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File: 32002-PCB-378x220.jpg (17 KB, 378x220)
17 KB
I have a 5V fancy sculpted LED lamp I made myself. The LEDs burn out easily if the voltage is not right.
Is there a modle you can buy that protects from
-reverse polarity
-over voltage
-anything else a stupid user could do
>that protects from
>-reverse polarity

How about you learn what the D in LED means first?
> reverse polarity
use a mosfet polarity protection cirquit
>over voltage
use lm7805. it van handle up to 35v of input voltage
>anything else
goop or pot all electronics that dont get hot, use oversized heatsink for parts that need it. use fuses. ill try and draw a cool cirquit for you if you want

nice trips
but its probably a led with driver ic and shit like that on board, they dont handle reverse voltage all that well
File: Capture.png (56 KB, 1022x510)
56 KB
this should be sufficient
i forgot to write down that the thing on the left is a 1A fuse
Thanks , that's very helpful
They don't deal well with it

Shit was serious. She was dead cold, shaking and crying. I keep accidentally closing the door to the balcony whenever I see it's open. It's just an instinct. I can't help it.

The DIY part:
I need something reliable I can put out on the balcony (no outlets) so my mother can contact me in my room inside of the house should I lock her out again. Any ideas?
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/diy/ doesn't get digits very often huh
Admit it OP. When you’re not locking your poor dumb mother outside, you are encasing recently deceased animals in resin to give as gifts aren’t you?
Just kill yourself untermensch
File: sarina-brewer.png (3.91 MB, 2032x1562)
3.91 MB
3.91 MB PNG
no, i dont use resin, but i do ´´rougue taxidermy´´ sometimes
inb4 im not op
So let's talk about dead animals encased in resin.

Don't they rot? Wouldn't they eventually turn into an animal shaped cavity full of bones and brown liquid?

File: download (2).jpg (15 KB, 251x201)
15 KB
sup /diy/
so there are people in my neighborhood who keep complaining about my stacks of pallets, rusting cars, and cargo containers, especially if i don't keep my lawn mowed like a golf course.
thinking about getting the list of complainers from the township (i have blackmail on code enforcement, so he takes complaints and he gives me warnings, but i haven't had to go to court in forever) and having someone else go to them to get them all to join a "home owners association" which will give them the power to force me to keep my property looking nice. in other words, using the idea that they can bully me into submission as the hook to get them to sign on.
the end goal would be to get all the complainers signing a legal contract that will have them paying dues to a shell company I own, while my own property never actually becomes part of the HOA. also, then I would enforce pointless bullshit on THEIR properties and place liens on them.
i am aware that a lot of this will depend on HOA law for my state, which i am not prepared to reveal at this time. i will say that my state is one that allows HOA to have lots of power.
also, i would need for none of these people to be board members or able to run for board membership. ideally, it would be operated like a dictatorship, with one permanent president, ie whoever i find who has the talent and scumminess to pull it off.
i have a trick up my sleeve that will convince these boomer retards that my property would be made part of the hoa- i will have my 'agent' tell them that it is actually owned by my parents, and that they will sign the HOA covenant if everyone else does.
>my parents are dead lol
also, then i can use the HOA to give lawn maintenance contracts to whoever bribes me enough. "we'll make that awful house stay in order, and you'll never have to hire an unreliable lawnmowing service again"
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Homeowners associations are largely not for profit otherwise they end up paying a lot of taxes. What service would your shell company be providing? If it's not providing a service, I don't think that's legal. If the HOA is not for profit the way people generally profit off them as I understand, is to sell services to the HOA. If you don't have something that is going to deliver a good or service to the HOA, and you don't have control of the board, this definitely won't work out in your favor. Even if you have the service if you don't have a lot of influence in the community other people will use the board to switch service providers so that their friends profit instead of you. Controlling an HOA is basically a political endeavor and people lose control of them all the time.
For those that aren't aware, those dues associations pay aren't for anything like rent, they are to pay for services for association members, and repairs and replacements of what the association owns. If you aren't credibly doing that then whatever you are doing is probably illegal.
Any contract based on a lie is null and void you white trash embarassment
What you've proposed is straight up fraud. This would mean that all contracts your neighbors sign into wouldn't mean shit with them having been tricked into signing, and you'd be liable to pay all sorts of costs and probably do some prison time too because that shit is all sorts of illegal.

