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File: D3Rcd1RX4AEIdDg.jpg (76 KB, 1199x855)
76 KB
Last Thread: >>7460113

Targets are currently getting Spyro, the newest Kenner Aliens (with Apone being spotty), more Turtle restocks, Godzilla '63, Ultimate Predator (Jungle & City) re-releases/updates.
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File: roy5.jpg (59 KB, 640x960)
59 KB
Oh lawd he comin
File: roy4.jpg (73 KB, 640x960)
73 KB
Roy looks so awesome.
You can get the tiny bricks in all the way, just takes some force.
Man, that really looks great!
New thread:

File: funko.jpg (169 KB, 450x600)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
>you will never own this funko pop

why even live?
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until some Chinese company does a KO, anyway
Someone's salty they didn't invest in funkos back when the rare ones were cheap.
Bizarro /toy/ thread? Bizarro /toy/ thread.

>Man I love buying and collecting Pops®! There is nothing more rewarding. Perfect paint apps, amazing articulation, and those incredibly detailed motorized eyes that track you as you walk around the room!
>It's no wonder that Funko® put Bandai and Hasbro out of business, these are the most perfect collectibles ever created!
Pops are the beanie babies of the modern era. The bubble is already starting to burst. Craig’s List and eBay are full of people dumping their collections. Stores are sitting on unsold piles of pops that will never move. People who invested heavily in this stuff will lose their shirts. I have even found Pop at the dollar store.
and yet you will find YT videos titled "how to collect Funko Pops" which amount to

>buy Pop
>never take pop out of box, despite them being too cheap to use factory tape
>spend as much as you paid for the Pop to buy a plastic box to put the Pop box into, for "protection"
>line several walls in your home with these things

They''re like those gamer fuckheads that buy every used game cartridge they see only to slap them onto shitty shelves all over their house but never play them, because running a flash cart or an emulator is still 1000x easier and cheaper

File: redwing.jpg (59 KB, 919x851)
59 KB
Old thread >>7485023

Because the Seeker mold is the goose with the golden milk.
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>implying FT can still make good toys
the truth is out there.


File: 1470704102406.jpg (89 KB, 1080x1080)
89 KB
I'm interested. how much? that's a freakin' wicked car mode.
No details at all aside from it being around 20 cm in robot mode.
i love leni!

How do you make good play videos?

Watch this; all of it.
Take many in-depth notes
Come back with what you've learned

Besides less than 10 figuarts releases, why is the biggest media franchise ever's toy's so weak. Half of the figures look like bootlegs. All the model kits require 30+ stickers.
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Maybe I should say that I collect dildos to align more with her interests.
>hey its fir kids :)
Kill yourself retard
Fuck off jannies there was no reason to mass censor anything in this thread you feckless pissant manchildren.
>Acting like a child
I guess you love Pokémon, then.
Oof, why the janitors delete every post

File: muscular-back-1.jpg (50 KB, 800x600)
50 KB
Post some toys that look damned good from behind
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File: yea wait no.jpg (26 KB, 539x839)
26 KB
>He's just not playable
I'm sure it'll be fine, but it's like you knew the exact words to get the old anxiety goin'.
File: hqdefault.jpg (15 KB, 480x360)
15 KB
Cyclops has diminished gluteal syndrome.
Is that Challenger or El Cid?

File: 1271210582719.jpg (955 KB, 1000x750)
955 KB
955 KB JPG
Post rooms of toy maniacs. Post photos of rooms filled with toys from people who love their hobby to the max - no simplified clean normie shit.
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Holy tits. How long does that take to dust?
amazing. I hope he has collection insurance.
Love all the pics so much
Portals to worlds of pure imagination
not sure what to think of the rest of it but my guy has some awesome cels

File: s-l1000 (1).jpg (71 KB, 900x721)
71 KB
I want to fuck the girl kinder egg because I am a heterosexual male dripping with testosterone.

File: EVA_Suit(2).gif (43 KB, 470x558)
43 KB
Things you'd kill for a figure of

>Ship is called the toybox
>No real toys
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Oh nice
even with beginner's 3d modeling and a 3d printer you could easily make your own
File: print.png (126 KB, 960x350)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
>not learning a new skill and investing in tech thats more affordable than people think for a hobby you enjoy
ok bud
File: Doom dream toyline.jpg (53 KB, 671x720)
53 KB
I prefer original Doom figures

File: Mezseid.jpg (165 KB, 1024x1024)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Hey there, hi there, ho there.

