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File: s-l1000.jpg (103 KB, 1000x690)
103 KB
103 KB JPG

Previous: >>1640615
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Seems to be a butterfly or bowtie antenna with a reflector.

Could be used with a RTL-SDR for directive reception. You can determine the wavelength by measuring the butterfly end-to-end or the distance to the reflector.

Assuming you aren't trolling, what do you use?
I'm trying to listen to police chatter but its p25 and I don't know how to set it up on my computer. ive downloaded op25 but can't find the talkgroup info for my area to put in the tompskins.tsv file. anyone know what i'm talking about? ive concluded that i have no idea what i'm doing and i keep putting radio on the back burner for months but i want to get back on track with results
John’s Tech Blog
OP25 For Dummies
File: hammm.jpg (30 KB, 386x499)
30 KB
anyone got any PDF for "Hamstudy Basic 2017/2018" Will be doing the test it in Canada.

File: toilet.jpg (28 KB, 1000x1000)
28 KB
I need help fixing my toilet. It wont flush correctly. It fills up with water but drains really slow. I thought it might be clogged but one push with the plunger and it drains normally. I then try to flush it again and it fills up and drains very slowly. What do I do?
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Just flush a largish 1 oz. chunk of sodium metal down and it will get unclogged 100%
> wear safety glasses #1 priority
You're a moron.
The speed of water entering the bowl affects bow it flushes.
You can pour 5 gallons into the bowl at a slow rate and it will never "flush", it will just slowly drain-off the excess amount of water.

$20 say the flush valve isn't opening all the way and water isn't filling the bowl fast enough.
this Lol but these wont agree anon ?
What if it uses siphonic jet action to flush the trap way?
Had this issue. Found a small plastic bottle had fallen in and was caught in the trap. It would float and spin causing your exact problem.

File: 20190817_140829.jpg (2.22 MB, 2880x2160)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB JPG
How do I install a kitchen island here? I removed old cabinets and I have replacement ones
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Base units will be there a long time and be exposed to cyclical heating/cooling, high moisture/low moisture, I hope it works out for you. Keep your insurance payments up to date for when it inevitably collapses and breaks little Tommy's leg.
That wasn't the same IP, might not be the same Anon.
The best I can do at this point is add some brackets
What could be more normal than that? Buddy runs a dealership, when I'm doing their autoglass he tosses me a branded shirt. I've got one from autobody shops my buddy's run, welding shops, and then admittedly state police shirts I buy from a clambake because it supports them. Not sure how any of that isn't normal.

What's definitely not normal is a grown man making sure what he wears is hip and new.
Yeah not same anon and I agree with his premise but choosing fashion as his example I think was stupid. Not everyone does care about fashion and in my experience no males do.

File: IMG_1192.jpg (2.5 MB, 4000x3000)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB JPG
is this right? I want to charge some cells that I have laying around and try out some battery shit with them. this module charges cells and also outputs vcc. but I havent seen anyone doing this, am i retarded?
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thanks anon, igot a whole bunch of ipad and ipod cells laying around

kek thank you

nice, that was what I was going for

thanks, I will look into those

I want to try something similar but before I do, I want to know if it’s retarded or not. I want to take apart an old phone I have and just strip it down to the charger port, MB, and the output to the battery. I want to connect a cable to charge the phone like you normally would, but then take two extra wires and solder them to the output to where the removable battery would be. Using these two wires, I’d charge similar Lithium-Ion batteries similar to the ones the phone used to charge. Does this make sense? Would it work and charge my batteries I could use for portable projects? I’m no electrician or circuit expert but in my head it makes sense.
File: twenty eight cents.png (234 KB, 1072x681)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
>Does this make sense?
sorta, but then you realize you can buy a charger board for 28¢.
even digikey, sparkfun, etc will have the charger boards for under 10 dollars, often with ways to change settings via jumper or switch
You could make a tray from wood to put contacts on, or even small bar clamp with rubber tips to press your contacts against the batteries
Power supply was one of my favorite buys ever. I use it way more than expected.

