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Any sculpters out there? I really want to get into sculpting but I'm not sure how to start. I enjoy making very realistic snowmen and sand people at the beach but am looking for a more permanent medium to work with. I prefer working with my hands and touching what I make, even when I'm drawing to an extent, but I would still be interested in information about both rock sculpting as well as clay sculpting. Specifics things I'm looking for are:
>what are some specific differences in using different mediums?
>what are the most fundamental/essential sculpting tools?
>what do materials generally cost?
>are there specific brands you reccomend?
>what can I make without a kilm
>any beginner's tips?
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>Are all parafin wax candles bad for carving?
In my limited experience, yes.
>How can I tell them apart?
Buy beeswax candles.
Modern power tools and high end hand tools have made even harder types of stone much more accessible and not as time consuming. Its still horribly messy and noisy and some types of stone dust is quite bad for you (silicosis).

Making good money with just decorative stone sculpting is going to be very difficult these days due to China and India having thousands of sculptors churning out statues at fraction of the cost compared to western counterparts.
Even best art schools are quickly getting totally void of any actual craftsmanship, due to not even teachers having ever mastered anything else than fart sniffing and circle jerking.
File: 1490726974413.jpg (255 KB, 1280x2024)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
I'm learning to draw so I can end up learning to sculpt. Sculpture is my favorite type of art

File: soundproofing.png (261 KB, 800x344)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
-Soundproofing Question-

I apologize in advance if I'm come off as a retard, if something should be obvious or not; I'm a total amateur but I'm doing my best and google gives me conflicting/inconclusive answers

I have a room in my house which is going to be vacant soon, and I'd like to turn it into a hangout / recording / studio room. We have a tenant, who I would like to avoid bothering with noise if possible, while also not worrying about whether or not the noise made in this specific room is something he can even hear as I would like to be able to play music in this room as well as talk in general.

When I google or search for cheaper "soundproofing material" the first thing that comes up and most of my results are related to foam. Some reviews say that they sound-proof a room, or at least prevent sound from entering the room (which is something I don't give a shit about because the rest of the house is more or less quiet anyway); while other informational sites say that it only does that or gets rid of echo or dampens/muffles sound. One of these same sites says that "mass loaded vinyl" is an option and "blocks" rather than absorbs sound.

So, do any of you guys know anything about either of these or have any experience? based on an image I'm going to post, I have somewhere between 122-200 square feet in wall to cover. More expensive work isn't really an option, so I'm kind of just looking for something to put on the wall that would solve my issue. I was initially looking to solve this with like 200-300$ but more or less than that is worth it.
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Has anyone tried soundproof paint?
>soundproof paint
Top Kek its utter rubbish does not work , Get rubber sound proofing membrane
Egg trays/boxes on the walls.
There hasn't been a single page I've seen that said this worked, only that it was a myth. Have you tried it?

In space, no one can hear your mix tape

File: 90deg-angledrilladapter.jpg (46 KB, 1000x1000)
46 KB
I'll start.
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File: image_23017.jpg (119 KB, 1200x1200)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Has anyone tried the plastic welding kits? Do they work well? Do they work at all?
Calling a thing a meme doesn't count as an argument.
I know they're weak compared to a proper tenon and mortise.
Do you solder with super heated plasma under the sun of mercury?
Only when desoldering vias
File: milwaukee knock out.jpg (494 KB, 2000x2000)
494 KB
494 KB JPG
>tfw you work for a company who buy's milwaulkee

File: 1553817274061.jpg (43 KB, 680x680)
43 KB
I want to build a pool. Is doing it myself feasible? What kind of material is reasonable in price but also not gonna require expensive maintenance?
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A lot of Encino Man is digging and pouring a pool.
Kek, this anon knows what's up.
in ground:is Not a DIY project!

above ground kit
18 Round 52 Deep Mt. Loch Above Ground Pool Kit

From $824.00

so about $2,000
Came here to mention that if anon can dig a whole 500ft deep, I have faith that OP can dig a small backyard pool and mix some quickrete.
File: 1559837586401.jpg (31 KB, 525x618)
31 KB
>not diy
I saw them do it on king of the hill, looks doable. Dig a big hole, lay down a rebar mesh, add cement.

What kind of biodegradable soap can I use that wont lead to salts building up in the soil?
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Does this sound like "americanism" to you?
>Einstein, 1939, after Nazis & Commies united, proposed spacebombs that
destroy all, unless we finally teach the Moral ABC's the real Rabbi Hillel
taught Jesus to unite all in All-One-God-Faith.
It'd probably be a good idea to surround the shower area with a hedge, or some other plant life that will be hard to see through.
It sounds like the raw jewish ID vomited onto a product label.
Plot twist: It's a nudist colony school bus.
I came to say exactly that.

