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Just found an iPhone in the street, trying to unlock it. I launched a reset but it asks me for an Apple accound password. Anyone know how to bypass that kind of thing ?
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give it back jamal
Jamal, you been quiet of late - trade picking up for Xmas?
youtbe.com>> how to unlock iphone
Jamal how many times do we have to go over this? give it back.
No, you're fucked.

Also, it can still be tracked at the moment, so expect a knock soon.

Where to buy a good kit with JIS precision screwdrivers for Japanese electronics? Asking as a Canadian because things are generally harder to find here compared to the states.
Get one of the iFixit kits from Amazon, some of those have them and they're decent quality, I have one.

File: thing.jpg (1.36 MB, 1925x4000)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
I found this in an abandoned warehouse, the box it was in had some chinese lettering on it, but was otherwise nondescript. it deploys to around 5x2 meters. and shrinks back down to 1/2 a meter or so. theres 8 springs total on it that snap it open once you get it started with your hands. also there is a flat head screw in like half of the black end caps.
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Can confirm.
these things are stupid expensive to buy, but hard to resell
Delete your old thread retard.
>blonde and Monitor Stand bit optional
you are missing the fabric (prob. printed with some firm logo + waifu), printers, trade exhibiton suppliers will sell these, not esp. cheaply tho, or can make a new one

My apartment has me paying for electricity, but not water. Is there enough force in my water faucets to generate a substantial amount of electricity, enough to noticeably lower my electricity bill?
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>it takes electricity to run the water pump idiot
Saw one interesting method. Anon used a big coil of copper tube to run a hot water loop tied to a box fan. Heck, even radiant heating could work. But I doubt the water will be hot enough.

I used to fill up several gallon milk jugs with hot water and set them under my desk at Uni. It did create some radiant heat. Fucking dorm room was drafty and had shit for insulation. They didn't allow plug-in heaters for "safety". Yea.. cheap ass fuckers knew everyone would be running one. They got after me for daring to caulk windows and put up insulation board. After that I moved to a better shithole.
File: Check em.png (289 KB, 511x312)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
fucking excellent
What kind of shithole country are you from?

So, /diy/, I'm looking into casting some stuff in pewter starting next year. Pouring, not spincasting, since I just don't have the space for that kinda setup.

What sort of silicone or rubber would you recommend for making my own molds? I'm looking more at RTV stuff than anything that takes extra long to get ready, but I'll take what I can find.

I'm in the USA, too, for purposes of buying stuff.
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High temp smooth on
Yeah. I lead poisoned myself making sinkers. Never felt right since. Is there somethibg i can do or am i permatard?
There's plenty of tutorials for silicone on the youtube.
I've had good luck with everything smooth-on. Check if there's a Reynolds in your area, they sell at cost and carry like everything smooth-on. https://www.reynoldsam.com/location/
Gonna want a vacuum chamber though.
I used to solder for like 20 hours a week on various projects inside my house with no ventilation, I still have an IQ of 130+ I'm pretty sure it's all in your head.
I was more asking if anyone knew how it'd hold up on a 2-part mold. That's good to know about a retail place nearby to get it, though. Thanks.

Hey guys,
Does anyone have any idea how I can make a mold of pic related? Due to the tabs on it I don't think a two-part mold will work. Is there any other way? It takes 14 hours to print this and I need a lot of them. They are for use in automotive application so PLA plastic is not suitable.
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Yes, that's what you need the second part for.
>then I could mold all parts in a 1 part mold since the bottom is flat.
Why tho? Just 3d print the mold and the insert, or make the molds out of clay and bake in the oven.
File: Untitled.png (661 KB, 537x960)
661 KB
661 KB PNG
These are your parting lines. Add draft. Check for undercut features circled in yellow; I'm not sure if you have a hole that extends into the wall of the cylinder.
Ahh I see now, thank you very much.
what printer did you use to make that?
Cocoon Create. Pretty much a re-branded Wanhao Duplicator i3.

File: img20181207_023612.jpg (55 KB, 743x756)
55 KB
Is there any way to get this looking good again? I think it's melted aluminum on there.
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An easier way is to wet the cooktop, sprinkle some baking soda on it, and scrape with a razor blade as if you were trying to slice off a thin layer of cooktop. Should get the aluminum(?) off.

Follow up with >>1510837 to go the rest of the way. Shouldn't need nearly as much elbow grease after the razor.

Also works for car windshields and other smooth glass.
Thanks dudes. So there's no way to speed this shit up with heat applied?
Except its the carbonic acid that results from the reaction vinegar and baking soda which erodes the scale/aluminium residue. Remove the vinegar from the equation and you may as well be using breadcrumbs.

