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File: f4f.jpg (55 KB, 544x540)
55 KB
Eternal lawn care thread

Let's get this shit going boys

What is your current setup? Looking to upgrade my mower this spring
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File: night sips 2.jpg (1.19 MB, 1500x2667)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
mowing after dark is max comfy
as long as you don't have to mow under a tree

anything i can use on my shoes for mowing a 45deg hill? cleats?
cleats or crampons if you're really serious
Where is this hell hole?
File: serveimage.jpg (74 KB, 845x684)
74 KB
Got a Hustler Raptor.

Got >an acre yard. Only regret is not getting a bigger deck.

File: IMG_20190408_190649.jpg (2.26 MB, 2976x3968)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB JPG
Does anyone know what is that connector needed to connect this 12pin cable called and where can i buy one? I have lost that lil mother fucker there..
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Try searching flexible flat cable connector (on mouser you can find them under FFC & FPC connectors)
File: IMG_20190414_121423.jpg (807 KB, 2345x1804)
807 KB
807 KB JPG
It might be? Here is better picture of the slot where it should be connected.
Seems like you tore the connector off the board with your mongoloid strength

You've basically de-gloved the connector, it's not possible to fix it. You have to desolder the pins left sticking up and solder in a replacement.
Considering you didn't even manage the disassembly without half destroying it I recommend you seek professional help.
So basicly I just need to put the plastic piece back in place. Not very hard or complex job if I can find one somewhere.
>So basicly I just need to put the plastic piece back in place
in essence yes, in reality it will never fit properly if you can even get a hold of one

File: helper.png (49 KB, 778x512)
49 KB
Is sewing DIY? Am I allowed to post here?
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File: 11840[1].jpg (139 KB, 504x339)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
I did in the back, I just did it poorly, sewing the torn fabric to itself before patching it instead of patching it properly right away.
I'm hoping to cut these apart and figure out the right way to retrofit a diamond gusset so there's less strain on the crotch seam in the future.
I make several marks and line the first few up with the existing seam. I tend to wander otherwise.
That's a seamstress, not a tailor.
This. If you have the skills to tailor a bespoke suit, and you have a good reputation, you can nearly name your price for your work.
Practice and patience. Also, if you look at the metal plate underneath the foot where your fabric goes, there is usually inch or centimeter Mark's. Just line the fabric with the mark and keep your eye on it.

Would putting a funnel over a microphone increase the quality if you are trying to record a lecture and block out the noise from behind?
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>trying to record a lecture
do they know?

if the know, just go place it near the podium.
Also, the speaker should be the loudest person in the room....so record than in your sound editing program put a limiter on and filter out all sound below a certain decible.
Was soll das Bernd? Deine mic quality war gut genug
yes, but sound quality improving is based on what's the major source of degradation. If you're in a lecture hall, likely secondary echoes are your biggest pain. Adding a rear-facing baffle will not improve the sound quality much in that case.

phd in acoustics
What? Don't do this, OP. This guy is a retard.
Forgot to say, look into adaptive-array microphones, OP.

File: a.jpg (981 KB, 2052x2736)
981 KB
981 KB JPG
I picked up this cool old book but it appears to have been in a house fire or something. No flame damage but it is covered in soot. Does anyone have any tips on cleaning this thing up?
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It looks like tobacco smoke accumulated over the years on something sitting on a shop shelf loosely closed, not soot. A 1:10 solution of ammonia to distilled water lightly swabbed on (enough to touch the stain but not soak into the paper) and then pulled off with a dry clean cotton cloth *might* work on tobacco on glossy paper of that era.

I wouldn't count on any success with means available to the average person for that level of nicotine staining.
File: d.jpg (499 KB, 2736x2052)
499 KB
499 KB JPG

It is not tobacco smoke. I grew up with smokers. It doesn't have the uniform tar coating or smell associated with smokers. That shit is sticky and smells god awful. When my grandmother died, of lung cancer, we threw most everything she owned away because of the tar. This has a much less intense and different smell and the stains aren't sticky at all.
Dry ice dusting
File: e.jpg (674 KB, 2736x2052)
674 KB
674 KB JPG

I'll look into it. Thank you.
Just flip to the soot cleaning section, anon.

Is it right to infer that industrial is significantly more difficult to get an apprenticeship than residential from this picture? I'm a 22 year old NEET (with some community college - all GEs and some business classes) with a 3 - 4 year work gap and only have experience working a service job, so I'm not a great candidate. I hear/read people shit on residential but $17.50 an hr starting seems pretty good to me and I really need some movement/direction going in my life. I'm in the Bay Area/Santa Clara County. Gonna apply for residential regardless but wanted to hear some thoughts, opinions and advice to see if I should go ahead and apply for industrial as well. Thank you.
Dunno about USA but in my country (new zealand) industrial is paid much better and its a more laid back job
That's here in the US too. Resident is the lowest paid, then commercial is medium, then industrial controls is the highest. Industrial guys have to work kind of hard when it comes to rigid pipe... Think a 4 inch pipe is about 100 lbs and you have to thread it in.. commercial is a slower pace in a way compared to resident and less rigid compared to industrial... It's like a nice sweet spot in the industry that will gain you experience in just about everything you can learn in the industry as a whole. From there you can figure out which niche of the industry you want to fall into... Just don't be surprised if you start off with a shovel for a few months before anyone teaches you anything.

