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Who is the worst peg warmer when it comes to the character itself and not so much the quality of the figure?

Pic related, no matter if you are talking about Legends, Candy Rock, Funko, etc, people just don't want Gwenpool figures.

The fact that they have so many versions that just don't sell really goes to show that Marvel tried to push the wrong character or that you just can't throw POOL into the name and make it popular
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You can get better figures by less price, price is the issue for such quality, almost 100$ for that Gwenpool is not worth it, maybe for a $40 figure
The absolute vitriolic hatred this character gets compared to other new Marvel characters on 4chan is kind of weird.
Both of the Gwenpool figures are pretty good.
I have it and it's good but mine had some fucked up paint on her normal face which I still ain't happy about
I wanted one too but no way am I going to fall for the $90 Mafex meme. Maybe if she goes on sale for something more reasonable like $50.
I got her for 52 European dollars and am fairly satisfied
Accessories are good, paint was ok. Not as clean as Figuarts or figma but not nearly as bad as MAFEX Astroboy turned out. The PTSD eyes are annoying but managed to fix them a little with some paint. Overall, for the 90$ Medicom asks for these, fuck that lol. For more standard figure prices, it's still subpar but acceptable and it captures the artstyle

File: office.jpg (742 KB, 1479x1020)
742 KB
742 KB JPG
Previous: >>7561439
/toy/ - bjd.buyfags.moe (link is dead, /toy has currently no FAQ)
/jp/ - dollfaq.buyfags.moe

Doll news and company list:

WIP Database/Height comparison:

Doll magazine scans (Died with Google Plus):

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>All the people defending her are what really cheese me off.
Me too. I popped in for a second to see how bad it is only to see people in the comments going "Everyone gets a recast once!" And "Ugh, people digging up old problems from months ago"

YES?? A sellers history and honestly determines how reliable they are and lying or nondisclosing if an item is recasted is extremely shady.
File: hurrrr.png (399 KB, 600x450)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
People claiming her shady shit is from "years ago" yet she has a picture of that chloe mod on her instagram from only 18 weeks (4ish months) ago. That isn't YEARs. That is relatively recent shady behavior. She knew it was a recast when she worked on it, and knew it was a recast when she sold it 4 months ago. Her asslickers are so fucking dumb its crazy.
It just keeps happening, and it just keeps being met with "This was years ago leavE HER ALONE"
Like do people not realise that she is consistent in her bullshit, she just generally is very good at covering her tracks? Goddamn. I honestly can not understand why they're so willing to accept her even after repeat fuck ups? Do you literally need to be under the age of 13 to understand this sort of mind set?
Real talk though, if daddy were to make a hippy BJD for sale, what sorta features would people be interested in?
I'm personally a fan of having the extremities (hands and feet) not be as large as the arms and legs the way Culur and Enaibi have theirs, so I'm curious what other people think.
What sorta head sculpt? Smiley? Mnf style? Something different?
inb4 "Make what you like" i like S O many things senpai, better to focus group and start with one idea kek
First off, be prepared to fall on your ass attempting to sculpt if you haven't before. With that being said, you should keep at it anyway. I don't make dolls but I sculpt other stuff (rarely for this hobby though...people are cheap here) and it's basically just like drawing where you start out like absolute ass at first but there are so many resources just online alone to help you be as good as you want to be.

I like taller dolls in the 1/4 scale. That slim MSD body is one of my favorites because of the clothing availability. Nothing like a beautiful doll you struggle to buy clothing for. I've sold otherwise perfect dolls because I couldn't dress them in anything. I like more mature, realistic faces. Dollshe Amanda is one of my favorite sculpts and I like Iplehouse's faces, too. I'm just a fan of that runway model look in general (in the faces anyway). As far as bodies, I do like a general lanky look but with some meat on the bones if that makes any sense. I don't want a high fashion Jack Skellington doll. I like faces with some personality in them. Too much emotion and it looks like >>7719610 but a slight smile never killed anyone.

Well /toy/? Who was in the right here?

Renee Jensen and her boyfriend were relaxing on a sunny Saturday afternoon when an unidentified object landed in their backyard. The object sailed through the air, somehow not hitting any of the trees surrounding her yard, she said.

As Jensen approached the object to inspect it, she came face to face with Pennywise, the murderous clown that lives off fear.

The plush toy, with its frayed-off tag and mysterious markings on its forehead, was enough to spook Jensen and her boyfriend.

"I turned it over and I jumped back and dropped the thing and yelled for Alex," said Jensen. "He picked it up and I was freaking out. It was creepy and it had weird...I don't even know what the writing was. It looked culty."
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>it has the flame retardant.
this is enough to know it's fake. good try op
Is Stephen King getting into viral marketing now?
>it was a code for free tickets
I would have burned it too. Funkoshit doesn’t deserve to exist in this world
I hate women so damn much

File: Slide_1.jpg (450 KB, 1920x1080)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
Do you think Toys R Us can succeed again with their plan of smaller, interactive mall stores and an online store?
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Thanks for the laugh
It might if they carry enough variety of stock. That picture gives me the impression they're only going to have maybe 25 different products at a time, though, and that's not going to work at all.

