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File: priszords.jpg (126 KB, 1280x720)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Last thread has hit bump limit.

>Newly Released
-Beast Morphers Basic Figures (Gold Ranger, Silver Ranger, Powered-Up Red Ranger, Drilltron, Evox)
-Beast Morphers 12” Figures (Yellow Ranger, Silver Ranger, Gold Ranger)
-Beast Morphers Dual Converting Zords (Beast Wheeler, Beast Chopper, Beast Jet)
-Beast Morphers Triple Converting Zords (Beast Racer, Beast Wrecker)
-Beast Morphers Beast-X Ultrazord (Non-transformable)
-Beast Morphers Beast-X Electronic Saber
-Beast Morphers Electronic Cheetah Claw
-Beast Morphers Striker Morpher Blaster

-Lightning Collection SDCC Mighty Morphin Armored Red Ranger & Zeo Gold Ranger
-Lightning Collection (MMPR Pink, Magna Defender, Beast Morphers Red, Beast Morphers Gold)
-Lightning Collection 2-Packs (Fighting Spirit Green Ranger & Putty)

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>the mini-pla
>a vintage one
>the imaginext toy
>there's probably a sofubi on yahoo jp
those are your options
and soul of chogokin
File: IMG_4981.jpg (109 KB, 565x753)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
I want at least 3 more.
>Is it expensive to collect old Zords now?
It'll cost you a pretty penny, but not too fucking bad so long as you don't give a shit about a box and can get hold of your own stickers.
Just bought a old-school Dragozord with all the parts from my local comic shop. Best 40bucks I ever spent .

File: d0b.jpg (35 KB, 680x408)
35 KB
I realize that I only enjoy a glimmer of happiness these days when opening new toys. Sniffing the brand new plastic, pose it around for 30 minutes, take some pictures, and then back to hollow emptiness. 90% of my toys are boxed up because I don't have enough space to display them. I'm too poor to get a new apartment because I keep buying new toys that go straight to the box and storage. I'm collecting for the sake of collecting, well I already have 2 characters from this line/team, might as well complete them. One day I hope to have a big house/apartment so I can make nice display for all of my toys. But that's like 15-20 years from now. FML
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Worse than going into debt over toys. What's your fucking problem?
File: 1539412861540.png (281 KB, 419x383)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
>saw $200 toy
>"aw i like that robot but that's expensive"
>brain: "but you could sell it more than $200 later. you got new toy AND money!"
>buy the toy anyway

how do i stop this
I need to stop myself before it gets to bad of a habit.

I want to get the cool posable figures, but they're expensive. Sadly, I don't know of any good quality cheap figures...
My personal rule is "don't buy toys you want, only toys you REALLY want."
Granted, this is probably not a one size fits all solution. I don't like clutter and have some kind of neurosis about spending money.
I'll never understand this mindset. I'm always wishing I could buy more, but characters I really love rarely get anything.

File: nonerf.jpg (172 KB, 1600x1200)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
No one can kill the foam warriors, let's debate and formulate strategies for the ultimate blaster.
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File: 1318282730035.jpg (98 KB, 1024x768)
98 KB
>Been wanting to turn mine into a Dead Space Plasma Cutter for almost 3 years
>Never got around to it

You don't really need that piece for it to function. The spring rest is a little bit forward of that and the Elite plunger stem doesn't stick out so much like the old N Strike ones.
the part that sticks out is not required, hell the Recon was originally designed without it

this original design was recalled because of the danger of kids getting their skin pinched between the reverse plunger and stock piece, and Hasbro put the cover on it ever since
pictured with the plunger fully primed
Only if you want to die.


File: FIGURE-051441_10.jpg (88 KB, 800x800)
88 KB
Be aware HLJ and AmiAmi placed shipping restriction to certain countries. Also Optimus Prime release has moved to October.

Jessie (Reissue)

Iron Man Bleeding Edge Armor (Reissue)
Evangelion Unit-08b Improvised Combat Configuration
MiniQ Dokuro-man Plus (Pirates ver.)

