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File: soidjfosdijfodsifjdsoifj.jpg (185 KB, 1200x1600)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
How do I 3d print the part that grows back your foreskin en masse. I want to hand them out at my college.
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While you're too young to give consent, that power resides with your parents.

You didn't consent to being born, but your parents did so, sadly, the doctor delivered you.
>"it's ok to molest toddlers because they wont remember it"
>You can seethe all you want, it isn't going to change things, especially going at it like a rabid activist

The best anyone can do is inform those around them, since its such a taboo topic nobody wants to talk about.

Some people will be reasonable, others will stick their heads in the sand and cope by saying utter nonsense like
>It's not what you think, and it doesn't affect you the way you think it does, and it cost you nothing.

Or making personal attack posts like >>1699630 because he doesn't have an argument.

I'm not OP and FWIW I think OP is just a bait post, nobody actually parades around and makes this A big deal.
But when it comes up I'll definitely speak up because it is a very very stupid practice
Remeber when parents used to consent to lobotomies?
Good times
I cant imagine my life being so empty that i cared this much about other peoples dicks...

File: IMG_4275.jpg (2.34 MB, 5184x3456)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB JPG
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How do you go from this
To this
>ctrl + 's Image
>Actual Fender bridge

OP you didn't...
Gross T B H
File: 1554639631645.jpg (28 KB, 255x292)
28 KB
Surf green looks better than that abomination you created.

Can one of you kind gentlemen please give me a rundown on machine screws?
Identifying the head is easy enough but how do you identity the thread?
If I have an unknown screw or an object with a missing screw how do I know what screw type to order?

I assume perhaps the easiest way is to have a selection known of screws you can compare the screw to / try to fit in the hole, but what screws should I acquire for this purpose? Are there only a handful of different thread types that are used in commercial products?
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Seems like one of those things that would be useful but I'm not sure if it really would be.
Not OP by the way.
File: ScrewThreads[1].gif (10 KB, 440x363)
10 KB
Calipers, a thread diameter chart, and a thread gauge
File: 719E1rVeF2L._SX425_.jpg (21 KB, 425x354)
21 KB
I use these gauges often.
This guy gets it. I will add a pair of calipers and this chart is my preference.
This is how I do it, its foolproof

What's the best way to clear cut these giant, weedy overgrowths in my yard?

The previous owners of this house were these hillbillies, and I have these big growths in my backyard on the side of my house. This is my first house, so I don’t really have a lot of yard tools. what do I need to get to cut this stuff down?
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Get a machete. Start basic and learn the value of modern tools. Also machetes are fun.
Just let it grow?
They are fun for about ten minutes and then you realize there is a better tool for the job. Swinging at stuff torso height is fine, everything else puts you off balance band a fail video in the making
Get some large cutters, and start cutting.
This, once you get the hang of it you can clear a whole acre with relative ease. Just don't be dumb or you'll come out with a nice scratch.

Power tools are a useful option too.

You should work on your balance a bit if you're having difficulty squatting anon.

File: abigail_shapiro2.jpg (108 KB, 1080x1168)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Wow, holy shit. Property maintenance, anons... I must say, property maintenance is a gold mine. If you are good with your hands and consider yourself an all-around worker, you can make a KILLING doing property maintenance work. Just register yourself as a sole proprietor. Print some cards for now and make flies, maybe a website later. Pavement, building exterior, interior, etc. Especially pavement though. No zoomers want to touch this "dirty" work. I make between $300-$1,200/day in PROFIT doing this stuff with ONE other guy. I'm going to hire some more workers and increase my capacity. Holy fuck bros we're all going to make it. Look into it, seriously. Stop being a measly paycheck worker.
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File: 1568433532394.jpg (185 KB, 602x868)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Khazar milkers strike again
Why are actively making am effort and taking time, even if miniscule (since you obviously have a lot of it) to try and ruin some schmuck's life, OP?

>Sole proprieter was an immediate red flag.
You are a jew lawyer, aren't you?
To be far, Brooklyn is basically Bizarro World.
>Using deodorant

I SERIOUSLY hope you guys don't do this.
I hardly even use anti-perspirant anymore outside of formal.occassions and never shampoo and I actually smell better even after long physical labor days in summer (lumber for work, landscaping projects at home, and 30-90 minutes of weightlifting or cycling)
Get your diet in order and ditch the toiletries chemical jew.
What world do you live in?
I've seen nothing but bad stuff down that road.
-Huge long term liability
-must not only fix new problems, but also last few crews screw-ups who didn't leave note on how they messed up so bad
-clients think the job is so easy because of DIY stuff they see so they insist on paying below cost and screw up your public image with bad reviews
-clients that require detail project outlines that they take for themselves or hand to your replacement and then argue that design work wasn't work because that was just pre-planning
-clients just having unrealistic expectations or bidding against competition that promises the everything to get deal
-good tools cost money, need tools to do job
-that great crew you hired to expand your business is either going to screw up leaving you on the hook or became your competition after you teach them how to do things (seen many great companies fail few years later to these trap)

Sure I have seen a few rich guy have these businesses, but they started back when times where different and made successful growth as things changed. That is not the same as starting out now, even with the high demand.
The reason the demand stays high is because of the high failure rate and flood of "I can do this" fools you must fight. There is money here, but that doesn't mean you will get any.

