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File: top.png (39 KB, 520x316)
39 KB
Hey po/ do you know where i can find the last version of pepakura designer 3.1.8 full with the patch to view locked models? thanks a lot for your help
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Please, patch for version 4.1.4 ..... please
Please, patch for version 4.1.4 ..... please
Thank you, you helped me ...
I am having issues patching this. Did anyone make a patching exe yet or a pre-cracked exe?

File: image.jpg (1.86 MB, 2592x1936)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
Donno if this belongs in /k/ thought /po/ was fitting.
>be me
>want a AKM Krinkov
>remember seeing some russki making paper guns on yt
>PC breaks and stuck on shitty iphone 4
>rescale images from phone using receiver messerments as a 1:1 reference
>get this 1:2 scale image done
>mfw I turned a papercraft guns thread into a greentext
>PC breaks and stuck on shitty iphone 4
Get a job
File: image.jpg (63 KB, 640x960)
63 KB
looks awesome!
i live in uk and i got arrested just for looking at this photo

Rate my wwe title belt /po/
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Based af senpai
Based /asp/
Finna based
Better than the real thing

File: Ralsei.png (467 KB, 576x684)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
Hi it's my first time using this website so I hope I'm not breaking some rules or anything! But I've been in love with papercraft for the past year so I decided to design my own instructions based off of a friend's 3D model :-)
I hope you will enjoy it! And please share it if you finish. I'd love to see.
It's quite nice to see that there's an active place online to talk about papercraft

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Oh oops sorry lol, yeah here's the link: https://discord.gg/EFEwtbU

We just talk about papercraft all day.
File: Ralselle.png (6 KB, 288x279)
6 KB
File: 1534402572910.gif (1.54 MB, 338x538)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB GIF
Looks very nice, good job
File: Ralsei A4.pdf (1.38 MB, PDF)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PDF
PDFs can be posted on this board :)
Sharing it here for posterity, though there are some other stuff in that zip that are cool (pepakura file, notes)

File: 71L-2gvXYcL._SL1500_.jpg (103 KB, 1500x1000)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
What makes a good printer, /po/? I haven't bought a printer in over a decade and I want to get back into papercraft. This Canon TS9120 has good reviews for a low price. I figured a printer aimed at good photo quality printing would translate well to printing papercraft models on card stock. Anyone have any recommendations?
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In the laser vs inkjet discussion, I add one dissadvantage to laser, they create a thin layer of toner above paper. whatever scoring tool you use, it crack this thin layer and create a white craquelure when you fold it.

If you dont score to avoid it, a million of small cracks appears and it looks worse.
solid advice right here OP. Laser printers do produce ultimately sharper images because well it uses a laser but I doubt you need to have extremely sharp prints at the expense of more dull colours. One thing to add as well is with laser printers they don't need maintenance as often but when they do you may run into some problems where you need to replace internal components using a maintenance kit.

In a nutshell use an inkjet printer it's easily the best choice for your scenario
This, only follow my advice >>571621 if you barely print. I had several inkjet but all of them died because I didn't use them regularly. Sometimes I didn't print for months so the laser was the best choice for me.
The fixed heads vs disposable head also an important question as >>571629 wrote. If you have printer with disposable you change printer heads with the cartridge. But the fixed head could be troublesome is the ink dries and clog it up, it's pretty hard to clean. I tried several times with an EPSON and the result wasn't so good. But if you print regularly there will be no problem.
OP here, thanks for all the great links and advice. I seldom print anything anymore, but an AIO printer solution would be great. I suppose an inkjet would be the way to go. I'll look over the provided links when I get some time.

I have come across the issue of scored folds doing this from laser prints. It really messes with the quality. Is there a way to help avoid this? Any recommendations for scoring tools for very fine lines? I suppose the inkjet toner will penetrate deeper into the cardstock, and perhaps using a lighter paper would help too. Hopefully, I can use a colored marker to clean up the cracked fold joints.
The really bad appearance appears when you fold+unfold many times. In complex models, when is hard or long to ensemble, is more possible you fold+unfold.

I use the back part of an xacto, or the sharp one with minimum pressure, it wil crack but in a nice straight line.

File: IMAG2073.jpg (1023 KB, 3264x2448)
1023 KB
1023 KB JPG
i was kinda depressed and spent 3 days in my free time making birb
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I hope the moose won't eat them :(
put one outside your enemy's home. then two. then three.
That's the wrong birb, ya doofus! Now you will surely die from leukemia.
Can you post birb template?
It's just a crane base.

File: litwick-wattsan.jpg (865 KB, 2776x2448)
865 KB
865 KB JPG
Origami Pokemon thread
post cp's, diagrams, and your finished models
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Anyone have Firebird by masoto ...? It was published in 2018 tanteidan
File: IMG_20190310_174500926_1.jpg (675 KB, 2000x2430)
675 KB
675 KB JPG
am op, refolded the Litwick
File: drofloon (2).jpg (1.69 MB, 1964x2447)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
Designed a Drifloon, should I make CP? I'd like to know if people want to fold it
yes king
https://flic.kr/p/Rr9upe it's on my flickr here

File: D1v1m4tXgAM-vAV.jpg (445 KB, 2048x1895)
445 KB
445 KB JPG
Anyone else have spoopy origami? I know it's a little early in the year, but still

File: IMG_20180101_163336~2.jpg (1.15 MB, 2927x2834)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
I said if I came up with anything new I'd share it with you all.

