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File: 1525973852154.png (58 KB, 1229x1160)
58 KB
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File: snow bike.jpg (160 KB, 1200x800)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
I've been working on the same project for like 5 months.

Getting the coolant system up and running was almost as neat as seeing the neon-green liquid flowing through the clear hoses I used.
Linus is that you?
No fuck that kid. His videos are garbage.
Where is you picture with Newports in it?
File: image.jpg (2.1 MB, 4032x3024)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB JPG
Meh, I haven’t worked retail in like 10 years.

File: harborfreight_logo.gif (7 KB, 360x52)
7 KB
I'm curious, does anyone have the paid $30 a year membership to HF for all the "extra deals" or whatever?

The " inside track club"

I go there a decent amount and am curious if it's worth it....I mainly just load down on consumables I eat through like sandpaper, wire brushes, ect... but I have got a few of their power tools with mixed, but for the price, very satisfied results.
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I agree. Don't know what >>1556652
Is on about. HF told work fine for me because I take care of my tools, use them for the intended application and don't overstress them, and keep them clean/lubricated/maintained where needed. I probably have a couple of dozen HF power tools and a lot of hand tools, no complaints here ever.
I mean, now that I can afford better tools, yeah, I will replace my HF as it dies. The only exception to this will probably be the drill press, which I want to replace badly now because of the slop in the chuck I can't eliminate all together. (I center punch everything, so it's not a huge issue, just annoying.)
I negotiated a 2-year membership with the manager in return for my purchasing a scratch and dent tool cabinet. He gave me the membership price off the matching upper in return for me buying the upper, lower, side cabinet, and the memebership. Over the next 2 years I saved probably another $100 - $150 off various purchases, but I was buying a moderate amount of tools for projects at the time. There really aren't all that many "inside track" deals, and over the 2 year period they never managed to mail me a flyer despite repeatedly mentioning this to cashiers and verifying they had my correct info.
File: 4chan_1c175d_1609526.jpg (66 KB, 600x750)
66 KB
>Throwing away $100 shouldnt be something people swallow so easily.
when you move out of your mom's basement, you'll learn that $100 is not a lot of money.
Your life sounds like a rewarding adventure :)

File: 20190217_004451.jpg (828 KB, 2896x2896)
828 KB
828 KB JPG
Hi DIY, first time posting and looking for some advice. The Inlaws are looking to move into their recent deceased parents house. House is old and needs a lot of work, the only shower is in the basement (pic related). They want to make a sort of shower/laundry room out of that small area of the basement.

Currently the Washer and "shower" drain into a hole in the floor, unfortunately I don't have a picture nor did I dare lift the pallet underneath the chair to look at it. Question is if we build this room out and make it look nice will it be a problem to just let everything drain into this hole?
I've plumbed these remodels before.
Short answer no. As long as your okay with the whole floor getting wet every time
Long answer is to redo it with a proper shower drain, laundry drain and venting is a lot of work and can be around 1-2k depending on how much concrete work and vent work needs to be done.
Will the water drain? Yes. Will it be ghetto, and get water everywhere, yes. Is it up to code, no. Is it dangerous, no. I would snake the trap first to get any nasty stuff out and then blast water through it with a garden hose to clear anything up.
Post more pics when you get them
This. And tell us where the hole goes.
To a valley in the woods, or septic, or city sewer?

File: drill.png (1.03 MB, 1025x1339)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
In need of a drill for around the house, dont really want to spend a ton but want something decent. What should i get and should i get hammer drill or just normal?
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I bought a similar bag on sale a year back with 4v batteries, but with a multitool instead of the flashlight. One of my best purchases ever
look at yard sales and online markets ,you can easely find good tools barely used at nearly any time for lower cost.
Check up on your local area for tool library's/diy rental or secondhand shops.
File: 81GQkmJub8L._SL1500_.jpg (259 KB, 1500x1500)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
I'm going to have to recommend the Makita sub-compact set. 18v power in a small form factor. I've used my set in an industrial maintenance role and the perform really well.

Not sure where you are located but I believe these are sub $300 for the kit at Home Depot.

These are my household work tools and I have the big boy ones for work. Honestly could get by with the subcompacts in like 90% of my applications
I got this in 2008. Still goes

How do I deal with static build up?
Working in a room with a few computers, computer chairs and shelving and not much else, some dry materials.

Static charge is buillding up very fast - no idea whats causing it - the floor?

Can't seem to get rid of it without shocking myself 20+ times a day to discharge a high dose.

