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File: A Ranger Catastrophe.jpg (96 KB, 1080x1080)
96 KB
>Newly Released
-Beast Morphers Basic Figures (Gold Ranger, Silver Ranger, Powered-Up Red Ranger, Drilltron, Evox)
-Beast Morphers Beastbot Figures (Steel)
-Beast Morphers 9.5” Value Figures (Red, Blue, Yellow)
-Beast Morphers Dual Converting Zords (Beast Wheeler, Beast Chopper, Beast Jet)
-Beast Morphers Triple Converting Zords (Beast Racer, Beast Wrecker)
-Beast Morphers Striker Morpher Blaster
-Beast Morphers 20" Beast-X Megazord
-Beast Morphers Ultimate Beast-X Ultrazord

-Lightning Collection (MMPR Pink, Magna Defender, Beast Morphers Red, Beast Morphers Gold)
-Lightning Collection 2-Packs (Lost Galaxy Red & Psycho Red)
-Lightning Collection Exclusives (Gamestop Goldar, Walgreens Dragon Shield MMPR Black*, Gamestop Psycho Blue)
*Released in UK

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Something I noticed with Goldar:

I ordered when he was first in stock online. (This was when pre-orders were being canceled.)

I noticed the middle gem was missing paint. So a few months later when it was in stock again I ordered a 2nd one.

This one had paint splattered outside the gem, the wings were scratched, the fangs were mispainted. The biggest thing I noticed were the eyes. The first Goldar has shiny red eyes. The second Goldar had matte red eyes. By looking at them you cant tell but when you put a flashlight on it or depending on the light you can see the difference.
I want more AkibaRanger
so what you're saying is, they rushed the second shipment in order to make an October deadline?
Basically 1:5 is perfect. Keep hunting unless you are a wiz with paint
>>didn't get a legacy
>the wave that wasn't meant to be was basically PR Kino
Still pissed over ninja steel never happening.

Last thread:

In stores now:
Alien Resurrection wave 1 (Ripley & Warrior)
Alien Newborn
Roy from Friday the 13th Part 5
Godzilla 94, Burning repackages
KOTM Godzilla v2
Gremlins Christmas Carol 2-pack (1st set)
Shape of Water Fishman
Mego style 2018 Michael Myers, NIghtbreed
Lasershot Predator
Michael Myers from Halloween 2

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File: 20191015_162936.jpg (457 KB, 1200x2469)
457 KB
457 KB JPG
That's a tough call. I could see them doing it, probably a Mego first, but you never know. It'd be an interesting one for them to do, especially since McFarlane never did Dracula. They just did the bat monster, I think?

Also I came across a Walmart here that had a decent enough NECA section. It's great seeing all these figures here. Hopefully Walmart isn't making any demands about pricing and what they'll carry. I assume they've stopped that, since the same aisle had the Bandai Gundams and McFarlane My Hero Academia figures.
File: EHC4Sz7XYAAvsu8.jpg (236 KB, 1200x1800)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
Kenner Drake lookin' sharp.
Only thing iffy is the single release of bride of Chucky Chucky and Evil Dead 2 Ash without Evil Ed and the deer head. Not sure if its Neca just trying to get product into the stores and single releases being an easier sell to Walmart than the 2 packs or what.

Bug question is if they'll start giving Walmart exclusives like Target (blue cloak movie predator, new xmas gremlin 2 pack) and Gamestop (Bloody Pennywise, vidya freddy and jason)
Why is walmart charging more than Target for Neca?

File: cobratrooper-22.jpg (87 KB, 750x353)
87 KB
Post army builders! Mooks, goons, minions, henchmen, stooges and all generic figures you use to bolster your toy armies.
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Yeah, bootlegs can be hit or miss. I got figma Rem & Ram and both were fine, but I got a BRS beast and the quality was unacceptable. Speaking of, I might get some more Rems or Rams to put together a small maid squad.
2nd hand Joes and Cybermen?
>Buying ten would be reaching $1000. That's way too much for army building.
I'm sure someone's going to go for it, or maybe they'll try recasting.
That army looks sick. Wish those figs would still be on stores like before.