File: 1Rii6wV.jpg (17 KB, 302x302)
17 KB
The jackass next door needs a new spark plug on his mower and he won't change it. He spends hours cutting his lawn and it's sputtering and backfiring like crazy. I'm getting so sick of his shit

File: 20190616_230233~2-01.jpg (864 KB, 1752x1595)
864 KB
864 KB JPG
Anyone wanna render a 1983 Honda CX650Custom into a tron looking cafe project?
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Not really no but thanks for asking
>>1631809 thanks for your time xD
I couldn't remember the directory, this app doesn't list boards.
You're welcome :)
You mean like with a dustbin fairing and luminous paint?

File: 1352923602609.jpg (52 KB, 520x270)
52 KB
Who here /clandestinechemist/?

This thread is for the noble art of synthesising/isolating legal compounds at home. Discuss teks, projects and equipment here.

Don't talk about the naughty ones please or my mom will turn off my internet connection
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Poppers are stupid
How do I synthesize modafinil and quaaludes at home
>Poppers are stupid
He never cumed under poppers
thats sad dude
I see you found the secret discord server
Its overrated as fuck, and it gives you a blinding headache.

File: edjones.jpg (293 KB, 880x360)
293 KB
293 KB JPG

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>call of duty you sperg

so not playing that game makes one a sperg in your mind. I fear for our future. On the other hand, maybe you should run for office. You'd fit right in with AOC and the other children.
>You'd fit right in with AOC and the other children.

The media created a villain, and you slurped that shit right up.
I bet you hate the jew controlled media, yet you are regurgitating shit made up by "the jews" to get you riled up for your ad revenue.
How fucking new are you? "Press F to pay respects" has been ubiquitous for years. Knowledge of the game is unnecessary.
File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (112 KB, 1280x720)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
I've literally never touched a call of duty game and I know the meme. You're either a boomer or 12. In either case fuck off newfag

File: 2l0ahe.jpg (39 KB, 415x470)
39 KB
How the hell do I install a fan in the bathroom when there's no existing fan or exhaust at all?
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Is there attic above? is it on an outside wall? what kind of roof? what kind of wall? is there a light in the ceiling? are you a complete fucking idiot?
Attic above, no windows, slanted roof so no wall acess, house is 160 years old
Also, not a complete idiot, just don't have the knowledge or experience to do much in the house. Lived in apartments until half a year ago, and my work experience has been pretty highly specific skillsets having nothing to do with construction or handyman shit (mailman, followed by work on nuc sub construction) . Im not exactly gonna cut a hole in the ceiling and let it "vent into the attic" or grab a saw and cut through a roof without knowing what the fuck I'm doing
>Also, not a complete idiot,

adding a bathroom vent that goes through the roof is not a trivial task for lots of people. and venting into the attic might be fine if you know what you are doing. Every attic I've ever been in was about 1000 degrees in the summer, but I'm not sure about pumping a lot of steam up there in the winter. I'm not sure you have to pay hundreds of dollars, but you might check with a pro to see if he can give you an estimate.
Vent into the soffit so you don't have to worry about leakage. Just a hole saw, 4" duct, and a vent cap is all you need. Did all three bathrooms at my house no problem, as long as you can access the attic above, you're laughing.

Can someone here perhaps tell me what this is?
A friend of mine found it near an off the grid gold mining town in Canada.
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They look the scoops from a bucket dredge.
That's what it seems to be indeed, thanks!
Hey, yeah, can you erm, can you identify this thing for me? I've got photographs for you of it don't worry.

Right, right, now, here's the first one, as you can see I tried my best to capture as few "working surfaces" as possible, I also shot it from a low angle. Oh but don't worry, I followed that up with a slightly different shot of the same side, again taking care to avoid capturing anything that may actually make the picture useful as an identification device except on the off-chance that someone actually knows specifically what it is to begin with.
Is that good enough?
Yet someone gave me the correct info within 30 minutes, and you dig up this thread just to make an ass out of yourself.
Also, like I said in the OP, these are not my pictures. There were a bunch of pictures from a trip my friend went on, this was visible in 2 of them, and I wondered what it was.
>I wish I knew what that was but I don't.
>I wouldn't have known what it was if I saw it in person.
>It's the OP's fault for posting the only pictures he has of it.

File: hot.jpg (664 KB, 1280x720)
664 KB
664 KB JPG
It's hot and anon is poor
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>It's hot and anon is poor
such is life in Yuropooria...
Modify the HVAC in your basement to suck in cool basement air through /diy/'s patented air filter and blow through your house. Also cover your windows in mylar to block uv radiation.
You’re obviously not from the south. You sit on the front porch where there is at least a breeze, not inside.
Why do you think nogs are called porch monkeys? No tv, no AC, neighbors are outside as your entertainment.
My house had air conditioning growing up
How do you keep from breathing sand under there?

