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I’ve been searching everywhere for this Nintendo Power Giratina model, but I can’t seem to find it-the only major link is dead. Does anyone have a copy?
here is a scan i found of it. better than nothing i suppose.


That looks just uniform enough to be replicated without a guide, if youre up for a challenge.
This one has some glare. Could someone clean that up if possible?

Hey /po/ anyone have a As Val template or any russian guns?
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not everyone is a muttnigger
File: images (6).jpg (58 KB, 480x640)
58 KB
Any Tommy Gun?
I wish I could go shopping for food and pick up a gun for the road. Would be tits
Those patterns are from a guy named smiliey120, look up his blog, its old but i dont know if they are still available

File: litwick-wattsan.jpg (865 KB, 2776x2448)
865 KB
865 KB JPG
Origami Pokemon thread
post cp's, diagrams, and your finished models
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any more origami pokemon?

nice charizard
File: Celebi CP.gif (22 KB, 525x523)
22 KB
Did anyone save any of Shintaro Miyamoto's origami CPs/pictures before the website expired

This one, for those unaware.

I only saved Celebi.
File: Celebi Final.jpg (28 KB, 482x361)
28 KB
This is the final.
I'm very curious, did you make the paper yourself?
it's double mcd unryu

Does anyone have a copybook of the Masterpiece Optimus Prime Papercraft from Mc Fold? It used to be a premium model but I have contacted the creator and it’s no longer for sale. I have always wanted to build this model!
same here! i knew of should of bought it years ago when it was for sale. i was just iffy at the time about purchasing stuff online as it wasn't the norm back then.

Yeah exactly! I really hope someone has a copy!

File: si395_zpslr2xqol0.jpg (20 KB, 370x370)
20 KB
I'm trying to be shinji for Halloween does anybody have template for a Walkman?
Best I could find, OP. Though I do recommend you run this through Waifu2x or something.

Even with a three year gap, when I gathered all my old 'Halloween papercrafts' together there were quite a few already! :o) This year I was finally able to make a new one, the Horned Reaper from DungeonKeeper 2. The parts and instructions are available for free from my papercraft webpage as always:


I hope you like it, have a spooky Halloween!

File: IMG_3412.jpg (1.55 MB, 3264x2448)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
Making japenese origami fortune tellers, or chatterboxes for use by the people of Doncaster to put their faces on and their thoughts in.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e2HeBw2yaI using them

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNvog-W3mXE folding one
Back when I was a kid *sip* we used to make these with a bunch of humiliating and funny (also a ton of funny gay shit) "futures" inside and made fun of people who got em', t'were simpler times *sip*

god, I forgot these existed
I haven't seen one of these since I was in like seventh grade.

File: Capture.png (840 KB, 786x438)
840 KB
840 KB PNG
how do i get started in making my own notebooks

File: _sXHGAPApIc.jpg (136 KB, 1280x960)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
All old papercraft forums are dying and almos all links there are dead for more than 2 years and after my hard drive died i decided that i'll share everything that i could recover from it also i urge you to share your collections so they won't dissapear like mine did https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vTOwUI78y3D0k63uTxC7-G5bArKQP0Sr
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Я бы пopeкoмeндoвaл CloneSpy или Duplicate File Detective нo этo кoнeшн нa твoё ycмoтpeниe)

B пocлeднeй пaпкe мeги пoлoвинa пaпoк пycтыe, тaк чтo нифигa нe пoнятнo. Ho cпacибo, пoкa "oткoпaл" кoe-чтo интepecнoe для ceбя. Moя нeмaлaя кoллeкция пoпoлнитcя, кaк paзбepycь) Oнa в Яндeкce, нa нeё ccыль мoгy дaть нo в мeнee пyбличнoм мecтe. Oдин paз нa нeё пoжaлoвaлиcь и были cлoжнocти.
Haпиши мнe в диcкopдe, a зa coвeт cпacибo тaм мнoгo фaйлoв нaзвaны пo paзнoмy нo coдepжaт oдинaкoвыe paзвepтки и c тaким cлoжнo
why is the video game folder empty?
y тeбя личкa зaблoкиpoвaнa, дoбaвь в дpyзья moonfish
What's that?

