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File: 20190110_124834-1209x1209.jpg (122 KB, 1209x1209)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Sledge hammer
File: 1510954574015.png (505 KB, 1200x800)
505 KB
505 KB PNG

Free download of Mega Man X series Zero. Enjoy!

File: MegaManX_Zero.pdf (4.38 MB, PDF)
4.38 MB
4.38 MB PDF
Posting the PDF here, for access and posterity.
first time trying something like this, i mean, i'm a total newfag here. what are your recommendation on this? also, nice zero

Im making my own Deer head. Currently im putting all parts together, I have chose to glue it using double side tape to make it more clean in finish, but unfortunately tape is keeping to bump away. Do you have any double side tape recommendation? Paper that I used for this papercratf is around 250.
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File: 11.jpg (60 KB, 720x960)
60 KB

Thanks for the replay, I like this project, and im happy that you visit /po/.
I was planing to make my own deer head for long time, and finally get right size and colored paper.
Project has some small imperfections in pdf file itself, some parts off head are very hard too fold concretely when paper is around 250/300.

I was looking for some heavy duty tape, but It was hard to apply, I was hoping that gorilla duble side tape, or 3M could hold all the tension.

What is your preferable way of putting model together? From the neck or horns?
File: IMG_1474.jpg (1.43 MB, 3264x2448)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
try me bitch

I prefer PVA wood glue and magnets, spread the glue thin onto the paper and let it dry for a couple seconds, that way it will easily stick but not seap or smear.
Use magnets to hold it in place untill it is dry enough, about 4 minutes later.

Wood glue is not as runny as PVA glue made for paper
Why are you not using glue? Are you in pre-k?

Sup /po/ what’s the smallest thing you ever folded?

I just folded this about 3 min ago.
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>that's the way to read the dates.
Only if you're ass backwards, like most of the world is.
god damn that's tiny
That's what she said
This thread has taken an interesting turn
File: small boat.jpg (537 KB, 1792x1080)
537 KB
537 KB JPG
I found a clip. This shows the second smallest boat. The smallest wasn't really distinguishable in the scene.

File: mp45b-150x150.jpg (9 KB, 150x150)
9 KB
Hello there,

I'm looking for Formula 1 car paper models.

Specifically I'm missing:

1991 McLaren MP4/6

2005 Renault R25
2006 Renault R26

2010 Red Bull Racing RB6
2011 Red Bull Racing RB7
2012 Red Bull Racing RB8
2013 Red Bull Racing RB9

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>2006 Renault R26
File: R26_inst_Eng.pdf (271 KB, PDF)
271 KB
271 KB PDF
Do these work?

Anybody got these files maybe? I know they are on Taobao and you have to pay for them, but I can't order them from my country at all :( I know a Philiphine or something site has some of them, but not all, and I was wondering if anybody is willing to share or trade them? Thanks in advance.
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Post sites that sell them, at least. Some of us ain't broke ass niggas
its chinese, but it lines up with the pics

>put posters and nice things on the walls
>live in a wet and cold place
>also gets hot when the heaters are on
>every 2 weeks all the posters fall down
>blu tack either looks solid and not squishy anymore
>put them up again
>fall down in a few weeks again

Is there anything better than this without damaging the walls?
I thought you guys will know the pro tips on the matter..
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get magnets
>be me
>move in day during August month
>RAs pass out free Command Strip samples
>ask them if I can take the rest of the boxes when move-in day is over
>"sure we'll get more next year"
I'm pretty sure I'll never run out for the rest of my life now.
I learned a good trick from organizing small, unprofessional art shows- get velcro strips. Get those big bulk ones online that you have to cut yourself, and assign one side for the wall and another side for your posters and other things you wanna hang. Cut out small squares and put them in the corners of what you wanna hang. Usually, it comes with adhesive on the back, protected by peel-off plastic. Velcro strips are pretty sturdy, too. They can hold my canvas paintings on the wall no problem.
Painter's tape in loops
Blu Tack soaks into the paper over time and ruins the edges whenever I use it.

Have you tried those big wooden clip style hangers? Not quite a frame and easy to swap stuff out.

File: untitled.png (123 KB, 300x225)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
does anyone have Paper Pendulum Clock kit or pattern? I have a kind of kit book but it quality is bad. pls share if you have better. I really want to make this one. thank you!
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Ihr habt den Weg vom Wurme zum Menschen gemacht, und Vieles ist in euch noch Wurm. Einst wart ihr Affen, und auch jetzt ist der Mensch mehr Affe, als irgend ein Affe.
Ganbare kiddo.
Come on anon, don't give up
Please dont give up after all this time...
I'm rooting for you anon!

File: 2822.jpg (112 KB, 780x300)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Are there scans of these things? A lot of them seemed to be timed exclusives.

I was gonna do the jojo ones on the papercraftsquare site but the dl links are dead.
here ya go OP! just used reverse google image search and found them :)


seems there is more as well. enjoy!

I used the power of wayback the wayback machine and found the jojo templates.

Here you go just add the . in org

Thank you so much I appreciate it a lot!