I was wondering if someone out there with a Mezco Darkseid could post a few in-hand pics of him. Me and a few other anons from the Mezco thread have been requesting to see some in-hand pics of him that aren't being done by reviewers and aren't being hit with a ton of studio light.

Mezco thread started going on about how posting pics is a trap or some shit since yesterday and it's going nowhere. If someone could be a bro and post that shit; I'd be eternally grateful
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>Not him
How many other people on this board speak like a geriatric? Come in grampa subjectanon, we know it's you.
>i can't stand a world where anyone disagrees with me so anyone who does is a samefag who i hate more than anything and blame me derailing teh thread on him
generation z a shit.
>Calls people the same few insults
>Posts in the same voice, not even trying to change his mannerisms
>Samefags for half the thread
>Calls everyone else a troll
Subjectanon a shit
Are you talking about yourself?
>Those eye beams

I am trying to find something I remember buying from quite a few years ago, I remember these things being quite fun to have and use with the website it had. Let me describe it for you guys so I can hopefully find out what these were. I don't have any of the figures in my possession currently so I can't include any pictures all I can do is describe them.

They were these plastic figures with usually a round head and a full on body but no hands or anything like that. Sort of like gumbi in a way but not flat in the slightest. They had many different kinds with different designs and I remember them being a little bit expensive for what they were. They were used on an online website like club penguin, but with more minigames and more places to go. The different figures you got would unlock different areas to explore and more minigames to play. I remember there being a race track, some sort of secret underworld place, a beach area with different sort of tropical bullet shaped figures, and some japanese place. If anybody can help me find these that would help a lot, and if you need more info just ask.
I'll wait 10 more minutes, I guess theres not that much traffic here. Its 4am and I gotta get some sleep.
>round head
Funko Pop?
UB Funkeys
Holy shit this is still here?
Also, thanks anon it is UB Funkeys I looked for them for like 3 hours before I made the post. I finally have the satisfaction to move on with my life knowing that I have found what they were called.
>Holy shit this is still here?
/po/ would blow your mind

File: slingshot-hunter-20.jpg (182 KB, 1100x1422)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
don't mind me, just the most chad toy passing through
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But that's what I- oh you cheeky fuck.
No, if he killed the crow he would be fully cursed. He is only half cursed.
>huge weed plant grows into prefect Y at base of stem
>Drying the stump on porch to make into weed slingshot
>wife throws it away on garbage day while I'm at work
yeah those things are actually weapons. I think this thread is more suited for /k/
/k/ views slings as toys, same with air rifles

File: sss.png (366 KB, 1165x520)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
Do these count as toys?
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and 90% of them on eBay are KOs that use a different mold because it came out first. You might luck out and find the second mold based on the official version.... but the flash memory will be a low-capacity fake that you shouldn't use for data, however they often go cheap enough it's worth it for the toy.

Just be warned the first KO has an unsightly gap in the torso.
There’s a shitton of fakes on the market though
File: FLAG.png (13 KB, 1280x640)
13 KB
Bump for more toys like this

File: 91OPE+23FEL._SY355_.jpg (38 KB, 355x355)
38 KB
Is Monsuno an example of a time flop?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I have no idea what the fuck this is
Jakks has the DC license?
I thought Monsuno was around when they lost their Pokemon license.
but spin masters didnt make monsuno. you thick sex
it may have been in the books, but Tomy hadn't popped up til months after Jakks' last second wave

File: Xenobegging.jpg (144 KB, 650x700)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
What is considered to be the best Xenomorph figure?
I got the Figma one recently and I do like it be I'm a little put off by it's limited articulation. It's head can't go back terribly far nor it's feet bend enough to have it in a good crawling pose.

Also Alien figure general I guess.
62 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
Wonder how the redesign for this would be, I'd imagine it would have to be queen sized. Hopefully they take liberties with it like they did the rest of the line. I'm also waiting for the aliens from the avp extinction rts.
can you post more pics of that predalien? Is that also a mcfarlane?
They seem pretty nice to me. I might grab one or two at some point.
No way its full on queensized with wings,at best it'll be maybe a few inches taller than a standard xeno with wings. Which I wouldn't mind, the old flying queen wasn't much bigger than a basic xeno.
It's the original run Neca Predalien, it was like their first thing back when AVP R came out. It's pretty much a statue that looks neat. I'll post pictures when i find his stand it's still in storage.

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