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File: 1565777638984.png (485 KB, 1034x640)
485 KB
485 KB PNG
Demoniacal Fit

Gugeta Custom Headsculpt Set (Gogeta Base & SSJ Heads)

Gutenkus Buo Custom Headsculpt, Vest and Hand Set (Gotenks fused Buu Heads, Torso and Hands)

Ultimate Fighter (Vegetto)
Ultimate Fighter Blue Headsculpt Set (Vegetto SSGSS Head and Accessories)

Goku Black/Rose w/ Scythe Accessory
Ultimate Warrior (Ultimate Gohan)

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File: 1449706896381.gif (2.44 MB, 300x200)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB GIF
I know.
Hey man, I want it too. I'm just happy they went all the way in one direction as opposed to halfway in-between both. Let's hope DF actually does a set.
He comes with the tongue head and the giant fucking pillar, I swear some of you just won't be happy. Cyborg Tao seems more likely to be its own release if anything.
Is today the day they release all promo pics and put him up for PO?

File: EA0GTPRXoAI1AQw.jpg (45 KB, 1200x950)
45 KB
Take this with a grain of salt, but a source of mine from Mattel told me that they got the Dune license to make toys based on Denis Villeneuve's reboot. I was surprised to hear this as I thought Dune is more of a adult property but here we are. I guess this confirm the film as being PG13 not like it wasn't to be expected. I was told the toy line is very nice, with action figures and a line of weapon and spaceships. This toy line is part of Legendary's and WB plan to expand the Dune franchise. I heard a Dune videogame is în the works too.
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No you
For what purpose?
it's possible they have it right now just to have it and play keep away.
File: 1553302788231.jpg (68 KB, 636x800)
68 KB
Gonna need God Emporer Leto II in effigy may he reign throughout the eternities in their multitudes
File: 1549796305284.jpg (6 KB, 174x142)
6 KB
>that dog whistle for white supremacists

Story time faggots.
> have massive msia gundam figure collection from the 90s
>new brother in law comments on how he loved gundam but couldn't afford toys as a kid
> agree to sell entire collection to him because I didn't really want the collection anymore. Worth about $500
> give him reasonable time to pay me back because family
> 1week later him and sister split
> find out he molested my then 4 year old niece

He is going to rot in prison but all his stuff including gundams is just gone there is no way I can get them or the money back. Didn't even want them but could have sold them to people who didn't molest my niece.
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You are a complete and utter selfish faggot for caring about toys and money more than your niece and family right now.

I hope a gundam diddles you.
this, anyone who gives you sob stories to take your shit without paying is a shithead in life through and through

dude sounds like any one of thousands of drug addicts in my town desu
Break into prison and molest your brother in law while wearing a Char mask.
>Oh God please don't rape me Char! I'll never do it again!
I came here to laugh at you
>Oh thank God...
And rape you
Well Char does look like a faggot so it WOULD be his M.O.

Are there ever any threads for Street Fighter stuff? Feels like its the most toy worthy video game franchise in existence. I have some Chun stuff but im more of statue guy than figure guy. Im mad jelly of anyone who has anything Pop Culture Shock of her.
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Does it need to be blue/default Chunners? Bigbadtoystore still has the pink colour and battle costume versions.
Is there any good stuff for Elena? either my jewgle-fu is failing me or there's only statue-shit

I wish
I don't know if it looks like a specific version, but I look at it and recognize it as Terry and it doesn't look bad to me (just a regular face, really). But I'll also admit I'm not a super huge SNK person, either, so I don't know if his face is supposed to have specific features that are missing here or something.
It looks kinda...derpy, at least from the photos. It's the eyes.

File: SOLD OUT.png (149 KB, 505x514)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
Constantly see Bandai shop ads.Click the link cause I see new Digivices. They are pretty neat. Like one I had as a kid but better. Finally break down and decide to buy both. Go to buy. SOLD OUT. Still get ads mocking my pain. Why the fuck do they seem to make like ten of these fuckers every time they make a new set? Do they just want to jack off the second hand market or what?
If you are fine with the original remake and not just specifically what you pictured then Amazon has the originals in stock.