You have your answer, do it properly or waste your own time. Stop wasting ours by asking the same shit over and over.
Fat lazy fuck.
Alright, I'll post results. Thanks man

Go fuck yourself

File: breaker-box.jpg (70 KB, 555x538)
70 KB
The electricity has gone in one bedroom in my house. The light was gone too and I went downstairs and checked the box and one of the breakers were down. I flipped it up and went upstairs and the light was on but the power was still not coming from the sockets. What can I do besides call the company?
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>this puts an outlet in series with the other loads..

residential wiring is never series because every device needs the full 120 or whatever. what do you actually mean?
He's talking about using an outlet as a wire connector when connecting multiple outlets on the same branch circuit. While each load remains parallel, the outlet wiring is interrupted by each outlet. Since the path of current must go through the first outlet to reach the next, this can be seen as a series connection even though the load is parallel.

I'm lucky to not do residential so I rarely have to deal with people saving that almighty penny by using the outlet to connect two wires instead of a wire connector to connect three.
fuck you are retarded
Sounds like the installer didn't pigtail the connections, so one bad outlet fucked up power to the rest down the line.
Check GFCI switch near the bathroom sink. Push the reset button.

Is it bad to use this? Pretty sure it's just hair that's clogged in my bathroom sink.
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get some liquid fire
File: Capture.jpg (121 KB, 1049x769)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
If it's your house, I woudnt use it. It is going to eat your pipes. Buy a snake
File: Capture.jpg (51 KB, 780x582)
51 KB
I have seen people unclog a drain with a wire hanger, Unravel it straighten it out and use the swirly end

How To: Unclog A Drain With a Wire Hanger
Who knows. Depends on how bad the pipe was before. A toilet closet auger will work to unclog the sink if you can get the trap off and verify you went down instead of up the vent. I’ve tried to plunge them as a plumber. Rarely works
Get a wet vac. Wrap wet rag around the hose turn the fucker on. It will clear it out

Here is how to look like a "gamer"

1.Go to your local target
2.get the latest minecraft gear
3.shiw your kids how epic you are
4.grab an AR15
5.bust a cap in some 9gag users
6.flee to africa
7.now you are epic

Anyone have experience with cultivating small amounts of microalgae like Isochrysis? Looking to breed sea urchin larvae
Bumping for interest.
It's just like growing any other plant except it's in water. Keep it aerated, keep your ph right and make sure they have the right amount of nutrients and enough light and they should grow just fine. Most of the work has been done by breeders already so that any idiot can grow them.

I built a mantle that I am going to mount onto a brick wall in my dining room. The mantle is finished and looking good and I need to afix it to a 2x4 that will be attached to the wall. So I drilled a 3/4” hole using a masonry bit thinking I could use a butterfly toggle bolt but now I see some foam board insulation behind the brick. Any other mounting techniques? Otherwise how can I drill out a larger diameter of the foam board so the toggle will open?

Pic entirely unrelated.
And apparently upside down...

File: harp.jpg (8 KB, 275x183)
8 KB
I am a CS major (programming background) and want to get into hobby robotics, should I be getting an arduino or just get a rasberry pi? What are some good places to learn about interfacing with hardware?
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>shitty bootloader
how about a good, no-frills, native USB bootloader like Teensy's "HalfKay"? FTDIchips are rubber crutches
>absolute disgraces to computer science
it's as if comp sci courses don't teach kids anything low-level anymore, and it's all just hyper-advanced Excel. sad!

OP please tell us where you're enrolled so that we can steer other hapless students away from it
If OP's goal is a NN based robot then yeah, RTLinux on the fastest hardware he can physically stick in it would be idea.

Now for the dream crushing. I'm a contributor to the FANN project so have a good amount of experience with NN. Your robot is just going to violently thrash around, twitch, or do some other stupid pointless motion. Assuming you're not using a training algorithm and relying on the randomness of 'evolution' a NN could take hundreds to millions of generations to learn even basic locomotion. That works fine on computers that can run a million generations in a minute but in the world of the real it'd take years.
Thanks anons, i`ve been trying to understand the differences for a while but your reeeeeing solved a lot of my doubts, not enough but at least i have a start point
If your school has a robotics club, join it.
>teleports behind you in a microsecond
>nothing personnel kid

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That isn't a kiwi, looks closer to a weka.
>(it's about 3 miles above sea level.
Are you an idiot or just bad at math?
Well he's bad at parentheses either way.
I suppose that 1600 miles could count as "overlooking downtown LA", considering that that's where the nearest 3-mile summit is.
3 km, not 3 mi.

File: 1532248704765.jpg (11 KB, 279x181)
11 KB
How can you download a stream from https://www.animalplanet.com ?

I've tried capturing the stream using the *.m3u8 file I found using developer tools in chrome. This method has worked for some other websites, but nothing seems to happen? Any have any insight?

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