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building a deck and 2 sheds
any tips for building either?
thoughts on using plexiglass in the railings for the deck?
and what wood would be good to deter paper wasps from constantly eating my deck?
wood or metal shed? one of each?
I dont really have anyone to talk to about this so let's discuss!
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Unironically the how to books at the lumber yard are money. Just pick out a style you like and thumb through the pics of the build. Then there is a build list of what you need in the back. Then you only have 15 trips to the store to make instead of 60. Also, in my research I've found a good rule of thumb is that you can look at most "side of the road cucksheads" and divide the sticker price by half. This is roughly what it will cost you to build it yourself. Some deck boards you can but together and they will shrink a little over time. Some however need a gap or RIP deck. Get a bunch of string lines and line levels. And dont bounce around wih preformed footings and tubes. Just dig holes with post hole diggers. Use a 4x4 or whatever and beat down some rock in the bottom for a mini cement pad base. Then cement the board in the hole. Cosider coning up the cement to the board to help water run away and so you can get mean with the weedeater if you want
And go with wood. It's more noob friendly and i think it's better. I mean a metal roof but the rest wood. Metal is unforgiving and to make it sturdy takes a lot of work for no reason. Could always build with wood and zip tin on the outside i guess but may have leaks.

Why 2 sheds? If they are same location maybe build one gig shead and wall it off.

Consider building on skids if you ever think you'll want to move it or take it with you.

On the deck if it's possible to build it and somewhat comfortably move around under ot then put it on a cement pad if you can
LOLOL. Shhhhh.
Depending on your location a car trailer and day trip might be worth it. Find a lumber yard near Oklahoma. Anywhere that doesn't lease to deer hunters would probably pay you to take out cedars and spray the stump. Invasive fucking cocksuckers. Fuck i had them misquito harvesting fucks.
File: 1559619549865.jpg (28 KB, 329x284)
28 KB
What's wrong with painting pressure treated lumber?

File: IMG_20190615_111916531.jpg (2.06 MB, 3264x2448)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB JPG
Rekt, fucked, scary, and why thread
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RIP. Tyvek house wrap is cheap for what you get out of it.
Yeah, he seemed like he knew what he was talking about, and it made sense that it was just clapboard before so this should be better/fine. But it would've been so cheap and easy, fml. I had to replace the drywall inside anyway, but now I have to do all this foam-board shit (which ain't exactly cheap either)
Thats amazing
Fuck you, this is a blue board!
See that a lot in new construction. Cleaning crews just dump the garbage into the ducts because it's easy.

File: Mac Tonight.jpg (13 KB, 409x530)
13 KB

Maybe I've had a bit more to drink tonight than I had planned, but I've talked myself into trying to make a mask. Pic related. I would buy one off amazon for $20, but it just doesn't fit the bill.

How would one go about making my own Mac Tonight MoonMan mask? I'd like to avoid paper mache as I want it to be rather durable. Any experience or words of wisdom you have would be appreciated. Thanks guys.

Video of original commercial for reference.
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Buy the one for 20$ and reinforce it
The cheap ones look nothing like the original, Maybe there are some originals for sale,
File: normal_2167171609.jpg (48 KB, 650x350)
48 KB
if you want cheap and EXTREMELY durable, use insulation foam and throw a sheet of fiberglass on that bitch once its sculpted
3d print a mold for it with the appropriate filament that leaves little ash behind after pouring.

coat 3d printed object in plaster or whatever then pour full of molten something
take some foam and carve it into the right shape then paint it over afterwards. pretty sure that's how they made the original one. for eyes you could probably buy some glass eyes or something idk

Let's contribute to the climate change edition.
Window AC or Split-AC?
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File: ar134094053245732.jpg (291 KB, 640x480)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
Well, it was electricity issue.
The Power socket burster into flames.
After changing it, adding a surge protector things worked normally.
Until I had the circuit breaker burst to flames as well.
I changed it, and now everything works.
Although the ambient temps are better than few days ago, but I think that's the real reason.
AC is bad for your health
[citation needed]
File: 1429462381681.jpg (71 KB, 584x390)
71 KB
>living in +60C with 86% humidity environment without AC

File: metal-nut-bolt-500x500.png (287 KB, 500x500)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
Is there a tool that you can use to hold nuts in place while you tighten or loosen a bolt when you can't reach both at the same time?
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Grind off some of the end to create flats, hold on to the flats with whatever you have.
how do you turn the bolt's head when you hold the other end like that?
Point was to make a third point that you can hold on to, that you can hold/turn while holding/turning the nut, since I assume the head is behind some large panel if you can't reach both the nut and the bolt head at the same time.

