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File: IMG_20190817_155951805.jpg (77 KB, 575x1023)
77 KB
what's the best way to connect these without blowing up the battery?
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It'll make one big spark when you connect it, it seems scary but it's just the input caps charging up.

Those gold stick-outeys are the power input (I think anyway). Just don't hook it up backwards and it should be ok. And don't hook up the battery to the motor outputs.

Don't get the 48V into any
don't get the 48v into any of the wires except the power input. It would probably instantly fry the logic inputs and might fry the motor outputs
>input caps charging up.
I'm just worried there's no power being distributed by the controller after the whole spark thing happened when I connected it to the battery. That's why I'm assuming its fried.

>Those gold stick-outeys are the power input (I think anyway). Just don't hook it up backwards

Well I might have just reverse connected the wires from + to + and - to - which may explain the whole spark thing.
If you reversed the polarity you are fucked.
I imagine they wouldn't be using protective diodes since the bike is using 15A so they would get super hot and waste energy and electronics like that can usually only take couple of volts in reverse tops
That is why you never connect anything to anything with power on. YOu always first connect the wires then check them 10 times and then connect the power source
File: 1565547036252.jpg (22 KB, 400x481)
22 KB
>Definitely not by holding one in one hand and the other in the other and completing the circuit

File: 500px-H2+O2=H2O.png (27 KB, 500x281)
27 KB
They told me hydrogen and oxygen combine to make water but when I tried it I got fire instead.

I have hydrogen mixed with air, I want to compress and store the hydrogen. How do I do it without blowing myself up?
How to separate hydrogen from air/oxygen?
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>They told me hydrogen and oxygen combine to make water but when I tried it I got fire instead
you can't make this shit up
>you can't make this shit up
OP did.
guessing the best, and safest solution would be to just actively use it, get a tub, put a bucket and fill the tub with water, fully submerge the bucket in the water while its upside down, pipe the hydrogen to go below the bucket so it keeps it scooped up underneath, hook it up to a gas stove, or a generator connected to a battery
>but when I tried it I got fire instead
That's how you get water from H2 + O2
Nah, it's been well known for at least a decade that water is a major byproduct of fire. OP probably just keeps up with the literature.

File: IMG_4071.jpg (79 KB, 600x450)
79 KB
Why do people make faggy boring houses when you could make something like this?
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>It took fucking WEEKS
So? You for paid for that time didn't you? Or did you bid it like a normal house thinking it would only take slightly longer?
> open fire inside + straw roof
Perfectly safe if you live somewhere that is more or less free of dry spells, a weekly rain or snow is plenty, wet thatch is near impossible to start on fire without the help of gas or the like. The tightly packed inner portion of the thatch takes a long time to dry well enough to burn and there is little oxygen in there to feed the fire anyways. Once saw a thatched roof catch fire, whole roof was burning in just seconds but it extinguished itself once that dry outer layer burned off leaving the roof perfectly intact, just a tad thinner.
>Faggy boring houses
>Posts a faggy boring house
boring faggy houses are cheap to commission and easy to bring into compliance with local regs

File: 1560119206239.jpg (89 KB, 602x999)
89 KB
Gents, I've been making guitar pedals for the past few years in my spare time and they've been for myself and my friends in local bands. Recently, I've been asked to make 5 of one model and I've been thinking about making a batch of 20-30 instead since then it would be cheaper for me to order parts and I could sell the rest online. That would also force me to make them more professional looking.

While I have been able to source metal cases that would be perfect for the pedal, I'm not sure how to proceed with the paint. I prefer powder coating so I can easily find a guy to powder coat cases.

Now, I'd like to paint on a detailed logo with letters and some graphics. Kinda like pic related. It has to look sharp and it has to be durable. I can't use vinyl because that peels off and looks horrible when it's stepped on for a while or abused/thrown around the bags.

I've looked into stenciling (cut out a reverse stencil from vinyl, spray paint over it and then remove the stencil) but I have a feeling that lines will not look sharp at all and I don't even know how to make stencils.

Anyone have some ideas on how to paint in a logo and legends onto a powder coated surface? Thanks!
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I've done the method you mentioned with a vinyl cutout using a vinyl cutter. The lines are super sharp but the painted area is raised so you need to clear coat over that to smooth the transition to your graphics. Otherwise you can run your finger over it and feel a hard edge.
>Silkscreen has limitations - you can't have things like the interior triangle of a capital A.
That's a STENCIL
Screen printing can do anything up to and including photographs.
(the screen is what holds the triangle in place)
After watching few YT vids on stenciling, I can't stop but think that this is a massive time wasting process. After cutting out all the stencils, you have to precisely place them onto the metal case and then you can paint. And you have to do that for each case, it becomes a massive time sink. For me to do 30 of them would probably take more than 30 hours. Just imagine lifting each "hole" of a letter and properly placing it.
I wouldn't be making even minimum wage with this process.
Find yourself that powder coating guy of your dreams and ask him. Always ask the manufacturer/pro installers. Including the powder coating product manufacturer. Maybe even try that pedal company.