However there are ways to cover your ass. I'll give you a different but similar kind of example. If I don't like the color of your house I can employ an agent who does not perform due diligence on my identity to contract a painting firm to come and paint your house to a color I desire. The painting firm without being contracted by the agent would be liable for damages and would be guilty of things like criminal trespass and vandalism, but they have a legitimate contract to paint your house with the agent. Similarly the agent may believe they have a legitimate contract with the homeowner, and although their claim is less solid because they didn't do basic background checks, it's harder to show this without significant costs because the chain is already more complicated than normal and they will cover their ass.
>my stacks of pallets, rusting cars, and cargo containers,

mmmm, tasty bait

File: DR-660.jpg (99 KB, 800x635)
99 KB
so guys, i got this drum machine and the rubber pads stink of nicotine. whats some method of taking this nasty shit away?
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Clean the whole thing with isoprop alcohol 70% min
Find the previous owner and choke them to death with their own catheter tube

now it smells fine. thank you /diy/
google corona discharge
It gets rid of all smells. Literally everything. Plus it makes your house smell like a lightening storm

Should I use cinderblocks to build a burn pit or is there a better alternative?
I've heard of concrete exploding in high heat but I'm not clear on if/how that applies to cinderblocks.

I'll be using it to burn garbage and yard waste.
I'm thinking of just a simple 4-sided box with an elevated grate at the bottom for the ash to fall through into a cleanout space, with a gap at the bottom of one wall to rake the ashes out.
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i had no idea about cone crushers, fascinating engineering, i would never have thought of crushing that stuff. well maybe, it's sort of like a mortar and pestel upside down and reversed, but really fascinating.
Buddy of mine uses an oil drum with a hole bashed out in the bottom. Lives in a town of row homes his neibor shares a wall, he just doesn't give a fuck I guess. He blows his leaf blower in the bottom and gets the fire 3 times as high as the barrel itself, absolute mad lad. No idea why police don't show up
#3. Easy to shovel out ash and unburnt material. If you do #4 you can put a few blocks in sideways for adjustable airflow

>Alternatively just dig a bigass hole

Or just burn on the surface and raise your grill with blocks

you should watch a crusher in action

they terrify me desu

one time on a road job my company was doing, a guy dropped a huge ass fucking boulder in our crusher. usually it all gets screened through a grizzly first so no big chunks.

anyways it stalled our crusher out for a few moments, the noise was absolutely fucking horrible. then it started to spool up, and BANG the fucking boulder shot like 20 feet in the air

File: IMG_2338.jpg (1.72 MB, 3548x2652)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB JPG
Starting this thread because I learned a lot the last time we had one of these and I got a compressor to work on and have lots of questions.

I bought this pic related compressor (Emglo 1.5 HP / 6.2 CFM @125 PSI electric compressor, replaced by Jenny K15A-8P) at an auction, and it is missing some parts: Motor run capacitor, pilot valve, relief valve, pressure regulator. It does run and build pressure wired up as shown, with the pressure switch out of the circuit and the 1/4 turn valve between the missing pilot valve and the pressure manifold closed.

Motor - is a Century 8-168697-03, any ideas on how to find the right run capacitor for that motor? Google found nothing, I'm planning on calling Jenny dealer, then Jenny and if that fails then Regal-Beloit.

Pilot valve - The manual says this is a 125 PSI pilot valve, I found some on Amazon that are adjustable 95-125 PSI for where it sends the unload signal to the compressor. Would this be okay for 125 PSI or is there a benefit to having a cushion above the rating?

Relief valve - Manual says it's a 165 PSI / 65 SCFM relief valve, can I just buy something rated for 165 PSI, or do you have to worry about the CFM rating?

Pressure regulator - How to pick a regulator? It has 3/8" hose going from the manifold to where the regulator should be so just something with 3/8" pipe thread? They are rated for 80 CFM, sounds like plenty. My experience with regulators is they wander around, especially if you are adjusting them down from a higher pressure vs. up from a lower pressure. Actually, do you even need a regulator?