File: IMG_0600.jpg (373 KB, 1006x755)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
My car needs paint. I've sanded and prepped for paint already. I was going to spray but I don't feel like hiring or borrowing a compressor.
I'm thinking of painting with a brush instead, using oil base enamel paint.
What do you guys think?
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You could use a roller, it distributes the paint more evenly than a brush and you don't have to deal with hairs stuck on your paint. But yeah, it'll probably look ghetto af.
A couple of cans of spray and clear coat will probably work better.
OP here.

I changed my mind on using enamel paint. I will be using 2K self leveling marine epoxy now and already put down an order for it.
The guy at the store said I could use a slow hardner to extend working time. It can be sprayed or rolled too.

If I get loose hairs and brush marks I'll just sand down slightly and apply another coat. I was planning to do two or three coats anyway.

I've never used a spray gun before. It seems a lot more trouble than its worth and more things to go wrong to be honest.
By the time it would take me to finish extra masking and setting up the gun I would be halfway done with the brush.

I might consider a roller but I've never used one on metal before.

Gonna point out that pretty much every single person who has given you advice so far doesn't actually understand WHY a sprayer is preferable in the first place. They're just parroting what they've heard is the only "right" way to do it because "that's what the pros do".

The actual answer? The sprayer saves time. The glossy, mirror-shine finish you'd expect out of a car is because the surface roughness of the paint/clear coat is very low. A sprayer gets you closer to that goal, but it won't really be enough for anything other than matte paint without additional work. You're still going to have to some sanding to get things smooth enough to pass for the typical automotive finish.

A brush (or roller, though I admit I've never used one for anything but house paint) is perfectly fine, you would just have to do more sanding to remove the brush marks. Remember that the thinner each coat is, the less prominent the ridges left by the bristles will be.

Don't think you can cheap out on the brush, though. The nicer brushes, with many more bristles and finer ends on them, make a significant difference in how smooth the stroke is. You don't have to go crazy, just don't be trying to use a chip brush or something.
File: Blazer Rustoleum Plow.jpg (92 KB, 600x449)
92 KB
>I will be using 2K self leveling marine epoxy now and already put down an order for it.
>The guy at the store said I could use a slow hardner to extend working time. It can be sprayed or rolled too.


Just use your paint instead of Rust-oleum
I used Rustoleum and a small dense foam roller.

Very satisfactory results, especially if you wet sand and put a second coat
I stopped with one coat. worked for me.

Do you work in the trades? Are you a mechanic? A plumber? An electrician? What is your level of completed education? Some college? Trade school? High school? Less?

What is your field going to look like in 10 years? Or 20? They are coming for your jobs. If you are lucky you will spend your later years earning just above minimum wage with shit benefits. If you aren't your job will be done by a robot and you will be out on your ear. Maybe not next year or the year after but soon. If you are 40 now you better start saving more than the recommended 20% of your income, because most of you won't make it to retirement before you get squeezed out. If you are in your 20s or 30s, go back to school now, you still have time. If you don't you will be unemployable by middle age.
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Trade school now, learning to be network engineer. Maybe AI will soon learn to code and render programmers useless, but good luck trying to connect a cable when you're a bunch of ones and zeros.

So basically >>1699102
Appliance mechanic seems to be a nice trade, Show me a robot that can fix a coffee machine.
>you are job will be done by a robot in 30 years

lmao doomsayers have been saying that for 50 years already
fuck is there was a software or robot that could replace tool and die then holy fuck sign me up, maybe like a servo driven press with so it can control the depth of the punch, then the sharpening robot comes in, you lower the die on to blocks to extend the punches from stripper, the autogrind attatchment grinds all the punches in a few passes, gets an autogeasing, computer servo press offsets the grind depth value with the downstroke of the servo press, and bam, one robot tool and die machine, obviously it would only work for basic blanking dies unless you go more complicated with the robot grinding, but this is a work in progress, donut steel, operation: i dont wanna go to work. also redseal tool n die fag

Plugging in a cable doesn't usually require a network engineer though, that's usually field techs and data center monkeys. SDN is gonna eventually kill a huge number of old school networking jobs. But there will still be networking jobs for decades to come so I wouldnt worry about it.

