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File: bed-bug-lifecycle.png (170 KB, 792x708)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
I have bedbugs and need to get rid of these fuckers somehow
I live in an apartment and don't know where they came from, I just found a bunch under my mattress and booked a hotel for the weekend
By the looks of it there's probably a 1/2 dozen or so I killed with spray but I know there's probably more of those things hiding somewhere

File: image.jpg (3.93 MB, 4032x3024)
3.93 MB
3.93 MB JPG
Hey /diy/, I have this Ikea sit stand desk that uses the plastic fastener style, and it’s becoming more wobbly than when I originally purchased it. I wanted to see if there was anything I could to replace the fastener style because they have worn themselves out make the desk incredibly annoying to use.
Was unsure if there was something I could with screws or some other style to get it working better
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Glue the fasteners into it, correct?
Which bit has worn, the plastic or the "wood"? If it's the plastic, Ikea used to give spares away for free if you had an issue (not sure if they still do that though). You could ask them. I suppose. If it's the "wood", you could drill it out and glue in a wooden collar with the internal hole the same diameter as the original hole (but use real wood, not mdf). Or drill a new hole in the metal and corresponding new hole in the "wood" (glue a dowel into the old hole).
It’s mainly the “wood” that’s worn out. If I were to look at doweling kits, could you reexplain what you mean about glueing it?
From the pic in the op, I have a second hole already cut from the factory with the metal. I can see drilling up into the tabletop but just didn’t get the rest
I found the kits at my Home Depot but I didn’t see how that would work in this case
File: threads.jpg (22 KB, 400x400)
22 KB

THIS is why ikea is shit. designing a metal bracket to be held in wood with a shitty plastic push in anchor. holy fuck I hope you didnt pay more than 5 bucks for that pile of shit. holy fuck that is setting off my OCD just looking at those plastic pieces holding wood and metal together.

here, get a THREADED INSERT kit for wood. you drill a hole use the tool to thread the insert in which locks into the wood then insert a screw into it and fasten it. no plastic shit that doesnt hold shit.

just google "THREADED INSERTS"
>reeeeing about plastic fasteners
>put threaded inserts in your particle board garbage

File: cinder.jpg (86 KB, 564x846)
86 KB
I need suggestions on a super cheap spartan/industrial/minimalist house. I am searching for a house in specific area in the Southeast US. I can only seem to find disgusting remodeled trailers or overpriced excessive mcmansions, but undeveloped land is cheap and plentiful. Humidity, flash floods, and tornadoes are the only hazards to the structure. I don’t want to pay for things I don’t need and a barebones house that I could finish myself later after paying off the mortgage would be ideal.

-1 bed+bath, guest bath, 1 office/guest bed, kitchen, laundry closet, storage/gym (can be separate), garage (can be separate).
-HVAC (can be ductless)
-Minimal insulation (southeast)
-Easy maintenance (e.g. exposed plumbing, exposed electrical, concrete floors)
-Livable and could pass inspection
-Tornado, humidity, and flood resistance (no large windows, bare metal, low particle board)
Don’t Need:
-Fixed cabinets (just need a sink and a stove/range, could be portable)
-Cosmetics (molding, shutters, paint, etc.)
-Hidden utilities

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What is this called? Can it be insulated?
>Obviously has insulation mounted all around.
>Can it be insulated?!
Looked like bare metal to me before I took a closer look. My bad.
Nice it's a beautiful place anon
Curvco is the company

It starts off bare metal.

Spray on insulation is the best type (I have heard)

File: drogo-front-panorama.jpg (352 KB, 4604x2218)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
How would you build a modernized European style castle?
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OSB + OSB beams
>OSB. Lots and lots of OSB.
Mein negro
if you want to take a look there's this state owned castles and monasteries that they turned into Hotels in Spain

This may be good.
No, they are powerful.
Build it underground

File: uv-light.jpg (4 KB, 259x194)
4 KB
Anybody where to get cheap UV Lights for drying adhesives? A UV pen costs like 2000 dollars.

The adhesive needs:
405 nm @ 2000 mW/cm2 <1 second cure.
405 nm @ 250 mW/cm2 1 - 2 seconds cure.
320-450 nm @ 2000 mW/cm2 <1 second cure.

Anything within that range is good.