File: s-l1600.jpg (68 KB, 761x757)
68 KB
can we do a origami hoard thread where we all share unique and secret origami pics and techniques (no animals and generic stuff), clips and videos avaliable before /pol gets this place banned completely so i can compile it and save it

/pol/ ain't gonna do shit to this place, much less get it banned. /pol/ can fuck off.
Whats wrong with generic models..
File: fag book.jpg (109 KB, 663x884)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
I just found this old pic
it spells "fag", in case I did a terrible job
(This was my own way of bumping the thread)

File: 848003.jpg (922 KB, 5606x1960)
922 KB
922 KB JPG
Greetings /po/
I've been looking all over the web and I can't find it anywhere, so I hope you can maybe help me out.
I'm looking for : WoW Warrior Tier 2 Pepakura file.
I've found a page where it's located on but the link is broken and seems like the owner hasn't been checking the blog in ages...
I've also tried to extract it myself, but I can't seem to get the modelviewer to work.
I tried alot even tried on my laptop and still no succes. Anyone that could help me out? I would appreciate it alot!

Thank you in advance for your time!
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thank you for helping me out!
unfortunately that links to mediafire. once that file is gone from there it is gone forever. i tried searching google as well. no help there either sorry :( have you tried that MEGA link to the huge papercraft archive here >>577410
Ant idea how I could get it?
only way to get it is if someone has the file still. i couldn't find anything except the link you provided.

please help find the reference points for this cp
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Thank you, but I don't have an device with ios and I'm currently on Android. Rather, I thought you would post a CP image with reference points here.
Try two sharp diagonal centre crease ..followed by a fish base fold bottom right...see if there is any sense where those meet the edge or meet the bisector ...
After that id use the remaining crease to find a rabbits ear..
Or make a vertical and horizontal fold along the centre straight axis ..then the bottom edge pinch from the middle crease..hold that while lifting the left edge till it falls on the top edge all the time keeping the paper and crease straight
File: Centaur cp solution.png (3.32 MB, 2614x2613)
3.32 MB
3.32 MB PNG
A little late as you asked two months ago. Here is the solution:

Red lines are reference points, the blue line is the crease you can use to find all the other lines, purple lines you may want to use for precreasing.

Hope that helps
Thanks Max, I hope it helps me.

Brothers, looking for this Boa Hancock. Can't find her anywhere.
If you got her please kindly share! thanks!
Just a bump to keep this request alive for some more time.
Nobody has it now fuck off. It's a private thing that isn't share to anybody, Japanese designers almost never post anything online, so go cry and whine about it somewhere else.
Why so aggressive? Your boyfriend dumped you? Is your period too hard on you? Did someone steal your dildo? Can't you just be polite? Oh yes... I know, this is 4chan, that kind of thing doesn't exist here. Hope your poor days of sadness improve so that you don't take revenge on total anonymous people over the internet.
It pisses me off that people keep spamming shit on here 10x and OBVIOUSLY nobobdy has it, so sorry dildomuncher, I freaking get angry with spamming and nobody wants to see that on here asswipe. Too agresive?, welcome to the internet btw, go cry to your mummy.

File: 403761313_c355cc303d.jpg (42 KB, 500x375)
42 KB
OK so i realized i am not the only one looking for paper craft templets that are gone or hard to find so i made this thread to ask about one and give others the opportunity to seek the ones they may be looking for. if anyone can help me locate this bahamut i would be grateful. i can no longer find the link active and i wish to make it again (it was also my first large model i made)
Think this might be the one you're looking for. Does the image quality look similar, and did your version have instructions? Found it at link below by doing an image search on Yandex for papercraft bahamut.


File: poly masks.jpg (38 KB, 650x548)
38 KB
anyone got poly mask templates to share?
File: WareWolf Head.pdf (1.41 MB, PDF)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PDF

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