hacksaw, zipcut, die grind a slot in it for a screwdriver

personally i very rarely fuck with a bolt like that. either put a pair of visegrips on it or buck it off with a torch. or zipcut either in a die grinder or angle grinder. not worth the time spent unless theres no other option

I have a Nerf N-Strike and for some reason it's draining the batteries unless I toggle the firing mode switch to off. How the hell is it draining batteries even when the trigger isn't being pulled?? This makes no sense, it should only be drawing power when the trigger is pulled and the electric motor runs!
>How the hell is it draining batteries even when the trigger isn't being pulled??
It has a light gate for the burst-mode circuit and a mag indicator doo-dad.
>light gate for the burst-mode circuit

How would that even draw enough power?
It's probably a shockingly inefficient design to save on the bill of materials, since they figure the motor will be doing 99% of the draining under typical usage.
>thing drains batteries when circuit close
Why are you retarded?

Hey /diy/.

what should I keep in mind when restoring a hatchet's head? I got one for free, it's just rusty and I want to restore it (mostly get rid of the rust) and make a handle, what should I watch out for?
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I do really recommend electrolysis. It looks cool and is almost no work, but you could wire wheel it and then go over it with finer sandpaper until it's smooth.
Why don't you post a picture of that hatchet head?
File: IMG_20190615_195427.jpg (1.15 MB, 2158x2977)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
>what should I keep in mind
Remove as little steel as possible. So no sand paper. Electrolysis might be best but personally I'd find that a bit over the top.
I'd use a brass wire brush to get rid of the worst rust and if I'm not satisfied with the outcome put it in some vinegar or citric acid mixed with water until the last bit of rust is gone. Clean with water, dry it with a towel and oil it immediately after.
Then add the handle, sharpen the blade and oil it once more to prevent new rust.
That is if you want to use it as a tool. If you want it as a sort of antique showpiece I don't know if that would damage the value.
Thats an axe head, not a hatchet. Hudson bay pattern, they are a light general purpose axe good for light felling and splitting, great for limbing. They tend to have handles about 20-30" long so you can get two hands on it and have enough power behind that light weight head to do some work. For a hatchet you want some more weight in the head so you do not have to swing so hard to make up for the short handle.

Great axes, my preferred camp axe, I like them with longer handles myself. There are folks selling these with hatchet handles these days, they are somewhat awkward to use.

Show and tell discussion on burls.

What is a burl? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burl

Pic related was spoted yesterday. OP is a tard and didn't get any pics of leaves or have any idea wtf trees these are. Northeastern Oklahoma. Theres a forest of really tall and straight trees with very few low leaves and branches. Will post more pics of the area if i can see them. I was in a hurry and didn't have much time to photograph.

Is this a burl? There is a lot of moss around and it's rained a lot this year. Hopefully if it is then it isn't rotted.
not a burl, just some broken off grown over limbs. Can be interesting grain but almost always have large voids and punky/rotted wood.
Fuck. Thank you for sacing me the trouble of cutting it down then. Still might as well i guess. Mayne some anon wants pen blanks? I've done a lot more reserch and have friends keeping an eye out. I guess I'll check back with picks when we have successful slabs
Don't be a moron and cut down trees just because they might have good wood, learn what you are doing.

Everything you need to know is in that picture, you have multiple healed over limbs and visible rot, it is just crotch wood and you are going to have some good bark inclusions and some punky wood mixed in as well. The main trunk of the tree twists so it is useless for lumber, will never be stable. There is no cash value in that tree until it is standing dead and dry enough to burn, let it be.

This is insane. I feel like you could conquer the world with one of these.

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Dogging will never be the same.
>Reeee i hate fun...
Reeee I like craftsmanship and planning.
Oh those were the daze m8

This .
Well I don't know about that, but you could probably rape someone lot easier with that thing helping you out.
this is the best post. some guy creating a huge flashlight and sending out world threats and the eworld largely ignoring him, so he goes to conquer it and some random dirty looking faggot shows up in one of these and says [muffled] stop right there mad man[/muffled]

File: DSC_0054.jpg (2.45 MB, 3840x2160)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB JPG
Extending the life of my skateboard
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Skate decks are supposed to look trashed. Just seal it with super glue or epoxy and you're fine.
It's a deck, they are disposables if you are a skater

Decks wear out because they become flimsy after the glue that holds the layers together weakens and the board doesnt have the same rigidity.

THREE, if you want to keep this deck for a long time put plustic stops on the tails so that wen you ollie or stop you dont get razor tail.

the link for three
Shoe goo maybe. My brother used to fix his skate shoes with it. Maybe it would work on a board too
you're extremely retarded if you think a skateboard deck will cost less than some epoxy and sandpaper
File: 027426428539_ca.jpg (99 KB, 400x400)
99 KB
Wood filler, its like bondo for wood, or bondo is like wood filler for metal.

