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How much demand will there be? Coming out next week
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>t. boomer
Are you only saying this because you're lumped in with the worst generations?
>What is GI Joe being multicultural heroes & white terrorists?
Mostly IDW being absolute idiots about to bankrupt themselves for thinking that twitter reflects reality.
You sound more retarded for implying that's how he sounds. Retard.
"Experience" the game calls it

Opinions about what got announced this last wonfes?

Previous Thread >>7377336

Toyline general info:

Max Factory figma list & blog

Reviews and news about GSC/MF products by Kahotan

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I think the fact that he's a ninja figure who has fairly limited articulation.
Otherwise, I don't see what'd be awful except the size of the blade maybe. Aside from those two issues, he's great.
Nooooo. It's Fate bros, t-they won't fuck up a Fate figure, w..will they!?
I've got Eli, so another vote for her. Umi has a cute vexed expression face plate, so that works in her favor. >>7396808 isn't wrong, though.

I will say this about those Idols, if you're not careful they'll multiply on you.
File: 1549762380495.jpg (76 KB, 1200x800)
76 KB
New thread

>dat but

File: download.jpg (17 KB, 369x263)
17 KB
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I'm male and mine are bigger
Would I steal an expensive toy from a yard sale? You're darn skippy I would.
Villains are scalpers.
well Andy ended up giving the toys away to that little girl.... and the Bear from the day care almost killed everyone
so this guy wasn't wrong. he didn't know the toys were alive and selling it to a museum seems like a pretty good idea (That's literally what Indiana Jones was seen as a hero for. taking things from the hands of private collectors and into a museum)
it is weird how indiana jones is a hero for doing this, but in this movie hes a villain for the exact same thing
False. Some look different irl.

File: DyuSy3dVsAAx4vH.jpg (83 KB, 1200x800)
83 KB
5 Hours til WF

Read the fucking guide:

Prev. thread: >>7361742

>MD AGA Ayaka and Aika prototypes to be displayed at WF
>Busou Shinki Edelweiss, FAG Letizia, DTA FGO wave 2 released
>FA Girls movie premieres Summer 2019
>New kit line by GSC with Apsy using Machineca announced, chitocerium, prototype being sold at WF2019W, limited to 500 pieces
>Dark Advent color prototypes shown

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I'm surprised as well, but I'm glad they did. Powerfists and transforming trident bows are my jam, but I'd rather not have literal dragon dildos in my display cabinet.
Well where else do you keep your dragon dildos?
New thread: >>7392329
Edelweiss is a MD in denail.

File: rare shit.jpg (84 KB, 540x405)
84 KB
Does anyone have these Autotech deals?

its some fucking obscure spanish toy manufactureres failed attempt at a toyline.

If anyone has em, are they good, and post some pictures, im incredibly intrigued by these.
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well interesting.

Hows the connection points?
and did they have any poseability?
i don't remember them being super fragile.
>and did they have any poseability?
arms. both sets used a single vehicle to be the lower body, and it wasn't even legs - just tracks.
so, did you have to fold them up to these things, or was it like a spring loaded deal?

and i guess how good they were as just toy cars?
>so, did you have to fold them up to these things, or was it like a spring loaded deal?
the former.
>and i guess how good they were as just toy cars?
i suppose they were fairly nice. honestly can't remember the scale of them.
very interesting.

So I want to buy my first 1/6 scale figure: seamless female body phicen, and outfit it with whatever clothes and accessories I can find. Namely boots, Jeans, camo/fatigue pants, whatever tops, also corset and lingerie :), and lots of guns. But I dont know where to start. I've heard that there can be paint/dye transfer from clothing to phicen bodies, what do I look out for? I've seen a lot of stuff i might like on ebay but dunno if theyll stain my phicen. What is the best place to buy clothing and accessories and guns? I checked the catalog and didnt see a 1:6 scale general, so i guess let this be it. Any help is very much appreciated.
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Thanks for the advice. I remember seeing a video of someone wrapping their phicen with saran wrap where stockings and pants would be, going that extra mile to take care not to stain and to also remove and put on clothing. I thought maybe it was cheap Chinese made clothing? I guess nothing is totally garanteed to not stain with clothing...
That's not a bad idea, I was gonna suggest something like that actually but I figured it was too much of a pain (and also would be very difficult for stuff like corsets/lingerie).

And yeah, it's really hard to tell what will stain or not. I've seen even Hot Toys clothes stain bodies, and I think most would agree that those are some of the most high-end clothes in the 1/6 game.
Well shit... hot toys clothes stain. Maybe I should consider plastic bodies with visible joints for any fully clothed 1:6 figure I want to put together. Still want a phicen body though for to show some skin, maybe for a 2B project.
Anybody have any kit bashes they want to share?? I Could use some ideas.
if you are just getting bodies for exposed knees and elbows, semi-seamless bodies are better for it.

Seamless bodies are great for something like exposed shoulders and stuff.
Awesome, I did not know about this, thank you. What sucks is the main site that sells them are sold out, hopefully theyll stock up soon. Ebay and I think Amazon has them for double the price, I might wait it a bit hoping the main site re stocks...


