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File: IMG_20190430_163518.jpg (3.88 MB, 4032x3024)
3.88 MB
3.88 MB JPG
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>no uprising shit
I think I bought Leatherback from Amazon back when he was like 25 bucks or so. I just checked his pricing and DAMN, what the fuck happened? Why is he so expensive now? I didn't think he was all that popular.
Quite a few Pacific Rim figures have either maintained their value or gone up a bit--very few seem to have actually dropped in value. And then there are a few weird anomalies like Leatherback. I dunno, maybe it was the fact that his design was so different from all the others, and the fact that he seemed hard to find at retail (I never saw him at all, and heard some others complaining around that time), and the fact that he never got an updated remake. All these things could have contributed.
Also nice pencil case fucker
Because buying a NECA figure is like Russian roulette, either you get great figure or a fragile piece of crap.

Uhhhh did Jazwares just put out the best mass-market action figures in years?
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I don't even play this game but I know a good generic for fight scenes when I see one.
not gonna lie, the right one looks interesting.
I asume these figures include a code to redeem the character on the game, right?
>I asume these figures include a code to redeem the character on the game, right?

Do you have a Revoltech you could put it next to for comparison? The Ninja looking dude's or even Wildcard's head would look beautiful on a custom I want to fiddle with.

I just want to see if the heads are similar in size
God could you imagine the fallout?
Reddit already has a complete meltdown if anything "OG" ever returns to the shop.

but the game is still Early Access. they're %100 going to re release everything.
Just matters when

Found these bootlegs on aliexpress, guess it was just a matter of time. Bootleg general? Bootleg general
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Should I get the Genos Dasin figure?

I love how it looks online, but am worried he might be loose feeling.
Also does he scale well with Polynian / Figuarts?
How was he?
If ya like the looks, go for it. The figure is exactly as he looks in your pic. The articulation is more Figuarts than figma, but mine isn't floppy at all. For height tho, he seems a bit tall compared to other lines.
File: IMG_20190518_220451_231.jpg (86 KB, 1080x1079)
86 KB
I have Genos, he's pretty nice. No loose joints at all
File: guts.jpg (150 KB, 1080x1080)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Legs were loose, but like I said I just wanted it for the heads, the arms looks good as well though.

Tell me /toy/, when can I get an Ashley Too, or equivalent? 10 years? 20?
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>Take sisters Ashley into bathroom when no one is home
>Tell her you will murder your sister if she every says anything about this
>Make her watch you masturbate
>Make her say "come for mommy"
>Climax and shoot hot jizz all over her
>She moans and screams at you but this is 3d time and she won't talk
>Shut her down
>Clean her up and put her back
>Watches her intently as she happily sings with your sister knowing she is dead inside.
Holy FUCK I had this Poochy thing. Same exact color and everything.
we have the technology today. Just put a Ciri or an Alexia into a Furby body. The reason it's not a thing tho, is because the product would likely be too expensive and flimsy to be a kids toy

Jibo was that techonlogy
lol and checked
this fucking man

File: zanybrainy.jpg (214 KB, 792x475)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
What toy stores did /toy/ grow up with?

We had pic related, plus TRU and some castle-themed place where I saw Ronald McDonald fall down some stairs.
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I lived in a rural redneck area as a kid, and most of my childhood toy shopping was done in the toy aisles of Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and dollar stores (Dollar Tree used to have a decent toy section for its price range back in the late 90's/early 2000's)

However, whenever we would go to the malls, we would always hit up KB Toys, even if it was just to look at what they offered and check prices.

We also went to Toys R Us a few times, but it was fairly rare since the nearest TRU was a three-hour drive, so it was only if we were already in the area for another reason.
I remember that thing. it was so goddamn loud. the closed space and 1 ft distance didnt help
File: IMG_3695.jpg (117 KB, 390x463)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
ayy, different era but same city. My mom always took me to learning express toys, they always have a bunch of demos out and puzzles you can play with so she'd let us play around in there.
Learning Express gang, signing in.

I would get the Storm Collectables figures, they're supposed to be 1/12th scale but they're more like 1/11th scale. I just wish action figure companies would just use the same universal scale throughout, but they just don't care. 1/12th should always equal 6 inches for standard male characters, and 7-8 inches for bigger male characters, and a little under 6 inches for female/short male characters.

