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File: 71ARSWzCZBL._SL1500_.jpg (69 KB, 1500x1500)
69 KB
how hard would it be to make a cooking spatula out of PTFE?
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Sure, but... why?
my dad keeps melting my nylon spatulas
File: DSCN1458.jpg (1.75 MB, 3560x1192)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB JPG
could you coat this in PTFE? it's borosilicate glass
File: Pyrex silicone spatula.jpg (81 KB, 1500x1500)
81 KB
>Doesn't ptfe creep?
Yes, under significant constant loads. Not relevant for this application.

Not all that hard, supposing you're decently handy and have some basic metalworking tools. Get a flat stainless steel spatula, and cut the blade down to an inch or two in length. Drill some holes. Get some PTFE in the size/shape of the blade you want. Sharpen an edge, and drill some holes along the opposite edge to match the ones in the handle. Bolt/rivet/whatever the pieces together. Keep in mind that nylon is stronger and stiffer than PTFE, so the blade should be a bit thicker for similar handling characteristics.

However, you might consider something like pic related. Or exactly pic related, since that's the only brand I've encountered that seems decent. Nylon structure enclosed by silicone at the hot-contact points. Edge quality is very good for a silicone spatula, and since silicone is very soft, it is easier on nonstick surfaces.
You need to use Nylon. Teflon is horseshit for spatulas

File: 20191116_084909.jpg (3.08 MB, 1690x2546)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB JPG
Looking at my roof and I see multiple areas like this with a nail head visible. I'm sure this shouldn't be like this cus you can get water through there, or is this normal?
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Those nails either popped or were never driven correctly initially. Drive them in, apply a good quality roof cement such as Karnak or Geocell brand and check on them annually.
Those are bullets after New year's. True story
This is correct. Nails should never be exposed except on the ridge of the roof, and even then only on the ends of the ridges.
Better than this would be to drive the nails down, slip a pc of aluminum between the nail and shingle over it, and cement that. Mechanical water shedding is always better than relying on sealant.
>relying on sealant
next time get a black roof, too, so you can just slather those nail holes with tar.

whats the cheapest material i can use to make chicken houses? ive made one out if metal sheets with a skeleton made out of wood but can i like pile a bunch of rocks together and make one?
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Steal all of those plastic knee high spam signs.
>whats the cheapest material i can use to make chicken houses?
make one out of chickenskin sheets with a skeleton made out of chickenbone. post pics.
File: NDHDH2KSJSADS.png (652 KB, 738x687)
652 KB
652 KB PNG
i live in a tropical country, there are free roaming chickens who will steal their food so they need protection from the outside and damn ty i will do that, i have a lot of leftover plywood and wire mesh is pretty cheap for me thank you

but mud is ickyyy

wut are those?

i dont want to terrorize the chickens
Came here to post something like this kek
Tarp or any plastic sheet over any kind of frame. Use big rock as door .

Is there any way to swap a new battery into pic related? Am I even on the right board?

All I know is that it’s a very old 60gb iPod. Model number A1136
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Haven't replaced the battery in mine, but I replaced the screen before. It's easy if you are using the right tools and not niggering your way into it.
File: 1572787431534.png (478 KB, 708x600)
478 KB
478 KB PNG
>it's very old
I got one of those when I was 18
yes, when you open it already, put in a SD card mod instead of the HDD
Yeah look into rockbox and SD flash card mod. I have it and it's pretty awesome.

File: buckshot-gallery-3.jpg (1.33 MB, 1800x1145)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
From what I understand they get like Amazon returns and shit and sell them to people.

What's the process? Is it dumb luck to get a box a scratched Xboxes?
I hear people make good money reselling.

A friend of a friend ended up with a gaylord box of lacrosse balls and ugly ties.
How much does he want for a gaylord ugly tie?
How much did he pay? I don't want to be the fag that doesn't understand how it works
Check youtube. One guy paid something like $2k and got a broken wifi adapter and and a motherboard covered in a leaking bottle of motor oil.
You will not make any money doing this.
This is the recuperation of loses by selling garbage to you.
People getting rich from this is anecdotal or a guerilla marketing campaign by the loss prevention department.
I see a lot of diapers and plastic kids crap though, might be good if you have lil chitlinns.

File: 20191109_220805.jpg (300 KB, 1080x1741)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
Knipex makes the best pliers hands down and pic related is the best adjustable wrench on the market.
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Do you actually enjoy talking to yourself?
File: image.jpg (2.47 MB, 4032x3024)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB JPG
Nah man, even if the other person just smiles and nods but never gets a word in, I’m technically talking to them. Or maybe talking at them.

I’m not the only person on this planet (or website) who was unimpressed by Milwaukee’s pliers. I still really like their grips tho and might try out their snips or oil filter pliers instead of Channellock when it’s time to re-up.
Slightly less money for a significantly worse product. Get with the times, boomer, Knipex cobras are the best and lithium ion batteries are way better than corded tools.
Just filter the faggot and get on with your life.

I agree with this. They make some ok stuff, but I could spend half the money on something with the same quality or the same money on something better from Asia, or pay an extra $5 for quality Yuro or $10 for better US-made.