What do you think, anons? DC's retail toys don't really have anywhere to go but up.
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I mean, the toys are still gonna be shit.
File: IMG_20190216_195516.jpg (264 KB, 2048x2048)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
At the very least these guys are coming out.

Concept figures of BTAS Red Hood and AzBats
I mean, no, not really.

Best gifts for a toy collector?
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and they sold out in minutes.

No doubt to alt-rightists who masturbated all over them. They secretly wanna fuck her.
If you don't want to go with money, I think things like accessories, stands or even a small display case would be good gifts. Anything that adds to toys without being a toy.
Sure let me just hop into my time machine real quick!
File: Jar Jar suicide.jpg (70 KB, 820x581)
70 KB
Will her actress commit suicide over this?

Jar Jar's actor considered it, saying he couldn't handle fans non-stop shitting on him
My good sir. You have just scored one (ONE!) internet. Don’t spend it all in one place. Hohoho. That post really was epic. Truly... truly epic.

Is he really my best option when it comes to a super poseable Mario? I was super excited when he came out and have had him since launch but I was messing around with him the other day and he's still super limited articulation wise. Do you think it's even possible to make a super poseable Mario while retaining his proportions? If so how would you? Also Nintendo figure thread I guess, post some custom Marios if you'vs seen anything related.
24 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.

I think I like this guy. What’s albw stand for?
A Link Between Worlds
Is that your shot, anon? Looks great!
I need a more poseable Peach than the WON one

File: IMG_20190213_025101.jpg (853 KB, 1564x1564)
853 KB
853 KB JPG
Anyone know of these are 1/12 passing? Sold at Michael's for $15
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You're just in luck, OP:
Those are pretty great. Any idea what to use as "mortar" to make an actual wall?
that seems like a lot of unnecessary work, you'd probably be better off doing something like >>7390586, make it one pice, just do less of a shitty job
File: brick-wall-tutorial-11.png (1.58 MB, 900x883)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
It was just a random diorama image I grabbed from google. If you think it looks bad, you could do a better job. The porous looking bricks in OP will always look bad.
also this set >>7390671 only gives you a tiny 3"x3" square, you'd need to buy a LOT of them to get a decently sized wall

File: 20190207_150025.jpg (2.75 MB, 1836x2597)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB JPG
How... how is this something I found in the year of our Lord 2019? I know toy story 4 is coming out but they haven't announced any more additions or even a rerelease of the toy story collection line.
Do I buy it?
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Shit maybe, The chest armor looks familiar. Thank you by the way.
You went full retard with the hoplophobe shit, faggot.
These things are at every thrift store for just a few dollars ea.
I only buy Walmart. Everything else is too expensive.

File: Autobots Get Out.jpg (57 KB, 666x666)
57 KB
Old thread is on autosage. Continue here.

Who is the most redpilled Transformer, /tfg/?
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File: 1419217695842.jpg (162 KB, 716x540)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Look in the driver side window....
New thread:
were you around when prime was big? you could smell the tuna
Cartoon purists weren't pissed, people who felt they were paying $60 for a scout class that had worse posability than an actual scout class were.
from Beast Wars in the same category there is; Waspinator, Inferno, and Terrersaur. how ever i would say they were unlucky how they always got messed up which was entertaining and funny most of (if not all) the time. where as Jar Jar is just an idiot doing idiot things for "laughs"

File: DxlYw9BX0AI1JVh.jpg (72 KB, 800x800)
72 KB
WonFes-exclusive Roll Caskett is announced, without Data of course. I'll gladly eat my words if they do throw him in with this but I highly doubt it. It would make too much sense.

Kotobukiya will be revealing a new Mega Man X model kit at Wonderfest. Tron Bonne is hinted to be next in the 4 Inch Nel line, so we might see her at the show as well. Last but not least the Nendoroid figures seem to be selling well, so I expect we'll see another announcement on that front too.

Any hopes and dreams?
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>Didn't they show a teaser or something for MM11?
Yeah, two Decembers ago.
File: 1537410480450.png (2 KB, 120x184)
2 KB
>Blues or Bass
>Yeah, two Decembers ago.
Just to back up my post:


Fucking nothing since then.
fuggin finally got one of those ride armors ordered.

File: Untitled.png (19 KB, 1744x774)
19 KB
My brother and I had two of these toys circa 1984-1987. They were soft plastic, not articulated, just cast. Pretty sure they had hard plastic eyes glued on them. About 4-6 inches tall. The one on the left was purple and had a bumpy head, the one on the right was blue and looked cat-like or alien-like. They were hollow, and pretty sure they had a hole on the bottom that was plugged, almost like a bank, but I dont remember there being any coin slots on them.

I swear I remember that the packaging told kids to whisper secrets or wishes into these things for some reason. There may have been a bunch of other ones we never got, but these are the only two we had.

Help me out. This has been bugging me for decades.
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File: 2eda7ax.jpg (227 KB, 1600x1200)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
Super Dino Monsters?
No, but close. These are really cool btw. I don't remember them being painted at all.
bumping for the truth

i wonder how they will be? https://youtu.be/-Nct2PRXrNQ

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