I'm still focusing on drawing, but at the moment I am waiting on books, and these are related to what I want to draw in the future anyway.

I've been focusing on minimalism, and have been trying to come up with a couple.

I decided not to post on the old thread. I don't really like having to slog through petty arguments and people being rude to one another just to find the one or two people who are actually saying anything civil and productive.

I don't know if I'll share diagrams for any of the models I make next Any fun I had sharing has been spoiled by greedy spoild people. I always ask for people to post their finished products, but so far have only ever seen one. Doesn't feel like I'm getting anything back especially for a community that seems so eagar to have every diagram possible.

Anyway, this will probably serve as an update thread for people who don't follow my Flickr.

Here's a minimalist gray fox
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OP, if by some miracle you're still around, do you have any new minimalist diagrams? I really like this style.
Crease pattern on my drive

File: IMG_20190315_195321.jpg (1.82 MB, 4160x3120)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
Hey, I got some of your diagrams from the archive, and they are really cool. I made the shrimp and the sailing boat, love them.
Can you post link? I wanna see it them diagrams!
Oh, I just saw that I white socae at bottom right at the boat...
They are on happy folding, so happy folding!

File: thumbnail.jpg (1.84 MB, 2550x3509)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
I humbly share Byakuren's papercraft. i think it was never share before.


I can also scan Suika and Yuuka.

If someone has Meilin i'll be more than happy.
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File: 002.jpg (3.68 MB, 3307x4677)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB JPG

I found this in my old files , the scans are going to need some adjustments however, they're way too bright.
Thank you anon!
File: Dw_cuccU0AA9RH8.png (96 KB, 550x550)
96 KB
suika pls
File: suika.pdf (1.21 MB, PDF)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PDF
Not him but thank you!!

File: alice_r_f.jpg (45 KB, 380x550)
45 KB
hi /po/

does anyone have the scans for


there were some from the archive back from 2014 but the link died

also are there any more who did touhou papercraft stuff other than ssa and lily?
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>I see this thread when it just start.
Oh man.
Nice to meet you too
Is there any papercrafts for Renko, Maribel or Sumireko? I can't seem to find them.
There may be.

Hey /po/ is there any other Japan WW2 paper raft out there besides ships and planes? I was thinking like soldiers or weapons.
File: IMG_20190311_145433.jpg (34 KB, 559x403)
34 KB
Try searching in the military folder i think I've saved a couple of jap armoured vehicles and tanks

File: Fold Up Toys 4chan Thread.jpg (167 KB, 1212x1212)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
This thread is for all the Fold Up Toys projects, whether they be free downloadable paper crafts, building videos or website updates. Rather than trying to put the releases into other threads I figured it’d be easier to keep them all contained in just one.

Also, if you want to share you FUT builds that'd be great!
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File: Thumbnail Valentines.png (295 KB, 786x442)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
The next episode of 'Lost In The Fold' is here, in which I create a set of toys that are Valentines related, but not Valentines dependant. I go in-depth to the creating process showing every clever tab used in the designs and I also talk briefly about relationships.

I made a toy of Pewdipie because I'm morally bankrupt and getting featured on LWIAY would make me feel good about myself. Here's a video about the project focusing on form, function and structure.

That's great Alex, I take it you could customize it to be anybody that you really hated could sit in the chair ^__^
*Spends next 5 hours designing a toy that looks like myself*
Made a pixel paper exorcism from the horror game Faith. I also made a weird little video for the models release.

File: CBWQMedUsAA4-0R.jpg (16 KB, 700x465)
16 KB
Hi /po/

I found this pegasus design by "__ObeLisK" and felt I really had to figure out how to fold it. There are no instructions given so I tried to figure out what the base was and reverse engineer it.
I initially thought of a bird base but after playing around with some paper for a while it doesn't seem to be the case.


I'd appreciate it if another anon could throw their hat into the ring.
It doesn't seem to be any kind of base that most simple models begin
..but my guess was a pyramid base ..and then you told from there but no petal is formed instead you shape body in the centre the wings are reverse folded. sunk in a seam and partially hidden or tucked I to the body...
You can see there are layers on the wings and also the pleats ....he has a Twitter account with many c.ps but known as Ob spend about 45 minutes looking through his account
this was a pretty interesting challenge.
I looked at the sink folds on (the tip of) the wings. I imagined them unsunk and figured out the CP/flap layout from there.
File: pegasus.jpg (87 KB, 1200x1600)
87 KB
Managed to do it, thanks for the assist anon
I'll try to see if I can come up with a instruction set to fold it without all of the creasing
Otherwise anyone else can use this thread for models they might want some help with figuring out

File: andro00-thumbnail2.jpg (83 KB, 432x287)
83 KB
Did someone have the template for this?
And can we have a thread about spaceship
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Main Battleship.pdf (1.08 MB, PDF)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PDF
Main Battleship
File: yamato.pdf (540 KB, PDF)
540 KB
540 KB PDF
Oh and a simple Yamato….anything else?

you are my hero and I love you
If you have other spaceship, feel free to post for some more love
Lovely! what are the dimensions tho?

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