File: Untitled.png (1.11 MB, 918x882)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
Lifehack: put a girl toy head on a naked boy action figure torso. Then you can see her boobies.
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No, those are boobs.
File: 1565738188594.jpg (15 KB, 240x240)
15 KB
Gunpla Hack: Never approach within 5 yards of your completed Gunpla or other model kit. It'll look forever perfect from afar!
Lurk moar.
File: 81taOh10WZL._SY879_.jpg (41 KB, 537x879)
41 KB
Storage Hack: The best place to store figmas and other action figures is...your heart.
Incorrect, but if it gets you off more power to ya I guess.

File: MOTWU.jpg (170 KB, 1024x514)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Previous Thread: >>7651136

Release dates:
MotUO - Fall 2020
MotWU - "Before Christmas" or Spring 2020 (2 Mattel sources have said 2 different things)

These 2 lines will share the same main body mold and thus be interchangeable with one another. The heads, hands, arms, torso, waist-knees, and shins-feet are all meant to be separated and switched around as desired.
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I'm just happy that we're getting him at all. Also, a Mondo Orko is coming (not just the MAA Trollan-in-a-jar accessory). Something for a few of us to look forward to, I'm certain.
File: 1495081206697.jpg (943 KB, 1600x1200)
943 KB
943 KB JPG
He'll come with something
Ya, that was what I first thought of, but no way we're getting a full other figure unless it was a exclusive and higher priced. Maybe a Cringer would be a cool pack in, or a more friendly Adam head. Or both. It would be great to be able to have a little side display with Adam, Orko, and Cringer where everyone is smiling while the fighting is going on elsewhere.
As much as I dislike Orko, looks like I'm buying him for the meme Prince.
that's classics orko. if you want a classics meme, get laughing adam. if you want origins meme, get the sky sled.

What are some neat toys that are exclusive in places like theme parks, restaurants, etc?

things like pic related and the ones they sell at Rainforest Cafe

File: rockem.jpg (97 KB, 488x640)
97 KB
Remember these
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these seem soulfull. like youd open them after a friday alongside some pizza or something. They kind of remind me of that battle robot tv show.
I have this one in my library.
I think he meant Battlebots/Robot Wars. which were disappointing to me because theyre just RC cars with weapons instead of humanoid things with weapons. my childish expectations were too damn high
Damn that's a blast from the past

File: 1566021448353.jpg (456 KB, 2048x2732)
456 KB
456 KB JPG
Welcome to the Lego General! Spooky colorful ghosts are in!

Previously: >>7708754
/pbbg/ >>7553976


>/lg/ Flickr Group

>Archived Threads

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You guys probably don't know this, but the Johnny Thunder and mummy girl in the new CMF wave are a reference to The Mummy (2017)

That'll be $4 plus tip.
Perfectly white cockpit.
This is why all LDD users should be shot dead

File: be5kgbvya1f21.jpg (98 KB, 746x940)
98 KB
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File: doubt.jpg (20 KB, 600x341)
20 KB
>be me
>love metroidvania
>try hollow knight
>"it's the best metroidvania ever!" fags everywhere
>first boss, fun but not too challenging.
>"Can't wait to see the rest of the game!"
>tfw it never got any harder
>mfw people say its the hardest game since dark souls and no metroidvania will ever top it
So you got 112% no problem then, right?
Honestly with every release you're rolling the dice. After the Halo line their next big project was the colortops which were intended to be budget statues like McFarlane used to make. When they got back into making figures that philosophy came with it and we're currently back in that awkward phase of having statues with joints. Then we got the Fortnite range of all things which is full of solidly-designed and fun toys, making it all the more awkward to get newer toys like Saitama being solidly in the NECA range of poseability and quality.
tl;dr - pray that when they make the toy you want that they put as much care into it as they did Fortnite
Saitama has just as much posability as anyone, maybe moreso since nothing is there to inhibit movement. His only issue was his sculpt and paint, and they're not the worst, though the overly thick face paint was odd.
The One Punchman criticism comes from weeaboos on 4chan making mountain out of a dust mote.

Almost every review doesn't mention any issues with paint on the face, but they do mention stuff about how the jointed paint parts don't match the sculpted pieces.