Convoy / Optimus Prime
Blue Impulse Danboard Mini (6 types, exclusive?)


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when zootop 2 comes out
he's at 200 now?
holy fuck
casual here, glad i didn't pick up griffith for 40 bucks, he looks not great
Would probably work better swapping his head on the knight's body. That sculpt really shows it's age.
i'm not saying the figma is incredible, but that image is fucking garbage. something about the lighting or the filter

Do any of you fags play airsoft?
Im about the buy a really nice m4 with a mosfet and "lipo ready"
Any suggestions?
maybe something like pic related
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airsoft is gay
I'm >>>/asp/ deep in ur mom
File: sg_fashion_snap_g044_00b.jpg (816 KB, 1500x1000)
816 KB
816 KB JPG
Wow this is a slow board, our threads will last great here.

Does anyone else here get on a new kick every so often, spend hundreds on a specific line, only to sell it off a few months later at a loss? I’ve done this multiple times now. Is it a shopping addiction? I need to stop, it’s putting a burden on my finances.
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I dont personally know your story but bipolar, depressed and manic people tend to go on spending binges. Which kinds sounds like you.
>buy figure
>get happy
>wait for it to ship
>sorta regret purchase
>buy another figure few weeks/months later
I have something similar. It’s mostly cause I work a lot. Like... ALOT. I have money but all my friends live 2 states away so it’s my way of entertainment. I don’t do it as much if about to take a trip or occupied with something else like a book series.

It’s a combo of seeking fulfillment and being a consumer culture. Like people who eat for happiness. It’s not healthy.

I spend at least a grand per month on excess stuff. Granted my salary can afford it and I’m still on track to retiring early but it’s really not healthy and I’d prob buy less things if I had friends nearby.

I don’t open anything since I’m working and end up selling for profit. I guess that’s my way of making something I know isn’t healthy at least not harmful. Or something like that.
Do you think expanding what you do with your toys would help you feel more satisfied with what you have instead of needing to buy more? Like toy photography or model kits.

I don't have any idea if this will work for you, but my personal purchase-curbing philosophy is "I don't buy toys I want, only toys I REALLY want".
>Do you think expanding what you do with your toys would help you feel more satisfied with what you have instead of needing to buy more? Like toy photography or model kits.
Not OP but this is a good idea. I may try this myself....you don't even need a good camera or professional equipment. And you can make a lightbox for cheap.

Whats the most youve ever spent on a fig?
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$200 total for original PlayArts Tifa and Aerith. I’m satisfied with them being in my collection, considering how expensive the newer Kia figures can get. There’s also not really a good alternative for og Tifa’s design.

450$? after shipping for the exclusive version of him.

I don't know if a sword qualifies as a toy, but a 50 lb guts sword.
Aw, that's a good story. Definitely worth it.
File: Hermione-StarAce-214.jpg (50 KB, 640x480)
50 KB
350 bucks
There's some good ones if you know where to look, but then if you want to put in the effort you can buy a Resin cast of it. Has the bonus of coloring it however the hell you want.

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No because the actor was straight shit you fucking retard. Fuck you asshole. The actor needed acting lessons 3 times during filming. He shouldve been an abortion.
Magneto got back
Nope. It got caught in the crossfire of all the morons that said "I hate the sequel trilogy so much, I'll show you, I won't see an OT-era movie!" Jesus, the right response to hating TForce Awakens was to not see Last Jedi and the right response to hating Last Jedi is to not see Rise of Skywalker. Don't take it out on unrelated productions!
>A Disney Star Wars movie is an unrelated production to a Disney Star Wars movie
It is if you're crying about the ST characters/plots.

