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File: 1566023930440.gif (982 KB, 250x312)
982 KB
982 KB GIF
light specialists needed.
need to make lights for a tent for a wedding. its 12x6m big. i was thinking 60 x 60w lightbulbs. is it enough? too much?
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>in a tent
Are you trying to cook the occupants?
Use led string lights
use candles, it's more romantic
That’s like 70 incandescent bulbs bro.

File: 1562975600412.jpg (138 KB, 1000x1000)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
I like canping but fuck the hot and bugs and solid ground. Hate HATE noisy horseshit generators. Live in north oklahoma. What kind of solar amd deep cycle battery bank would i need to run a 15,000 btu window ac cranked down as low as it will go and assume it runs non stop never getting to full temp?

I'm building a trailer to haul panel aray and batteries for plug and play.

Kinda new to this stuff but i am looking for a ballpark guestimate.

There is some wind but it's out on the lake. I'd have to tie a wind turbine to a bouy and anchor it.

Plus, if I'm canping 1 night a d its cloudy i want to be able to still run ac and be comfy.
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Honda generator with spare tank and a 100' extension cord
>methanol fuel cells still not ubiquitous
We got the shitty timeline
That was the idea, yes. Basically a portable home setup that will be tied to the ground at home when not mobile.
I was planing on keeping it off during the fullest sun hours whioe we play on the lake. But in the evenings when there is no breeze and fucking jumanji misquitoes i plan on using the ac set about 70°.

Sorry about your dog. Mine are getting pretty damned old and when they go I'm not sure i could stand to have another poor 4 legger that isnt a barn cat
Kek. Tempting. Ive wanted an electric car since the EV1 got ninjad by uncly sam.

I think i could swing the 1,000 or so ah batteries with 6v Trojan T-105s. 2 make 120ah 12v. I hear 24v is even more efficient and i could likely find a golf cart charger to ensure the batteries are topped off. At least in the beginning of the trip.

File: mcpharlinsynth.jpg (68 KB, 500x500)
68 KB
who /diysynth/ here? tell us about your latest project.

as for me, im doing a fucking 18 unison voice string machine. gonna be fuck.
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my guy this is truly radical
File: FB_IMG_1563789900651.jpg (50 KB, 1280x960)
50 KB
Anyone played with a korg monotron? Think I might bust it open to run a sequencer into it
how did you get the numbers and shit to appear? what module is that?

I ordered this scooter esc and reverse switch and i have no earthly idea how to wire the switch up. I believe the "green" wire on the controller sticker is actually blue. And I'm unsure if the "lock" wires need to be tied or seperate for operation. But i guess it's an easy fix and i should probably have a key in case my 3 year old nephew wants to have his first car crash...

This switch has my thrown tho. ...no pun intended.

It comes with a handy harness but i have no idea how to hook it up. No directions or paperwork. Only writings on it are Chinese if any bilinguals here can decipher them. I'll link to photobucket rather than spam 12 pics at 2 fucking mb. Even tho it potatoes them down probably worse. Nvm. Its fucking worse. Where should i make an account to upload at least butter potatoe quality pics?
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>No directions or paperwork. Only writings on it are Chinese

the pics SOMEONE posted to your thread show lots of info IN ENGLISH.
Not at all bro. They are all mine. The controller has nothing to do with the switch and all i want it to do is basically run a foot pedal tonb a scooter esc with reverse

Theres 20 fucking connections on this switch
You have 2 wires going to the motor. All you can do is reverse them. Take a multimeter and find wich contacts on your switch can do that.
I got the controller sorted but look at all of the connections on that switch. Fuck around I'm lost
I'll start poking at it tomorrow and find out.

Opinions on this guy here ???
he chill bro
Would hang with. Unlike faggot op who posts a pa to the wrong board.

I wont some POE cameras and a DVR thing. I'm going to set it up in a storage room, and run the ethernet to cameras on eitherside ( outside ) of house. I'm not sure how good this DVR thing is - I'd always planned to run it off of a PC - but this just fell into my lap.

I'm aware of the possible need for power / signal boosters. Do I need a separate secured router or anything?

Any tips or obvious shit I might be missing? I'll be using CAT6 cable, and borrowing a clamp for the ethernet plugs - I ran internet through my house, so I'm capable of that part at least.