Should I get a dryer / separator? I will mostly be using this for blowing shit off, filling tires, and occasionally running an impact driver and a nailer.
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Worth about tree fiddy...
looks good, the bigger the radiator, the better. Keep it.
I think itsa 80 gallon 2 stage, so more like seven fiddy.
Its a 5' step ladder...dummy
File: D55168_(Type_5)_WW_1.gif (88 KB, 620x600)
88 KB
>Oil free compressors use a diaphram and sound like huge vibrators
>Yours has pistons and a crankshaft thus it need oil
pic of oil free dewalt compressor
part #80: piston, rod, and cylinder sleeve

yes this would work. also while the units running cheak for heat, it will get warm but if its the wrong cap it will get too warm and you will know somethings up.

too low of MFD will slip hard and heat up.

>I saw on one site, and one site only that "If the capacitor value/rating is too low, the phase shift will be higher and the winding current will be too low." but I think this means in the aux. winding, and hopefully the one that gives you lowest amp draw off the mains will be the correct size?

well youre on the right track


excess capacitance (mfd) ---->
more current draw ---->
things get hot

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anyone know anything about old safes? I found this one sitting open with a pile of junk in an alleyway. I want to figure out the turn sequence and combination. I've opened it up to expose the tumblers, giving me a pretty good idea on the numbers.
5 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Give it back, Jamal.
and if you lift the center rings out you can reposition them to what ever combination you want.
Any idea what the turn sequence could be?
There is only LRL or RLR Follow the guide here.

Also this

While it isn't the same lock, the way they work is damn close.
Thank you. I'll give it a try when I get the chance.

File: photo.jpg (27 KB, 400x267)
27 KB
What are the differences between Husqvarna and Stihl?
Do they feel different?
Can you tell them apart from the sound alone?
20 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
The differences between husky and Stihl are pretty negligible. I've worked for a couple tree work guys who all agree that the better option is the one with the better local service shop.
That said, those were pros who use their stuff all day every day. For the home owner or occasional user, I'd recommend echo.
I have owned saws, blowers, and string trimmers from both brands.
All are quality tools.
But I prefer Husq, because the Stihls were all hard to start.
you can get parts for the stihl

On a saw that old you would have replaced the dogs, handles, fuel lines, fuel and oil cap o-rings, etc. if you were using it often enough.
The cap o-rings are pretty busted, that's true. It's been used non-professionally but still quite alot.

File: FEPFJ2XISCAQ7NI.LARGE.jpg (72 KB, 576x568)
72 KB
Trying to find a neon light transformer i can use to do wood burning patter in wood. Seems like most nowadays have gfci and possibly other protections that would disrupt the device from working. How hard would it be to bypass the circuit protection in a simple 12kv neon sign transformer? Or Is there a specialized device I can buy where I won't have to worry about circuit protections. Inb4 microwave transformer, the voltage is too low and won't give me the patterns I want
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Thank you very much kind sr
I think the Prius inverter/converters have a high voltage transformer in them. Gen 2s are scrap p much, you'd be able to pick one up for scrap value or less.
I will find you
Stinky butt
The three most common power sources for diy woodburning are, in order of increasing voltage and decreasing amperage, microwave transformers, neon sign transformers, and oil furnace igniters. Your microwave transformer runs about 2k volts, neon sign 12k volts, and oil igniters vary but anywhere from 20-35k volts. All 3 will give different results on differing resistances of wood, based on species, moisture content, what electrolyte you're using, length of burn, etc. They're all fairly cheap so i'd suggest you try them yourself to see which one works best for your application.

And if you're not familiar with working around high voltage, either buy a pair of linesmans gloves or only use one hand (so it doesn't go through your chest, and heart, on the way through both arms). Either use a deadmans switch or dont energize it until you're completely clear. It'll arc almost an inch and if it hits you in the chest it can and probably will kill you. These will only draw a fraction of an amp but thats all it takes.

File: burgernator5000.jpg (145 KB, 1500x993)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Seriously, people like to put all kinds of shit down the toilet these days. Women with their extra plush toilet paper and tampons.

I think plumbers are suppressing this technology.
23 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
I think you need to eat a lot of Thai food, but it is doable.
Your wife's """flushable""" wet wipes and kleenex forms a three gorges dam in the P-trap.
You are simultaneously overestimating the slickness of Teflon and underestimating the stickiness of shit.
Pretty sure he just wants an excuse to team out his ass with a big cylinder.
My experience with burning fresh shit is that it will just dry and become hard and brittle/flaky but not smell. Crushing it feels like crushing burnt bones. It takes a while for all the water to evaporate.