How do you motivate yourself lads? Especially those of you who are into electronics?
I have a huge problem that everything is so cheap these days that you can order anything online. Except for stuff that is too complicated too build. I remember seeing a signature on some electronics forum that "anything worth building is too complicated". That makes a lot of sense too me. I wish I was into more practical stuff like cooking or gardening. Can't finish any of my projects since I only do stuff to experiment and there is no practical purpose in any of that.
31 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
well if you want to talk about (((them))) (of course this is 4ch after all), digikey/mouser retail prices are outrageously high. so you are paying (((them))). same with your 3d printer. i bet it is still cheaper to buy that 'overpriced shit'. electronics as a hobby is not about saving. but i see your point. it is one of the ways i motivate myself : i fool myself into thinking i can do a design on a dime so i am supposedly 'saving'. even though money is not the issue at all.
Ah cool, I recognize that stuff, I drew a bunch of them in spice but never built one. I don't exactly understand the purpose of the input stage to the left of Q1. Q10 is a JFET for extra high input impedance? R1/R2 are to bias Q1 at Vcc/2? I've never seen a separate part as a current source so I had to google 1n5297. The schematics I've seen all used some kind of a discrete current source. A couple of quick fixes: may add emitter degeneration resistors for Q1 and Q2 and a feedback capacitor from the collector to the base of Q5. But that's straight from Bob Cordell's book. I wish I was that smart to be able to design a discrete current source (there are like 2 or 3 different types in his book).
Yes the JFET is for high input impedance and in that source follower configuration I cannot get the 7.5V DC bias voltage I want on the source to the input of the diff pair because the max Vgs(off) is -4V. So best I can do is +4V on the source pin of the JFET. I could bias the gate at something above zero volts but then I'm compromising the high input impedance with the bias network. AC coupling the output to the input of the diff amp allows for a high impedance input while still getting my 7.5VDC bias. The moderate input impedance of the diff amp is of no consequence because it's driven by a very low impedance of the output of the source follower. Both the 1N5297s are current regulator diodes. Pretty neat little current sources if you just need anywhere from 100uA to a few mA. It's basically just a JFET with its gate and source tied together. You could always replace them with current mirrors, one or two transistor current sources, op-amp based current sources, or just plain old resistors. I did make some quick tweaks to this circuit to improve frequency response which as first posted was garbage. Some caps were changed and I put a pi LC filter on the output impedance matched to my 80 ohm load and with a cutoff somewhere around 30kHz. I tried this filter at the beginning and because it was not damped it had a large spike at the cutoff. Putting this filter at the beginning is probably better because if I ever attach a load that isn't 80 ohms it won't be properly matched and I'm liable to get ringing on the output which is bad for the transistors and the headphones. Adding a small resistor in series with the inductor in the filter should help dampen any ringing when inserting it before the FET
>anything worth building is too complicated
This is absolutely retarded and you could apply it to any hobby.
Are you a NEET? You seem to completely missing the point of a hobby and are treating it like a job instead.
lol why would you ever cook when you can order your food

File: DSC_0518.jpg (884 KB, 2304x1536)
884 KB
884 KB JPG
I've been working on a pond, a friend told me this board might be interested in the progress.
26 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: goinginslimy.jpg (149 KB, 800x533)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
> the newts and frogs probably eat the few that try.
And how are the frogs even going to move in? Your water level is like a foot below the top stone.

Put a plastic ramp on both ends. If frogs can have an easy time getting in and out, they will be much more likely to use it as a home and keep your insects eaten.

Algae bloom = 1 pleco or a Ramshorn snail. The Ramshorn tends to leave your plants alone. A pleco will be happy as crap, but grows quick.
Thanks for sharing fren
Nice buddy, put some fish in there
looks really good man
>Put a plastic ramp on both ends. If frogs can have an easy time getting in and out, t

frogs don't need doggy ramps. and sometimes you don't even have to put them in. Governor's Club in NC is on a huge mountain, and guys way up near the top have huge ponds and they claim that the frogs just showed up after the pond was installed. How the fuck a frog winds up near the top of a mountain is a mystery to me, but these guys didn't seem to be joking.

File: chromeHole.gif (78 KB, 399x262)
78 KB
I've noticed a lot of misinfo and hobby tier advice being bandied about here. Industry vet here. Need to plate plastics, glass or ceramics? Not sure if electroless Teflon Ni is right for you? Need to know how to set up tanks, heating, cooling, plumbing, rectifiers... Can't throw into that blind hole? Burning that high current density area? Need to know how to use thieves? Should I put hexavalent chromium on my cookware? What kind of waterway should I dump my spent chems in?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Immersion or hard electroplated Au?
PPE, how to not get chromic ulcers, Ni itch, acid burns, cyanide poisoning, pulmonary edema, dead
HF handling...
Well, I'll be checking the thread.
Don't let those paint and powder-coat cunts slide this. Blasting their "ranchero" music all day.
I want to make an aviary. the most common material is galvanized hardware cloth. this contains zinc which, when a bird bites it can cause adverse health effects.

can your knowledge help me in any way?
Stainless steel mesh. Anything else would just be... not worth it.

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