File: index.jpg (9 KB, 194x259)
9 KB
Are you into upcycling? What do you do, what do you use? Show your stuff.
>Not Bricolage
Ah yes the terrorist belt

File: IMG_2642.jpg (1.08 MB, 4032x3024)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
Hey /diy/
How do I change the water filter in my tap?
It's one piece with the filter up inside, and nowhere to twist it out.
Do i need a tool with a lot of ''pins'' or what am I missing?
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File: IMG_2641.jpg (1.06 MB, 4032x3024)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
The back.
That's an aerator, also known as a water saver. Mixes water with air to make is appear as if more water is flowing.
Normally there's two indents where you can jam something and twist, but I can't see nothing behind all that lime. I suggest you put a plastic bag filled with vinegar around it and leave it overnight, it will get rid of the lime.
Hydrogen peroxide will also clean that out
Thank you! I will try vinegar first, and try to look for the dents to screw it out.
File: Aerator and wrench.png (174 KB, 600x600)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
It has teeth at the edge under the goo.
The faucet came with a plastic "wrench", usually blue or yellow, a combination of a thumbscrew and a pipe with teeth. If the person who installed didn't leave it behind under the sink or in a drawer, usually small needle nose pliers work.
Yours doesn't look like a delta faucet, but the aerator and wrench look like pic

File: aipiano.jpg (150 KB, 1184x623)
150 KB
150 KB JPG

How can I build something like this?

I have a mechanical engineering degree and I want to learn how to actually make my shit move. How do I learn about motors and stuff? I took Physics II and Intro to Electrical Engineering, so I know about current and voltage and resistors and capacitors and inductors and AC vs DC current and magnetism and flux and all these gay things, but I don’t know how to actually DO anything.

If I build a simple mechanism, how to I get him to move? And move at speeds I want him to move at? What do I need to learn about to make this happen? And what about sensors and all that stuff?
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What do you mean by this? Where would I have learned about these things? We covered none of it in class.
This is horse shit. You would have learned about how motors work in your EE class, as well as your mechatronics classes (which are both required by ABET).
In the EE class I learned about motors in theory, in the EE lab I learned about resistors, capacitors, inductors, oscilloscopes, square waves and Nyquist frequency and other gay shit. Mechatronics was one of the electives I could've taken senior year but sadly it was full, from what I understand they only talked about Arduinos.
What a shit program. At Vtech we built motors in our EE lab.
>Where would I have learned about these things? We covered none of it in class.
Have you seriously never needed to research anything on your own before? Never talked to engineers from other disciplines? How do you function in your day to day life without being able to do anything you weren't taught in school?

File: bun.png (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
Any Bunnings fans out there?
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Yeah cunt. Bunnings is fucking grouse. It's heaven for me.
The one thing that would make Bunnings usable is a directory. The staff simply guess which aisle your item is in. Most of them are poor at guessing.
Perhaps if they had a closed WiFi network customers could use to get directions to products in their on-line catalog.
I've suggested this to Bunnings staff only to be met with stares.
heaps of boomers and old cunts that can't find other jobs go there to ride out until retirement, on a measly 38k / year. Many of them are otherwise unemployable and that sort of pay is attractive to the deadshits in uni
Bunning recently bought all the Homebase stores in the UK
If they sold Knipex instead of that Irwin shit

File: mitscrying.png (495 KB, 382x627)
495 KB
495 KB PNG
Anyone have a clue on how to make this?
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accuracy and stability doesn't matter, so use rack+pinion gears and servos or steppers.
you won't be able to 3D print THAT many racks. Go talk to a laser cutting business to get them cut out of plywood for you.
it's the best option actually. Way less retarded than that pneumatic idea which was posted.
>>16 mm
it's a good start for the price
pneumatics would be far, far, noisier. Fucking christ, even the valves for pneumatics are noisy as hell.
>>hard as fuck to connect thousands of them to a computer
not really. Fuck you can even run em' directly off of logic level voltage from an arduino. Pneumatics you have to do some crazy as fuck control cause air is compressible.
Google vicec article about it:
So what makes inFORM tick? Tangible Media Group's Sean Follmer explained that the system uses a depth camera (in this case a Microsoft Kinect) that captures both the depth image and the color image of the remote participant's hands. A second RGB camera captures the participant's face. These images are then sent over the network to the inFORM system. From there, inFORM's system functions much like the sliders on an audio or film mixing board.

"Basically, what's going on with the inFORM system is that we have 900 actuators that are slide potentiometers used in mixing boards," said Follmer. "These have small motors on them that move the controllers up and down the sliders, while simultaneously recording their positions." Micro-computers read the pin's current position, then change that position based on where it needs to go next. All of this is updated extremely quickly.

Winner winner chicken dinner

Pneumatic is the most retarded thing I have ever heard. Imagine precisely positioning a pneumatic actuator, then trying to do it repeatedly on an array where the pressure is fucking all over the place. Fuck. That.

