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File: IMG_8941.jpg (3.62 MB, 3456x2304)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB JPG
What is the most effective way of getting dried paint out of carpet? I'm tired of looking at this and all the mommy-blog tips were useless.
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he said it looks like, and hes not the one that owns the carpet.
Such a faggot..

You are why we can't have nice things.
>"cover it with different paint"
bleaching it is not coloring it you turbonigger
Forget it, once it's dried, game over.

If you saw it spill and went "whatevs, deal with it later" that finished you. You needed to instantly go full metal jacket with a wet-dri vac and gallons of water and soap and going to town with scrub brushes.
Use acetone

File: african-engineering.jpg (154 KB, 1000x530)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Alright /diy/ I just bought some nice piece of land in a small village so I can just fuck off from the city, the question is where can I learn the essentials to building a house (i.e. sewage control, fences, foundation, roof, insulation, etc.)
I have no clue what I'm doing but highly motivated to fuck off from the city.
P.S. No cucksheds pls, I'm not living in commiefornia.

Is it possible to create a DIY ion beam i'm planning to use it as a side project for mutation breeding as it's much more damaging to the germplasm than other mutation breeding methods and has some extremely drastic and interesting changes
If such a thing has been made then i'm sure it's possible to make it.
Honestly, just get an xray tube, DIY ion beams are kinda hard to build, especially only as a side project.
xray's are already available for me it's just that we're currently not using any ion treatments i'm however independently interested in them after talking to some people from japan about it

File: file.png (1.65 MB, 1280x720)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
What is /diy/'s opinion on small houses/container houses?
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shared wifefeels. she needs to shut the hell up.
OP murdered, this is the real redpill
well yeah they're gonna be overpriced to shit in fucking oregon where faggot lib hipsters have driven up the price of any trend
DIY, is medium houses or small houses for this thread too? Im tired of apartment living. I just want a small house, but not a cuck shack

Anybody got experience with pneumatic mining drills? I've started working with these but the people I work with don't seem to have much of a clue about how they work, how do I become proficient with one?
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What's a widow maker drill and how is it different than the modern ones?

Try using electricity instead of air to make power and you might actually break some rocks.
There was zero ventilation so in addition to handling a ~250lb pneumatic bayonet on top of a scaffold while 100+ feet underground, you were getting silica dust blasted into your face 16 hours a day.
Good luck running kms of high voltage cable through narrow tunnels underground with loaders and dumpers, and not dying

I can see how that might be a problem. The drills we use are about 50kg and the leg does most of the work when drilling but it's still a bitch to get it into position. The bit is hollow so water washes the dust instead of blowing it in your face, but that also means that you are constantly wet with rock paste. The worst job is digging ventilation shafts upwards, you have to stand on scaffolds while the hammer is drilling vertically and everything is falling on your head, from water to rocks.
Our mine goes 240 meters underground and we work 12 hour shifts
Things about air, pipes are tougher, no shocking anyone, no sparkity sparks if there's methane, and the expanding air cools the tool.

File: received_2276911802529579.jpg (305 KB, 1427x2688)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
My baby boomer family got 50-60k after a property sale to pump some new interior in a house for higher sale value when they die. The cabinet's are the cheapest plywood and it appears all the money went into the countertop and tile floor which doesn't match. How bad did they fuck up?
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no one i've ever met that bust their ass believes in socialism. good restaurants with good waiters, good electriciains.... the socialists are the ones at minimum wage jobs who haven't unionized after talking shit for decades... even the best grocery store in my state has been unionized for 30 years.
>falling for bait that obvious
Ayyylao they look like little burritos
don't you have organic garbage bins?
don't you have an actual compost heap?

File: dumbass.jpg (4 KB, 128x102)
4 KB
I'm new to diy and i don't know where I can buy steel sheets. 14 gauge through half inch or more preferably
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Put a compass on the dashboard of your car and drive around industrial estates until it starts moving unexpectedly. You are close now.
Look in the yellow pages, find a local supplier.
this post is >>>/lit/
Lit like your mother when she gets home from her morning job at the strip club
> steel sheets
> 1/2" or more

shipwright detected

File: rat's nest.jpg (125 KB, 640x853)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Sup /diy/

Just bought my very own cuckshed. Built in 1979, has 2 conductor wire throughout the house, no gfci's, and the box is 1) external and 2) an ugly ass rat's nest.