Their crimpers and cutters seem ok, I like these long guys so far, but I feel like I could get Irwin of the same quality for a bit less or Milwaukee for about the same with some better features (on the cutters at least). I haven’t fell in love with Klein enough to spend $40 on their pliers, their strippers have been good to me though, but mostly because they’re not much more than cheap Asian crap and they have a good assortment and I’ll gladly pay $2 more for US Klein over Asian Southwire,

File: imgres.jpg (7 KB, 318x159)
7 KB
what can i do with this?
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love it
how would i go go about this and why?
Not the guy you're talking to, but don't bother. It doesn't have any wifi drivers so you'd have to install packages manually, you have a very basic setup.
>Have '96 F150 with a 302 paired to an auto clunkbox I use to tow a trailer with for work
>Get 9mpg during the summer
>Now it gets down to about freezing and my fuel economy dropped to 7

Thank god for Kroger fuel rewards

File: 134105016_XS.jpg (50 KB, 640x425)
50 KB
Finacially and practically, how feasable is it to build your own house?
Im 20 something years old living in oregon, near portland. By the end of my life (that is, when i turn 40) I'd like to live in my own house, that I build myself. so, as a diy project, or it doable?Are there a lot of restrictions on individuals constructing their own houses in oregon, and are inspecions and codes hard to pass? would it be signifigantly cheaper than a home build by a company, considering im using my own labor?
Id really like to find aome kins of youtube video or series of a guy doing something like this, if such a thing exists.
43 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Being a licensed electrician is probably the best bet if you want to build your own house eventually. Framing and all the rest is easy but doing the electrical will be a mindfuck if you don't have a bit of experience with it.

t. electrician
>licensed sparkies are dumbasses
t. has to call an electrician and pay them $200 because he can't get a 3 way to work and got zapped in the process
File: 1568846418442.jpg (179 KB, 1246x919)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
>what are wall ties
my dad built our first home in a year, but, it was a year. He lived in a trailer on the property while he built it. Living in a trailer is good motivation to build a home, but it will take a long time.

He was also already a (mildly experienced) handyman. But the process will still involve a ton of learning. >>1708247
is very correct, except the part about "a contractor coming in for segments"

- this really, really depends on where you live. In my state, in my area, you don't. Building things is pretty easy, getting them passed is, okay. Just make sure you do the foundation correctly. For the love of god, do the foundation properly, and prepare to call the inspector in at various stages, and prepare to make changes at his discretion. Other than that? You'll be good. Prepare to work hard, but you'll save big bucks.

This. >>1715852
I'm a 28yo master-electrician and I built my house in a year. Learning to frame, roof, and tile was easy, but I would have had to hire an electrician if I weren't one. Even plumbing was easy by comparison.

The fewer contractors you need to hire, the less you'll be screwed over.

File: springFUCKS.jpg (101 KB, 1023x746)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
I've been fighting these fucks forever. I can't even tell where they're coming from because the shitty dark carpet.

They appear on the tile near the baseboards despite fresh caulk sealing everything. There's always one or two in my bed when I go to bed despite doing everything I can to repel them. I spread DE around the baseboards in my bedroom, creating a barrier between the baseboard and carpet where springtails would literally get covered in it if they crawled out from the baseboards. I spray around my house with Bifenthrin monthly, with a treatment of cypermethrin 2 weeks later just as a contact kill for anything left hanging around. I've been pouring bleach in the window unit A/C, and I've sprayed my main A/C intake with Onslaught and Vinegar.

But somehow these fucking things still keep appearing. I even pour bleach around the perimeter of my house a few days before spraying outside again to really just fuck anything thats near my house. But they keep fucking appearing.

What the fuck do I do /diy/
File: 74.jpg.thumb_500x500.jpg (41 KB, 500x500)
41 KB
If you're not using the wettable powder there's no long term control.
This should provide about 3 months of control, longer if you don't break the barrier.
most of your "methods" are just plain silly. Pouring bleach around your house? putting bleach or vinegar in your AC unit? why don't you just make a voodoo doll while you are at it.

First thing is to research them (Like I just did).

Clean all the leaf litter from around your house.

Make sure you don't have any damp places in your house.

Make sure there are no fungus growing in or around your house.

Make sure your house is clean.

Then find a newer insecticide.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Never heard of these fuckers, but apparently they're not considered insects. Fascinating, thanks op

File: unnamed.jpg (44 KB, 900x900)
44 KB
What does /diy/ think of duluth, personally I like their stuff more than carhart except their prices are steep, I've enjoyed the quality of the stuff ihave so far from them. Do you think their stuff is worth the money? Also general work related apparel
86 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah, MN property taxes. Work my ass off saving up to buy some land, get enough to buy and live off of for a good few years, start shopping. Fuck this. Half of the state is wetlands you can not build on, every little creek and drainage ditch is a designated trout stream so massive easement , environmental impact studies, and increased property taxes and on and on. Got to save up for a couple years more to cover moving costs now. I rent, some cheap living on the point, $500 for a one bedroom house.
Go neoprene. If they are not warm enough slip on a pair of those thin merino wool linears.
I guarantee that if you do a cost/benefit analysis of your work clothes, you'll find that you spend far too much on them in the long run.
I've worn 5 pairs of deluth for 6+ years. I'm just now needing to start replacing them.
Engelbert Strauss, one of the largest vendors for work clothes in Germany. Not cheap though.

