i need to place the chisel in a low angle. do i need a trench for that?
pic not mine
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>Don't ride on the sidewalk. It's illegal
Depends on wheel size where I live. Below a certain diameter it's acceptable.
>to avoid possible litigation
Doesn't look like the USA. They'll just tell you to f* off.
just add concrete or tarmac, u see this a lot of places. wear a hi-viz and no one will question you
My man is right. Look official, make it quick.
use rough sand paper by a little bit every day. work for maybe 10 minutes then leave so they won't notice anything. how many streets? if you only ride in a small area, 3-4 streets, that doesn't sound like a lot of work.

If there is one thing I cannot abide its Canadians pretending that they are better than us with all their fancy slang.
Here is a list of terms that really upset me when I stop to think about why they say them.

1 Garnish
They use this term whenever they mean a trim piece or an escutcheon

I guess thats the only one I can think of right now besides the way the say the word decal , but still , it should not happen
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this fact makes cooking where i live a pain in the ass
you're talking me to sleep
is that a canadian term?
lol yeah a really convenient easy to remember number. especially considering it is more like 36.7777 or some shit. yet in F it is a nice 100F

I was not satisfied with the conversions tables out there, so made this myself. I find it much quicker to read.
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Divide 3.333333334 in half vs dividing 1/3 in have, to divide 1/3 in half you just double the denominator, so 1/6, odd divisions like that are as simple as numbers divisible by 2. Want to double it, just double the numerator, so 2/3 and so on. That is just the simplest of examples, but the fractional system is just basic geometry in the end and you can do the math with straight edge and compass, so no decimals or even numbers, quite hand for laying out joints in wood working, I know the dimensions without even measuring. Perhaps I will provide abit more depth after work, and show some of the tricks that the base 12 system provides over base 10.
96.5cm and 208.3cm is now not metric?

You are the sort of person that makes people think users of the imperial and fractional systems are a bunch of idiots that can not see the obvious.
>base 12
I thought fractions with inches were in the form 2^n like OP's pic.
i honestly have no idea what you are talking about. i am saying all standard shit that has been designed using the metric system has all dimensions rounded off . especially stuff like door frames. you would never need to measure 208.3cm. it would be nice 210cm
use mm. also who gives a fuck you can't remember 4 numbers? write them down lol.

I can use old iphone hardware, like the camera, in another stuff?
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Why? That's not anything to do with how the Flash works, although I think in a few incarnations he has a fast metabolism so might be beneficial having some fat stores. Keto Flash.

A lot of Apple hardware is reusable and fairly well documented because fuck Apple.

unless you can reverse engineer their proprietary software to translate the language that their hardware uses to communicate you're not going to be successful. except the flash and the battery. maybe the buttons and switch, and shit like resistors, diodes, relays

shit like the camera will output the data it captures in a way that only apple knows how to read it and get anything useable out of it
>Being this fucking redarded.

Hardware doesn't use "languages". Hardware communicates with binary data, of which a programming language is a high level abstraction of.
Besides that, Apple actually open-sources a lot of their stuff.
The CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) was developed by Apple, and released as open-source.
The Kernel at the heart of OSX and IOS, Darwin/XNU, is also open sourced.

No, the sticking point for this is the MIPI interface on the camera and display.
There's some details about the MIPI interface online, but it's not the full spec, and manufacturers are allowed to extend the interface.
If you want the full MIPI spec for a device you need to buy like 10,000 units from the manufacturer.
Also, MIPI is a fairly demanding interface so you'll need a reasonably powerful FPGA just to communicate with it.
Luckily, some people have managed to reverse engineer small subsets of MIPI devices.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Hardware communicates with binary data
Sweet child.
And what would you call a serial interface?
You have a few serial lines, which send and receive data one binary bit at a time, and maybe a few control lines.

File: InstaSave.jpg (151 KB, 1080x1350)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
I'd like to build one of these mask / headset things. I can identify some of the pieces and tools used to connect things (ex. The action camera and swivel thing on top seems to use those GoPro screws) but other aspects I'm clueless about.

It seems like a lot of the parts might have been 3D printed, but I have no idea where I could produce or buy some of the parts.

Any advice? Pic related.
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Just build your own out of things from the junk draw and spay paint it black just like that person did.
Apparently they're functional or partially functional.

Ok cool, that should be pretty doable then. You think it's like plastic Gundam model kits? Or something else?
File: hqdefault[1].jpg (25 KB, 480x360)
25 KB
Yeah, shit like that. It is not uncommon. Even movie special effects people have been using model kits and toys to make props for decades. This prop from the original Star Wars film famously used the tire rims from a kids semi-truck.

Also, you will never be able to unsee it now that I mentioned it. You are welcome.
the main helmet which holds everything is a full face snorkel mask.
it looks like you could just glue a bunch of used parts to a mask, maybe old air conditioner and car parts, or parts from some old as electronics, tv's maybe, microwave. go to the dump and start smashing.

File: 5444266.jpg (70 KB, 859x811)
70 KB
Anybody have a Software Defined Radio? I have pic related coming in the mail and am looking for some ideas with what to do with it besides the general scanner stuff.
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>Three spikes with 0 bandwidth
Nobody was talking when I took that pic?
It's at the standard narrow FM bandwidth in that photo
Nice try at being an internet expert tho
Watch out for the Havoc firmware on the portapack for HackRF. I detected it transmitting unknown shit using an EMF meter. I'm not sure wtf is up with that, just watch out. It's pozzed af.
File: pyre.png (77 KB, 340x283)
77 KB
Yarr har fiddle dee dee
Being a pirate is alright to be
Do what you want cause a pirate is free
You are a pirate!
(Pirate radio)
I asked this in the other thread but didn't get a response. What is a good next antenna? I have a big attic and yard. Love me some 80m and shortwave.
I guess it needs an SMA end or adapter?

