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File: fan repair.jpg (76 KB, 1024x768)
76 KB
Take a look at this shit. I have a noisy fan on my old 5870 and to service its fan this guide wants me to press it out like a wheel bearing. Is this a bad idea? 9 year old plastic. Oh well. Some forums say there is a sticker you can remove and get to the innards so you can lube them.

What is the best lubricant for a gpu fan? I ordered thermal paste because, the stuff on there cant be that great after all this time, and a similar replacement fan in case I fuck up too bad. My research links

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Mayo is the one better than half the thermal pastes out there (sic!). I'm guessing mustard wouldn't work as well.
You're going to a lot of trouble for little benefit. Just find a replacement for the whole fan and not have to worry about it for another 5 years.
Your card is literally 10 years old, upgrade to something that's at least semi relevant rather than trying to fix the fan
>Going through a lot of trouble instead of buying something.

No shit this is /diy/
Meh. Could be, but it could work. I have a fan ordered in case I fuck it up I can replace it.

Thank you! This is a ProJect. For the experience as well as the added benefit of a repair.

File: DSC_0922.jpg (560 KB, 1920x1080)
560 KB
560 KB JPG
Built this welding table out of odd scrap I had laying around. Really love stuff that gets knocked together to fill a need while saving on money. Anyone else have improvised wok spaces/tools?
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you have both the biggest balls and the smallest brain i have ever seen. people get themselves killed doing what you just did, and they were using the correct equipment.

if you love yourself and have family, please stop.
take your shocks to an alignment shop and have them do it safely in a cage.
Care to elaborate? What is wrong?
Not any of these anons, but in looking for a pic of the right tool for it I found this video that I hope is good advice. It's better than nothing.
Also I've done it by hand and it takes a few minutes.
Coils springs are dangerous as fuck

File: Tool-pliers.jpg (341 KB, 2800x1400)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
What percentage of people on earth on pliers?
Can't be more than 40%, right?
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There’s a lot of people who claim their cutters outlive everything else, and pretty much the rest of it is up there with the best. I want to grab more from them but that’s way too much for weekend tier tools.

The Cobras have the push button, the Alligators have the regular slip joint.

The Best
File: knipex.png (2.46 MB, 1135x935)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB PNG
Who else here is starting a knipex collection?
All very well used I see.
Believe it or not, keeping your tools clean isnt very hard.
You should see how clean I keep all my machinist tooling.

Also I find that statement pretty ironic coming from you.
the wrench looks like a black oxide coating to stop rust ,don't clean that off
the other tools you could use evapeorust

File: IMG_8393A.jpg (52 KB, 320x240)
52 KB
Is a hatchet worth having as a home tool?

I want one but not 100% sure what I'll use it for lol.

I guess I have a tree I can hack branches off of?
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What's the best tool to use if you need to bust up a chiffarobe.
No one on this board can even play one, so why would we have one to bust up in the first place?
I legit own that exact hatchet, its my wondertool when I'm camping, its a hammer, a can opener, defence against abo's and its also an axe! But i have not once used it at home. If you don't have a need for it don't buy it.
My grandmother kept one near the head of her bed so if some burger broke in during the middle of the night she could wack him. She also had a little .32 Saturday nite special.
they're useful if you like coconuts

File: birch bag.jpg (263 KB, 1226x1462)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
I've tried to find a guide on how to make a birch bark bag/container (like pic related), but can't find any useful ones.
File: birch stuff.jpg (49 KB, 600x405)
49 KB
here's some ideas for other birch bark projects
Very nice idea. Didn't know about that before. Also I'm interested in these horns
Yeah the thing is the bark gets dry and brittle pretty quickly so I guess you would need make a new one every one or two years. The big problem is that you need a few young trees because you need long strips without any out-growth, normally we don't just cut down fresh trees until they grown.
Now bark weaving is still around but for more rigid things like baskets. The process is pretty straight forward and I bet can be applied to other stuff.


File: 1523758596167.jpg (23 KB, 540x408)
23 KB
made up examples
>Guy runs in with a dildo strapped to his head asking for 6 packs of stainless steel 14' 2×6s
>guy tries to strap prefabricated shed kit to the roof of his suv
Customers are what the sales guy and the secretary deals with, not us
One time at band camp, some 11 yr old yaoi found out how to Chan.
Op related
Machinist here, we had a guy ask us to thread the muzzles of like 40 stock length pistol barrels and then thought we just couldn't do it as we tried to explain you need to start with a longer barrel.

