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Hi from Belgium!
Are there diagrams available somewhere for the Dachshund by Makoto Yamaguchi? I'd love to make this one, so cute!
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new here,
What book is this?
File: IMG_1610.jpg (1.64 MB, 4032x3024)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
I made this, I'm quite new at this so I'm a little proud (I'm not OP btw)
pretty nice my man
Nicely done.

File: Fokker D VII (1).pdf (6.06 MB, PDF)
6.06 MB
6.06 MB PDF
Is there a better one?
Is there an archive of Zio Prudenziatti's designs somewhere?
Of course there are! (that is, if you are willing to pay)
You should still be able to download most of his models if you browse his website through web archive, because he had the foresight to host the files on some Italian hosting website.

But I did also download every aircraft and uploaded them here, just in case.
You are a god! Thanks very much.

File: images.jpg (14 KB, 283x178)
14 KB
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but I have been wanting to make tissue foil paper to make more complex origami models. Does Hobby Lobby have rolls of tissue paper I rarely go there or would I be better off getting it online? Also does the kind of foil matter? What kind of adhesive would work best? I was thinking of using spray on adhesive. Any tips and tricks would be appreciated.
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Postee rolls online start at 3.99 plus post..
You got your standard biodegradable pulp usually a tropical type paper ..I'm not certain how long the colours last but the expensive papers tend not to bleed so you can do two colour tissue.The cheaper brands that are called things like assorted gift wrap those run...so would test before wetting cause fingers and clothes covered in ink happens.
The big name brands don't run ie colour fast ..Caspari Simon Elvin County Stationery.Papyrus tissue.Most designer paper that comes with clothes.
bumping just for relevance.
It shouldn't matter what kind of paper you use for complex models as long as you're using large enough paper. The more complex the model, the larger your paper should be, because there is much more folding to do on complex models than the easy ones. Of course foil paper does make a lot of the complex models look great.
It shouldnt really matter what paper you craft with...that's only if you're trying to make sense.which your not...
Basically tissue paper comes as assorted packs in bold or pastel colours..
Art shops do them...but it's more often than not swifter to pop by a gift shop..card shop or upmarket flower shops may have rolls of paper..
The best way is to do a Google search then you can discuss brands..and read reviews....
No doubt you simply like the look of rolls for storage and ease of use...depending on where you reside ...
Please, please stop using so many ellipses. What’s with Indians and writing like this?

can anyone help me with this cp? I unfortunately suck at cps and have been waiting for the diagrams for this model but seems like they will never get released. Any sort of help is appreciated
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ty kind sir. These landmarks will definitely help
https://www.giladorigami.com/origami-thumbnails/P_Paulius_Yuichi_Motorcycle_OT139.jpg good luck
Can anybody help me solve this CP (some photo diagram or some reference point). Thanks!!
File: leaf_ref.png (25 KB, 561x561)
25 KB
It looks like it's from a computer program. It doesn't give you angles? (Honestly don't know about these)

Anyway, if you do one half corner in halfs and the opposing side's one in thirds, you get a reference point. Those are the yellow lines on the picture, with the green lines being helpful lines you can get from the point.
This may help:

File: Hoborginc 1911.jpg (15 KB, 225x224)
15 KB
Has anyone done a print from Hoborginc? Im looking to use pic related for cosplay but Im not sure how to harden it so if someone where to step on it, it wouldnt be destroyed. I know how to resin,bondo, and rondo, but not on a scale this small. How would I go about hardening it?
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ok ok it means REVOLVER SYSTEMS and then the last word i think is spelled wrong but i think its supposed to mean NAGANT as in mosin-nagant the arms manufacturer
Hey op you have any AS VAL templates?
There's also tacome1942 who uses this technique
this pajeet has great weapons


How do you start folding when there are no instructions, only a crease pattern? E.g. Robert Lang's insects and shit.
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I see some of the shapes but I don't know where to start, what are the proportions, for example with
I see the middle line but then what's the next fold that will give me the right proportions?
I collapsed this, now what
How do i even know if a fold is valley or mountain?
Looks easy for me but without that i can't do shit.
you're weird

Hi there, just found this crease pattern, and can not decipher it, can you guys help me fold these two TIEs?
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I have pdf link right here if that is what you mean http://www.starwarigami.co.uk/uploads/2/5/1/1/25118769/tie_fighter__tie_interceptor_cp_1.pdf
they're not square, and i don't have thin enough paper for it if i cut my square in half.
Reds are mountains, blues are valleys?
The best folders section a c.p to crack it..here beside its density 4 seems the simplest way to tackle it..
It looks really easy, what section is giving you trouble?