I completely forgot about the Knex Mario guys. I got a cap ton of Shy Guys and Troopas. I hate the Goomba wave never hit here en masse. That line is done now isn't it?

File: israel221562095033.jpg (231 KB, 1500x522)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
Previous Thread >>7777597

Upcoming releases:
>SAS Johnny Joestar 2nd: 2020
>SAS Funny Valentine 2nd: 2020
>SAS D4C 2nd: 2020
>SAS Diego Brando 2nd: 2020
>SAS Fugo 2nd: Winter 2020 WF
>SAS Will A. Zeppeli: 2020
>SAS Risotto Nero: 2020
>SAS Kenshiro: TBD
>SAS Thouzer TBD
>Statue Legend Shadow DIO recolour: Winter 2020 WF

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File: GER.jpg (925 KB, 1822x2745)
925 KB
925 KB JPG
I took them from my display and redid the poses.

I actually prefer the high contrast from WF Giorno/GE/GER, but when I wanted a WF GE all I could find at the time was the regular one.

Also, what's the best setup for Giorno 2nd? I don't see a whole lot of pictures of that figure and when I do it's usually with WF GE.
8000 yen plus 20 EMS from zenmarket
Oh nice, was that the same one I posted about a few threads back along with KC?

I have mine pre-ordered for Jan. I'd rather wait and pay 13K yen shipped for them both.

Just got my Narancia and GE, so I am all up-to-date on the part 5 re-releases now, waiting for PH to drop now so they can ship it with Fugo.
Yup, that was the one. Thanks for the heads-up about it. I'm probably gonna get the KC rereleased, since my old King Crimskn's arms snapped clean off.
File: 20191017_203453.jpg (430 KB, 2322x1035)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
oh shit! That sucks! Every SAS I've received lately has had really frozen joints, especially the bicep and pelvis swivels. Had to use a lot of hot water before I could pose them. Still frightens me.

Tried to take a panoramic of the display now. Started to look cluttered, so think I will have to redesign it once I get the rest of part 5. Part 6 is starting on the lower shelf.

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I at least had a good enough job and benefits that im able to pay my bills plus buy toys with my NEET bux.
because its funny
laughing at normies is fun
So should Mezcoz
Have any of you anons ever visited the subreddit for Funko Pops? It's genuinely depressing and pathetic at the same time

Welcome to the 1:18th general. Here we discuss all 1:18th lines. Post your customs, dios, collections, squads, playsets, vehicles and anything else related to this awesome scale.

We encourage everyone to post pictures and share news of anything related to this scale. Let's keep this general one of the best in /toy/!

Previous thread >>7771530
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The bots on the right are customs, aren't they?
File: IMG_20191017_234705.jpg (2.95 MB, 2976x3968)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB JPG
Nah those are pure, fresh-from-packaging, stock figures.

Its called Heavy Armor Secret Trooper from WOO (War of Order) line. Here it is with the blister pack removed, posing with the cardback.
File: 20191017_131451.jpg (3.83 MB, 4032x3024)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB JPG
File: 1561512328350.gif (105 KB, 511x512)
105 KB
105 KB GIF
more like G.I.JOKE

How is it? I found The secret Master to be stiff and I've been afraid to do shit with it since literally every review I've seen involves someone breaking the arm off. Also, could you redpill me and put its gun in an Acid Rain Marine's hands for me?