If I were to relocate the box indoors, run new romex, replace switches and receptacles, install gfci's, all to code, can I get a permit for that and not have to be licensed? Or, maybe I just do it without a permit.

I'm not in the house to try and flip it and make money off of it, I'm going to live in the place for the forseeable future. I'm just wondering if say, 15 years down the road I sell the place "as is" would I stand to lose a significant amount of money because the seller's inspector goes "oh well, the wiring looks good but it's been re-done at some point and there's no permit on file."

>pic not related but close
>my box is about twice as ratty as this
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File: My_Charger.jpg (37 KB, 380x798)
37 KB
I inquired about the rules with my local poco. They wanted a licensed sparky.
Called later that day and asked for them to pull the meter because "I was going to enforce a support under the house and the main feed line was anchored to it. Just incase anything goes wrong I dont want to risk dealing with live wires and no breaker."
They came out in about an hour and pulled the meter.
Two days later I had ripped out the old 60 amp glass fused box and installed new 200 amp breaker box. Called and told them the work was done. One hour later they flipped on the power and saw my porch light come on.

TLDR: Tell them you want the meter pulled for safety because you are doing work on supports/plumbing and for fucks sake don't mention doing ANY electrical work.
I built the new meter, exterior cutoff, and mast about 5ft left of the original one. PoCo didn't fall for it. It took 2 days to find a small time electrician who was wheeling and dealing. Told him I was a sparky in another state or some bs and just needed the permit pulled. He drive out, inspected it, said looks good, got the permit next day and inspection scheduled, told me to be there and say I was his helper. Paid him $300. The rest of the rewire I was able to get a home owners permit for. It's have been $1,800 to have him do it all.
You can pull your own meter, it's not that risky. Just don't do it in the rain and don't plunge hand into meter socket. Your meter socket probably needs replacing too if you had glass fuse box. Consider an exterior cut off, but then you'd have to rewire your sub panel/existing mains
I hope your service lines aren't aluminium.

Nah, don't go crazy making your wiring all neat like that. You'll want to move breakers around someday, or upgrade circuits to GFCI or AFCI, and then suddenly your formerly neat work is a mess of wire nuts. Give yourself enough wire to reach every breaker spot, neutrals same length as hots so you can do AFCI or GFCI or whatever they come up with next.

Just lay them along the edge of the gutter, overshoot your breaker then loop back to it. grounds under neutrals under hots unless you're taking H+N to a GFCI. Doesn't have to look like a rats nest, but it's never gonna look that neat.

Nothing wrong with aluminum FEEDER. Don't use it for branch circuits coz aluminum is cootie!!!1 and nobody will buy your house. Yes there was stupidity in the 70s, they went pretty crazy over-fixing it, but still cootie...

It's widely used for feeder, use the goop, TORQUE TO SPEC, and g2g..

File: books.jpg (25 KB, 275x184)
25 KB
What are some essential DIY books everyone should have in their collection?
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File: 1541322961065.png (25 KB, 657x527)
25 KB
haha early '90s nostalgia long before the internet. I had the big volume too as a kid. I turned out to be an engineer. Great book. I remember the mammoth ended up being a robot...
The Anarchist's Tool Chest by Christopher Schwarz
(Or anything by Lost Art Press for that matter)
Audel's Carpenters and Builders Guide 1-4
These are incredible and the artwork is beautiful also
I had been trying to remember what these books were called forever. Thanks.
I have a cherry-picked collection of dozens of great /diy/ books at home but as I'm currently several thousand miles away from there I have to recommend off the cuff. If this thread is still around in a few months I'll respond more fully.

Rodale Garden Book
Rodale Whole Foods Cookbook
The Complete Joy of Home Brewing
Sacred and Healing Herbal Beers
The Home Brewer's garden
Permaculture: A Deisgner's Manual
Design and Figure Carving (E. J. Tangerman)
Whittling and Wood Carving " "

I would also like to /r/ any titles on pond/lake construction and hügelkultur.