Looked into online solutions doesn't seem like much.
- all related to wrist things for working on electronics. I'm not worried about damage to electrics, I need a ground point somehow
- floor mats for computer chairs - surely that only protects me until I step outside of the plastic square

Can I plug something in which dissapates the charge
Can I roll out something on the floor
Can I run a wire from outside through a window and touch it every so often

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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imagine hiring an engineer to tell you what three anons told OP for free off-hand
just go barefoot
Why dangerous?

And slippy slide all over the place no thanks
Goddam I was happy when we got a TV with an electronic tuner and remote control. The old one had metal knobs. Jfc
cant believe this really works

I am planning to get a shower bidet for my toilet
Posted a thread here a week ago but there's a slight change in plans
I want to make sure that there's warm water too so I don't spray my ass with ice cold water in the winter.
How would I go on about that? I guess I would have to get the water from the faucet hoses rather than the toilet water and connect them to a thermostatic valve, then drill a hole in my sink cabinet to connect to the bidet hose.
But I have no idea precisely what kind of equipment I would actually need for this. I think the bidet hose that I ordered itself has a bore of 20mm while the faucet hoses are 12mm or so.

Pic related is of the hoses under the faucet
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This is a troll thread
We invented the butthole you fucking Yank.
File: additional_1[1].jpg (44 KB, 1200x1000)
44 KB
Easiest way would be to get replace faucet. This one has two pipes while bidet faucet has three. The water runs through the same mixer.

I'm not sure how things goes US, but it's done like this in northern Yurop
US Plumber here, this is what you want. Basically it's a 2 handle faucet with a sprayer.
How you fit it in and all that jazz is your problem.
If you want super ghetto, get a mixing valve and a sprayer hose, but as with all this stuff, the more non-traditional you go, the more fittings and adapters you get into usually.
Good luck, you'll need it

File: DSC06139.jpg (2.78 MB, 2816x2112)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB JPG
Come on faggots show us your sawhorse builds.

Mine are solid timbers, with mortice and tenon connections. Just glue, no fucking nails.

At one point, over 2 tons of lumber were loaded onto these babies.

Now, they just sit in my garage, dreaming of when they will be doing serious work again.

I have some more fir, and am thinking of building a set of Mark 2's
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itt: op gets put in his place
File: 6-2-680x1020.jpg (74 KB, 680x1020)
74 KB
>over 2 tons of lumber were loaded onto these babies
Congrats. You made a thing with the same load rating as one I made out of pine 2x4s I got from an old pallet and the folding sawhorse hinges you find at every garage sale in America. Also, your cross timbers are sideways, weakening them quite a bit. So, you took some decent wood and some nice joinery and fucked it up with some incompetence. Your work is not superior to a standard sawhorse, it is not even equal to it, it is inferior.
File: icon-17-512.png (22 KB, 512x512)
22 KB
OP probably isn't doing any massive heavy strain projects, so it's not a big deal.

DIY is about trial and error.

File: muhhario.jpg (123 KB, 600x901)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
So I had some guy come over and quoted me $120 to snake my kitchen drain. He asked if I wanted a cleanout in the basement to make it easier and I said no, I'd do it myself. It connects to a really old cast iron pipe in the basement and the cleanout there is rusted shut/nonfunctional.

His guy comes over and I had my gf and her dad let him in to do it while I'm at work. It was clogged bad, he said, and they needed to take out a 2ft section of the cast iron in the basement and connect some pvc. I guess she said okay. She, being a dumb woman paid them cash after the job ($500) and they didn't even fix the sink, because they snapped the drain line at the top. he's saying we owe another $150, and he also told her that it was $100 for each attempt at snaking the line ???

like i said she already paid him whatever amount, but theres no way im paying the rest, considering now i need to cut a hole under my sink to fix the broken drain pipe. should i tell these guys to fix the rest and to fuckoff? she didnt get a receipt or invoice, i figure i can get one now but i doubt itll be accurate. is this price even good or am i being unreasonable?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
> is this price even good or am i being unreasonable?
Depends on where you live. No invoice or receipt is shady as fuck on top of the bait and switch. You probably just got owned.

Your second mistake was not telling your woman what the quoted price was. If I told my GF it was $120 and some dick put his hand out for $500 thing she would do whatever because she is a woman she would snake his asshole for free.

Your third mistake was not being there to make sure the work is done right. You seem to be upset that it cost $500 so I am guessing you made less than that doing whatever it was you were doing instead of making sure it was done right. Being cheap gets costly, doesn't it?