File: foxymeow.jpg (717 KB, 1352x904)
717 KB
717 KB JPG
Which ones are cool?
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you act like that's a bad thing, or that a furry wouldn't be into that.
That's an understatement, some anons r probably into the same shit
File: 1456255365257.jpg (427 KB, 1019x1024)
427 KB
427 KB JPG
I think the name was Realm Of The Claw more statue than action figures due their arms poor articulation
also each figure have 2 heads, normal and roar
I would love to see anthro resin kit figures

File: 1569251610911.jpg (167 KB, 1024x1004)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Previous Thread: >>7761559
This thread is for the discussion of scale plastic (and resin) models kits.
-Post photos of your builds in progress and your finished builds
-Have your builds critiqued or critique others
-Discuss tips and techniques
-Ask for advice or give advice to others

Some helpful guides to get started:

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Turret has range finders on the side or whatever those are called.
I have one of those cheap Chinese airbrush compressors (sometimes goes by the name 'Model AS-186'). Mine leaked air at the point where the elbow fitting connected to the air tank. I researched the issue quite a bit and then disassembled it and got it working properly. I'll offer some insights and advice- maybe it'll save others some trouble.

1. On my compressor, the manufacturer epoxied the threads of the fittings to get a easy seal. This was a cheap dick move and makes it very difficult to unscrew the fitting later if there's a leak. You have to use a wrench and considerable muscle to force it out. Then you have to clean the epoxy off the threads (I used a brass wire-brush and an awl). Also, you won't be able to get purchase on the elbow fitting or regulator part with a standard wrench; the jaws will be too wide (you need a wrench with thinner jaws). I used a Park Tool 14mm Shop Cone Wrench (it's for bicycles- you can probably get it/something like it at your bicycle shop). By the way, on my compressor, the air tank female connector part was just a nut welded to the tank (this doesn't feel like a high-quality technique to me).

2. Wrap plumber's (Teflon) tape around the threads of the fittings for a better seal (wrap it clockwise).

3. Determine whether the fittings on your compressor are 1/8 BSP or 1/8 NPT. You don't want to use the wrong kind. Mine were all 1/8 BSP. If I remember correctly, the 1/8 NPT has a wider taper, so it won't fit all the way into a 1/8 BSP hole, and if you force it, you might make the hole expand and now a 1/8 BSP won't have a snug fit.
File: 9s4w10bxl5u21.jpg (63 KB, 576x768)
63 KB
All this bullshit just to get a cheapo air compressor to work again.
Thanks for the insight though, I might have to repair mine at some point though.

Also if it means having to buy an incredibly specific biciycle repair tool in order to fix my cheapo compressor, I might as well get a new one or a much better compressor with an air tank.

Why would someone do this. I found the exact same air regulator on a Badger airbrush compressor + tank combo online, so it's either Badger doesn't care where they source it from, or the regulator works but it's fucked up in some way.
Ask why would chinks do such a thing
Pretty sure it’s a “final/simplified” production tiger 2 that was planned for late 45 early 46. If it is it should also feature a simplified deck; think of it like the panzer IV J. Might make a good subject for a reasonable “what if?” build

Bazoopers, fellow nerds! Welcome to Plastic Building Blocks General. Talk about what weird brands and sets you've found (both foreign and domestic).

Previously on The Big Explosion Theory: >>7553976
Breaking Bad: >>7721228
The Walking Dead: >>7705778
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Engrish man, one time I saw something along the lines of "children will happy defecation funtimes" on a military set once
I dont know, you just know some pieces will be missing from that set, not to mention it looks like the cannon has erectile dysfunction in many of the pictures
i wonder which of my shelves has enough room for this...
its great for gray parts though.
That monkey is awesome

File: DSCF8137.jpg (2.85 MB, 3768x2838)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB JPG
Previous: 7640029

/toy/ - bjd.buyfags.moe (link is dead, /toy has currently no FAQ)
/jp/ - dollfaq.buyfags.moe

Doll news and company list:

WIP Database/Height comparison:

Doll magazine scans (Died with Google Plus):

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
92 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
That looks very nice! i like the less anime-ish ones myself
File: 80787857.jpg (77 KB, 666x888)
77 KB
What do you think of this boy, /bjd/?
I left him and his gf at home after moving to start Uni again, and now I miss them a lot. Should I take them with me next time I visit home?
consider theft and vandalism from 18 y/o at college
This. I don't know where you're going to school anon, but if it's a big school, even if it's not a party school, it's a party school. I knew my school was no place for dolls when my Calpico drinks started getting used as mixers.
Maybe if you live alone, otherwise absolutely not

Kickstarter is live and doing well. Have you jumped in yet, or did you get your fill with the raptors?