Source: been a network engineer since before half the users on this forum were born.


Appliances are more and more disposable now. When stuff breaks, lots of people replace it. Even for higher dollar items like refrigerators.

File: j.jpg (104 KB, 800x819)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
The fabric of my couch is starting to flake off.
It's not that old yet and wasn't cheap.
What can i do -other than treat it better- to either prevent or reverse, or stagnate more \damage ??
pic not 100% related
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Hey couch-expert anon, why are you letting me down>?
Don't buy fake leather. Either buy real leather or buy fabric. Fake leather always becomes ugly. Fake stuff in general is to be avoided.
But it looked so nice!!
It doesn't even look nice, just like laminate, it just looks fake.
i cant find the actual picture but you shouldve seen it in the original advert

I am familiar with CCTV systems and have installed analog unit before in my house with no problems. the cameras are good quality and pick up lots of details. So they physcial installtion is no problem for me, just the scope is getting too broad with too much choice

problems being
>nightime works well only with floodlight areas
>quality isn't perfect but is acceptable

I am going to upgrade my system, but IP and HD, TVL etc, is getting very confusing and seems designed to be confusing deliberately

I don't want to rely on my internet connection as it sometimes goes off and on, so can I still use WIFI cameras on an internal loop?

>is Cat5/6 really much better than cable?
>is wifi better - are there no physcial wires - can I use them without internet - just use signal
>Hikvision has come very highly recommended, but even within their products I cant find a good set up
>does h.265 really offer much benefit

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Cleaning spider webs from time to time is unavodiable no matter what type of camera you have.

Most dome cameras have cushion between lens and IR. This is not best solution against IR bleeding.

Another trouble with dome cameras is that people scratch/damage glass during installation and this ultimately interferes with picture quality mostly at night (IR bleeding).

From my experience, bullet cameras with lens and IR physically separated are best solution for night surveillance.

Resolution and lens size matter.
Placing 1080p camera with 2mm lens to cover more than 10 square meters is pointless, rather go with higher resolution camera and calculate lens size according to distance between camera and area you want to cover.

Wifi vs cable is complex debate.
Most wifi cameras function on 2,4 Ghz and are not compatible with 5 Ghz routers/modems.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
well the cameras you pictured I install everyday, for maximum redundancy you can provide power via 12v DC and PoE, storage wise they have an internal SD card and can push to multiple network storage locations, so worse case scenario of the ethernet cable being cut they will continue to work. Software wise they have a lot of features that makes them appealing such a motion detection with pre and post recording buffers, object removal, line cross, events, ANPR etc

Analogue is dead in my industry, highly redundant systems are preferred
and you run with DVR set up?

If so, what cameras and DVR would you recommend to purchase?
>are the entry level HIkvision same as top range
>are hilook the same/other non branded?
>does 5mp/4k really matter
just a bump

bought 2x 3000 TVL cameras for old system in the meantime, seem to have a new IR lighting installed
look like flat LEDs
Bumping, new dad.
Redpill me on PoE?

File: pumpkin.jpg (130 KB, 1400x1400)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Whats the best way to secure a Jack-O-Lantern to an apartment balcony? I'm on the 7th floor and I think it would look cool as fuck to have one of these things on my balcony, but kids and dogs play on the lawn in front of the building so I want to make sure that the wind doesn't blow it over.
16 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>3/8 thick steel plate put inside of the pumpkin
>12 inch tapcons or lags drilled through the pumkin securing it to the balconoy
>liquid nails gluing the steel plate to the pumpkin, the pumpkin to the floor and some in the screw holes
>fill a third of the pumpkin with concrete
>wire mesh around the pumpkin and pour concrete around the base
You know that old Halloween prank where you put dog poo in a bag and light it on fire on someone's doorstep? About 25 years ago when I was a tiny lad, someone went through a town near mine and did that, but with water balloons wrapped in something to retard the flames for a bit. The balloons were filled with diesel or something flammable. A few people got hurt and a couple of houses just burned.
It is the golem pumpkin now, Charlie Brown. It longs for its people in the Stonefolk Hills. It will kill us all to get there.
Take the lid from a can of tuna fish and punch four holes in it with a scratch awl. Then, place the lid in the bottom of your pumpkin and use two zip ties to fasten the pumpkin to your balcony railing.

Cheap, simple, and unlikely to fail. Just be sure to remove your pumpkin sometime before Christmas. We cannot guarantee the structural stability of a semi-liquescent Jack O' Lantern.

Hello /diy/mans. Ive gotten interested in rubber stamp cutting/carving recently. Does anyone here have experience with such things? If so I'd be really thankful for some tips or general advice. Ive also gotten a couple questions regarding gear. I can make the cutting tools myself easily, my problem is the rubber itself. All posts i find online seem to be with some "speedball" material that i don't really want to order, does anyone know a substitute that looks as legit? Thanks bros.