Sup /diy/

Just bought my first house. Any tips?
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Call your insurance company for recommendations on contractors. They know people who will do the job, and for a decent price.
home inspectors are useless species. you only hire them for a peace of mind (but you are fooling yourself) in case there is something obvious like a missing roof. they usually notice and make a huge deal out of cosmetic issues (to justify their fee) but they can't really notice any hidden issues that you will uncover later.
It's all rolled in. Pull out your pathetic excuse of a child's school binder worth of book keeping and read your original mortgage,credit,or buyers guide. It will have an inspection.

Or you could be correct "all it had was an appraisal" done by who. Some retarded bitch with an LMS home inspection cert.
don't eat the forbidden cotton candy
Yes. tip your inspector and appraiser and real estate agent.

File: IMG_20171020_232857.jpg (1.84 MB, 4032x3024)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
So it looks like I'll be moving into a larger house and I'll have room enough to finally use my desk I picked up years ago off of CL and has been sitting in storage (thus a fairly old picture)
So my plan is to, remove any rust, clean, repaint, replace locking hardware and the feet hardware along with possibly replacing the wooden top and adding a keyboard drawer.
I have a rough idea how I plan on doing it but in particular I'm having trouble finding a good way to remove the rust and finding feet, which was essentially a bolt with a wide flat top. Any ideas on those along with a possible replacement top would be great.
From the looks of the office desk, in the photo, the top is an MDF board with the cheap formica. You can get formica or the other knockoffs of various colors, textures and gloss. Just be careful with the adhesive. The feet can be easily found on websites such as McMaster-Carr or Ebay, depending on the size of the bolt and threading.

You can also buy solid wood top for that desk (also McMaster-Carr), if your budget allows for it. You can remove the rust with a scotch brite pad and the stainless steel cleaner that they still at the market.
>MDF board with the cheap formica.
Nah, the tops on these desks are particle board, some have actual wood veneer, some are just heavy paper like laminate with wood grain printed on. The wear at the front edge suggests wood but the bottom right corner suggests paper. Hard to say from a photo.
It's the heavy paper, one of the edges started to peel away so I figured it was worth going all out and replacing

How would I go about learning how to make a custom PC? I know it’s probably better to buy one pre-built, but I’m genuinely interested in learning.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks, I’ll try that out.
Go to pc part picker, slap something together, use brain to double check, make sure it is cheaper than a prebuild, then do it. It's time consuming because you have to be double careful with expensive parts.
I think jayztwocents on youtube just put out a tutorial.

I literally built mine last week. HDD for gaymes and SSD for OS my dude.
I've been building my own gaming PCs for 20 years. The hardest part is the research. You spend hours trying to track down parts that fit what you need. You have to be careful because you can screw yourself on price/performance. New shit is coming out all the time and if you are not trying to build a top of the line rig it can be difficult to gauge what is worth it.

Case in point, fucking video cards. New ones come out all the time. Is it worth it to buy a new mid-range card or an older top end card that is on discount? Research.

Also, spend your money on parts that last longer. The core of a gaming PC is the motherboard, CPU, RAM, and video card. These generally only last 3-5 before they are too dated to play AAA games at high settings (depending on how high end you bought). Things like your case, power supply, sound card (if it is not built onto the mobo), and hard drive can be reused for later builds. Same deal with monitors, keyboards, mice, etc. Get a really fucking nice case. Get a really nice power supply. Hard drives don't age well but they can last. My WD Black from 11 years ago is still in service as a data storage drive even though it has long since been replaced by an SSD for OS and gaming duty.

If you are using headphones stick with the onboard sound or maybe get an external DAC. If you want actual speakers, not gaming speakers or some Beats/Bose garbage, get an internal card with good 5.1/7.1 output and a real receiver/speakers. Also, if you can hold a speaker in one hand it is a shitty speaker. This isn't a weight thing, it is a size thing. 'Satellite' speakers are crap. Get full range speakers at least 'bookshelf 'size if that is your thing. They last decades.

Finally, it is perfectly okay to build your rig in stages. Build a solid tower and maybe keep using your shitty Dell/HP/Acer keyboard/mouse until you can get a nice set. You can easily spend $200 on keyboards/mice but you generally only have to do it once. Same deal with monitors, etc.
Pick a processor your price range with good reviews. Check what type 'socket' it is. Then find a motherboard with the compatible socket for the CPU. From there you pick other components that fit the sockets on the motherboard. It's mega easy, I've built probably 10 computers since my first in 2001, when I was a tween. Big boy Legos

File: IMG_20180708_030406.jpg (107 KB, 640x814)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Post structures that are dangerous, unstable, funny or 'last minute fix'
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shed of doom hahaha
fuck it's been so long, I lost my shit on the bus

dude played too much survival mode in minecraft
I literally grew up in a house with stairs exactly like those, and my current house has stairs that go 270 degrees. Obviously both sets including railing, but I don't even understand the purpose of your comment other than a seething obsession
Only in public buildings and only if there is no other access to an upstairs public place.
Those are half floors in that ... thing. It sometimes happens when 2 buildings close together get merged.
I know a building with an elevator that has 2 doors, the second is used to access the other building at half step intervals.

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