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File: IMG_20190609_113800.png (140 KB, 500x469)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
Shit you've learnt the rough way

>sculpting edition
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Thats a rookie mistake
If your air pump is running hot, stop and do some matinance. It will save you 2nd degree burns and about $1750 in minatures you were basecoating.
Sir your onions is getting warm.
I'm sure your pass time includes fucking beautiful women in exotic places to appease the testosterone gods.
Very sweet of you to talk about your mother and her trailer like that, son.

>acquired 2,000 year old slice of tree
>uses it to make a FUCKING BOWL.
what the fuck is up with people making bowls? its like a wood lathe is basically a bowl making machine. why is this a thing? are people buying wooden bowls? what the fuck for?
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fuck off to /pol/
Take HRT.
There there, boomer-sama. Don't get upset. You'll be dead soon.
File: 1409879180670.jpg (81 KB, 800x800)
81 KB
The real issue is that the """""finished""""" product looks like a blank that's meant to have with some interesting carvings or engravings or something. Instead, he just does the most low-effort thing possible. It's literally the simplest shape, the most obvious size, the most neutered color, and then someone buys it. For a lot of money. A LOT.
The maker is a lazy dullard and the people who shell out for this are worse.
Oh wait, that would be the people here, on /diy/ who want to advocate for this.
Awful, I'm disappointed in everyone trying to excuse this.
p.s. acceptable alternatives include, but are not limited to: sculpture, frames, furniture, plates, trim and fittings for the house, models (like sailing ships), utensils, gun furniture. Feel free to add others as you like.
>bowl bad
>pl8 gud

can doc martens be resoled?

mine are in good condition still but the soles are basically done.
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Despite what /fa/ tells you, these are not cool.
>if they're made in England docs
Yes, most likely.

>if they're not and were made in the last ten years
No. Go ahead and see what your local cobblers want to do, but they're shitty pvc soles. Shit plastic with third world build quality.
Not a great workboot either, sole means your feet basically slap on hard shit everyday and no ankle support.

/fa/ as fuck unfortunately. I remember when they warned against them, but fuck then, good profile with few lines, and their """"chunkyness""" is offset by my board shoulders and chest, unlike the willowy bitch boys from that board
what brand of full ankle steel toes is worth buying and resoling as needed?

i have like 6 pairs of redwings but they are all cut up and scared. shitty boots
These were the epitome of cool. And they cost a fortune.
I still have my Docs from 1993, and at my age im not worried about being cool anymore.
>but they're shitty pvc soles.
If they are being resoled, what does it matter what the current soles are? The uppers look to be in great shape so they are likely worth the cost of being resoled.

File: medium.gif (139 KB, 300x403)
139 KB
139 KB GIF
How do I generate heat with electricity?

I have tried resistance heating, but that doesn't work well, I have also tried using electromagnetic induction, but that requires Alternating current and I want my application to run on Direct current, what else can I do?
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Are you using regular low resistance wire D: dude your poor battery if so. You're just pouring electrons done a smooth shoot to a lower energy state. You want to make the road hard for them. They make ceramic resistive heat elements for this exact purpose you want a lot of wire (surface area) and moderate resistance.
idk its just some dollar tree wire, its not copper though.
Same bruh.
RIP in peace battery. Go to a vape shop and get some coil wire.

How do you make this? I need help with the concept.
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It's never going to withstand a lot of force. Even with titanium, you hit someone with it hard enough to do damage, you're likely just going to bend the shafts due to leverage over a hollow object.

If you want a good Sci fi melee weapon, they literally sell the cobra from neuromancer. Telescoping baton made of high quality spring with something on the end as a hard end.
>get one of those really heavy duty retractable gear reels used for stuff like firearms or fishing gear
>Put a mini pool ball or ball bearing on it
You now have a retractable blunt force weapon that isn't physically impossible or 10k dollars
Actually just saw an impact test for the v3 telescoping staff. Definitely will work for self defense, but it's still too huge to be something you carry with you as a daily driver for self defense compared to a knife or a gun or a baton.