Like, holy shit, it's not that hard.
You switch to the metric system first, then we'll talk, donald.
Imagine having this much autism packed in your brain, now imagine spilling it out as a post as if anyone cares.
File: 1560053855000.jpg (47 KB, 625x416)
47 KB
>making another SC thread when there's already a dumpster fire burning
>they're more like 1/11th scale
I don't know about other characters, but I got Chun Li and it's exactly 1/10
I's not just an oversize from 1/12 but a whole different scale
Yeah I was probably underestimating a little, Storm Chun is like the same size as my Kotobukiya Black Canary for some reason, from head to toe.

File: Photo0349.jpg (479 KB, 1122x1122)
479 KB
479 KB JPG
Thanks to everyone who recommended Imperial Godzilla. My kid loves it. Now, what kind of robot can I get him? Transformers and Gundam usually aren't toddler safe.
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>Transformers aren't toddler safe
What? They've gone so hard on kiddie shit the past few years, the stuff looks like dog chew toys. There's no way in hell they aren't toddler safe if you see the average transfag buying them.
Bandai DX Sofubi RX-78 Gundam and Zaku II, if you can find them for a good price (retail was around $30 each I believe).
File: oof.jpg (386 KB, 720x738)
386 KB
386 KB JPG
>if you can find them for a good price
Wal-Mart has these nice blocky Transformers toys based off of the Prime show I think. They don't transform but they have arm, leg, and waist articulation. They're only 5 bucks, get him two.
I know he's not a robot, but what about ultraman?

File: 1532167846944.png (216 KB, 510x1151)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
Do you think you will ever grow out of/get over collecting toys? Is it something that you want to do?

I personally got myself out of a year long addiction after spending well over $3k because I was getting bored of it. I still have some interest in collecting figures, however.
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It was a lot more of an addict-like sensation when I bought a lot of stuff you could easily find on toy shelves, and was cheaper than imports. It was a lot easier for me to justify spending money on transformers or marvel universe figures when they were under 20 bucks, but then I found myself spending 200 in a week. It was definitely a problem when I was a poor student to be buying toys like that.

Now I make over 50k a year, and put 10% of my income into retirement, and another few hundred into a savings account every month, while also paying down old debts (just paid off a credit card the other week, felt good). Even after all that I can comfortably spend up to 400 a month on toys if I wanted, but I usually try not to. These days it's more about space for figures rather than funds.
Literally me rn,feel autistic having so much space dedicated to figures but they all look so fucking cool posed. I gotta get a proper display case and put it in a corner of my room so it looks less monkey-autistic and more classy maybe.
wtf bro
>always wait for the cheapest price possible, waiting for a good deal is way more fun than the rush of getting something in hand instantly
That's actually a good idea. I should start doing that.
>Do you think you will ever grow out of/get over collecting toys?
Probably not at this point. I'm 33 and married and my wife is fine with it, so I really have no reason to stop. My biggest goal is to try and keep it under control. I don't really want to be one of those guys with a room full of plastic, mostly because I find I don't enjoy it as much as having a smaller, focused collection that I actually frequently fiddle and play with. I've got one 4-tiered shelving unit that houses most of my toys, which get cycled to my desk depending on what I'm in the mood to play with. It works well and keeps me appreciating things. I'm trying to keep up with selling stuff that I no longer want. In general, anything I store away for more than a year without missing, I will let go of.

File: hover.jpg (115 KB, 800x532)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Welcome to Lego General, I don't want to write song lyrics either

previously >>7584901
/pbbg/ >>7553976

>/lg/ Flickr Group
>Archived Threads
>Third Party Information:
>Thread Challenge:
Post your best original waifig.
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Based triggered faggot still seething over RBG cameo
Junkrat & Roadhog are apealing indeed
Any marketing experts know how/if Friends is viable? Even in [current year] Lego seems 100% focused on boys and they're the ones who're interested in it. But with how long Friends have been going, I guess girls must like it, right? Or is it just manchildren who buy them to do unholy things with?
Ninjago HAD pirates. Also without pirate ship set.
Oh please no, why?

File: gondola.jpg (98 KB, 960x1280)
98 KB
>be me
>turn 23
>doorbell rings
>it's my grandma
>"Happy birthday, anon!"
>gives me a HUGE gondola doll (pic related)
>"I sewed you this woollen toy. I was looking at your Facebook with your mom wondering what you might like and we repeatedly saw this character so I decided to make you one!"