File: 1565232969952.jpg (44 KB, 1024x768)
44 KB
What business would you start to turn 50k to 5mill within 10 yrs?
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Come up with your own ideas, asshole.
Easy, you can do it in as little as a day. Buy 50,000 dollars worth of cocaine and then get busted with it all. The cops will claim they just made a 5mill coke bust. Profit!
Ipv6 sucks ass for every reason except the address.
File: streets.jpg (193 KB, 785x563)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
If I had more money I have an idea Privatized Solar powered welfare & social assistance. it's pretty simple. In 10-20 years cost of living will probably sky rocket and the welfare state will be even more inefficient than it is now with 3rd worlders coming in for government gibz. By that time say ten years into the future we will have developed solar panels that are economically viable for the masses. What i would love to do when this happens is get a loan or perhaps get a few investors to build a traditional american neiborhood with solar panels attatched to the roofs which will all be connected to a grid. these solar panels will produce more energy than the house consumes so there will be extra energy. you could develope an app where you can sell your power individually for cash which can be used for food,cllothes,houshold needs and items ect. or trade your electricity to the biz thats selling those items. You could sell it tindividual or in a pool together to an energy buyer who will sell to companys or forein governments who want to buy electricity or anyone for that matter. You'd be able to be payed to own a home and raise a family and even more when you increase the efficiency of your home. the optons are limitless and you could add in whatever you want to it, people would develope tech and apps to trade and sell energy for goods, local social programs and cash all without the federal and state government. Plus it would only advance the tech industry. itd be like a new aspect to the stock market essentially and would change the world becouse you could do anything with it and it encourages self sufficeincy away from the government leading to lower income taxes due to decreased reliance on the state. Also it would encourage people to get a job and keep up to date on the newest renewable energy tech to stay ahead of the game and increase their wealth. Also no property taxes and instead every property will have something to contribute. It probably wouldnt work tho

probably the worst advice in this thread, coming from someone working in ecommerce. margins continue to dwindle as amazon and google either squeeze the new smaller companies themselves directly (amazon basics) or just give preference to their "preferred customers"

File: 20190818_230545.jpg (3.85 MB, 4032x3024)
3.85 MB
3.85 MB JPG
Anybody know an efficient and non-crack-producing way to cut alabaster into pieces of varying sizes?

Google has not been too helpful. The clearest info I got said something to the effect of "if it can cut wood, it can cut alabaster." Well, a bandsaw sure didn't do the trick. Other saws sort of work? But it is really slow-going.

I was originally trying to make geometric shapes for a (very) miniature hanging gardens of Babylon, but now I'm just trying to make small ornaments, pendants, charms, shit like that. But this is all one stone block, so I don't know how to get it into multiple pieces besides throwing it against the cement.
Any fine toothed wood working saw will cut it just fine, I find western pattern rip teeth to work best. Coping saw will do just fine but harder to get a good straight cut. Band saw can work if you have one, but they can break up things pretty bad, especially if the blade hits a chunk of something hard buried in the stone.

Shit is soft, works easy.
You should research what kind of lubricating slurry to use, whether it be water or some added abrasive component.
like he said and use water or some oil, it's not easy if you do it by hand. if you want to use some electric tools be careful, you have to be gentle.
>lubricating slurry
Not needed if with hand tools, will just make things more difficult.

>it's not easy if you do it by hand
Yes it is, alabaster cuts well once you get the cut started, you can carve the shit with a pocket knife.
Thanks for the info

File: yeet.png (2.46 MB, 1743x914)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB PNG
I recently watched this youtuber's series of videos on flat panel speakers driven by 40W exciters. I like the idea, and would like to make some of my own. Is there any advice anons could give me? Has anyone here made their own speakers?
So far I have seen his recommendation on 40/60% distribution for a single speaker, centered distribution on another; material recommendations; mounting recommendations
Is there anything else before I start buying materials?