No, their business model of selling shit at +20% MSRP is what kept people from coming back. I don't know how they lived as long as they did. Just stay dead if they're not going to be competitive in pricing.
Rent is killing opportunity like crazy. Forget taxes, most taxes only apply if you make money. You can't make money when the landlord, the money changer, the IP troll, etc are grasping every nickel you could possibly make even in a best case scenario.
I see they are trying to go with that super stylisticly simplified Geoffery. Their only hope of success imo is to try and brand the character to hit home at the 80s and 90s nostalgia of the current generation of parents of kids. Drag the parents into the store because of the nostalgia, make them remember their time as kids. Then the kids see the fun stuff and they want something.

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Any idea where they'll start? I'd have assumed Iron Man but there's such a glut of 1/12 figures of him. Plus, Mezco are putting out a lot of cloth Cape stuff.
Midoriya is so Plus Ultra right now
HT doing 1/12 is still a rumor, right? Or is there official confirmation?
Does this look like a new seamless body?
Alright, I just got these open.
First, the packaging was a very simple box made of very weak cardboard, with copious amounts of bubble wrap. The box was completely crushed, so I’m surprised these weren’t broke out of the box.

I got the light flesh and tan bodies.
They are good from afar, but far from good. The arms (from shoulder to wrist) are extremely delicate, as are the flat-footed ankles. The peg snapped off of my light flesh’s left wrist joint as soon as I touched it. That could have been due to the box getting crushed, but I think it’s more an engineering issue.
They also have a lot of plastic flashing around the knees, but that’s alright.
The torso pieces are very soft vinyl or rubber—I don’t know which. The boobs are comically large compared to how skinny the legs and arms are. In one of these pics, you can see the rubber buckling at the hip and shoulder where the arm and leg have been moved.
There’re no neck adapters included. I have no idea where one would find parts to fit these bodies—the wrist and ankle pegs are extremely narrow, so they’re incompatible with most figma, revoltech, mezco, hobbybase, and ThreeA pegs.
These bodies get excellent range of motion, but look really awkward in anything but a vanilla pose.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

The previous one was just a decoy to trap the shitposters. This is the real one.

We ML collectors deserve a pure ethnostate and we must exercise our right to secure a future existence for all ML children
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You pulled it out of your ass when you said it does work. Because it doesnt.

Ur a low iq idiot
Then how come my post didn't bump this thread?
It did because i saw it at the top. Look im saging now. Right now and it bumped.
Whatever you say retaedi

ITT we talk about bootleg/knockoff toys.

>Why buy bootlegs?
-Custom fodder
-Some are significantly cheaper than the official toy, especially if the official toy is discontinued.

>Where to buy bootlegs?
-EBay listings that ship from anywhere in China, Hong Kong, and some other countries you typically wouldn’t find things sold from.
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just saw benskollectibles snap off an infinite transformation dinobot

guess it's not worth the money?
This is not bootlegs. Just some chink steal it from factory.
I have it, will post pics and go into detail in a bit.
In short, its a hot mess.
Thanks, sounds terrible.
File: 8B5v_A1F.jpg (1.82 MB, 4608x3456)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
I bought these guys because I heard that bootlegs weren't steaming hot shit anymore compared to years ago.
So the bootleg figmas are either hit or miss,
Figma Deku is surprisingly better than expected. The original Figma seemed extremely basic so the bootleg is not much different,
the paint is a little sloppy here and there but unless you have it in front of your face you won't notice.
Figma Snake is a mess, the paint is overall fucking awful, looks like a mod gone wrong, joints weren't awful, super loose but an easy fix.
The foot joint broken in like 3 pieces but I somehow managed to kinda fix it, I already knew how bad it was so I plan on posing him with most of his body inside the cardboard box included.
The Figma soldiers were also super loose and if compared to the real ones the paint probably looks like shit, but as they are they are great grunts to pose alongside all my Snakes.
Figuarts Antman is basically the real deal, just has small paint smudges that are barely noticeable and all joints work well. Same for Iron man except the figure came without feet for some reason (I already got a refund on it)
So based this experience with these bootlegs, I would say go ahead and buy them if you don't care much about the character or if you want to use them as fodder for other figures.
Sometimes you'll get lucky and get a good figure but most of them will probably come with issues.

Member when /toy/ had WWE Generals.....i member
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Wasn't there suppose to be a chono figure? it didn't release or something?
Wait...how did Super 7 got the right ? never know about it...and how long ago it was? never seen them release anything related to it.
The figma came out.
box that bitch back up and return her.