Your FIRST mistake was not doing your research. Yelp is a thing. Angie's List is a thing. Your friends and neighbors are also resources. When I needed a cast iron toilet flange replaced I did my research. I took a few hours off work to make sure the job was done right and I had an invoice in hand before any actual work was done. It also had a warranty. Any plumber not willing to come back and make sure you are happy with the work is not a plumber you should be using.
>am i being unreasonable?
No. Like >>1556851 said, take them to court. You should have told your dumb ass girlfriend to call you before ANY money is exchanged, no matter what. Hopefully now you learned your lesson.
Don't bump your thread ~15 minutes after making it. This board is slow enough that this thread will probably be up for weeks without it.
I didnt bump. Anyways I told them snake and no other shit. She agreed to have them put in a new trap and as far as the $300 snake job she said it was after the fact when he mentioned the price. I'm okay with them replacing that small section of cast iron but the fact that they're charging snaking on top of that considered they just ended up replacing the section makes no sense.
You got scammed. Deal with it. You didn't do your research, you didn't supervise the job, you didn't get the invoice up front (you got an ESTIMATE), you paid in cash for some assinine reason, you don't even have a receipt of services performed. Either take the fuckers to small claims (and have them probably not show, win a default, never see a dime, and then end up selling the debt for pennies to a debt collector) or move the fuck on. If they call again you can try reasoning with them or threats or whatever but the long and short of it is you fucked up and blew a lot of money you will probably never see again for a job that was half-assed.
This, they're scammers, sue them or move on.

File: IMG_20190210_195711~2.jpg (2.37 MB, 4048x3036)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB JPG
I've decided I want to see how much I can improve this terrible table saw.

I bought it for 149 dollaridoos, and it was trash out of the box.
I wasn't brave enough to even try and use the stock fence, as the plastic pushed itself out of the track when you tried to lock it. The crosscut guide had the build of quality of a children's toy and the tolerance of a philosophy major.

It's a direct drive, but the blade lift and angle mechanism is quite good. Not great, but accurate enough.

First up was the table top frame, which I have made already. The front and back edge are perfectly parralell, as I want a fence that clamps both ends. The whole thing is 8mm out of sqaure, which I don't think will matter much.

Has anyone done this before? What is the best material for the top; melamine or waxed hardwood ply?
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
If forgot to mention that you did not refute the claim of your dick sucking prowess, so....
One's own low standards of personal behaviour will let you down in all aspects of life. People will judge you and find you wanting, and you will never fully realise why.
File: IMG_20190215_210131.jpg (3.38 MB, 4048x3036)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB JPG
Top is on, I went for melamine on 16mm MDF.

There is a 1mm ish drop towards sides which is probably a good thing. I understand that convex table saws are fine, concave is a problem.

I'll have to wait until tomorrow to lift the blade through the top, as it is getting late.

Extended table on the right side allows for mounting a router if this thing works.
File: IMG_20190217_174510.jpg (3.39 MB, 4048x3036)
3.39 MB
3.39 MB JPG
Seems nobody cares about the project, just the cock.

Idgaf I'm posting anyway. The slot is cut, I put some trim on and made the first part of the fence. The strip of hardwood is for the rail cleat.

The near edge is 0.145° out of square. Does anybody know the maths for calculating shim depth so I can get the rail square?

Otherwise I was gonna mount the rail on 6 M10 bolts and use locknuts to adjust the rail angle.

My trig is a little rusty, but this old tony did a video on it recently.


File: 1464159286378696741.jpg (149 KB, 800x1067)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
I want to do a lot of things like weld and build shit but I live in a 1 bedroom apartment with my wife and have no space to do anything. Not even allowed to work on my car in the parking lot (was doing it for a while but some cunt complained and the owner had words with me).

What options do I have if I want to build stuff? I was thinking about getting a HF oxy acetylene welding kit but I just have nowhere to use it.

Was thinking about getting a storage unit and just going to town in there but wanted to see if you guys had any ideas.
17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
If you dig around you could probably find a shop, garage or something that would rent you out a little spot, hell they might even let you trade a little labor for a little workspace.
I don't know where you live or what the housing market is like, but if you want to do stuff like what you described you're going to either need to rent a shop or buy a house. In the area that I live, rent is pretty much the same price as a monthly mortgage payment, and since you're already living with someone it shouldn't be to hard to afford a modest house (if your area is like mine).
>It sounds like what you really want is out of your marriage; because no married man wants to do any of that, because you do that to either earn money or attract a mate
No one fucking welds and fixes cars to fucking get a girlfriend. It's called hobbies you dumbass.
>What options do I have if I want to build stuff?
Move into a bigger place, obviously.
File: 1304568848579.jpg (13 KB, 317x330)
13 KB
Read it again numb nuts, wife isn't the problem, lack of space is.