You do a graffiti style thing where you have multiple stencils. One that is a big cutout doing as much as possible ( but the letters might be connected by a line), you paint that, then have another that covers other parts (the lines between the letters) and you paint over that and do that for as many as you need. You just make a jig type thing so each stencil layer is all lined up.

I mean yeah this is work and the easiest thing is to have the lettering/logo connected so you only have one layer.

Easiest is going to be water slide decals that you use a clear gloss with to make them blend with the case better and stay on permanently.

File: IMG_20190815_194431.jpg (2.65 MB, 2448x3264)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB JPG
my cv axle boots are about to rip. they have those cracks all the way around.
what can i do to extend their life? im too lazy to pull everything part and replace them.
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Wetsuit glue works well, too.
You can't. And don't let them split or your joints will get fucked in no time.

Get off your arse and do it properly.
flex seal obviously
I bought some ultra black rtv. Gonna clean it real good and fill the cracks
File: 1542641284922.jpg (245 KB, 1002x1238)
245 KB
245 KB JPG

Pic related would like a word with you

Do any of you went for this indestructible shoes meme?
I did.
This is how they look after 3 weeks of regular walking.
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I believe over there it's sold as Shoœ Göö

you have to rough up both sides with some sand paper and contact cement it back in
File: 1513573182563.png (68 KB, 800x750)
68 KB
Shoes last much longer if you leave them on the mantle piece.
My Dad.
Go buy some from rei
I have taken back boots years after I bought them cause the soles were coming off

File: 1545470091790.jpg (68 KB, 998x696)
68 KB
I bought into the skilled trades meme and becoming blackpilled as fuck, mostly getting tired of working under disorganized foremen who keep fucking up, b...but the boss can't get rid of him, we're already understaffed! Rather deal with a straight up asshole who'll at least keep the trains running on time, worst of all is being the Jannie who has to always fix hack jobs, etc. Are union job sites at least ran more efficiently? Or is it just more of the same retardation one can expect a day in a life in the skilled trades?

t.nigger (electrician)
18 replies omitted. Click here to view.
why don't you become the new foreman op
tell your boss if you bring on x amount of people who know what they are doing can you get a foreman position that way you can fix hack jobs & train people to do shit right
Unions are built around retarded.
>. Are union job sites at least ran more efficiently?


that was a good one, OP. efficient union work. My sides will never recover.
Sure are a lotta jews ITT
>why don't you become the new foreman op
>tell your boss if you bring on x amount of people who know what they are doing can you get a foreman position that way you can fix hack jobs & train people to do shit right

I'm an autist, thats why. But they still go to me when something is completely fucked or if it's tedious work nobody else wants to do.

File: image.jpg (1.48 MB, 3264x2448)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
Long time diyer with little jb weld experience. I'm trying to fill this void in a car part solid with a (relatively) flat surface which I might plane flat later. I was thinking of throwing clean stainless bolts in there to take up volume like you would throw rocks in concrete. Tips?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks for the tips boys
Why are you doing this?
I have mixed with chips and shaving from machine work. It would bother my ocd to use steel in aluminum. I have used baking soda, not as workable as I thought. SAND! I bet that's cool but never tried. You can thin with alcohol to get a level surface and it will dry pretty quick. Use vaseline where you don't want to get stuff.

Anyone try sand?
buy a solid piece of aluminium and machine a new part, itll take less time and fuckery
What about a wicking thread locker first before jb weld, you could even put a little trench over the Crack to fill.

File: fullsizeoutput_603.jpg (132 KB, 750x1334)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Hello everyone, this is my first time on /diy/ so go easy on me.
I have some extra cash that I'd like to spend on a unique tool/machine similar to a 3D printer. I'm unaware of what this class of items would be called so it has been tough researching.
Some examples; Embroidery machine, laser cutting tool, medallion/pin maker.
whatever you think is cool or have yourself, I'd love to hear about it
I've often dreamed of owning a hot glue gun.
anonymity at its finest

I would die for one.

but then how could you use it?

(is OP's abortion of a thread dead yet)

File: 1535354300450.jpg (45 KB, 555x376)
45 KB
exhausted thread: >>1656975

0. Electrics ≠ electronics. Appliances/mains stuff to /qtddtot/ or /sqt/. PC assembly to >>>/g/.
1. Do your own homework. Search web first. Re-read all documentation/datasheets related to your components/circuits. THEN ask. 2. Pics > 1000 words. Post relevant schematic/picture/sketch/9001.5 hours in MS Paint with all part numbers/values/etc. when asking for help. Focus/lighting counts.
2.5. State your skill level if asking an open-ended question.
3. Read posts fully. Solve more problems than you create.
4. /ohm/ is an anonymous, non-smoking general.