Also for the 1300 price tag, it's damn cool, but I just can't see it being 1300 dollars cool. Maybe I'd keep it handy if I was thru hiking the interstate since you could use it as a walking stick and collapse it if you had to go into a store or car. But beyond that, nah I'd rather have my retractable 8ball slung shot. Or a switch blade.

Props in the engineering tho.
Just buy one
I agree with the make your own the 1.3k is a little harsh for a self defence weapon

What products can you make from wood chips?

So, the idea is to clean areas from bushes, and thin trees. Then collect the material and turn it to wood chip. Which can be done free of charge, considering I have a wood chipper.

Then, what can I produce from the woodchip, for profit? Considering a short budget, so large industrial scale briquettes is not the best idea.

Or should I sell directly to companies as biomass?

Thanks in advance.

Yours sincerely, young aspiring business owner.
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how the fuck exactly would he do that?
/diy/ is probably the funniest board
It's an anti-woodchip by eco-conservative John Williamson. Also sings in commercials for the rapacious Telstra. He makes his money singing to Greenies about how the rich people are robbing them. Apparently, they believe the world is in a static idealized state.
Just cleaning up after his concerts costs more than they make.
>sell biomass
lmao, we literally cant even give it away for fucking FREE, what makes you think this shit is worth money?
t. forester
File: 1560515013040.jpg (188 KB, 689x741)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
>complains about the forestry industry
>using a wooden instrument

/diy/, I need some help.
I have recently moved onto some land that my family is letting me stay on.
My father has procured a little shed that he has put insulation, electric, and plumbing in for me to stay in.
I am looking to revamp and decorate my new home, and make it /cozy/. I am willing to paint and refurbish stuff to make it nice. It is very small,and the kitchen(?)/bathspace is connected. I have no desk space or living area right now, just a bed, and a dresser that i plan to get rid of. Closet space is also very small.

I am asking /diy/ for helping in designing and fixing up this little shed-house. Any ideas/propositions welcome! ibb,co/album/cDaFYv
replace the , with a .

Here are current pictures, of outside, and in. I just moved, so I have stuff in crates. There is also trash on the front porch that will be removed.
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Despite being rude, he has a point. A toaster oven, and electric griddle is what you need. Do not get a microwave, it's not worth the space and you cannot do real cooking with it. I would suggest an electric kettle though. And a Hibachi, or a "real" grill for outside.
Even a /diy/ firepit and a grate.

OP, you need to measure things out and then draw out a floor pan on graph paper.
Also, as shitty as futons are; You mighy need one. Rubbermaid/Sterilite low height storage bins (the big ones) will hold your clothes and fit under the futon perfectly.
If not this, a Murphy bed could be a great solution, and you could install a fold down table on its base, so when the bed is up, the desk can appear.

That empty space under the counter = add shelves or sell your big fridge and get a minifridge.

Camp chairs will likely be good for you, anything that can fold/collapse etc.

Get some small plants and a wall mirror, they can help create a sense of increased space.
There's no reason you have to put kitchen items in those shelves, anon. You can put whatever you want in there; toweles, linens, toiletries, ammo, etc.
The only reason I could see to take them down would be your move them to that unfinished wall after you drywall it, and install another window where they were.
For a kitchen, I'd get a microwave, toaster oven & a hot plate or two (induction hotplates can be expensive, but they're worth it).

For a desk; make a folding table that folds into the wall. Just a table top with a hinge on the wall & some kind of a folding support system.
Will your parents let you install gas lines and hook them up to a propane tank? Gas is much better for heating and cooking than electricity, if it's available.

is my house killing me?