Hey /PO/ first time here
But have any of you guys ever wanted to know whats goes into making paper? This anon is a paper mill rat. Pic not related
I did as a kid see a demo of some person demonstrating flatten pulp into some net thing to make paper.
What sort of paper(s) do you oversee the manufacturing of? Intrigued as to how fundamentally different the manufacturing of different types of papers are.
We make magazine paper and some food grade but soon we will make the middle part of cardboard each mill specializes in their own paper the machines have to be built specifically to the type of paper and to change type of paper it could cost millions to convert it. But I gotta say working in a paper mills is really hot, humid, and dangerous.
Simple discription on the whole process is logs get sent through a line that debarks them then chips them, there the chips are grounded up with water and then some are bleached and some are kept brown, there they get sent to the machine where it flattens, debaters, and dries the paper at around 5000 feet per minute after drying it gets coated ( if needed) and rolled onto huge spools a full spool is so big it cant even fit into a semi trailer. Once one a spool it gets sent through another machine where it compresses and polishes the coated paper, once done it is sent to a machine that unwinds it and cuts it into small rolls at the same time so one spool can make like 6 rolls of paper. After all that it gets wrapped and shipped off

File: 3255328_1.jpg (81 KB, 630x630)
81 KB
has anyone have any idea is any Bowsette models have popped up anywhere??
I would suggest looking in pinterest. They often have ideas there.

File: CBWQMedUsAA4-0R.jpg (16 KB, 700x465)
16 KB
Hi /po/

I found this pegasus design by "__ObeLisK" and felt I really had to figure out how to fold it. There are no instructions given so I tried to figure out what the base was and reverse engineer it.
I initially thought of a bird base but after playing around with some paper for a while it doesn't seem to be the case.


I'd appreciate it if another anon could throw their hat into the ring.
It doesn't seem to be any kind of base that most simple models begin
..but my guess was a pyramid base ..and then you told from there but no petal is formed instead you shape body in the centre the wings are reverse folded. sunk in a seam and partially hidden or tucked I to the body...
You can see there are layers on the wings and also the pleats ....he has a Twitter account with many c.ps but known as Ob spend about 45 minutes looking through his account
this was a pretty interesting challenge.
I looked at the sink folds on (the tip of) the wings. I imagined them unsunk and figured out the CP/flap layout from there.
File: pegasus.jpg (87 KB, 1200x1600)
87 KB
Managed to do it, thanks for the assist anon
I'll try to see if I can come up with a instruction set to fold it without all of the creasing
Otherwise anyone else can use this thread for models they might want some help with figuring out

File: andro00-thumbnail2.jpg (83 KB, 432x287)
83 KB
Did someone have the template for this?
And can we have a thread about spaceship
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File: destroyer escort.pdf (2.06 MB, PDF)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PDF
Destroyer Escort
File: Main Battleship.pdf (1.08 MB, PDF)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PDF
Main Battleship
File: yamato.pdf (540 KB, PDF)
540 KB
540 KB PDF
Oh and a simple Yamato….anything else?

you are my hero and I love you
If you have other spaceship, feel free to post for some more love
Lovely! what are the dimensions tho?

Merry (late) Christmas /po/

Gremir Models (almost) full backup, and before anyone starts complaining about the .exe files, all of the models from this recently closed store were delivered via a special software, you would receive a license for a particular computer/printer combination, thus allowing you to print the model. The .exe on these files has been modified to allow anyone to print the models. Unfortunately many of these models are now unobtainable by any other means, due to many of them having been made by designers that seem to have vanished, even those that purchased the models legally can no longer move the files to a different computer, so for all you here they are, please download them and archive.


Model list

Two free models

Siatki software
Can anyone make a little sacrifice to see if it's legit?
File: 1464568171877.jpg (38 KB, 398x500)
38 KB
installed both versions (4.0.2 & 4.1) with no issues except the interface is in another language. You need to go into Siatki4.INI and scroll all the way to the bottom and then and there will be a language section. By default it is in polish. You need to point that to the English.ini in the LNG folder of the install dir. Worked fine after that.

Also all 80 models d/led fine for me as well.

Cheers OP for all your hard work and sharing these!!!
File: Models.pdf (42 KB, PDF)
42 KB
So do these exe files enforce DRM on these PDFs? Or would it be possible to use ResHack to see if there's some PDF or some document unencryptedly stored. I don't have Windows these days so I can't check.
Try to upload what PDFs you here if you can, OP. It's okay to off-host very large collections, but at least some key files are worth being here. Here is the model lis.
File: Capture 2.png (18 KB, 654x242)
18 KB
99% of these files have the exe to open the model. the only pdfs are 25-GeeBee R1 and correction files for some models. you just click on the exe and it opens the model in the date viewer program. i do not know what Siatki software is for.

Also OP there are 8 missing files. 6 7 12 16 17 19 20 & 36. mediafire says Download Not Available.

Thanks again!
Yes the exe enforce the DRM on the plans, these are encrypted in the data.gmj file, and while its possible to extract the file from them, it just wasn't worth it because you can simply use the app to print the files to pdf, bear in that this technique only works because the app was moded, the original version only allowed for authorized printer to be used.
Sorry about that

File: lotus2.jpg (17 KB, 450x301)
17 KB
What are your best pop up designs and templates?
Got the plan for that pic?

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