Here is the extra DIY part - I have a 360 panoramic dome. I'm thinking of putting it at the top of my chimney and... Having it hidden, but being able to raise and lower. why? because I dont want to seem like a total fucking crazy guy with a camera on his chimney, but basically that is what I am.

We never use the chimney so that isn't an issue. I figure the chimney is 6 or 8 inches - which might be too small for the panoramic camera.
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>>Just buy a kit and wire it up
>so which is it? I bought a kit, and I'm wiring it up. you have any real advice to offer here?

Its both. Especially if it's going to be installed with non standard shit. But it's how you determine if it's the right fit for you before purchase.

> you use what we call "negative attention"
This board uses "trolling". It's all over this thread. You must be new here.
>you must be hell to work with lol.
Its how I earn an average wage. But then, I don't fail either.

>He doesn't lol he just wants to show off his big boy knowledge to compensate for either his atrocious looking dick or atrocious looking wirework. 90% of the stuff he said in his temper tantrum rant is moot for a small project like this, but correct to consider for a college campus size install with hundreds of cams on a network.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
low SNR post
What are some good/cheap poe cameras?
>now if I could just sort out the difference between a 7 and $70 dollar one

no such thing
either be a cheapskate and get a blurry shit or pay good money and get good image quality
also the camera doesn't need to support POE (although most do today) in order for you to use POE, nothing stops you from using chink POE splitters or even making your own, you just a male and a female jack and use 4 wires for data in the cat6 network cable and 4 strands for power

File: smutna.jpg (40 KB, 428x427)
40 KB
I got into a car accident recently & totaled my 2004 Pontiac Grand Am. I need to know the various parts I can strip & sell for good money before taking it to a scrap yard.
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>I got into a car accident recently & totaled my 2004 Pontiac Grand Am. I need to know the various parts I can strip & sell for good money before taking it to a scrap yard.

its worthless, even if it's a grand am GT
Any clean body panels? Hood, trunk, doors, bumper can go for some money. Radio and dash parts, seats can also be worth something if they’re clean (heated and powered seats even more because they cost a fuckton to replace with new parts). But some of those parts are big so depends if you have room to sit on them. Little shit like trim pieces and emblems can be sought after as well, but dealing with people from craigslist might not be worth the $20 worth of trim.

Fucking sucks it’s a Grand Am though, you could move parts like that from a 2004 Civic in a couple of days.
yo nigga lemme get at that gto? shit balla u need some weed in trade?
just sell it for scrap anon, grand ams are a dime a dozen. your transmission would have just went out in a year or two anyways. save the alternator and smog pump, the coils and the fuse box, maybe the exhaust piping. then scrap it for a couple hundred dollars and put that todards your next shitbox.
If it has an evap canister system near the muffler you could probably sell it. Anyone keeping a shitbox running needs it to pass inspection (unless you do some computer reset fuckery)

File: 1.jpg (2.56 MB, 4032x3024)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB JPG
Need advice. What do? install curtains up to the ceiling and all the way to the kitchen sink (Obviously ignoring the oven) or just over the door-windows?
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>remove the oven
>to install a curtain
Excuse me, but what the fuck?
> The oven is where you cook your food.
Not only food.
One pair of curtains over the sliding doors, one pair over the window proper.
You can't install curtains there at all without first relocating the heater. Putting curtains there would be a massive fire hazard and your apartment would constantly stink of crispy baking fabric.

If I was you I'd move the heater over to where the white ball is, install curtains over only the doors and a set of blinds over the window.
Curtains over both the doors + window would look retarded in my opinion
Is it laminate flooring? Nothing you can do if so as it's basically just a picture of wood.
Either live with it or tear it up

File: IMG_20190814_181620.jpg (68 KB, 480x640)
68 KB
Hello anons... I recently moved. I'm totally a noob when it comes to horticulture... Anyone have any idea what the following is??? It's beside a bed of roses... i'm trying to determine if it's a new rose bush budding or if its something i should pull? any ideas?
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beautiful enough, you should keep it if you want, no idea what it is though
its nice bright green, my concern though is if it's some sort of weed it may choke the roses off. When i first moved in these roses were completely wrapped with some sort of creeping vine i had to very carefully cut back
Looks like two different plants. Center one is certainly a weed. Not sure about the other one.
Hmm not sure but almost seems like it’s some sort of alder. I’d just pull it and keep the focus on the roses.
I agree with pulling it but it's not an Alder. The leaves are off for that.