File: scuffeddoll.jpg (3.08 MB, 4320x3240)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB JPG
Can scuffed, marked, slight discolouration, scratches or shit marks on your product destroy a toy for you or can you move past and live with it even if its in "trash" condition compared to perfect condition?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I buy second hand to save vintage toys from children and neglect. It's extremely satisfying. Scuffs can be removed 99% of the time. Hair can be straight-boiled 75% of the time. Cloth items and plushes can be safely laundered in a pillowcase. Almost everything "new" has been handled repeatedly by human hands anyway.
Be careful with these. Magic Erasers are light abrasives, so you're really just wetsanding your toy. You can destroy existing paint applications and/or change the finish of the plastic with these things.
Novus plastic cleaners are good, just watch what grade you use. No.2 is what I use and it's never disappointed me.
I bought that to remove a sharpie price mark on a doll I bought once. I didn't even go cheap and buy the generic store brand. I bought the real deal and it didn't work for shit.
If the the sharpie mark is on a vinyl part of the doll, then put a liberal dab of acne cream on the spot. Leave the doll on a sunny windowsill for a day. Wipe the cream off and it should have removed the spot.
On hard plastic, sharpie marks can be removed with some Goo-Gone applied to the spot. Just spray, wait for 5mins, then wipe with a paper towel to remove the sharpie mark.
Either technique can get rid of 90% of sharpie marks on plastic.
T. An Ebay Reseller.

File: 1555572636075.jpg (99 KB, 923x713)
99 KB
Did you ever refrain from buying a toy because the character had a too high power level and it would break your ecosystem?

Not necessarily in your adulthood, but any time in your life.
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>Will never have that pure fun again

Just play Super Robot Wars or even Smash Brothers. Its literally this in videogame form. Smash Bros are literally toys in the opening for a reason.

Or just watch the Japanese adventure series everytime I hear the insert songs it makes me feel as hyped as that. Incidentally they make good exercise songs.
I dont really trust Keroro. Hes eyeing up that gauntlet.
Smash bros has no good toys
A bunch of them have figma though
I just imagine him in the humanoid, muscular form finally completing his mission.

File: ECMBTroUcAA-Obp.jpg (248 KB, 1152x2048)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
Lose the MOTU license, move on to other 80s muscle men.

Super7 is doing the 1982 Arnold Schwartzenegger Conan the Barbarian movie figures!
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Agreed, though that might not be an issue if it were the warpaint version.
The sculpts on all of these look great. This line, Turtles, Thundercats, etc. But these bodies are trash. They have outdated articulation with bad range of motion, and that Conan's body looks laughable next to how detailed everything else is. They should have taken the opportunity to update things with these new molds.
I don't think so. He looks more muscular.
>Conan can't 2 hand his sword
He looks hilariously misproportioned.
Damn, it was the same with the recent Dolph Lundgren MOTU movie He-Man and Skeletor figures. The new body parts and accesories looked great and I'd have bought the figures in a heartbeat if they didn't look so hilariously bad when put together with classic body parts.

why the hate?
46 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Definitely not dead, they're still releasing them. And they have even started up a new 6" line called Bring Arts.
you can still get a vanille figure from amazon but good luck with fang as she sells close to $200.

they're not dead as long as they hold your favorite character hostage. i cant wait to get a hold on the remake versions of tifa and aerith
I didn't post that did I.
Realistically? Square is unbelievably incompetent when it comes to figures.

The scale was shit, and the figures don't even scale with each other half the time, let alone anything else.

The overall engineering of the figures was shit. For a line with a scale as big as it was, it's dumbfounding how fucking poorly they integrated joints into the figures.

Their aesthetic was shit. The sculpting was very hit or miss and they went overboard with shading with a lot of figures in the worst way. Then they started doing their own unique takes on characters and they were overdesigned as fuck.

The quality was shit. They never seemed to find the balance with their plastic quality so you ended up with brittle and gummy plastics.

The price was the absolute shittiest thing about them. It kept going up over time and it was never really justified because they never really improved.

tldr; poorly-scaled, poorly-engineered, poorly-designed, poor quality overpriced trash.
Man, you're not wrong, but your post got more and more comedic the further I read due to all the
There are other descriptors you can use for "thing is bad."

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