File: 20171027_080333.jpg (1.55 MB, 3264x1836)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
>installer for big box store
>huge project in 7 figure home
>job is 95% complete
>show up, first guy on job
>lock box, open door
>immediately smell strong fire smell
>nose takes me to garage
>feel door, is it hot?
>open garage door
>see pic related
>painter sanded & re-stained stair treads
>throws stain rage in plastic bag
>ties bag shut
>throws bag into empty box in garage, leaves for the night
>homeowners in hotel during renovation

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>making up bullshit to get attention
>attention on a anon board
Could be true, if he's in China!
File: 1343434334546.jpg (9 KB, 300x168)
9 KB
I work in leak repair, I got a call in the middle of the day once to drive 4 hours out into the boonies for an emergency. I pull up to this tank farm in the middle of a corn field, nothing but corn for miles in any direction. There's a guard shack upfront and the whole place is surrounded by a giant embankment wall and a ramshackle cattle fence. Security guard comes out and says I can't drive in there because of the leak. There's no compressed gas tanks, only liquid tanks so I think that's weird. I get to the top of the dyke and I can smell nothing but kerosene. Look down and there's about a foot and a half of kero pooling up. They've rigged up a red carpet for me out of pallets and pipes that run across the pipe racks. Go back to the truck and get my fireman gear and make the walk across this bridge. Get about 200 feet in and I see it. A guy is standing there with his thumb stuck in a broken one inch pipe. They've got the guy covered in some type of tarp. The rest of the workers are standing on top of everything to stay out of the pool. Yell over to them with a bit of a chuckle, "I guess none of those shut off valves work, huh?" None of them look amused. The tank had 2 old ass 16 inch gate valves coming off of it, neither were holding. The tank could probably hold over 50000 barrels of kerosene. After the 2 valves was a bung with a run of 1" pipe that went up 16 inches, across about 4 feet then down to a valve to a sample point. There was a piece of angle iron welded directly to the 4 foot run for support. I guess a guy was taking samples, got done and for some reason backed his truck up into the line and sheared it at the support. Simple fix for me but damn. I can only imagine the cleanup cost.

I have 2 washing machine motors. What should I do with them? Also, I googled “ clueless construction worker” and this is the image that came up. kek
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build a go-kart
The real clueless one is whoever saved that png as a jpg and fucked up the transparent background.
>God look at those milkers

But look at that hook nose and jay leno chin though. Milkers or no, I'd be afraid both would shank me during, or I'd get kvetched for my trouble.
gravity light
Some of those fancy Korean washing machines have three phase motors. Could use it like a brushless servo.

File: 1566768707702.jpg (343 KB, 1350x900)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
Previous thread >>1671645


In /rcg/ we discuss anything & everything remote controlled - multirotors, fixed wing, cars, rovers, helis, boats, submarines, battlebots, lawnmowers, etc.

>How do I get started with racing drones?



> How to build a racing drone (16 part video series from Joshua Bardwell)


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Jesus fucking christ if they jus didnt touch SA Id be 100% happy

Btw theres a github page with vtxtables for most txes
Ok, Ive updated my esc's and tested RPM filtering and this new feature impressed me.

I noticed a really good flight characteristic at low throttle. And its very smooth overall. The sound of the motors is nice.

I have only flown 8 battery so far and I was adjusting the filtering sliders to give me less and less filtering. My motors stayed very cool up to 1.5x

I will push it even father up to 2.0x later when I fly more. Just testing to see how the motors do and if they stay cool.

I have BLheli_S esc and I used the JESC firmware upgrade.

Yea I had to screw around with Smart Audio to get it setup properly but Ive got it how I like it now.
JESC is fckin awesome
I'm a /g/ fag and i try to keep my quad open source. That's one of the reasons I don't run blheli32. It's great I can have superb performance without going proprietary
Heyo, i'm currently finishing picking part for my first diy quad and I was wondering, what is the best fpv part retailer for eastern europe?

File: 20181219_223052.jpg (966 KB, 2132x2784)
966 KB
966 KB JPG
Is it possible to send serial data from one arduino to other using two of these modules?

I achieve the same result with to HC05 bluetooth modules but I'm wondering if it is possible to reduce the code or the wiring by using these ones..

I made a little research and couldn't find a tutorial that could specifically help me to create a mater-slave communication with two wifi modules, as I did with 2 HC05.
Too many layers with 802.11, fuck that. Use the 433MHz band with these cheap receiver/transmitter pairs.