What do you think, /toy/?
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That's awesome and your grandma is awesome, you better of given her a big hug.
And happy birthday.
pedo bear's cousin?
I should be disappointed but this is the first time I've seen anyone mention Pedobear in years and it's made me nostalgic.
I really miss Gurodragon, personally.
Reverse image search gives me plywood. What is this meme thingy?

File: D7wW1nnXsAY4YDa.jpg large.jpg (481 KB, 1296x1292)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
It's happening. This will be a lot of collector's crown jewel.
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haha losers, mattel has just announced mattycollector is reopening and they will be releasing classics snake mountain for 300$
I'd rape and kill someone in front of their own mother just for all that to be true.
Someone from the transformer thread apparently bought new meteorb KOs in 2019.

I didn’t think they still made them but Bandai has made a new line with new molds. You think theylll bring them stateside?
>things that never happened for $100, Alex

File: 0210_180924_dxfyag_h.jpg (83 KB, 418x608)
83 KB
For me it's Venom.
Also John Wick should be releasing this month
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the gashapon has articulation
File: IMG_2291.jpg (3.15 MB, 4032x3024)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB JPG
Sorry, meant to say, yes, it really hinders articulation when you try to bend forward. And when you do bend it forward you can see the top of the rubber thing sticking out on it's upper back.
File: IMG_2292.jpg (2.65 MB, 4032x3024)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB JPG
>How are the shoulder pylons attatched? That's something I always hated about the RD and wanted someone to do better.

This is the set-up:
The shoulder has a ball joint sticking out of the top.
a little triangle thing pegs into that.
Pylon pegs into the triangle thing.

It is pretty much the same set up as RD except in the RD the triangle thing seems to be permanently attached.

But yeah, the Mafex pylons have been popping off a lot more for me then the RD do (which doesn't happen to much on my RD Evas).
dear god, please drop order for my pre-order of this and i won't be pissed at all.
I have wanted to rip the plastic arms off of that Zeruel and replace it with some sort of ribbon with a wire in it for ages but have not found the perfect ribbon yet.

File: 1533082528645.jpg (206 KB, 800x800)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
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File: thomas.jpg (74 KB, 800x600)
74 KB
We are still too weak, brother! Let us combine our powers!
This is how far we've fallen.
File: image.jpg (233 KB, 1024x1020)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
>Chicken scraps
>Some PCB scraps
>Eva shoulder pylons
>Chewing gum
>That mask thing

Who spawned this shit?
It puts the lotion on its skin

Old thread on sage >>7581947

I don't have her on order or anything, but I can't deny she's at least interesting.
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I like the gimmick, could stand for some more tits but if the lack of them means we get a femboi night beat I'm down to clown

Is that sword/axe a reference to the striker manus extra weapon set?

These guys look clunky and the figures could probably be done better but I want FoC versions of these guys so bad I'll buy them regardless. At least the weapon designs are on point.
>We can do it too!
New thread:

So people suggest me to drill a hole in the peg and another on the hand, then use a metal tube to join both parts and glue. However i don't feel to safe about the drilling part. What drill bit should i use for this? And what kind of glue should i use to complement it? It is not necessary to extract the peg out of the forearm to later work better with the hand?

Im thinking on doing something like on this video but with a hot needle instead of a drill: https://youtu.be/1Dfxr6f6AIg

Thanks for the help anons.
18 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Are you happy now OP?
Why not just drill out space in both the hand and arm and place a magnet in each end?
If you are going to go through the effort of drilling and gluing anyway, might as well make the connection more permanent and stable. Drilling wide-enough spaces for magnets is more complicated than just drilling a shaft for a thin metal rod. OP might be too inexperienced for that.

It might also be too small for a magnet that's strong enough for a solid connection. In addition, over time, the magnet will get weaker, and then you'll have to go through the effort of removing the magnets from the glue somehow and replacing them.
OP here again. Thanks for the suggestions so far.
I forgot to mention that i don't have the figure with me at the moment and just bought it for cheap so that's why i haven't started with the fix but is on the way.

Also does anyone know how could i fix that little bended plastic too? Maybr using some hot water and pushing the plastic back on it's original place? Seems harder to fix than the actual hand...

I would like to restore this figure to it's former glory. Tell me is possible.
>use the gel/thick super glue not the thin stuff
Not OP, just an anon on similar train, gonna try this. Thanks.

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