File: 1565684985010.jpg (31 KB, 376x311)
31 KB
How the fuck do I get rid of the "man smell" in my apartment?

>I've opened up my windows and suffered mosquites for days and still nothing.
>Candles don't do shit.
>Spray is only good for like a minute.
38 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Also open a window
Baking soda my dude. Just put boxes all over the house for a week or two
This, also sprinkle it on the carpet/furniture, let it sit for a bit and vacuum it all up. I do it once every 3 or 4 months, with dogs, kids, myself, all those smells go away. You can also take a cotton ball, put some pure peppermint / lemon oil on it, that creates a pleasant smell.
New sheets. Have your cushions cleaned. You can rent carpet cleaners from most hardware and grocery stores. Consider buying incense candles that arent from the grocery store, but actually meant for tackling your issue. I am a chronic smoker, any my house smells like pine needles due to the incense I use. It works if you are willing to spend $50+ on the good shit.
Boil water. Add cinnamon sticks, orange peels and cloves. Boil for hours. Smell gone. Worked when I moved into a house which reeked like curry.

File: IMG_20190617_085621.jpg (515 KB, 1280x720)
515 KB
515 KB JPG
I am an American commercial/residential electrician. Ask me anything.
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File: l5-20p.jpg (3 KB, 130x130)
3 KB
recently picked up 4x 3000VA UPS units for home lab rack. They were free, and seem only to need new SLAs. Each has a NEMA L5-20P on its cord. Live in a mid-20th century house which has 15A AFCIs and (save areas near water) non-grounded outlets. Service/meter/panel is on the opposite side of the dwelling from lab/office/workshop space.

If I just adapt the plugs and tap several circuits, is it reasonable to believe (likely inevitable) over-current conditions will pop the AFCIs before endangering the wiring?

The other option is to mount more breakers and run dedicated flex metal conduit through the crawlspace to some junction boxes with the L5-20Rs up to the floor of shop space, but that means further materials, a new (rental) floor penetration, tampering with existing installed mains....

Can't tell if I'm making a big deal out of nothing, or my powerful laziness is trying to keep me from doing it right.
Looks like a plug on to me. Also, if you're not installing gfci or arc faults there's no need for the plug on neutral
I'd do this, but I don't think anyone wants electrical advice from a custom upholsterer... ... say, do you think anybody would want upholstery advice?
Get me some of them tan wirenuts, some of them red wirenuts, and some ground screws. Simple as
>Because why else make the thread
A lot of newbie sparky are this board, it's great to talk to other ppl who been in the business for a while or just starting out.

File: fuwa aika.png (685 KB, 1024x1372)
685 KB
685 KB PNG
how to hang a tapestry with weight on it? dont want it to fall off hooks
For me, it's toggle bolts
big hooks directly into the studs
File: 51EpGFUjzZL._SX425_.jpg (9 KB, 425x425)
9 KB
You're going to want a rod across the top to keep the tapestry from sagging and tearing at your mounting unit of choice. Conduit is a decent all around choice with standardized U-clips that you can drive lag bolts through into studs.

File: you.webm (2.81 MB, 640x640)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB WEBM
cheapest possible way to find my main line?
bought this house and the previous boomer that owned it was retarded enough to cover up the cleanout with rocks (arizona)
i tried calling him but his number is out of service and doesnt work anymore
the thing is, i know the fucker used to use the floor drain in the kitchen to drop oil and flush it out, but what i believe was years of doing this has cligged my sewage to a point where it takes 6 flushes to flush down a single pepple of shit and every 2 minutes into a shower it turns into a little lake
i just need to know where my.main is so i can at the very least install a new 2 way clean out
Snake a toilet/shower/floor drain out to the street and sound it out
Or use Caustic soda an boiling water ,if no good I bet theres a buried inspection chamber on the run with a blocked u bend , you need to trace likely route an lift cover an rod .
rented a snake from home depot and went at it
left it on automatic and ran outside
was hearing a feint rattle and the rocks were shaking in a nasty pattern
followed it and i just realised that the previous cleanout was right next to an oak tree that had engulfed the cap
i dont want to remove the tree but this shit is going to be a pain in the ass for the main line in the future so im going to pull this shit out tomorrow and get my arborist buddy to help replant it for some shekels
thanks for the help boys
Or just go to your backyard dig a hole to poop in instead
You can rent a sewer camera with a sonde locator for probably 250. Try to follow it all the way out.
The plumber