Yes. Use web sockets.
Brainlet pleb.
Got it, will try it. Thanks!
Post results.
Websockets is overkill, general sockets will suffice.

File: s-l300.jpg (11 KB, 300x225)
11 KB
I have an old sony watchman and i want to get it working again so if you have any ideas that would be great. I also need it to be portable if plausible.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
He means make it able to receive current digital tv signals. On an older TV you'd need a set top box. Not sure how portable that could be.
one of those watchmans has been for sale on my local craigslist for like a month now, been thinking about picking it up but don't want to buy digital converter box

>wants to use old ass handheld tv to watch shit
>needs a converter

wow, its 2019 get a cheap cell phone and stream shit.

You could build a broadcast unit and broadcast your own pirate TV channel to it. Then you wouldn't have to deal with a converter.
I had one of those, they are crap. I hardly used it and it up and died for no apparent reason. Picture was crap black and white.

Is a building biologist a meme profession? Or will there be more of a demand for building biologists as bureaucrats mandate 'greener' building and energy standards? Regardless it seems a way to make big fat wads of cash while helping people live better, healthier lives and with 5G you'll have more and more homeowners looking for professionals that could advice them on shielding their homes from EMF radiation, etc.
I did a electrical panel change for this lady who literally paid thousands of dollars to have the feeders coming from the pole that were piped through the attic into her panel all moved underground because a building biologist recommended to do so after discovering the emf readings were through the roof and allegedly had a negative affect on her autistic son.
fellow sparky here. this shit is so retarded I don't even know what to say. "building biologist" why do people keep creating jobs where people can be a professional useless person?
>fellow sparky here. this shit is so retarded I don't even know what to say. "building biologist" why do people keep creating jobs where people can be a professional useless person?

Because rich people will pay you big fat wads of cash to put up a Faraday cage around their home, that's why.
Industrial sparky here, I’ve been around so much “EMF” and seen so many around my theory is if anything it make the smart smarter and the dumb dumber. I’ve been working around a electric arc furnace for a few months now. 13,200v with a 2400 kva transformer. I’ve been coming up with great ideas and even went back to school while this one idiot keeps doing dumb shit to the point someone might get killed.
The only thing i believe is the arc furnace, if your above it. At those puny sizes like 2.4mva @13kv I use 3 conductor cable, which eliminates the emf. Guess you learned alot in "school". But do go on about your village idiot I love Darwin stories.

no such thing as "too many pins" edition

thread for everything arduino and other devices in the arduino ecosystem (esp32, blue pill etc.), raspberry pi and other microcontrollers are also allowed

>what is arduino?

>useful resources
I don't have any, pls suggest some

Previous thread: >>1651573
190 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
What's the transition like from being a C++ noob to writing code for arduino's?

I don't really have any projects in mind yet, but I'd like to have some help for next year's garden. I thought it'd be cool to have some different solar powered sensors around the property to guage how much sunlight each region gets.

What's the difficulty in programming something like that? Can someone give me a high level overview?
Arduino's C is quite simple to code, it's only when you want to optimize stuff that it gets complicated since you have to stray from predefined functions and touch low level stuff.
A project like that isn't too complicated, you'll spend more time designing the circuit. Just use a photoresistor and get the values every couple of minutes, save that to the memory, maybe add a display to visualize the data.
How easy would it be to translate code for the teensy 3.2 to the 4.0. I needed to buy one for a particular lib made for the 3.2 but if Im going to buy one I might as well get the 4.0. Considering getting both for legacy purposes.
How can you have a single complilation unit from two cc files? You mean nasty #include "file.c"?
Some projects (notably webkit) do what you said legitimately to speed up full builds, and improve optimization on compilers without link-time optimizations. Some build systems like Meson allow you to build a project like that by passing an optional flag, for the same reasons.
Other projects like to abuse the fact that you can build multiple .c files in the same compiler command (like "cc -c -o unit.o file1.c file2.c").
In general it's not a very useful distinction (and the above is generally ill-advised), but it should be kept in mind nonetheless. It's more useful to see "compilation units" as .o files, rather than .c files, since the former is what is fed to the linker.