File: papercraft sqirrel.jpg (27 KB, 642x482)
27 KB
I want to craft an advent calender in a squirrel theme. And as gifts i want to have small acorn paper boxes, one for each day, but i cant find any nice templates.
can somebody help me out here?
ads getting smarter
What do you mean by ads ?
Perhaps ads for wintershit "papercrafts"?
What if i had just hoped somebody could help me instead of criticizing what i want to to with the template ?

File: 6619122671374392710.jpg (165 KB, 750x562)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Where can I find yume's papercraft models? Can't find them on Taobao and they're way better than the shit we got of Sakura already.
File: 16888498620659016.jpg (194 KB, 500x752)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Check it out
found it.
Still can't find the first version, but it's alright, the wings and kero look weird on that one.

Hi, anyone here have this papercraft? I tried find it via disney but this isn't available anymore. Please share, thank you.
File: gotg2figures.pdf (7.49 MB, PDF)
7.49 MB
7.49 MB PDF
Hey, these were designed by Calvin from cubefold. You should check out his site for more awesome models :)

File: crazy.png (3.44 MB, 1024x3008)
3.44 MB
3.44 MB PNG
yeah i've been trying to fold this one for a solid few hours and i always get stuck around part 20 because the side represented by the white covers everything at the bottom (represented by the red!) and that's the point where everything goes wrong and i can't really do anything
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I can do it but I’m having trouble uploading. Will poast step on youtube later if it helps.
just realized i didnt use two sided paper because i dont have any sarry
I love how your so overly keen to help on some questions but dumbfounded about shit you definitely my should know......pedo alert
t. Elon Musk

Anyone knows where to get this? The designer makes it impossible to get it from his website :( http://papercardesign.blogspot.com/2017/07/lamborghini-centenario-paper-car.html
still nothing. This dumbass designer should burn in paper hell for making the people go through dozens of spam ads that lead nowhere.

File: ku jason.gif (12 KB, 360x360)
12 KB
pls someone gimme reference points for this cp
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File: Jason Ku F-16 precreasing.png (543 KB, 2315x3274)
543 KB
543 KB PNG
Here you go.

I have only drawn the precreasing so please don't ask me to draw anything further.
Well hell, you've already gone this far.
Haha, there's quite a difference between drawing precreasing and drawing actual folding steps. Maybe Jason Ku will diagram it himself one day...
It was worth a shot anyway.
Jason ku does a lot of odd number box creases....5x7x9xand so on
I folded his Jewel beetle and box grids the tiniest lines fell on third or half box..
With Jason's models his schematic diagram helps with the collapse...
I was proud of doing that alone####
I have a folder full of his c.ps ...I'll look for the double of this

File: howling dogu.jpg (35 KB, 570x614)
35 KB
anybody that could help me get this paper craft
or a simular design
Seems easy enough to make. How much does it cost?

File: mpv-shot0001.jpg (17 KB, 228x295)
17 KB
Does anyone still have any models from this site? http://www.niseke.com/download/
I made a cute Nano from nichijou back then, but now that I look it up again, all downloads are down, pretty disappointing since I wanted to get Sakura too from there.
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Join this site it has lots of characters.....after you earn credits download and get more access..oh a browser with plug ins and a translator is essential
How do i open .pdo files? ie.error while parsing the package ...but I could read the html file
File: sakura1.jpg (30 KB, 226x296)
30 KB
I'm specifically looking for Sakura, Nano and Azusa, but it seems that none of them are archived anywhere.
I don't even know how the search engine would work with japanese names.
File: lawyers.jpg (22 KB, 347x201)
22 KB

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