I have a rare opportunity here. Have some credit card debt that is a little higher than I'd like with shit interest but I'm managing pretty well. In need of the biggest cuckshed i can get for storage and temporary work shed because mine was wiped out by a faggot wind wielding tornado cuck. No amount of 12 guage rounds would slow it down.

However, my older family friend is a master carpenter and welder. I also like to build hotrods and weld stuff and with the equipment I have been gathering a welder is fast becoming a necessity. I have a new tombstone and weld about 7/10. More like 8 or even 9 of i weld a few days to get back into the swing of things. Stick welder never much bothered me but i made the mistake of using my buddies massive mig welder. Not used a mig in 15 years and fell in love again.

So, since my friend is trying to buy a shit hf 500 dollar welder and i also need one along with a torch I've been thinking about buying like a $2,500 mig welder and a big torch bottle setup. Not payments. I want my own bottles.

So, what welder and torch should i get? I would prefer to keep it under $3,000 but it seems like there is ALWAYS something any time i save for this. I have about $6,000 absolute max and it will hurt my soul to spend it all. But i will.

22 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
lambos suck balls man get a real car like a del sol or kia sport


You stupid fucking cocksuckeing cuckfaggot rape yourself with an anal sword

Also die slow shill
Lambos are $200,000.

Let's say I couldn't sell it if someone gave me one, I would rather have half that ($100,000) in cash.

Fuck, I'd rather have $50,000 cash.
I would rather get $20,000 cash than a Lambo I'd have to keep
M8, just buy one used. The thing about low end consumer tools is they get bought and then never used. Your other option is buying a used industrial model. Companies will just dump older units at a liquidator when the new one rolls in, but most companies won't buy a unit with a 10,000 hour lifespan that already has 8,000 hours on it. With a /diy/ duty cycle those 2,000 hours will be strung out across decades rather than a year.

File: 1557982056939.jpg (928 KB, 2296x2058)
928 KB
928 KB JPG
I found a guy selling a bigass TIG welder for about $500.
Should I get that as my only welding source, or keep waiting to find a large mig for about that cost?
I have a few projects just sitting because I need a welder. Need to build a trailer, repair some exhaust tubing, build an adapter plate for an engine, and motor mounts currently. All mild steel.
Is it worth getting into TIG right now or keep waiting?
It's HF start at least.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You can stick weld with any Tig welder. So take that into consideration.
Make sure it's suitable for your electrics (so if you don't have three phase don't get a three phase machine), I would say it's still a little high on the price considering it's going to be some old inefficient transformer pos, for one that does AC and DC and does single phase (both of these up the value) I'd be happy talking down to 400 maybe even a little more. So not a totally unfair price at 500 but also worth negotiating. If they're in good condition and you're a bit shit at talking prices it's worth a shot but don't worry if you don't get it down, $100 or less difference isn't really worth sweating over. Your area might just be priced higher too.
Fuck your shit, learn on TIG.
Yeah that's fine then. It won't actually use that much power unless you go crazy with the amps, and you won't do that it a home shop.

If you haven't TIGged before, do yourself a favor don't start trying it with some mystery machine. You need to start out with good equipment at least to learn what you're doing and what correct looks like. Anything else is just going to waste a bunch of time.

I'd recommend getting a Hobart or Miller 175 or 250, I see them all the time on craigslist around here for 300-800 bucks. The dirty ones are fine.
TIG is a fucking meme. Shit's hard to learn and doesn't even pay well because unlike Stick or Mig you need Stainless Steel, with tungsten and if one of those things contacts normal metal you've fucked yourself completely so machines usually do it instead.

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