Either way, this will work. break off the excess, fill, dry sand - repeat as needed.

How important are GFI outlets?
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My brand of shop vac uses an induction motor. I had to buy a cordless vac to use when it doesnt work because many of my clients are verry particular about dust.
They're probably on a gfci breaker. Check your panel in the cuck shed.
I don't understand why people don't just put a GFCI in their main box. So your entire house is safe.
no shit?
GFCI is not really a thing in ex-USSR shitholes.

File: 64fb9982011742d.png (2 KB, 1200x1200)
2 KB

any questions that don't need their own thread, ask away.
I want a compact impact drive I can use to break rusty hard to reach bolts on my car. I don't have an air compressor and I don't want to spend $300 on one.
I'd buy a corded electric impact driver but they are way too large and wouldnt fit on anything.
is there anything like a compact air impact that uses electric?
>questions that don't need their own thread
You dumb cocksucker, why did you start a new thread? There's already one of these up: >>1610846
hey /diy/, /fit/owg/ (olympic weightlifting general) here. I'd like to set up a lifting area in my backyard. I'm going to create waterproof cases for my weight plates and barbell, but I'm wondering: can I lift in the rain, or will it mess up the barbell's bearings (bearings are VERY important in /owg/). Would I be fine with just lubing them up after rain (or would WD40 then lube be a better idea?)?

as long as they're sealed bearings you'll be fine

I took off my old tub spout adapter to find this. I think I twisted it beyond repair. What do I do now?
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I'm so sorry anon. Your water is off right?
This but go in from the back wall if you have access to it so you don't have to fuck up the tile.
Called a plumber. I’m defeated tonight. They used the back wall as access and installed the new spout. Neighbor says she’ll “keep an eye” on her drywall for mold. Hopefully it dries and no mold forms.
Part of diy can be knowing when your in over your head and the risk isn’t worth the reward...
no bro....

fuck soldering that... he needs to ProPress it....

Heres what he shuld do...

Find a plumbing supply house in your area.

Fergusons, Pace, etc...

Call and ask if they will rent you a propress gun ...

Go there rent it with the fittings.. bring this picture...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (141 KB, 1280x720)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Should I build my shower myself having absolutely no experience in this?
It just doesn't seem that complicated to me, the same way I managed to install the ceiling lights, connect my wash machine or fix the air conditioning, all I see is I have to break the tiles and remove the bathtub right?

Or should I just pay the professionals to do it?
8 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
The one piece acrylic shower stalls are a sinch to install.
Wedi pan, easy but a little pricy.
Nice man
That's exactly how I pictured my shower.
No I have no carpentry skill sadly...
Can someone explain to me why replacing a bathtub in a modest bathroom upstairs costs like $6k? Surely it is built to order (or so they say but maybe not), and includes a bathtub and an acrylic wall around it and they do all the plumbing and also remove and haul the old one and give a 'life time warranty' (hmm skeptical) but still, wtf? Should be like maybe 1k parts and another $500 labor. It takes only a few hours from start to finish, and let's say labor is 100 bucks an hour. Why is so expensive?? A $4k commission to the salesman?

Schools for trades?

Id like to go to college to become an engineer of some sort, i look Making things from electronics and soldering, (I've messed with a pi and needed to fix things) to wood working and drafting (made up ideas for a house id like to make someday, also my grandfather was a woodshop teacher), I've messed with some cars and like that, but not enough to make it my job, I've worked computer IT for my school and fixed many computers and messed with linux,

I like to fix things, make things, really neat and fun things, i have no ideas to drive me to invent anything but hope to do so in the future, currently 20 and working a dead end job and really trying to get a grasp on my future, id like some recommendations
>Inb4 lurk moar
I've been lurking for 2 years
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I actually have, thanks for the recommendation though
I can honestly vouch that when i was taught alot of the math they tried to skim through it as fast as possible because people would already start to sleep or look at it and give up, mostly because by that point alot of us were seinors and wanted to just get out of there, but the math really does count, hella important as you mention, i better start grinding on relevant math so i don't have to take remedial class, really nice to hear from a professor though, all the information and advice i can gather will just help me even more, aswell as others following the thread
Engineering isn't a trade, it's a Profession
>Land Surveyor: $15-30/hr
Make that $40 - $50/hr after you get licensed and if your smart enough to pick the right employer
>Land Surveyor: $15-30/hr (Non-Union work). Scope out land for blueprint making. Good amount of math involved/number crunching. Jobs limited.
im gonna have to say you dont know much about Land surveying

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