File: vhdl_vs_verilog.png (196 KB, 942x645)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
What is better verilog or vhdl?
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
VHDL is technically better than Verilog, but Verilog has more mindshare. That's similar to the programming languages they're based on, Ada (-> VHDL) and C (Verilog), while Ada is technically better, C is used more.
How do I get into FPGA and why?
Lattice semi, probably, they are cheap/have free software. Because FPGAs are fast and cool. I don't know jack shit about them desu take me with a slab of salt
Fun idk

Get a cheap FPGA (tinyFPGA or Cyclone, if you go Xilinx try to get a 7-series so you can avoid ISE) and start dicking around. Start with a counter and work your way up through things that involve reading timing diagrams and then onto bigger projects like implementing a processor. Difficulty will really depend on your background.

File: halp.jpg (16 KB, 711x470)
16 KB
My dad has a loghouse because he fucking loves them. Thing is solid as fuck but there are gaps at the intersections everywhere. I suspect shit should've been filled during assembly, but that's too late now. Winter is coming and shit's getting cold.

What's the most decent way to fill these gaps?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Make a piston pump and pump thick mud in there
its called chinking and theres plenty of ways to fill it look on google mate
>its called chinking
Is there another name for it, I can't find what to buy/look for?

File: 1571682324558.jpg (100 KB, 540x748)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Servus, /diy/, first time poster here. Recently, I've started thinking about getting into more manual work and one of my current hobbies is making things out of wood; simple thing like pic related, that is. I now wanted to build a bow but have no experience in building them. I would like to craft my own bow and arrows for sports but I don't know
>what kind of wood to use
>what measurements [w/l]
>what tools
to use. Doesn't have to be the most fancy bow for a start. If some of you might be able to help, that would be very nice. Thank you
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Yukon gold are determinate and would not work. Try, "Russet Nugget," "German Butterball," "Nicola," and "Elba." Google and also see: >>>/out/1637570
Much appreciated. Any other advice?

I've been trying to get some store-bought potatoes to sprout by leaving them in a plastic bag near a light, but the eyes don't seem to grow past the point of being 1/2" before the tuber shrivels. I know they spray them with something, but I would think if the eye is developing at all, that it would continue.
>I know they spray them with something,
They don't. That costs money and potatoes can last an entire year without sprouting when kept at proper temp and humidity.
>They don't.
Okay. I know that it's an acceptable and lawful practice, but I don't know if it's common, so I'll take your word that it may be less common than I'd thought. What's wrong then? My experience with gardening is that plants try desperately to survive and reproduce, overcoming even very harsh natural environments, it just seems unlikely that I'd be unable to induce vegetation intentionally.
Try on >>>/out/1637570

File: IMG_20191114_231403.jpg (2.82 MB, 3120x4160)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB JPG
7-ish feet of Birch about 4-6 inches wide
Lots of knots.

How should I go about it to make it workable?
1.Take off bark?
2. Split off rounded parts to get plank?

ive no idea but i wanna make a few kitchen utensils and a make a box.
Should be possible but ive no idea how to go about it.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
if you want to go rustic, saw it into usable lengths, then saw that into planks or split it like you would firewood and just shape those split pieces to fit together
File: 51J65Sp9gqL.jpg (33 KB, 500x500)
33 KB
Tbh im doing it purely for my mom's birthday.
I want to get into woodworking so this is a great excuse.
>Kitchen Utensils
>Magic box
>"Best mom" sign?
Any ideas would be hot too.
I don't want to make some junk I do want it to be used frequently hence why I want to make the utensils.
You're gonna have to make it into useable lumber. Its a bit thin for most projects. ALso,you have to dry it aftter spliting it into proper size. YOu could work it while its wet into a spoon etc, but its gonna warp.
I figure I can get a nice plank out of it with a bunch of knots but since its 7 foot it should be more than enough.
The main thing is the warping and stuff.
How do I prevent this or how do I deal with it?
btw the top bit has a forked part which is perfect for a curved spoon or fork.

File: VPP-XXL-F-4.jpg (63 KB, 700x700)
63 KB
Anybody bought one and can testify? They look tits but the price...
38 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Fatmax might be a meme, but what is the bag like?
are you in the bomb squad?
This nigga is right, fucking blatant shills. You need a soft bag buy the cheapest shit at menards/homedepot/lowes for the cheapest you can afford and replace 2 or 3 years later for a few dollars. fuck spending bourgeois money amounts for a work purse.
No. but seriously what in their looks remotely like tools for diffusing a bomb? It’s tubing benders, cutters, gauges and swages....
>I can't afford something so people that like it must be shills!

Some of us invest in nice things that we use every day at work instead of cigarettes/pot/alcohol/meth/cocaine or whatever your vice is that you can't afford a decent toolbag.

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