File: PETROCHEMICAL.jpg (327 KB, 840x490)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
Has anyone here ever refined oil at home? Or developed a small refinery for personal use?

it would seem pretty useful for preppers and when SHTF
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The Exxon Valdez will be conveniently fully stocked and set adrift nearby.
IF you have crude oil, it’s essentially a still. You heat the crude, and condense the evaporate.
It’ll be hard to control the quality of the collected materials- everything from benzene to gasoline’s to heating oil.
This hypothetical assumes that you have access to a well or somewhere with stock of crude
File: barnes109sm.jpg (63 KB, 799x599)
63 KB

Crude oil used to be available from mineral seeps near the surface. The phrase "snake oil" refers to the oil collected and bottled from Lake Seneca, then sold as a medicinal in the 19th century.

Problem is, most of those sources are long since depleted.

All these sources are problematic. Ethanol/methanol require a ton of vegetable sugars, and are corrosive to fuel lines unless you take precautions. Wood gas requires the availability of wood in quantity, which is fine except that some disaster scenarios may leave you with no wood for years to come. Ditto for even animal power: livestock requires feed.

Eventually you can cook up an ethanol based system, but how do you survive from now until then? Stockpiles? PV/wind/hydro?

I'd at least have a human-powered backup. Pic related is a screw-cutting metal lathe, pedal-powered, from the late 19th century. I'm surprised there isn't a modern equivalent.

>(Continued, sort of)

All that said, OP has it right to be thinking of this. You can't stockpile your way to eternity. A good grounding in chemistry and supplies to allow for processing of all kinds of chemicals in bulk is a vital and totally ignored part of most shtf plans. There's a plan for soap and booze, but little more than that.

File: 20190410_144403.jpg (3.03 MB, 2313x2417)
3.03 MB
3.03 MB JPG
I need help getting this stain off of a hard wood floor. I am moving and want to reclaim my security deposit, and have to deal with this. I think it was from some decaying food that corroded the carpet.
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Use one of my Hand Planes
Do not let a handplane touch that filthy cat piss soaked wood. A disposable scraper, sure. Not a plane.
Fucking dirtbag. You will never get that off and will lose your deposit, might even get sued for more money.
>t. landlord
Cheapest way
>Sand paper 80 grit
Sand that stain
>petroleum jelly
Smear it on the area
Now you're done
Bruh, one time when I was in school, working out in the real market with a real business as a form of training,my boss told me to use a chainsaw to rip away the wood staining on some ancient pine floorboards. It worked pretty well actually. It was fun and good learning for me.

File: 31+dWa1ZwhL.jpg (12 KB, 300x300)
12 KB
Does anyone know what the old radio mains power cable was called, the kind used in the 1960s / 70s? It was similar to the modern C7 connector in the picture but had larger holes and no indents. I've tried using C7 connectors but they don't fit, the pins are too thick to go into them
>old radio mains power cable was called, the kind used in the 1960s / 70s?
It was called an interlock cable.
It may be difficult to find references to it since 'interlock cable' can define many different devices.

File: nwWkC.jpg (33 KB, 500x332)
33 KB
Any of you guys build your own skate decks or longboards?
Is using construction plywood a bad idea?
Yes, that is a bad idea, construction plywood has voids in it, have one crossing the middle of the deck and it is going to snap. It also has every other layer of wood rotated 90 degrees, this gives optimal dimensional stability, but not as much strength along the grain, were a deck needs it most, and will leave it very springy indeed. The one thing construction ply has going for it is softwoods are stiff and light, but they have shit for durability, which a deck also needs, especially a deck that is going to be expected to take the odd rail or curb.

Decks are generally laminated out of very thin hard wood veneers with the grain of all plys running the length of the deck to get the greatest amount of stiffness and strength for the thickness. You can buy the veneers, you need to make a press and some forms for gluing it up, but it is not that hard.

That said, you could build a deck out of one of the better grade plywoods without issue, 1/2 baltic birch would likely be strong enough for short boards, 5/8 or 3/4 for long boards, a standard deck has a slight curve from side to side to increase stiffness further and you would be having a totally flat deck with stiffness already compromised by half of the veneers being oriented in the wrong direction. It would be a very stiff ride and your joints will feel it!
Should add, 3/4 ply of most any grade makes a fine banana board, just make sure there are no voids, inspect the edges well after cutting it out. They are small enough you can be reasonably certain there are no voids in hiding, using a void free plywood is not a bad idea either way. You can often snag off cuts of nice ply large enough for small decks for next to nothing at the lumber yard.