File: 4gd7n9fwwpzy.jpg (233 KB, 1440x706)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
So, which Nickelodeon toys do you guys own? I have Spongebob toys and Invader Zim stuff. We also get Spongebob meme toys tho.
17 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Lego Spongebob when?
>the spongebob musical.
That exists?
File: Jenny.jpg (315 KB, 900x586)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
u knoe who needs a [spoiler]fucking anything please[/spoiler]
I saw those at Target, all torn open. I would have loved a Rocko one, or the Gold Stimpy (cuz muh chase piece)

Have you ever felt like buying blind bags?

I think I'm going to blow over 50 bucks on Shopkin real littles. They're unironically the best realistic food miniatures around and I want all of them.
39 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
>obviously no girls on the intertubes
I have no clue.

Considering that's a pic I found on google, I assume it's just someone's mom.
File: Untitled.png (352 KB, 580x404)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
The rare ones are confirmed to have normal packaging.
So her brain leaks out?
Its cute, but noone thought this looks gory?
Lol poptarts ads have all been sentient pastries getting tricked into being toasted and devoured.

>Previous Thread


Christian Faber's mysterious Instagram posts


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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With mask powers and interesting elemental applications Bionicle really has potential for drawn-out, JoJo's styled battles.
Just imagine a Toa of Magnetism quickly switching to Kakama to accelerate his punches, and then rapidly changing the magnetic poles of his arms to speed up the punches even further, unleashing a supersonic flurry of blows to an enemy.
File: robot3.png (1.01 MB, 747x831)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
The world is cruel. We are denied our bonklekino.
>knowing how to reap the potential of their IPs
>much less in the early 2000s
As much as it pains me that Bonkle G1 never got a show and therefor possibly missed out on becoming near as big as other toy properties that relied heavily on media, like Transformers or Ninjago, I also think we might have dodged a bullet. Look at most Lego shows and how they suck. Look at the actual Bionicle movies and how they never lived up to the series' potential.
We were lucky to get passionate and creative guys like Templar to work on the franchise and enrich the lore. And remember that Lego originally didn't even intend for Templar to have as big a role in the franchise, the freedom they were given in 2001 was basically due to happenstance. If there was also a cartoon, there's a good chance it would have fallen into the same cheap-o, low effort garbage category as the 03 video game or JtO.
File: 1332759646m_DISPLAY.jpg (188 KB, 800x800)
188 KB
188 KB JPG

New Spriggan set is out. Anyone else pick this up? What are your builds?

File: img411.jpg (252 KB, 960x556)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
Ok, I really like this design, is there any toy/model of it? Or is Lego my best chance?

What about things similar? Or cool exotic bikes made to be toys?
9 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
The set it's in is massive and harder to find than just the black bike. I ought to get around to building mine...
that's not bad, but, looks ezpensive... is there like, a hot wheels or something like the pic OP has?
you're gonna have to go full LEGO for that i think.

fuck if i know how to do it without over simplifying though.
It's not that expensive actually. But it's a bit larger than 1:12 scale. So keep that in mind.
Hot Wheels has a larger scale motorbike set, all different styles. But nothing as cool as what's been posted here.

>captcha bicycles lmao

File: 5101DTeQ75L.jpg (33 KB, 344x500)
33 KB
Which would be the best anime school girl possable figure?

Post your favorites!
51 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
Fuck you, faggot. I only like lolis.
And the fact you know that word shows the massive faggot you are.
what is this?
have sex
File: 20180317000349e45.jpg (565 KB, 1024x767)
565 KB
565 KB JPG
Figuarts Ichigo Hoshimiya

The main body got recycled several times so you can pick a different one if you don't want a blonde.
dilate, faggot

>Previous thread: >>7579522

Post your 1:18th related pictures, customs, news, dioramas and anything else you want to discuss in regards to this awesome scale. Lets continue to keep this thread positive by sharing our love and knowledge of this awesome scale. Thank you for keeping this thread one of the best in /toy/!

All 1:18th lines welcome: G.I. Joe, Acid Rain, BFS, MGR, Star Wars, Marvel, Joy Toy, Fortnite, Hiya, Planet Green Valley, Chicken Fried Toys, Lanard, etc.
261 replies and 92 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1.jpg (134 KB, 960x496)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
(Pic related)s might be what you mean?

Also found a listing for a third pinata on Amazon, has War Paint in it. https://www.amazon.com/Fortnite-Llama-Drama-Loot-Piñata/dp/B07PNJY2GK?th=1
File: 2.jpg (118 KB, 960x481)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
File: 3.jpg (88 KB, 960x369)
88 KB
File: 4.jpg (43 KB, 400x300)
43 KB
Also someone found this
File: Late Game Survival Kit.png (586 KB, 574x397)
586 KB
586 KB PNG
this just popped up online in the UK

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