File: co2.png (90 KB, 1100x723)
90 KB
Alright lads I have a tent with a plant in it and I want to boost the carbon dioxide concentration inside the tent as much as possible. I figure the best way to generate CO2 is to mix baking soda and vinegar but I want a way to be able to set it up and let it go by itself with minimal input from me.

Can /diy/ think of a way to make a semi automatic device that can feed baking soda into vinegar at set time intervals?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Cleanly burn a fuel of some kind, baking soda and vinegar is super expensive. You can put potassium bicarb around the base of the plant too and that gradually releases CO2 in the vicinity of the plant.
I don't want an open flame going though, Pottasiums bicarb sounds like a good idea though
Nothing will be cheaper than a CO2 tank.
Can I hook it up to a carbon dioxide reader to make sure the air levels of carbon are stable?
Arduino and gas sensor for that. Takes an afternoon maybe.

File: IMG_20191015_163634.jpg (2.38 MB, 4160x3120)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB JPG
BenQ monitor has no image but the standby light works, so assuming the power supply is ok. I was hoping it was an obvious resister or capacitor, something swollen or busted but they're ok visually at least. would the next steps just be testing each capacitor or just throwing it in the trash? It's about 4 years old
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
You can't even turn it on to open a settings menu screen?
Either the physical power button is damaged or the event triggered by the button being pressed isn't occurring or isn't being recognized.

Look at the board with the power button. See what wires it has going to and from it.
-Often multiple buttons are connected to the same pin on a microcontroller by using a different value resistor attached to each button. For example, board with 4 buttons, supplied with 5 volts. Normally open circuit at 0 volts, press button 1, juice goes through that button and an associated resistor that results in 1 volt going to CPU input pin. Button 2, different resistor but same voltage supply and pin on CPU, 2 volts. Button 3, 3 volts. Button 4, 4 volts.
If that kind of thing is being used, and it's not getting the right supply voltage, then the wrong voltage will get sent to the microcontroller when you push a button and won't register as valid or as the correct button's voltage value. In above case, say supply voltage dropped by just under a volt, then pressing button 1 wouldn't be recognized and pressing button 2 would be recognized as button 1 being pressed.

So, if you have that kind of button board, check voltage going to that board.

Anyone remember what this thing similar multiplexing inputs is called?
it's a capactive touch panel that never really read touch correctly. For that reason I left it on standby 24/7. when I'd turn the PC on it would turn on the screen as well. to answer you question directly, the touch panel never really was used to turn on the screen and because it never worked well. But devices would always turn on the screen. Since the white power light doesn't turn on, I cannot go through any menu settings
If it was me, I'd start by checking all the voltages coming from the power supply. Everyone seems to under engineer all of these switching power supplies so they fail in surprising ways, aside from generic cap plague stuff
switchmode is bootstrapping but won't come up, that's probably overcurrent protection. look for a short across the rails.
thanks I'll start here

File: tinyhouse.jpg (142 KB, 900x600)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Next spring I'm starting construction on a tiny natural stone house, I have a nice spot on my land with lots of natural rock nearby. Old school masonry is a hobby of mine, any tips/good reads/reasons I'll never finish?

The biggest obstacle will be deciding what kind of roof to put on the thing.
86 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
Where do people live then?
You don't even need to plant corn around here. If you have an open area of about an acre, those deer will show up.
>not wanting corn with your venison while wearing a coonskin cap
How does it not collapse?
>Spend whole life getting bullied by other tribesmen for being too away in head
>Will one day convince Ungette big brain mean good man
>Spend many moon thinking way to make family name most name in tribe
>Use logs to move giant rock over home
>No more fear sky god
>No more fear roof collapse god
>Many impress. Chadungas see my happiness, try show big arm better than big brain.
>Chadungas band together, try lift stone over a house
>Roof collapse god no like
>Now who tiny man Chadunga, only two leaves tall squashed under big rock
>Ungette and Chadunga widows now give me many babies in stone top home
>Many tribes be pay much tribute for big brain ideas
>Unga name become most name

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 268595659020211.png (868 KB, 1003x1074)
868 KB
868 KB PNG
easiest way to make my first knife, (i dont have a lot of expensive tools i prob have a sandgrinder some where and viles etc)
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>posting completely unrelated pic
>not posting materials you have
>not following the stiicky
>not posting general design you want
>not googling it
if you don't even know what you want to make how are we supposed to help you, fuck off along with the other 3 faggots shitting up this board
Make an authentic stone age rock knife. You just need to find a suitable rock and bang it against another rock.
My cuckshed thread died for this
some guy from /k/ recommends using a filet knife that's snapped in half.

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