File: 20191014_211509-01.jpg (1.06 MB, 3010x4013)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
I need to write some dvds but i dont have a computer with an optical disk drive. I took this out of an old laptop that isnt working anymore, is there any way to make it run externally on a different laptop? Usb maybe? Idk, any help is appreciated.
17 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1.jpg (119 KB, 740x626)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Use this, and you'll never have to worry about finding some way to connect drives (SATA, PATA, optical; any size) again. However it's bulky. $15
File: 2.jpg (111 KB, 739x514)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Use something like this for SATA drives, any size, due to added power adapter for higher power requirements. Also, about $15.
File: images (8).jpg (17 KB, 384x384)
17 KB
Turn it into a nice red burning laser. There are countless tutorials on YouTube. Styropyro is a real inspiration

What's it like being a construction laborer? How's the pay? Do you enjoy your job?
23 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Thats not gonna fly on a jobsite. Unless you were born female and you have an organically natural bagine, they wont give you the ez mode treatment.
Depends a lot on where you are and what the company you're working for is like. The work itself isn't as physically demanding as you might expect most of the time, but occasionally you'll have to haul some heavy bullshit around or spend the afternoon attempting to dig a statue out of the ground. It's good to have a couple of basic skills so that you can fill in for tradies on little stuff (small drywall patches, touching up mortar, ect) but it's not essential. On the last laborer job I worked, I ended up helping the site super manage tradies a little bit. Nothing major, just directing people to where they were needed, what they needed to do, and letting them know if there were things they couldn't do in front of clients.

I've always been paid shit for labor work, but I've also only done it through placement agencies. Coworkers of mine who worked directly for the GC got paid considerably better. Again, this depends on location. You can definitely make a living doing it though.

Enjoyment depends heavily on your coworkers. I've had fun jobs and shitty jobs. The last job I did was pretty frustrating, largely because of the site super. He had a bad habit of having me do pointless busy work from 7-12, then deciding that there was some vitally important time and labor intensive thing that needed to be done right after lunch. On the other hand, the super I worked for before him was always pretty good about setting reasonable expectations and didn't give me any trouble, so working for him was pretty enjoyable.
Construction workers usually get paid a lot. It's an appealing element that keeps people working in that field. I can't say I know why the pay is so high. If I had to bet, it's obvious, magic, magic is the answer. Alchemy enhances human life by introducing oddly well paying jobs into our market. lol Saving up is easy. In the case where you're working in construction.
this is in the Seattle area, im pretty sure all big public projects have diversity requirements now which is why you see so many women as road flaggers now.

I've worked a lot of jobs in the commercial construction field over the years but never any one thing for more than a year or so, so I never really got past the entry level paygrades. For the things I was doing, with my lack of experience, the pay was pretty shitty, like a buck or 2 over minimum wage. Maybe gas money if the jobsite was really far.

I enjoyed a lot of the work that I did but I hated how lots of jobs required me to drive really far. Lots of my coworkers were assholes too. I'm pretty fucking autistic and the sad truth is there is a lot of really juvenile junior high bully types in construction, and getting on a crew with guys like that makes your day really suck.


It sounds like you are viewing "construction worker" in the strictest sense, referring to someone who works "construction" for a General Contractor. Other people here seem to be referring to Construction Worker is the very loose sense, meaning anyone in a trade that you will find at a construction site, electricians, painters, framers, unskilled laborers, even HVAC guys.

File: 1571170764910s.jpg (4 KB, 225x225)
4 KB
I'm looking to make an aquarium tank leak proof. I also want to get rid of the ugly black boarder. These things as made from panes of glass and sealed with silicone in the corners.

Could I melt the glass at the corners and have it seal itself? I'm not sure if you can braise glass. I also don't know if it would withstand 10 gallons of water without the black plastic holding it together. I'm also a fucking retard so please feel free to point out the obvious.
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

Or go with acrylic like everybody else who wants an aquarium without the downsides of glass.
you can seal the joints with silicon but its best to find one that doesnt leak for free on craigslist or those apps. I got a borderless 20 gal that retails for $200 for free from some old dude along with 5 other tanks.
The fuck. Plastic is useless. Just scrape the corners and use you fingers to lay 100% clear silicone on the inside joints. Rip the plastic shit off and it should never leak again.

Might be easier to make new. Check out youtube builds. It's neat as fuck
will silicone hold the glass agaisnt the water? water is heavy af

this. the plastic frames support the glass to keep the pressure from pushing the glass panels out away from each other thus so it doesnt burt open and leak everywhere. theres a reason why things are designed the way they are.

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