>house is 300 years old
>parents are unfit to be parents and poor
>dont upgrade it at all
>windows are 300 years old
>windows are made of wood and scrape up and down to open and close wood on wood
>windows are covered in old chipping lead paint
>house is leaking all over it rains
>live in cold as fuck constant rainy and windy climate

am I fucked? every time the wind blows im paranoid its blowing lead or some shit all over my room or theres mold or some shit. I dont really see paint chips flying all over or a bunch of mold thats visible or anything but my health is shit and im worried im always tired
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File: CcyM3GaWAAAuiwe.jpg (75 KB, 1200x907)
75 KB
Oh it's this thread again. Is it a copypasta now or is OP a legit retard?

Stop sleeping so much and exercise. What do you eat?
Maybe you're punching yourself in your sleep
Its been a copypasta nad template for several years now

File: IMAG0935.jpg (455 KB, 3264x1824)
455 KB
455 KB JPG
Thought I'd share something a bit different here that I made. I live in California where there's still quite a bit of gold left in the mountains but using motorized equipment is illegal. So the fastest way to get gold bearing gravel is to classify it with a bucket, and I made a classifier with a small bucket that goes on top of a 5 gallon bucket to filter out larger rocks.
9 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMAG1679.jpg (716 KB, 3264x1824)
716 KB
716 KB JPG
around $350 so far. it's rough work, at best I can only get $20 a day and the water level is still too high so when the hole fills up with water it becomes almost impossible to get any gold out of it because it sinks deeper into the dirt. It depends a lot on the area you're working at, the main reason why I chose to dig here is because it only costs me $5 to travel here.
File: apu gold miner.png (514 KB, 982x770)
514 KB
514 KB PNG
Yeah this one is in a creek in the Sierra Nevadas. The frustrating thing about the gold here is that it only occurs in a specific layer of clay about 1 to 2 feet below useless gravel. I have to clear out the useless gravel first before I can get to the gold bearing paydirt and it can be extremely exhausting doing this by hand only. And sometimes the gold just stops, I can dig all day in one area and get almost nothing, the next I can dig 1 foot away and find little nuggets. Gold mining is a lot more like gambling with each swing of the pickaxe like a pull of a slot machine.
>at best I can only get $20 a day

What you're doing looks like fun, especially for a kid who can't make money at a job. But your next post about digging so much kinda erases the fun aspect. Even so, getting gold out of the ground is something I wish I had tried when I was a kid with unlimited time and energy. But as an adult, there are of course better ways to get $20 a day.

cool thread.
File: IMAG2419.jpg (371 KB, 3264x1704)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
Location is everything. That's just because my area kinda sucks, even back during the Gold Rush era of the 19th century there wasn't that much gold compared to Northern California. There are areas with much better gold yields, like Canada for example where you can get around $40 an hour.

Oh man I had to turn him off, what a fuckin wreck the head

File: Clipboard.jpg (341 KB, 1824x1632)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
Are there any car bodyworker painters here? I'm looking to learn how to repaint my own car myself and am looking to buy a used air compressor but I'm not sure if this is enough for a spray gun because it's only 110v. Is this enough to spray paint effectively at 33 gallons with 6.3 scfm at 40psi?
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unfortunately I don't have a 220v socket only 110v. my options are only limited to 110v compressors

you can get another 110v 33 gal and connect them together
This doesn't work in the way you would think. It can be done, but there is a special way to do it. You have to wire the vd unloaders together. Otherwise one compressor will sense it's time to kick on and it will make pressure, the other compressor will sense the building pressure and think there is still plenty and that it is not time to kick on yet.
How much air does your gun use?
I can't believe people still use respirators with all the occupational asthma, and cancer and law suits popping up since the 80's. Just get a fucking supplied air hood, they are air conditioned,cheaper than buying new filters every 40 hours, and do not require annual fit testing.

Welp, I gave in and got one. Harbor freight you are the devil
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File: yes.png (28 KB, 300x250)
28 KB
great advice
Same here OP, I feel a connection between us.
But, it didn’t put a dent in my baffles. Using it now on chainsaw carburetor.
Thanks Anon. Saved this tip for future cleaner.
I'm a harbor freight shopper what do you expect.