There is a Kickstarter exclusive again, the Monoclonius.
193 replies and 33 images omitted. Click here to view.

>Regaliceratops made it
Hell yeah.
File: IMG_2377.jpg (458 KB, 1500x965)
458 KB
458 KB JPG
Gosh the super-adult Triceratops is sexy. And huge. I can't blame Silva for not wanting to dive headfirst into mass-producing this unit.
>also a one off mold for now,
There in lies the chief issue with most of the pricing for the ceratopsian line. It feels like he has far more unique sculpts spread throughout a much larger selection of species then raptors had. He has like three different scales, various sizes amongst those scales, every head is unique, the mold costs must be huge this time.
There were quite a few small but noticeable differences between the raptors, and the same goes for these Ceratopsians within their same scales. But ya, if everything was just all the same size it would probably be beneficial in terms of lowering prices, but a collection with these varying sizes will surely look much better and visually interesting.

It's looking pretty damn incredible. Hopefully the other unpainted prototypes gets painted up soon so we can get a look at those.

It'd be nice if he got a functioning prototype fairly soon, with the raptors I believe we actually saw them moving while still in the KS phase, but the ceratopsians are all static, being held together by pins. It'd be really nice to get a look at the kind of range of motion we should be expecting from them.

File: 81H5UU0nnHL._SL1500_.jpg (157 KB, 1500x1181)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
What's your favorite Batman toy and why?
Mine is Val Kilmer's because huge nostalgia boner for Bamham Forever, as it was first one I watched in the movie theater with my family as a kid. It fucking blew my mind.
In retrospect it was inappropriate for my age, but the theater was filled with even smaller kids, and I loved the shit out of it.
Batman was the big thing back in the day where I lived.
Toy itself is still far from perfect.
First and foremost I hate how torso join separation is made in the middle of the top abs row, dividing it in two.
What the fuck? Couldn't they just ape similar anatomical musculature based toys from japs, where joint separation is made between abs rows, so the torso would look more natural?

Then the cape. It's too small, and starts way too high, even though toy have visible seams for it to start lower. It also can't cover Bamham entirely, so instead of functioning like a cloak, which it should be, it's literally a cape. It's not how it was in the movie.

And finally weird dark silver body color. I don't hate it, but it makes it more similar to Clooney's suit if anything, while mask, boots and gloves are still properly black. Maybe they made to make figure less monotone, I dunno, but it's weird and not accurate.

Still despite all that it's my favorite Batman toy, because it's Kilmer's suit. I just wish there was more accurate/higher budget version.
i dont have a favorite. it was supposed to be the BTAS toy, but its limited shoulders, tiny feet and lack of ab crunch was thrown in the trash

File: 1569715149775.jpg (131 KB, 720x710)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Hakuna Matata edition

Most recent releases
>Black Panther
>Adult Miles

Coming up in October
>EVA 2 and EVA 1 awakening
>John Wick Chapter 2
107 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
>there's no way Chinese factory workers don't give a fuck what they send out
You're right. Figures with 2 left feet and paint defects never leave the factory. It has never ever happened before.There has never been a QC issue with toys since they are all inspected before packaging. Those Mafex waldos that break easily? Recent Figmas with terrible paintjobs? Legends with the wrong body parts attached? Neca breaking out of the box? Didn't happen at all.
How the fuck would I even make a break like that?

The only way that thing broke is from jamming the ball-joint into the socket too hard. After gluing the crack closed, I did try to put the ball back in, and surprise surprise it was too tight. So I tried heating it up and once it popped back in, the glue split apart and I was back to square one.

My conclusion: I got a fucked up socket that was too small and when they jammed it together at the factory the stupid thing cracked down the middle.
You have heard everything then.
They happen, but you try to act like that's all that ever happens. It's stupid and sensationalizing what happens instead of the reality.