File: 06900.jpg (26 KB, 594x396)
26 KB
I found a resonable 37k$ train diseal engine v24 4910 horse power, should i DiY a car with that?
got any idea for cheap truck part for the weels?
how fuck im i by the police if i do it ?
25 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
that sounds so much more reliable than a battery, why don't we do it for smaller cars?
because the compressed size of a battery in air is not enough to reliably start an engine a few times like a battery can. in bigger applications like trains its reliable becuase they are started once, cars usually tend to be started multiple times a day, especially if its a shit car that has a hard time starting
>because the compressed size of a battery in air

Somewhere an english teacher is contemplating suicide. The answer to the other moron is that you'd have to carry around an air compressor and a source of power to run said compressor, or some godawfully huge tank of compressed air, both of which are stupendously inferior to his "unreliable" battery.
lol based grandpa
What kind of truck frame can hold such a behemoth and fit on a city street? Imagine the tires and wheels it will require. WTF is this insanity? Good luck and godspeed insane train motor anon.

Hi guys, bought a 1.5 acre plot in Northern NC! It's 70ft by 900ft, wooded sparsely with moderate density vines and brushes everywhere. Water table is fairly high. Using a chainsaw to fall the trees was fairly annoying with vines holding the trees together, the vines with thorns sticking to me and tearing me up. Thoughts on the best way of clearing the land? I would like to keep the timber for building rickshaw structures on the land in the future, and wouldn't want a lumber company cutting it all down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxezBH26Gls
22 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
More like ultra gay anon
>ackshually it's 1.446 acres
Thanks captain autismo
3 passes with a d11
>3 passes with a d11
Sounds like it would make quick work of clearing it!

Should I have any reservations about buying this tractor? Price seems right
Goats, anon. Goats will eat all the vines and shit. Find a farmer maybe. There are some services that do this too.Lots of concern about stumps on the thread. If you leave the stumps about 3 foot tall, they give enough leverage where a dozer can push them over easily and then scoop them out, easy peasy. Site prep is a concern as you prep the land as you want it. Think about water flow management. Make sure heavy equipment operators cover their track. Torn up land won't heal itself. Think about planting ground covers to prevent erosion, rye grass or some native plants to hold the soil (not vines). Good luck on your dreams anon.

File: bed.jpg (54 KB, 686x498)
54 KB
how well should a bed be put together?

currently staying in an airbnb and the bed fell apart
it's a queen mattress but the boxspring was only being supported by two bars like this which connects the head to the foot, there's nothing in the middle to help support it
every frame I've seen has some sort of transversal piece, this doesn't
is this enough to normally support a mattress?
should I expect to pay damages?
>currently staying in an airbnb and the bed fell apart

next time be sure to tell the landlord that you are american.
is this enough to normally support a mattress?
mattress, maybe, mattress+moving person, no. Its prob a scam, gets woodglued back together for the next mark and damages claim. Be proactive, (moar) photos and report it direct to AirBNB yourself, demand a refund as unfit for purpose. Unless you extremely fat, then, idk. But that dont look well-made, nope

Is it really that practical to dig a well in your own backyard?

A benefit would be not having to pay for water?
44 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
What the hell is this
Tibetan earthquake victims.
where chipotle gets it's meat from.
>File: 0e02f30dd99834b59218f82e2(...).jpg

pic related:
>We used to have manual pumps, are those even made anymore?
The problem is manual pumped wells can't be very deep. Electric pumps can go much deeper.

File: beer can fishing.jpg (53 KB, 608x960)
53 KB
so diy what are some ways you guys make money on the side. like little decorations and stuff
75 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Has anyone bought old furniture (coffee/end tables, mantles, headboards, etc) and refinished them and made money? I'm thinking about doing this but I don't know if it's worth the money for all the trouble. But I have all the tools and knowledge to do this.
>buys new macbook
>paints custom off colors
>sells on eBay for extra $5-700
I found a beautiful writing desk with claw feet at the curb, restored it, revived the leather top and polished the metal , fixed the gold leaf bare spots, making it look mint.

Only managed to sell it for $350 USD on consignment at an antique shoppe.
>electrical codes
letting the man keep you down
Years ago, I worked for my dad, doing home remodels and flipping houses. Demo was my job. I hated those old medicine cabinets with 50 years of old razor blades packed in the voids of the wall the cabinet was in. Used leather gloves and a metal dust pan to dig that rusty nightmare out. I'd put'em in old paint can to throw them away. Massive safety hazard on a job site. Then I found this giant ass "fishing magnet" with a 250 lb pull. That was a big mistake, used it once. Had a giant rusty razor death ball on the magnet. How to get it off? Said 'fuck this", just pitched it out.

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