File: 91o9AJewTPL._UX522_.jpg (32 KB, 522x504)
32 KB
what's the best way to go about learning woodworking? i would like to transition to professionally making furniture. are those $100 local classes (((novice cash grabs))) or would that be a legitimately good place to start? or should i look into (((college classes))) // trade school? (im only 22)
sorry if this is dumb i have a lot of anxiety and over think everything :(( sorry if this should belong on advice but no one really ever goes there
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Stop derailing the thread and chasing away people who are giving real answers to the OP. If you're not going to contribute, just lurk.

Lol, that shit is literally video game tier difficulty. That's why its so good, you can do everything without really knowing how.
I'd ask what you do for a living but it probably involves retail or government benefits. Enjoy trolling someone else you fucking mongoloid.
I'm a design engineer 2 at a fortune 500 company specializing in access equipment.
I work for Neapco making OEM and aftermarket driveline products. We make a lot of money off the shit we make, but in some work areas we use Raspberry Pis for desktop computers.

Companies can and will be cheap asses if they think they need to be.

File: 1307_1555370934444.jpg (804 KB, 1536x2048)
804 KB
804 KB JPG
My Dad has two old drive in speakers. He asked me if there's anyway to hook them up to an iPod/iPhone. I'm sure there is I just don't know how. He's moving into an old folks home next month, he needs to use a wheelchair because he can barely walk, I really want to do this for him. What is the best way to do this??
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Thank you for posting this. That nob is the volume. So I hook up a headphone jack to that little piece and hook some kinda power to the other side???
So I see THIS is often bought with it

Would it be easy to make this a Bluetooth receiver?? Also, he has two. Do you think it'd be okay to hook em both up at once or would it sound weird?
If you have 2 speakers and you're set on them, you're better off finding a set of 2 wireless pairing Bluetooth speakers, gutting them, and putting the speakers in the new case. They won't have the antique quality anymore though, which is why I suggested the amp board.
Also, yes, that would work, but then you have to worry about buttons and all that with Bluetooth. And can grandpa even figure out how to pair it?

Regardless, you would just hook up the output of that Bluetooth board to the amp, split your 5VDC incoming between the 2 boards and it would work.

Have you ever heard a spade bit being called a wing bit? Google images shows everything but.
Was it ever widespread? When did it change?
11 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Also reminder Google has all the backlog on tap:
Them Pall Malls so smooth.
Great pics.

My dad bought in early 1970's a Skil variable speed one and a lot of accessories. I was fascinated with them, especially when he was using some new tool to repair/polish something at home.
Never allowed me to use them.
Then, sometime after 30, I started buying my own tools.
>His face when I played with my brand new Dremel
>His face when we had a tour of a large LeroyMerlin store (a HomeDepot-like thing, first of its class in our area)

He's now 80. He says people living in 1960-1970's were able repair more things than us today. He wasn't talking about electronic stuff.
>Never allowed me to use them.
Well that sucks.
I love how he's gathered his entire family, including the dog, to crowd as close as possible while he uses power tools in dress shows.
Not to mention the child on the business end of the drill while loosely restraining said dog.

File: 20190410_173502~2.jpg (629 KB, 1906x2876)
629 KB
629 KB JPG
I'm turning an old building into an office for my business. It is single floored with a terraced roof.

One of the walls is leaning and sunk by 4". Pic related.
The timber shown should be parallel to the wall, instead it is at a 30 degree angle.

Will the roof fall in?
I was planning on getting expandable foam, filling the void and leaving it alone. Or does it need major work. The buildings will be demolished within the next 10-20 years, so it doesn't have to last forever.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
There is no insurance. The buildings have been unused and abandoned for 20 years.

They are my grandparents old farm buildings. Everything on the property will get demolished once we get permission to turn the buildings and fields into new houses. This could be in 10 years. So I'm not building anything new.
>Will the roof fall in?

You need a structural engineer to assess it if you want that question answered with any degree of certainty.

If this is a single story building and your ok with chancing it, you could buttress the wall from the outside to prevent it moving any further. Then just frame in the wall and drywall in the inside to level it back up.
I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that it is stable and poses no risk. Simply patch it with mud to look good and your good. Ifbit was a structural wall the ceiling have collapsed already. The other walls sway because that wall is loose but that doesnt stop there vertical strength.
It's up to you, OP. You can either believe this illiterate retard >>1593392, or do what Anon >>1593379 says and get a professional in.

How do I paint match shitty faded 30 year old paint with destroyed clear coat?
I bought a white camper shell for my truck and I'd like to try and get kinda sorta close.

Just put on not-enough-layers of the same paint code and don't clear it?
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
This honestly.. been watching some dipyourcar videos on youtube lately.. that shit can come out looking really good when they know what they are doing.

my question is...what happens if and when you want to remove the plastidip? can you remove it? Is it cost effective? Or should you just pay the paint jew to make the masterpiece your spending your shekels on?
I've heard if you do your own prep there's nothing wrong with a macco spray. Might have to rub it out yourself too
Platidip peels right off when you want. However I doubt it'll ever come out looking good. I've been wrong before though
Be a true redneck.
Give it a camo paint job using rattle cans from walmart.

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