/diy/ audio general too I guess
It's a pretty thorough video, I haven't built them, but they tell you everything.
Also it helps if you post the link to the actual video when making a thread like this, Tech Ingredients isn't that well known on /diy/.

good to know that I'm not alone in thinking all the information should be in those few videos
I wanted to avoid the "stop shilling yourself, ____!" posts that seem inevitable on other threads like /g/'s audio generals
I watched this guy doing peltier swamp cooler and thought ok the guy is insane.
Then I watched him and his kid with a fuck huge laser blasting holes in things not wearing goggles because they wouldn't have helped unless made of concrete, and yeah, he is definitely a character.
But very thorough in his videos usually.
I've played around with a small one before, like 1 watt small. It was a lot of fun and tried a lot of stuff.
I'm planning on building a lightning detector that will talk to you when it detects something. I want to use an exciter on a sheet of Lexan (plexiglass) for the speaker, just for shits and giggles.

File: autism.png (308 KB, 492x419)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
I just want to take care of everything I have and am near and keep them in pristine condition. I have tried opening the doors as lightly as possible, typing on the keyboard as lightly as possible etc.
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I'm starting to think that the people on this board can barely read.
Welcome to the internet.
Basically it just boils down the maintaining your stuff.
climate control, preventing temperature+humidity swings is especially important
UV blocking/reflecting glass on all exterior windows
Get a whole-home surge protector

Learn the science behind different lubricants and coatings, e.g. which things should be oiled vs greased, which things need to be packed with grease and which things just need a light coating, which applications are better served by teflon spray or graphite...

File: lg18650.jpg (174 KB, 640x500)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
What do you use them for?
57 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Its a COB led light in case it matters https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32992509117.html
Either buy some rechargeable AAAs and just charge them in a normal charger or buy a new battery light that charges from USB. These are both way less hassle and will have way better results. If you want to do it anyway strictly for the learning experience, you'll need to get a microUSB port, connect it to a step-down converter that can make around 2.4-2.5V, then wire that up to the (rechargeable) AAA batteries. Running it from a lithium cell is probably not a good idea since there's a big difference between 2-3V and 3.5-4.2V. The control circuitry in these lamps is usually the bare minimum or surplus shit from another product, some might be able to take 4.2V, but I wouldn't count on it.
File: IMG_20190819_123400.jpg (1.26 MB, 4160x3120)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
With a little board like https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33033622653.html can put any single unprotected cell behind it. Pic related is my YOLO repurpose of a replacement Ipad battery that didn't have a home. Works fine but does heat up, main problem is its relatively slow. Never took it on a plane either lol. Shitty powerbanks have these or similar boards - i.e. buy powerbank, strip for flashlight 18650 then rebuild with some other orphaned lithium cell.
These $5 Walmart ones will give you a 3350mAh 20650 cell with the board.

But those boards are tricky compared to the $1 ones off Amazon. They have the 4 pin USB output and you have to fuck around with the 2 data pins to make them put out power. BigClive had a video going into it a bit, I think he was saying if you short out the two data pins, it will give you full power. It’s the same way on a few different power banks I tore apart, they don’t want to put out any power from the two outer pins unless you do something to the inner data pins.

File: clutter.jpg (140 KB, 800x595)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
How do you bring yourself to throw things away? For example, I really don't need 7 drills but I keep hoarding them
30 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>tfw my friend’s mom had brain cancer years ago and became a hoarder after that
At least she is still alive, but goddamn there were a lot of old magazines in that house
This is most common with animal hoarding. There's shows about it on TV. People who are apparently normal and then lose a loved one in a car accident or something, start collecting dozens of cats or dogs. In both cases (loss trauma and hoarding) it's a common theme of refusal to let go. It's not the only cause but it's a common one.
>just throw shit in the garbage if I think I can reasonably predict I'll never use it again.
Not OP, but every time Ive done this, I end up needing it shortly after. Case in point: I threw out 20 lb of old melted toilet wax rings less than a week before I got a nice little metal spinning lathe.
Cat ladies tend to be products of abusive relationships.
>Throw away everything you haven't used in 6 months
Yes, buy a brand new snow blower every year.

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