What a waste of money this project is though. That's where your student loans are going. Incredible.
>>waste of money
they're MIT. MIT asks for more money than they know what to do with and gets it just because they're MIT.
The only thing this would be good for are 3D maps and they would need smaller stick sizes for that and who the fuck even needs real 3D maps anyway

File: pjimage2.jpg (29 KB, 900x355)
29 KB
Someone have a 3d blueprint of this lamp?
yes they do.
>go to e621
>learn how to hexagon
>use it to make a prism
>hit print on the 3d printer

Epic responce
A blueprint is traditionally 2D
A 3D version would be a model?
Are you shitting me?
It's a fucking extruded hexagon with a pixel RGB led strip in it. You can make that in 5 minutes

A guy has a window similar in design and height to pic related. The inspector says he needs a step as a fire escape out the window. Anyone have any ideas or designs? He wants me to make it
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>Seems like a lot of work
Do you want it to look like it belongs or do you want it to look like an afterthought? Often doing things the right way isn't the easy way.
either bench or bookcase
File: It's_the_only_way.jpg (151 KB, 637x637)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Here's your solution.
Realistically though, what about bookshelves + stairs/bench.
You know, the trendy books under each step design. Another Idea would be a Bench that's low enough to count as the first step with it's back consisting on bookshelves.
>house is on fire
>escape on the roof
please go watch some 9/11 videos

File: 20190718_123116.jpg (2.35 MB, 2017x1538)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB JPG
I'm going to make one out of steel using 5" schedule 40 tube and fill it full of molten aluminum. Then paint it to look normal. Does anyone have any other ideas?
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This. Unless you live in California no one will give a shit
I would say you should also add some blinking led lights. There are sunlight powered garden lights that don't blink, but would do the job too in my opinion
Just put spikes under the mailbox lmao, let them hit it.
Dig out a 2.5 foot wide by 2.5 foot deep hole (or however deep) using a concrete footing mold and footing anchor. While the concrete is still wet place in 1/4 thick structural steel rectangular tubing and float into place. make sure the steel tubing is the correct diameter to accept a an El cheapo plastic mailbox.
> then wait
the jack ass will total his front or back end by running into your bollard you placed into the front. and will have to pay you for damages Other option is build a solid concrete form that holds the mailbox.
Yes and it means you don't know what's legal. You have to take the most extreme view all the time until case law protects you. If you want to be safe.
I don't get how you can even pretend it's a good idea. It's a concession for practical applicability of law. The people who put them in place are stupid so they can't actually write them carefully. One of the big reasons you have laws is as deterrents and if you don't even know what laws apply you won't have a deterrent. Or they're overreaching deterrents.
It's also undemocratic because you've not translated the politicians opinions well if they need extra subjective interpretation.

If we had a much stricter system where a computer could actually tell you what's legal then you'd have way more freedom. You'd never have to question it. You'd simply ask the very same engine that would judge you. The courts role would be to actually try new facts very carefully.
You wouldn't punish those who have no way of knowing they were breaking the law. Because if a court is required to determine if something is legal then your average Joe doesn't have a chance to determine it alone.

That's more inline with the supposed standards for guilt that these systems employ as well.

You also seem to misunderstand English common law BTW. It doesn't mean anything that a court hasn't decided on is legal. It just means that they're favoring precedence. And that requires you know the relevant case law which means you need a lawyer because they don't even build proper relational systems. Musicbrainz keep track of song relationships and relevant facts better than lawyers keep their cases organized.

File: kill this shit .jpg (24 KB, 590x350)
24 KB
I need good bait as these bastards need to die !
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Personally I would rather avoid the smell of burnt mouse.
I dunno mate, I think it smells like success
Almonds! Almonds I tell you. They came for them as soon as the sun went down the little vampires. Drill a little hole half way through the almond with a 16 penny nail and wedge it on the trap.
Gonna need to try that, thanks, these cunts are getting too wise for the peanut butter, even if i get it all the way under and around the trigger they somehow dont pop it.
Nuts are also a good idea. They like it. Cheese or other hard smelling shit isn't it. I did it with hazel nuts and have holocausted the whole family

how do I soundproof my room?
can u guys recommend me some stuffs plx
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bury a shipping container in your room
Glue a bunch of earplugs all over the walls
File: 1563552649915.jpg (12 KB, 225x225)
12 KB
just puncture your eardrums dumbass lmao

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