NMP solvent at whatever the fuck temperature a crock pot gets it too will in fact melt this particular cleaners plastic basket and stop it from working. Not permanently however. Also my shit did not get cleaned and I ended up buffing all the deposits of with a Dremel for like tree fiddy worth of jewler rouge.

File: s-l1000[1].jpg (123 KB, 1000x1000)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Can some explain an angular torque wrench to me because I'm a retard and I've googled it but I still don't understand what it does or the benefit of it versus a regular torque wrench.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
As a mechanic I know what I would use them for. Some bolts (usually head bolts) have a torque spec that includes tighten to say 90 pounds, then tighten another 90 degrees. The bolt actually stretches while you do this. They're called torque to yield bolts, I have no idea why they use em, what benefits they have or anything like that, but if the engineers at Ford or wherever say to do it, I do it, and one of those would be convenient. However I just kinda eyeball the degrees part
It is not the wrenches that are inaccurate, it is not hard to make an accurate torque wrench, it is the the hole, threading, bolt, head, surface that are inaccurate. It is a fairly complex system despite seeming very simple, just an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder, but variation in any bit of the system affects the torque, increase friction and it takes more torque to achieve the same clamping force, decrease friction and it now takes less torque to achieve that same amount of force.

Luckily it is rarely and issue and all you need to do is get into the ballpark.
Torque is bullshit. Too many variables, condition of thread, dirt on thread, different kinds of lube or none at all, weight of load being pulled together.

When you measure clamping force that's where the accuracy begins. So instructions such as " capture the O-RING insure uniform contact and turn all nuts 8 complete turns" are very accurate. All bolt tensioning equipment does the same thing just a little differently.
>It is not the wrenches that are inaccurate, it is not hard to make an accurate torque wrench, it is the the hole, threading, bolt, head, surface that are inaccurate.

Extremely strong join to the nut or whatever the bolt is fastening to (they become cold welded together), the bolt itself is also usually pretty strong, and they're dirt cheap to manufacture.
Incoherent babbling huh?

File: Wojak.png (9 KB, 645x773)
9 KB
is my house killing me?

>house is 300 years old
>parents are unfit to be parents and poor
>dont upgrade it at all
>windows are 300 years old
>windows are made of wood and scrape up and down to open and close wood on wood
>windows are covered in old chipping lead paint
>house is leaking all over it rains
>live in cold as fuck constant rainy and windy climate

am I fucked? every time the wind blows im paranoid its blowing lead or some shit all over my room or theres mold or some shit. I dont really see paint chips flying all over or a bunch of mold thats visible or anything but my health is shit and im worried im always tired
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Mold yes
Lead paint no
Asbestos and treated wood in the wrong places yes
You're probably mold sick.
take pics
Let me guess, you are on probation
Not just any probation, anon. He's on probation for being black. Isn't pasta delicious?
Even more delicious in two threads at once.

File: skullbucket.jpg (17 KB, 450x450)
17 KB
What's the best? I've just started mining and they gave me a shitty plastic one
42 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Shouldn't you be busy sucking cock and fisting assholes, bootlicker faggot?
W-why do you have this saved, anon?

Those rules are obstructive for a reason. To keep the citations up and the cashflow in.
Useless bureaucrats, worthy only of rope.
oh man I'm sorry
File: BIZ_4286___.png (153 KB, 459x459)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
I have to wear one of these all day(the facial protection can slide fully inward) cause I work as an electrician (steel mill).

They are quite big compared to normal operator helmets but luckily quite light weight.

Why we all need to wear helmets is beyond me.

We need the face-protection for switching on/off fuses and stuff but nobody uses it.

File: steel-housel.jpg (366 KB, 1920x1440)
366 KB
366 KB JPG

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