Post pictures of your tool bearing equipment!
>tool belt
>and what tools go in it

im putting together a tool belt, and im curious what goes in it. i've never had to use a belt before because i usually just work in my garage on cars, but lately ive been helping a friend work on a house he just bought. feel free to pop in and share your wisdom
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>he actually works
Yeah, def not union

nah im pretty sure hes just cosplaying a terrorist holding a counter terrorist diffuse kit

you know what they say, dont be a fucking faggot piece of shit nigger, buy a diffuser
Leave it to the guy complaining about Unions protecting your job from being undercut by illegal immigrants, to support buying chinese made tools instead of USA made tools from fellow hardworking americans.
Kek, I don’t think they’re a had thing, but a lot of them are run by greedy fucks.
I have like five of those Rock River rubber bottom backpacks from Fastenal for all of my tools.

Dionizian: People who work with their hands dont think.
Apolonian: People who think never worked with their hands.

This is the result when those 2 type of idiots work together.

Just how influential is desintegration of society on construction?
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>Craftsmen have almost ALWAYS been scoffed at by whatever aristocracies exist.

but think about this, we use arts&crafts, but how exactly are arts different than crafts - if someone is an artist that builds sculpturs from wood or stone, is he even different than a master woodworkerer or a master stoneworker?

Or how exactly is a self employed woodworker that does his design different from a designer?

Art is often intertwined with intellectual trends and intellectual trends are with politics (politics always censors certain art style and pushed others), so its not that far from one another. People calling themselves "architects" is actually a newer historical trend, it was guilds that used to design and do the handwork and almost always did the higher quality product.

It's a craft if I make the same birdhouse 100 times each year and sell it at a crafts fair, for $10 each. It's art if I change something about the bird houses so that each one is unique and is still functional while being visually attractive, and I sell them for $50 each at the same crafts fair.

In other words, to me, an artist is creative and adds something to each creation, while a craftsman is happy to build nice things that just work. Having said that, artistic creations quite often are not great at actually being durable and performing the intended function, and should be used for decorative purposes.
File: 123123.png (18 KB, 846x846)
18 KB
>they weren't able to take it down with a tank
looks like it's not storing water anymore to me
military doesn't like wasting shells for no reason


>It's art if I change something about the bird houses so that each one is unique and is still functional while being visually attractive, and I sell them for $50 each at the same crafts fair.

This is a very unprecise distinction, most craftsman do make series of work and ad a slight twist every now and then and most artists usually run the same style of lets say painting and then change it now and then.

For all you vr mongs out there
parts list will follow
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My good friend was a crossbow maker of note, Robin Allen.

He did do mock ups of gunstocks in baltic birch plywoods.

To the people shitting on this guy: There is a reason to do it this way, and that's to come up with placing of various bits of hardware in order to get a really place to begin your design.
I thought that pew, pew stocks were band, no?
What you have done to that hockey stick is considered a crime.
Superior craftsmanship
just use a real gun

I have a large shed in my backyard that I'd like to turn in to a livable space. It looks like the one in the picture, only bigger. I had plans to make it into a one bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen and living room mini-house.
Unfortunately, permit laws have changed and I can't have a dwelling that someone lives in within 20 feet of my neighbors property line. The neighbor is a total bitch, and has been for many years, so I can't get away with doing the work unpermitted.
Someone at my work was telling me how easy it is to fake a permit, but I know nothing about that. The law only changed recently, within the last 10 years or so.
Anyone have any experience with faking a city permit? It's completely concealed within my background so it really wouldn't get any attention, it's just the bitchy neighbor I'm worried about.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Thank you, anon.
Yeah, the problem with that is most places only allow a non-permanent structure for a year before you need to take it down. I mean, yeah, if you live in the boons you can do what you want but in cities, places with dumb rules like nothing within 20 feet of the property line, they get anal about shit like that.
Thanks guys
There was some kid on /o/ from commiefornia who posted a thread similar to this. He couldn’t get his shitbox smogged so he printed out fake registration papers thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Nearly a year later there was a new thread about how OP just got out of jail after 6mos, owes thousands of $$$ to the state and talking about how forging official paperwork is more serious than he thought.
Jesus Christ, jailtime? I thought you'd just get a fine, at worst

File: vault-door-open-room.jpg (67 KB, 720x600)
67 KB
I haven't paid rent and I suspect my landlord will evict me at any moment. I know he will send officers to my place eventually and they will possibly try to break my door down, or drill into the lock.

What can I do to reinforce the door so that it's basically impenetrable? It's the only point of access to my place and I need it to be strong as heck
107 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
Rid the apartment with explosives with a trigger tied to your heartbeat instead. They will be too scared to come in.
Im In my last year semester of college getting a drafting certificate. All my classes start at 6 pm, so I can afford to stay up and sleep in.
Yeah, and they will let it slide so everyone gets the message "if you fuck with us real hard we will back off". They'd rather wipe the whole building off the ground.
This. Google “branch davidians Waco”
Over not paying rent? Get the current year out of here.

File: relay digrm.jpg (23 KB, 435x600)
23 KB
Help, need to figure out which relay I need to do this.