>I'm new to electronics, where to get started?
It is an art/science of applying principles to requirements. Find problem, learn principles, design and verify solution, build, test, post results, repeat

>Project ideas:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
426 replies and 120 images omitted. Click here to view.
Looks good, but use a bit more solder. You should have enough to cover the pad on the PCB.
it's not hard to hand solder soics and 0603s with the right tip size. ssops are annoying. seriously though just get a cheap hot air station. soldering qfns and 0201s is so fucking easy with one. i don't even use paste or a stencil. i just brush solder across the pads with an iron, apply flux pen, put the parts on top, and apply heat.
you're gonna want good tweezers for sure. also some liquid flux (usually comes in an applicator pen) or tacky flux (usually comes in little superglue-sized tubes, looks expensive but saves aggravation). no-clean type is preferred so that you don't have to worry about getting under low-riding components
File: wew uspto.png (150 KB, 897x870)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
I read somewhere that Dallas """1"""-Wire™ is off patent as of a few weeks ago. anyone want a 50 cent clone of a $1 temperature sensor?
>``1 wire''
>has more than 1 wire
i used an LMT01 in a project once which used a current sink pulse train on the ground lead to transmit temperature. that chip isn't as cheap but i wish every sensor could do something so compact and reasonable instead of annoying protocols.

File: black-adhesive-tape.jpg (73 KB, 1000x700)
73 KB
Can anyone recommend a black packing tape that will stick to cardboard indefinitely? I need it for a project.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Nobody in particular, I'm making boxes and I was planning to use the tape to trim so you don't see any cardboard.
Gorilla duct tape is very sticky.
Why can't you just use paint?
Why not spray with plastidip?
vinyl or polythe- whatever tape I guess but you really should just paint it desu

There are several i-joists like this, although this one is the most dilapidated, that I'm supposed to go and sister tomorrow and then I believe I will be removing the existing support underneath and jacking up after blocking in between the sistered joists.

Is this a reccomended fix? Or would a professional say that these need to be replaced? And I think my supervisor wants us to use regular 2x? Joists to sister them, though im reading online that we should rip plyboard/osb down to size and glue & nail board in between the top and bottom of the ijoist in order to sister.

Im just trying to make sure im doing whatd right for the customer and cannot trust my company for advice. Thanks /diy/
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
firstly, sister with whatever will carry the load when you lift
secondly if you replace the rotted osb with more osb, it will rot away also. i suggest actual wood as replacement and/or take care of the moisture problem that caused the rot

Don't take this personally OP, because it's not your fault unless you lied to get hired, but it's fucking criminal that they are sending a clueless guy to do a repair like this. Try not to kill yourself while you train yourself by trial and error while underneath a fucking building.
They are hiring with zero construction experience and I have had very little actual training on how to deal with these issues. The salesmen they send to these houses are even more clueless than I and they promise miracles and the production guys get the ass end of it all and have to guess whether or not the fix they come up with will be safe to install or effective for the given issue. Im stuck working here for now, they dont even pay overtime because they cheese it using a motor carrier exemption when they have guys installing shit under houses.

But yeah it's really shitty, I'm just trying to figure out what I can do for the customer since they already paid 25% of the $12,000 the job is running them, which is insane to think that Im supposed to collect a check for that much after whats probably going to be a very iffy fix that may very well put the guys im supposed to supervise in danger.
your fine sistering them. just make sure you go the whole span. its up to you if you wanna repair the stringers.

File: timing belt vibration.jpg (135 KB, 1024x768)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
I am getting my hands on some Mitsubishi J4 AC servo motors, some serious industrial shit

I want to see what the limit of timing belt is.

What do you guys want to know I'll test it out.
Vibration under various tension
Deviation under various tension
Chink brand, Jap brand, is there a difference?
Various teeth of belts

What if I drive them so fast in terms of acceleration and jerk they vibrate like crazy? What do?
File: 1541361788696.jpg (21 KB, 174x238)
21 KB
Thats impressive
I can't think of anything specific, but I'm definitely interested on a large comparison in general. I'd throw a 1Dollar Aliexpress in it for the lulz though.
File: 13740038978311.png (39 KB, 690x596)
39 KB
do the same thing with an indicator

File: 20190818_111902.jpg (3.16 MB, 4032x3024)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB JPG
Always wanted to try it, but the biggest one i aquired (stole from a field) are this big
3 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
yeah thats about the biggest cob you're gonna find
Also dont smoke tobacco. Take up vaping
Even if it wasn't for tobacco you should still be vaping it. OP is a boomer.
The cobs that major factories use are bigger and now specially grown for pipe making. You're going to want to sand that cob down.

File: Concrete.png (609 KB, 600x599)
609 KB
609 KB PNG
Would like to share some tips of the trade with others who have tried this.
This is the first batch of stuff I've tried to make, some easy tea lights, moving on I want to make concrete jars, either with lids to keep stuff in or to put your pens/toothbrush in.
The trickiest part for me is making the molds that you pour the concrete in, would love to hear how you guys tackle that step.

What kind of objects do you make out of concrete?
That just looks depressing, what are those Soviet style candle hodlers?
It does look very utilitarian
concrete/brutalism looking depressing is just an inner projection of your own feelings. get help

what part of pouring the molds is tricky? what issues are you having and what do you *want* to do but *can't* ?

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