What is the best toy and why is it a cardboard box? Pro tip: I’m right.
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File: me_irl.gif (609 KB, 250x250)
609 KB
609 KB GIF
I agree OP. I'm also a huge fan of lasers and balls with noisemakers in em.
board solved good job
File: Lolcat.jpg (29 KB, 500x380)
29 KB
I second this theory
File: __box-1.jpg (99 KB, 584x600)
99 KB
I concur; there is no greater toy on earth. Doubles as a comfy nap spot. 10/10 would slep in again
On the internet, nobody knows you are a cat

File: rx782.jpg (7 KB, 210x240)
7 KB
is it wrong to sometimes play with my action figures like a child?
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thanks for the tip mate
You're in for a good time, the quality on those is great.
so I've heard
Nah, bro. You do you.
No, it's relaxing sometimes.

Reminder that Pyrates was the best thing back then
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Just because oldschool Mega Bloks werent the best building block system doesnt mean they werent fun toys. Take away comparisons to Lego and you get awesomely huge, modular playsets with cool fantasy designs and huge monster figures.
Box office bombs still make money; it just didnt make much money over its budget.
The g.o.a.t. was having the pirates raid your Dragon's castle, then finally make peace and go on the sea on an adventure, plus dropping a lego star wars crossover.
just remembered it yesterday. was the best thing ever
The best thing to ever happen to Mega Bloks. They went from shitty Lego clone to a more different building system and laid the foundations for what they are now. Really shame the plastic quality was so shit though, all my figures from my childhood are practically statues because my parents had to superglue them back together.

File: BST.png (931 KB, 1501x762)
931 KB
931 KB PNG

-We have e-mails for a reason. USE THEM.
-Be sure to have PRICES (with photos preferably) in your SALE listings - NO "feeler" posts, just post the thing with a price.
-Ignore price-policing posts, as someone will ALWAYS complain. E-mail the seller and communicate accordingly if pricing is an issue.
-Don't be a fag.

Previous Thread: >>7667779
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Built/Junker MG GM sniper ii or command colony type

need specific pieces to replaces some broken ones for a custom
I'm in the US but if you're willing to ship i may be interested in some/all of this

msg me aff219@gmail.com
GundaMX facebook group
File: a01[2].gif (1.39 MB, 320x240)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB GIF
Just post prices for the Transformers and Carls jr. No one cares about the rest.

File: greentoysgetfucked.jpg (1.88 MB, 3264x1836)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
This is a thread for RED toys.

Come hang out with the coolest of colors!
8 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
he's right tho. It's not a cool color.
File: 1.jpg (341 KB, 600x800)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
Now this I can get into.
File: Redteam2.jpg (810 KB, 1982x1022)
810 KB
810 KB JPG
Here's a crappy picture I took for another thread.
File: 0819191627-1.jpg (763 KB, 3035x1647)
763 KB
763 KB JPG
File: P1130764.jpg (1.43 MB, 1500x1000)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG

File: NG28.png (1.79 MB, 1000x1626)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB PNG
Recently Released:
SHF Mewtwo
Isabelle (Smash) amiibo
Pokemon Trainer amiibo
Pichu amiibo


Nendoroid Beam Kirby

Link's Awakening Link amiibo
Squirtle amiibo
Ivysaur amiibo

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>finally get a sonic figure that scales perfectly with mario and the rest of the smash crew

>its a bendy figure that'll probably break with little to no effort

introducing Sonic's new friend, Paws the Monkey
She's on the cover, and features heavily in marketing material. How in the world could you beleive she a random side character?
beam kirby delayed aaa thank god my order was getting too big.
Yeah, you have shit taste, imagine that.
The figuarts is obviously better sculpted and painted but its way to small

What are your favorite basic/scouts/legends/2010 commander class figures?

Old: >>7707982
338 replies and 109 images omitted. Click here to view.
He was designed as a t30 trailbreaker repaint, if a flatline ever happens it'd probably be a repaint of a new trailbreaker.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (77 KB, 1280x720)
77 KB
I vote for Knockout.

They both need new toys
New thead:
Why are we like this
>”big transformer open hand circle come out”

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