File: gv12_04.jpg (38 KB, 700x700)
38 KB
What type of valve is best for daily use? I heard gate valves are NOT good for regular use
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
What the fuck are you guys doing that requires turning a valve on and off multiple times a day?
>nobody knows because gate valve suck
They have their uses like when you get to bigger diameter pipe and higher pressures. Ever tried to open a 3 inch ball valve with 180psi differential on it? You'll fucking break the handle off before you open it. Gate valves give you more mechanical advantage. For example boiler stop valves are gate valves.
>Get a switch and use a washing machine solenoid.
Do this if you want to cause water hammer.
Since you're a plumber, your playing with low pressure child's play pipe sizes. Gate valves are what real men use once they get above certain pressures and diameter.
File: zone valve.jpg (34 KB, 600x600)
34 KB
Or just get a water sprinkler zone valve.
They are high flow and won't hammer lines like a solenoid valve.
Fully rebuild-able and if you cobble up a 24VAC source they can be switched via a relay.

File: 20190416_1930441.jpg (465 KB, 1632x1224)
465 KB
465 KB JPG
Hello /diy,/ first time homeowner here and more or less green-thumb inept. The previous owners of the home set pic related up and wrapped it up with honeysuckle, but as you can see it's sort of died completely on one side.
I love having the honeysuckle there, as it brings around pretty birds and makes for some nice housing area for bees and such, as such I'm worried about killing it altogether if I disturb it too much.
Any idea or tips on how to transfer some of the material on the left side to the right?

Also is it just me or does this image appear cursed for some reason?

old thread >>1591036
358 replies and 66 images omitted. Click here to view.
that is almost a straight line just slightly bent, so the drop is sort of consistent then
the y axis is logarithmic. try again
I have an old GPS that my dad insists I try to fix since he loves it or some shit. He thinks it's the battery, since the USB connection went wonky, and would sometimes work and sometimes not, before it completely stopped working. I tried soldering a USB cable directly to the pins, but the whole thing just seems to heat up now, so I know I fucked something up.

The battery is 3.7V lithium, it shows about 4V when off, and 3.65V when turned on for a few seconds before it shuts off. I'm assumming it's fully charged then, and it's not the battery? Is there a way to check?
Can't help much but I can say that the battery is really old (I'm guessing it's many years?) and you might want to consider trying to check current draw. When a battery drops that much in voltage it's either drawing a significant amount of current (you said it gets hot) and there's prob some kind of short, or it's getting really old. I think both, but if you pop a 1ohm shunt in series with battery you can measure the current draw. if it's in single digit amps, it's hardware; head over to new bread tho
File: 'b8h.png (22 KB, 600x600)
22 KB

File: brick red types.jpg (68 KB, 650x433)
68 KB
why is so much of euro construction technology just better than yank and strayan "tech"?
117 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
The US and Mexico don't have a sea between them. If they build a sea, then maybe they make America as great as Rome.
>didn't even use masonry bits, just ordinary bits for metal
That's a good way to fuck up your bits.

[spoiler]I have used wood bits before I thought to research the different types. Also improvised some bits out of nails and flathead screwdriver shanks.[/spoiler]
A self-tapping wood screw is also good for one or two holes, and can still be used for wood afterwards (unless it snaps).
86oz gold back in the day for a 7 room house!
>bricks, cement and plaster not included*
>dude heavy stuff down light stuff up
much wow tech

File: Wood-framed_house.jpg (136 KB, 1083x546)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
How do I become a framer?

I've worked at a lumber yard for a couple years but have recently been promoted into a position that's too cushy, and I want to start doing physical shit again. What do?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Work at Notre Dame. They need framers Ricky fucking tick
be mexican
>learn how to do agriculture
>get dyslexic
Literally just go on craigslist, 90% of the people only give a fuck if you can show up and have heart beat. We have a guy on our crew who is dumber than a brick, but theres plenty of gorilla work for him to do.

Just make sure if you talk to the lead before showing up that they own a fork lift and a boom truck. Its shows they have actually been in the business long enough to not have to kill themselves to move material.

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