Looking at this one, but it apparently only switches one leg of the power, like the positive wire, to the device right?

27 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
shit, already bought it.

i can make a heat sink, but how do I do "reverse induction protection" ?
Dont worry about it.
there's a metal panel on the back, I'll just mount it to something metal
it fucking verks

/diy/ is by far the best board
no indication of power supply issues either.

loads of fucking coolant, bigger reservoir too.

File: ha_torch.jpg (129 KB, 348x300)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
sup /diy/

I want to make a foot pedal for a glassblowing torch. The pedal will have 2 positions that controls 2 separate gases. In the on position the valve will supply 100% of oxygen and propane via 2 separate lines, in the off position it will supply 0% oxygen and a small amount of propane to keep a pilot light on the torch lit, this amount should be adjustable. The pedal needs to be able to be switched on/off several times a minute via a foot switch. I'd really like this to be a mechanical only switch(es) although if I have to use electric solenoids then so be it. Both supply lines need to actuate from the same pedal action, click for on, click again for off. Solenoids need to have a minimum of 3/8ths inlet/outlets to not starve my large torch and really 1/2 stepped down seems like a better idea so that I have some wiggle room on not creating a choke point of gas supply. Pressures aren't that high, around 40 psi for oxygen and 15 psi for propane.

I'm seeing a few switches on Amazon, more on ebay. Mostly chineseium, I'm not against spending more for higher quality parts. I'm hoping I can get this built for under $200. There is a foot pedal from the same manufacturer as my torch but they want $900 and all stateside suppliers are sold out so thats more money and time shipping from Germany.

Pic related is my model of glassblowing torch.

Anyone know about this stuff?
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What do y'all think about these valves, suitable? The schematic seems to say that they will do the job but I don't really understand what "The one-way valve will close when in forward flow and the baffler will regulate flow, while in reverse flow" from the description means. Y'all think 2 of these are suitable?

File: s-l500.jpg (11 KB, 500x333)
11 KB
I ended up pulling the trigger on pic related, figuring if they don't work I'm only out $20. After a little more research I think the valve I was originally looking at is a metering valve, not a on/off switch valve. I'm thinking I can put this together with 3/8ths copper pipe, I've already got a pipe flair tool from working on brake lines for muscle cars. I'll bump this thread in a few weeks or start a new one when the valves get here.

would be super easy to do with soleoid valves and a limit switch

i cant think of anything off the top of my head that would work well solely mechanically

unless, what if you just used a treadle (foot) valve? trucks use them for actuating their air brakes. i know for certain you can get them with 2 supply inlets, and 2 deliery outlets, both kept seperate (truck and trailer). put a plug into the exhaust outlet port and honestly i think it would work. then just T in another line bypassing the treadle valve with a needle valve to adjust your pilot.

pic related

this valve wont return to a closed position automatically. think pneumatic toggleswitch. we use them on our box trucks for all kinds of things.

youll have to find a way to make it return, maybe with a stronk enough spring on your pedal. will feel like shit though i think
If you bothered reading my reply you would see that what you are looking for already exists as a complete unit for not much money at all. >>1555794

File: 1550056685661.png (11 KB, 500x500)
11 KB
Post whatever you got, from being thrifty to making money. Drop everything here.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Being gay is a sin
you make the wort, the yeast makes the beer
Have a poop once a day and try to poopie-y it out at the same time every day.
nobody likes a hero
Home Depot won’t even physically stop you if you run out of their store with a shopping cart full of power tools.

File: iu-89.jpg (52 KB, 1000x1000)
52 KB
I'm trying to screw in my thermocouple into my propane heater, but I can't get it threaded in. I know the threads are right, because I took this same thermocouple out of the unit. Is there a trick to getting it in there?

Pic related: it's that bottom bit I'm having trouble getting in. The heater is upright against the wall and I'd like to get it in without taking the heater off the wall.
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks, this advice really worked. I’m not sure if it’s as tight as it should be, but I don’t want to over-tighten. I changed out the regulator and applied a new coat of pipe dope on the male thread, so I’m waiting until tomorrow when it’s cured to do a final leak test. Wish me luck, anon.
You're welcome.

>I’m waiting until tomorrow when it’s cured to do a final leak test.
Pipe dope works immediately.
No need to wait for it to 'cure'
>Somehow the thermocouple generates enough current so that once this magnetic circuit is closed when you press the red button, it's able to overcome that spring force and stay closed, with only the 14 or so turns of wire.

It operates more on current than volts
20-30 millivolts is the test voltage for thermocouples
I just tested one on the 12A range on my multimeter
At normal operating temp it indicated ~200ma
I chose 12A range because it's almost no resistance like few turns of magnet wire in your pic would be.

>>Somehow the thermocouple generates enough current...

>It operates more on current than volts

Thanks for clearing that up.

shoulda used pic related. the liquid shit fucking licks bag

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