File: rey mysterio.jpg (180 KB, 1371x960)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
SPOOKY MYSTERIO HALLOWEEN EDITION , last thread here >>7665999

Post any 1/6th news here


>Hot Toys Mysterio announced!....for 2021, might come with Jake Gyllenhall headsculpt but there's no guarantee if not expect to pay the same price because fuck you, head blurred but pictured in a taken down photo in the op
>there's a 3rd party American based company doing an unofficial HotToys tier Vulture for 550$ shipped, it's going to be fucking huge, pre orders are up now
>Hot toys video game Spideys are shipping out now, there was secretly two batches for Scarlet Spider so you might be able to get in on the waitlist.
>Gordon Freeman of mondo toys has gone quiet, no new news to be had from that
>Lady, Dante, and Nero shipping October allegedly, Dante after Lady, Nero after Dante
>Seikiro is getting an unofficial, deluxe comes with the save statue, no new news on the Lothric knight 1/6th figure
>ROCKSTAR c&D's chineese bootleggers for both separate Arthur Morgan figures, but they're still apparently shipping out, good luck if you're in the UK, still no John Marston or Tahitiman
>3A is dead FORE REAL THO after Ash went full in on Die Antword and got a big head, 3Zero kicked his ass to the curb and is still goign strong but assh is getting "underverse" off the ground, but that won't happen because he's incompetent
>more things
65 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 20160322_040230.jpg (626 KB, 1836x3264)
626 KB
626 KB JPG
With Clone Wars S7 happening, I hope they'll release more original clones. Heck, I'll even settle for rereleases/updates like Cody.
The knee and elbowpads are connected to the suit on the 2 version, while in 1 they're separate. They're also a different shape depending on the mgs1 model you look at.
I wish SS would re-release Rex. I also wish they would finally do a Cad Bane with his costume from the majority of the show.
>payment request incoming for scarlet spider
let us know once you get him!

File: 0811190217a[1].jpg (1.12 MB, 2560x1920)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
So I pierced together the following backstory/information about the Wildcard gang from various Youtube videos on them on Youtube.

First, there is no "Wildcard Gang". At least as the game promotes it.

Once upon a time there was a criminal duo known as Wildcard and Ace, who is a female version of Wildcard though her costume has a hoodie and her ballistic mask more generic markings. Ace and Wildcard were BFFS but they had a falling out and now they are rivals.

As for the "Wildcard gang"; the dimensional rift in time/space that is part of the game's backstory, somehow destroyed Wildcard's mind and splintered his mind into four different personalities; who's dominance is indicated by the mask he's wearing.
283 replies and 89 images omitted. Click here to view.
Agreed on those issues aside from the torso joints. Some older figmas like the persona 4 ones and lucina had that problem where it'd just spring back really bad, but this feels like it holds a pose well enough.

The stig is 100% a winner though, he's probably my favorite of the handful I have. I kinda want to grab the prisoner because everyone seems to like him, but he just looks too goofy for me.
The Prisoner was funnily enough the first one I knew I had to have. This weird golem creature with the crystal growths and lock-and-chain motif was just too neat to pass up. I love that he has a very plain revolver too, it's an interesting choice for such a primal/elemental looking character.

Definitely planning to pick up the Stig next. This line is better than I expected as a whole, I just wish I could find it in the wild. Never seen them once, just the Jazwares ones, so I had to order these online.
Okay, my bad. Never heard of them before and just assumed it's something new. To be fair the pic is small and hard to make out.
File: maxresdefault (7).jpg (134 KB, 1280x720)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
nobody cares about the chibi figs when the mcF's/Jazwareses exist, so i dont blame you

also i wish instead of importing figures, theyd commission/get the license to make a Thiccy figma
are you able to remove the one on his neck? I tried but I'm too scared since I have zero experience with modding figs but I'm tempted cuz it looks like a choker

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